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Stardew Valley Art Dump Part 1!!!!! After cleaning up my art folder I realized I had so much SV art I never posted so here are a few!!! I kinda wanna finish a few of them ;o; The pics have their own captions for what I was thinking when I was drawing them! Please excuse me if I accidently repost any drawings without knowing :8

apparently I could track my improvements over the last few weeks via the times I draw mokuba and seto. (my folder is now filled with a bunch of pics titled variants of “mokubAAAAAAAAAAA”)

me and frand talked a lot over watching the series abt mokuba, which led to the first pic. also my younger sis (who’s abt the same age as mokuba) said while watching dsod with me “when mokuba wears pants and stuff, thats kinda like just them being a tomboy, like when I wear pants”  so I’ve just been drawing transgirl mokuba ever since. seto’s so proud of his sister.  


When I first saw the Escape from Beta Traz episode, the idea of “sharpshooter” Lance stuck with me and I thought it would be really cool if his Bayard could eventually transform in a sniper rifle in S3. So this is my take on it ;)

((BTW: the second pic is totally background sized if you think you want Lance shooting at your desktop folders èvè))

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Will you draw anymore dirkjake?

I still have a bunch of pics in my folder so I guess I might finish some eventually but idk when ;v;

Anon: what do you do for art blocks? I’ve been a nasty one for 2 weeks now and my mind is just fuzzled right now             

power through mostly.. my last one went on for over 1 year rip

I named the file of this pic “In an ideal world .PSD”

Also this is pretty much the 2.0 design for Alola!Serena.
Everyone was so hectic about it having the blue ribbon somewhere and I aim to please ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) (when possible )

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As requested, here’s pretty much all of my ONS merch that I haven’t already sold/given away for prizes (some pieces were gifts while others I bought either for myself or as a request for posting):

  • All released volume in Japanese, the fanbooks, special editions 8+11, Serapuchi!, and all the Guren LNs including the special edition. The 2 Jump SQ volumes have ONS on the cover and the smaller Shonen Jump Weekly includes the special chapter 0.
  • Then we have Kagami’s autograph.
  • Both Japanese box sets and the Funimation box set, 2 special book covers, and Guren perfume.
  • Studio Pablo background art book/DVD, ONS illustration booklet, anime art works book, and both season’s drawing works books.
  • All special cards/postcards and OSTs.
  • Buttons/key-chains.
  • Clear files and musical DVD+pamphlet.
  • Lastly, the folder holding all the cut out sections of Jump SQ including ONS (and a few others) from when I posted raws from Japan. It’s definitely an over capacity folder lol.
  • I do have some posters as well, but I didn’t feel like digging to find them and they’re torn up form the trip overseas anyways.

I did a comparison so you can see how little editing I actually do - a huge chunk of the credit goes to Reshade, namely @pictureamoebae’s Height of Summer profile. (Just as an FYI: I’m using an unreleased updated version of it, but it’s not that far off from the one they have available on their blog.) Another big portion of the credit goes to @brntwaffles and their Astral Lights mod, which I have installed for all of my worlds, including Forgotten Hollow (though I don’t remember if I did Auroras or No Auroras for this one). I really like the combination of the two!

For editing, all I did was very slightly sharpen, brighten, saturate, and add in a bit of blue (since I actually like a slight blue tint better than yellow, just a personal preference). Then I resize to 1080 x 608, and that’s it.

Just as a sidenote, when you see my pics with the really deep shadows like this other one of the farmhouse, that’s a setting of Reshade/Height of Summer that you can turn off/on (you can change Reshade settings while the game is running, which is really cool, since you change it to something more graphics-intensive for just a few snapshots and then change back without having to reboot the game). That one is the Ambient Occlusion setting. And when you see more of a dreamy, fuzzy feel to the pic, as you see here, that’s the Ambient Lighting setting, and it’s one of my favorites - I’ve been using it a lot lately for my Kingswood 1983 pics.

I honestly don’t know much about picture editing, which is why I rely so much on lighting mods to make my game look pretty. Another huge advantage is that my game looks nice while I’m actually playing it, not just afterwards when I edit! And Height of Summer and Astral Lights aren’t mods you put in your Mods folder (they are installed differently), so I can build and upload in my CC-free save and not have to worry about taking them out. I can’t say enough about how awesome they are and how grateful I am to people like pictureamoebae and brntwaffles for making my game so lovely. <3

A request

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle, the blog owner/mod – my laptop broke over the weekend and I was able to get a new one, but unfortunately my folder that had a bunch of AMAZING DERPY CATS PICS in it was lost forever because I didn’t back it up to my external hard drive. I know, how dare I be so careless.

That being said! I have a feeling I can count on you all to have some excellent derpy cat photos, would you mind submitting them? They can be of your cat or just any funny cat photo you’ve saved, I won’t be publishing them, I’ll just be saving them to my laptop to look at when I need a laugh. Or, if it’s your cat and you want me to publish it, put a note in the text of the submission.

By “derpy” I mean just anything funny, crazy, silly – blurry cats, cats making weird faces, etc. 

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Pics of Bakugou


ahh yes the bakugou.png

At least he’s passionate about brushing his teeth…

Hon ur all beat up


That’s some vintage Bakugou right there…


Didn’t sign up for this

He said please!!!

He’s pretty when he’s not mad…


I love you Kacchan

Mi hijo por qué

Oh Kacchan…

peekin at da crush.png

What are you even doing

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Please post some Eliot sweetness for me.... shirtless pics would work 😂😂 I need it as Im working on a med school prac tonight and the project is making me wanna puke. Okay, thanks 😁

bb I got u 

(courtesy of @sigh-icantfindausername)

lol so i was looking for this picture ^ when I did the adopting a pet imagine and I couldn’t for the life of me find it and then when i was searching through my folder for the best ck pics i found it

i hope this helps!


The Art Students League – 30x30, restaurant, no cc

This is basically a big, simple block of sim-bricks, hosting an art school for my sims and a small restaurant with a bar and karaoke/bubble blower corner.
Some areas are decorated, some less, some barely xD.

Gameplay tip – I’ve noticed NPCs/townies getting unhealthily obsessed with workbenches, so if you want your sims to get decent service at the restaurant, better remove the door to the “sculpture” studio beforehand, adding it only when needed.

Better placed with MOO on (bb.moveobjects on) – otherwise one of the columns goes missing (EDIT: and some wall deco, as seen in my preview pics).

DLCs used: City Living, Get to Work, Dine Out, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat (plants, rugs and some clutter), Perfect Patio Stuff (exterior wall deco and a sculpture), Cool Kitchen Stuff (posters), Movie Hangout Stuff (a puff/chair) and Backyard Stuff (just the lemons clutter object thingy)

The Art Students League is on the Gallery tagged with #simmingstuff.
Or you can download the tray files clicking below (unzip and place in your Tray only the files from the “tray files” folder):


I was searching for some purple sea related pics for my amethyst mermaid aes and stumbled across a gorgeous blue hair pic … ooooh that would be perfect for a lapis su aes, lemme download it and make a folder for a further aes … oooh looook this too, ok I’ll just collect all the pics for it now and come back later for the amethyst thing … so … oooh what a lovely pastel pink seashell crown, save it for later, cottoncandy mermaids vibes ok … wait, is that a mint green sand dress? Definitely saving it for later … loook at all these gorgeous mint sea pics, I’ll just make a folder for them now … oooh a dark gold glitter swimsuit like sunset mermaids also, yeah saved … hours later, wtf is going on with all these pics in my laptop, when I’m going to make all these aes and wtf I was searching for in the first place … story of my life …

Since I haven’t been able to post any art for the past few weeks, I figured I’d just throw in a screenshot of works-in-progresses I have waiting to be finished (someday…)! Most of them are really old sketches from late 2016 - the only recent one is the Voldy timeline young Drastoria pic on the upper right corner. :’)

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Can you please show me the kaisoo files you have in your pc? ^^ do you name the files like "kaisoo being dorks" "kaisoo hugging" etc to reach what you want easier?

Haha sure anon~!

Well, i’m both organized and messy af xD 

When I do the spam requests I create a new folder for that particular spam, so I got it all in one place. But other moments that I save usually just ends up straight in the main kd folder so i’ll never find it again lol 

(Some are of spam requests that I haven’t started yet/or I haven’t completed yet, cuz i’m a lil lazy lmao) 

The messy part of my kd folder are the 1000 pics/gifs/vids (example above) that are just sitting in the folder itself, that I haven’t organized at all xDDD 

When i’m looking for a specific moment tho I usually just go through my blog and the 1655 pages of kd there lol

~ underused female fcs mostly for twitta ~

ya so i do this thing on insta where when i find a female i’m really digging, i saved her post into a fc folder. lots of these girls are rad and should be used more bc ppl need to stop using the same 5 fcs imo. anyway, i’ve included links and pics so!! please like/reblog if u found this helpful bc it took soooo much time to do. i’m gonna be bolding my favorites!!! and i’ll be adding to this as time goes on.

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