when things go badly it's out of his hands

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May I request reaper with a fem medic s/o who gets picked on for how smol they are?

This one will be a bit short, just because I’m not sure if you were hoping for a head cannon or short story, so i hope you still enjoy it.

Frustration was really starting to set in as another Talon member with a badly cut up arm just seemed to wave you off. The wound was bleeding, but the man really didn’t seem to care. You could already tell it was going to need at least eight sutures.

“Would you please sit down for a goddamn minute!” You demanded, putting your hands on your hips.

The Talon member and his two buddies just let out a little laugh. “She’s so cute when she does things like that!” Said one member, completely ignoring your words otherwise.

“Its so hard to take her seriously,” said the injured man, a goofy grin on his face. Before you could do anything the three started to chat and the injured man started to limp away.

Sick and tired of being picked on, you followed after him and tapped him on the shoulder. When the guy turned, you punched him…straight in the groin. And for a small woman, the punch felt like it came from a boxer. Working for Talon required strong people-including medics.

A agonized gasp left the man as he fall to his knees, hands immediately cupping his groin. The other two moved in to help him but before they could, your gun was up and pointed at the man to the left.

“I’m so sick of you assholes. I am your medic and you either can treat me with respect, or die alone because god forbid, i will not help any of you when your really in trouble if this is how your going to treat me!” You snapped, completely pissed off. This was ridiculous. Did these men understand that literally without you, half of them would be dead right this moment?

“Put the gun down, little lady,” said one of the guys, hands up but slowly reaching forward. It was if they were testing your patience.

“Little lady?” you snapped, and paused when you felt a chill in the air. Immediately you lowered your gun, feeling a bit guilty as a figure seemed to appear behind the three men.

One of the guys reached for her. “Your going to pay for that-,” he snarled, but a second later a shot rang out. Blood was splattered across the wall and you stepped back, stunned. The other men couldn’t say anything as they stared up at the cloaked figure.

“Do you want to end up like your friend here?” rasped a deep voice and you tried to hide a small smile, attempting to keep a abashed look as your lover and boss stood menacingly over the two simpletons. Honestly, the commander of Talon was a force to be reckoned with and was feared by all but you.

Backing up, both men spluttered, “N-no sir, w-we-”

“If you ever try to touch our medic again, i’ll have you hanging over the cafeteria entrance by your balls. Do i make myself clear? And the next time you don’t listen to her, she has my permission to just shoot you and put you out of your misery,” Reaper snarled, glaring as the two men paled further and immediately made a run for the hills. The two were gone instantly, and honestly, you couldn’t help feeling smug.

Until your odd lover turned and glared at you.

“Why is it that you are always causing trouble?” Reaper demanded, stalking over and hooking an arm around your neck. Dragging you close, you let out a soft, happy sigh at feeling of his arms surrounding you.

“Can’t help it. Why do men always look down at me?” you asked back, as he leaned down, lifting his mask away.

“Probably because your so short,” Reaper growled, and when you giggled, Reaper silenced you with a long, hard kiss as your body melded to his. The dead body in the background meant nothing to either of you, a typical sight, and so you had no trouble leading him back to the medical bay for some…alone time.


A MHA fanfiction. Chapter 7.

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5     Chapter 6



Izuku has been kidnapped by All For One, for reasons the young boy doesn’t understand. He is forced to stay at a rundown facility, surrounded by villains and, for all he knows, completely without help. In-between his attempts to escape or learn why he has been stolen, the young boy spends his time with a near-comatose man who seems strangely familiar.

Trigger Warnings for: kidnapping, body horror, medical torture, needles, and pain

There was a set pattern to things.

Murata would always draw some blood in the room where Yagi was kept. Either the doctor or Shigaraki would be the ones to escort him there. Izuku was grateful that Sensei had, for whatever reason, shifted his focus and never showed up when Izuku was with Murata. Shigaraki didn’t talk as often as he used to, instead keeping his hands at his sides or scratching at his neck. Izuku tried to draw the older boy into conversations, but it wasn’t easy.

Then, after drawing his blood and sometimes fiddling with Yagi’s drug intake, the doctor would leave. Murata was always careful to lock the door, not wanting to repeat Izuku’s escape attempt.

Sometimes Yagi woke up, sometimes he didn’t. When he did, Izuku tried to make him smile with a story. He might tell a joke, or talk about a practical prank that Kaachan pulled on him. Yagi seemed to enjoy the stories about Izuku’s adventures the best, though.

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Can you do one where the boys react to you getting shocked by the shock collar please? Love your writing!

Cancer Crew - You Get Shocked by The Shock Collar 

Thank you!! I’m not gonna lie this was actually really fun to write, and sorry that its so long! It turned out longer than I expected. 


“Max you have to hold my hand!” You protest as George puts the collar around your neck. “I don’t want to watch though!” He yells back, walking over towards you. “What if the shock goes through your body and into mine?” He asked, suddenly looking quite nervous. “Can you just shut up and comfort me?” You ask, the feeling of the shock collar wrapped around your neck rather securely. Max walks up from behind you, wrapping his arms around you from behind, and kissing you on the cheek multiple times. “Baby, its going to hurt” “I know that, Max”
Max obviously isn’t that good at comforting you before the whole thing, but once George presses the button, you can’t help but let out a scream of pain. “Stop, cunt!” Max yells, his arms unwrapping from you only so he could hit Joji, who is a laughing fit along with the rest of the boys. Max makes sure he has the remote in his hand incase the boys decide to be dicks and do it again. He’s is about to ask you if you’re okay, but he can tell you are when you begin laughing with the others.


“Max, don’t be a dick” You say, watching as he turns it up all the way. “Yeah, Max don’t be a dick” Ian cuts in, as you feel his body heat and familiar scent come next to you. “I’ll turn it down if you put it on your neck-“ “Fuck off” You cut Max off, as Ian slips his hand in yours. You’d warn Ian that you’d probably squeeze his hand to the point of no return, but the feeling of intense pain shoots all along your arm and you nearly fall out of your seat. “Fuck!” You curse, pushing Chad away from you since he was holding the shocker. You immediately look at your arm to see if it somehow left a wound there or something. Max, George and Chad are all laughing in the back since they can see you’re alright, but Ian rubs his hand over where it had shocked you, the ghost of a smile playing on his lips. “Are you fucking laughing?” You ask him trying to sound angry, but theres a smile forming on your lips too. “Of course not” Ian replies, stealing a quick kiss.


“If you kill my girlfriend, I’m suing you” The sound of Georges voice hits your ears as you try to remember why you actually agreed to this. “Remember Y/N, just on your neck and then Chad gets it on his nuts” Ah, thats why. You can’t make out what he’s saying, but Chads definitely yelling swear words to all of you. He obviously didn’t think you’d do it. It was either you got the shock collar around your neck or all of you paid Chad a hundred bucks each, so obviously you stepped in saying you’d do it. You already have it around your neck, but its taking a while to start because all of you are just fucking around. When you decided to actually do it, you’re siting on a chair and Joji is squatting in front of you, both his hands just past your knees and slightly on your thighs and he’s saying shit to you that you can’t even make out, because all you’re thinking is how badly this is going to hurt. Remember, its so Chad gets it on his nuts. That’ll be hilarious, Y/N. You legit have to do it, because seeing Chad get shocked on his balls would be the fucking funniest thing- All you thoughts are cut off with a giant wave of pain shooting through your neck, and your hands instinctively go to your neck, attempting to get the thing off, but as your hands go there, the pain stops. “Fuck me” You say, followed by a small laugh. “You did good, baby” Joji states, moving both his hands up and down your thighs soothingly before he stands up from his crouched position. “You’re turn, Chad”


You can feel the cold metal hit your upper thigh and it sends a few chills down your back and you can’t even imagine getting shocked by it. “What thing is it on?” You hear your boyfriend Chad ask Max. The mischievous grin on Max’s lips tells you its on the highest one. “Ian I can hear you laughing” You state to him, who’s standing next to you, holding it on your thigh. “You guys are actual cunts, I just want you to know that” Chad says before taking your hand in his, and you can see he’s probably just as nervous as you are. Maybe even worse. Chad opens his mouth to say something else, but doesn’t get to say it because Max has already pressed the button. You don’t know what you said but you’re sure it was a few curse words. “That wasn’t that bad-“ The familiar pain happens again and this time you know you said something along the lines of ‘Motherfucker’. The pain stops and you can see Chad heading to hit Max who is dying of laughter. Whilst Chad is wrestling Max for the remote, Ian quickly places the shocker on Chads arm and by what Chad says, you can tell Max clicked the button.