when things don't quite work as planned

anonymous asked:

As a Capricorn female, I have strong goals, aims and ambition and work really hard towards goals that are important to me (as a typical Capricorn) however I'm also quite lazy and struggle to stay focused which conflicts with my determination and desire to achieve my goals and ambitions, is this a common conflict among capricorns? I don't know how to overcome it?

I feel like Capricorn spends so much time and energy constructing all these amazing plans that when it comes down to working on them they are burnt out. Focus on one thing at a time, reward yourself and keep moving.


He knelt down in the soul, humming softly to himself as he picked the magical mushrooms he needed for a potion. He was in quite a good mood today. His plan was coming closer and closer to fruition and after three hundred years of preparations, seeing things move so quickly was exhilarating. But then he felt the presence nearby. He was up on his feet in an instant unaware of the mud on his knees as he turned to see who was there. “Hello dearie,” he greeted when he saw the woman. “What brings you to this part of the woods?”