when they were unbelievable hot

Birds of Summer [M]

Author’s Note: Here I am again for another @btsbound​ fic exchange! Not sure how much of an AU this is other than a jumbled idea, but I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 5,641

He was the fluttering of the butterfly wings that sprouted in your chest whenever he spoke your name. His eyes were the warm color of a deep caramel, his hair that sifted through your fingers resembling the branches in the trees in the park in which you frequented. His kisses melted upon your lips like the rays of the sun, his golden skin a brilliant contrast with yours, as your hands intertwined.

He would lie his head upon your lap as the breeze whispered songs to the leaves, sleeping quietly while the clouds passed by. His smile was as bright as a summer’s day, his warmth seeping into your limbs and taking over every crevice of your heart as the weeks moved on, and the nights grew long.

He was everything you could ever imagine.

All until the moment the first leaf had fallen, and with the wind came a chill; and so it seemed, he too, was whisked away.

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There’s More To It Than That

You were sitting in your bedroom trawling tumblr for some pretentious hippie quote to annoy your friends with when you heard a thud behind you.

“Theo, are you insane? My dad’s home,” you yelled in a hushed whisper.

“He just drove out, you’re officially home alone,” he said lifting you up and kissing you up against the wall.

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