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Hey Sarah! I feel like you're one of those people that, pardon my French, has their shit together and is just like everyone's big sister in the fandom. What's one piece of advice you wish you knew when you were about to go to college and begin your "adult life?"

I’ve had this message in my inbox for an embarrassingly long amount of time - I think because it felt like a really wonderful golden talisman sitting here, reminding me that someone possibly thinks this of me. And it’s very flattering - and reminds me that from a distance, I’m sure anyone’s life feels or seems that way. It’s really funny to read this now as I’ve definitely been going through a period in my life where my shit is very much not together - but I’m working on it ;)

Anyway! I think the biggest piece of advice I would tell people when they’re entering college is

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Count Von Count voice): FIVE FUN FACTS, AH HA HA!


1. I recently watched San Junipero (the lesbian Black Mirror episode) and OMG?! It’s so gay, I loved it. But beyond it being about lesbians, I thought it was a really solid piece of science fiction. If y’all haven’t watched it yet YOU SHOULD. (I can’t vouch for the rest of the show because I haven’t watched it, nor am I intending to, since there aren’t lesbians in it, but this episode was GOLD.) 

2. Apparently today marks my 9-year Facebook-friendiversary with @hegemonycricket!!! We actually met like 9 years and 4 months ago but whatever. I met them when we were in college. We took a directing class together and both did our final projects on Angels in America, if I recall correctly. And then we were friends all throughout college and we did a cappella together and I am so happy they are still in my life and that we both moved to CA at the same time. They are the best listener and an excellent hugger and have the greatest hair. 

3. When I see a cute animal, I say “OH NO!” and @tellthebees (my partner in crime) started doing it too. I know that he got it from me and not vice versa because many people have called me out on it. One time when I was 18 I went on vacation with my family to lots of national parks in the Southwest (Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon), and I spent most of my time photographing (very friendly) squirrels and other creatures. Whenever I’d see a squirrel, I’d go “OH NO!” and my family was like “Shannon we are in literally the most beautiful places in the country you can see squirrels anywhere what is wrong with you” and I’d be like “LOOK IT’S EATING A LEAF”

4. I am applying to be the new theater reviewer for the New York Times. It’s mostly just for fun, there’s no way I’ll get that job, but hey, fuck it, the NYT could really use someone like me (young, queer, social-justice oriented) on their staff. 

5. I’m about to start stage-managing a show! I’m pretty nervous because I don’t stage-manage a lot, but I think it’ll be fun. It’s a new play and everyone involved seems really excited about it, which is nice because I’ve done productions where it feels like no one wants to be there, and that’s always a bummer. 

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Tell me about your pets?

Hi friend,

My husband and I have two pups (both adopted, both mutts) and I love them both so much. There’s Sam (red/brown/white, lab mix), who we adopted together when we were in college after I had to put down my family dog, and Maddie (black/white, border collie mix), who my husband found on the side of the road when he was patrolling one day and who, when he stopped the car, jumped in the open door of it. (We had her checked to see if she had a microchip, which, she didn’t, and then had to leave her in the pound for 10 days over Christmas to see if anyone would claim her. Then, when they didn’t, we adopted her.) 

Sam is a total daddy’s boy and Maddie is a total momma’s girl. I love them to the moon and back. I’ll post some photos after I post this response. :)

All my love,


when millennials were first heading into high school and college there was a huge trend in news stories about how stressed out our kids are, how their backs are getting messed up from carrying so many books, how they’re sleeping less and doing more school work, and how we should do more to help our kids have the childhoods we had because our kids are falling apart from stress and being forced to be more productive than kids should be. but then once millennials started hitting the workforce all the news was about how millennials are lazy and narcissistic and entitled lmao you were real concerned about us until you found out a 23 year old is more qualified to do your job than you


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)


This week will be better. This is how it started and I promise myself this feeling will stay. I won’t complain when someone rubs in my face that they have more money than me. I won’t try to rush through this time of my life waiting for the future to bring me whatever I think I need. I will scrapbook my boyfriend’s birthday present, sleep in his car and get up for sunrise for our weekend date, love him love him love him, shower him with kisses and give him everything I can without having any money. Cause today on the car ride home when we were fighting over when he was going to finish college he reminded me that his sweet heart wasn’t built to last as long as mine. And I was holding his hand and wanting him to be alive forever, but when your boyfriend has heart failure you simply cannot focus on the future. He’s here with me now, he’s here with me now.



Eight years pt.2

A/N- Hey! Omg I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments and for reading the fic. I so so grateful, like I’m crying. It got such a good response. Thank you all so so much x 

If I continue with this there will be smut, just not yet ~ sorry. 

Part 1 ~ Part 3 ~

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*Jungkook’s flash back*  

Jungkook had met Seokjin in college, they were instant. So when his dear called him for lunch he was happy to accept. He didn’t know that this lunch would consist of Seokjin asking him to become the CEO of his company. He was shocked to say the least. 

“Jin why?” Jungkook asked curious why he would want to give up such a powerful job. 

“Moonbyul is pregnant with twins!” Jin says over joyed. 

“And you already have two. Man, your busy in the bedroom.” Jungkook chuckles. 

“Yeah, well I love my wife, and she’s sexy as fuck. But I want to be there for my children and get to see them grow up. I don’t want to be my father whom was to busy to come home for dinner and fucked his assistant, not that I would, I’m just saying. So please just take it over. I know you can do it!” Seokjin smiles, trying to sweeten the deal. 

“I’m happy were I am. I may not be a CEO, but I’m happy.” 

“Look my top adviser is the best in the business, I mean this women is amazing. She closes more deals then I eat, which is saying a lot.” Jin chuckles. 

“What’s her name?” 


Here your name was enough for Jungkook. He took the job. You were his first love. It broke his heart when you stopped talking to him, he didn’t know what happened. He, like you, kept his feelings in. Jungkook now released that was the most idiotic thing hes ever done, and hes friends with Taehyung, king of ‘let’s do it!’ 

*End of flash back*  

Going to work made you nervous in the passing weeks. But you soon got back in the swing of things. Jungkook, as much as you hate to admit it, he was great at what he does. He amazing. Working so closely with him you started to loosen up and have fun with him like you used to. It was nice, but this was a whole new playing field, This wasn’t eight years ago. You and Jungkook where both adults… with desires. Why did he have to be so fucking prefect. There was times when you stayed late with him working on a deal. He would be leaning over your shoulder looking at the screen, you could smell his husky scent. His lips inches from yours. It was killing you. 

“Okay, Y/N, how about we leave it here for tonight, and get some sleep?” Jungkook asks, standing up from his desk and stretching his limbs. 

“Yes, we should!” You jump up putting your shit in your bag and putting your coat on. Jungkook chuckles. 

“Let’s go.” Jungkook holds the door open for you. You both walk to the lift and get on. Jungkook presses the ground floor. Just as it starts to close Hoseok, a co worker join the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N, how are you?” He smiles bright at you. 

“I’m good Hobi, you?” Jungkook flinches at you using his nickname. You smile bright at Hoseok. 

“I was wondering if your free on Friday night, I’d take you out?” You gasp. 

“I would love to, Hobi.” You smile. 

“Great, I’ll pick you up at eight.” Jungkook rolls his eyes, at what is unfolding in front of him. He sees a radiant smile across your face. He feels jealous running through his body, he wishes that smile was for him. 

It was finally Friday, you were excited to be going out with Hoseok. You wanted to get Jungkook out of your head. He was invading it like the plague. You had just finished writing up a document for Jungkook. You knocked on his office door. You enter when you hear a faint, ‘come in’. 

“I finished the document on the Park deal.” You walk over to his desk and set the file in front of him. Jungkook looks up at you, he gets up from his desk and walks around til hes backing you against his desk. He looks like hes about to kiss you, but he leans in and touches your cheek. 

“You had an eyelash.” You gasp at how close he was, he smirks. Little did you know he was only doing this to see if you were interested in being more than co works, which you obviously were by the way your breath hitched. Jungkook wanted you all to himself, but like eight years ago, he was shit scared of saying his feelings. 

“Thanks for the file.” He returns to his seat and you run out of his office. 

Jungkook stunt had quite the effect on you. So that’s why you were hoping Hoseok who fuck your brains out tonight. You put on your sexiest lingerie and got dressed. There was a knock at your door, you look to the clock on your dressing table. It read 7:30, Hoseok wouldn’t be this early would he. Good thing you were ready early, you slip on your heels and walk to the door, smoothing out your dress. You open the door, shocked. 

“Jungkook, what are you doing here?” You ask. 

“Don’t go out with him.” Jungkook says softly. 

“What?” Your stuned you don’t know what to say. 

“Y/N your not the only one who was in love back then. I loved you, too. I just thought you didn’t like me that way, so I never told you. So please don’t go out with Hoseok, please. Just stay and I’ll tell you everything.” 

Your mind is blown, with what hes saying. Is he here? What is happening? Jeon Jungkook loved you… what? You both stood in front of one another. Should you give into your desire, the love you never lived? 

“Please, Y/N. I love you.” 

A/N- This is so short, sorry. I hope y’all like it. Message me if you want a part three. Please give feed back, it’s always appreciated!

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x 


Hmm…yeah, a little…You know you’re gorgeous, alright? And popular and uh…and…but, this is not why I come here! This is a good learning experience for me… 
You already said that.

EXO Reaction when you buy them a present with all your savings

Anon requested “when you are rather poor and use the money you were saving for college” but the title was going to be a little long so.. XD enjoy, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


He’s really happy and wears/uses it all the time. Of course he won’t say it but he knows how much it took you to get it and he appreciates all the effort you put into it more than anything “Look Jagi! It looks perfect on me!”


*Tries so hard not to cry* “Baobei… you really got me this… you know you didn’t have to… I don’t know what to say, I love you…”


*Decides to make the most perfect present for you* “I made it with all my love, just like you did mine. I know what you did there jagi, you didn’t have to. But thank you, you are the best girlfriend ever”


*Baby panda is so touched that he will not stop crying for weeks*


“If I give myself to you, you’ll let me take care of everything right Jagi? I’m just saying… I want to take care of my girl that’s all. I love you” *Already thinking of taking care of you for the rest of your lives*


“So this is what we are going to do boys, we’ll sing in the streets of Seoul and all the tips we get, we’ll donate them to my jagi for her college” *It’s all a surprise he planned with your parents*


Of course he would be happy and touch but he would spend sleepless nights thinking how to help you out without being rude. He knows you would never ask him for help of that sort but he still wants to help somehow.


“Wait… wait baobei.. I’m manly… I shouldn’t be crying… but why am I crying… I’ll always be thankful for this” *Lu is an angel, Lu won’t let his girl down in the future, just you see* 


*He’ll hug you forever* “Just to make things clear jagi…you aren’t getting rid of me. By the way, you see all those presents over there? They are all for you” *He knows that even if he gave you the whole world it wouldn’t be enough, but he still has a big surprise for you*


“Jagi let’s get married… You are the best thing that could ever happen to me… you are the best present. Jagi… let me make you happy” *He can’t wait anymore, he loves you too much to waste one more minute*


*He knows he is the luckiest man of the world, but with this he feels like the luckiest man of the galaxy* “I think I just won the galaxy lottery… baobei… you didn’t have to… I think I’m going to cry”


*Rumor says that his gifts are quite generous. Rumor says he recently bought some college you want to attend to… rumor says he is giving a lot of scholarships… rumor says he is madly deeply in love with you* *Daddy Suho xD*

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It Just Felt Right

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Requested: By a wonderful anonymous person

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Summary: Y/N has never appreciated her pushy mom, but this Christmas, she may have indirectly paid off.

Warnings: Pushy mom

Word Count: 1,201

A/N: I hope that you guys like the last post of 12 Days of Christmas! I will resume my usualy Monday Wednesday Friday schedule next week!

Leave it to you to fall in love with your best friend. Better yet, your gay best friend.

It had been that way for so long that you couldn’t remember a time that you weren’t in love with him. You had met him in elementary school, and there was just something about him that drew you in, and kept you there. Even though you had met at such a young age, the two of you had stuck together through it all. Even when you were still in college and he was off acting in movies, the two of you talked every night without fail. After you graduated, he insisted that you move near to him and you had never been happier. He was the kindest soul that you had ever met, unless you had managed to cross someone that he cared about.

You had caught him in the middle of a particularly rude response. “Ez,” you said, leaning your chin on his shoulder to read the computer screen. “You know that I don’t care what they say.”

“Well I do.” He huffed, turning around to face you. “I hate it when people are rude.”

“You don’t get bothered when they talk about you.” you pointed out.

He chose not to respond, simply turning around and erasing the comment. “We’re going to be late,” you pointed out, throwing your coat on and grabbing the bag that you had packed that morning. Ezra was constantly running late and you hated being late to anything.

“Do we have to go?” He whined, spinning around in the chair. You were supposed to be heading to your parent’s house for a Christmas party. Even though you loved them, your parents had a tendency to be overbearing, and they were constantly asking you about things that you didn’t want to think about. Like why you didn’t have a boyfriend. And even though you knew the answer, it wasn’t one that you were going to say out loud.

“I don’t want to go either, but we both have to.”
“Theoretically, we don’t have to go.” He said slowly, contemplating the ways that he could get out of going.

You handed him his coat and ushered him out of the door before he could convince you that you should just stay home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the sixtieth time. The car ride there was wonderfully calm. You knew that a storm was coming once you got to the party, with your family.

His hand was on your leg, but that wasn’t something new. Ezra had always been touchy around you, and you couldn’t say that you were upset about it.

Unfortunately, the ride was over too quickly and you were quickly swept up in the craziness of your family. Before you knew it, both of you were sat on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand. Everyone had opened presents, and nothing had gone wrong, yet. It was going surprisingly well, as your mother had yet to ask about your love life and you were only about five minutes away from being able to leave.

“So, Y/N,” your mother said, her voice slightly slurred from all of the eggnog. “Have you met anyone new lately?”
And there it was. She couldn’t let you visit without bringing up your obvious lack of a love life. Sometimes you would try and avoid the question. Sometimes you would lie. But today, you were over it. You were going to tell the truth. “No mom, and I’m not trying to either.”

Her eyebrows rose over the rim of her cup, but apparently she got the hint that you weren’t going to be talking about it.

You stared her down, a newfound confidence coming over you. “I think that we should head home.” Ezra said quietly into your ear. You offered him only a small nod before standing up from the couch and making your way to the door.

“I don’t know why you let her get to you.” he said softly beside you. you knew that he was trying to make you feel better, but you couldn’t help but remember how you had said the same thing earlier. Maybe you should just tell him.

“Because it’s none of her business,” you said, hoping that he would leave it at that. But that wasn’t how Ezra was. He raised his eyebrows at you, knowing that there was more to what you were saying. “And maybe I already found somebody else.”

You may have been imagining it, but it looked like Ezra’s shoulders slumped. “Really?”

“I said maybe…” you weren’t so sure about your decision now.

“Who is it?” When you didn’t say anything, and after a few moments of silence, he pushed further. “Do I know him?” You could only bring yourself to nod. Where was all of that courage that you felt a few minutes ago?

You were shocked when Ezra didn’t immediately try to guess who it was. Usually he thought that it was funny to try and embarrass you by guessing who you had a crush on. Thankfully though, he had never actually guessed himself.

“Is it-”

“Ezra, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” you had spoken so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he had heard you correctly. You were only staring down at your feet, wishing that he would let the matter drop. “It’s me?”

You nodded, only looking up when you felt the car stop. There was no way that you were home already. Ezra had pulled over into an old gas station, but you had plenty of gas to make it home.

“I know that you are saying you found someone, but I have to tell you this, or I will never forgive myself.” You nodded. You had no idea what he was on about, but the sooner it was over, the sooner you could go home. “I love you.” he paused, but when you did say anything in return, he rambled on further. “I think that it started when we went to the beach that day, remember? When I convinced you to skip classes?” you nodded before he continued. “And you just looked so happy and… pure. And I think that I just fell. Hard. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you had never expressed interest, in me. Or anybody really, since I’ve known you.”

“I- you like me?” He nodded, hoping that you would elaborate. “I thought that you were gay.”

You hadn’t planned on blurting out your assumptions about your best friend’s sexuality, especially since he had never vocalized them. You had always thought that it was just understood. Something that had always been.

“I’m not gay.” He laughed. “And if that was the only objection that you had about, this” he said, gesturing between the two of you. “I don’t think that it would be too presumptuous for me to do this.” And then he was kissing you. And it felt right. You had imagined this moment, late at night when your inhibitions melted away, you pictured the fireworks, the feel of his warm lips on yours. But you had never imagined how you would feel so completely whole.