when they were all scared


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

remember when we were all scared that adc was gonna be a closed mouth kisser during the love scene and then she ended up eating eliza’s entire face

Being 16 is so scary because I’m finally realizing that I’m growing up and I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m realizing that my parents can’t do everything for me and that I’m going to have to deal with fake friends and mean people by myself sometimes. And in some years I’ll finish high school and I’ll have to find a work, and start a life by myself. And of course I have a lot of insecurities about love, what if I never find someone that loves me the same way I love them and I end up being alone? I know it’s VERY rushed but thinking about that really freaks me out…

@taylorswift Taylor, did you feel like this when you were my age? did you feel scared about all the things that you have to go through when you’re growing up?

I hope you answer this because you’re like my big sister (I don’t have any sisters so I can’t really talk about this with anyone) and to know what you think about this would give me so much more confidence.

love always, your friend


I swear to GOD we were running for our fucking lives!!!! I’m in college fam…my bro Trey were walking by a gazebo and next to it was a big ass tree that had two swing sets attached to it. I thought it was a couple at first on the swing because that’s where they normally sit. So the figure got up and just stood there and then we kept walking and then two more clowns appeared from the dark and I yelled “Oh fuck no!!! Y'all niggas got me fucked up” and as soon as I said oh hell no, my bro Trey left my dumbass and then when I said fucked up they bolted after us for about 10-15 minutes straight. When I tell y'all we were scared af…and then my dumbass looks back and the clown closest to me had a fucking MACHETE fam!!!! God gave me some adrenaline and ran as fast as I could. Like I didn’t fw clowns when I was little and I damn sure don’t fw them now!!!!!! These clowns are on our campus chasing and attacking people. Like it’s not funny no more fam…IDGAFA what y'all say or if y'all laugh, not to be no bitch or no shit like that…but these niggas were fast as a motherfucker

“No don’t!” Jim cries. Or at least he tries to—it comes out less of an intelligible sentence and more of a high-pitched squeal, like a mouse or a little girl, and if he wasn’t currently scared out of his mind he would probably be embarrassed about that fact. Jim is plastered against Bones’ side, his head resting against a broad shoulder, and every sound he makes goes straight into Bones’ ear, causing the poor doctor to flinch.

Not that Bones is faring much better. He’s goddamn terrified and it’s all Jim’s fault. Let’s watch this scary movie, Bones! Yeah, real good idea. He pulls his feet closer to his body and tries to maneuver so that he can use Jim as a shield instead of the other way around. Horror films are stupid; they are very low down on the list of movies he actually enjoys, losing out even to the princess movies he occasionally gets suckered into watching with Jo. Blood and guts? Sure, okay, he’s a doctor after all. Psychological, mind-fuck murder crap? No thanks. But if it’s something Jim wants to watch, well… he’ll suck it up. For him.

The movie goes silent, except for the heavy breathing of the unfortunate sucker on screen—a sign the killer is about to strike. The following jump scare is predictable, but Bones can’t help the strangled sound that claws its way out of his throat. He buries his face in the side of Jim’s neck and Jim pulls up the pillow that was resting in his lap to block his own view of the television.

The rest of the movie progresses just like that—yelling and hiding, Bones frequently muttering I hate you into Jim’s skin. Almost three-quarters of the way through has ventriloquist dummies coming to life and both of them cowering under a blanket.

Jim crawls into Bones’ lap. “Bones,” he whispers. His eyes are squeezed tightly closed and their faces are less than an inch apart. “Can we turn it off?”

Bones nods, the movement knocking his nose against Jim’s. “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll do it,” he says. His voice is hoarse from fear. He feels silly, but at least he’s not alone.

A minute ticks by.

“You have to get off me, Jim.”

“Oh, right.”

Jim shuffles off of Bones, lifting a knee over his lap like he’s dismounting a horse. The blanket is still wrapped over them both; blankets have magical, protective powers after all.

Bones exhales shakily. “Wish me luck.” He throws his side of the blanket off his head; a rush of cool air hits him full in the face and he takes a split-second to appreciate that at least his last breath won’t be stale and hot from being under a woolly blanket. He throws himself toward the coffee table where the tv remote is sitting. He presses the power button, probably with more force than necessary, and suddenly the room is bathed in complete darkness, and wow, that’s definitely worse than the movie actually playing. In reality, the table is probably less than three feet from the couch where he and Jim are sitting, but it feels like the distance of a ravine and he launches himself back at the couch, diving back under the protective cocoon of the blankets and into Jim’s arms.

“I’m alive!” Bones pants.

Jim just squeezes Bones tighter.

They stay like that for a while, Bones straddling Jim’s thighs and Jim with his face buried in the juncture of Bones’ neck and shoulder, until Bones decides to break the silence.

“I thought you said, and I quote, ‘horror movies are awesome!’”

Jim makes a sleepy, snuffly sound that Bones can’t help but find adorable. “I lied,” Jim admits. “They scare the bejeezus outta me.”

“Then why—”

“I thought that’s what couples do, ya’know?” Jim rubs his cheek against Bones, the stubble of his growing beard irritating the skin. “They watch scary movies and hide under the blankets together.”

“Darlin’,” Bones says, pulling back slightly so he can look Jim in the face. They’re still underneath the blanket, but it’s been long enough that they’ve adjusted to the darkness and Bones can see Jim’s eyes glittering. “We don’t ever have to do somethin’ just ‘cause other folks do it. We’re not ones to fit some cookie cutter couple mold.”

“Thanks Bones.” Jim tries to give Bones a peck, but misses by a mile and gets his chin instead.

Bones huffs, forcing Jim to give a proper kiss, slow and sweet. “So no more scary movies then?”

“Oh, I dunno,” Jim says and even in the dark Bones can picture the smirk on Jim’s stupid face. Jim tries to wiggle his hips, it’s difficult with Bones’ full weight resting on him, but the message definitely gets across. “I kinda like how this turned out.”

Remember that time when we were all scared that the promo still were about Darillium? Yeah. Fuck that. I don’t regret one moment of this episode. 24 years. He gave her 24 years. They lived happy for 24 years. They go on adventures. They kiss. They makeout. They steal things. They laugh. They cry. They fight. They travel throughout space and time. No one can convince me that these two aren’t in love with each other. No one can convince me that they don’t love each other. NO ONE. 


Sorry for posting so much but I’m remembering more and more things because I’m talking to my sister about it.

This is probably one of the creepiest things that have happened. On July 21, 2013 my boyfriend, sister, and friend were on my roof and we were watching the lightning in the distance. We were having a good time, nothing creepy happened. My sister was recording on her phone and I was recording on mine. When we climbed down my sister watched her video and there was this fucking scary demonic sounding scream. NONE OF US HEARD IT WHEN WE WERE ON THE ROOF. It scared us all so much. I still can’t believe what we recorded. I really think it’s connected to the shadows and negative energy I’ve been feeling.

Here’s the video I took. We took them maybe minutes apart. 


I think the most important thing to remember when analyzing Fitzsimmons’ interactions is that they are both human.

Such a simple concept, you would think, but I think we often (myself included) forget that when we analyze these characters, because so much of what they do is honestly superhuman. They are both geniuses and at the top of their respective field. They fight on against all odds, they are usually so kind and good in the face of all evil (even though if I was either of them I’d probably go home and stay in bed all day every day). Because of this, we forget that there are a lot of flaws and imperfections present. But most importantly, we forget that they’re allowed to have them.

Have you ever lashed out at a friend or loved one when you were hurting or angry or scared or feeling all of those at once? Have you ever said something nasty that you wish you could take back? Did it make you wrong to say that? Of course. Did it make you a bad person? No. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t done that.

Have you ever bottled up all of your emotions and wanted to keep them close? Have you ever been horribly conflict avoidant that you let problems or responsibilities escalate dramatically until you finally dealt with them? Was it a stupid thing to do? Probably. Does it make you a bad person? No.

Have you ever done something out of the best of intentions and have it gone horribly wrong? Did it sometimes take you a long time to realize that even though you did it to help the other person, it still hurt them and the have a right to be hurt? Does it make either of you wrong or right? Probably both.

Pointing out flaws in our favorite characters doesn’t mean we’re saying they’re bad people. They wouldn’t be three-dimensional if they didn’t have flaws. We all have them (and we’re often blind to them - just like they are.) 

The point is - don’t be afraid to admit that Fitz and Simmons are both flawed individuals (in fact - I think Fitz is a more well-rounded character narratively because he has been given more flaws, but that’s a meta for another time). That doesn’t mean you don’t like the character, or that they are bad people. The reason we love them is because their flaws are so relatable (and it’s why we jump to defend them - that’s great!) and these flaws are small peas in comparison to the amazing positive qualities they both have. 


as told by reva 

camille being a godess and talking about halloween

the golden 4 appear to be at a halloween party of sort, Camille looks like Cleopatra, Kirsten is an angel (100 dollars Cameron calls her that sometime in the episode) Cameron ( WHO IS VERY MUCH ALIVE GOD BLESS) wearing a superhero suit, and I think Linus is a vamp

“I told you, I don’t do scary” Kirsten replies, looking at Cameron. Sure, because you WERE NOT AT ALL scared when we all died (lets not talk about that)

Then we have some Camus leaning on each other, jumping as a mansion door opens 


So we see Kirsten in pajamas, standing outside. My guess is she had a nightmare about Cameron, which I will explain later. 


“Should I be Worried About You” Goodkin, featuring glasses. Now, back to my Kirsten having a Cameron induced nightmare, in that scene, Cameron is wearing the same shirt he is in the picture, and Kirsten’s hair is very messy and bed-head-y meaning CAMSTEN SLEEPOVER YAS



 now there are a whole bunch of really quickly played scenes, can’t seem to analyze them.



XD #pewdiepie #markiplier #jacksepticeye #fnaf4 “I found it so funny when Felix didn’t get scared at all. When Jack and Mark were like crapping their pants. 😂”

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Negan - Take Me

You were all scared shitless when Negan came walking out of the RV. He went on boasting about how you were basically all worthless and that he was going to be taking half of your stuff.

He went on saying about how your group had killed his men, and he sent men to kill you, and then you killed more of his men.

And that wasn’t cool.

As he walked along the line of people swinging around his bat that he had named Lucille, barb wire wrapped around the tip of it and he just holds it out hoping to scare your friends more and more.

He walks past you and then stops and backs up a bit. He looks at you with his head leaned in a crooked way and a smile graces his lips.

“Oh don’t look so upset! It’s not my fault that you decided to kill my men and now I’ve got to kill one of your own! It’s not like I enjoy killing people!”

He laughed at the ending. His teeth bright and shinning even in the shitty night light that they had in the middle of the woods. You watched as his tongue darted out from between his lips as his eyes traveled you up and down.

You narrowed your eyes more if it was even possible at this point.

He only chuckled again and walked back over toward Rick and the others. You listened and watched as Negan, as the man had introduced himself, started walking along the line of your friends and pointing his bat in their faces as he did Enine, Meine, Minie, Moe.

“And you are – ”

“No! Stop this!”

You scream as you jump up from your knees and stand looking into his eyes. Some men came up from the sidelines and kicked you in the lower back.

You cried out in pain as you stumbled to the ground and caught yourself on your hands. With the pain going clear through your lower back, you still found a way to stand back up, wobbling as you did so.

“Now, just what in the world do you think you’re doing?”

Negan asked as he walked toward you, his bat proped up on his shoulder.

“Take me.”

You said between painful breathing. Negan looked at you for a moment before he scoffed and chuckled. He took his bat and pointed at your friends that were all lined up off to the side.

“You would trade yourself for these cowards? These people that are on the edge of pissing themselves and crying as they beg for THEIR lives – and you’re willing to sacrifice yours?”


You said never leaving his eyes. He stood there and licked his bottom lip. He broke out into a laughter that caused his men to laugh as well.

You refused to have your eyes leave his body, if it was one thing you had learned through all of this it was that you had to be determined. You had to do this for everyone else.

“Well, well, well, it seems that I’m rather dumbfounded right now. Hell, I’m so fucking astonished that I think I’ll take you up on your offer.”

He laughed as he waved his hand and two men came over and roughly grabbed you.

“Put her in the RV. Make sure she’s locked up tight while I finish up here.”

Fear shot through you as your eyes widened and you started to struggle.

“No! No! No! No, you son of a bitch! Take me instead! Take me instead!!”

You screamed all the way into the RV.

“Oh darlin’ that’s the thing, I am taking you.”

Negan said with a devilish grin as he walked over to Glenn and raised his bat above the man’s head.

Then the RV door was shut before your eyes, locking you inside unable to help the rest of your friends.