when they were all scared

Dad!Ahkmenrah x Daughter!Reader:  I Promise

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!   Reader is a little girl in this one.

When you first woke you were scared.  Not knowing where you were, all you could do was cry.

“I’m coming sweetheart, don’t worry!”  You could hear your father’s muffled voice.  You suddenly heard a scraping noise, as light flooded your senses.  You looked up just as your daddy picked you up.  “Shh, it’s okay baby girl, you’re safe now.  Nothing’s going to happen to you.” You sniffled into his shoulder.

“I don’t like it here,” You whimpered.  “It’s scary.”

“You don’t have anything to be afraid of, flower.  Everyone’s really friendly, I promise.  Do you want to meet them?”  He asked you.  You rubbed one of your eyes and nodded.  Ahkmenrah smiled, and put you down.  He held his hand out to you, and you grabbed it.   He walked slowly so your little legs could keep up with his long strides.  When he noticed that you were starting to tire, he lifted you up again and rested you on his hip. 

“Ahkmenrah, who is this?”  You heard a woman ask.  You snuck a sneak peek at the stranger, and immediately hid your face in your dad’s shoulder.

“Sacagawea, this is Y/N, my daughter.  Can you say hi to Sacagawea, Y/N?”  He set you down on your feet and gently pushed you towards Sacagawea.  She kneeled down and smiled softly at you.  You shyly smiled and waved, before running back to your father and burying your face in his robe.

“She’s beautiful, Ahkmenrah,” She told him.

“Thank you,” He replied.  “She’s normally not this shy.  Once she meets everyone, I’m sure she’ll open up.”

“She will,” She assured him.  “I think I saw Teddy and Attila in the foyer,” She suggested.

“I’ll take Y/N to meet them next.  Thanks, Sac.”  He picked you up again and turned you to face Sacagawea.  “Can you say bye, Y/N?”

“B-Bye,” You mumbled quietly. “Bye, Y/N,” She waved, and walked off to another part of the museum.

“See, that wasn’t so scary, was it?”  You shook your head, smiling widely as you toddled along next to Ahkmenrah.  “Do you want to meet some more people?”  When he noticed the nervous look on your face, he quickly added, “Everyone’s really friendly, like Sacagawea, I promise.”  You thought for a second.  Just as you nodded, a man on a horse and a man in armor came around a corner.

“Ahkmenrah!”  The man on the horse greeted.   You immediately hid behind Ahkmenrah’s legs.  You cautiously peeked out from behind him.                   

“Hello, Teddy,” He nodded to the other man.  “Attila.  I want you both to meet my daughter, Y/N,” He looked down to where you were just standing.  “Y/N?”  He asked worriedly, looking around.  You giggled. He turned around and spotted you, his shoulders sagging in relief.  “Y/N, you must stop hiding, you’re going to give daddy a heart attack,” He gently scolded.  He motioned for Teddy and Attila to come forward.  Teddy dismounted his horse, and kneeled down to your height. 

“And what’s your name, my dear?”  Teddy asked you as Attila awkwardly stood behind him.  You didn’t say a word. 

“Can you tell Teddy your name?”  Ahkmenrah prompted.

“Y-Y/N,” You said after a while.  Teddy smiled.

“That’s a lovely name.” He told you.  “My name is Theodore, and this is Attila,” He motioned to the man behind him.  You waved shyly, and Attila waved back enthusiastically.  You giggled.  Suddenly, you felt the ground begin to rumble.  You looked up at Ahkmenrah.  He quickly kneeled down and picked you up.  He quickly pressed your face into his shoulder.  You heard the rumbling get louder, and suddenly an ear-shattering roar split through the air.  Tears immediately began to flow, and you sobbed into your dad’s collar.  You could hear someone yelling something you couldn’t understand, and the roars faded along with the rumbling. 

“Sweetheart, you can look now, Rexy’s sorry.”  You slowly looked up to see a giant skeleton wagging its tail.  You let out a small shriek and hid in your dad’s arm again.  “No, it’s okay, I promise.  See?  Look,” He held out his free hand, and you watched as Rexy immediately nuzzled his massive nose into his palm.  “Do you want to try?”  You looked unsure.  “Here,” He gently grabbed your wrist and held your arm out.  Rexy gently bumped his nose against your tiny hand.  You giggled again.

“Who’s the little missy, Ahk?”  You heard a voice from below.  Ahkmenrah kneeled down, still holding you, and you saw a little plastic car with two little people inside. 

  “This is my daughter, Y/N,” The two men looked at each other gaping. 

“You have a kid?  No way, that’s amazing!”  The little man turned to you.  “I’m Jedediah, and this is Octavius.” He pointed to his friend.

“It’s an honor to meet you.”  The little gladiator bowed.  You waved cheerfully as you swung your legs back and forth.

  “She’s a quiet one, ain’t she?”

“She’s normally much more talkative, I can assure you.” He laughed, bouncing you on his knee.  You shrieked with laughter as you held Ahkmenrah’s forearm to keep from falling.

“Has she met Dexter yet?”

“No, not yet.”  He stood up again.  “Do you know where he is?”

“He’s probably bothering Larry and Nicky in the staff room.”

“I’ll go check there next.  Say bye, Y/N,” You quietly echoed your father as he led you along.  As you walked, you felt yourself getting sleepy.  You rubbed your hand with a tired fist and yawned.  Ahkmenrah chuckled and picked you up.  You leaned your head on his shoulder as you fought to stay awake.  “Just one more stop, and then you can go to sleep, I promise.”  You nodded and lifted your head as your father carried you into a dimly lit room.


“What’s up Ah—Why do you have a little girl with you?”  Nicky came around the corner with Dexter on his shoulder.

“Nicky, this is Y/N, my daughter.”   He brought you closer, ignoring Nicky’s shocked look.

“Wow, you…You have a kid.”     

“Yes…”  Ahkmenrah replied suspiciously.  “Is that a problem?”

“No!  No, of course not!”  Nicky quickly replied.  “I just never would’ve guessed, that’s all.”

“Hey, what’s going on in—Why do you have a little girl with you?”

“That’s what I said,” Nicky told his dad.  “That’s Y/N, Ahk’s daughter.”  Larry looked at you, and then to Ahkmenrah.  He let out a sigh.

“Wow, congratulations Ahk!”

“Thank you,” He paused.  “Do you want to hold her?”  Larry thought for a moment, and nodded.  Ahkmenrah gently deposited you in Larry’s arms.  You looked nervously at your dad, but he just smiled at you.  You cautiously looked at Larry, and Dexter hopped from Nicky’s shoulder onto his.  Seeing the monkey, you slowly held out your hand like you had with Rexy.  Dexter took your hand in both of his tiny ones and shook it.  You laughed, but it quickly turned into a second yawn. 

“You’d better take her, she’s about to pass out.  He gently passed you back to Ahkmenrah.  He said goodbye to the others, and carried you back to your exhibit.  When you saw the sarcophagi, you began to cry again. 

“I don’t want to go back in there, Daddy.”  You sniffled, “It’s scary.”  He smiled sadly at you. 

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  But it’ll get easier, I promise,” He told you.  “And I’ll always be here, okay?  I’m not going anywhere,” You nodded and rubbed your eye for the hundredth time. 

“Okay,” You answered.  “Promise you’ll be there?”  You asked as he helped you get comfy in your sarcophagus.  He grabbed the doll you were buried with and made sure it was nestled in your arms. 

“I promise,” He told you.  “Now, you need to sleep; you’re still growing.”

“Okay,” You giggled.  “Goodnight, Daddy.”  He smiled down at you.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

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stucky #18

Things you said when you were scared:

He was all sweat and dirt, gauze and knife wounds. All around the troops the ground was exploding, punctured by malicious bombs as Germans dropped them again and again. Steve’s vision flickered between a horrific battle scene and a screen of dirt. Bullets whizzed past his ears, a vile hum within a chorus of screams and explosions. Heart thudding deafeningly in his chest, he frantically searched for the most important face on the line. His eyes found bodies bent in unnatural positions, grime and blood and guns, scared boys fleeing or fighting for their lives. His ears heard them weep and pray, and his stomach twisted in remorse. But he needed to find him, and needed that to be soon.


Down in the trenches, the howling commandos crouched snarling and yelling until their voices were hoarse. Bucky’s face was a mix of terror, rage, glee, and everything in between, a combination only understood and mirrored by men of war. Steve took off at a sprint, desperate to reach him.

The sight of Captain America seemed to reunite the troops. They sprang into step beside him, shooting as they cursed the Nazis. Steve smiled. Victory was not too far.

He jumped into the trench. Some soldiers clambered into the muddy Hell after him, others cleared it on their way past enemy lines, and some held back and continued to fight advancing opponents. Everything was so loud. His only chance of focusing was if he found Bucky.

The commandos allowed him through easily. He touched Bucky’s shoulder lightly, knowing anything harder would earn either a flinch or a punch in the face. Bucky turned, and the look painting his features churned Steve’s stomach.

“Buck?” he asked quietly.

His lover leaned against the slippery trench wall and stared silently at him. As he opened his mouth, a long wail split the cacophony of war. He and Bucky met each others eyes with identical looks of fear, recognizing the sound of the bomb. It was too close. Too fast.

Steve’s brain registered one person, one action, and he pushed Bucky down before covering them with his shield. The commandos threw themselves to the ground just as it hit, and then everything stopped and started all at once.

Just before it went black, Steve heard Bucky scream with all his might, “I love you, Steve Rogers! Don’t you dare die on me!”

A year later, The Winter Soldier was haunted by his own voice when they tried to wipe him. A blank slate with indelible words carved into it.

I love you, Steve Rogers.

They scared him beyond reason.

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

My teacher emailed me today to meet her at break but I didn’t get it until after school so I emailed her back explaining why I wasn’t there and asking if I could meet with her tomorrow but finals start tomorrow so everything is weird and idk what to do she scares me so much

I’m not even trying to make a joke when I say this, I thought all women were scared of men raising their voices/getting angry? Like I avoid getting any man mad because I’m absolutely terrified of the consequences and I thought that was just a norm for us. Is it not? I’m not saying it’s right to feel that way but I’ve never ever ever ever felt completely trusting of a man. I’m scared of my dad, my brother, my uncles, my cousins, my male friends, men in general. I trust a lot of men, but I’m too scared to really start shit with any of them. Even the gentle giants. I don’t want to upset any of them. I mean, there are women that are pretty intimidating to me, but I don’t genuinely fear the possibility of upsetting them like I do with men. It’s just always been a fear of mine, I dunno.

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I am so incredibly proud of you, my Thumb. I remember when you graduated high school and were all scared about college and blah blah blah. AH! I am so excited to be following you through you next and future adventures. I love you. Again, I am so proud of you, Grad! :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU you’ve literally been here through everything omg :3

I hate being yelled at/blamed when I’ve done nothing, but usually I can at least see her line of thinking, I can understand where she’s upset even if I don’t think it’s necessary. This morning she fucking rammed through me half a dozen times, clearly I’ve said something and this is how she’s dealing with it, that’s usual. But how the hell am I in the wrong for not magically fixing a broken ironing board? I honestly have no clue what I’ve done wrong, it’s broke, I put the cover on top of it but it’s just broken, I can’t unbreak it. I didn’t break it so I know that’s not it, it’s because I didn’t fix it. But how do you fix it when it’s LITERALLY BROKEN? I’ve no idea, every time I ask she tells me ‘get out’ and won’t actually explain. Just that we expect her to do everything. But I literally did not know you could fix it? And she’s throwing a fit over it without actually explaining so guaranteed the next time I use it, it’ll still be broken, and I still won’t know what the fuck to do to fix it, and this’ll happen over again.

between tumblr and overanalyzing everything in high school I feel like I don’t experience things normally anymore

i was just watching the lorax and all i could think was

“the once-ler’s mom was abusive I wonder how that affected his development”

“why is literally everyone is this movie white”

“wow this movie is a giant fuck-you to capitalism. i wonder what would’ve happened to the producers if it came out during the red scare when all the Hollywood people were being interrogated”

like caLM DOWN brain, this is supposed to be a relaxing childrens’ movie

poem (by me)

//And one day she started to leave/
Because leaving became her only way to breathe/
When it hurt too much she went away/
Because she was so done that she forgot how to say/
What really mattered/
Because all of her dreams were shattered/
After all, who did really care/
About all these things that weren’t fair/
What is there left to say/
When you just really wanna go away?/
All those words were left unsaid/
Too scared/
To speak up/
She rather gave up.//

Some person can make the change that you need all that time when you were alone and scared. This person make me a better person and I will never be enough thankful for that.
Love you.

Poem (by me)

//And one day she started to leave/
Because leaving became her only way to breathe/
When it hurt too much she went away/
Because she was so done that she forgot how to say/
What really mattered/
Because all of her dreams were shattered/
After all, who did really care/
About all these things that weren’t fair/
What is there left to say/
When you just really wanna go away?/
All those words were left unsaid/
Too scared/
To speak up/
She rather gave up.//