when they were all scared

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

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where r u percabeth fluff fics


Could Be Canon:

Percabeth | things you said when we were the happiest we ever were | Percabeth’s First Date | Annabeth becoming part of the family | Reunion | Percy being flustered by how hot Annabeth is | Annabeth being flustered by how hot Percy is | Percy Braids Annabeth’s Hair | things you didn’t say at all | things you said when you were scared | Sleep Ins | Married | Emergency Accommodation | Percy in a Tux | Annabeth in a Tie | Percy in Glasses | things you said at 1am | things you said when you were drunk | Annabeth admiring Percy’s hair | Olympus Can Wait | Percy with stubble | Annabeth’s 23rd Birthday | Car Crash | Flying Fridge | Killing Spiders | Annabeth’s a bed hog | Percy’s 23rd Birthday | Blanket Burrito | Beach | Stupid | Period | Obtuse | Happy Percabeth HCs |

At High School | AHS Headcanons | Prom Night | Surprise | The one where they have to look after a baby doll | things you said over the kitchen table | Not So Shore (a ‘mortals meet’ fic |

New Athens | Dreaming It | Designing It | Completing Construction | Moving In | Percabeth getting married there | Extras |


Skater!Percy | Skateboards and Snapbacks |

Bi!Percabeth | Bi the Way | Bi!Percabeth HCs, Percy-centric |

Disney AUs | A Dream Come True | Percabeth at WDW | Percabeth Sleeping Beauty AUPercabeth Enchanted AU |

Percababies | Percy and Annabeth have kids | Percy’s first moments as a dad |

Chef!Percy | Delicious |

College!AU | Socks and Spiders |

Percy and Annabeth’s Adventures on Public Transport | Tripped Up | Out of Line

Bridal Salon AU | Summary

| Percabeth: “My brothers stole your bike, sorry.” |

Bookshop AU |

Theme Park AU |

Holiday Themes:

Halloween | House of Horrors | Spiders |

Christmas | Gingerbread |  Enchanting (Magic AU, written for the PJO Secret Santa 2016)

Nine Months Or So

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 
Words: 779
Requested by @scxrchy:  Hi! If your requests are open, would you write a Jensen x wife!reader where they are at a convention, and reader is a returning character on the show, and the reader breaks the news to the fans that she won’t be able to be on the show for a bit p1/?P2/? Reader announces sure won’t be on the show for the next season unless the writers and producers come up with some weird stuff, and Jared asks how long she won’t be on the show, and that’s when the fans realize reader and Jensen are extracting a Child, and could it be super cute, and a little fluffy? I don’t know how else to word this, sorry p3/3 

          You were really excited to be at the large panel with the cast members of Supernatural. You couldn’t wait to get to talk with fans, tell stories, and answer questions. You loved these times.

           “Hey, Beautiful,” Jensen came up behind you, putting his arms around your waist as you waited to go on stage with everyone.

           You leaned back against him, “Hey, Handsome.”    

           “You ready to hang out with everyone?” he asked.

           “Always,” you nodded.

           “Come on, Ackles’,” Jared said, “It’s time to get out there.”

           You laughed, taking Jensen’s hand in yours. The two of you, along with Jared, Misha, and Mark.

           The audience was so excited to see all of you walk onto the stage and sit behind the table together. You couldn’t stop smiling as you looked out at everyone and how happy they were to see you and the guys.

           “Hey!” you all waved.

           “So, you guys look amazing,” Jensen said, looking out at everyone, “Thanks for coming out today.”

           “Who wants to start?” Jared asked, “Anyone have a question?”

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Dishwasher Safe

A/N: the basis of the this fic was borrowed from elsewhere. But I asked permission…. Well, I’m made @castielspahdehrah ask permission for me. If it’s well received I may be persuaded to write another part.

“I really need to go and clean the kitchen," you sighed, not wanting to move. The dishwasher needed emptying and various pots and pans needed putting back into their proper places.

"I’ll go, you cooked. Plus I should do more around here really seeing as you won’t take any rent from me,” your friend and colleague Spencer hauled himself up off the couch. He’d been staying with you for the last three weeks whilst his apartment building was having some work done on it. He hadn’t asked, you’d offered when you found out he was planning on moving into a hotel for the two months the renovations would take. You had a spare room and you two got on well enough, it made sense.

“I’m not gonna argue with you there. Bring me more wine please,” you smiled sweetly and relaxed back into the cushions.

A few moments later you could hear him clattering around in the kitchen and you closed your eyes, relaxing.

“What the….. What the hell?”

What now? Wearily you pushed yourself up and walked over to the kitchen, seeing Spencer with a bright purple silicone implement in his hand.

Whoops, you’d forgotten that had been in there.

“Is this…. Oh my God it is,” realising what he was holding, Spencer tossed it onto the counter top, a look of mild disgust on his face.

“Hey, don’t treat George like that. He needs to be treated with love and care,” you entered the kitchen and grabbed your toy.

“Why the hell was it in the dishwasher Y/N?”

“Because it needed cleaning?” well duh.


He wasn’t angry, more……a mixture of shocked and confused.

“Well not all of them. Only my dildos. It’s the best place for them. They’re dishwasher safe so…. Saves me having to boil them.”

“But… but…. but.”

“Oh come on Spencer. You know more than anyone how important it is for things to be properly cleaned. How germs are everywhere. You didn’t even shake my hand for weeks when I first started because of all the evil germs you were scared I’d transmit to you. You wouldn’t want me putting an unclean dildo into my vagina would you?”

“No, of course not…. Wait what?” he now looked appalled, his cheeks flushing red.

“Sex toy hygiene is very important to me.”

He blinked a few times, looking to the toy in your hand and then to the plates on the side that he’d emptied out.

“I presume that had been used when it went into the machine?”

“Well I gave it quick rinse under the tap before I stuck it in the dishwasher but yeah.”

“Right.” He turned back to the plates and started loading them back into the machine.

“What are you doing?” although it was very obvious what he was doing.

“I can’t eat off the same plates that have been washed in the same water as your…. as your…. ”


He nodded.

“And why not? The water’s hot. It would have sterilised everything. I don’t have cooties you know, Reid.”

“I know you don’t but…”

“And,” you stepped closer to him. “As a grown man I’m quite certain that you’re not unfamiliar with the taste of a woman’s…. juices. Not that you would be able to taste anything because like I say, the water will have cleaned it all.”

He flushed a deeper red.

“So what’s the problem Spencer?”

“It’s weird okay! You’re my friend, my work colleague. I don’t want to be eating off things that have been washed in the same water as your used dildo.”

“So if we were dating would it be different?” this was fun.

“I don’t know! Maybe!”

“Well that’s good to know.” You waited for him to finish reloading the dishwasher. Which he hadn’t emptied or loaded himself all week so didn’t know what you did.

“Spencer…. ”


“Just so you know, George has been in there for a few cycles already. I forgot that I’d put him in there last week.”

With that, you skipped off towards the bedroom to place George back in the drawer with his brothers and sisters, leaving Spencer spluttering to himself as the penny dropped in his brain.

Lorcan had been trying to talk to Elide for weeks but she wouldn’t spare him a single glance, and he didn’t blame her. Whenever he tried to get near her she would either stroll away or talk to the person closest to her. Lorcan wished he could forget about her, forget about the aching in his chest. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t forget anything about her, to tell the truth he didn’t want to forget about her, he wanted her to forgive him, he wanted her - he wanted Elide.

Everyone in the camp was asleep, soft snores filled the night, but Lorcan was tossing and turning on the rough ground trying to sleep, but for the life of him he couldn’t. When he accepted the fact that he wouldn’t sleep for the night he stood up and stretched, popping and creaking the bones in his body. He walked towards the fire and sat watching the orange flames dance in the night, he was gazing at it so intently he didn’t realise when a petite young woman sat beside him. He turned slowly to see Elide sitting there awkwardly.

“It’s a beautiful night.” He stammered. Elide curtly nodded her head.

He waited for something, anything to happen for what felt like hours. But they just sat there in silence. Eventually Lorcan got impatient and turned around to face her.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed “I am so unbelievably sorry, I know what I did was inexcusable, I know I can’t take it back but I need to tell you that I was scared-” She cut him off.

“Scared?!” She whispered furiously “Scared?! We all were, every single one of us was scared, when we saw that armada we were all terrified, but no one else felt the need to make rash decisions and throw out their power so someone could come and find us. You could have waited - should have waited. If you had, we wouldn’t be in this situation, Aelin wouldn’t be in this situation!”

“I wasn’t scared for myself,” Lorcan murmured, “I was scared for you. I thought they would come and hurt you. I needed to get you out first, I didn’t care about anyone else, only you.” She finally turned around to face him, her body had relaxed but their was still ice in her eyes.

“I would have given myself over rather than let that cruel, sadistic woman take Aelin. I would’ve let myself be tortured over and over to save Aelin.” Elide spat.

“It will always be you Elide, I will always protect you over everyone else. No matter what, I will put you first.”

“Well I don’t need protecting!” She snapped, “I trusted you, I thought I trusted you.“

“You can, You can trust me Elide!” Lorcan croaked.

“How, Lorcan? You betrayed me, you hurt me. What you did, it still hurts me, every single day.” She whispered, “It’s so hard to hate you, but I also don’t know how to forgive you.” Elide’s face scrunched together, tears pooled in her eyes and she blinked them away.

Lorcan hesitantly leaned forward and placed his hand on top of Elides. “Would it be possible - Can you somehow find a way in your heart to forgive me?” He asked softly.

Elide turned back towards the flames and replied, “I can try, I will try.”

Lorcan was speechless, he watched the tears roll down her cheeks, how her silent sobs racked her body. As her hand furiously gripped his, he made a vow to the Gods that he would never harm this beautiful, kind creature sitting before him.
George Weasley x Reader Imagine: Proposal: “I Loved You Before I Even Knew What the Word Love Meant.”

You were still in shock, it all happened so fast. You had just arrived at The Burrow, after flying there on brooms. You all had to drink Polyjuice Potion to look like Harry, so the Death Eaters wouldn’t know who to kill. It was quite a traumatic experience, one you were sure you would have nightmares about forever. Both Mad Eye and Hedwig died, both of whom, you were very close to. However, the person you were closest to, your fiance, George Weasley, had his ear cut off by a horrible curse. Even though no one knew you two were engaged, you definitely weren’t planning on telling anyone tonight. Fred and Arthur were the first to arrive at The Burrow, with both of them sitting on the couch, when you arrived. You were trying your best to carry George into the house, with his arm slung around your neck. Fred and Arthur sat impatiently, when they saw the horrific sight through the window. The quickly got up and helped you carry him to the couch. 

George was lying down on the couch, you standing a few feet away from him, still in shock, when Fred walked over to you and pointed his wand at you furiously. You put your hands up, unable to say any words, and everyone exclaimed, “FRED? What are you DOING?!” especially Ginny, who was practically your sister. Tears were streaming down your cheeks by now, but his wand was still pointed at you, when he asked, to prove that you’re really his sister, “WHEN DID GEORGE PROPOSE TO YOU?!” You stuttered out the best you could, “F-f-fred!”


“OUR LAST YEAR AT HOGWARTS!” you scream through your tears. And Fred realized that you truly, without a doubt, were the girl that dearly loved his twin, and never meant for anything bad to happen to him. He quickly lowered his wand, walks over to you, and starts apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, (y/n), I’m so, so sorry…” 

You hug him back, very tightly, and the both of you walk over to George, on the couch and of course, even in immense pain, George still makes a joke, which of course, you laugh at. His humor was one of the many things you loved about him. He looks up at you, standing above him, brushing his hair out of his face, attempting to calm him down, and he says, “Woah, am I dead? because that looks like an angel.” You smile at him, and he says, “Hi beautiful. I guess Freddie told everyone our little secret, huh?”

“Yeah, sorry guys…”

You said in unison, “It’s ok Freddie.” and smile at each other.

Later that night, George is feeling much better, and besides the drowsiness, almost back to his normal self. Of course that doesn’t stop you from constantly asking if he’s alright, bringing him plenty of food and water, and showering him with kisses, so happy to see him ok. (Not that he minded any of these things.) You bandaged and cleaned him up, and you were barely shaking of fear anymore. You were all sitting down together, when Mrs. Weasley asks, “So, about George’s proposal…” “Oh right,” you put down the cup of tea you had been sipping. Ginny says, “Ooh! Tell me the story again, I love it every time you tell me.” Everyone looks at her quizzically, and asks, “Every time? Wait Ginny, so you knew all along too?” “Oops, sorry.” “Well I guess everyone is full of surprises tonight. Anyone else want to chime in?” You raise your hand and say, “Oh yeah, I’ll go first. I’m pregnant.” The whole family gasps, and George had the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face. You tell them you’re just joking, and everyone lets out a sigh of relief. At any other time, they would’ve been overjoyed, but with Voldemort and the war and everything, the baby probably wouldn’t have been safe. However, you look over at George, at see that he has a very disappointed look on his face. So you tell him, “Sorry Georgie. But probably one day.” His face brightens up again, and he says, “Really?” and you reply, “Definitely.” He hugs you tight, because he loves the idea of having a family with you. “Alright, enough joking around, let’s go back to the proposal. George, when did you propose to her exactly?”

So, it started with a romantic stroll, probably your last, until you graduated and got to be with George and Fred again. We knew at that time that they would perform the legendary prank that would get them expelled. We were talking about how much we’d miss each other, when he got really serious all of a sudden. You were a little scared, since George being serious wasn’t something you were used to. You asked what was wrong, and he said, “(y/n), I have never been as madly in love with someone as I am with you. I’m going to miss you so much, and I never want to let you go, which is why I want you to come with me, help me and Fred run the shop. After all, it was your idea, and we couldn’t possibly run it without you.” You were pretty surprised, and told him, “But George, I still need to graduate, I just can’t. But I can come help you after I graduate.” “(Y/n), I know, but I want you to be with me now.” You gasped when he got down on one knee, “(Y/f/n) (y/l/n), I am madly head over heels in love with you. I’ve loved you since we kids. Hell, I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant. I want to spend everyday of my life with you, I want to have beautiful children with you, I want to grow old with you, and so much more, but for now, I want you to be my wife, and for me to be your husband.” You replied, still completely surprised, 

“George, I…”

“Look, I’m not asking you to marry me-”

“Well technically, you are.”

“You’re right, what I mean to say is, we don’t have to have a huge grand reception or anything…”

“Um, George,”

“…And we certainly don’t need to do it now, we can wait, or…”


“Oh, sorry (y/n), let me slow down and start again. *clears throat* (y/f/n) (y/l/n), you are the love of my life, and I want for you to be mine, and me to be yours, so, will you marry me?”

“You didn’t let me finish from before.”

“Oh, sorry, (y/n).”

“I was going to say yes.”

“Yes to what?”

“Yes, I’ll come help you with the shop, I’ll be yours forever, and I will marry you!”

You were so anxious to kiss him that as soon as he put in the ring, you knocked the box out of his hand, and practically chocked him, you were hugging him so tight.

“After that, I got a special note from all of the teachers, who of course all despised Umbridge, so I would still graduate, just a tad earlier than everyone else. “Wow, it gets better every time,” said Ginny. By now, you were so tired that you were falling asleep in George’s arms. He looked down at you and smiled. “That was the best decision I’ve ever made.” You wanted to stay like this forever, surrounded by the only family you knew, wearing another one of George’s sweaters, this time a yellow with a red G on it. It smelled like him, and being so close to someone you love so much was making you want to cuddle with him even more. 

Molly asks, “Georgie, did  you get her a ring or something?” You take off your necklace that you wore all the time, that had the ring attached to it, and take the ring off the chain. Then George said, “Allow me,” and put it on for you, everyone leaning in, trying to see, and you extend your hand so everyone can see. The girls gasp and the boys go, “Nice job George” and everyone said, “How did u afford that?” And he says “All the products we were selling that year, and I had to borrow some of Fred’s profit as well.” 

You hugged Fred and said, “You’re an incredible brother Fred.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and he hugged you back and said “It was worth it for a sister like you (y/n).”

And George said, “I was gonna tell him after I proposed, but I needed to tell him then,” Then Molly says, “Ginny,  how did you find out?” “A bit of snooping, then I asked what was going on, and she said I can’t tell anyone, not even you and Dad.” George says, “Alright everyone, we can talk more about the wedding tomorrow, but we should probably get to bed.” To your surprise and delight, he picks you up bridal style and carries you to up to his room, even though you shared a room with Ginny, and set you down on his bed ever so gently, as if you were a fragile vase. He laid down next to you and  hooked his arms around your waist, and pulled you as close to him as possible. He felt warm and made you feel safe. You placed your hands on his chest, and your head under his chin, and let out a small giggle. He laughed slightly and said, “I knew you weren’t asleep.”

“No, but you make it difficult to not to be.” you said, “Georgie?”

“Yes love?”

“I love you”

“I love u more.”

~The End~

Boyfriend Jeno.
  • ssssuuuupppp
  • it’s super early and i’m really sleepy rn
  • but i’m so exCItEd for doing thissSs!!1!
  • this angel is one of my favourite person’s in this world, please never stop loving this cutie
  • shout out to my passion, and swagger, my swaaggg anon for requesting this, I hope you liked it a lottt
  • let’s go~~
  • so, you recently moved to seoul, and as you know that means that you have to go to a new school and make new friends
  • and jeno was your first friend here, he was your seat partner
  • you were greeting the teacher and she suddenly was like
  • “welcome to the new school y/n, uhm, there’s a free seat next to jeno”
  • god bless
  • but u r like
  • “who’s jeno?“
  • and and aND he raise his hand and smiles @ you
  • and his eye smile was so adorable and sweet idk how you survived tbh
  • for some reason you really caughted his attention so at first he would treat you in a really polite and friendly way
  • but he also was rlly curious about you so he spended the first two weeks making you like a thousand of questions
  • "what’s your favourite color?”
  • "and your fav pokemón?“
  • "did your old school have better food?”
  • "do you like anime¿?”
  • “do yOu likE oNe pieCE¿¿?”
  • you were gratefull that you could start a conversation with him so easily
  • and he even presented you to his closest friends aka the dream team
  • and it was mark who told you that them were idols and blablable
  • and jeno was really nervous because of this
  • he knew that you would discover it sooner or later but he didn’t want to scare you with all his popularity
  • but you were more scared when you saw the videos of all them doing those crazy tricks while riding the hoverboard tbh
  • "you’re so cute y/n hehe”
  • he said it without thinking and when you guys realized you blushed like crazy and had to deal while the rest of the members teasing for the rest of the day
  • a few months passed and you guys were completly lost in love
  • i feel like this guy really likes skinship
  • so he would ’‘accidentally” grab your hands in the middle of the class
  • and “accidentally” keep looking at you while you were writting
  • and he would never forget to compliment you
  • “your hair looks amazing today boo”
  • “you look really beautiful dressed like this”
  • “wow, your eyes are so pretty y/n”
  • ok but how he confessed !!
  • you guys were on a study date
  • and you guys would have these at list once every week and normally jaemin would be part of it too but today he wasn’t feeling well and decided to rest
  • he was explaining you how to do a math problem that you couldn’t understand, but you couldn’t help but get distracted on his lips everytime he said anything
  • you have been studying all his features for the past minutes without even realising
  • he had the sunlight of the afternoon hitting on his face and you lost yourself completely on thoughts of him
  • he gave you a playfull smile when he caught you literally drooling over him
  • “you weren’t paying any attention, right?“
  • he laughed and slowly grabbed your hand leaving a small kiss on top of it
  • "i-im sorry”
  • "you’re lucky your pretty”
  • you giggled while enjoying the skinship
  • you guys were so into it that unconsciously started to get closer
  • “this is really obvious, i know but.. I like you a lot y/n”
  • both of you weren’t able to make eye contact
  • you were to shy aw
  • but guess what
  • “shut jaemin, you have to accept that jeno loves y/n and not you”
  • donghyuck you asshole
  • and you guys didn’t notice that your faces were only centimetres apart, surprising both of you
  • but as soon as the idiots leaved, you kissed jeno’s cheek and told him that you liked him back
  • and you started dating aw
  • he has the cutest and the most original ideas for his dates with you
  • one of your all time favorites is the one when you guys had your first kiss
  • it was a peacefull spring morning, you guys were talking about silly things while walking under the cherry blossoms going to your favorite café
  • “y/n wait”
  • he said and grabbed his phone
  • “let’s take a selca”
  • ooooh, I forget to tell you that he takes selcas with you on every date
  • he’s wants to make lots of beautiful memories by your side
  • you guys are so photogenic wtf you took like fifty pictures for day
  • smiling, making silly faces and, his all favourite of all of them is the one when you’re kissing his cheek witht he view of the cherry blossoms in the back
  • he had it as his wallpaper for like the whole year
  • but anyways, after all those pictures you guys kept silent for some reason
  • i’m really going to do this?
  • he asked himself, and the next second he had his lips over yours
  • it only was like a few seconds, but that was enough to make to blush and to make your heart beat so fast that you though it was going to explode
  • i can’t see jeno being a person who gets jealous really often, but when he is he would tell you right away about it
  • and would start being really clingy
  • he wants a healthy and honest relationship so he would always be sincere with you on everything
  • also, he know that when he’s jealous you gave him more attention than usual and he loves that aw
  • basically he would love you with all his heart and would treat you like a princess
  • he’s a really caring boyfriend and he wants you to feel nothing but love and happiness
  • he’s an angel, please never stop loving him

they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

Pure Evil

Anonymous said:

Peter pan fanfic where yn is the most feared villain of all time and he takes an interest on her bc EVIL 😅😂

50shadesofpetals said:

Hey 🌸 Can you do an imagine where Pan is dating you, but he discovers through one of the younger boys that Felix likes you. And Peter confronts Felix about it, and kills him, in front of you? 😊 I hope that’s an okay idea?

Warning/s: dark reader and dark pan


Summary: you’re the most feared villain

Character: Peter Pan

Y/N laughed as the woman in front of her begged for her daughter’s life. “Just spare my daughter’s life, please!” the woman shouted. Y/N pouted mockingly. “Sorry, lady. But I don’t make exceptions.” Y/N waved her hand as the woman and her daughter fell to the ground, lifeless. Y/N chuckled darkly and disappeared into thin air.

Y/N is known as the most evil of them all. She’s more evil than the Evil Queen and the dark one. Everyone is afraid of her because she’s basically the most powerful in all the realms. Her history with the sorcerer and the very first dark one isn’t very appealing. For the sorcerer and the dark one, that is.

Y/N’s appearance isn’t exactly suitable for her personality because when you look at her, all you will see is an innocent teenage girl. You wouldn’t expect her to be the terrifying, evil one.

Being the most evil person can be pretty hard. People begging for their lives, others asking for your help for something stupid. There’s even this one point where the dark one asked you to join forces with him which you happily declined, causing for him to grow an unbearable hatred towards you. But being the most evil one can be also quite entertaining because you wouldn’t expect a demon to take an interest towards you.

Yes, a demon has taken an interest in you. A demon that goes by the name ‘Peter Pan’. No one has ever tried flirting with you, because they were all scared, so when Peter Pan asked you to have dinner with him on his island, you politely agreed.

That dinner happened a long time ago and what you and Peter have now is quite confusing. You didn’t exactly accept him to be your lover and when he asked why, you just answered with “Not just because I ate dinner with you, doesn’t mean I want to be with you”. But you did stay on Neverland. You wanted to give him a try. You wanted to see what he’s capable of.

All you ever did with him was flirt and maybe some teasing which he loved because it ‘shows off your dark side’. Not that your dark side isn’t already showing.

There’s this one day though. The day where Peter finally impressed you. He made it clear that he’s capable to do anything for you.

Felix, Peter’s right hand man, apparently had a ‘crush’ on you. The younger lost boys knew about it and told Peter about it. Peter wasn’t exactly happy to hear that news. He didn’t want any competition when it comes to you so he did what was needed to be done.

He called Felix and confronted him in front of you. You could see the nervousness raging through the poor boy’s body. You enjoyed the scene in front of you though. You smirked as Peter asked Felix if what the younger lost boys said was true. When Felix nodded, Peter shoved his hand in Felix’s chest, gripping his heart tightly causing the boy to fall on his knees.

“Next time, don’t try to go against me.” Peter crushed the heart and smirked.

“Oh.. I guess there wouldn’t be any next time then” he chuckled darkly and turned towards you.

Your smirk turned into a genuine smile.

“Feisty.. I like it” you whispered. Peter’s face lit up as he walked over to you.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah..” you smiled, leaning closer to his face.

“Did you somehow change your opinion about me then?” he asked, leaning closer to your face.

“Indeed” you closed the space and kissed him deeply, him smirking against your lips as he used his hands to pull you closer to his body, loving the body heat that was coming from you.

Needless to say, the both of you became the most feared couple in the entire realms, always succeeding in every mission you two has faced. Peter was the best thing that happened to you and you to him.

note: lol @ this .. anyways.. i hope you liked this one! thanks for the request and all.. :3

I feel like I’m slightly beginning to write smut lmao

but i dont :P

Requests are OPEN yo!

Selfie Time (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: Prompts 10 & 24. For jasper hale. And could you make it so the major personality appears? (requested)

Word Count: 735

A/N: honestly I just hope that this is good, the combination made it difficult for me to think of something good, the anon that requested this is really witty haha

#10 “Now is NOT the time for a selfie” + #24 “Shut up, Satan”

Being a vampire that has been living for at least a hundred years meant that you have to face a lot of changes, and technology was one of them and being in a relationship with Jasper, who didn’t care at all about social media and everything new that people came up with I was the one who showed him the things that I thought that were important.

I was sitting on the couch next to Jasper, we were the only ones on the house, the others were either at work or hunting; we were watching TV, well, he was watching it, I was busy going through my phone, I loved how people posted pictures of themselves or with families, I saw somewhere that they called them “selfies” and I was desperate to try to take one. I opened the camera and set it so it would capture everything on the front, I put my arm to a safe distant and looked at myself on the screen while fixing my hair and turned a little so the lightning was better.

“What are you doing, babe?” Jasper’s voice distracted me making me look at him, he was smirking at me, I put my arm down and smiled.

“I’m taking a selfie” he furrowed his brows making me chuckle “It’s when you take a picture of yourself, honey” I raised my arm again and my face was once again on the screen “You should come with me, it would be a nice picture”

He laughed and got closer to me, his face appearing on the screen too, slightly smiling and I took the picture.

But our lovely moment alone had to be interrupted by a sound outside and a new scent that didn’t belong to one of the other Cullen, rapidly Jasper and I made our way to the back of the house only to find three other vampires, their red eyes staring at us; I glanced at Jasper, his face completely changed, he was mad, really mad.

Long story short these new vampires didn’t come in peace and by the way the moved I could tell that they were newborns; I wasn’t scared at all until when one of the vampires lunged at me, I rapidly moved trying to grab his neck but being a newborn his strength was higher than mine and he pinned me to the ground and the impact from my body made the ground sink, his strength made me gasp and I could feel my skin crack somewhere in my body.

“Oh shit, that’s not good”   I thought while trying to get him off me but suddenly the vampire was abruptly taken away from me, I saw Jasper grabbing him from the collar of his shirt and throwing him to the ground, like he did with me. I noticed that Jasper’s demeanor had changed, his eyes were darker and he looked angrier than before.

The Major was here.

“You made a mistake and a big one” his southern accent sounded stronger than ever, and his gruff voice sent shivers to my body.

In a second he ripped the vampires head from his body and dropped his head next to his body, he stood up and made his way towards me and kneeled next to me.

“Are you alright, sugar?” his hand caressed my face, I looked around us, the bodies from the vampires were lying on the floor, I heard Jasper or well, The Major laugh and I returned my gaze to him.

“I think that this is the perfect scenario for a picture, don’t you think?” I furrowed my brows and before I could say anything he was already pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“Ok, calm down a second, now is NOT the time for a selfie!” I moved so I was sitting and grabbed his hands taking the phone from his hands, I knew I had to be careful around him when his alter ego was out, but this was ridiculous.

“You shouldn’t take things away from me like that, after all I saved your life, (Y/N)” his gaze hardened and I knew that I should be scared but the anger was pumping through my veins like crazy, this was the last thing I needed after all that happened. “Give it back” he demanded but I quickly stood up and made my way back to the house.

“Shut up, Satan”

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Which is the worst present they received for christmas or birthday? From who? In a modern AU, of course. I really love this blog!!

I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! And I want to thank you so much for being so patient! I really hope you enjoy!

Eren: A framed picture of Connie. One year at a squad white elephant gift exchange, Connie literally just framed a picture of himself dramatically staring off into the distance and put it into the pile. Eren ended up with it. He says it’s the worst thing he’s ever received, but it’s still in his room. 

Mikasa: A single scuba flipper. A relic of the same gift exchange where Eren got the photograph, she loves to tell the story even though it remains the worst gift she’s ever received. And yes, she does still have it. 

Armin: One year, his aunt and uncle got him a skateboard. Armin is not coordinated enough to use it. Four years later, it ended up back with his aunt and uncle and their twins. 

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let’s talk about the fact that the balloon boys (intentionally or not) hurt Even so much (as well as the younger people MAYBE remembering him) he had to move schools

despite the fact that the balloon squad all had graduated and wouldn’t be there


also don’t think about the first text that Isak sent Even about Mikael and how that would have hurt Even and brought up old wounds he’d left behind



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It's the main character's wedding. They'll promo it?? Like are you that stupid to not know they wouldn't promo it? People waited 6 years for it. No one gives a shit about everyone else when it's Emma & killian getting married. Get the hell over it. It's three damn objects. The main point of the musical is their wedding!!!

Im laughing you guys are such HYPOCRITES!! When news broke out about wedding all of you were SCARED and WORRIED that they would do the wedding in the musical episode…

NOW a promo was posted promoting the wedding, all of a sudden OMG “deal with it”, the point of the musical is the wedding???

Excuse me! The musical was made because people asked for it for a long time, it just so happened that wedding was put in that episode. There is no point trying to explain to you guys because YOU are never going to get it!

The actress who played Drusilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer has started to follow me on twitter.
I don’t know how she found me, but right now I feel like this:

girl ronan lynch
  • dirt lesbian
  • would be actively stealing your girl but love is sacred so she’s not doing that
  • chews on her fingernails which is actually pretty serendipitous
  • shuts down when animals are Too Small
  • buzzcut
  • the girl all the boys were scared of on the playground growing up bc she could fuck you up if you bullied her friends or sisters
  • is still that girl
  • frequently wears those tanks with no armpits. probably wears this while playing tennis. her tennis outfit is black and distressed and has lots of holes in it

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halloween smut with rami? xxxxx

Okay I wrote this quickly as it’s the 1st of November today! THIS IS A SMUT WARNING.

You peeked your head through the blinds as you watched your boyfriend Rami lock his car and jog up the steps to your home.

You tiptoed into position, ensuring all of the lights were turned off as stood in the very corner of the kitchen.

You breathed slowly, your face growing slightly clammy under the thick plastic of the scream mask you’d donned as you listened to his footsteps outside.

‘Y/N?’ Rami called as he unlocked the door.

He repeated your name louder as he made his way down the hallway. He was halfway into the kitchen when he decided to flick the light on.

‘AGHHH!’ You screamed as you jumped out on him.

'What the fuck!?’ Rami yelled, his voice several octaves higher as he jumped back and clasped desperately at the kitchen door handle.

You wanted to continue your torment but the expression on your boyfriend’s terrified face was too much and you doubled over laughing.

'Y/N you could have given me a heart attack!’ Rami sounded somewhere between shocked and angry as he placed his hands on his hips.

You pulled the mask off which had been partially suffocating you, shaking your hair free.

'I’m sorry…’ You trailed off trying to control your giggles as he scowled at you.

'Happy Halloween!’ You stepped towards him to kiss him but he moved away.

'What’s wrong?’

'Nothing.’ Rami mumbled, kicking his shoes off.

'I didn’t mean to upset you…’ You awkwardly scratched the back of your neck, eyeing the mask you were holding limply.

'It’s fine it’s not your fault. Sami used to scare me all the time when we were kids. Like constantly.’ Rami had his back turned to you now as he got himself a glass of water.

You took a few steps forward and tentatively placed a hand on his firm shoulder. 'I had no idea he used to torment you like that. I’m sorry.’

Rami turned to you his expression much more relaxed now. 'Don’t be I’m just being lame.’

'I could make it up to you.’ You suggested, leaning in to place a small kiss on his collarbone which was slightly exposed in his loose jumper. You noticed that his heart was still beating fast from where you had scared him.

Rami hummed in response, tilting his head back to allow you more access to his neck. You continued placing more soft kisses.

'I mean, there’s no point letting all this adrenaline go to waste.’

That made him let out a deep chuckle and you felt the vibrations against your lips as you kissed his throat.

'You’re right. But you’re not forgiven yet.’ Rami tilted your chin up to look at him. His pupils were dilated and he was wearing a wicked grin.

'Where do you keep all of your Halloween stuff?’

You raised your eyebrows. 'I’ll show you.’

You led him upstairs, the small space between the two of you buzzing with tension as you led him into the bedroom. It had been a mad rush to find the mask out before he got back and as a result you had Halloween paraphernalia sprawled all over your bed.

'How am I supposed to spread you out on here with all this mess?’ He asked in a tone feigned with annoyance. You bit your lip in response.

'I’m sorry.’

'Sorry what?’

'Sorry sir.’

That was the confirmation you needed of where this was going and you felt a rush of heat between your legs. It’d been a while since he’d been this dominant with you.

'Put that on.’ Rami pointed to a cheap looking witches dress. You gathered up the dress and made your way towards the bathroom.

'No in here.’

Rami pulled the duvet of the bed and in one swift movement had tossed all of the costume items onto the floor.

You took a deep breath and began to undress as he lay down propped up against the headboard.

'No underwear.’ He chided and you slipped off your bra and underwear, trying to ignore the scratchy feeling of the cheap material against your skin.

Rami smirked at the sight of you in the embarrassingly short dress.

You rolled your eyes in response. 'I look ridiculous.’

'Be a good girl. And get on the bed.’ Rami was stood up now, pacing the bed like a predator as you sat in the middle.

'On your knees.’

You positioned your self and tried to focus on the sounds of him behind you. You could hear the sound of a jingle and throbbed slightly when you realised he was undoing his belt.

'Good girl.’ He whispered in a low voice and lifted your ankles, allowing him to tie them together using the belt.


It took you a moment to realise he was enquiring about the tightness of the belt.


He pushed the dress up your back, exposing your behind as his hands roamed over your cheeks kneading them softly. You let out a small sigh wishing his hand would travel lower but he was just toying with you for now. After a few moments he stopped and you could tell by his footsteps that his pacing had resumed.

'Spread your cheeks.’ He instructed.

You tried to widen your legs but the belt kept them securely together.

'With your hands.’ He added with a light slap to your behind.

Your face pressed into the duvet uncomfortably as you reached behind you and gently parted your cheeks. You heard let out a quiet groan along with a rustle of fabric which meant he was probably palming himself already. The thought made your face burn red.

'How do you feel?’ His voice sounded slightly breathless now and you were certain you could hear the quiet sound of skin slapping as he jerked off behind you.

'Exposed.’ You replied, knowing he secretly enjoyed it when you sassed him.

'Colour?’ He asked, gently running a single finger over your slit which made you gasp and press your face further into the bed.


'Play with yourself.’ He kept his palms pressed flat against your cheeks, keeping them apart as you gladly pleasured yourself relieved at the fact he was moving things along.

You fingered yourself slowly, the angle awkward due to your face down position. Rami kept one hand on himself and one gripped your thigh as he leaned forward and gently lapped at your clit. Your back arched in response, pushing yourself onto his tongue.

Rami hummed in amusement at your actions, gently pulling your fingers away and replacing them with his tongue. You whimpered at the feeling of being ravaged by him, your hips bucking against his mouth as he strong hands pinned you down. You hated the fact you weren’t able to see his face as his tongue flicked against you.


Being bent over made you feel lightheaded as you began to tense up. Rami lapped at you enthusiastically, groaning quietly when you came all over his mouth. You thighs convulsed and relaxed rhythmically as you rode through it, panting heavily when the feeling eventually wore away.

'You’re perfect baby.’ Rami whispered, kissing the back of your thighs gently as you caught your breath. 'Colour?’

'Green.’ You panted earning a gentle bite on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

Rami stood up, taking himself in his hand and pressing the hard wet tip against you. 'This is what you do to me.’ His voice sounded ragged now as he rubbed his length against you.

'Please…’ You begged, desperate to have him inside you already.

He slid into you immediately, clearly as frustrated as you are as he stretched you out. 'So tight.’ He grunted in a strained voice, holding your hips tight to keep you still due to the boneless feeling in your legs effecting your balance.

'Harder.’ You gasped out, arching your back until he was all the way in and stilled for a moment.

'Rami!’ You groaned as he began to fuck you at a punishing pace, the sound of his name from your lips only driving him on further. You were already tensing up to cum again, the tightness of the belt around your legs making sure he hit you deep every time.

'Wanna see your face…’ Rami breathed, pulling out of you as you rolled onto your back. He held your legs together straight over his shoulder and thrusted into you as he sat almost upright. The position felt incredible and you came immediately, arching your back off the bed in ecstasy. Rami pumped you a few more times before cumming with a strained 'fuck’, his hips moving lazily against you as the warmth spread inside you.

Your legs were cramping badly by this point from being tied together and Rami sensed your discomfort. He sat up and gently removed the belt kissing your calves as he checked for bruised.

'Are you alright my love?’ He enquired, brushing the hair out of your face as you caught you breath. It always astounded you how quickly he reverted back to his normal self after these encounters.

'Yes.’ You smiled cupping his cheek as he turned and kissed your palm.

Rami let you come down from the intensity of a few moments ago whilst he went to fetch a damp flannel and gently wiped you down, offering a few tender kisses in between. You’d never been happier to take that cheap outfit off.

'Am I forgiven now?’ You teased later on as you lay on his chest, fingers drumming across his chest.

'Well I suppose.’ He replied sarcastically earning a playful slap from you.

You could hear the smirk in his voice as he stretched his arms out and placed them behind his head.

'Happy Halloween.’

December 11th, 2014

AUTHOR: Anonymous

11th of December, 2014

Alfred F. Jones was being transferred to the USS Spontaneity and promoted to their Junior Science Officer. He would spend the next five years exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man had gone before.

It was a promotion Alfred had been dreaming out since his days at Starfleet Academy, but the American Science Officer couldn’t even pretend to be excited about it. Because whilst he was being transferred, Arthur Kirkland was staying aboard their current ship, the USS Camelot, and Alfred wouldn’t see him for at least five years. And that was definitely a problem, considering Alfred had been secretly in love with Arthur since high school, and couldn’t imagine life without him.

It would have been so easy to take his secret with him to the USS Spontaneity, and Arthur need never know Alfred had been watching him longingly since they were seventeen years old. But Alfred hated himself for even thinking like that. Arthur deserved to know that he meant the entire universe to someone out there, and even if it meant embarrassing himself when he was so close to escape, Alfred knew it was time. This confession was long overdue.

And it seemed fate thought so, too, because Arthur called him one evening and asked to speak with him before his departure. Before he could chicken out, Alfred invited Arthur to his room, saying he had something to talk about as well.

So here they were, sitting on the sofa by the window in Alfred’s room, looking out into glittering space.

“Well, then, Jones, why don’t you go first,” said Arthur, folding his hands gracefully in his lap and putting on the formal air of the Captain he wished to be one day. “What did you want to tell me?”

Alfred had proven his bravery in all kinds of crises aboard the USS Camelot, but nothing compared to the courage it took for him to lift his head and look Arthur in the eyes. It was the scariest moment of his entire life, and for a moment he wasn’t sure he could go through with his confession.

But then his eyes met Arthur’s, that deep green gaze more dazzling than any star system the Science Officer had ever seen, and Alfred couldn’t let him down.

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you.”

There. It was out. After all these years of keeping them locked away in his mind, the words slipped out so effortlessly, as if they didn’t spell the end of his life as he knew it. And soon he was gushing forth words he’d been hiding for nine long years.

“That day you showed up at our high school I’d been hearing your name all morning, and I was so excited to meet you. I wasn’t sure why at first, but when I finally saw you outside at lunch and it was like I’d known all along I was born to meet you.

"I was completely swept away by you. And it wasn’t just your looks or your sexy accent…It was your passion. That infectious fire you were spreading around the school with all your talk of Starfleet, and moving to San Francisco just to be closer to the Academy for entry prep courses. I’d never met anyone like you before.

"See, I’d never had a dream when I was younger. Even in high school I couldn’t grasp the idea of the future or figure out what I was supposed to do with my life. I guess I was scared – not knowing what to do or how to make the most of myself. But then you showed up – talking about Starfleet and exploring the universe and making a difference to the human race. And you were so excited about the future and Starfleet Academy that I wanted to be part of it all, too. Suddenly I felt inspired – like I could change the world, like anything was possible! You made me feel as if I had the world at my feet, and I decided I wanted to join Starfleet, too, and be part of something bigger than myself.”

Arthur hadn’t said anything, but Alfred was sure he knew what the other man must be thinking. If Alfred had felt this way all these years, why had he never said anything? He wasn’t normally such a coward, but he had been nothing but shy around Arthur for nine years.

Alfred raked a hand through his hair, desperately, searching for a way to explain that terrible pull that had kept him away from Arthur all these years.

“I wish I could have told you all this when we were still seventeen but I was too scared. I didn’t know how to just go up to you and say: ‘Hey, I’m Alfred. I think you’re perfect, do you wanna go out? By the way, you also inspired me to copy your ambitions for the future so I’m going to Starfleet, too. How about that!’ I knew it would make me sound like a total weirdo and I wouldn’t have blamed you if were terrified and never wanted to speak to me again! I didn’t want you to think I was only joining in Starfleet because I had a crush on you, so I kept away from you for a few days while I tried to figure out what to do.

"And then, before I knew it, it had been a whole week and I hadn’t spoken to you at all. Then it was two weeks, and a few more, then a month…And the longer I waited the more awkward it felt to just go up and try to talk to you. It had already been so long I didn’t know how to change the way things were, and I didn’t want you to think I was joining Starfleet just because I had a crush on you…”

Alfred paused again, realising for the first time that he had been staring at Arthur this entire time, with Arthur’s eyes wide and green looking right back. He had been so lost in his thoughts and memories that he had barely been able to see the Englishman right before him.

But now, looking at Arthur clearly again, he felt his heart swell. This confession might lead to nothing but anguish if Arthur turned him away and called him a creep. But it was still the right thing to do. Just thinking about these memories made that passion that Arthur had awoken in him flare up once again, just like it had that afternoon he’d first seen Arthur at school. All these years that fire, that dream of joining Starfleet, his entire future – it had all been a gift Arthur had given him. And it was about time the Englishman knew it.

“You gave me my dream,” Alfred concluded. “If it weren’t for you, I never would have found my place in this universe, which is right here in Starfleet, so I owe you my entire life, basically.

"But you are my number one dream, Arthur,” Alfred vowed, his voice steady and sincere. “You will always come first. I want to be a great Science Officer someday, but you will always be the most important thing in my life. Without you, I wouldn’t be here in Starfleet where I’m meant to be. Without you…the universe just isn’t as beautiful.

"I know I’m going to the Spontaneity and we won’t see each other for a long time – hell, you might never want to see me again at all. But if you ever need me, Arthur, just call. I’ll always be here for you. I know I’ve been a coward and I should have told you all this a long time ago, but it’s always been true. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be the kind of guy you deserve who could have shown it to you all this time.”

A tingling silence settled over the two men, as Arthur kept staring and it finally dawned on Alfred everything he had just confessed. But rather than panic, he felt oddly empty and blank – like the dark space between the stars.

“I’m sorry, I’ve probably taken up way too much of your time with this dumb stuff,” he said, forcing a smile that he hoped didn’t look as tense and upset as he felt. “And I completely forgot you came here to say something!” he remembered suddenly. “So what did you want to tell me?”

“…I came here to ask if you would like to continue working on the Camelot as our new Junior Science Officer.”

There was another long pause as Alfred worked over the words in his head, taking far too long to grasp what Arthur had just said. He gazed at Arthur blankly, as if caught in a daydream, but even through his dazed confusion something felt off. Arthur looked strange, but why?

And suddenly he realised: Arthur was blushing. The sure, confident, captain-in-the-making was blushing, stammering, and averting his eyes. Alfred had never seen it before, not in nine long years of watching Arthur from afar.

“The choice is up to you, of course,” the Englishman said quickly. “I just…wanted you to have the option, rather than being sent away. You've…been a real asset to the Camelot these past five years and I’d hate to see such talent transferred. So I talked it over with the First Officer, and contacted the Spontaneity and Starfleet Command and called in a few favours from my Academy days…and I managed to get permission for you to stay on board. …If you’d like.”

Alfred still couldn’t manage to open his mouth and say anything. He stared, amazed and somewhat horror-struck, until Arthur finally looked up and met his eyes.

The passion and hope and earnestness in Arthur’s gaze took Alfred’s breath away. It was a look he recognised, despite never having seen it before.

This was the way he had always looked at Arthur.

“But…” said Arthur, his hand inching towards Alfred’s until their fingers brushed together. “What I was really trying to say by all that was…Don’t go, Alfred. Please stay here with me.”