when they sync up i cry

So I don’t know how to make gifs, and I CERTAINLY have no business writing meta, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you all regarding the end of J2’s panel with Misha.

Now I’m sure everyone was just as starved for Cockles interaction as I was, and upon first glance that whole bit about there not being enough rooms at Misha’s place and Jared torturing Misha was just chaotic hilarity at its finest. It wasn’t until I watched it a second time, and then a third, (maybe a forth) that I realized maybe it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows after all.

I think it all started with Jensen’s “cutting the fat” line. Now, we all know he was joking. Picking on Misha, that’s what they do. No biggie, right? Misha got on the stage and he hugged Jared while Jensen pulled in an extra chair for him. Then as he made his way over to the chair, it seemed like Jensen was anticipating a hug but Misha just slid right past him. Not even looking at him, if I recall correctly. This is when Jensen starts to worry a little. So what does he do? He offers Misha some “apple juice” as an apology. I’ve seen different speculations that Misha rejected Jensen’s offer, but my first impression at trying to read Misha’s lips was that he said “Yep” and then something else maybe? Jensen might have mumbled something before turning away to get a new glass for Misha. (A cup that he drank out of anyway, mind you)

When Jensen hands him the drink it’s very cold and there’s a lack of eye contact between them. When Jensen sits down again, he says something to Misha, which, again, I read Misha’s lips as saying “Yep”. My shipper heart wants to believe it was something along the lines of “You know I was kidding right?” But I really couldn’t tell from the video. Whatever it was, Jensen actually looked very happy afterwards.

I really had to look between the lines to see something else going on.

For the rest of the story, Jared and Misha are totally in sync making each other cry from laughter, while Jensen looks a little left out… So he tries to joke his way back into the mix. At one point, when Jensen said they just decided to stay up all night because of the lack of sleeping space, Misha looked over at him. But as soon as Jensen turned towards him, Misha looked away and Jensen’s expression showed disappointment. Again, it was so hard to spot with all the laughter going on, but I sensed a little tension between these two. At the end when J2 have to leave, Jensen walks off the stage without giving Misha a second look. Hurt feelings, perhaps?

Now this could be total BS because we know Misha has been dealing with their playful abuse for years now, and I don’t think he’s the type to be easily offended by it. But something just seemed OFF to me.

Please feel free to speculate on this terrible meta.

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11 Dick, Babs please?

Oracle sat in front of the computer in the clocktower, unmoving, her glasses reflecting the screen in green numbers and surveillance images and the scowling profiles of perps. Her headset lay abandoned on the floor, the crackle of interference and concerned voices drifting up to unhearing ears. 

Suddenly, a security warning flashed across the screen in blinding red, startling her out of her turbulent, raging mind and emotions. She looked up to the corner of the screen and saw the live footage of Nightwing, stumbling into the clocktower lift and collapsing in it as it brought him up to the top level.

Barbara was out of the computer room in an instant, wheeling herself into the hallway towards the lift. Her breathing was fast, her heart thumping in her chest so loudly it hurt, sitting there, waiting for those doors to open. She dug her nails into her knees and didn’t even feel the pain. It was nothing compared to the burning pain that seemed to be cutting through the deepest, most inward crevasses of her soul. 

She had never known pain like this before. And Barbara knew pain. 

The doors swished open, the automated voice identifying Nightwing (”Nightwing, critical condition”) after the full-body scan, and Barbara let herself down from her wheelchair. She crawled on hands and knees to where the crumpled body of Nightwing lay, bruised and battered and bleeding. 

Dick,” Barbara hissed, her voice desperately quiet, no more than a whisper. She positioned his head in her lap, gazing down at him, slapping his cheek roughly in an effort to wake him. “Dick Grayson. If you don’t wake up this instant, I swear to god, I’m going to dump you for good.”

“Boy. You sure know how to… kick a man… when he’s down.”

A smile twitched on the corner of Nightwing’s lips, his laugh turning into a rough cough, that turned into a groan as his face contorted in agony.

“Don’t move, you’re in critical condition.”

“Yeah… so your elevator… just informed me,” Dick said lightly. But his voice was weak, faraway, and Barbara knew she had to perform some basic medical procedures and check right away. They couldn’t wait for Alfred, or Leslie.

Get the hell up, her mind ordered her gruffly. If you don’t get him to the medical unit, he could die of blood loss. 

But her body refused to move, staring down at the broken man she held in her arms. The man who still threw out jokes and smiled even when he was at death’s door. Even when the pain was obviously too much to bear. 

Dick blinked up at her with a soft, sad smile, and reached his hand up to her face. He wiped the coursing tears away with a gloved hand, and left it there, caressing her cheek. Barbara met his gentle gaze, and allowed the love held in those blue eyes, boundless and deep as the sky, to wash over her. 

“Why are you crying, Babs?” he asked into the stretching stillness, the whir of manmade machines the only sound beyond their out-of-sync heartbeats.

I almost lost you,” Barbara said finally, her voice a broken harmony with the body of the man she knew she loved but too often couldn’t find the way to tell him.  

Dick laughed then, and surprise shot through Barbara’s eye to hear the utter joy that filled that laugh in octaves of childish, innocent mirth. 

“You can never lose me,” he countered, hidden strength rebelling against the wounds, escaping blood and breath. “I’m yours. Forever and always.”

As the tears continued to rush down her cheeks and under the rims of foggy glasses, Barbara leaned down and kissed him. The cold, metallic taste of blood undercut by a sweetness, a warmth she knew only Dick possessed. 

A warmth she knew she couldn’t live without. 

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Axis25′s Theory Corner

Hello friends and followers, and welcome back to another exciting instalment of Axis25’s theory corner! And I think this should go without saying but there will be spoilers for ‘Just Friends’ in today’s theory so I will just put this continue reading thing here and we will be on our way.

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Baby Bear | Theo Raeken Teen Parents Part 3

part 2   |   part 1

pairings: theo raeken x reader

a/n: let’s imagine dereks loft has two floors.

“I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!” Lydia said as she bounced Allison on her lap.

“I know, I still remember when she was just born.” You said smiling at the two.

“Okay I have an idea, how about I treat you both and take you two shopping?” Lydia suggested with a small smirk.

You gave a small chuckle. “Actually she is in need of some new clothes, she has been growing them out so quickly.”

“Perfect, and maybe we can get you a little something while we’re at it.”

“Lydia I am not going lingerie shopping with my nine month old daughter.”

“What? She won’t remember anything anyways.”

“Still thats messed up.”

“Whatever but lets get going before the mall closes.”

“Lydia we’ve been here for three hours and Allison is quite tired, can we go now?”

“Last store I promise.” She pleaded as you rolled your eyes in defeat and followed her into the store.

You two looked around the store and the many shelves covered in baby clothes, but after a few minutes Allison was starting to get a bit cranky and losing her cool.

“Hey baby..” You cooed as you bounced her a bit on your hip to calm her down.

“We’re almost done baby, do you wanna go see what aunty Lydia found for you?” You said to the teary eyed girl in your arms, she quickly calmed down and you wiped her tears before giving her a small kiss on her forehead and walking over to where Lydia drifted off to.

After she showed you a couple clothes she found you two were interrupted by a voice.

“Excuse me?” You heard a middle aged women say as you turned around to face her.

“Yes?” You questioned.

“Is that your sister you’re taking care of?”

“Um no she’s my daughter actually.”

“You have a daughter? You still look in high school dear.”

“That’s because I still am.” You chuckled slightly.

“Well how do you manage to learn and take care of a child?”

“Her dad and both of our parents are very supportive and considering both me and her dad are still doing good in all AP classes I wouldn’t say she distracts us from doing good in school.” You smiled at Allison.

“Well then it looks like you’re doing a pretty good job, so take care.” The woman gave a small smile before disappearing into the aisles.

“Don’t you get sick of all the questions all the time?” Lydia asked not looking up from the racks of baby clothes.

“They can get annoying but then again it’s not everyday you see an eighteen year old mom with her nine month old daughter.”

“And trust me when I say that people who ask questions are way nicer than the people who think they know it all and start giving me life tips while judging my choice of having a baby at eighteen.” You huffed.

“Look at this! This is so cute!” Lydia said pulling a onesie off the rack.

“Oh my god that is really cute.” You smiled.

“Hold Ally for a sec.” You said as you handed Allison to Lydia so she could hold her. You lifted up the onesie against her to check if it fits Allison.

“It should fit her just fine.” You smiled.

“Do you like this onesie Allison?” You asked Allison as you tickled her gently causing her to giggle at you.

“Here hold this Alli and we’ll go buy it.” You said as Lydia handed Allison back to you and you handed Allison the onesie so she could hold it in her little hands.

After paying for the onesie the three of you made your way back to Lydias car where she dropped you off at Dereks loft. Since you and Theo thought it would be better for Allison to grow up in one place with both of her parents your parents allowed you and Theo to move in to Dereks loft since it was currently free to use by the pack.

You unlocked the door and made your way inside, Allison in one arm and multiple shoppings bags in the other. You put down the bags next to the couch before sitting down with Allison on your lap.

“Did you have today with mommy and aunty Lydia?” You asked Allison as you jiggled her shoulders a bit earning a small giggle from the infant.

You then remembered the adorable onesie you and Lydia bought for her and a cute idea popped up in your mind.

You sat Allison down on the couch and took one of the bags that laid there on the floor, You took out the onesie and removed the tags on it before making your way back to Allison who sat quietly waiting for you.

“Do you wanna try on the onesie we bought you?” You asked waving the onesie in front of her as she tried reaching for it with her little hands.

You took that as a yes and undressed her from her current clothes before dressing her in the onesie.

“Aren’t you adorable.” You chuckled at her, she looked so cute that you couldn’t help the huge smile that grew on your lips.

You snapped a pic of her and sent it to Lydia, earning a very excited reply almost instantly.

You wanted to text the picture to Theo as well but wanted to check if he was home first, the loft was no where near small so you two would often not notice when the other was home.

“How about we go look for daddy and show him how cute you look.” You said as you picked her up from the couch and made your way upstairs.

“Theo.” You said loudly but not hearing any response.

You walked over to the bedroom and quickly recognised him sleeping half naked in your tousled bed.

“Dada.” You heard Allison say as she recognised her dad as well.

“Shh daddy’s sleeping, let’s go downstairs.” You shushed her before starting to go downstairs.

Allison clearly wasn’t happy with the decision and started crying, you tried calming her down but nothing worked and just like her father, what Allison wants, she gets.

“Okay lets go see if daddy’s awake.” You said unwillingly as she calmed down a little, you made your way back upstairs and back to the entrance of the bedroom surprised by how heavy Theo is sleeping.

“But you need to be quiet baby okay so you won’t wake him up.” You said walking over to bed and laying Allison gently on it. It was already time for her nap and you decided it was better if she might as well fall asleep.

“Okay baby just close your eyes and go to sleep okay? I’ll be here.” You smiled as you stroked her short hair softly. You kept stroking her hair for a couple more minutes until she fell asleep. Sighing in relief you went back down stairs to catch up on some homework.

It wasn’t until half an hour later you were greeted by a very sleepy Theo - still dressed in only sweatpants and no shirt on, making his way to the couch next to you.

“Good morning to you too.” You chuckled as he laid his back against the couch with his eyes closed.

“Care to explain why I found a miniature bear in our bed?” He asked in a raspy voice with his eyes still closed.

“Lydia insisted to go shopping and that onesie was to cute not to buy.”

“And she also insisted to show her dad just how cute she looked in it.” You continued.

“As much as she makes a very cute bear I would much rather prefer a wolf onesie though.” He joked.

“It’s bad enough she will literally turn into a wolf, or werewolf whatever the difference is.” You said.

“Fine then I guess bear onesie it is.” He chuckled.

“You know, she is asleep.. upstairs.” He smirked moving closer to you.

“As tempting as you look right now I told you there is no way that’s happening when she’s home.”

“Come on babe.” He said leaving small kisses along your jawline.

“Theo..” You protested as he moved his lips to press against yours, your lips moved in sync with his as your hands moved to the back of his neck pulling him closer. But just as you felt his tongue swipe against your lower lip you two broke apart to the sound of faint crying coming from upstairs.

“Looks like someone woke up.” You smirked as you stood up from the couch and started walking towards the stairs causing Theo to groan in frustration.

Once you entered the bedroom you quickly picked up Allison in your arms, instantly calming her down by being in her mothers arms. You made your way back down to the living room and to the couch Theo sat lazily on.

“Look baby who’s been waiting for you.” You said to Allison as you made your way next to Theo before handing her to him.

“I missed my baby girl.” Theo said softly as he took Allison in his arms, resting her against his still bare chest, her head laying against the side of his neck.

“Come over here I missed my other babygirl too.” He motioned for you to come to his other side, You did as he asked and cuddled against his side with his arm wrapped around you. The two of you looking in awe at little Allison who quickly fell asleep again against Theo.

“She’s probably going to wake up in the middle of the night again.” You groaned.

“I’ll take care of that, you’re probably exhausted from shopping with Lydia all day.” He said rubbing your arm softly.

“As much as I love her, shopping with her and Allison is way out of my league.” You chuckled.

“Then go to bed and I’ll join you later.”

“You sure you can handle putting her to bed?”

“Yes I’m sure babe.”

“Okay.” You laughed before giving his lips a soft kiss and walking upstairs to get ready for bed.

If Sasha goes home on one the next few episodes (in which I don’t think she is, thank you so much reddit) Drag Race is officially cancelled. I cried tonight. This is not how I wanted it to end. It was so hard to watch. Heck when Ru yelled at her, I felt like she was yelling at me. It was that embarassing that even I felt it. It broke my heart so bad. I never seen RuPaul so angry, especially at a queen who I was rooting for and who is such a sweetheart. I will admit, I do wish she did take the mask off. She was supposed to lip sync. Once she was called out on that, I knew she was going home. I’m sad. I don’t want to watch Untucked because I feel that I’m going to cry worse, seeing how Valentina feels backstage.

I could tell Val was feeling bad, shocked, paralyzed, and nervous. It was so painstaking. So much that she had to face her fate and leave the competition. I also forgot to mention. I am very disappointed at Ru for saying that phrase to her before she sashayed away. Not even at Mimi Imfurst, when she picked up India. I felt like it was very insensitive. It only made her feel worse.

Despite this outcome, everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. I’ll always support her and she will always be the winner in my eyes.

This request came before I asked for Halloween, and it’s the last one I have. @imaginethisoverwatch, here you are, darling.


• She’d fear that someone had hurt them, and Zarya would go in high alert.

• However, when she saw the commercial about the animal shelter, she quickly realized what had happened.

• Smiling, Zarya would scoop up her S/O and hold them, changing the channel to something much happier.

• She doesn’t enjoy seeing her S/O upset.


• Honestly, their times of the month had a chance of syncing up, so Hana would understand completely.

• She’d know what was going on the moment she saw them crying at the commercial about the abused cats and dogs.

• Thus, the junk food and stupid videos would be brought in.

• Hana wants her S/O to laugh, not cry.


• Though he doesn’t entirely know everything there is to know about this time, he is more than willing to help.

• It doesn’t take long for him to find his crying S/O, and he’s already carrying pillows and candy to calm them down.

• He’d cuddle them and turn to some TV he knows they love, wanting them to be happy again.

• Lúcio does have a natural way of making his S/O smile, no matter how sad they may be.

Brotherly Love

I woke up to crying. I immediately thought it was Bucky so I quickly padded my way to his room only to collide with the man. He started to fall backwards and I kept him from hitting the floor.

“Bucky? Are you alright? Did you have another nightmare?” I asked him with much concern.

“No. I thought you were having a nightmare and I came to check on you,” he answered with as much concern.

We listen trying to figure out where the crying was coming from. We were both thinking maybe Natasha or Tony. We started for the elevator doors in order to check on our friends and that’s when we heard the crying much louder this time. It was coming from Mary’s room.

Mary had come to us quite by accident. We were battling Loki again. He had brainwashed Sharon Carter into killing Bucky and myself. She had shot Bucky in the abdomen and was gunning for me. She had me so worried about Bucky that I hadn’t realized I didn’t have my shield. I was so unfocused that I didn’t see two things happening at the same time. First, Loki, wanting to kill me himself, had a sword aimed for my heart. I wouldn’t have been able to stop him because my shield was gone. Second, Mary, a civilian, caught in the middle of this battle, finds my shield at her feet. She sees what is about to happen and reacts. She doesn’t throw my shield towards me. She instead picks up my shield and stands over me, protecting me from Loki’s death blow. She’s been with Bucky and I ever since. We love her as if she was our sister. To us, she is our sister so hearing her crying has us upset and worried.

We slip into her room to check on her. She’s lying on the floor curled up in a ball sobbing uncontrollably. Her cell phone is ringing off the hook. We go closer to her gently calling out her name. She takes in a sharp breath and pulls herself away from us. Something has definitely happened to make her pull away from us. We come closer to her so quickly that she doesn’t have the chance to pull away again. I knelt beside her to see if she’s injured or sick. Bucky comes around the other side of her worried about the same thing as I am. He slowly reaches to touch her forehead to see if she has a fever. I was worried that she would flinch from his touch, but she draws in a breath. Bucky looked at me shacking his head. Well she didn’t have a fever which was good.

“Mary? Honey, what’s wrong?” I asked her gently. She uncurled herself to look at us. I could tell she wanted to tell us what was wrong, but the moment her phone started ringing again, she broke down crying again. I quickly pulled her on my lap and she hid her face in my neck. Bucky began rubbing her back to soothe her. We let her cry until she could find the words to tell us what was wrong. She has been there for the both of us so many times that we were willing to wait for her to be ready to tell us what was wrong.

Mary’s phone stops ringing for a moment. It clicks that whoever was trying to call her is the reason she’s upset. Bucky grabs it and turns it off so she can calm down enough to talk to us. Once it’s off, her sobbing starts to subside and she moves her head to my chest. Bucky sees what she is trying to do. It’s what she does to help calm us when we’ve had nightmares. She would have us listen to her heart and sync up our breathing with her heart beat.

“That’s it, Mary. Listen to Stevie’s heart. Breathe with the rhythm,” Bucky coos in her ear as he rubs circles on her back. Her breathing starts to even out as she listens to my heart and Bucky’s words. She calms down enough to realize that she woke us up with her crying, and I can see the embarrassment coming on her face.

“Hey now! Don’t feel embarrassed,” I start saying to ease her. “How many times have you held us while we’ve cried uncontrollably from our nightmares and woken you with our screaming? You have nothing to be embarrassed about. When you’re ready to talk, Bucky and I are right here for you.”

“I-I got into a fight with John,” she whispered. “He’s pissed at me.”

“John? Not Johnny Storm?” I asked her confused.

“Um, no not Johnny. I haven’t heard from Johnny in a couple of months. I don’t think his sister likes me,” she began to explain. “I mean John. The only other guy I’m close with. At least I thought I was close to him.”

“Do you mean that guy you were visiting when we first met? That guy?” Bucky asked.

“Yeah. Him.” she said coldly. It was the first time I had heard her speak unkindly about him. She mumbled something. I couldn’t understand what she said.

“Sweetie? What exactly happened? Do you want to talk about this? You know you’ve got two of the Best Listeners in Steve and I. We wanna help,” Bucky offers. Between the two of us, Bucky could get Mary to talk when all she wanted to do was hide behind the walls she’s built up. She sighs and looks up at him her head still on my chest.

“I was working on a project for Tony. I was trying to bounce ideas off of John to see if I was on the right path in my train of thought. I wanted to have several ideas to take to Tony. He seem to be willing to help me at first, but then he just said that I need to think for myself, and I shouldn’t be relying on him all the time,“ she explained.

She is looking down now not wanting to continue. She was putting up her walls again. Bucky took one of her hands into his metal hand. His thumb begins to rub on top of her hand encouraging her to continue talking to us. I begin to rub patterns on her back to encourage her more. She sighs.

“So Tony liked my ideas, and because the meeting we had ran long, he offered to take me to dinner. I had wanted to let John know how the meeting went so I sent him a text saying that I would call him later. We got back to the Tower very late so I sent him a message that I would be calling him the next day. He said that it was alright. The next day I spent my day helping Natasha and Clint with the new recruits. It was late in the day before I had a chance to call him, and he kept letting my calls go to voicemail so I just quit calling thinking he was busy too. By the time I got a free moment again, I decided to check out my social media pages, and I saw that he had blocked me on his pages. I tried to call him and his number was disconnected. So I posted on one of my accounts that if anyone hears from him to ask him to give me a call when he got the chance. I didn’t hear from him again until today. A week later. He started yelling at me that I was pathetic for ignoring him. I started yelling back at him that he was the one who was doing the ignoring. He said that he had been expecting me to call as soon as I woke up and that I was being a brat for ignoring him because he told me to think for myself. We kept yelling at each other, and I said that he was pathetic because he thought my life should revolve around him. He’s been calling me all kinds of names and saying that everything he ever told me was a lie. I hung up on him then, and he’s been calling ever since. I just couldn’t take anymore of his name calling and telling me that everything he’s ever told me was a lie. I thought he was my friend and to find out he was just a lying jerk, I -I…” she was trying so hard to hold it in, but she started crying again. And Bucky growled.

Mary had sensed the same thing I did and threw herself onto Bucky’s lap. We both felt his anger rising so she kept his focus on her instead of hunting down the man who caused her to cry. I had all that I could do not to do the same thing. Bucky rocked her in his arms as she cried in his neck. I took over rubbing her back to soothe her.

“It’s alright, Sweetie. It’s going to be alright. We’ve got you. We’ve got you,” Bucky cooed. He continued to rock with her on his lap. It hurts us and makes us both angry that someone is willing to break Our Girl like this. I’m having all that I can do not to hunt John down so that both Bucky and I can kick his ass. Bucky can see my anger rising on my face. He reaches out to grab me by my shoulders and pulls me towards him and Mary. She’s sandwiched inbetween us, but she understands why. Her crying starts subsiding as I wrap my arms around both of them to calm myself down. Bucky and I are holding on to her and each other in order to calm ourselves down more. Mary does her best to reach back to touch me and Bucky, to cling to us both as she calms down more. She’s just hiccuping now.

“I’m sorry I woke you both up. I feel so stupid,” she said buried inbetween us.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Sweetheart. I told you. You’ve been there for us. We will always be here for you as well,” I told her.

“You also don’t need to feel stupid either. You believed John to be your friend and trusted him. You did nothing wrong. He’s completely in the wrong by betraying you. Betraying your trust,” Bucky continued.

“He’s not going to stop calling. I’m not sure what I’m doing to do about him. I’m at a loss right now, ” she sighs softly.

“Would you like Bucky and myself to talk to him for you? We don’t have a problem doing it,” I question her.

“As much as I would love for my Favorite Guys to give him a good thrashing, I’m going to have to talk to him myself. It’s something that I have to do, BUT I would love it if you both were there with me,” she looked between the two of us.

“Sweetie, you know Stevie and I always have your back,” Bucky warmly says. “You know we’ll be at your side through everything. You know I say this to Stevie all the time, and we’re both saying it to you. We’re with you till the end of the line.”

Mary started crying when she heard Bucky’s words. “I’d be lost without you both,” she whispered. Bucky and I hug her tightly.

“We’d be just as lost without you,” I say back, “but we all know that if one of us loses their way, the other two will be there to help us find our way back home. ”

“Now I think it’s time for all of us to get some sleep. Mary, just leave your phone off for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll deal with John, ” Bucky says with a yawn.

“Could you both please stay with me tonight?” Mary asks softly.

“Of course we will,” I say.

One thing about Tony, he makes sure we all have king size beds. I climb in bed first with Mary next and Bucky last. We’ve slept together before. Bucky and I always keep Mary inbetween us so that if anyone was to ever break in, they’d never get to Mary. We always keep her safely tucked between us. She lays her head on my chest snuggling in tight to me. Bucky snuggles into Mary, placing his face in her neck and wrapping his metal arm around both me and her. She slips her arm out and places it over Bucky’s. We collectively sigh. I lay my cheek on top of Mary’s head listen to her breathing.

She is completely asleep when Bucky whispers, ” You know that we’re going to have to bring Vision with us to keep us from killing John. If we bring anyone else from the Team, they will all want to kill him too. “

“Oh yeah I know,” I whisper back.

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Bad day?

Member(s): Xiumin x Male/Female reader

Genre: Ansgt

    The door slammed and you heard the thud of a bag being dropped on the floor. A muffled groan followed from the living room, and you cautiously peered round the door from the kitchen. The room was in darkness, the only source of light was bleak and came from the window which looked onto the busy streets of Seoul below your high rise apartment. A blue gym bag lay discarded on the floor, and two shoes made a path towards the couch where they had been kicked off hurriedly by their owner. Minseok was sprawled face-down on the couch, his body rising and dropping in a deep sigh. You crept into the living room and set two mugs of coffee on the coffee table.

    “Bad day?” you asked as you perched on the couch next to Minseok. He sat up suddenly, alarmed.

    “J-jagiya! I didn’t think you were home,” he stuttered, frantically wiping his eyes. You frowned. You’d only ever seen Minseok cry once, and that was when you dramatically re-enacted the Wolf MV in your Rilakumma onesie - even then, he was cry laughing, so it didn’t really count. That night continued with your ridiculous lip-syncs until eventually Minseok joined in, and before you knew it it was 4am on a Tuesday, your living room was trashed, and you both had an enthusiastic routine prepared, fuelled mainly by alcohol.

    “Baobei, what’s wrong?” you asked and touched his arm. The comforting gesture and concern, or pity as Minseok saw it, in your eyes caused him to break down. The tears fell in rivulets from his closed eyes, trailing in paths into the corners of his pink mouth and down his neck. Swallowing heavily, his Adam’s apple bobbing, he opened his eyes and turned to you. His mouth opened, but words failed him. 

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Signs as Feelings

(More of a Love Edition)

Aries: the feeling of encouragement from a loved one or when someone slips their hand into yours.

Taurus: the feeling when someone offers to buy you food or small play fights that leads to a bunch of laughter and happy tears, surprise kisses.

Gemini: the feeling when someone says something stupid and you get help but laugh or having to laugh at your friend/significant other next to you while you’re on a roller coaster and their either overjoyed or nervous/panicking.

Cancer: the feeling when you’re crying and you feel a hug from either of your sides, or when you wake up to spammed cute silly messages.

Leo: the feeling you get when someone compliments how good you look in something or when the tight hugs of protection from significant other.

Virgo: the feeling when someone praises you on something you worked so hard on or lip-syncing songs with your loved one(s) in the car.

Libra: the feeling you get when your crush confesses their feelings, random love paragraphs or when a significant other says, “I love you.”

Scorpio: the feeling of sharing life stories and gaining trust, or sitting in silence in comfort with just your presence together.

Sagittarius: the feeling when you just stand in front of a great view outside and it’s silent, or when someone does something ESPECIALLY for you.

Capricorn: the feeling when someone lets you borrow their homework, offers help, or when you make a witty remark towards someone and they just smirk.

Aquarius: the rush you get when you’re rebelling, or random calls in the middle of the night to talk about life and soft giggles that fill both your rooms from afar.

Pisces: the feeling you get when you look around the room and someone is already staring at you or when someone is listening to everything you have to say with admiration. 


Okay can we talk for a second about the final scene of ACOMAF?

Because I am still an emotional wreck and I need to get some of these feels out before I explode.

1.) when Feyre jumps back from Tamlin (H A T E) and Rhys is right there to back her up. AND when she does her whole light trick and Rhys just automatically catches on, even without their mind connection. THEY. ARE. SO. IN. SYNC. YAS.

2.) Feyre pretending to be devastated about the bond and begging the king to release her from it…and she’s crying and Rhys is crying and I AM CRYING…honestly, all that I could see was Rhys, with a look of total desperation on his face, just thinking “my mate, my mate, my mate” and it literally W R E C K E D me.

3.) I think that one of the most underrated parts of the scene is when Mor and Feyre make eye contact and they are both crying because not only is Feyre leaving Rhysand, she is leaving her entire family. AND MOR LOOKS AT HER WITH SO MUCH LOVE IT IS EARTH SHATTERING. Then Mor goes and grabs Feyre’s sisters because she understands that they matter more than almost anything in the world to get despite their past.


5.) Amren’s concern for Feyre after she realizes what has happened. SHE LITERALLY DEMANDS THAT RHYS GO GET HER IMMEDIATELY.

7.) The fact that Rhys calmly explains (AS IF IT WAS TOTALLY EXPECTED?!?!) that Feyre is now the High Lady of the Night Court. HIS MATE. HIS SPY. HIS EQUAL IN EVERY WAY.

6.)Tamlin the tool returning to the spring court and basically saying “wow that was intense, aren’t you glad that I saved you?” And Feyre just nodding along like “whatever you say, now let’s just skip to the part where I destroy you?” and Lucien standing a few feet away like “Holy. Shit.”

Please someone talk me down because I’m sobbing.

“Treat You Better” Part One - Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Originally posted by imkylotrash

Word Count: 648

Warnings: None (I think); angst(?)

Request: Hi I love your blog and I was wondering if you can write an imaging based off the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes with Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

Author’s Note: Whale hello there! In this imagine, Peter and the reader are best friends. He is in love with the reader, but the reader has a boyfriend *sighs*. (Lowkey had a lot of fun writing this cause the song+my evil little mind=feels) Sorry this is so short, but I hope you guys enjoy!

Date night. You had gotten all dolled up: wore your favorite dress, put your hair in the cutest hairstyle ever, wore a little bit of makeup and topped it off with some bright red lipstick. Waiting outside of the restaurant in the freezing cold, you pulled out your phone to check out the time. Dave, your boyfriend, was 30 minutes late. As you started to type a text asking him where he was, your phone buzzed and you received a message.

Dave: Hey Babe! I’m sorry, I can’t make it tonight. Have to clean the house :(

“Of course,” You muttered. Things had been a little complicated lately in your relationship. Dave had been flaking out on last minute, coming up with dumb excuses as to why he couldn’t make it. He had even been ignoring you around school. You weren’t happy, but when it was just you and Dave, alone in his apartment, everything felt real.

You closed the messages app and dialed Peter’s number, praying he would answer.


“Hey, Pete,” You started, your voice trembling. “Can… can I come over? I know, it’s late but Dave flaked out again.”

“Of course!” Peter exclaimed. “Are you ok?”

“Um,” you sighed. “I’ll be over in ten.”

“(Y/n), listen-”

You hung up before he could finish his sentence. You knew exactly what he was going to say, but at the moment you didn’t feel like hearing “I told you so”.  Waving for a cab, you brushed your hand through your hair and exhaled. Tonight was going to be a long night, but you were hoping your best friend would make you feel better. Like he always did.

*10 Minutes Later, in Peter’s Room*

“(Y/n), are you ok?” Peter asked once more, sitting on his bed while watching you pace in front of him. You stopped and looked at him, fumbling with your thumbs.

“I’m fine.”

“‘I’m fine’ is the universal way of saying ‘I’m not okay’.”

You bit your lip and continued to pace in front of him.

“Fine!” You shouted. “I’m not okay… “

“Then why are you still with him?” Peter asked, jumping off the bed. He was so close to you, there was no way you couldn’t stare into his beautiful, chocolate brown eyes.

“Because he loves me! When we are alone, he treats me like I’m the only one that matters.“

“Well,” Peter started, his eyebrows furrowed, “Do you love him?”

You took a deep breath, trying not to cry. “I-I don’t know. He’s such a good guy when it’s just me and Dave-”

“But that’s the thing!” Peter interrupted. “He only gives you attention when you are alone! I can’t stand to see you like this,” He said as he wiped a tear crawling down your cheek.

“Why is this so important to you?”

“Because, (Y/n). I know I can treat you better than he can! And any girl like you deserves a gentleman. Tell me why we are wasting time on all your wasted crying, when you should be with me instead. I know I can treat you better… better than he can,” Peter yelled.

It took him a minute to realize what he just said. Silence filled the room and you stood in front of Peter dumbfoundedly. Before you could say anything, Peter’s lips pressed against yours. Your lips moved in sync for what felt like minutes. Finally, you pulled away, his forehead pressing against yours. You tried to catch your breath, slowly shaking your head.

“No… I can’t,” You said as you ran out of Peter’s room. You ran all the way home, and when your parents asked how your date was, you ignored them and shuffled your feet up the stairs to your room. Tears were pouring down your cheeks, you couldn’t stop crying.  That night had been a disaster, and now there was only one question clouding your thoughts: What do I do now?

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A Little Something About Faith (Part 1)

Well. It’s been a little while since I’ve made an appearance. I know everyone says this, that life got in the way and that’s true. Even though I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation, the reason I was gone for a while is because I lost someone very close to me. I’ve been so out of whack mentally and emotionally to the point where I would have a breakdown just about anywhere at anytime whether it be an anxiety attack or just uncontrollable sobbing. I’ve been disappointed in myself because I’ve wanted to write and thought about it nearly everyday but I had no motivation whatsoever. I’m truly, truly sorry to anyone I may have disappointed. It definitely wasn’t my intention and I hope I can get back on track sooner rather than later, just please bear with me. 

This piece is very near and dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve dealt with firsthand and although I don’t mind talking about it, it tends to be a bit of a sore subject. Also, please keep in mind that Harry and the female character are in their mid-late twenties. I hope it’s alright.


You had to tell him. You knew you had to tell him.

You’ve known since you were about thirteen and had the news reaffirmed at twenty. You were on medication and it did what it was supposed to - for the most part. You couldn’t tell anyone though because you were ashamed; you felt like something was wrong with you. There was something wrong with you that was out of your control and there was little to nothing you could do.

Since you’d had your suspicions confirmed, all you could think about was having to tell your partner someday - someday when it was serious enough that certain conversations concerning your future would have to take place. All you could see was a negative outcome, whether it be a fight or needing to give each other space or even so far as breaking up because you were broken - at least you felt like you were. 

You felt like you were broken because you couldn’t have kids. 


Today was your annual exam and although Harry said he’d take the day off so that he could go to your appointment with you, you insisted he keep his plans. He didn’t know exactly what it was that you were having checked. As far as you knew, he thought it was just a routine checkup to make sure your height and weight were at healthy levels and that when the doctor said to “say ah”, everything looked to be in tiptop shape.

But that wasn’t the case. Yes, you went through the normal exam checkups but you also had to have a pelvic exam. That area was the main source of your health issues and every year when you went to have it checked, you always hoped you’d hear that your health had improved from the last exam you had and every year you were told that there had been little to no change. And every year you were never prepared to hear that. Today was no different. 

Hi, love! How’d your appointment go?

Fine. It was the same as it always is

You knew you couldn’t drop this bomb on Harry over text, though you weren’t particularly excited about having this conversation face-to-face either. 

I have something I want to talk to you about though

Everything alright? I won’t be done at the studio until after dinner. You can call me right now if you want to. Whatever it is, don’t feel like it’s not important. You know I don’t like it when you belittle yourself

Everything’s okay for now, just want to talk to you about something

You’re sure everything’s okay. I feel like it isn’t…

Please don’t stress about it. I promise we’ll talk tonight

Okay. Love you. xx 

I love you too. 

You and Harry had talked about kids briefly before you’d made your relationship official. You both knew you wanted kids, you knew how many, and when you wanted to have them. You also knew that he wanted to start trying soon. He figured that if you got a clean bill of health at this appointment, there’d be no reason to wait any longer. After all, you’d been together for four years and engaged for one of them. 

Harry was more settled with his work life and if he had to travel somewhere it was only for about a week or so. Your job at the school kept you plenty busy, but if you planned it just right to have a baby at the beginning of the summer holiday, you’d have all summer with your little bundle of joy. Or so Harry thought.


The entire drive home was all a blur to you. Before you knew it, you were upstairs in the ensuite bathroom, a bath to ward off the heaviness of the day calling your name. After the pink swirls from the bath bomb had dissipated and a chill had crawled up your spine, you got up and out and dried yourself off with the fluffiest towel you could find. It faintly smelled like Harry and it brought an ounce of comfort, even if only for a second. 

After getting dressed in a pair of sweats and Harry’s lilac jumper, you settled yourself on your bed with a cup of tea and a light snack to hold you over until Harry got home. You knew he’d ask questions about the appointment and you knew you had to tell him but you wanted to wait until you’d had dinner together to fill him in.

Before you knew it, it was eleven o’clock and sleep was playing at your eyes. Harry still wasn’t home and it left an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

What’re you up to? Thought you would’ve been home hours ago. Miss you…

Baby, I’m sorry. We had a spark of inspiration and we’ve got two songs nearly finished! I’ll be home within the hour, I promise. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting… xx

It’s alright. I actually got a lot of work done and didn’t even realize how late it had gotten. Do you want me to keep something out for you to eat for when you get home?

You don’t have to do that. We ate here, one of the producer’s assistants ran out and got some takeaway

I’ll just wait up for you then, see you soon mister

I still haven’t forgotten about your appointment and I want to talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk about

Can we talk about it tomorrow? I know I said I’d wait up for you but I can barely keep my eyes open

Go to sleep, love. I’ll see you soon. xx 

And just like that, sleep had taken over. 


The next day was Saturday and you had no plans to do anything. It was going to be a lazy day around the house; maybe you’d do some light chores, maybe you wouldn’t. Harry was supposed to go into the studio but because of the two songs that sprang to life the day before, he got to have a lazy day with you. 

The day started with homemade blueberry waffles and sausage, a breakfast must-have on lazy days. Following breakfast, you and Harry made your way to the living room. The weather outside made your decision to curl up in a mess of limbs and blankets that much easier and so began your movie marathon. By the time the third movie was over, lunch was in order and you heated up some leftover lasagna from the night before. Usually while you and Harry were eating, you kept the television off and just talked and you were sure he was going to bring up the events of the day before. Your hunch was correct. 

“So tell me about your appointment yesterday. Everything looks good?”

“Uh huh.” A weary smile splayed on your face. He waited for you to say more but you didn’t know what to say.

“What did you want t’ talk about?” 

You could feel your face starting to grow hot and tears gather in your eyes. You kept your head down, knowing that if you looked at Harry your dam would break. You couldn’t put him through this. Before you even knew him, just by seeing pictures of him with Lux and kids of other family friends, you knew he’d be a great dad. You knew it was something he wanted and now you had to break his heart. How was he going to keep loving you if you couldn’t give him the one thing he wanted more than anything? If you could avoid this conversation for the rest of your life you would. But you knew you couldn’t.

You got up from your chair, turning away from him. Keeping your back turned to him, you placed your dishes in the sink and made your way upstairs, shut and locked the door and went to go lay down. 

To say Harry was confused was an understatement. What the hell just happened?

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Lawful Tease pt.7

Tags: @katelynnthekindle, @megant22, @houseofrahl, @sexywolfsfordays, @sterek-basically, @kittycatgirlmaddie, @misshinehou, @random-fandom-fangirl2112

Word count: 3054

Author’s note: This chapter is long, albeit it’s about only one single thing… one single scene (plus a short one at the end). You’ll see in the warnings section, it’s no secret any more c:

Warnings: language, smut (finally!), dirty talk, and… is name fetish a valid warning?

Your name: submit What is this?

The elevator doors slide closed and I turn around, speaking. “I have no idea what you’d left here, because I didn’t find anything when –”

The rest of my sentence is cut off when I see (Y/N) stepping closer to me. Her eyes are dark, hooded, roaming my face, yet mostly focused on my lips. She doesn’t stop until she’s standing right in front of me. I whisper, “(Y/N)…” but she only puts her index finger on my mouth, shutting me up and pushing me against the metal with gentle force, murmuring, “Shh.”

My pupils explode wide as soon as my back hits the door. Her fingers move downwards, beginning their work of unbuttoning the vest of my three-piece suit. My breathing is elevating, her fingers are moving, eventually curling around my tie. She tugs on it meekly, tilting her head up to be face to face with me. I only now realize it that my hands have found her hips at some point, fingers flexing as they are cupping the sides of her pelvis.

Her hot breath lavishes over my skin before she mildly touches her lips to mine, sending a shiver down my spine – I want more, so much more than this. But am I allowed? She’s always been playing with me, I don’t know if I really am allowed to take this to a whole new level this time.

As though she were reading my thoughts, she lets go of my tie with a hand, only to grab one of mine and slide it to her butt, whispering against my mouth, her lips catching on to mine in an irresistible tease as she’s talking, “I thought you wanted me.”

A guttural groan rips out of the back of my throat before I turn us around and kiss her, bruising, hard, wanton, demanding. She makes a noise, but I swallow it down, and I can feel as my brain is rapidly losing blood for the sake of it to flow south. It’s insane how fast (Y/N) can make me loose my cool, make me loose my mind and turn me on. My trousers are already too tight.

As I change to nip over her jawline, having gone crazy for finally being able to touch and take what I’ve wanted for too damn long, she gasps, sinful, “What do you want me to do, Mr. Hale?”

I can’t help my moan.

“Holy fuck,” I mumble, hoisting both of her legs up and wrapping them around my waist, her fingers finding my scalp and pulling at my hair when I helplessly shove my groin against hers. I want her so much it’s ridiculous. “Say that again. Fuck, baby, say that again.”

“Please fuck me, Mr. Hale,” she begs, and there’s so much I can do not to come right then and there into my pants. What wouldn’t have I given to hear that sentence fall from her lips all this time! I’m so overwhelmed with my permission to touch her that I don’t even know what to do with my hands all of a sudden.

“I will, baby, I’ll make it so good for you,” I breathe my promise into her ear, squeezing her in between my body and the wall, palms wandering to her ass and breast, lips latching on to the side of her neck once more, sucking an impressive lovebite into the surface like I desired. She makes unbelievably sexy noises as my fingers are working, massaging her sweet spots, allowing my teeth to not only graze, but also to sink into her neck just a tad to make sure I do leave a permanent mark.

She sounds even more enticing and way hotter than what I imagined – my mind wasn’t even close to reality, and yet I always came so hard when I jerked off thinking about her screaming my name every single night.

I’m impatiently unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her body to me. I saw it in the car yesterday through her soaked top when I picked her up, but that wasn’t enough; I also want to feel the warmth of her skin under my fingertips, cover it in kisses and hickeys. As soon as the last of the buttons is undone, I tear the material off of her, mouth finding her bare shoulder without missing a beat.

“Ah, Derek,” she whines, clawing at the collar of my shirt, fumbling to undo mine as well. I’m so hard by now that it legitimately hurts, and I need to take off my pants right now.

So, I grab two handfuls of her ass as I carry her over to my bedroom, putting her down only to help her frantic hands with their job of ridding me of my clothes. I think I ripped one of the buttons off in my hurry, but I don’t care. The only thing I care about is (Y/N) – (Y/N) in her tempting lacy lingerie, cheeks flushed, mouth slightly open, chest rising and falling rapidly, pupils blown, hardly able to wait to have me all over her.

I moan at the thought, stepping directly in front of her and taking her cheeks in my hands, tilting her head up so that I can kiss her the way I want to. She opens her mouth up to me without me having to request, and my tongue slides into hers, exploring and invading it, massaging her tongue alluringly, until she can’t help her wanton sounds any more. She reaches down to undo my belt, occasionally colliding to my erection through my pants, making me gasp into her mouth.

“You’re so hard, Mr. Hale,” she husks against my chin, biting on it teasingly.

“Only for you, (Y/N),” I rasp. “That’s what you do to me. All the fucking time.”

“Do you want me to suck you off, Mr. Hale?” she asks in an innocent voice, blinking at me with huge eyes, sending a wild shiver down my spine. I barely manage a weak shake with my head – as much as I want her to do that, I need to be inside her first. I need to take her, I need to come inside her, I need to know what she feels like wrapped around me, I need

“I have to –” I pant out, but I have to swallow. She giggles.

“I think I understand you, Mr. Hale,” she singsongs, kicking off her jeans. She tugs harshly at the tie that she deliberately left in my neck and pulls me with her via it as she lays back on the bed.

I follow her as though I were a puppet and she the puppeteer, helpless against her will as she’s controlling me with invisible cords. I get rid of my trousers, too, hot palms sliding down on her sides, erupting goosebumps in their wake – just how I wanted in my fantasies about her. I whisper into her ear, “I love that you’re wearing a thong,” touching the moist material. “Shit, you’re already drenched.”

“I’m ready for you, Derek,” she groans, automatically bucking her hips, seeking more friction, which I give to her willingly.

“I thought about this so much,” I admit. “I want to make this good for you.”

“You already are,” she assures, tone high-pitched and deeply soaked with desire.

I have to suppress my growl at that. Her fingers are clawing at the hem of my black boxer briefs, apparently wanton and impatient to finally have me freed and moving in her. Heart skipping a beat at the image of that, I shove my briefs down, carelessly tossing them somewhere on the ground. I cry out when (Y/N) starts stroking me slowly, hips and body rocking back and forth in sync with her rhythm on its own accord.

“Y-you strip, too,” I gasp, reaching under her back to unclasp her bra, but she lets go of me and sits up to do it herself. She’s beautiful – I can’t resist launching forward and taking one of her nipples in my mouth, bringing it to attention. She’s calling out my name above me, making me more and more worked up by the minute, pulling at my hair and pleading to me to just get inside her.

I oblige; I pull her lacy thong off of her with my teeth, maintaining eye contact all the while and making her shiver. I kiss my way back up on the entire length of her body, occasionally nipping her soft skin. She tugs my tie off, too, while simultaneously wrapping her legs around my waist to keep me close. I groan as my groin meets hers, but instead of revelling in that feeling for too long, I line myself up – as I thrust into her, I could cry at how perfect she is wrapped around me.

Reader POV

As Derek pushes into me, my fingers tangle in his short, dark locks of hair at his nape. His arms are bracketing me, forearms laying on the mattress, palms under my head to hold me like I’m too precious to him, like he wants to protect me from every harm, like this is the best moment of his entire life.

My name is constantly falling from his lips in gasping whispers as though he couldn’t believe this is really happening. His movements are thorough, slow drags, making me feel every single part of him.

Derek leans down to pepper kisses all over my cheek, jaw, chin, nose, the side of my neck and my shoulder, his hot breath lavishing over my sensitive skin like passionate torching fire that combusts everything in its wake. One of my hands stays wrapped up in his hair while the other goes on a trip alongside the valley of his spine in the middle of his ridiculously ripped back, feeling as the muscles shift swiftly under my touch.

This is so much better than what I was expecting.

When Derek’s uncle, Peter came and embarrassed his nephew in front of me, I was also informed about the fact that Derek isn’t the player type that I believed him to be – in fact, I couldn’t have been more wrong about him. Derek is the complete opposite of a playboy; he’s monogamous, he’s caring, he showers his partner in his genuine attention, he shares my sense of humour and enjoys my quirky jokes, and he’s always tried his hardest to hold himself back not to do anything I wouldn’t want, even when I was deliberately teasing him.

And ever since I got to know this, I’ve wanted to be with him, too, at least as much as he’s been desiring me.

Although I expected Derek to be wild, his primary focus is to make me enjoy it, just like he promised not long ago. This eerily feels like making love, and not merely instinctual sex.

When I begin meeting his thrusts, Derek picks up his rhythm just a tad. From his back, I slide my palm to cup his cheek, and he meets my gaze. His pupils are blown wide with happiness sparkling in his eyes, making my heart flutter in response. We move at the same time to kiss the other, our lips locking and tongues dancing with each other languidly, affectionately. Unconsciously, I tighten my hold around him with my legs, gradually climbing closer and closer to my high, the tight knot in my belly building ever so slowly.

“Derek,” I cry out, teetering on the edge.

“I’m here, baby,” he whispers, pressing a long kiss to the skin under my ear. “Come for me, (Y/N). Show me how beautiful you are when you come.”

With a particularly hard roll of his hips, he tosses me over the border and I set off to fly in Heaven, pulling Derek with me. As we start to descend from among the golden clouds, he keeps moving inside me carefully to help us both ride out our orgasms. Then he stops, and the only thing that can be heard in the entire room is our elevated breathing.

My thumb is smoothing over his plush pink lip when he whispers, “I love you.”

He throws me for a loop with that sudden confession, but I don’t take long to reply, feeling the same way about him. “I love you, too.”

I can’t express how blissful his smile is when he hears my answer. He looks innocent and young, like a little boy who’s just been promised to be given candy or taken to Disney Land. Derek steals another kiss from me, this one being giddy and making me feel like thousands of sparklers explode within me at the exact same moment.

After breaking the kiss, Derek pulls out of me and lays next to me, spooning me. The only thing that registers to me before falling asleep is him kissing and stroking my hair.

In the morning, the first thing I see when I blink my eyes open is Derek propping himself on an elbow next to my head, his eyes skimming through my face with a loving look in them. He brushes out a stray strand of hair from my face as he leans close to me, murmuring against my skin, “Good morning, (Y/N).”

“To you, too,” I answer, blushing lightly at the kiss he places on my cheek. I can’t help my quiet giggle as I glance up at him. He cocks his head to the side, brow arching, “What is it?” I shrug, telling him, “This is the first time I see you with dishevelled hair.”

He snickers at my comment. “I can’t be squeaky clean all the time.”

“I like you this way more,” I say, reaching up to entangle my fingers with his bedhead, pulling him down to me, touching my lips to his. We smile into the kiss occasionally, but never break it. After a while, his palm finds my side and smooths over my skin through the thin blanket that covers my body.

When Derek pulls back to rest his forehead against mine, I ask him, “Are you hungry?”

He nods, “Starving.”

I sneak out of his embrace, picking up my thong from the floor where Derek tossed it last night, and slide into the shirt he wore yesterday. I can hear rustling behind me, and while I’m in the middle of buttoning his garment on me, his arms snake around me, pulling my back flush to his chest, his lips leaving a kiss on my temple.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I ask quietly, allowing him to accommodate my weight.

“Anything you make is perfect for me,” he answers, planting another peck on my cheek. “But for now, I don’t want to let go of you.”

“Well, you have to if you want to eat,” I tease, making him chuckle. He hums.

“I think I can wait,” he murmurs into my skin, leaving a trail of kisses along the side of my neck, pushing the collar of his shirt away to reveal my shoulder to him.

“You need to be getting ready, honey,” I remind him, making him freeze.

“What time is it?”

“Half past nine,” I answer, to which he curses silently.

“You’re late for your classes, aren’t you?”

“It’s okay. I never miss any of them, so one time won’t kill me,” I soothe him, twirling around in his hold, hands finding his cheeks once more. “Let me take care of you this morning, okay? I want to make this perfect for you, too.”

He smiles at me before whispering, “Okay.”

Derek goes to take a quick shower, whereas I migrate to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for him. I make an easy salad and an omelet with toasts. By the time I’m setting the table, he approaches, already dressed and adjusting his tie, face smooth as a newborn baby’s skin after getting rid of his five o’clock shadow. I love the scent of his cologne.

“Thank you, baby,” he says, reeling me in for a curt kiss. I giggle, then take the seat from across him. His phone buzzes with a new text message, but he only spares it a glance. “I was just invited for a poker game with some of my acquaintances. Want to come with me?”

I’m startled by his offer. I wouldn’t have thought he would be so willing to be seen with me in front of his co-workers and friends. “I, uh, o-okay, sure,” I stutter, face heating up. He smiles that half-smile at me that he keeps preserved privately for me.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to come,” he adds. “I just want to spend as much time with you as possible. If I devote all of my free time to my shallow relationships, I will eventually loose the real, important ones, and I don’t want that.”

“Okay, I’ll go,” I assure him. “Just tell me what I’m supposed to wear and the such. I’ve never been to such events.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” he nods. “I’ll make time for you today so we can go and buy you a nice dress, how does that sound?”

“No, that’s too much,” I protest. “But thank you.”

“(Y/N), relax,” he coos. “It’s fine. I want to give you everything I can.”

I don’t say anything to that. I haven’t met anyone who wanted to take care of me so genuinely, in every possible way.

When we’re done eating, I proceed to wash the dishes. Derek steps behind me, palms finding the small of my back and my hip, massaging my skin over his shirt sensually, making my eyes fall shut and lips part on a soft sigh. He groans into my ear, “I don’t want to go yet.”

I giggle, pecking his cheek. “You have to. I’ll stay here and wait for you if you want.”

“I definitely want that,” he answers without thinking. I dry my hands and turn to face him to fix his suit on him and brush away every grain of dust to make his outfit immaculate, but he receives a call. “Hale,” he says. I can see as his face morphs into one of fright, the blood flowing out of it, leaving it dead pale.

“Isaac found out who the girl is on the pictures. Her name is (Y/N).”

the signs when they're drunk

Aries: *falls on their face repeatedly*

Taurus: i need to get home!!! I forgot to feed my cat!!!!!!!

Gemini: *tries to fight everyone*

Cancer: *thinks about the past and starts crying*

Leo: *does so much drunk karaoke and ends up hooking up with someone they hate*

Virgo: I think I just pissed my pants…

Libra: listen. Picasso? Not that great

Scorpio: who wants to fuck???

Sagittarius: *laughs at EVERYTHING*

Capricorn: *passionately lip syncs to Beyoncé*

Aquarius: *believes they can fly*

Pisces: there’s no way we are alone in this world…

"You Belong with Me" - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Note: This imagine was inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, “You Belong With Me.” Her lyrics are used in this imagine. Those lyrics belong to Taylor Swift. I do NOT own them. 

Part 2: I Belong to You

My Teen Wolf Master List

AU: It’s a typical Tuesday night. The stars are shining and there’s a warm breeze in the air as the full moon hides behind the grey clouds. From my bedroom window, I see Isaac looking cute in his pajama pants with his Beacon Hills lacrosse shirt and running his hand through his curly hair. He looks frustrated as he’s pacing back and forth on the phone in his bedroom. He’s probably arguing once again with his girlfriend, Allison. She’s probably going on about some sarcastic and witty comment he said during lunch that made my stomach hurt from laughing. She’ll never understand his sense of humor like I do.

I watch Isaac throw his phone at the wall. Instantly shattering from it’s impact. Isaac has never had any temper issues until he was bitten and became a werewolf. A few weeks later, I was the first non-pack person Isaac shared his secret with. He told me everything. The full moon transformations, his new fast speed, heighten senses, and powerful strength. Eventually he showed me everything; the terrible facial hair, awesome fangs, beautiful yellow eyes, and some long nails that could really use a manicure. Derek told me Isaac had trouble controlling his anger during the first couple of full moons but eventually he was able to control it when he escaped the chains Derek cuffed him in.

Isaac escaped during his fourth full moon. He climbed the tree between our houses, hopped into my balcony in full werewolf form just hours after telling me his secret. All of a sudden he became calm as his facial hair disappeared, the fangs withdrew and claws were removed. At first, I couldn’t believe it, but I certainly wasn’t afraid of him because at the end of the night he was still Isaac. My Isaac. 

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deaf!michael au // pt. 2

italics are signing

bold is writing

read part 1 here

warning: you may need tissues – it’s super long too {like over 1000 words…}

Michael’s face brightens as he smiles as wide as his cheeks will allow him. Soft tears are flowing down his face, just as they are on your own face.

He laughs softly, nodding his head.’What do you think the appointments are for?’ he signs, but his hands are shaking with excitement.

You cover your mouth with a gasp. Practically leaping over the breakfast table between the two of you, you wrap your arms around his chest and squeeze him tightly, never wanting to let go. your head curls into his rib cage. Your eyes drip tears onto his heart and he cuddles you closer. 

“I-I love yo-you. So…much,” Michael whispers into your hair as he tucks his head into your neck. He presses short kisses across your neck and shoulder area. 

After holding each other in this position for a few minutes, you slowly pull apart to look each other in the eyes. He reaches up a delicate hand to your cheekbones to wipe away the last of the salty drops resting there. You sigh in sync and then, a thought hits you.

‘I thought it was impossible. Your doctors always said it was impossible.’ you sign.

Michael pulls you off his lap and runs to your shared bedroom to get a notebook and a pen.

My whole “aha moment” is too long to explain but, a few months ago, I realised I wanted kids. With you. I knew I didn’t want to half-ass it. I want to be in this completely. I want to get up at 3 in the morning when our little girl is crying over monsters and I want to be able to hear her older brother consoling her and checking under the bed. I want to be able to hear our baby’s first word and hear them giggle and laugh and god. I want to hear you when you’re reading bedtime stories and reminding our kid to wash their hands. I want to hear you recite your vows to me and I want to hear you say “I do.” I want to live this life to it’s full potential and I want that with you.’ He writes it out and passes it to you.

Once it’s read, you hand it back and he keeps writing.

As you know, a few months ago, I went to the doctor again. I asked him for a second look. Just a second chance. Sure enough, he said with the right technology and stuff, it was possible. So, we’ve been working towards getting this all worked out and doing tests and practices. He said today was my last test and my next appointment we should be able to get this working. I didn’t want to tell you until the day of the appointment but I couldn’t hold it in any longer, babe.

After reading this, the tears are flowing down your face faster than the speed of light. You can’t believe this is happening. You never thought this would be possible. But it is. And you can’t be any happier.

Come to this appointment with me?’ he signs.

You let out a chuckle a nod quickly.

The entire ride to the hospital, Michael gripped you hand tightly over the center console. Every once in a while, he’d glance over and raise his eyes with an exaggerated smile.

When you walk in, the secretary recognizes him immediately. 

You told her early, eh? I had a feeling you would spill.’ she signs. You all laugh and Michael drops his head to your shoulder as if to say ‘I can’t believe she just said that in front of you.’

Dr. Goldern is in his office. Go head in,’ she signs, still chuckling.

You follow his lead down the corridor. He pulls you into a door where you are greeted by a middle-aged looking man that you assume is Dr. Goldern.

Hey. I was going over your file and I think we could get your hearing implants started up and working today. And you brought the entourage. Amazing,’ the doctor tells the both of you as you sit down.

Michael’s eyes light up to the prettiest shade of green you’ve ever seen. He nods so fast that he looks like he may get tired. 

Okay. One quick test and then we’ll be good to go.’ he says with his hands, looking at Michael. The doctor looks over at you and says aloud, “You can stay here. We’ll just be a few minutes doing boring stuff.”

The 2 men stand and begin to walk out. Michael shoots you a quick wink and heads out the door. You play on your phone for a few minutes to keep yourself occupied.

Just as promised, they return within 10 minutes. 

They both sit and the doctor begins to write down some stuff. Michael reaches for your hand and you can tell he’s nervous. But it’s an exciting kind of scary. Dr. Goldern hands his paper to you.

“When I turn it on, you’ll need to say this before getting to the meaningful words. We just wanna make sure his levels are right.” he explains.

You nod and he turns over to his computer. He presses a few keys before looking over at Michael to get the final nod of approval. Once it’s given, it’s like everyone holds their breath.

A few more keys are typed and the doc gave you a nod to start reading off the paper.

“Michael? Can you hear me?” you ask in a low-medium voice. He shakes his head to say no and the nervousness is evident on his face. You give his hand a tight squeeze of reassurance and try again after the volume is raised. “Michael? Can you hear me?” He raises his hand and shakes his hand to say ‘kinda.’

The volume is raised a slight bit more and give it another shot. “Michael? Can you hear me?”

Salty tears spring to his eyes and he covers mouth in a gasp.

You smile and the waterworks begin. “You can hear me okay? Too high? Too low?”

He grins. “Just perfect.”

And the rambling starts. “Oh my god, baby. I love you. I love you so much. God, you’re perfect and I love you so much.”

“I love you too, babe. So fucking much,” he blubbers and pulls you in for one of the most passionate kisses to ever happen in the history of the universe.

inbox any request at all

pt 1  ///  pt 3

Losing Himself In Her
  • Featuring: Eisuke Ichinomiya from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Rating: Mature, smut content.
  • Author’s Note: Second of my follower giveaway goes to @a-girl-who-lives-in-her-head . I hope you like it! 

He was losing himself in her again.

Eisuke never thought this would happen to him. The idea of love was almost laughable to him a few years back. How could one tiny person cause him this much pleasure? Thinking about her indignation if he called her that, Eisuke caressed her soft skin. Her body was nestled against his, back towards him. Her short jaw length hair had fallen across her face, and he reached over to brush it aside. Glancing at Abbie’s features, he thought back to the first time he saw her in the birdcage. Who’d thought about the events that unfolded over the years? Japan, Dubai, and now London. He was engaged. To a woman who did challenge and love him in all the ways that mattered.

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