when they stand next to each other they look like the at&t bars

Jokers Daughter Imagine: We Stand Up For Each Other

Request: (anon) I have a request of the Joker being “accidently” disrespected during business and his daughter steps in before he does (like the club scene in the movie). Your writing is beautiful and so are you!

Thank you hun!!


The music in the club was pounding making Jokers heart beat fast as he watched Harley dance. He looked over and saw you at the bar with your friends laughing and having a good time. He gripped his cane when Monster T walked in and reached out his hand.

“He don’t shake hands, sit down and have a drink.” Frost said before sitting off to the side next to Joker. He took a seat on the booth across from the clown and prince and waited for him to say something. When he got nothing but silence he turned to see what Joker was staring at. He saw you and your friends all dressed up having a good time. “You have some fine pieces in this club Mr. J.” he said not knowing who you were.

You turned around to check on your parents and saw your dad staring, you smiled back at him to let him know you were okay and saw his face change from protective to rage. You saw the the man was sitting with him and immediately knew something was wrong. You threw back your drink and told your friends you’d be right back.

Joker stared at the man with blood boiling before he began to speak “Oh I know you didn’t meant that….” Joker said putting a sadistic grin on his face.

Monster T still didn’t realize what he had done and laughed thinking J was joking with him. “No J I mean it, how do you get all this hard candy in the club? Which one is yours and can I get a taste of one?” he said pouring his drink down his throat. Frost made an audible gulp noise that confused T.

“Which one is mine? Well considering that’s my daughter, she’s mine. And since those are her friend, they are not yours.” He leaned forward and rested the tip of his cane on the mans neck pushing in slightly. Frost stood up ready to do something.

Monster T could feel his heart sink into his stomach. “J… I didn’t know I uh..” he struggled to get the words out.

“You didn’t know? So you just go around lookin at young girls in my club.” he stood up and approached him slowly.

You stepped into the booth just before he lunged at him. Joker looked up and his face softened when he saw you.

“Daddy what’s going on?” you said concerned.

Monster T turned and he couldn’t stop himself from looking you up and down and immediately shook his head knowing how stupid that was. 

“You can’t help yourself can ya hunka hunka?” he laughed wildly and you smacked the mans face back when you noticed him staring at you.

He stood up and it surprised both you and your father. 

“Listen I came here for business, how was I supposed to know J? You let slutty girls run around this trash club all the time!” he puffed out his chest in anger, his ego was bruised after being bullied by the clown and you.”

Joker walked up inches away from his body and poked his chest with his finger. “You insult the clown princess and me and my club? You must have a death wish mother fucker.” Joker pulled out his gun and put it on T’s temple and got ready to fire.

Suddenly a glass came shattering across the mans head and he dropped into the booth. You stood over him with blood running down your hand and without a second thought grabbed your fathers gun and started pistol whipping T’s skull in. 

The Joker watched confused as his daughter got covered in blood and kept beating the man up. He wasn’t sure how to process what was happening. He thought about late at night when he tucked you in as a little girl and he’d tell you he would always protect you. You would look up at him and put your little hands on his chest and say that you would protect him too. He’d laugh to himself and brush it off. 

Now that you were before him defending yourself and his honor he realized just what that meant. That your loyalty and your love for him was real. It was hard for him to accept that a creature like you could feel sympathy for him. A part of him wanting to jump in and pull you away and protect you from the violence unfolding, but another part of him: the stronger part, liked to watch you prove your kingship to him. He took a moment to breath in the scene, the clown family was actually real and it was all his.

“You don’t talk to me like that!” you screamed at the body below you “You don’t talk about my father like that!” he lost all the strength in his body and slipped to the blood in a pool of his own blood. You took your heel and kicked him in the ribbcage “and that’s for my mom just because!” you couldn’t tell if he was dead or not but you stopped when you felt your dads hand on your back. You turned around and saw the puzzled look on his face and felt guilt. “oh… I’m sorry daddy I just couldn’t control myself what he said and how he looked at me I….” you noticed the blood down your front “I’ll clean all this up I promise and I won’t interfere again I was just worried about you and.” you were cut off when your father wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into him.

You felt the comfort of his strong arms around you and sank into the hug. Frost left the booth more stunned than either of you and called for some goons to get supplies and to give you two a moment.

“You don’t need to say sorry princess.” he whispered in your ear.

“You’re not mad? But look at the mess I made!” you said wanting him t be honest with you.

The Joker closed his eyes and breathed in to focus his head again. He wanted to stay in this dream like state of admiring you, but he had a job to do. He was the Joker. He belted out the most maniacal laugh he could muster and pulled himself away to look you in the eye. 

“Mad?? I’m flattered! I guess you have more in me than I thought. Plus baby red was always your color!.” he put his smile tattoo over his mouth and you giggled back at him before placing a kiss on it and going back to resting your head on his chest. 

“I said I’d protect you too remember?” you said softly holding on tight to his shirt with your bloodied hands. “Clowns stand up for each other.”

Stiles- That Could Have Been Weird

Request-  Where instead of Lydia its you who gets almost killed my Brunski with Stiles and you like each other??

A/N- Sorry if this isn’t my best. I’m writing it in the car and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately. Hope you like it!

With a painful creaking noise, the passenger door to Stiles’ jeep slammed shut behind you. You jumped a little and he cringed, running a hand through his hair nervously. He stood next to you, his feet firmly planted on the ground, in exactly the same place he hand been standing when he had opened the door for you. Stiles seemed rooted to the spot, and you knew he was considering driving away in the jeep and never coming back.
“Sorry,” he told you, looking over at you with apologetic eyes. “Guess I’m just nervous.”
His eyes flicked past you, to where the enormous wrought iron gate sat, barring him from what was inside. If he really thought about it, it was actually the other way around. The gate was meant to make sure that what was inside stayed inside, rather than keeping anyone out. But Stiles was fine with it either way, because all that mattered was that the gate was between him and Eichen House, a place he had never wanted to return to.
“You don’t have to go in,” you told him softly. “I can go and give Brunski the money myself. It probably won’t take long to find the file.”
Stiles’ eyes widened, and a brief flare of panic pulled him out of his dreadful memories.
“Hell no,” he told you firmly. “The only thing worse than going back in there would be sending you in alone. I know your aunt died in there. I’m not letting you go into that hellhole without me.”
“Well at least I’m in good hands,” you told him, flashing him a sad smile.
Stiles flushed for a reason he couldn’t place, and for a moment the uneasy knots in his stomach seemed to uncoil. You reached out and grabbed his hand, giving it a comforting squeeze as you began to walk toward the gate.
“Come on,” you said. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
Even though you were trying to comfort Stiles, you weren’t entirely sure going into Eichen House would be the safest thing. Your aunt had been a banshee and while you didn’t share the same talent for finding dead bodies, you knew how hard it must have been for her. She had died with everyone thinking she was crazy and it wasn’t until you found out about the supernatural sophomore year that you had really looked into her history.
She had died in Eichen House from complications due to medication, but being around this place had always made you uneasy. Ever since you had looked into her death, you couldn’t help but feel like you were missing a piece of the puzzle. That was part of the reason you had come to Eichen in the first place, to find out what had happened to her and Lydia’s grandmother.
“Fine?” Stiles repeated. “Oh yeah. I’m sure it’ll be fine too…if we don’t end up getting locked in the closed unit or attacked by a psychotic patient or-or-”
“Possessed by some Japanese spirit?” you offered.
“You know,” Stiles said hoarsely. “That’s more common than you’d think.”
“Stiles,” you told him. “Relax. We’ll get in, look at the files and get out. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll find something that can stop the deadpool.”
“Stop the deadpool,” Stiles agreed. “Right. That’s the whole reason we’re here. To help the others.”
You nodded, although you were pretty sure Stiles was talking to himself more than he was talking to you. You looked back toward the gate, which towered over you in the darkness of the night. It could have been what you knew about the place, or it could have been Stiles’ anxiety rubbing off, but either way you were beginning to feel uneasy too. This time, Stiles was the one to pull you out of your thoughts.
“We’d better head in,” he told you. “Brunski told us to go around back and I don’t think he wants us just standing out here.”
“Right,” you said, looking down at your hand still in his.
His eyes flicked down to your intertwined hands and a blush began to bloom on his cheeks. He quickly pulled his hand from yours and looked back toward Eichen House.
“Let’s get this over with.”

“A thousand.”
Your eyes widened as you and Stiles stood across from Brunski’s desk. The orderly was leaning back in his chair, staring at you smugly as he informed you how much it would cost to bribe him.
“A thousand dollars?” Stiles repeated. “To get into one filing cabinet? You actually think I have that kind of money?”
“No, I know you don’t,” Brunski corrected, stretching his arms out behind his head. “Otherwise Daddy Sheriff would have paid the bills already.”
“Well I’m willing to bet you don’t exactly have that kind of money either,” you pointed out, immediately defensive of Stiles. “Considering you’re working in a place like this, taking bribes from a couple of teenagers.”
Brunski gritted his teeth in irritation, and he narrowed his eyes at you. “What about you, Sweetheart? I’m sure you two didn’t just walk in here without a plan, now did you?”
As Brunski looked up at you, his brow suddenly furrowed. “Have I seen you before?”
“What?” you asked.
“No,” Stiles said sharply. “She wasn’t here last time.”
You and Stiles shared a look and then you looked back over to Brunski. “I have five hundred.”
With a withering look toward Brunski, you pulled out your wallet and handed him the five hundred Lydia had given you. Brunski snatched it from your fingers with a grin and brought it up to his face, inhaling the scent. You and Stiles collectively rolled your eyes and Brunski rose from his chair. “Follow me.”
You shared another uneasy look with Stiles as you followed the orderly down the dimly lit passage. The walls were covered in wallpaper that you were pretty sure was from the early 70s, and the space was tight and cramped. Stiles was in front of you, but he shot an uneasy glance over his shoulder every few seconds, as if he was afraid you would suddenly disappear.
“You know,” he whispered softly. “If we die, I hope the words ‘I told you so’ echo in your mind for as long as we haunt this place.”
“Did you know that you’re possibly the most inspirational person I’ve ever met?” you fired back. “Seriously, you should try out for the cheerleading team.”
Stiles shot you a look, but you could see the smile playing at his lips. You wished you could have stayed like that for the rest of the night, joking and smiling with the person you loved most, but soon you neared a door at the end of the hallway. It was covered in peeling paint and it had a glass window, although it had been glazed over so you couldn’t see inside.
The word ‘Records’ was printed boldly on the glass and Brunski didn’t have to turn toward it before you knew it was where you were headed. He reached out and unlocked it, shooting a quick glance back down the hall to check that no one had seen. He walked in with you and Stiles trailing behind him, peering around at the various filing cabinets.
“Good?” Brunski asked he leaned against the door.
“Uh, yeah,” Stiles told him. “We can help ourselves.”
Then he turned to you. “You’ve got the list?”
You nodded and pulled it out of your purse as you followed Stiles behind another row of filing cabinets. You and Stiles peered down at the list, but that was when you heard the unmistakable sound of the door slamming shut. You looked over at Stiles.
“Why did he just shut the door?” you asked.
“Uh,” Stiles said uneasily, shooting a glance over his shoulder. “Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to see? You know, taking bribes probably doesn’t look too good in front of the management.”
“No,” you hissed, shaking your head. “Stiles, something’s really wrong here.”
Brunski began to whistle from the other side of the room, causing a chill to run down Stiles’ spine.
“Okay, you’re right,” he whispered. “Maybe we should just get out of here. I don’t like the way he was looking at you earlier.”
“How sweet,” a voice from behind you mused.
You and Stiles both whirled around, only to find Brunski leaning against the filing cabinet that was sitting in front of you. The two of you had been so busy whispering to each other that you hadn’t even realized he was there.
“You wanna protect her,” Brunski said to Stiles. “I can see it in the way you look at her, in the way you’re standing in front of her now. But unfortunately for you, Stiles, you’re not like your friend Scott. You’re only human.”
“What do you-” Stiles began to ask, but Brunski cut him off.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything earlier,” he said as he turned to you. “But you just look so much like your aunt.”
You opened your mouth to say something, but the only thing that would come out was a pained gasp. In that moment, you realized that this was the piece you had been searching so long for.
“I know you want an explanation,” Brunski continued. “And you’ll get one, but only because you won’t be walking out of here.”
You looked down as Brunski brought his hand up and you realized he had been holding a taser the whole time. You let out a shocked scream as he darted toward Stiles, and in seconds one of your best friends was on the floor. You stumbled back, still clutching the paper list in your hand as you nearly fell.
“Alright, Sweetheart,” Brunski told you with a sick grin. “Your turn.”
The taser crackled with electricity as Brunski neared you, and you liked to think that on another day you might have tried to run. But you were in complete shock, having just watched Stiles collapse on the ground while also finding out that your aunt’s death hadn’t been an accident. Maybe it was because of that, that as the electricity sparked against your skin, you fell so easily into darkness.

You woke up with a start, feeling your heart pounding rapidly in your chest. Your face was damp with tears and as you tried to move, you found your wrists were bound. Your back was pressed up against the large steel beam that you remembered being in the center of the records room, and as you felt something shift on the other side, you realized it was Stiles.
“Y/n?” Stiles asked, an anxious edge to his voice. “You okay?”
“I think so,” you whispered, and then after a few seconds, a cruel realization hit you. “We’re going to die, aren’t we?”
“No,” Stiles told you firmly. “You’ll be fine, okay? I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. I’m not gonna let him hurt you.”
“What about you?” you whispered hoarsely.
Stiles scoffed, despite his nervousness. “Come on, Y/n, we both know I’m too stubborn to die.”
You let out a soft, sad laugh, and Stiles was determined to keep you talking. “I swear we’re gonna get out of this. And…and we’ll save Scott and the others and get you an explanation about your aunt.”
Suddenly the door to the records room creaked back open and you heard heavy footsteps coming toward you.
“You want your explanation?” Brunski questioned as he walked into the room carrying a cassette player. “Well, here it is.”
You winced as Brunski set the player onto the floor in front of you. He pulled a tape out of his pocket, one that had your aunt’s name on it. You watched as he placed it in the player, and when you heard the the gasping breaths on the recording, tears filled your eyes. You hadn’t heard her voice yet, but the tape had her name on it. It would have been wishful thinking to assume it was anything but a recording of her death.
“Y/n,” Stiles said, desperately trying to capture your attention. “Don’t listen to it, okay? Don’t listen. Listen to me, talk to me.”
“I-I can’t breathe,” your aunt gasped on the tape. “B-brunski? What…what are you…what are you doing?”
“No,” you whispered. “No, no, no.”
“Y/n, please,” Stiles begged, unable to comfort you. “Hey, turn it off!”
You flinched at Stiles’ outburst, but it brought you a moment of peace from having to listen to the tape. Brunski stood up and stalked over to Stiles, and you could hear the crack of his fist against the bone of Stiles’ face.
“Stop!” you screamed, and that was when Brunski stalked back over to you.
“Listen,” he hissed in your ear, grabbing your chin forcefully. “Your aunt was miserable. I didn’t kill her, Y/n. I gave her release from the voices in her head. I’m not the killer you think I am.”
“No,” Stiles spat bitterly. “You’re just an angel of death.”
“I’m committed to my work,” Brunski corrected brusquely. “I helped your aunt, Y/n.”
“No,” you whispered weakly. “You killed her.”
Brunski sighed and placed his hands on his knees before standing up and walking over to the other end of the room. He reached up into one of the cabinets on the wall and pulled out a box.
“We get a lot of teenagers trying to break into our drug lockers,” he informed you. “Most of them don’t succeed, but you two look pretty smart. After all, you did manage to bribe a head orderly into letting you into the records room.”
You and Stiles watched as Brunski opened up the box and pulled out a long needle. You fought against your chains and your sudden outburst seemed to activate some kind of fight in Stiles. He yanked against his chains along with you, but as Brunski walked over, you knew you weren’t getting out.
“You know,” he told you and Stiles as he knelt in front of you. “It’s a shame you two had to come in here together. Any other pair of teenagers would be making out in the backseat of their car, but not you two. You had to find your way into a mental institution. Not the most romantic setting to confess your undying love, now is it?”
“What?” you demanded. “What the hell are you talking about?”
“Oh come on,” Brunski said. “I was young once too.”
You watched out of the corner of your eye as Brunski leaned toward Stiles, the needle hovering over his neck.
“Young love,” he mused. “So sweet but so fleeting.”
“No,” you protested as Brunski leaned closer. “No!”
At the last second, Brunski pulled the needle away from Stiles and his fingers darted out to grab your face. Stiles screamed in protest as the needle touched the skin of your neck, and he fought so hard against his restraints that one of them snapped.
You were sure you were going to die, but before the needle could sink into your neck, you heard a voice that wasn’t Stiles’ shout “Drop it!”
Brunski froze and so did the needle in his hand, hovering delicately over your skin. “Take your thumb off that needle and slowly withdraw from her neck.”
“Young Deputy,” Brunski said with a deep, heaving sigh. “You’re just a kid.”
The orderly grinned at Parrish, who was standing across the room and steadily pointing a gun at him. You could see the arrogance on Brunski’s face and you knew he wasn’t going to let you go. He just kept looking at Parrish as he prepared to push down on the needle.
“I bet you’ve never even fired a sh-” he began to say, before a loud pop rang out through the air.
Brunski fell to the floor beside you, and you could hear Stiles gasp and flail as the body fell next to him. You almost laughed out loud, because it was exactly the type of thing Stiles would do and at least something was normal. Instead, you opted for a sigh of relief.
“He killed my aunt,” you told Parrish as he undid your restraints. “He-he killed Lydia’s grandmother too.”
Parrish nodded solemnly as he moved over to help Stiles with the restraint on the hand that was still tied. As soon as he was free, he jumped up and stumbled over to you.
“Are you okay?” he demanded, bringing you into his arms and patting his hands over your hair, checking for any bumps and bruises.
“I’m fine,” you told him as he reached up to brush his thumb over your cheek, clearing away the damp trails that your tears had left. “Stiles, I’m fine.”
“Well that makes one of us,” he breathed. “God, my-my heart still feels like it’s gonna burst out of my chest. I’m could, like, run a marathon right now. Well, maybe not a marathon. More like a 5K. You wanna go find a 5K to run with me?”
“Stiles,” you breathed, reaching out to grab his shaking hands. “You’re fine.”
You smiled, knowing that Stiles tended to ramble when he felt any sort of strong emotion. If you hadn’t stopped him, he might have gone on for ten minutes.
“We’re both fine,” you confirmed. “Now let’s get out of this hellhole.”

Stiles leaned against the door in the back of Parrish’s cop car, drumming his fingers against his cheek. The car drifted over the road in the dark of Beacon Hills and when it passed the occasional business, the light would sweep over and illuminate your faces. Stiles would look over at you every half minute or so, just to check that you were really okay. You had seemed shaken but alright when you had grabbed his hand and let Parrish lead you out of Eichen House, but the minute you had gotten to the car, you had withdrawn into yourself. You were completely silent as you slouched in your seat, your tired eyes focusing on the shapes that blurred by in the dark. It was your silence that worried him and maybe he should  have left you alone, but he decided it couldn’t hurt to check if you were okay.
“Hey,” he said softly, causing you to look over. As you turned, he saw that your eyes glistened with tears in the dim light. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you whispered, beginning to turn back to the window.
“Y/n,” Stiles chided. “Don’t lie to me.”
“Fine,” you told him quietly. “Maybe I’m not. Am I supposed to be? Am I supposed to just brush off the fake that Brunski killed my aunt? That he killed all those other people too?”
Stiles reached out and grabbed your hand, the one that had been resting on the smooth seat. He gave it a gentle squeeze and ran his thumb over the back of your hand. “No. You’re not. But he’s dead now and he’s not going to hurt anyone else. No one else is going to die because of him.”
“Yeah,” you said slowly. “I guess you’re right.”
Stiles nodded and looked back out the window, but he didn’t let go of your hand. You looked down at his fingers in yours and you suddenly remember what Brunski had said earlier. It hadn’t been about the murders or your aunt, but it what he had said about the two of you. You and Stiles had been best friend for as long as you could remember, and Brunski wasn’t the first person who had commented on your relationship.
You and Stiles had always brushed those people off, but now you were realizing that maybe they had been right. Maybe everyone else could see something that you couldn’t.
“So Brunski,” you started, looking over at Stiles.
“Is a psychotic killer who’s hopefully burning in the deepest circle of hell?” he suggested, looking back over at you.
“Well yeah,” you agreed. “But he was also right about something.”
Stiles glanced at you oddly, as if you had just lost your mind. You took a deep breath and opened your mouth, but it was as if you had lost all your nerve.
“I-” you began. “Forget it.”
You slipped your hand out of his and turned away, but he gently laid it back on your shoulder. “Hey, wait. I think I know what you’re about to say.”
He reached down and unbuckled his seatbelt, and in seconds he was leaning over and grabbing your face in his hands. Before you could even blink, his lips were on yours. Relief coursed through you, because Stiles was showing you exactly what you hadn’t been able to say. And as you leaned into him, pressing your lips onto his with just as much enthusiasm, you knew you didn’t have to, because he already knew.
The sound of someone clearing their throat brought you back to reality and you and Stiles quickly pulled apart. Parrish was looking at you two in the rearview mirror, a small smile on his face.
“Guys,” he told you. “We’re here.”
Stiles looked over and saw that the car had now stopped, and it was currently sitting in front of the police station. Stiles pulled away from your and grinned at Parrish. “Thanks for the ride.”
“One of the other officers should be here with your jeep soon,” Parrish told him as he got out of the car and opened the back door for you. “Be safe guys.”
“Thanks,” you told him as you hopped out of the car. “For everything.”
Parrish nodded to you and as soon as Stiles got out, he hopped back into the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
“So,” Stiles said as you stood in front of the building. “I’m guessing you feel the same way as I do.”
“Well yeah,” you told him.
“Good,” he said with a grin. “Otherwise that could have been weird.”
You smiled and rolled your eyes, and Stiles reached out to throw an arm around your shoulders. You walked into the station together to wait for Stiles’ jeep, but you didn’t end up going home until a few hours later. You ended up falling asleep in two of the uncomfortable chairs, your head on Stiles’ shoulder.
As you drifted off, you figured that even though he had tried to kill you, Brunski had done one good thing for you. He had made you realize that Stiles wasn’t just your best friend, but so much more than that. In the end, you figured that almost dying had been so worth it.