when they played the rangers

Oh My, My, My - I (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: surprise!!!! another story lol. this is a bucky AU just an fyi! i was inspired by taylor swift’s mary’s song because that song is freaking precious. anyway. this won’t be a long one either. tags for this story are open!

oh, also! the power ranger story is something that actually happened to me when i was about 7. except that we were playing power rangers and i wanted to be the red one but i HAD to be the pink one because i was a girl and i got really mad lol


You looked up at him while he talked about something from a movie, your eyes shining with admiration. You were only 7 and him 9, but he was the most important thing in the world for you although he felt the complete opposite about you. You were just some annoying little girl that wouldn’t leave him alone.

You ran around the backyard, following Bucky and Steve. Steve was one of Bucky’s best friend’s and the two were attached at the hip. 

“You can’t play with us!” Bucky roared as he came to a halt.

You crossed your arms over your chest and frowned. “Why can’t I play with you?” 

“Because you’re a girl,” Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. “And girls can’t be astronauts.” 

“Yes, they can!” You stomped your foot down on the damp grass. 

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I literally screamed and rolled around like a fuckin…

The six year olds around me were like wtf is this adult getting so excited about.

Guys I was so emotional.

I spent all of my childhood watching every version of the power rangers.

Hearing that song damn near embarrassed me because I could not contain a primal scream.

My only consolation is that when they formed the MEGAZORD?!

A forty year old man in front of me whooped and did a fist pump.


I’m shook.


1) Billy is the most adorable thing to ever he’s amazing

2) Zach and his mom were ADORABLE also? An Asian boy as the “bad boy” who cuts class? Amazing

3) Kimberly Hart feels so destroyed about hurting someone? I’m in love.

4) We should start a band LEMONADE MOUTH

5) I seriously cried with the Billy thing and after my friend leaned over and was like ‘thank god’ and I seriously though like ahhhhh

6) Did I mentioned I love Billy



9) Trini and Kimberly are gay like that donut thing? 300

10) Okay but every time they said Krispy Kreme I was no longer able to take them seriously

11) Also Naomi Scott and Becky G have said that they want Tommy to be a girl also Trini’s girlfriend which YES

12) Rita was creepy af okay

13) Also I straight up died when they played “Go Go Power Rangers”

14) okay so anyone who has ever seen an episode of Power Rangers ever knows that they loose at first then bind together into their Mega Zord and kick butt but damn this MegaZord was so much better that usual

15) It got dark inn places, man

16) I said “it’s morphin’ time” at the same time he did my friend leaned over and called me a nerd

17) When they only waited for him because they didn’t know how to get out


19) The robot was the best

20) Any of these guys could kick me in the face and I would thank them for it

21) Who else low key ships the OT5?

Anyways Power Rangers is amazing I loved it


I’ve seen a lot of terrible pictures of Anthony Ainley in my time but these are by far the most cursed

I just want to tell you that when I was little girl and I played Power Rangers with my classmates in elementary school, I was always assigned to be the blue or black power ranger because they were the ones nobody wanted.

I always felt frustrated because I wanted to be the pink or yellow rangers but my classmates never let me because ‘you’re not pretty for be them’, so basically I grew up to love the blue and black power ranger (especially the blue, who was at which I played mostly)

And what I want to do with this is that I just watched the Power Rangers and cry all the time because at last my boy Billy had the love and recognition he deserves and this movie only served to validate my love for him.

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christ. Power Rangers was GREAT. I was fucking trembling and squirming in my seat when I got to see the Zords in action, man, not to mention my embarrassing scream when they played the original song.

Also, I was just….

I forgot the pink ranger had a JET. 

And I was like, creeping out the children around me cuz I was like, chanting “come on, come on, combine combine, combine….”

And then when they DID.

And I got to see the SWEET NEW MEGAZORD dESIGN. 

I lost my shit.

As did.

The forty year old man in front of me who fist pumped.


A squad of nerds my age in the front row clapped. 



I wanted to die, I was so happy. 

Felt like a child, that’s what Power Rangers did to me.

I really feel like they built up to it really well too? Some people complained it was like Godzilla, like, they want to see the Power Rangers, not the personal lives of the human beings, but I felt like we NEEDED to be introduced to these people in order to care about them and to genuinely want to see them succeed.

And then in the end?

YEAH you desperately wanted to see them morph and then USE THEIR ZORDS and beat Rita and KICK ASS IN MEGAZORD.

So I was very satisfied. 

I loved this movie. 

What Happens In Toronto

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  • Warnings: language, it think that is it.
  • Authors note: The conversations between dad and daughter in the beginning are actual conversations I had with my father about Matthews,
  • This is so long, I am sorry omg, but it is worth it I swear.
  • This is my first time writing fanfic for a hockey player so, hopefully you like it

You had always been a New York Rangers fan, ever since your dad got you into to hockey. There was no question about it, your dad was always joking and teasing about how he would disown you if you became a fan of another team. You knew he wasn’t completely serious, but you knew how pissed he would be if you did. If you so much as mentioned even thinking a hockey player was attractive on another team, he wouldn’t be pleased.

Just your luck though, you ended up liking quite a few hockey players of various teams. There was just one though that really caught your attention, and you weren’t really sure why, there was just something about him. Auston Matthews, number 34 on the Toronto Maple Leafs. You honestly had no clue who he was until the NHL All Star game. You saw him, and you immediately knew you were screwed. You tried to keep it a secret from you dad, but he eventually found out.

Your dad found out when you were in the middle of watching the Rangers play against the Flames. You were both sitting on the couch, and he was focused on the game, but all you could think about was when, and if the Rangers were going to play Toronto soon, just so you could see Auston. You tried to discreetly bring it up, so you looked at your dad and said,

“Hey, dad, um, random question, but will the Rangers ever play Toronto, you know, The maple leafs?”

Your dad just gave you a look, and you knew you fucked up. “I don’t know, why?”

“No reason, just wondering.” A few minutes went by and nothing was said. Expect for a few yells at the game.

Your dad suddenly broke the silence when he looked at you and said, with his arms crossed, “Who the fuck do you like on Toronto?”  

“I don’t, I didn’t, how did you-?” you sputtered out as quickly as possible, but he cut you off.

“You wanna know how I know? It’s the only other team where you knew the city and the team name.”

All you could say was, “oh” before he continued talking.

“So are you gonna tell me who it is? Actually let me guess. It’s Matthews isn’t it? Hmm?”

You felt your face heat up, and you let out a small, “yes.” Your dad continued talking.

He continued to go on and lecture you about rookies in the league, and about how he didn’t really like them. “I hope you know that all rookies in the league his age all all cocky little shits. They also don’t last very long, they get like one good year, and then they burn out, and you never hear about them again.”

“Okay dad, whatever you say,” you shot at him, while rolling your eyes.

A few days went by without another mention of Auston, until you were watching food network, and there was a show on and the host was in Toronto eating some amazing looking food. So, you, slightly knowing what this would turn into, looked at your dad and said, “Dad, you should take me to Toronto sometime, and take me to that restaurant so we can get whatever it was that they just made. It looks amazing.”

Your dad shot back, through a chuckle, “No the fuck I’m not.”

“Uh, why? What’s wrong with Toronto.” You replied, knowing full well what he was about to say.

“You know what. Matthews. So basically fuck Toronto, I am not taking you, we are Americans.”

“Dad, come one. Really, we should go sometime! I know you love food, we could go and have great food there. Why won’t you take me?”

“You wanna know why? You know what happens in Toronto? Your babies! Also daughters becoming traitors! So why don’t you go buy yourself a maple leafs ticket, and go see a game while you’re at it.”

“You are ridiculous. I love you, but you are ridiculous dad. I just want to go for food, and see to see the cities.”

Three years later:

You sit down next to your boyfriend, and continue the conversation you have had with him many times over the past week. He is currently on vacation because of the holidays, so he decided to surprise you by coming to visit you at your little apartment, in sunny, south, Florida for Christmas.

“Auston, you know you don’t have to come to my family’s Christmas dinner, it’s going to be chaotic. I cannot even begin to tell you. Are you sure? We could always go see your family.” you said to your boyfriend of 8 months.

“(Y/N), I want too. Besides, we’ve been together for 8 months, and I haven’t met your family yet, I think it’s time. Have you even told them about me?” he says to you, as he gives you a small kiss on the lips.

“I have told them, don’t worry. Though, they don’t really know, who you are, or what you do. I couldn’t risk my dad finding out yet that you are ‘The Auston Matthews, of the Maple Leafs.’ I’ve told you about him, so you know.”

“I know, but I’m not worried, I have a feeling that he is going to be more okay with this than you think. Go ahead and call him, let him know you’ll be coming to dinner tomorrow at your grandpa’s, and make sure it’s okay you bring company.” he says.

“Okay, okay. I’ll call now.” you say as you grab your cellphone off the coffee table, and you begin dialing your dad’s number. He picks up the phone and you get a sick feeling in your stomach, so you turn to Auston, and he gives you a reassuring smile.

*Phone call: bold is dad, other is (Y/N)*

Hey, dad!

(Y/N), I was just about to call you. Are you coming to dinner tomorrow?

Actually, that’s why I was calling. I am, also I wanted to know, is it okay if I bring company along? Just one person.

Yeah, that’s fine. Who is it?

My boyfriend, Auston.

Oh! So, we finally get to meet him? Wait, he’s here to visit and you didn’t tell us?

Sorry, We’ve been… busy, I’ve been showing him around town and everything.

It’s okay, I understand. I’m just messing, I look forward to meeting this, infamous Auston you talk about so much.

Okay, I look forward to it too, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you, Bye!

Love you too.

*call over*

You hang up the call, and look at Auston and sigh.

“Well, what did he say?”

“He says you can come, and he looks forward to meeting you. We better get to sleep though, it’s almost 11.” you say, as you head to your bedroom, and Auston gets up and follows.

You wake the next morning, nervous as can be. Though, you can only really smile at the position you are in. You woke up with Auston’s arms around you, so how could you not be happy about that? You tried to slowly wiggle your way out of his arms so you could get ready for the day. You tried your best not to wake him because he looks so peaceful when he slept, but you failed. Once he woke and realized you were trying to get out of bed he only held on tighter.

“Auston,” You whined, “We have to get up and get ready. We have to be at my grandpa’s at 12:00, and it’s already almost 11:00.”

“Fine, I’ll let go, But only if you stay for 5 more minutes with me.

“Well, how could I say no to 5 more minutes with you?” you say and then he unwillingly lets go.

5 minutes go by, like he asked for, then you two get up and pick out your clothes for the day. You decide on wearing a knee length red dress, and a black cardigan with a pair of black flats. Auston settles for a blue button down, and a pair of black jeans and dress shoes. Once you both are ready, you grab your purse and head out the door. 20 minutes later you are pulling into your grandpa’s driveway, and that sick feeling wells up in your stomach again.

“Are you still sure you want to meet my family? I mean we can still go back home.” You say

Auston was already out of the car. There was no going back, though he practically had to drag you out of the passenger seat and to the door. You stand there silently for a few moments, then with shaky hands, reach up and ring the door bell. You grandpa’s yelled to come in, and so you grabbed Auston’s hand and went in.

You say hello as soon as you walk in, your dad looks at you, still yet to notice Auston. He gives you a big hug, then you hear your grandpa, “(Y/N), who is this?”

You begin to reply, “Oh, this is my-” but as you do, your dad takes notice to who is standing behind you.

He gives you a questioning look and says, “boyfriend, apparently. Auston Matthews, which she didn’t bother to specify. Auston Matthews of the Maple Leafs.”

“wait so, you’re telling me my granddaughter is dating a professional hockey player and she didn’t tell us.”

You nervously laughed, grabbed Auston’s hand for comfort and said, “um, surprise?”

The next few hours minutes were awkward, and that’s all there is to say. Your dad kept glaring at you and Auston. Your two younger sisters kept teasing you two. Your grandpa kept prying at Auston to see if he could get him tickets to a hockey game, for free. Your mom just stayed out of it, and drank her wine. Finally, you sat down for dinner. 5 minutes into dinner, your dad broke the silence by asking you two, “so, how did you two meet?”

“well, I did what you said. I took my money and visited Toronto, and while I was there I went to a Maple Leafs home game, against the rangers actually. That was 3 years ago.”


You were actually doing this. You were in Toronto by yourself. You were going to a Maple Leafs vs. Rangers game. God, you’d give more than anything to meet Auston Matthews. As of the moment you are driving to the arena, giddy to see this game. You chose to arrive early to the rink, in hopes to see pre-skate. When you got into the arena they were already on the ice practicing. You stood there at your seat, right by the glass, taking it all in. You finally spotted Auston and he took your breathe away, and he saw you too. He smiled at you, and you nearly fainted. All during pre-skate he kept stealing glances at you, and you noticed. He eventually gestured for you to walk to where the locker room entry is. You did, of course you would. You were so nervous, you had no idea what was happening. He looked up at you and said, “look, I know this might be a little straightforward, but you’re really pretty. There is something about you I like, but I don’t know what. If you want, after the game, Maybe we could exchange numbers? I would like to get to know you. Oh, by the way, what’s your name? I should’ve asked that first…”

“My name is (Y/N), and I would love that. I’ll meet you back here after the game?”

“yes, that would be great. I best get back now, before coach beats my ass.”

You let out a small chuckle, you knew this was the start of something wonderful.

*flashback over*

You and Auston finished telling everyone the story of how you met, “so, yeah. We ended up talking and being friends for like 2 years, then he asked me out. Now we have been together for 8 months.” You said, and to finish Auston quickly shot in, “I’m so glad I smiled at her in the arena that day.”

“well, Auston, as long as you treat her well, I couldn’t care less what team you play on. Just be good to her.” Your dad politely said to Auston.

“I will, sir.” Auston replied, then looked at you, and kissed you on the cheek. You felt your face redden, as he just kissed you in front of your family.

Right in that moment, you knew you loved him. You knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You wanted to be (Y/N) Matthews, and 5 years later, who would’ve thought that you’d be coming back home as such, and even more so, you’d be coming back home to tell your dad that he was right all along. Your dad was right all along that babies really do happen in Toronto. You were happy. You don’t know what you would’ve done if you hadn’t gone to Toronto those years ago, and exchanged that glance, and a smile.

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Let me share with you why I love this movie so much. Unironically. Like, I think t his movie is awesome. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was my fucking show. I watched it all the time. Back when you had to actually know when shows came on the tv to watch them. This was my freaking show. I had bed sheets. I had toys. I STILL have some of the toys. I still watch Might Morphin’ Power Rangers the Movie because it’s awesome and I love every second of that freaking movie that makes no damn sense. I remember how emotional I was when Tommy lost his powers but then came back as the White Ranger.

So, this movie. Ugh. I love this movie. Every reference. Every cameo. When “Go Go Power Rangers” started freaking playing I felt like a fucking kid again.

I just. I have a lot of feelings okay. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here being emotional about a kids television show from my child hood and the awesome reboot movie.