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I think this has been done before but Shawn is super drunk and his s/o makes a move on him like kissing him or something and he's like "noooo I have a girlfriend" cause he doesn't recognise her because he's wasted af.

a/n: I’m so tired right now i hope this makes sense, also if my s/o forgot who i was when they were drunk oooo boy, but this is cute!

“You good?” you ask, looking up at your boyfriend as he stumbles drunkenly next to you. 

It’s a Friday night and he’s free - a rarity what with his busy schedule and rock star lifestyle – so you’d decided to spend it getting wasted with his mates. Seemed like a good idea at first until Shawn bought shots for the table and things went to hell. 

You’ve sobered up a little, having chugged a couple of pints of water back at the club, but Shawn, however – is wasted.

His skin glows in his intoxicated state, the blood in his body meeting his skin to wave hello and his hair is tousled, eyes rimmed red – a personification of liquor induced bad decisions. 

He’s so pretty though, and it’s honestly annoying how he can look so good while stumbling over himself in a half buttoned dress shirt while dropping a bottle of water onto the pavement at 3 in the morning. He picks it up quickly.

Shawn turns to you after he’s registered your question, and he looks down at you, nodding, saying “Baby, I’m having the best time of my life” and he bends down and leaves a long lasting, saliva laden kiss to your forehead. 

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First Kiss

(Based off of this post by @wyattghouleff) // They’re about my age (15/16) in this // Warning for kissing IG

Summary: Richie and Eddie’s first date

WC: A short 969

Eddie shouldn’t be surprised.

As long as they’ve known each other, Richie’s been chaotic. His curls are always unruly. Holes pattern his mud-stained sneakers beneath ripped up old jeans. His elbows and hands and knees are often graced with band-aids for the scrapes he gets falling off his bike or tripping when he’s running. Every other word out of his mouth would make a sailor blush. Richie’s loud and messy and the definition of chaos-

And he loves Pop Rocks.

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Yo what up my buddy @rawrzimon tagged me on this (much love to you bby <3) so I gotta come through. He’s some info about yours truly. 

Were you named after anyone?

I was, actually. It’s a goddess. I’ll let you try and guess which one. 

When was the last time you cried?

Man I honestly don’t remember, must’ve been sometime last month? earlier this month? It wasn’t a sad cry though. Just a couple of happy tears.

Do you like your handwriting?

When I write on paper I do. My handwriting suffers heavily when I write digitally and it just looks like I have Parkinson’s. But on paper it’s cursive and elegant because I’ve always been obsessed with calligraphy and writing letters (actually writing letters, like parchment and inkwells and wax seals and bullshit).  

Here’s a fact for you: I collect writing quills. 

What’s your favorite lunch meat?

Parma ham, but I haven’t eaten it in years. I don’t really eat red meat anymore if I can help it. Specially pork.

Do you have kids?

(that’s a strong no)

If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?

Mmmmmmmmmmhyeah I would. It would probably be madness for some stuff…but having two pairs of my hands is a dream come true to get shit done. We’d be so productive, oh damn. 

Do you use sarcasm?

Do you still have your tonsils?

I do and it’s a miracle that they’re still there. They’re the only reason I get ill sometimes (not it’s gotten way better, only had a cold once this year) and whenever I catch a cold, it always goes to my fucking throat because of them.

I really should consider getting them removed… they’re a pair of traitors.

Would you bungee jump?

Sure. I’d probably have a fucking stroke mid-hair and hit my head killing me instantly, but it would be fun for the 5 seconds that I’d remain conscious. I really love new, potentially deadly experiences.

What’s your favorite cereal?

I don’t eat cereal. But if I had to choose then… I guess cheerios? I don’t fucking know my dude.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I only wear boots, baby. They either have no laces or they’re military boots in which case you gotta.

Do you think you are a strong person?

In which sense, dog? Physically? I am. Emotionally? I am, too. Except when it involves animals being hurt. Then I’m a motherfucking candy ass and will cry if I can’t help them. And if you abuse your pets, I will cry on your face while I punch it. 

What’s your favorite ice cream?

I really like just plain Belgian chocolate ice cream. But there was a place near my house that put bits of brownie in it? That shit is my jam.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Usually hair and smile are pretty high up on the list. Also hands. 

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

I literally don’t give enough fucks about appearance to have a “least fave physical thing” about me or anyone to be honest. And I’m not tryna be special. I just don’t think about it so I don’t have an answer, sorry. 

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

Dude I’m home wearing comfy shit. And by that I mean I’m wearing an exceedingly long plaid shirt and no fucking pants or shoes so how do I answer your question, homie?

What are you listening to right now?

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

…Take a wild fucking guess.

Favorite smell?

Have you ever smelled the skin of someone you love when they’re fresh out of the shower?…..

Well my fave smells are new books, petrichor, and freshly cut grass. Also when you open a new box of MTG cards. Amazing. 

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?

That would be my dad. 

Favorite sport to watch?

I don’t. But when I do, then baseball and football. The american kind. 

Hair color?
Dark red. 

Eye color?

Hazel. Which is the gayest fucking word ever like who came up with-

Do you wear contacts?

My vision is crazy good. So no need.

Favorite food?

Sushi. And I want you to know that there wasn’t even a second of hesitation here. 

Scary movie or comedy?

Comedy, bro. Who doesn’t love laughing.

Last movie you watched?

The Last Unicorn, somehow.

What color shirt are you wearing?

Red plaid. 

Summer or winter?

Winter. You can take that summer bullshit away from me. 

Hugs or kisses?

From whom? 

Book you’re currently reading?

The Sword of Destiny. Again.

Who do you miss right now?

Just @turrkoise. But boy howdy do I miss her. 

What’s on your mouse pad?


I use an MTG playing mat as a mouse pad. Catch me over here innovating.

What’s the last TV program you watched?

Game of Thrones, I think. 

What’s the best sound?

The laugh of a very specific person came to mind, so that. But I won’t tell you who that is. It’s classified.

Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Rolling Stones. 

What’s the furthest you ever traveled?

I guess Paris? I’m broke. I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to. 

Do you have a special talent?

I draw things and people look at them and sometimes go “neat”.

Where were you born?

Your dreams, babygirl. Be seeing ya there tonight.

Alright this was fun I tag……ugh anyone who wants to do this. Peace out.

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Can you do a scenario for 2p! (America and Canada) where they defend their crush bc she was being hartases by this guy and they beat him up and they've got a couple of bruises like a broken lip and nose and the S/O is like stop let me at least fix your wounds. When they're home she asks them why would they do that. How would they react to this and the S/o's actions? What would they feel?

Coming right up! Sorry this took so long! -Admin Jay

2p America: 
Allen looked at them as he laughed, despite the annoyance of his nose being broken…again…he didn’t really feel a thing. 
“Let me clean you up…”
Allen shook his head and got ready to crack his nose back into place before they grabbed his hands and bit their lip. He sighed as he relented, besides if it gave him time to feel their hands on him, why would he say no?
“Alright, fine, sugar. Clean me up.”
They guided him down to a seat as they began to clean up his small scrapes and cuts before looking at him.
“Why did you defend me?”
Allen stared down into their eyes as he raised an eyebrow. Why would he defend them? More like, why wouldn’t he? He was crazy about them, besides cat-calling is a shitty thing to do anyways. 
“Why? Because why the fuck not? I would gladly deck some more assholes who think about cat-calling. Hell, I’ll do it for free!”
They laughed quietly and shook their head, which made Allen smile slightly. That’s what he wanted. He wanted them to be okay. He watched them with softer ruby eyes as they cleaned him up before they wiped the blood off his face, but he watched them hesitate as they got to his nose.
“Don’t worry, sugar, I got this. I’ve had too many broken noses in my life.”
Without hesitating he cracked his nose back into place and chuckled as he watched them squirm…fuck they were cute…
“Hey sugar…”
“Yeah, Allen?”
“How about for a thank you, you and I grab some food?”
“Sounds fair enough…”

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Just talked to the kids’ main CPS caseworker. I asked when the next court date is. December or January. The rest of my kids had court all the time, at least once a month. These kids last had court on August 28th. What the actual fuck? And that CPS caseworker quit a couple days later so no one even knows what happened during that court date. Neither current CPS caseworker has any timeline for termination. Looks like I’m going to have to wait until December or January for any answers. I’m guessing there is little chance rights will be terminated in March.

This case kills me. I worry I may not have the stamina and then I hate myself. I feel… checked out. Like I’m just kind of done with Texas and it’s (past) time to move on. Our rent is crazy expensive (and I hate throwing away money on rent when we could be paying a mortgage instead), I don’t get along with the majority of people here (I’m far too Jewish and liberal and blunt), I want to be with adults and I want (need) a break from being a full time mom. I’m finding myself hiring my babysitter frequently just to escape for an hour or two (I NEED to get out of the house and it is such a shit show with the two older kids). Gd I’m selfish.

I should delete that. Whatever. I don’t like me right now either. J and I are going on our first date since getting the kids tomorrow night. I should be excited but I’m so worn out I rather just go to bed early. What’s wrong with me? I handled 4 kids while hugely pregnant. Now I just have 3 and am on the struggle bus. But I’ve always had timelines and updates. Maybe the not knowing is getting to me. Especially when so many future plans hang on every update.

Also, I’m feeling that foster care loneliness. You know it. You’re talking to your friends and they don’t get it. It’s not their fault, they can’t understand. But it’s still lonely. Sigh.

I’m trying to end this on a happy note but I’m struggling. Um. My husband still loves me enough to ask me on a date. No one I know personally has died recently (am I the only one who just kind of waits for bad news?). Our pets are all healthy. I don’t know anyone personally with a terminal illness (I spent my Saturday down a weird rabbit hole of reading about Mormon mommy bloggers and their husbands that randomly die, forgive me). Anyway. I feel pretty lucky. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me not to whine.

Keith x sweet tooth! Reader

REQUEST: Imagine the reader having a really big sweet tooth and Keith having a crush on them and decides to get them something on a nearby planet but when he tries to give it to them he runs into every Paladin on the way and a couple of them start to catch on that he’s hiding something like Lance but when he finally gets it to them they’re really moved and a confession ensues  

A/N: I hope it’s okay if I make this at a space mall on a planet. Because I started writing this and went back over at the prompt and saw it was supposed to be on a planet so I said screw it. Also to help me, lets say this happens between season 3 and 4

Originally posted by cryopcds

Keith looked back at Y/n and noticed them walking away to explore. Hunk went off to apparently find someone who he had met before when he went to the space mall. Pidge and Lance went to the store where they got Kaltenecker to see if they could get anything new. And Shiro followed behind them like the good dad he is. Keith looked up at a mall map. He looked around trying to pin point a food court. Or a sweet store of some sort.

Eventually he realized he has no idea how to read the map so he decided to just wing it. He walked into a store that he remembered as a store that had artifacts from other planets. He walked around looking at the items, unfortunately for him most of them weren’t from Earth or even food.

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Do you prefer erasermic or erasermight?

Erasermic has more of an edge for me since their stupid dynamic always makes me laugh. Erasermight is a much softer couple. At least when I look at doujinshi or fanart of them, since they have such different personalities, there tends to be some kind of gentle theme where they learn and grow from being with each other. That’s generally how their relationship seems to work in the manga too. But Erasermic…. they’re sassing and smacking each other all the time since they’ve been friends since high school. LMAO.

So in conclusion, Erasermight is the soft couple while Erasermic is the “I’m-this-close-to-kicking-your-ass-oh-and-my-fingers-are-already-touching-you-better-run” couple.

Attack On Titan Chapter 98 Thoughts

I finally got around to writing about this chapter!

The main reason why I didn’t do this post earlier was because I didn’t find anything to say that I hadn’t said in previous chapters when I first read it. I’ve reread it a couple of times since and grown to like it more, but it’s still a lot of the same.

At the very least, I can say it’s not actually my least favorite chapter of the series as I initially did. (That honour probably goes to parts of the serumbowl because that stuff has the most contrived parts of the story in my opinion, especially if you look at everything before and after.)

I like the warrior kids. Falco is a sweet cinnamon roll - in fact probably the most selfless and sweet character in the series. Gabi is still a victim of the system as firmly as she possibly can be and it’s sad. She shares her cluelessness with Eren in more ways than one.

She’s clueless about Falco’s feelings, but more importantly, again, the system they’re living under.

This is why I didn‘t feel like doing this post - this idea has been repeated into oblivion at this point with different characters and different situations throughout this whole arc.

It’s once again going back to the idea that she has good intentions, but this only makes things worse because she doesn’t see “the real enemy”. “Smile.” she tells her friends, but if you really don’t feel that way, that just leads to more misery. She thinks about all these manipulative ways to get what she wants, but if she kept going like that, it would eventually lead to her becoming an actual devil, as Zofia says.

This is also something black people and perhaps people from the Middle East countries face - people tell them to smile, so they wouldn’t feel so threatening to them. The story clearly knows how racism works and how an oppresive system affects people.

Tybur continues to be very accepting of his role - this is something we also already learned last chapter. However, the line about the crumbling house and rats definitely foreshadows, that yes, this system will fall apart. 

Gabi’s words imply that, too.

Eren’s talk with his grandfather is simply another example of a victim of the system. Yes, he wasn’t a good father, but nobody really deserves the kind of punishment the Marleyans gave the Eldians.

The talk about baseball tells me that Eren and Zeke have somehow communicated with each other and that they probably arranged the whole thing with Reiner going to the basement and getting his own basement reveal, too, which is the one very cool thing about this chapter.

This whole thing is coming to an end soon - hopefully it’s a rewarding one.

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The wedding had been beautiful; there wasn’t a dry eye in the church as you and Steve said your handwritten vows to each other. You had looked over at Bucky several times during the ceremony and each time he looked like he would burst from happiness. Everyone in attendance was overjoyed that you and Steve were finally tying the knot. When you two were pronounced as man and wife and shared your first kiss, the entire crowd cheered and whistled.

Everything had gone off so perfectly you could hardly believe it and now you and Steve were on the way to the happiest place on Earth. It had been Steve’s idea, seeing as how he had come to love Disney movies so much.

“I want us to spend our first days as a married couple in some place that’s filled with magic, cause baby you put the magic in my life,” he said sweetly.

After that how could you say no? So, with bags packed and tickets sorted, you two set out for the airport to board your flight to Florida.

The excitement pouring off Steve was palpable and you couldn’t help get excited yourself. You could have gone anywhere really as long as you were with him. Looking down at your hand that was clasped in his, you gazed at your wedding band.

You wondered if he knew that truly the happiest place on Earth was right here next to him. He looked over at you and smiled before pulling you into a kiss.

“We are going to have so much fun,” he said as you two broke apart.

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Can you give us a tu-toriel on how to draw Anastasia?

Sure thing anon! I’ll be including a lot of tips too if you don’t mind.
Keep in mind that I use Clip Studio Paint, and some of the tools may not be in other digital apps. Also, I am not a professional and am a self-taught artist, so some of the things here may not be true or there’s a better way to do it. 

Step 1: Sketch

I like to use a layering brush to sketch. The more you draw over it, the darker it is. This is very helpful when planning out your your drawing. When drawing the base, I feel like I don’t need to add detail to the feet and arms considering that it’s going to be covered by clothes, so I draw it into the base. For the flowers in her right eye, I draw a couple flowers in different areas and fill the gaps with flower petals, making it look like a clump of flowers.

Step 2: Line art

Line art is pretty hard, especially when you’re trying to get nice, straight lines. But there’s a setting to the brush that you can enable called “stability”. It creates a drag to the brush, so you have more control over it. I turn the stability on the highest setting, but you can play around with it to fit your preferences. I make any needed adjustments at this step before heading on the the next one.

Step 3: Coloring

For coloring, I use the fill tool, and here’s a tip to fill the area of the lineart:

The referred layer option makes it so that any of the layers underneath it will refer to it, such as how you can turn on “refer to other layers” option for the fill tool and it fills in the area of the line art. 

The line pattern in Anastasia’s top is pretty easy to do, thanks to the magic wand tool, which is also called the Auto select tool! 

What it looks like:

What it basically does is do a selection, which is represented by a dotted line (it’s kind of hard to see in the picture above). Once you tap the wand in an area you want to color, and it makes a selection, you can use a drawing tool. The drawing tool WILL ONLY fill the selected space. Any marks made outside the selection won’t appear. You can only make selections on the layer you’re on, but it’s adjustable. The preset of the wand is to “refer edited layer only to select”, but there’s two other options: “refer other layers to select” which refers to every layer, and “refer only to referred layer to select”, which refers only to your referred layer. I use the second one to get a selection to color in Anastasia’s top.

Step 4: Shading

When shading, I always set the layer option to “Darken”, and choose a dark color (I never use black). Then I use a watercolor brush to shade because it makes it smooth. After that, I erase over the shading with the soft eraser to lighten it instead of changing the layer opacity. This is so I can control which areas in the shading I want to be lighter and which areas I want to be darker. 

Hope this helps!


Okay so I am a biggg drarry shipper, dramione was you know my and most of the shipper’s notp. Everytime I see dramione I would get confused and be like: your wrong it’s drarry. But never full on pissed. Moving on….


I LOVE SPROUSEHART LIKE HOLY MOLEY!!! I love everything about it, and what the people within the community do. I saw this post saying: when coleneti shippers come hating. And I was so confused. I’m like..what? Who?? And so I look up that tag…it’s cole and KJ… now I heard probably once or twice of people mentioning this ship and trying to make it to be a couple. But to see this tag. I am..Ive never been more livid of a ship before. Just. It’s not even the fact that it’s a kJ and cole ship it’s the fact that within their post and nonsense they try to make Lilli and SH to be bad. Using it to show how Lilli uses the ship it to get followers…Saying how Cole does things with KJ that he would never do to Lilli. How what kJ and him have is deep and how Lilli and cole ask is all on the surface. I’ve just..im so mad at it. People can have their opinions and what not, but I just…we don’t disprove other ships (the SH community) we just point things out (I.e scarf, or jackets, or smiles they share) and etc. Like??? I don’t know I’m sorry guys but I don’t know how that ship even-how it’s still going.

Yang with Black Hair

This is a very simple edit done by selecting Yang’s hair and changing the hue then adding a couple of touch ups using the brush tool. It only took me like half an hour to do. All rights for the original image go to Roosterteeth. This was done purely for comparison sake.

On another note, I like how they changed Raven’s Design so she looks a lot less like Yang than she did before, when she was just a palette swap.

So I started watching Carmilla...

in preparation for the movie on Thursday.  Gotta say I’m already kinda hooked.  Loving Laura (she’s awkward and makes Harry Potter references… just like me!) and Danny (because hello, having a female Dani/Danny in something when my name is Dani is just awesome, plus she’s super cute and I’m lowkey attracted to her).   

I put some commentary (well okay more just a couple of comments on whatever popped into my head at the time) under the cut, feel free to peruse.

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Back then, in the 80s, what do you think appealed to people about Charles and Diana’s story? Cause when I look back to it you can Kinda see some cracks from the beginning . And am I the only one who thinks that they tried to deceive people and trying to say we’re still in love by showing PDA? Kate and William don’t show a lot of PDA in public because they don’t have anything to prove but it’s like Charles and Diana did.

They were the fairytale. She was a young, beautiful woman and he was a real life prince. It was the biggest royal wedding in decades and everyone imagined that they were the perfect couple. Then they had their little boys in such quick succession. They were the perfect little family. I think it’s easy to say that there were cracks in hindsight but at the time most people saw nothing but love between them. And both Charles and Diana said that there was a lot of love between them in the early days so I don’t think they were trying to deceive anyone. Diana was a very overly affectionate person and I think no matter who she was married to, you would have seen that level of PDA. Some couples like engaging in PDA, others don’t. 

Falling in love is no simple task.

Sure, there are many beautiful women out there that catch your eye.

But what makes love so special is that it’s about a connection. It’s more than skin deep. 

Love is about being vulnerable.

Love is about finding your best friend.

That’s why you have to create opportunities to fall in love.

Find activities to do together. Of course you should go on dates and do things that are your common interests…

…but going beyond your comfort zone and doing something new is an excellent way to grow as a couple.

Look for exciting activities that you can both share, like going on a roller coaster or watching a scary movie. 

These intense experiences create a bond. 

Plus, when she’s scared she might just snuggle closer to you!

Ask each other questions. Find out where she’d like to be in ten years. 

Ask her about her life and talk about art together.

See how you both interpret things.

Remember, it’s not about having the same opinions but rather learning to see the world anew through someone else’s eyes.

-lance’s guide to falling in love

bonus: how to look cool

“My mom doesn’t believe in love. I think she stopped after my dad painted her soft skin with the harsh colors of blue and purple one too many times. Or maybe it was after the nights he came home smelling of cheap perfume she’d never wear. Or no, I bet she stopped when he picked their son as the canvas for his unwarranted anger. Growing up, she’d tell me that she’d pray God would make her heart like stone, like the rocks that the sea beats against over and over; she craved their inability to feel. She claims her prayers were answered, but sometimes, when she sees old couples walking hand in hand still very much in love, she turns to me with a sad smile and reveals that she always thought that’d be her and him and I have to look away. That smile, it’s her achilles heel; it tells of her shattered dreams and whispers softly of her broken heart.

My mom doesn’t believe in love. As soon as I could understand the concept she drilled it into my head that there was no such thing. She thought it was a waste of time, sneered at those who tried to say it was one of the things worth living for. Unnecessary, dangerous was how she described it. She said she’d be damned if I fell into its trap and ruined my life for a boy that would leave me broken.

Now I don’t know how to tell her that I feel the things she warned against. I dont know how to tell her that my heart jumps when I look into his eyes or press my lips to his. I don’t know how to tell her that I fell for a boy with plain brown eyes and a smile that reminds me of the sun. I don’t know how to tell her that I gave him my heart and now he has the power to ruin me.

She’s going to be so disappointed.”

- n.g //

Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒