when they looked like a couple


Okay, not mather how much proof there is, we can’t be a 100% sure they are dating. Even though we would like to belive it!
And we shouldn’t pressure them, because its annoying for them constantly getting told to do this and that with eachother. We need to respect their privacy. I love coming on Tumblr seeing fans investigate, please keep doing that! But don’t comment on their Instagram saying that they should date or something.
With all that being said, whether they are dating or not, we can’t deny their connection. Both in their friendship and as a couple (bughead). They have a special dynamic and when they look at eachother its like they are the only ones in the room. I think its very beautiful.
They have a speciel chemistry. We can see it in their acting and when they’re not.

Anyway, I hope this rant made just a little sence. I love both of them and I’m such a sucker for Bughead and Sprousehart (so ofc I have my fingers crossed, Ahah)

iamdarkandtwisty  asked:

Hey, I've been told you're the one person to ask when looking for a fanfic. I got inspired by thise HP/Riverdale post and now I really want some Bughead Hogwarts AU with Hufflpuff Betty (or any Betty) and Ravenclaw Jughead. Do you know where I could find something like that?

OOOh I have only seen a couple on Ao3 and neither is complete.

What Goes On Inside by wings_g_leviosa  - Jug is a Hufflepuff and Betts is a Ravenclaw though.

The Darkest of Times by writing_as_tracey - Betts is a Hufflepuff but Juggie is a Slytherin. *This is actually part of a series - the first one (Light and Dark) isn’t shippy though but explains why the kids are in which houses. It’s also super good. 

It would be a shame if we didn’t have more HP/Riverdale crossovers though - We need all the fic! Writers - get on it! :D

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Curly relationship headcannons?? some Tim ones too?? please and thank u that'd b lovely


  • curly likes middle class people 
  • very overprotective, and very cliche 
  • like some yawning and putting his arm over you type of shit 
  • you two would be polar opposites on the outside, but end up being a lot alike 
  • when you two first got together, he had a really hard time opening up to you, but a couple months down the line this boy didn’t hide a single thing from you 
  • he’s a jealous boyfriend (like it’s kind of ridiculous)
  • gives you his jacket if you’re cold
  • you will never walk home alone as long as you and curly are together. You could’ve just had the biggest fight and he’d still walk you home.
  • speaking of fights 
  • when ya’ll are cuddling and having a lazy day and shit, i feel like he loves the classic spoon position(he’s always the big spoon tho)
  • da cutest boyfriend :’-)


  • dad boyfriend
  • not daddy but like 
  • i mean yeah also daddy 
  • but 
  • moving on 
  • if you thought curly was overprotective BITCH YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING 
  • my mans would like an intelligent person
  • i could see him helping you with school work and shit, yes.
  • PDA is a minimum but he always has his arm wrapped around your waist or holding your hand
  • he likes when you sit in his lap 
  • one hand on the wheel the other gripping ur thigh😣😣😩
  • will fight anything and everything that fucks with ya’ll
  • him and dally would have gotten in at least one fight because of dallas flirting with you 
  • i love tim <3

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HC's for Scotty's first time seeing y/n in rly bold lipstick like red? ;3;

-It’s shore leave. actually, your first shore leave together as a couple!. when you choose to wear a bright red lipstick. 

-Scotty is floored by you. One he didn’t know you were so bold. Or that your lips could look better in anything other than your normal regulation-approved chapstick.

-Don’t get him wrong the rest of you looks drop dead gorgeous. But those lips.

-While you sit at the table of the other officers talking, laughing drinking, he doesn’t stop staring at your mouth, no doubt imagine them on his own. 

-You cheekily stand up and excuse yourself to the bathroom, giving Scotty a subtle nod to follow.

-”Christ,” he mutters under his breath. hastily, and conspicuously running after you.

-Jim turned to Chekov simply holding out his hand waiting for his payment, uttering a simple, “Told you.”

-You pull him into one of the stalls, crashing your lips onto his. moaning at the taste of scotch on his tongue. 

- He pulls back but a moment asking, “Lass you sure?” and as confidently as you can muster you say, “let’s see how ‘kiss-proof’ this brand is.”

-Then it’s on. All grabbing hands fulls of shirt and thighs. Hands threading through hair, lips on lips. Lips and open mouths on necks and jaws. It just might be one of the best make-out sessions of your life.

-When you two are done, panting, gasping for air you groom his hair into place straightening his shirt. “Head back out. I’m going to reapply,” he asks you if he looks fine. you reply, “handsome.”

-Trusting you, not even thinking. Scotty in all his great dignity returns to the table with red splotches coving his face and neck. Chekov hands off another payment of credits to Jim.

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So, like. We've been getting quite a few shots of Yusaku's eyes. Like just his eyes. And so, the group chat I'm on in discord suggested that, they're important somehow. What do you think? (we also came up with a depressing storyline where SOL removes his eyes bc they need them for plot oops)

I’m gonna hone in on that last sentence because lmao you can’t just come at me with that in parenthesis, that’s the damn headliner idea.

Not that this is the first time I’m seeing it. I personally saw @descendant-of-truth propose this theory first, a couple days ago. And when I saw read it, I just sort of sat there looking at my hands in utter despair. In a good way, I promise!

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ToT for Okita-san: Did you know right away that Kaoru was a male? If so, how did you know?

“Maybe not right away,” says Okita. “But based on the way he was acting the first couple times we met, I knew something was off about him, so I started looking at him a little more closely. And that’s when I noticed…” He points at his throat, grinning. “There are some things crossdressing and makeup can’t hide. You can pad a dress all you like, pitch your voice as high as you can, act as feminine as you want, but your body will always give you away in the end. He’s just lucky every other man in Kyoto is apparently an idiot.”

So yesterday I spent my day off paddle boarding with this guy I’ve been dating. Everything was going great, weather was perfect, and then I heard a familiar voice.

I looked over and like 30 yards away I saw my ex, his boss, and a few of his coworkers also out on the water. I had a hat and big sunglasses on so I figured they wouldn’t recognize me and I just kept paddling in the opposite direction. I took a few snaps when I made it to the beach, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and paddled back to the rental shop.

My ex had finally stopped watching my Snapchat stories a couple of weeks ago and I figured he had finally just unfollowed me and moved on. But when I checked this morning I saw that he had watched all of them. So I can only imagine that he did spot me and recognize me (the owl tattoo on my back makes it pretty obvious) and he was creeping to figure out what I was doing with some other guy. I’ve been on the fence about blocking him from seeing my snaps. On one hand, he’s not doing anything to bother me like trying to reach out. But it’s also just fucking weird having someone haunting your Snapchat stories a month after a breakup. Maybe I’m just overreacting. But the whole thing is very strange to me.

The Stagecrew Kids Heck it Up (Cover)

So! I figure that, now that it’s summer, I’m gonna need a big-ish thing to keep me busy. 

I’ve also really wanted to have a comic on this blog for the loooongest time. I’ve toyed with a couple of potential plot ideas, but up until a couple weeks ago, I haven’t really had the initiative to do any of them. I eventually said “screw it” and look where we are now.

The Stagecrew Kids Heck it Up is going to be a story about the Stagecrew Kids- Mylo, Scribner, Bennie, and Moon- who, after getting bored of their stagecrew endeavors, decide to go and turf together. And, much to their dismay, nothing goes as planned when they come face to face with one of Inkopolis’ toughest teams. 

I feel like now’s the time to start worldbuilding about the squids and their daily lives, and I’m esctatic to begin writing about them! And it won’t just be the Stagecrew Kids, either- a lot of characters I’ve introduced to the blog are gonna be appearing, too, so that’s pretty neat-o.

Updates to this bad boy are gonna happen on Sundays, so swing by next Sunday to watch everything unfold! (or maybe later today… I’m feeling bad that I’m only giving you guys a cover, but I also need to work on the comic, too. bluuuh)

I’m super excited to begin this, and I hope it ends up being something awesome! Thanks, and enjoy!

William Nylander - Paradise #2

I woke up early in the Morning because I had planned to clean all day. I quickly checked my phone and realized that my latest post on instagram had comments. My friend or she is more like let’s greet when we meet had commented “I am so very jealous!” on it. Also William himself had left a nice little comment that had over 20 likes: “We would make a creat looking couple Aquamarine ;)” I have no idea why, but I felt my cheeks heating.

“AQUA! CARE TO EXPLAIN HOW THE HELL DID YOU END UP TAKING PICTURE WITH WILLIAM THE NYLANDER?” Laguna yelled from somewhere. I got up from my comfy bed and went to kitchen where my sister was staring at the picture I took with William.

“You know him?” I asked confused.
“Have you googled him?” She asked looking at me like I was some crazy person. I just shook my head more confused than ever. Why everyone is making this a big deal? He is just incredibly handsome college hockey player.
“Well do it!” She demanded and I surrended. I opened my laptop and wrote William Nylander on google. I opened wikipedia and I have to admit the first two sentences I read left me in a little shock.

“William Andrew Michael Junior Nylander Altelius born 1 May 1996 is a canadian-born swedish professional icehockey player currently for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League” I read out loud.
“HE PLAYS IN NHL?” I screamed. Laguna just shook her head and laughed a little.

“Daddy would kill you if he found out that you didn’t know a player from his favorite team.” Laguna said as I still was reading the wikipedia text.
“I hope I never see him again. I freaking told him that I have no idea who he is!” I said embarrassed.

“No.. No you didn’t.” Laguna said laughing her ass off. I shot her a death glare and went back to my room. I shared aparment with Laguna since we both studied at the same school that was like two hours away from our home. I enjoyed living with Laguna even though she can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
She was studying biology and I am studying psychology. She is a lot like our parents. They both studied biology and all three of them love icehockey. I can’t understand a one thing about biology or icehockey, so I feel like I’m outsider sometimes. I don’t like any sports, I’m more interested in why humans do what they do and the way humans behave meanwhile the rest of my family is interested in plants and animals.

“I’M GOING OUT WITH AMANDA!” Laguna announced and before I even got to open my mouth I heard the door shut. It didn’t bother me that my sister liked girls, I was completely fine with it but I don’t really have friends so I have no one to talk about my boy problems. Of course Laguna would listen and probably understand, but I know she hates to talk about boys. I was in the middle of cleaning my room when I heard my phone ring. Without checking who was calling me I answered, I am hundred precent sure it’s my sister.

“Laguna don’t tell me you forgot your keys again.” I half yelled into the phone as I was making my bed.
Woah. Does the watery sea names run in the family?” a deep male voice with accent asked.
“Wait you’re not Laguna.” I said embarrassed. Great, just great.
Well last time I checked my name was William and not Laguna.” William laughed.
“How did you get my number?” I asked confused.
I have my ways. Anyway I was wondering would you like to crab a coffee
someday.. With me
?” He asked suddenly his voice very unsure.
“I don’t drink coffee but I don’t also mind joining you.” I said blushing a little. Is this very nice handsome boy asking me out?
That’s great. Tomorrow?” He asked clearly happy.
“Tomorrow sounds good. And By the way, our parents just happens to love ocean.” I said laughing a little.
I see. I mean Aquamarine was unique but Laguna? Is she your sister?” I heard the swede laugh.
“Yea she is actually my twin. But I have to go, this aparment isn’t gonna clean itself.”
Okay, see you tomorrow beauty.” He said and the line went dead. Beauty? Did that greek god looking swede just call me beauty? I have never been on a date, I’m not even sure if this is a date or a prank. Maybe charity? He could get probably like Kendall Jenner to fall for him so I’m sure this is some misunderstanding. I guess he forgot to wear glasses or then he was drunk I don’t know, but this can’t be true. I kept cleaning the apartment and before I even noticed it was 8pm, and Laguna wasn’t at home. Guess she finally told Amanda about her feelings and now they are doing whoever knows what.

Word count: 845

Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒

ikke snakk til meg
  • we open with sana reciting this surah, which i see as an effort from sana to try and regain focus on her faith (but you should ask the muslims in the fandom <3)
  • very violent online abuse flashes before her eyes, apparently from when she was in middle school (here’s a detailing of the abuse)
  • once again, sana’s prayer is interrupted (it’s always interrupted either by an external character, or by her own thoughts…at the end of the series we’ll see her pray uninterrupted and it will be gorgeous)
  • we get this beautiful shot of literal and metaphorical self reflection. sana is broken after the latest events and she is now trying to pick herself back up (so, of course, she tries to go back to the beginning: the sana we first saw on the show, before it all started)
  • adding the above piece of art for reasons (like to charge/reblog to cast)
  • we’ve seen sana wear very loose hijabs this season, i remember people commenting on it. here, she tightens the fabric around her neck. i see it as her trying to protect herself. she needs all the extra strength she can get. all the extra fabric between her and the world.
  • she tries to reach out for the only friend (we know of) she could have left: jamilla. but we see they never got closure on the “sharmutta incident” and, when sana scrolls up, she is reminded of how much her and jamilla differ from one another. and she gives up.
  • quick note: i am not too happy too see jamilla painted as this hating muslimah but i’ll wait until the end of the series. her comment “i was just trying to protect you” reminds me a lot of sonja, who i hated really badly when she confronted isak during the hotel scene. but who redeemed herself and explained her behaviour in the end.
  • we see their last messages are from january 2016, so just after season 1 if i’m not mistaken? the tension started then and that’s probably why sana and her were already at war during season 2.
  • anyone knows what game the norwegians are playing at the school? it looks like a dance of some sorts: the way they’re placed and the couple is running in between the two groups…
  • isak is wearing a dandelion. from twitter: løvetannbarn (dandelion child) means person that has survived almost impossible upbringing.
  • this time, the lyrics are so on the nose even the beautiful subbers decided to translate some of them: an even song. to me, reminiscent of all the rumours spread about him paralleling the rumours spread about sana right now.
  • we see the pictures from the teaser: isak’s eye, sara (same jacket), noora…
    we’re missing the brown hair with a hand ruffling them and the carrot munching (but i feel like the carrot bit was more symbolic than anything)
  • sana is back to the beginning (see above) except, this time, it’s reversed: she’s not joining the girl squad and the russbuss. she’s leaving both.
  • liar liar pants on fire
  • and she’s not trying to show, like in her first clip where she sassed vilde and told her being a russ was punished by stoning, that she can and will become a russ. she’s instead using her faith as a reason for why she doesn’t want to be a russ. very flippening, much reversal.
  • sana goes to class and…
  • the book is open on a page about dandelions.
  • which brings me to the symbolism of the dandelion. according to google, dandelion translates to “dent de lion” in french which means “lion’s tooth” (i can vouch for that), summoning the symbolic meaning of lions: courage, pride, family (connection/communication). the dandelion is also a sun symbol (#sanasol).
  • we get this exchange that i LOVE but that, unfortunately, is getting misunderstood: sana and isak are awkward around each other but both really want to talk to each other. sana, after looking at isak’s very obvious blackeye, glances at the dandelion in his hair. isak scoffs and takes it off.
    you can’t take a black eye off. you can’t get rid of that barrier between two people. but you can take a flower off. i feel like the flower, here, is a perfect way for them to (in the sweetest way) break the ice. our attention is briefly redirected from the (devastating) black eye to the (hopeful) flower and, for a moment, everything is OK.

[cont. after the “read more”]

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I joined tumblr back in November 2012 because of CS and their beautiful journey that has just begun.

I remember tagging everything “emma x hook” because we didn’t come up with a name yet. I remember everyone analyzing the hell out of Tallahassee and giffing every second of it. I remember how we called each other “beans”.

I remember freaking out about 2x09 because someone posted these photos WEEKS before that episode aired

I remember analyzing pictures from set in which Hook was in docks with Cora and a swan and headcanoning it as cursed Emma (still… why the hell did they brought swans on set???).

I remember crying from joy because look at this gif! In this shot Emma is so close to Hook’s hook! almost like a….. FORESHADOWING??


I remember dying because they gave us hospital scene sneak peek from 2x12 (it happened on my birthday okay, my friend who came over was really scared, that’s how much I was freaking out)

I remember PaleyFest 2013. When the possibility of CS was mentioned for the first time out loud.

And dying again because



I remember how we had nothing for MONTHS. Only a 5 second long scene in 2x15 where Emma knocks Hook out and then talks with Neal about him.

But then the unthinkable happened. We were blessed with these photos from set!!! Memes were made! Hundreds of edits! And we all had to wait over a month for that episode to air!

You think that’d be enough to make us go crazy? Hah! You have no idea what happened after this

and then being dead after season 2 finale…

…and resurrected again because Comic Con happened. THIS happened

and then all the talk about CS being kindred spirits??? (x) (x) I MEAN….

That’s enough to kill us before s3 even starts right? NOPE. THIS HAPPENED.




Anyway, my point is it all happened before The Kiss. Hell, before season 3 even started! We were called delusional so many times, I lost count. But we endured. We had to wait months for a little scene but we never gave up.

And look where we are now. CS are married and rode off into the sunset to catch bad guys together. And they lived happily ever after.

I cannot tell how grateful I am for being a part of this fandom. You guys and this ship will always be a part of my soul. I won’t come back for season 7 but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this fandom. We’ve been through too much together for me to give up so easily. Even tho ouat has been slowly deteriorating with its plot holes and lazy writing, CS has always been magical to watch.

It pains me that this is the end and we’ll never see some milestones but I’m so happy for experiencing what we did with you. That was one hell of a journey. But remember guys…

Peace out!

must’ve been born with two right feet

Nursey doesn’t usually go to these things alone. He can usually find a date - or at least a friend - to make everything a little less awkward. This is Jack and Bitty’s wedding, though, which means that all of his friends are already here. It also means that the only person he would want to bring as a date is already here, too, looking unfairly dapper in his grey suit.

He’s jumping around on the dance floor with Chowder and Farmer when the DJ announces that she’s switching over to a slow song, and he ducks out to sit down at the table.

He doesn’t mind sitting and watching the couples dancing, Chowder lifting Farmer off her feet to spin her around, Ransom with his face tucked into Holster’s neck, Jack leaning down so his forehead rests on Bitty’s, but he’s spent the whole damn day fantasizing about what might’ve been if he had the balls to just ask -

“Do you want to dance?”

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle Sherlock...you didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...
modern soc au


  • loves to dance !!! esp ballet but she can dance to whatever tbfh, she’s that good 
  • likes to wear caps, esp backwards. really loves bomber jackets too. 
  • has a couple, small tattoos dedicated to her saints 
  • is that one kid who loves to do parkour (both ironically and unironically) for instance is really good at it but sometimes just yells PARKOUR and steps over a rock
  • usually found eating lunch with her pals on the roof of the school 
  • is amazing at hide and seek like holy fuck ????? hid for 2 hours once and wasn’t found, came back the next day and was like “y'all losers SUCK" 
  • loves to study other people’s cultures, as well as history and is great as p.e (never has gotten a bad grade in the flexibility tests) 
  • likes to read poem books 
  • has a black cat as a pet named “saint" 
  • pronounced meme as "mehmeh” the first time she read it 
  • only has snapchat and instagram. is that kid who ALWAYS posts the sunset every day, esp from weird/high places and the comments are always “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET UP THERE" 
  • cried the most during fox and the hound 
  • always braiding nina’s hair. Knows how to do all the super advanced onces as well
  • "I don’t know, CAN YOU?" 
  •  the best one at pushing people on the swings 
  • "sorry I ran out of fucks to give try again later maybe?" 
  • gives the nicest presents. always knows what a person wants for christmas/their birthday 
  • the one who’s really into photography and is always taking aesthetic™ pics of Nina for her social media accounts 
  • Prefers tea over coffee


  • bullied for not being able to read (at least up until high school), so is super shy 
  • loves drawing. the artistic™ one who takes anatomy to be able to draw people better 
  • MASTER FLUTE MUSICIAN. On the school band. Jams hard af when he plays it 
  • is in gem math and AP chem with kuwei. 
  • loves sweet. addicted to blue jolly ranchers. his tongue is always blue 
  • constantly pushing up his thick rimmed glasses (even if they ain’t on, which causes him to poke his eye)
  • looooves all the superhero shows on the CW 
  • V neck sweaters. always
  • always has his trusty satchel
  • only has tumblr. has like 10k followers because of his artwork. 
  • ”‘illuminati’ ? is that a band?“ 
  • cat person even though he’s allergic to cat fur. absolutely adores inej’s cat. settles for owning a horned lizard named "shrek" 
  • secretly a huge fan of memes 
  • really gay for tom holland and ed sheeran (calls him "ginger Jesus”) 
  • gamer with jesper. they always play overwatch together, wylans better tho. a genji and Ana main 
  • cried the most during big hero six 
  • wylan, with blank eyes: “I like my coffee how I like my men” // jesper: *spits out his drink* 


  • sports fan obv. On the schools hockey team bc his fav is hockey. is extremely competitive when he plays it. Is constantly checking but never gets penalties (aka slamming the other players against the walls)
  • played basketball against jesper and surprisingly lost. jesper won’t let it go 
  • dog person. owns a pet pomsky (Pomeranian-husky) with nina who’s name is “bub" 
  • “long hair don’t care”draws inspiration from Harry styles 
  • really philosophical. takes all the philosophy/ethics classes available 
  • kind of sounds like Thor (thick and deep accent) 
  • a good™
  • "you’re all horrible trash”
  • “do we really have to be doing this now? I have to finish my homework" 
  • loves baking. bakes everything for the love of his life 
  • grey sweatshirts and adidas shoes 
  • wears contacts Because he hates how glasses look on him. only wears them when he’s home 
  • oblivious to all the women in love with him
  • real 👍🏻🤘🏻👌🏻life🤰🏻👼🏻🌱student📚✂️✏️athelete🏃🏼🥇🏆🥅🏒
  • has Facebook and Twitter only
  • cried the most during bambi and dumbo 
  • little spoon™ 
  • has a couple tattoos with very deep meanings


  • dancer with inej. dances like those ppl who look like robots ??? the ones who look like they freeze parts of their body while the others move. AMAZING at it 
  • loves jazz but also dubstep/edm and rap/r&b. Beyoncé is MOM/QUEEN. 
  • sometimes djs parties 
  • again, huge gamer with wylan. he’s a lucio and junkrat main for overwatch. loves like every video game ever 
  • loves all the marvel movies, in love with black panther (was team cap) 
  • dresses like a hipster but also sometimes a fuck boy (tank tops and shorts with a backwards cap style) 
  • favorite subject is business and debate. great negotiator 
  • cried the most during the lion king 
  • A+ cosplayer (especially his lucio cosplay) 
  • big supporter of human rights (LGBTA+, feminist, black lives matter, poc representation). Will LITERALLY get into fights over anyone who thinks otherwise. Fist fights, always supported by Kaz and Matthias. Got suspended for 3 days for breaking a kids nose who thought LGBTA+ people should **** ** ****) 
  • that one kid who has 50 fidget spinners and can do cool tricks with them. also manages to sell all of them 
  • skateboard pro™ 
  • always sends the blinking face meme, even if it’s out of context 
  • all the social medias. 
  • one tattoo only of a gun with a ‘bang’ flag coming out of it 


  • Speaking of YouTube, she always does cute videos. Baking/cooking tutorial videos featuring Matthias, 'i do my boyfriends makeup’, 'my boyfriend does my makeup’, 'my boyfriend buys my makeup’, does make up tutorials obviously, challenges with her best friend inej like the 'whisper challenge’. everyone loves her and says her and Matthias are their otp 
  • loves fashion design, takes that class. 
  • loves horror movies/creepy things but also Disney 
  • great at roller skating 
  • always wins the best dressed awards ad school 
  • also huge fan of ed sheeran. loves little mix more than 5h. 
  • cried the most during 'up' 
  • Can speak like 4 languages (English, french, Latin and spanish) 
  • loves traveling and learning about new cultures too 
  • dancer!inej’s biggest fan and hockey!matthias’ biggest fan 
  • always breaks snapchat streaks 
  • likes to (friendly) debate with jesper, especially over stupid things 
  • amazing with kids. babysits all the time. calls “bub” (the dog) her and matthias’ baby 
  • big spoon™ 
  • notes are so fucking pretty. buys the most expensive stationary and notebooks 
  • also huge supporter of human rights. runs the feminist club. (Jesper is the Vice President) stresses loving yourself and your body, and makes sure to design comfortable yet GORGEOUS clothes for “"plus sized people”“ 
  • wins 'dynamic duo’ award with inej 
  • always eating lollipops 
  • has a few very small tatos of cute things like roses and crowns. has one quote written in cursive on her rib


  • prefers black coffee as well 
  • loves crime shows, whether they’re real or fake. for instance loves both 'Dateline’ and 'Criminal Minds’ also loves 'House’
  •  favorite class is psychology, learning how a person thinks and acts and feels
  • has the dregs tattoo on his arm * edge lord 9000™ * such a drama queen and diva like damn 
  • *deep sigh* "I think I’d rather go take a nap” *gets up and leaves* 
  • also loves computer science. knows how to hack shit like a pro 
  • always rough housing with jesper. broke a table once 
  • does walk with a cane. likes to slap matthias’ ass with it 
  • “bow down you fucking peasants" 
  • only types in lower case with 0 emojis and no punctuation marks. CONSTANTLY leaves people on read 
  • only has Twitter and snapchat. His posts on snapchat never have captions, yet somehow has a 200 day streak with Jesper and a 250 day streak with inej 
  • loves watching horror movies with nina 
  •  *in a fight* "oh I’ll sHOW YOU SOME DIRTY HANDS” *swings* 
  • gets second place for best dressed award 
  • always sending memes with no context in their group chat, as well as vines 
  • indie and alternative rock fan 
  • “does it look like I care because I’m sorry if it does I didn’t mean to give you that impression" 
  • head over heels for inej Ghafa like wow 
  • likes to read a lot of mystery books and non fiction books 
  • cried the most during finding dory 
  • can solve a Rubik’s cube under a minute and won’t let you forget it 
  • The one asshole who picks either Kirby or metaknight in super smash brothers brawl
  •  hates seeing the notification bubble so he always has all chats muted and notifications turned off for apps 
  • kiss ass to all the teachers to get them A’s


  • SCIENCE NERD. ALWAYS singing the bill nye theme song. Loves ASAPScience on YouTube. Master at chemistry and biology 
  • "hey did u know bill nye is, like, my dad" 
  • nina treats him like a baby 
  • loves everything to do with Star Wars while wylan loves star trek more. Fighting ensues. 
  • has a pet Siamese cat name sparky 
  • Used to have a huge crush on jesper and everyone knew it except jesper. 
  • knows the intro to the bee movie ("according to all known laws of aviation-”)
  •  jesper in the group chat: “gonna go shower be right back” // kuwei: “without me ;)?” // wylan: “KUWEI SWEAR TO FUCK” // kaz: “watch your fucking language wylan" 
  • obsessed with Pokémon go even if it died out (chose team instinct) 
  • "fight me on this" 
  • has Twitter, snapchat and instagram 
  • Always drinking ginger ale 
  • master at bop it 
  • the one kid who always forgets to pay you back for stuff 
  • is also into the CW super hero shows, so him and wylan are constantly talking about it 
  • loves cartoons and anime 
  • speaks fluent fuckboy 
  • God awful at comebacks 
  • "let’s take a selfie guys !!!” // “kuwei no-” // *snapshot sound* 
  • talks !!! Like !! This !!!! for,,, some reason ???????? 
  • huge nerd for other things too like lord of the rings and Harry Potter and game of thrones 
  • cried the most during inside out
  •  "do you think planes are scared of heights?“ // "for fucks same kuwei it’s 4am”

every westallen scene ever (123/?)