when they look at eachother at the same time

i long for that feeling when i’m finally about to kiss you, your lips will be the only thing i ever wanna taste again. to touch your skin, the lines on your body, and the lines on mine will fit like we are made for eachother. to hold you in my arms, knowing you are safe and no one can hurt you. to look into your eyes, getting lost in that overwhelming universe. to hug you, feeling your heart beat at the same time as mine.
to be home.
—  when i’m with you, i am home.
Not My Kid ~J.G.~

Summary: our take care of jacks baby

Requested: no but this was my dream last night soo..

Me and Jack were sitting in the living room. We had just moved in together and we were really in love. I’m grateful for him and how caring he is.

Me and Jack have been dating for 5 months now and honestly it’s amazing.

Our favorite movie was playing and we were just cuddling and enjoying eachothers companies.

All of a sudden there’s a knock on the door. I cling on to Jack as he walks towards the door. I’m basically like a koala on Jack.

He opens the door and drops his arms from around me. I fall to the floor while still staring at the person at my doorstep.

“Katie?” Me and Jack say at the same time. Katie was Jacks ex and I’ve always felt bad for her. She didn’t do anything other than drink and do drugs that weren’t safe.

But when we looked at her she had changed. She was pregnant.

“Um hey. So can I come in or not?”

“Oh uh I guess” I say opening the door more as Jack just stands there with his eyes wide open.

“Why are you here?” He finally speaks up.

“I’m pregnant and it’s yours. Sorry” she says plopping down on the couch.

“Woah wait. How far along are you?” I say to her.

“Don’t worry princess, I’m due in 1 month. You’re precious Jack wouldn’t do that. But if I were you I would run for the hills cause I’m moving in” she says putting her feet on my table.

“The hell you are?” Jack almost screams at her.

“Yes I am. This is your baby you need to take care of it with me unless you’re going to pay 600$ a month for child support.” She says smirking.

“We can have joint custody or something but you’re not living with me and y/n.”

“You really think she wants to be with you now that you have a son. You’re dumber than I thought.” She says laughing.

“First of all bitch, this is my house too so watch yourself. Second you can stay here but only until jacks kid is born. After that find your own place and get a job. Better yourself.” I say going into the kitchen to fix her food.

“Wait babe. Really? why are you letting her stay here?”

“She’s insane and I don’t want her hurting the poor kid” I say making two sandwiches with chips.

“You’re an amazing person you know that” he was kissing my head.


Edward Montgomery Gilinsky was born at 3:27 am on September 24th. We agreed to call him Montgomery which made Nate the happiest. We were getting ready to leave the hospital so we could bring the baby back to our house. Katie is going to stay with us for a few more weeks so she can recuperate from the birth.

“Can you guys sleep with it. I’m super tired” Katie says slipping into her bedroom. I sigh and carry the baby into our room. We get him ready for bed as we get ready ourselves.

(*Next Morning*)

“Babe. Can you go make Montgomery’s formula. I don’t wanna wake Katie to breastfeed.” I say picking up the crying baby.

“No it’s Katie’s baby. I’ll go wake her up.” He says scooping the baby from my arms.

“Babe. We have an emergency” Jack say running back to the room with Monty still in his arms.

“What? What’s wrong?” I say looking at the baby.

“Katie’s gone. All her stuff is gone and she even took her car” he says also looking at the baby.

“Are you kidding me. She left her newborn son. The fucking nerve of that wh-”

“Language y/n”

“Sorry. Ill call her and make his formula” I say jogging downstairs.

I try her number multiple times but it’s been disconnected.

“Well she’s gone” I say to Jack as he walks into the kitchen. I pull the formula out of the microwave and hand it to Jack.

“How do you abandon your child?” I say to myself. I was going to have to raise it. I don’t even think I’m mentally ready for a baby. I’m only 19.

“Babe. I know this is gonna be weird but you don’t have to stay” Jack says looking at his son.

“WHAT? You think I’m going to leave? Jack I’m not letting that baby grow up without a mother. It may not be my kid but I’m sure as hell gonna treat it like it’s mine. Because it’s yours. Do you remember what you told me when we first moved in together?”

“What mine is yours cause our love is one” jacks says sighing and smiling at me.

“Exactly. In a few months were going to court and I’m adopting it and if Katie has a problem with that I’ll have a couple situations the judges won’t favor.” I say kissing jacks lips.

“Look at him. He’s so cute when he’s sleeping” I say kissing Montys head.

“Y/n? Can we have our own kids. Like just us?” Jack says as I put down Monty.

“Of course but let’s give it a year okay?” I say snuggling into jacks chest.

Telling my mom about EXO
  • Mom: *looks at pictures* they all look the same
  • Me: no no look his lips form a heart when he smiles and he has big ears and-
  • Mom: *points at pictures of Kyungsoo and Chanyeol* don't tell me they don't look like eachother
  • Me: *stares at the pictures* ... they don't look like eachother
  • Mom: how can you say they don't they look the same!
  • ------------
  • Me: *shows more pictures of exo*
  • Mom: are those men
  • Me: yes they are
  • Mom: they can't be men look at their skin
  • Mom: is that eyeliner I see
  • Mom: why are they wearing makeup
  • Me: that's normal in the kpop industry just like actors also wear makeup
  • Mom: But they have such babyfaces and their skin is better than mine!
  • Mom: Don't you dare come to me with a man with a nicer skin than me.

Aph America drop kicking a motherfucker for messing with a kid at a Green Day concert.

Aph England getting a perfect score in Cooking Mama.

Aph France complementing the Aph girls when they feel sad, saying things like “You look so beautiful today!” Or “That outfit is adorable on you!” just to see them smile and not be sad.

Aph Russia giving a bouquet of sunflowers to a family who has nothing but eachother.

Aph Germany running away with fifty dogs from an experimental lab to save them.

Aph China giving Chibi Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Veitnam a piggy back ride all at the same time.

Aph Netherlands and Norway surrounded by tiny bunnies with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Aph Sweden carrying Finland in the “Carry Your Wife” contest and vise versa.

America and Nyo! America being huge dorks at comic con.

Aph Canada having the best birthday ever, when all the countries see him and throw him the biggest party ever in existence.

Aph Canada literally kicking Justin Beiber at America and yelling “I DON’T WANT HIM ANYMORE, HE’S YOUR PROBLEM NOW!”

Aph Sealand getting water poured into his head for singing J. B. in Canada’s household.

Brexit Results:

- The EU will ironically keep calm and carry on.

- Scotland will loudly declare their independence, but no one will understand their accent.

- Ireland and North Ireland will forget centuries of bloodshed when both of them point at England, say “Dis bitch…” at the same time, then look at eachother.

- “The United Kingdom” will henceforth be known simply as “Kingdom”, though they will insist on being called “The Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy formerly known as the United Kingdom”.

- The entire city of London will be air-lifted to Canada like that scene in Age of Ultron, massively improving the weather.

- Those who actually stay in Kingdom, or, ironically again, “bremain” there will continue to add the “br” prefix to other words in hopes of Making Britain Great Again. For example “bricken tikka masala”, “brideo games”, and “Brelizabeth II”

- A generation of will grow up naturally believing the currency is called a “pound” because of the weight of the cash needed to buy lunch.

i see SSheples keep saying that sasuke and sakura are sooooo in love with eachother.. how are sasuke and sakura so in love with eachother when he couldnt give 2 flying fucks to visit her in over a decade? … he could come to konoha and have a spontaneous overnight stay at any time but he didnt until sarada found him and then had to stay a night with them  forced by circumstances in order not to look like a jerk ..

according to that flashback in gaiden, sasuke only  went in the important mission when naruto was already hokage and according to the boruto oneshot,naruto became hokage when boruto and implicitly sarada,since they are the same age,were already 7 or 8 years old ..enough old to remember everything and sarada said on two ocassion that she doesnt remembers him at all…sasuke couldnt even remember his daughters face and almost killed her!i still hate the fact that sarada forgave him so quickly and easily just with a forehead poke!..geez she realy is like sakura

so before going to the important mission what was sasuke’s excuse for not visiting his family or not even contacting them at all? none! he could barely give a fuck because he doesnt wants anything to do with sakura! and he said with his own mouth that his only conection to her is sarada….if it wasnt for sarada,sasuke probably wouldnt even be near her nor touch her with a ten foot pole …and aparently this is the truth since in the boruto movie  ,he doesnt holds even a small conversation with his ‘’wife’’ in the entire movie,and he stands ten foot away from her..so yea i fail to see the ‘’big love’’ here