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The stages of saying ❝I love you❞

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Gypsy isn't a slur. Besides there are more groups than just Romani. only sjws think that's a slur and actual gypsies are not offended by that word.

i know there are more groups than just Romani (which is an umbrella term for numerous sub-groups btw)…they are treated appallingly here in Europe so don’t condescend to me (esp. since you don’t even live here)

but anyways i think i’ll continue listen to actual Romani mutuals who’ve taken the time to educate me on why it’s a derogatory term rather than some faceless anon who most likely doesn’t even belong to that ethnic group

like how dare you dismiss Romani ppl who might object to that term as “sjws”…just piss off mate -_-


Look at my fish, guys
Just look at him

am i the only one who could literally not give a fuck if they made steven a gremlin who was two inches tall? they gave us lesbians in a children’s cartoon what else do you want helen

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to get into bmc do you just,, listen to it and read the script? how do people know what they look like then?

there’s this stuff u can refer to

as for what they look like…i mean. the cast?? exists???? u can google who’s in it? and there are pics of said cast members in their costumes :0c

Hey I know we still bitter (bitch I know I still am) but the finale was full of amazing Valmani moments that are begging to be gifed. Please y'all talented artists, help heal my soul.


So we’ve seen Peregrïn to the mage’s rescue, it’s now Khadgar’s turn to save his friend. And it was suggested by @blademage ^^

I had a very short story in my head a while ago, in which he would be very angry at what/whoever’s trying to hurt her, and would cast too many spells without thinking. She doesn’t want him to fall from exhaustion, so she’s asking him to stop, they’re fine, they can go home. Mana strudels.