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SOMEONE: “Suga is cold hearted”

That time Jungkook fell asleep and Suga held him. Yoongi stroke his hair as he smiled

That time he held Jhope when he cried and patted his back

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The time he reassured Hobi when he was scared

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That time he stared lovingly at this puppy doll given by an ARMY. Then got a dog that looks exactly the same

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That time he tried to hide Jimin’s underarm hair to protect his image

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That time Yoongi bought Rapmon a wallet when he lost his

That time he showed how much he cared about International ARMYs as he watches their reactions

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And all these, are just a few. Suga really shows his affection in a subtle way

So have you fallen for  this man yet because I did”

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Suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong! Hope you like it ^^. 

Billboard interview shipping moments
  • Namjin: saying they argue the most, then proceeding to argue over eating together.
  • <b> The great seafood vs meat debate</b>
  • Yoonseok: being Yoonseok, Hoseok being his bright bubbly self, making sure Yoongi is laughing at everything he does.
  • <b> I think Yoongi has a thing for Hobi's tiny feet</b>
  • Jikook: constantly glancing at each other and dancing together along with Hoseok. Jungkook exploding with feels when Jimin said the most expensive thing he bought was army's hearts.
  • <b> Mochi still destroying Nochu with his adorableness</b>
  • TaehyungXclothes: Tae excitedly showing off his high priced sunglasses and posing, getting approval from everyone.
  • <b> Slay Tae, Slay.</b>

Rowan: “Thanks mom.”
Riley: “It’s so exciting! It’s like having a professional gardener.. but you do it for free!”
Rowan: “MOM!”
Riley: *laughs* I’m joking, baby! If you need something for the garden, let me know. We’ll try to get you what you need, if possible.”
Rowan: “Well…”
Riley: “You need something? Hm?”
Rowan: “The tools I use are so rusty.. I’m afraid they’re gonna fall apart any moment? I’m pretty sure they were bought when grandma was still a little girl..”
Riley: “Well, you know what? Next weekend we can go out and get you some new ones. I promise!”
Rowan: “Yay!”

some evan stuff that im absolutely projecting onto him from personal experience 

  • he talks to his plants obviously??? tells them theyre growing nice and strong and how proud he is of them 
  • he definitely owns succulent plants more specifically he has a jade plant that heidi probably bought for him when he went to the store with her and it was a reward for him for going out to the store with her in the first place (but also she most likely would have bought it for him anyway even if he couldnt muster up the strength to go out in public) 
  • sometimes if he’s feeling not so great he’ll grab a potted plant from his windowsill and just sit in bed and gently touch the petals 
  • he Absolutely has made playlists on his laptop for his plants to listen to there’s classic music ones, soft indie songs, etc 
  • sometimes when hes repotting his plants or replacing the soil he just digs his hands into the potting soil cause its soft overturned dirt and its getting under his nails but he doesnt care and for some reason it helps him feel grounded and more present??(theres a plant joke in there somewhere) 

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did you read the whole manga?? I finally found the entire version and it's THE BEST THING!!! I love my sons!!!!

*while crying* did u see how comfortable they were sitting beside each other like just a little bit more and yuri wouldve been leaning against otabek and yuri was practically flirting with beka as he said “this is the outfit we bought when we went shopping in barcelona together remember” and this manga marks the THIRD TIME otabek has smiled and it is ONCE AGAIN TOWARDS YURI and did you know i would sell my life to kubo mitsurou

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Here's a fun story that isn't relevant to anything, when I was 9 years old my grandma bought me a Now that's what I call music! Cd & feel good inc was on it & I became obsessed with it & continued on buy all the other 'now' cds that mentioned gorillaz. At some point I saw the video for feel good inc & immediately fell in love with murdoc @ age 9. 11 years later, I am now driving full force into the obsession my 9 year old self had but now there's Better internet access & im not a small child.


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I've recently been thinking about getting a tattoo of a violet for my grandfather. when I was younger he bought me a doll that we both decided should have the name violet. the only issue is idk where I good place to get it would be. I was thinking my wrist but now I'm second guessing myself and thinking I might look weird there. any thoughts?

that is so beautiful, i think that would look lovely!!! if it were me, i would pit it either there , on my upper side, or sternum!!! the last two will be significantly more painful tho!

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So I'm rereading the Run 'verse for the millionth time and can I just say that I love how when we meet 6 year old Sam he loves dinosaurs and it just continues throughout the whole series. It seriously makes me smile. Also your writing is amazing and is my go to stress reliever. Thank you for this awesomeness!!!! :)

Hi Friend! I am so sorry for how long it took me to reply. 

Thanks so much! I think when I gave Sam that, I’d just bought dino toys for one of my nieces or nephews. What kid doesn’t like dino toys, I thought, and Sam was the right age. And then, when I was thinking ahead, projecting what I might do with him, it was like, oh hey he liked dinosaurs when he was a kid, let’s make him a paleontologist. 

Though, it works a bit, too, as another little contrast with Darcy. Darcy took kind of a while to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, whereas Sam knew from the time he was a little kid. 

 Thanks again! Love you! 

how to make milkbread for oikawa-san // by iwaizumi hajime

A follow-up to this comic. I really love going to the snacks aisle in japanese/korean supermarkets. All those huge boxes of sweets looming over me, ooooh. (i hope my handwriting is legible enough lol)

Just read the completed translated version of the YOI bonus manga (WHICH Y'ALL CAN READ HERE) and realized how canonically close Yuri and Otabek truly are, despite only being friends for 2-3 days.

- Yuri “breaking up” with Otabek for not allowing him into the club but realizes only Beka is willing to put up with his complaint and listens to him bitch so that’s not an option.

- Yuri going to several clubs to find Beka (even though he got kicked out) and was spotted by Emil, Sara, Mila & Miche gang and even asking them if they’ve seen Beka.

- Yuri telling Mila off that Beka is his friend and will not leave him alone. And also that Beka could just say it straight to his face if he is pissed off at him. 

- Will not skate the exhibition if he couldn’t find Beka and talk to him.

- Exchange numbers with fellow skaters (!!!) even though it was completely out of character for him. 


- Beka thinking of how Yuri’s probably pissed at him even while dj-ing.

- Yuri baring his back and showing off the clothes he bought when they went shopping together in Barcelona (!!!).

- Beka noticing AND having “eye-contact” convos with Yuri. Followed by a deadly smirk and giving Yuri what he wants: a banging song.

- Yuri telling Beka everything, needing his help for his exhibition, his passion, insecurities, wanting to skate something that he truly loves. (also sitting so close to each other and looking like absolute boyfriends having a date at a beach)

- Beka agreeing and decides to help Yuri with his exhibition that would surprise everyone, “the Yuri that he most wants to see”.

- Yuri SPONTANEOUSLY demanding asking Beka to be on the ice with him for his exhibition after the pair skate surprise from victuuri. (Forehead touches and all – apparently that’s how bros ask a friend for a favour)

The wildest thing is that these are all official.

If you’re witchy and you like perfume, you should probably go check out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Their scents sound amazing and they’ve got some limited edition scents called Alternative Facts, Fake News and Nasty Woman where proceeds go to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood

the puppy bowl is the greatest invention of the 21st century. hair dryers included.

I just really love Ditto and so do MC and Yoosung <3

Update: Edited some stuff cos the first version was doing my head in XD

…Give Ditto enough love and it will love you right back ♥ ♥ ♥


There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

i only started listening to taz three weeks ago and look at me now mom

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