when they both know she doesn't have any choice but to say yes

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Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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I generally don't think Keith would make a good leader, since I find him way to brash, and quick to blow a fuse around others (especially Lance) and I do kind of think that Shiro was biased in the decision, since he (presumably) has know Keith a lot longer than the other three...

This is so freaking interesting for me, actually???? Because I never thought much about which paladin would make a good replacement leader before season 2. And I was already very involved in the fandom when season 2 came out, so when Shiro chose Keith as a leader I - like most people here - actually shared your opinion. 

But then I started following more Keith-centric blogs instead of just Lance-centric ones and watched Voltron again - and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. Yeah, Shiro knows Keith better than the others, but that’s exactly why he sees the sides of him that make a good leader. Keith might blow a fuse rather quickly when someone attacks him with no convincing arguments to back it up (!!) but he is aware of his temper and has succeeded in holding himself back more than once:

(and Lance is just as quick to react to Keith’s insults as Keith is to react to Lances :P)

Keith has an aura that makes everyone around him instinctively listen to him. Right in the very first episode he has demonstrated this, Hunk, Lance and Pidge followed him without complaint: 

And of course they weren’t all that happy about driving off a cliff but it’s a fact that Keith had everything control. It continues with Keith showing them his board about the blue lion (where he actually proves that he is very analytical - he pierced the majority of the story together on his own and immediately knew that the Fraunhofer line that Hunk had drawn a diagram of fit to the caves he had discovered) (apart from that he also convinced the entire team to follow him to the caves…). 

Keith, out of all the paladins (including Shiro who struggles with his self-image), is the most self-aware. He knows what he can and can’t do, even if he sometimes gets overwhelmed by his temper/miscalculates other factors in his plan that lead to him falling down a cliff instead of catapulting him across it. He listens when someone presents a plan that is better than his own-

-and when he sees something that needs to be investigated (be it because his instincts tell him that or because situation calls for it) he is ready to spring to action:

In the first screenshot he really wanted that quintessence. It was never explained why so we can only assume that his instincts told him it was important (and if that’s true, it’s probably gonna play a major role in the future again because his instincts are almost never wrong). As soon as he realized that he couldn’t handle the situation anymore, he called for an extraction. 

In the second screenshot the Arusians saw fire and sentries in their villages. Keith’s solution was to jump down into the fire. Their spacesuits are most likely heat resistant - they can, after all, survive the absolute 0 of space. He did what the situation required, even if it looked a little rash from the outside, and figured out that it was a trap.

^When Allura and him got locked out of the castle, he turned towards her - but not because he was seeking guidance. It was because he acknowledged that she knew the castle better than him and he was looking for solutions. Keith doesn’t need to depend on other people in stressful situations. He might be an emotional person, but he virtually never panics, which is a very important quality for a leader that the other paladins don’t possess. 

Keith is also a lot less selfish than Hunk, Lance or Pidge. He isn’t quite on Shiro’s level yet but he always places the lives of everyone else above his own. “Everyone in the universe has families!” (S1E4) and “It’s not about the glory, Lance.” (S1E7) are some examples of that. 

[another example of that is the BOM episode: Keith survives and thrives of knowing who he is. So when him being Galra suddenly got thrown into the picture, he had to question everything he thought he knew about himself. He tried everything in his might to regain his footing and that’s when Shiro called him “selfish”. But behold: he gave up on “being selfish” when he was forced to decide between defending the universe or finding out about his past. The moment he decided that yes, the lives of everyone else still are more important to him than knowing about his own, like how it’s always been for him, he snapped out of his low. He knew again who he was and awakened the Blade. Keith is selfless, another quality that the leader of the defenders of the entire universe desperately needs.]

What else… oh, he’s actually a really good team player, both with people he has never met before and people he has trained with for a long time:

(The last pic is actually another example of people instinctively following him - Pidge understood what he wanted and nodded at him, agreeing to his plan. He didn’t need to voice it but she looked at him searchingly and from the way the scene was framed it was pretty obvious that she followed him.)

Keith is an amazing team player and can learn from his mistakes. Take the Balmera episode for example, after Lance had shown him that less direct solutions might be better plans sometimes. He did not understand Lance’s second plan via hand signs, but he came up with the same one all on his own. 

And then!! He has also shown that he is aware of support/space his friends might need!!! 

In the Belly of the Weblum episode he effectively calmed Hunk down. When Lance convinced Hunk to go mermaid searching with him, he pretty much just scared him into it - not Keith though. He might not be the best with words but he tries and it works.

He also understood that Allura couldn’t be forced to accept him. She needed time and he respected that. He wasn’t happy about it, but he respected it and was ready to accept any words she might throw at him when she came to apologize (and that was after the BoM episode where he had more or less made peace with who he was).

Oh and forget structure lmao in the Belly of the Weblum episode there was also this gem:

Keith!!!!!! Is not afraid to give compliments when they’re due!!!!! And Hunk was so proud of himself afterwards - these words meant a lot to him. Apart from Shiro, none of the other paladins have shown to have that effect on other people. 

Listen, I’m not saying Keith would be a perfect leader. Far from it, he still needs to work on his temper (example: when he freaking attacked Zarkon!!!) and on explaining his thoughts to the team. The whole “wandering off on his own because this thing here feels important for the future” is another thing that he needs to work on. But the way I see it, he has more leader-like qualities than the other paladins… uh, excluding Shiro of course :’D

See, Keith isn’t Shiro and will never be him: Shiro leads with example and Keith leads with action and instinct. But that does not make him a bad leader. He’s not afraid of the responsibility that comes with the position, he always takes care of the greater good, he doesn’t panic, he can work in a team, he always listens to everything the others say and accepts their words as facts, he can encourage and compliment people, he is analytical…….. he’s just not experienced in leading more than just himself. But that’s what the team is there for: they have shown to be supportive of him but are aware of his mistakes at the same time and it’s honestly the perfect combination to help him grow in the right direction. I do not agree with those who say that Shiro has made the wrong decision with making him the interim leader^^ He isn’t perfect, but he is the best choice for now (ALSO excluding Allura, she’s an awesome leader).

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Saying that Sansa is not misogynistic or not a bully is the same as saying she did not mistreat Arya or tell her she should be more of a lady. You are just parsing words, it doesn't matter what you call it. You are still excusing Sansa's bad behavior and denying things that factually happened in canon.

Hey there Anon…

So not to be all ~well actually~ BUT, actually I think it really does matter what you call it. Think it matters a lot tbh. 

I am not going to get into the bullying thing because honestly at this point I am really uncomfortable with discussing it. But as far as the “misogynist” vs. “internalized misogyny” distinction, here are the definitions that I use when I am referring to those concepts…

Misogynist: Hatred of women. A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. (x

Internalized Misogyny: When an individual enacts sexist actions and attitudes towards themselves and people of their own sex. (x) 

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Top 10 weirdest choices if SaNa doesn't happen.

Now, I’m not saying that SaNami has to or will happen 100%. But there are a few things that I personally would see as odd choices in the story writing from Oda’s part if Sanji and Nami ends up with other people. (If no one is confirmed by the end it can all just be hinted at and all shippers can interpret as they’d like.)

Now this is just my own small list of things that come to mind that I find quite curious and personally see as possible hints at SaNami happening by the end of One Piece.

10. Have them both talk about and be curious about the other’s past and even feelings. Of course this could still just be seen as nakamaship, but the weird part is why Oda would so often choose them specifically for this.

9. Having Nami being the driving force to save Sanji. Why in Zou have Nami be much more focused on getting to Sanji than any other strawhat, even more than Luffy. (Also, Sanji being the driving force when Nami is in danger, but that one is so obvious so…)

8. Having Sanji sacrifice himself for Nami multiple times. And also Oda seemingly avoiding them knowing about it by having them being unconcious pretty much every time it happens. I mean, he took a knife in the back for her!

7. Seeing Sanji run off to save Nami despite being with a woman who sort of returned his flirting. Even Viola herself seemed to see something was up.

6. The heart-shaped sakura between them. Right before an arc that focuses on Sanji’s wedding. I mean, it’s not neccessary, so why draw it at all? (Also, other color spreads with nice SaNami interactions.)

5. Making Nami answer Sanji’s confessions with “yes yes”, even as a joke. Also, not denying him. It would have been so easy for her to simply say “No, you idiot!” Having Sanji ask only Nami about her loving him is another interesting choice.

4. Having Nami step in to fight for and “avenge Sanji”. Both vs. Califa and in Skypiea when she protects Sanji and Usopp. Also the fact that she had that talk about his chivalry and even specifically said that “I won’t let her get away with this.“ about Califa.

3. Focusing most of Sanji’s flirting towards Nami instead of spreading it out. Seriously, Robin has so little Sanji-interaction in comparison to Nami that it’s almost weird. Also, Nami was the first woman Sanji showed heart eyes to. She was special right from the start.

2. That slap. Because it leads to tension that needs to be resolved, and it might possibly become a catalyst for change in the relationship between Sanji and Nami. Either way that slap is perhaps not romantic, but it does give off a feeling of deep emotions. Also, the thunder that timed perfectly with Sanji and Purin hugging. I said that was an ominous sign for Sanji x Pruin when the chapter first came out and I’m pretty sure it’s no coincidence that Oda decided to show that it was Nami who produced that huge lightning. Basically there has been a lot of Sanji/Purin/Nami drama… And speaking of.

1. The wedding themes. Thriller Bark, WCI, Omake Family Time and in two movies. I mean, this is just cruel fanservice at this point if they end up with anyone else. Also, the fact that Nami is called “Cat Burglar” which can mean husband stealer (Lola even used it in that context in Thriller Bark) and now we know that Purin is evil. If Nami fights Purin, that would definitely be number one on this list.

Thanks for reading. And I’m sorry about not being as active anymore, but I just don’t have the time that I used to. ^^’‘‘ Even so, let’s keep hoping for more SaNami coming our way. Let me know what you thought and if there are any other SaNami “things” you feel would make it on your own list. ;)

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Can you write something about Jim spending the night with a girl, intending it to be a one night stand, but he can't get her out of his head and makes every guy she flirts with afterwards disappear. And tries to get her to be his s/o because he doesn't want to share her.

“It was a nice evening, Lewis.”, you smiled at the guy in front of you, a tall handsome man you met a few days ago.

You really meant it. The two of you went to a local bar and on a walk. Talked about your wishes and dreams for the future and had a few good laughs.

This wasn’t usually the type of dating you were used to. Dating itself wasn’t even something you’ve tried out in a proper way. Work and schedule have always been in your way so that casual hook-up’s became something you considered more often than starting a serious relationship.

But now you really had the feeling that this could lead somewhere.

After saying goodbye your date waved as he walked down the street you lived on. Waving back at him you pursued opening the door to your building. Just as you had turned the keys you could hear a man’s scream. Immediately you stopped what you were doing and quickly stepped back on the pavement to see what was going on. Your date had vanished and you could only hear a car’s wheels turning quickly as it rushed out of sight.

Not being able to move from the shock you stood still in the middle of the sidewalk, your keys still in your hand. A person you knew had just kidnapped in front of your eyes. A person had just been kidnapped in front of your eyes.

Now it struck you. You had to do something. Grabbing your phone you stared at its screen. Who should you call? The police? You didn’t get to see the car’s registration number. But at least you could give them the name of the person you were sure was now missing. Or Lewis’ phone? Yes, there was a possibility that the police could trace him by the in-coming calls to his mobile.

While you were thinking you completely ignored the sound of a car pulling up beside you. Only when you heard the door of it slam you turned around.

A man was slowly approaching you. His step had a slight swing to it and his moves were smooth just as his voice when he began talking to you.

“Hello.”, he said with a crocked smile and leaned his head to the side as he walked up to you, only standing still as he was a not more than a step away.

Still under a strain because of what had just happened you didn’t answer.

“Y/N, do you remember me at all?”, he asked while fixating you with his dark eyes.

You did.

Jim, that was the name he’d told you when you first met. It must’ve been a few months ago at an upper class party your friend took you to. Usually those were filled with nothing but old millionaires, pretentious designers, rude journalists and gold-diggers. But this time an elegant and polite man had approached you.

The rest that went down that night was something you had kept to yourself and labelled it as the usual one-night-stand.

Never would you’ve thought that Jim would creep up in your life again.

Yes, you did remember him. And now you started remembering what he’d told you about himself that one night. It wasn’t much to work with but when you recalled it the situation you found yourself in right now made more sense to you than before he had appeared.

Jim told you that he had an immense power. That he ran his own business and that he worked with people against people.

Nothing particularly alarming if you didn’t think about it more closely.

“I do remember, yes.”, you finally answered.

“Oh, good good.” Jim slid both of his hand in his pockets and looked at the ground as he proceeded talking.

“See, I remember you too. I also remember enjoying your company. It was” He looked at you “enjoyable.” Keeping looking at you he moved his left hand out of the pocket to slowly take your phone out of your hand.

“Naturally I am kind of disappointed that you’re now here with that…Lewis guy.” Jim began inspecting your phone in a closer way as if it was something he was seeing for the first time, while still speaking to you.

“You must know that if I like something I tend to get it. And as a matter of fact I also don’t like to share what I want to have.” His eyes looked straight into yours again.

Knowing what he was hinting at you nodded. You decided that the smartest thing to do in a moment like that was not to disagree. Any kind of unwise behaviour could provoke a spontaneous reaction from his side. He knew your date’s name and who knew what else. And you didn’t know what this person was capable of doing.

A quick look at his car showed that he wasn’t alone. Jim noticed your glance and turned around in a dramatic way while making a big gesture towards the vehicle.

“Oh don’t mind them. They’re…friends. They could become your friends too if you’d care to join me.” His almost sulking facial expression soon changed when you didn’t answer.

“Because if you don’t they might not be that friendly to you anymore. I keep my boys well trained, you must know. A word from me and they will catch the ball to get a treat. So don’t be like that. That’s not nice. I know you can be nicer.” He extended his hand as an invitation for you to grab it.

Not having any real choice you took it which caused Jim to smile.

“Good girl.”

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Bee, I'm taking a shot in the dark here and I know it's probably annoying but I'm dying for even a taste. Can you just jot down even the smallest hint of an imagine with Shawn? Doesn't have to be smut. Maybe just leading to a kiss with an older woman who maybe works for him? Like The Assistant reimagined. You hate me I know but help a desperate girl out...

Ugh fuck it. I’m weak and bored and have had a shit time writing anything lately so why not use it as a damn writing exercise.

BEFORE ANY OF Y’ALL START! I am NOT starting a fic. I am NOT taking requests. I am NOT going into the Shawn Fic black hole. Maybe on occasion if I so feel, I will shoot out blurbs just for fun but it will not be a series, fic or anything like that.

SO whatever, here’s a blurb. It’s not smutty so don’t get too excited and I don’t even know if I love it but TAKE IT OT OF MY HANDS.

“What about this one?” Liv held up the seventh shirt she’d plucked from the rack in front of her but was still getting ignored. “Shawn,” she said his name dead toned, wagging the shirt on the tip of her finger. “Shawn,” she repeated, resorting to grabbing an empty hanger and hitting him on the shoulder with it.

“Ow! What?” He raised his shoulder and looked at her, finally breaking from his conversation with three of his crew members.

“The shirt. Yes?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged and went back to his conversation leaving Liv to drop her arm at her side and lean her forehead forward on the rack in front of her in defeat. She’d worked this job for two months already and it wasn’t getting any easier. She had to dress him. That’s it. Seemed easy enough. Not when the client was eighteen and completely disinterested in fashion. She tried to get him to express any kind of enthusiasm over a piece before she put it on him but it was a moot point.

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How about a fic about a bellarke kiss where something like bellamy is about to go on a dangerous mission but clarke doesn't want him to go and as he's leaving he promises to come back to her??

For Motivation Reasons

Oups, this turned out I bit cutter that I wanted to… But hey, it worked just fine. Also, s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing this little piece of mine.

She’s standing by the back wall with her hands folded against her chest as she watches their friends hugging Bellamy goodbye.

She still hasn’t talked to him since their fight last night. They were yelling back and forth for so long that their voices had been a bit hoarse today. Still, she failed to do the one thing she really needed to. And that is to make sure stays Bellamy stays safe and mostly in one piece.

The thing is, he doesn’t make it easy for her. For the past three months, he made it a hobby to risk his life every other day. And Clarke is constantly fighting him on it.

She comes back from her thoughts by someone clearing their throat in front of her and she lifts her gaze up, meeting his eyes.

“What?” she says, voice controlled, and she lets her hands fall to her sides.

“I’m leaving.” He announces, as if she doesn’t know it already.

“Yeah. I heard something about that last night.” she responds, not hiding her disapproval for his decision.

Bellamy tilts his head to the side, pressing his lips together. “So, I’m heading out on a dangerous mission and you want the last time we talk to be our argument of ‘should I go or should I not’?”

She knows he’s trying to lighten the mood, it’s what he always does when it comes to serious stuff, but this time is different. This time Clarke won’t just roll with it.

“Maybe I want that.” she says, trying to sound mean, but they both know she failed and she doesn’t really mean it. “And if you don’t like it, maybe you should have thought harder before deciding on your own.”

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I don't understand why people are so upset about today's ear biscuits episode. I thought Rhett and Link made it pretty clear last week that they were going to leave eb in the crew's hands while they finish bs2 and have their break. There seems to be more of an outrage this week than last week's episode with alex and I don't get it. This isn't meant to be hateful. People can have opinions either way and it doesn't bother me. I'm just confused.

Hi, Anon. By now, a lot of others have covered this topic more eloquently than I’ll be able to, but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you. So, here’s my observations of some of the reasons why people are upset:

1. Some people didn’t know to expect another crew-central episode: In their intro last week to the first Crew Biscuit, Rhett and Link did discuss the fact that we were going to be receiving a “handful of Crew Biscuits” while they worked on Buddy System. Let’s be honest, though, there are many people in the fandom who don’t like Alex and choose not to watch/listen to anything with him in it. That’s a valid choice. But, if this led to them not watching/listening to R&L’s intro to the episode, they might not have known to expect another crew episode this week. I believe it came as a shock to some.

2. The Topic of this week’s Crew Biscuit: The initial Crew Biscuit episode was Stevie interviewing Alex. Link said in the intro that through the upcoming episodes, “You’re gonna gain insight into the lives of the people that we work with” (at the 2:50 mark). If you listened to/watched Alex’s interview, you probably did gain some insights about him (I did). Stevie and Alex both made references to future Crew Biscuit interviews. So, I assumed (as did others) that we could expect a similar format in the coming weeks. This seemed like the logical expectation, and would allow people to curate their listening/watching experience. (Don’t like a crew member? Cool. Don’t watch their Crew Biscuit.) Now, admittedly, I haven’t listened to this week’s episode, so I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to follow that format. The way the topic is presented in the thumbnail seems less like an insight into the lives of Lizzie and Ellie, and more like clickbait. And, yes, people can decide not to watch it, but when you’re expecting one thing and get something else, it can be upsetting.

3. Calling it an Ear Biscuit: This relates a bit back to the first point of some people not knowing to expect crew, but… Some are upset because of the lack of consistency in naming the episodes. I understand that the episode is labeled as a CB on podcast services, but here’s what I’ve noticed people having a problem with: In the initial video clip of Stevie and Alex last week, Stevie starts it off by saying, “Welcome to Crew Biscuits!” But, the video with Lizzie and Ellie today begins with Ellie saying, “Welcome to Ear Biscuits!” If it’s a Crew Biscuit, call it that and be consistent. (Stevie seemed to recognize the importance of the distinction between an Ear Biscuit and a Crew Biscuit; she even had Alex sign underneath the table instead of on top with regular EB guests.) This isn’t something that will upset everyone, but, again, this is what I’ve observed.

4. Deleting comments: Someone on the crew is deleting comments on the YouTube video that were constructive criticisms (x,x). Had these fans been jerks in their comments, deleting them would be completely justified. But, these comments were simply fans expressing their opinions. It’s not sitting right with some (myself included) that once a criticism reached the top comment spot, it was deleted, even as other criticisms were left, buried further down in the comments. Is whoever deleted the one in the top spot worried that Rhett, Link, or Stevie might read it? (We know they don’t have time to read every comment on every video, but they may see ones at the top.) I was also thinking about what Link said in EB 99 about gaming the YT system. I won’t pretend to have any real knowledge about the way YT algorithms work, but Link did say, “To be clear… liking and commenting on a video feeds in, in ways that we’ve only guessed over the years” (starts around 6:27). If a comment isn’t defamatory, hateful, or harmful, isn’t it to the benefit of Mythical Entertainment for them to leave the comment so more fans are interacting with/about the video? It doesn’t seem like deleting these comments is being done with the best interests of Myth Ent in mind.

Wow… That ended up being longer than I expected. Sorry. I hope that cleared up why some people are upset about it, Anon. 

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My issue with Ned is that, as a powerful man, he knows that once Sansa marries Joffrey, she will belong to Joffrey. Let's say Joffrey's paternity is never questioned, but Ned finds out who killed Jon Arryn,& all evidence points to Cersei. Ned goes to Robert with the evidence, which allows Robert to execute Cersei for treason. Joffrey will end up marrying, Sansa, whose dad helped kill his mom. Ned doesn't recognize that things like the Trident will impact the J/S marriage& her life at court.

That’s a fair assessment of Sansa’s situation and a very valid criticism. I recognize that Ned is in a difficult position since that betrothal is a turbulent political issue in and of itself, and his investigation of the Lannisters only makes it more so but there is something off in the way he handles this betrothal. The text does not give us much in terms of Ned’s thoughts on Sansa’s betrothal so I’m going to trace it back to Catelyn’s second chapter in AGoT because that is the only time we get a sense of what Ned thinks of this matter.

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How about #20 for Butterfly Bog (in the AU of your choice)? :)

things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear (Art School AU fluff)

Marianne loved her dad.

Marianne squeezed her phone and reminded herself again that she loved her dad and that if she just had patience he would eventually understand that her relationship with Bog was serious. He would understand that his daughter was an adult capable of making informed, rational choices.

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Hmmmm I still think Percy is a Gryffindor though? (not to compare him to Harry Potter) but Voldemort and Dumbledore both say that Harrys fatal flaw is his loyalty to his friends and family as well and that he would do anything to save them and protect them, but that doesn't make him a Hufflepuff??

I can see an argument for why Percy would be Gryffindor, but personally I don’t agree with it.

I think a pivotal thing in HP is the subtle hinting that your house is more of a choice than a designation. If you look at it, each of the main trio represents one of the three houses outside of Gryffindor. 

Hermione: Ravenclaw

Harry: Slytherin

Ron: Hufflepuff

But they all still ended up in Gryffindor, due to their choice. For instance, we actually see Harry ask not to be in Slytherin, and though the sorting hat isn’t entirely on board, he puts Harry in Gryffindor.

Ron is a total Hufflepuff, but his entire family was in Gryffindor, so of course that’s where he’d want to be put.

Hermione is arguably the brightest witch of her age, she values school and learning about as much as a person can, but she wasn’t in Ravenclaw, because I think at her core she valued bravery over knowledge.

But Percy? Percy would have no sway to one house or the other, he wouldn’t be persuaded by his friends or family in Gryffindor. He doesn’t have people badmouthing Slytherin for him to turn his cheek to it. And I honestly do not think Percy values bravery or knowledge over loyalty.

Now, I know you said you didn’t want to compare Harry and Percy, but you kind of did and I’m going to lmao.

Harry was definitely forced into the war and dangerous goings-on of Hogwarts, but he also took things into his own hands quite a bit, even when adults explicitly told him not to.

“No fo sure Snape is tryna steal the stone, trust me we gotta stop him”

“Lockhart is a pissbaby WE have to save Ginny”

“No guys Sirius is definitely in trouble we have to go help him” 

Etc, etc.

Now Percy on the other hand? He was kind of just thrown into the mix of things without really a say in any of it. I mean, he was kind of trapped with the whole quest and CHB thing because his mom was kidnapped and there was no way in hell he was just going to let her stay gone.

And most of Percy’s actions are motivated by the fact that he HAS TO or by the need to help and protect his friends, family, and his own ass. 

I mean, Apollo comes up to Percy and is like “yo dude I’m kinda fucked wanna help me out?”

And Percy’s like No????

And yes, Percy helps him but that was more of a reluctant obligation thing (also, yeah, not a good idea to turn down an eventual god who will probably hold a grudge because he has the personality of a thirteen year old)

In conclusion, most of Percy’s acts are indeed brave, but they’re not motivated by heroism or the need to help everyone, they’re motivated by him being forced to, or to help his friends and family. And that’s basically a big ol’ flashing Loyalty sign.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, you can headcanon Percy as Gryffindor if you want  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Agents of SHIELD 4x20 Thoughts

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Strap in, people. Freaking out below the cut.

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even catching isak singing to disney or some song like the time when there in the kitchen and isak says about the hashtag thing because even liked he gabrielle song. even doesn't let isak live the moment down 😂 cue even teasing isak

This one was so cuteeee. I chose the song I did because it is my all time favorite disney song and I truly think that Isak would know it by heart. (And I wrote all the damn lyrics by memory because, fuck yeah!)

I hope this is similar to what you wanted!


Isak tries not to let the sweet feeling of victory consume his very being.

See the thing is; Isak never wakes up before Even. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if Even’s manic or chill or whatever, he just naturally has a damn internal alarm clock that wakes his ass up while Isak is still in snoozeland.

Except, that is, for today. Cue Isak’s victory dance.

It’s not usually a thing he gets haughty about or bothered by at all. How could anyone get upset about your boyfriend waking you up with breakfast or kisses (or a blow job like yesterday morning, thank you very much Even).

But sometimes Isak has visions of cooking Even breakfast. He has visions of waking up to Even’s delighted grin- happy that for once, Isak was the romantic one. Isak was the one who made some grand gesture of his undying devotion. Or whatever. Isak’s not fucking sappy, alright?

So with Even snoring softly next to him as Isak had woken up, he scrambled out of the bed, adrenaline and recipes already running through his mind. (Did they have oranges for orange juice? Did they have eggs- of course they had eggs, dumbass. But what about bacon? And peppers- Even loves peppers in omelets. Ah fuck, did they have the cheese Even likes?)

The answer, thank god, was yes to all of the above and Isak was content that the morning was running smoothly.

On the kitchen counter, just to the left of the stove, Noora’s IPod sat unassumingly hooked into Eskild’s speaker system. Isak peeked down the darkened hallways, considering the chances he might piss off one or both of them if he borrowed it.

Eh screw it.

He flicked the Ipod on and put it on shuffle, figuring Noora was cool, she’d have some decent music, right?

The first song was alright- Black Eyed Peas, I’ve Got a Feeling. Not his first choice, but he could jam.

Isak cracked the eggs, cursing when a piece of shell fell into the mixture. But it’s alright, easily fixable mistake, so he pressed on. He whisked the eggs, throwing in some salt, chopping up peppers to throw in for Even.

Then the song changed.

Let’s get down to business
To defeat… The Huns

“Fuck me,” Isak murmured, “Fucking Disney.”

But also.

Mulan was a fucking kickass movie. Isak considered the song for a second, letting memories of his mom sitting Isak down on the couch in the mornings before breakfast and putting it on for him, laughing and clapping as he pretended to fight Huns alongside Mulan.

Isak poured the egg mixture into the pan, realizing almost right after that he was mouthing along to the words.

Isak glanced behind him. The hall was silent, no lights were on…. no one to see him if he decided to…

“You’re the saddest bunch I ever met,” Isak sung along, adding a bit more salt and moving his hips along to the song, “And you haven’t got a clue, Mister I’ll make a mannnn out of you.”

Okay so spoiler- he really loved Mulan. Even throughout his teenage years, Mulan was probably the one movie he didn’t feel too terribly guilty watching. It just- it wasn’t as gay as liking, like, Beauty and The Beast or Snow White or something. She was literally a bad ass! She wielded a sword and had a pet dragon! At least she didn’t wait around in a tower waiting for true love- what was so gay about liking Mulan?

(Isak flinched, knowing he had used those exact words to defend his choice in movie to Jonas on his thirteenth birthday. Jonas, of course, had barely even blinked, settling himself down to watch it with him.)

Isak grinned at the memory and turned the volume up a bit, feeling too happy to care how dumb he felt punching the air in time with how he remembered Shang doing it in the middle of the song’s movie scene.

“I’m never gonna catch my breath,“ Isak slurred, probably butchering the fast English lyrics but fuck it, he was having a good time, “Say goodbye to those who knew meee.”

Isak flipped the omelet, adding cheese in between his increasingly passionate solos (which fuck yeah, he still remembered every damn word to the song.)

“We must be swift as a coursing river- With all the force of a great typhoon,” Isak couldn’t help but chuckle as he stumbled on the pronunciations of some of the words. “With all the strength of a raging fire, Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooon!”

Isak grinned and spun around, riding the last note out.

Even was right there. He was right fucking there.

Isak yelped, nearly knocking over the hot pan of food with the force of his stumble.

“Easy there,” Even said, crossing his arms as he leaned against the kitchen’s entry way, “Please don’t stop. I’m enjoying the show.”

“Oh my god,” Isak whispered, righting the pan and turning off the heat. To Even, “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to want to discuss your love of Mulan,” Even chuckled, the crinkles by his eyes so pronounced, the size of his smile almost blinding, “Now how are you going to nag me about liking Gabrielle, when you’re a closet Disney lover.”

“Oh, baby,” Isak said before he could help himself, “I’m not a closet anything anymore.”

Even snorted, walking further into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Isak’s waist, “Mmhmm. So do you have any more songs up your sleeve? Maybe some Pocahontas? Or a Whole New World? I’d love to hear you sing some Little Mermaid.”

Isak rolled his eyes, “Shut up, I don’t know all of those- just Mulan is a decent movie.”

“Oh Isak, dishonor on you,” Even said, pulling away, “Mulan is so much better than a decent movie.”

Isak felt his grin widen, “Can you sing along to all of the songs?”

“What- you think Gabrielle and Nas are my only party tricks?”

“I think that if you were any more of a nerd, I might need to buy you a calculator- or sign you up for Math Club or something.”

“Says the one who was literally dancing in his socks and underwear to Make A Man Out of You.”

Isak had no response to that, so he tilted his chin up and looked at Even from under his lashes. Even’s lips quirked at the familiar gesture, gracefully fulfilling Isak’s request for a kiss.

“Shang and Mulan were to best Disney couple,” Isak said, when they parted moments later.

“Yeah, but, Shang was kind of a dumbass, wasn’t he?” Even couldn’t help but lean in to brush their noses together, “All of the other couples had these grand sweeping romantic gestures. ‘You were my dream’ and whatever.”

Isak laughed, “He told Mulan she fought well- that was his version of an ‘I love you’, I think. That’s about as romantic as it gets.”

Even considered, before pulling out of Isak’s arms. “Did you make food?”

Isak cursed and turned around, pulling out a plate and sliding Even’s omelet onto it. It was a little browner than he would like from being left in the pan, but it would do.

He presented the plate to Even with a shy grin.

Even accepted the plate and looked down at the food. The most peculiar look came over his face and Isak was half afraid that he had made it wrong or something. But Even grabbed a fork and took a bite, grinning at Isak the entire time.

Isak shifted, tilting his head, “Why are you staring at me?”

Even shook his head, smile not dimming even the slightest bit. “Hey Isak? You fight good.”

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Prompts! Yes! How about Oliver says he doesn't dance but he's actually an amazing dancer and the first time he dances it's in the kitchen while cooking when he thinks no one is watching. And Felicity is AWED at the way his hips move ;)

Arrow Ficlet: when i get my hands on you

Thank you for this ask, Matty! I ended up going someplace a bit unexpected. I hope you don’t mind that the fic is more in line with the spirit of your prompt rather than the letter.

This is also my submission for @darlinginmyway’s Bathroom Therapy Giveaway. I love the rules of entry, and the deadline helped me get off the dime with my writing. Thanks, Jen! 

Titled after Bob Dylan’s song of the same name, as performed by The New Basement Tapes

Available on AO3

Felicity hoisted herself up from the bathroom floor and stretched her sore back and shoulders. Moving sucked. Oliver and the movers had done most of the heavy lifting, but days later the chore of unpacking boxes and putting everything in its place seemed almost never-ending. Plus, she had somehow carted with her from Ivy Town way too many hotel-sized lotions and shampoos. Well, more accurately, carted them from Positano, Bali, Thailand, and a few other places she and Oliver had visited during their summer idyll.  

With a wistful smile, she considered the tiny bottles and tubes lined up on the vanity. Until recently, she hadn’t been able to admit to herself that she’d held onto them as a way to infuse a “Just Passing through Town” feel into their increasingly more settled life in Ivy Town. If her daily showers in suburbia could conjure memories of Oliver washing her hair in a bathtub illuminated by Balinese moonlight, Felicity had thought she maybe could stave off the unease she felt threatening their hard-won domestic peace.

Now that she had confessed her needs to Oliver, and they were back in Starli – Star City, Felicity supposed she didn’t need them anymore. She swept the unused containers into a plastic bag and placed them in the box destined for one of the many shelters in The Glades. She could use the remaining open vials of lotion tonight after her bath; for now she stowed them in the cabinet alongside Oliver’s razor and floss. With a final survey of the room – extra towels in the linen closet, cleaning supplies stored under the sink, shower caddy loaded for bear – she clicked off the light and did a mini happy dance. Bathroom: Done!

Having also sorted out her side of the closet earlier in the day, she figured she’d earned her tiny triumph and some pre-dinner ice cream to boot. Or wine…maybe both? And could she get away with enjoying them while she soaked in the bath? She was halfway down the stairs and about to call out to ask Oliver if he’d found the wine key in one of the many kitchen boxes, when an unfamiliar sound stopped her. Was he humming?

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Could you do a dean x reader where she's curvy and she has a lil bit of a tummy and she's insecure and she has the biggest crush on dean but one day dean hears y/n talking to Sam saying she doesn't deserve dean-o, with tons of fluff and maybe a lil bit of smut xxx

Awww….that’s sweet! I didn’t have a lot of time to write this week, but I wrote this for you, dear Anon.

Warnings: self-esteem issues

Don’t look at me

You looked briefly into Sam’s friendly eyes, before looking down again.

“I really want to help you guys out, believe me I do, but I don’t like going into the water.” You buried your head in your hands, not wanting to see his face when you continued: “I don’t want to wear a bathing suit.” You could feel your face getting red.

Sam stayed silent for a moment, looking for the right words to say to you.

“You don’t have to wear a bathing suit, but I think you’re not going to be comfortable wearing your clothes when you’re swimming in a lake.”

“Why can’t you and Dean look for the box?” You begged.

“I would if I could,” Sam replied, “but I have to make sure the ghost doesn’t lure and kill any more people at the lake house. You know this ghost has the power to mentally influence young women and drive them crazy. I don’t want you to get hurt or injure yourself. You and Dean have to go into the lake, look for the box with her remains and salt and burn them. Today.” Sam gave you a friendly smile, to let you know he meant well. He patted you on your shoulder and left the motel room.

You sighed and knew you didn’t have a choice. Lives were depending on you and you couldn’t let your insecurities get in the way. As you took your bathing suit out of your bag, you tried to hold back your tears. The idea of Dean seeing you half naked gave you a lump in your throat.

You had fantasized a lot about being naked with Dean, but in your fantasies you had the perfect petite body, nice perky breasts and long sexy legs. In reality you had more curves than you wanted, a little bit of a tummy and stretch marks on your thighs. You only felt comfortable wearing baggy hoodies and pants to hide your figure as much as possible. Dean was going to see you today, in a way he had never seen you before and it scared the hell out of you.

Avoiding the big mirror in the room, you put on your bathing suit and quickly pulled on your sweater and jeans. “Ok. Let’s get this over with,” you mumbled to yourself as you left the room.


You had never felt so exposed. Quickly you stepped into the water, hoping that Dean was too busy to see your naked skin. He wasn’t.

Dean had stopped taking his shoes off, just to watch you pass by.

You sank deeper into the water to cover your body and dipped your head, hoping the cold water would make you stop blushing. Dean was still watching you.

You tried to stop all the horrible thoughts that popped up in your head.

“I like your swimsuit,”  Dean remarked, while he continued to untie his shoe laces.

“Thanks,” you muttered, not sure if he meant it.   

He smiled and took off his pants and shirt.

You took in a sharp breath and couldn’t help but stare when the sunlight perfectly highlighted Deans gorgeous muscles.  He was absolutely flawless. As he stepped into the water, wearing only his swim shorts, you felt butterflies in your stomach. No matter how cold the lake was, his creamy white freckled skin and his well-built body made you feel all hot and bothered. You had to remind yourself repeatedly that you were on a mission.

“So, I guess we’ll start looking for a box, ” you stated, as nonchalant as possible.

It took you both a while before you found the old chest between the roots of a dead tree, in a shallow part of the lake. Together, you brought it back to the lakeside.  You were glad you brought the biggest towels you could find, so as soon as you got out of the water you could cover yourself up, before you and Dean made sure the ghost would never haunt anyone ever again.


“We got rid of the remains,” you yelled a half hour later, while entering the nearby lake house.

Sam ran down the stairs. “Great, did everything go as planned?”

“More or less. Dean already went back to the car, he’s waiting for us.”

“Are you ok?” Sam touched your arm and looked at you caringly.

“I’m ok,” you lied. Your insecurities made you think awful things about yourself and you were pretty sure that after today Dean would never flirt with you again, now that he had seen your body.

“You don’t look ok,” Sam stated.

You shook your head, trying not to cry. “I just didn’t like Dean seeing me half naked,” you stuttered, “it’s not my best look.”

“Honestly, I think he probably couldn’t stop staring,“ Sam reacted.

“Because I’m ugly.” You looked down and hated yourself for saying it.

“Don’t say that,” Sam replied, “I think you’re gorgeous and so does Dean. I think he has a thing for you.”

“That’s not true,” you stammered, your lip trembling slightly.

“Yes it is,” a voice remarked behind you.

You turned around and looked straight into Deans intense green eyes. You turned back at Sam, who winked at you, smiled and walked away. “I’ll wait for you guys in the car,” he smirked.

“Dean…” you started, but he placed his finger on your lips.

“Let me talk first,” he insisted. “I had no idea you were hiding this perfect body from me. You are absolutely the hottest girl I’ve ever seen. Your feminine curves drive me crazy. I had to cool off in the lake, because I sure as hell wasn’t thinking about our hunting job when I saw you in your bathing suit. I don’t know why you always hide your body, because you should be proud of it.”

You couldn’t help but cry, hearing those wonderful words, still not sure if you deserved them.

Dean gently kissed all of your tears away before pressing his soft, full lips on yours. His hands cradled your face as his tongue teased yours.  While desire shivered through both of you, your kisses changed from romantic to passionate. He pushed his hips against yours and you could feel he was clearly turned on. Turned on by your body. His hands found their way under your sweater, teasing your breasts. He rubbed his fingers over the damp fabric of your bathing suit, hardening your nipples and sending shivers down your spine.

“Let’s take you back to the motel,” Dean whispered in your ear, “and let me show you just how much I love your body.”  

You couldn’t help smiling. When you left the motel room this morning, you thought Dean was going to see you in a way he had never seen you before. That might have been true, but more importantly, that night he made you see yourself in a way you had never thought possible.

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hi! could i have a steve x reader where she is recruited/abducted by SHIELD because they are convinced that she has some sort of power she can't control and he's assigned to work with her even though he doesn't want to, but they end up getting close anyway? there can be smut too but tbh if there's fluff I'm happy :)

Title: Can’t Stand You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Nick Fury

Words: 2,821

Warnings: swearing, self-loathing, arguing, kidnapping

A/N: There isn’t any smut in this and not a whole lot fluff to be honest, but I really like this one. I just started writing and it got away from me so I hope you still like it.

Originally posted by steviepinkiepierogers

“Whoa! Whoa! Hey, buddy watch where you’re putting those hands!”

You couldn’t believe you were in this situation, all those years of cleverly evading the authorities had ended here with you being ambushed at the all night diner you worked at by twelve heavily armed guards. One of those guards was currently getting a little too grabby with his grubby hands as they pulled you through the diner door. 

“I said; watch where you put your hands!” You warned last time, using your strength to slam your foot into his knee, breaking it. With one down you turned to the remaining eleven guards, easily taking them down. Sometimes you loved your strength although it is what got you into this mess. 

Your power had developed suddenly, as a teenager you had the usual amount of teen angst bullshit on your plate, but simply rebelling wasn’t an option for you like it was for other’s; you got super strength. That day had ended with your annoying brother along with other five people being injured, a very pissed and slightly horrified of set of parents, and a town square in shambles. You were sixteen then and too afraid to accept the consequences you fled, moved to New York and stayed in hiding. SHIELD agents, like the ones that were currently trying to abduct you, had made an appearance one too many times since the unveiling of your powers. You thought you had kept a low enough profile with your shoe box apartment, shitty, low paying job, and lack of friends, but apparently not. 

So that brought you to your present predicament; trying to outrun SHIELD agents at 2 a.m. while creating shoe-sized potholes with the force of your steps. It wasn’t ideal. 

Glancing behind you, you noticed three agents managed to recover and were tailing you. You swerved quickly to your left down the dark alleyway, looking for an escape. 

That’s when you felt a splitting pain in your temple and your vision went black.

“What the fuck?” You murmured groggily, tugging at the cuffs restraining you to the bed. The restraints had cut off your circulation, rendering movement impossible so breaking free wasn’t an option. Your mouth was sticky and everything was entirely too fucking bright. With blurry eyes you scanned the room; it was full of fancy equipment, it looked like a government hospital room, and standing by the door was a lone man. 

“Nice to see you awake and not running away.” he said, pulling a chair to your bedside. 

“Well, I didn’t really have a choice did I?” you snarked, “Kidnapping, Nick? I never thought you’d stoop so low.” 

“Well, I didn’t really have a choice did?” he reiterated loudly, “You’ve been a hard woman to catch, Y/N.” 

“But enough of this bullshit,” Nick relented, “Let’s talk business. The way I see it you have two choices; you work for SHIELD, learn to control your powers, and not cause any trouble, or you can say ‘fuck no’ to option one and you spend the rest of your life as a lab rat for the United States government.” 

Leaning against the back of his chair he finished, “So, what’s it going to be?”

More than anything, you wanted to say no to both options and leave for your slightly sad, but normal-ish life, but that clearly wasn’t on the table for discussion. The choice was basically between life and death, and no matter how sad or difficult your life was you knew you weren’t ready to die. 

“Option one,” you pouted, “But I am not wearing a dorky-ass outfit like Captain Tights, okay?”

Rolling his eyes, Nick stood up from his seat to leave, “That can be arranged.” He motioned to the woman who stood in the doorway beside him, “Dr. Cho will release you and allow you to get ready.” 

“Then you can meet the rest of your team.” He smirked at your anguished groan. Before walking out he turned in the doorway to look at you, “And that’s Director Fury to you.” 

Slumping even further into the bed, you sighed heavily at the prospect of meeting the rest of the team. You had no intentions of being apart of the team, you didn’t like the idea of it all, it only left room for caring. And with caring, came worry, and with worry came heartbreak. You’d lost enough at your age and didn’t intend to lose anymore. So right then, you decided to keep your distance and learn to control your powers, while planning your escape.

With that last thought you pulled yourself from the cot and rubbed at your arms, muttering a small ‘thank you’ to Dr. Cho. 

She smiled and handed you a duffel bag, “There are clothes and a few other necessities, you’ll need.” Opening the bag you found a set of comfortable clothes and some toiletries. 

“Thank you, Dr. Cho.” You said with a small, forced smile. 

“Oh, please, call me Helen.” She replied kindly, “Everyone does.” 

You nodded trying to seem a little pleasant, but you were never very good at that. A few moments went by in silence as neither one of you knew what to say. Suddenly you piped up, “Is there a restroom I could use?”

“Oh! Yes, of course, sorry. It’s right through here.” she said motioning towards a door to your left, “If you need anything left me know.” She added before scurrying out of the room.

Slinging the duffel bag onto the counter you tried to make yourself look a little less dead and a little more presentable. Halfway through scrubbing at the blood on your temple, you stopped and stared at yourself in the mirror. How did you get here? Who even were you? You felt completely and utterly lost; here you were, life had thrown you another curve ball and this one was sincerely fucking you over. You didn’t know if you had what it took to be an Avenger, you weren’t righteous like Steve Rogers or a genius like Tony Stark- this would never work. 

You shook your head and got dressed, not allowing yourself to think anymore. You took one last deep breath and walked out of the bathroom and into your new life, the hope of getting the hell out here the only thing keeping you together. 

One Week Later

Nick had given you a week to become acquainted with everyone on the team, before beginning your training. During that week you’d mostly kept to yourself or at least kept your distance when you were forced to be with the group. For the first few days you barely even left your room, and when you were forced to converse with any member of the team you kept a tone sarcastic. Despite this, the majority of them didn’t bother, except him. Steve Rogers, the most insufferable man you had ever met in your whole entire life. Your personality had gotten under his skin pretty quickly and his holier-than-thou attitude grated on your nerves to no end, resulting in screaming matches. Like the one you two were currently having now. 

“You can’t be serious, Fury!” Steve protested, “I am not training that- that brat!”

“Oh, I’m a brat!? Says the man who started an argument over the goddamn toaster yesterday!” You screeched at him from the chair next to him. 

You two sat in Fury’s office like a pair children called into the principals office. You didn’t care if you sounded childish, he was a total prick. 

“That is enough!” Fury screamed, slamming his fist down onto the table, “You-,” he said pointing towards Steve, “-are training her, because you are the only one available with enhanced physical strength. You have the most experience and I know you can handle it, Rogers. Besides, with anyone else she’ll be holding back, but with you- she’ll never pull her punches.” 

“Damn right.” You whispered under your breath. 

“That’s enough, Y/L/N,” Nick reprimanded with a roll of his eyes, “My decision is final- now get the hell out of my office.” 

You both exited Fury’s office with little incident, too caught up in the idea of having to spend even more time with each other, that you barely insulted each other when you accidentally brushed shoulders. Turning to the right you made a beeline for the gym, hoping to relax a little. Only the idea of pummeling Steve into the ground made you feel better as you let the punching bag have it. 

Steve wasn’t fairing much better. He too was heading to the gym to blow off steam, only to find that you’d taken his place. Stomping out of the gym he made his way to his best friend Bucky’s room. Without a hello, Steve slumped onto the foot of his bed with a sigh. 

Bucky looked up from his book sensing his friend’s sour mood, marking the page, he sat the book aside, “What’s up with you, kid?”

“Y/N,” he spat, “She’s got super strength so that means I have to train her. I don’t know why you can’t do it,” he said hopefully. 

“Steve, buddy, you know I can’t. Fury wants you to do it, right?” 

“Well, yes,” admitted Steve, “but you’re a really great fighter and you don’t want to throw yourself off a bridge at the mere thought of seeing her. I think you’d be perfect.”

Bucky snorted, “You think anybody, but you is perfect for the job.” 

He continued, “It’s not going to be that bad. Just do what you’re assigned to do and then leave. Ignore any of those snide little comments, and refrain from making your own,” he said with a knowing look, “I know you, Rogers, you gotta smart mouth on you.” 

Steve knew he had to train you, there was no getting out of it, so he decided he was going to be as professional as he could and let your attitude roll off his back. Standing up he told his friend he was going for a quick run before breakfast.

“Oh, and you’re right,” he paused at the door, turning to Bucky with a smile, “I am pretty smart.”

“Get the fuck out, Steve.”

It was the morning of your first training session and you were already pissed. Steven fucking Rogers had pissed you off in record time this morning by insisting on treating you like a child. 

“I know how to lift weights, Rogers!” you yelled while slamming the weight back down. 

“Obviously not, Y/L/N. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be saying that, now would I?”

“I don’t know, Rogers, you can be pretty fucking dumb sometimes.” 

During your quarrel you hadn’t noticed how close you’d gotten to each other’s faces. You could see his jaw clenching, you were so close. 

“Forget the warm up,” he said, stepping backwards, “Let’s just start with sparring.” 

The majority of your training session began like that; you two fighting like cats and dogs, getting too close and silence overcoming the two of you as you stared into each other’s eyes, until it’s broken by one of you. You weren’t sure who started to first, but over time you had stopped arguing as often. Your snarky comments weren’t as serious and your heart just wasn’t in it when you two fought, everyone could see it. But the real change occurred a few weeks after your first day of training. 

“What are you doing?” a stern voice said from behind you. 

Quickly, you dropped your bag and kicked it underneath the couch as Steve approached you. 

“What do you mean? I’m not doing anything.” You said coolly. 

“Are you going somewhere? At,” he questioned, looking at his watch, “3:30 in the morning?” 


He bent down by the sofa and picked up your bag, “Then why is a bag of-,” he unzipped the bag, shaking his head at its contents, “everything you own doing underneath the sofa?” 

You huffed, “I may I act like I do, but I don’t know everything, Steve.” 

“We’re on first name basis now?” he asked with a crinkled brow and faint smirk, “How sweet.”

“You’re such a dick,” you growled, grabbing your bag from him, “I’m going to bed.” 


You spun on your heel to face him, a bit aggravated. 

“I know you don’t want to be here.” he said sympathetically.

“Wanda told us.” he said answering your questioning glare, “I just- I want you to know that we care and that, we want you here.” 

You blinked at him, arms crossed, “We?”

His eyes bore into yours, with surprisingly not hatred. Not even close, affection maybe? You let a barely noticeable and genuine grin grace your face at the thought of Steve wanting you around. You shook it off, no, you thought, I will not become attached. 

Catching himself, Steve rolled his eyes, “Yes, we, now stop trying to run away. We want you here.” 

While Steve stomped his way back to his floor, you stood there puzzled at the recent developments- Steve wanted you in his life and you were happy about it. Slowly made your way back up to your room to unpack, deciding it wouldn’t be so bad to stay a little longer.

It took a few more weeks and several training sessions after that day for it to finally hit you. You were having a horror movie marathon with Nat and Buck when you shot up out of your seat, causing the two to flinch. 

“What the hell, Y/N?” Natasha grumbled, picking popcorn out of her hair. 

“Are you trying to give us a heart attack?” asked Bucky with a glare. 

“Oh, no.” You whimpered. 

Your tone had both Avengers worried. Being at Headquarters for four months now, the team had only seen two emotions from you; happy and angry. If you were worried, they knew it was serious.

Setting the popcorn bowl on the table, the two teammates turned their full attention to you. 

“What’s wrong?” Natasha asked solemnly. 

“It all makes sense, but it doesn’t.” You whispered to yourself, bringing a hand to your lips in shock. 

“We don’t know what you’re talking about, sweetheart, what doesn’t make sense?” Prompted Bucky as he gently pulled you down on the couch again. 

“Steve,” you trailed off, looking at the two people you now called friends, “Steve and I… care about-,” You couldn’t even finish, “Oh, god!” 

The two friends looked at each other with a knowing smile, “So, you finally figured it out, huh?” smirked Natasha. 

“It only took you a little longer than him.” Bucky said emphasizing the word ‘you’.  

Your eyes widened as you looked into Bucky’s eyes, “What do you mean it took ‘you longer than him’?” 

Natasha grabbed Bucky’s hand, pulling him off the couch with a shake of her head, “I think you need to go find, Steve.” 

All alone now, you looked up a little as you addressed the A.I., “Um, FRIDAY?” 

“Yes, Ms.Y/N?”

“Where is Steve?” you asked tentatively. 

“In the training room, ma’am.” 

“Thank you,” you said, quickly running from your spot on the couch to the training room. You didn’t know how to address whatever you were feeling, but you sure as hell weren’t going to admit it first. In your rush to talk to Steve, you didn’t realize that he was right in front of you until you slammed into his broad chest. 

“Jeez, Y/N, what’s the rush?” exclaimed Steve, gripping your shoulders as he steadied you. 

“Oh, hey, Steve,” you said meekly avoiding his concerned gaze in favor for the hallway floor.

“What’s wron-,” began Steve before you cut him off. 

“I like you, I think. I’m not really sure, but I was watching a movie with Buck and Nat and it just hit me- I don’t really hate you and it’s scaring the hell out of me, Rogers. What the fuck?” You babbled, tears welling in your eyes, “Ugh, I feel so dumb.” You huffed, blinking your tears away. 

Slowly, a wide grin made its way across Steve’s face, he said smugly to himself, “Huh.” 

“Shut up.” You said turning away, feeling stupid. If he was going to make fun of you and your dilemma, you were leaving.

Feeling a little guilty, Steve placed his hand in yours and pulled you back to him, “Hey?”

“What?” You mumbled, still not looking at him. You were too embarrassed to even be alive. You let yourself care, become attached- you should have left when you had the chance, happiness be damned.

“I really don’t hate you either.” He whispered as he leaned closer to your lips, “I might even like you.” 

A blush rose on your cheeks as you played along. Trying to hide the pure joy you were feeling, you smirked gazing into his eyes, “Well, that’s too bad ‘cause I can’t stand you, Rogers.” 

“Now that you mention it-”



“Shut up and kiss me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” 

anonymous asked:

So Oliver is supposed to prove he's worthy all by himself? When she doesn't want him to? That sounds a little ridiculous tbh. You can't make up with someone who doesn't want to, and she's not a trophy he needs to win back. She HAS to work at it too.

Yes, Nonnie, that is exactly the point, Oliver IS meant to prove he’s worthy all by himself. Because he’s a man. A man who offered himself to a woman as a PARTNER in life, not as someone she is going to have to do some kind of emotional palliative care for for the rest of her life. Felicity wants to have kids one day, not marry one. 

And no, no, no, no at Felicity having to work at anything. No. Just no. Exactly what does she have to work at? How to be loving and giving? How to let someone into every aspect of your life? How to be relentlessly supportive and intuitive? How to balance out when a hug is needed and when a shove is? I’m sorry, but Felicity has pretty much nailed all of that. She doesn’t have to work at jack shit, because for four years, she has been everything that this relationship needs to survive. But you can’t be both sides of a relationship. You just can’t. No matter how much easier it might feel that it’d be. And Felicity knows this. 

From here on in I get a bit feisty and wordy… mainly wordy…

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anonymous asked:

Great, just great. she's pregnant, now what. he's going to break up with her after all the lies about her going to DC and then not telling him about that and him finding out by himself and now she even got the job and after all that she's not even sure she wants the job anymore, she PREGNANT with HIS child. (AU 5X24) (the same as the ep he's planning on proposing after talking to Martha, she doesn't know that yet), Beckett is pregnant (swing scene). please any chance for ff?

The sight of him on the swings, cold and handsome as marble, has her stomach rolling over with nausea. Kate hesitates a moment, sends a silent plea to the life that flutters inside. Not now, baby. She already threw up her guts this morning, on her knees in the bathroom with a positive test clutched in her fist, and all day she’s been emptied out with it.

Under her shoes, the grass sighs its complaint and bends flat, and Kate forces herself to keep pace. Even if he’s not looking, he will know, and she doesn’t ever want him to think her afraid of this. She is terrified of the fight, yes, but never of him. And now she has the upper hand. Even if…even if he doesn’t want her anymore, she knows he would never walk out on his own child.

She comes to sit, facing opposite to him, and her heels dig in to the earth to keep her in place. His fingers lace together, exhaustion sitting heavy in every crack of his facade, and Kate swipes her tongue around her teeth.

“I’m sorry,” she starts, humbled all over again by how much she doesn’t deserve him. Kate has always been private, clutched the things that matter close to her chest, and it wasn’t even on purpose that she kept it from him. He doesn’t speak, won’t offer any more of himself than he has already given, and she nods.

It’s like that, then. Fine. “I shouldn’t have kept secrets.”

“It’s who you are,” he says, and the resignation in his voice cleaves her in two. If he’s already accepted that she won’t ever share with him, how can she ask him to share in creating a life? “You don’t let people in. I’ve had to scratch and claw for every inch.”


“Please let me finish.” His eyes don’t meet hers, his jaw a crag-face, but she has to get it out before he ends this between them. She won’t be brave enough after it’s already over.

Kate twists a little more in her seat and reaches to grab his hand, brings it to her chest. His skin is cold as the grave; spring is crawling in this year and he must have been sitting here for a while. “I can’t let you finish. I don’t want any more secrets between us. So if you- when you make your decision, you should know…I’m pregnant.”

He stumbles right out of the swing seat, goes down on one knee in the grass, and his mouth falls open. A bubble of wet laughter escapes her; it’s just so absurd, and so absolutely them.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yes,” Kate slides down to the ground with him, the damp seeping through her jeans, and she shuffles carefully towards him. Already so mindful of the life in her belly. So fiercely in love with the little collection of cells. “Yes. We’re having a baby. Please don’t break up with me.”

Even while he chokes in disbelief, Castle fumbles in the inside pocket of his jacket, his eyes alight on hers. “Break up with- Beckett. God, no. No. I wasn’t going to break up with you.”

“You weren’t?” Relief sucks her down and Kate lets her body crash into his, her nose at his throat. One hand cradles the back of her head, but the other slides underneath her jacket and her shirt both, splays wide at her bare skin. “Then what…why were you so serious?”

Castle tugs out of their half-embrace, the hand in her hair coming around to cradle her cheek. The other - the one already searching for proof of life - comes up between them, and for a moment she doesn’t even see it. She’s still watching his eyes, but then her gaze follows his and she sees the ring he’s offering, sees the dawn of the rest of her life breaking across his face.

“I was going to ask. Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” she gasps, hands coming up to clutch his ears, and she tugs him into her until their mouths meet in a sloppy, joyful kiss. He laughs into her mouth, arms sliding around her waist to squeeze tight, and Kate almost comes off the ground with it.

When he shifts away, it’s only to brush his thumb to her cheekbone and let the corner of his mouth lift into a smirk. “I didn’t mean for it to be a shotgun wedding.”

“Shut up,” she huffs, smacking a hand against his chest. Panic waits underneath her ribs, ready to crawl upward and wrap its fingers around her throat, but his body is warm and good next to her and he’s taking her hand, sliding the ring past her knuckle. “I don’t want it to be shotgun. I’m not ashamed of the baby.”

“Are you…excited?” he offers, lifting her hand to his mouth so he can press a kiss to the skin just next to where the ring sits. A shiver rattles through her and Kate’s eyes close for a long moment before she lifts her chin, smiles.

“Yes. Castle, that job…it’s not what I want. I want home. The precinct and the boys.” Kate pauses to kiss him again, touches her tongue to the corner of his mouth and pulls away as he groans. “I want you, and our baby. So much.”

“I’ve had the ring since Valentine’s Day,” he blurts, truth for truth, and Kate nudges her forehead into his.

Her skin is clammy where the wet grass has soaked through her jeans, but she can’t manage to get up yet. She feels wrecked, waves of shock crashing against the shore of her body, and she never wants Castle on his knees in front of her again.

“You’re my choice, Rick,” she whispers, lifting her hand to admire the way the ring looks, the modesty of it. “I’m choosing you.”

The Stable Girl, Chapter 1

TITLE: The Stable Girl
AUTHOR: fanficshiddles
GENRE: Romance, Adventure
FIC SUMMARY: Loki finally meets the new stable hand, Evelyn. They have a lot in common, though Evelyn is hiding a few secrets. Will they fall in love and get a happy ending?
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for this chapter. 

Evelyn’s POV

I hadn’t been on Asgard long. I used to stay on Midgard, but now I had a new life here on Asgard. I was the stable hand. I looked after 9 horses at the moment that were stabled in the royal stables. I loved my job. 

The only thing I did not like, was I had to attend some celebrations in the royal palace. I was not really a people person. At all. I was much better with animals. 

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Vault Chat
  • <Jack White> morning
  • <Jack White> it's going good, very good
  • <Yepsen> I saw Olivia Jean last night, she's killing it out there.
  • <Jack White> glad you did, her band and her are taking it to a new level of energy
  • <inamaneschy> thank you for the concert in sao paulo. was life changing
  • <Jack White> sao paulo!
  • <Alia Kaakani> will you be going to Detroit at all for the Frida Kahlo exhibit?!
  • <Jack White> i'll be in detroit but won't have time for frida this tirp
  • <Jettkoral> will the new vault package be announced soon?
  • <Jack White> yes we are announcing soon
  • <Th3Whit3Shad0w> will you be coming back to the UK anytime soon?
  • <Jack White> sorry can't do that, only a few shows left...
  • <MissELuna> been meaning to ask you if you are familiar with Billy Joe Shaver?
  • <Jack White> yes.
  • <von_Kytzia> What plans after coachella? Big vacations?
  • <Jack White> have a nice cool week after coachella that you'll hear about soon...
  • <thirdgirl> it's great that some vault folks were able to join you at the tidal launch!
  • <Jack White> wish you could've all been there, it was very nice.
  • <BlueOrchid> are you working on more solo material?
  • <Jack White> no, working on chairs and expanding third man's universe
  • <Kasey> Will smaller artists be treated more fairly with Tidal tha, say, Sporify?
  • <Jack White> damn straight. i'm aiming to get unknown artists paid so that they can make more music.
  • <Malinda_Lee> can you tell us more about tidal?
  • <Jack White> tidal is going to help a lot of artists out, i'm talking about the punk band that has 50k hits on youtube and doesn't see a dime
  • <Alan Spaulding> Jack, any recommendations on which headphones to best experience TIDAL?
  • <Jack White> grades if you can, anything but ear buds!
  • <Vinnie Vrhovnik> Will vault members get any exclusive Tidal content?
  • <Jack White> lots of things in the works on that, stay tuned and don't be worried
  • <Aly Fava> I think Tidal is a noble cause, I don't understand the backlash that it's getting.
  • <Jack White> there's a lot of misinformation about music in the last decade, people know that it costs a lot of money to make a super hero movie, but they don't know that it costs millions to make a country album too
  • <LazyDynamite> Will the release of Tidal help TMR grow as a company?
  • <Jack White> we want to get the music of tmr from the unknown artists out to as many people as possible
  • <Keke> thank you for being an advocate for all musicians, not just the ones who have made it.
  • <Jack White> glad you dig it, unknown musicians don't have a voice being heard, i want those artists to make a living at being artists so more great music can happen
  • <boyd5647> Jack, I really struggled to tell a large difference in "high definition" audio with the PONO player. Is TIDAL that much better?
  • <Jack White> depends on what you're listening too. ear buds and computer speakers are only good for ham radio as far as i can hear! haha
  • <Jack White> remember there was a culture of hi fidelity stereo audiophiles that got tossed aside because of computers being the new stereo. there was a lot of beauty in that, just like watching a nicely streamed hd movie on a wide screen television with surround sound
  • <Big III> come on Jack we're all asking about DW, give us little something...
  • <Jack White> @Big III lots of plates spinning....
  • I still support McIntosh : -)
  • <Jack White> well macintosh is great, but very expensive. there are cheaper, affordable choices for good sound for everyone
  • <MissELuna> I like the concept, I just don't think I can spend the money...
  • <Jack White> well i used to buy three records a month at 18 bucks a piece when i was a teenager bussing tables, i also went to the movies three times a month, what did that cost? same as today with inflation? hmmm...
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack this day 37 of a 40 day fast, any suggestions for my first meal?
  • <Jack White> steak.
  • <AmyPresley520> What are some of your favorite artists on Tidal that we can check out?
  • <Jack White> i want to get all of tar's music on tidal, so those songwriters and musicians can get their songs to a bigger audience (remember most of those artists don't get radio airplay) and i want them to get paid royalties for their songs too so they can live
  • <LazyDynamite> How big of game changer do you think Tidal will be?
  • <Jack White> it's about educating everyone. it could make a difference just like tmr has made in the vinyl world in that last 6 years, it starts with people who think music is sacred and beautiful.
  • <AmandaRae> I think Tidal is great for the fact that it will get more money to artists. After reading how little Pharrell from Pandora streaming off of one of "Happy." Really made me realize how little musicians just starting out must be making, when Pharrell only made $2700 off of something like 43 million plays
  • <Jack White> yep, whoever started the model of making a website get paid by big advertisers (youtube) and not pay that money to the artists GENERATING the interest, makes no sense to an artist trying to survive
  • <AmyPresley520> I totally understand wanting to help out smaller artists. My musicians buddies are all struggling.
  • <Jack White> but also bigger artists, medium artists, whatever, if PSY gets viewed 2 billion times and makes a couple grand, where did all his money go?
  • <Jack White> it's also very important to buy real records from artists you love when they are on tour, that but gas in our tanks when we were struggling,
  • <Professor J> Kudos on the Tidal release. For people who are upset over paying more for exclusive content through Tidal and not through the vault probably don't understand the extra financial obligation there would be to hosting such files/services on site. I like the idea of this both for TMR as an entity and for the artists who get hosed via other streaming services.
  • <Jack White> stay tuned, lots of things in the works i can't relay yet...
  • <macwacky> is the Reason the RRS never ventures into Long Island is because our traffic is legendarily so bad that it couldn't choogle?
  • <Jack White> @macwacky it's far away man!
  • <Jinxy’sDelight> are you stretching youself too thin lately?
  • <Jack White> always have, what else is new? haha
  • <Eketelle> What do you want to be when you grow up!?
  • <Jack White> just like you.
  • <Katie Kaz> I saw OJ at the Magic Stick last night. Fantastic show. Great venue. A lot of good memories/shows there. Any thoughts on its upcoming change over to an electronic music venue?
  • <Jack White> well they got to go with the flow
  • <Kevin Ringgenberg> Is this the Tigers year?
  • <Jack White> hell yeah you know it.
  • <Tony DeGenaro> boring question: what is your favorite venue in Detroit?
  • <Jack White> masonic temple.
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack, did all the artists from Tidal get along?
  • yes we did. we spent all last night talking and discussing ways to make it very cool. here's the shocker : musicians want you to hear their music in the best possible
  • <Jack White> way
  • <Jack White> ways
  • <Jack White> we mix on very nice speakers and systems only to have 90% of it be heard on tiny components that cut out half the information
  • <MrBigStuff> will you ever meet RobJones?
  • <Jack White> @MrBigStuff no.
  • <Yepsen> Any largely unknown artists we should be looking for on Tidal?
  • <Jack White> i hope tons. i want tons of obscure albums that haven't been digitized to be on there too. loretta lynn recorded something like 90 albums! how many can you acquire or stream digitally? 4? 6? where are the other 80+?
  • <Aly Fava> Which is why I find it interesting that you listen to your music playback in your car when you're working on records, or so I read.
  • <Jack White> digital in the car, vinyl in the bedroom
  • <Jack White> baby
  • <Mallory McClain> was the Nashville show with Loretta Lynn filmed? I'd love to have a DVD of that night
  • <Jack White> maybe....
  • <KatieKat> why are you so sexy?
  • <Jack White> i am just as god made me.
  • <Professor J> Does Tidal have any plans for supporting independent artists? I hear that services like Youtube will soon be wiping away independent artists vids etc. or they will be charging them to host their content....soomething to that effect anyway...
  • <Jack White> lots of ideas, but you KNOW i'm all for independent artists getting heard.
  • <Jack White> you have to understand something interesting; when we do a 45, just a single, with an unknown artist at tmr, it's a big investment in production and manufacturing. how do you get people to listen and buy that record so they artist can stay afloat? you can't get radio play for them, so that's why streaming is an interesting way to turn people on to unknown music.
  • <bloomooks> It was so special seeing you with Loretta onstage! So happy to have been there. I just read her autobiography
  • <Jack White> oh yeah.
  • <MaWaiDu> Jack, I have to speak to 200 highschoolers today about leadership, anything I should mention?
  • <Jack White> respect the people you are leading. they are as smart as you, they just need motivation and a central person directing the game.
  • <ry3313> jack have you considered adding an extra tier to the vault that includes tidal at a slight discount
  • <Jack White> patience....
  • <EJ Kopec> Tidal is a bit ellitest to be talking about the little guy in the music industry no?
  • <Jack White> what is elitist about it?
  • <Jack White> who's speaking for the little guy?
  • <MaWaiDu> jack, it's because everyone has gotten used to free and cheap
  • <Jack White> should movies be free too? how about food?
  • <kawhite> Jack did you enjoy your time in Brasil? Thank you so much again
  • <Jack White> i loved brazil are you kidding?
  • <BexicoCity> when you planning on taking a break? Don't get me wrong I love everything you're doing for us but I worry bout you wearing yourself out!
  • <Jack White> i have a few shows left...
  • <vcaicco> I think the idea of tidal is fantastic! My big concern is the exclusive content showing up there instead of here
  • <Jack White> don't worry, our vault world was here before tidal
  • <Jack White> gots to go y'all
  • <Jack White> thank you!