when they both cant sleep

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I headcanon that sometimes in the middle of the night when she cant sleep uraraka goes onto the porch of her dorm floor and Bakugou is sometimes there. At first, bakugou yelled at her to leave him alone but now he tolerates it and they just stand there together in silence. They never talk about it to anyone but they both lowkey like the company for when they cant sleep

Kacchako and late night talks are my thing!! This is wonderful!! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED A FIC THAT IS KINDA SIMILAR TO THIS. Where they would always meet, they never really talked about it but they know when’s the time when the other is going to be in that place. 

But what if suddenly one night Bakugou stopped coming and started avoiding Uraraka altogether, as if those interactions never happened between them??

the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

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dramione war head canons

  • draco surrendering himself to the ministry a month into the war after seeing so much torture and death and wanting out because ‘i can’t fight for them anymore, i can’t. please. you have to help me
  • hermione being too curious for her own good and seeking out draco to ask why he’d come here, why now, why not when dumbledore offered him help and draco snarling at her to fuck off, granger, keep your nose out of where it doesnt belong and slamming the door in her face
  • but overtime they come to do things for each other without thinking. big things like draco shoving hermione to the ground to avoid a curse heading her way on the battlefield, and hermione finding draco trying to bandage the bleeding wounds on his back and helping him without a word and no remarks from either of them when her hands are stained with his drying blood, and then little things like draco making her tea too when they both cant sleep, or hermione putting some toast in front of him because you need to eat, malfoy and draco returning the favour months later when he accidentally walks in on her bandaging a wound on her stomach and seeing her visible ribs, i’m making you something to eat, granger, and somehow, those words became more to each other than what anyone would expect
  • long nights spent awake after hermione wakes up screaming from nightmares, trembling and coming to the kitchen to find draco already awake. ‘you look like shit’ he’d say with a smirk, and she would roll her eyes and let out a small, but genuine laugh
  • draco and hermione becoming closer as the war drags on, finding comfort in each others silence, and being the ones to visit each other when the nights are too long and dark, or the slashes on their skin and cuts dripping blood need bandaged, and soon draco doesnt even think about the fact that hes felt her blood on his fingers because he helped her and thats all that matters
  • their first kiss when theres no one else around and hermione just wants to try, to see his reaction when he tilts her head up, but not expecting him to grab her waist and pull her closer, pushing her against the wall
  • the both of them losing their virginity to each other on another of those dark, silent nights. a night they wanted to last longer and longer. draco’s hands, rough and slightly trembling, running up hermione’s sides as he lays on top of her, looking her in the eye. hermione’s breath coming out just too quickly than normal, her own hands shaking as she takes his hand and shows him where to put his fingers ‘right there draco…’ and him watching as her head tilts back onto the pillow, her lips slightly parted and he wonders how he ever thought badly of her
  • sleeping apart was too difficult in the months that followed and draco could never close his eyes without making sure his wand was beneath his pillow and his arm was around hermione’s waist and her legs twined with his, because you’re saving me, granger and hermione, not really asleep, looking up at him. you saved yourself when you surrendered, draco. it was you. and not taking no for an answer
  • and one night, when the only sounds is of thunder and wind, hermione leans close to him to whisper those three words, thinking he was asleep. but he wasn’t, and returns those words easily and without hesitation, because the only reason he was awake, was to think about how he wanted to tell her first
why sam wilson is the best:

-he can fucking fly
-he survived getting kicked off of a high rise building
-loves birbs
-he’s civil to his best friend’s recovering assasin boyfriend who tried to kill him
-can cook a mean bfast
-welcomes virtual strangers to stay in his house
-literally the best at disguises and being discreet
-has a smile that could light up the stars
-is a fast runner
-reads people easily
-helps those with ptsd
-likes marvin gaye
-loyal af friend
-was the only one who stayed at steves side at the hospital
-smooth af flirter
-doesnt mind breaking the law
-his tongue is so sharp with sarcasm that it could kill a man
-tiny bi
-misses his bff riley and dropped everything when he died
-keeps a folder with rileys pic in it at his house
-doesnt take anybodys shit, dont mess w/him
-has resting bitch face pretty much all the time
-doesnt hold back what he’s thinking
-pokes fun at dangerous people
-doesnt say what others want to hear, he says what they Need to hear
-is cap america in the comics
-is a trashlord who gets all proud papa meets creeper when steve/sharon kiss
-is a skeptical lil garden sneke
-chooses to spend 2yrs of his life searching for a dude who tried to kill him even when steve cant go with him
-becomes a criminal to save his best friends boyfriend
-told the two of them to go ahead and leave the fight, stayed behind
-prob makes gourmet instagram worthy meals for one
-still has guilt and regrets from things that happened while he was in the military and is open w/steve about this
-looks hot af in sunglasses and in general
-doesnt give a single fuck that steve is cap america, hes just steve to sam
-will literally follow steve into a war and help stoke the flames
-is actually 9 years old
-prob has like 15 diff cookbooks that he both collects and uses
-binge watches cupcake wars when he cant sleep
-makes 100% homemade oj and lemonade
-doesnt even question steves bizarre decisions anymore
-prob spends 3 days working on a turkey for the holidays
-either loves you or hates you, there is no inbetween
-is an actual cinnamon roll
-can kick your ass, your mamas ass, her sisters ass and even his own ass
-brave and strong af
-prob smells like fresh lemons and smelly good laundry detergent
-kicks and flips about like a goddamn angry but graceful olympic gymnast
-stands guard over an unconscious bucky so steve can wander around an empty warehouse like a lonely/sad pupper
-notices the heart eyes between steve and bucky, stares at steve like hes lost his damn mind
-prob helped steve physically carry bucky at least once
-he’s mr muscles and is the physical manifestation of a sex god
-calls shotgun every time hes in a car with others when hes not driving
-is made up of 99% salt, 1% sarcasm
-has a secret tumblr where he just shitposts and most have to do w/bucky. he tags those with Magnetos Generic Cousin
-bakes a cake when someone has a birthday
-could eat eggs and toast forever w/o complaint
-his email address is notyrbirb@gmail. com but he only checks it every 6mths or so

in short he’s the hero america deserves


this boy tho his hair is my most favorite thing i just want to run my hands through it:

  • he might seem like an innocent little boy but is he really like that its time to find out
  • might be a little awkward around you when he told you he’s a vampire
  • “its ok”
  • “its….. .. ..weird”
  • “NO ITS NOT” and you have to reassure him that youll love him no matter what and he’d be all shy and blushy aw
  • but seriously minghao with cute little fangs ;-;
  • i can see him making cute scary faces at you and even rawr at you but its gonna be the cutest thing ever itd make you laugh and he’s gonna be smiling so big bc he loves your laugh and he’s happy to be the one making you happy
  • he’s a little puppy so he would want to buy a real one to be his buddy
  • “look at this black one!! so cute”
  • “but this white one is super cute”
  • so manY BUTS
  • he cant decide which one to buy and asked you
  • “i think the light brown one”
  • “OKAY OKAY THEN LETS BUY IT” he wouldnt even disagree
  • buying the puppy a little snapback matching him and yours
  • “lets take a selfie!!” a selfie of you guys wearing the snapback together itd be hella cuTE I CAN SEE IT IM SEEING IT
  • him bboying around the house like seriously minghao
  • and you’d clapped after watching him “do u want to learn”
  • “no no nop-”
  • “ok ill teach u”
  • you guys been dating since so long but i can see him getting nervous to even hold your hand this cutie
  • but when he sees youre nervous as well he’d gain a bit more confidence ayeeeEEee
  • halloween with minghao???????? you mean running from house to house with your dog in onesie?????
  • CUTE TEXTS AND VOICEMAILS WHEN HE’S AWAY saying how much he misses you and you swore you can see him blushing and smiling throughout the voicemail
  • him offering you his drink then remembering that you dont drink that
  • “sORRY”
  • late night adventures when you both cant sleep probably just walking around the neighbourhood or go to some supermarket that is still open and just talk about anything honestly
  • ok now can we talk abt kissing minghAO
  • he’s a nervous wreck like his palms are sweating and he just wants it to be perfect like iTS MY FIRST KISS WITH HER WHAT SHOULD I DO
  • you’d caught him staring at you for too long and he’ll avoid your gaze and you can see his cheeks turning a shade of pink
  • but kissing minghao….. ..youre gonna cut him with a kiss bc he’s rambling about how he wants the kiss to be perfect and lord his lips are like soft and NONO ONONO
  • you’d say sorry but he’d pull you into another kiss tHIS BOY
  • the second kiss would be more WAH than the first ok bc ;-;
  • “that was… … . … .nice” it was actually more than nice but he doesnt have enough bravery to say it
  • having random kiss anywhere anytime since that day bc he loves the feeling of your warm lips on his it made him smile
  • making out with minghao…hm. …would be super nice
  • maybe youd do it on the couch???? basically anywhere this kid wouldnt care as long as youre there cheeseball 
  • this boy will probably stare at you when youre talking about something and smile while doing so he totally adores u teheheh
  • forehead kisses before going to sleep
  • when he thought youre finally asleep he’d whisper ‘i love you’ bc he’s afraid of saying it to you just yet bUT NO YOURE NOT SLEEPING
  • “i love you too” he’d gasp and youd just smile capturing his lips with yours why the hell am i doing this
  • BASICALLY DATING VAMP!MINGHAO WOULD BE A BLESSING he’s so cute and cares a lot about you he’s so afraid that youre gonna leave him for somebody else one day but how can you you love this boy to death

nice i might post another vamp!au if im not lazy/procrastinating and oh i might write a scenario as well bc i havent write any since so long ok for more vampire!aus click here

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prompt: renee & allison go to get matching tattoos, neil sees and thinks they're cool af. do whatever you want after that

okay okay honestly ive been waiting for a chance to talk about allison and renee thank you

  • allison and renee would 100% be the sort of girlfriends to get matching tattoos
  • they get to the point where they know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together so why not
  • they wouldnt want anything but the best and luckily allison can pay to get that for them
  • they need a design for the tattoos though, so allison asks (read: demands) neil to design it for them, since neil is always doodling everywhere
  • neil agrees because hes become pretty close with allison over the years and well she didnt really leave him with much choice
  • he takes his time because he wants it to be perfect and eventually comes up with a sun and moon tattoo, something simple but pretty at the same time
  • while hes designing it he cant help but wish that he could do this with andrew but he knows that andrew would never agree
  • the tattoos come out amazing, both on their wrists so that when they hold hands, the sun and moon fit together
  • neil plucks up the courage to ask andrew for a similar thing but andrew shuts him down immediately and neil doesnt push it
  • hes not going to try and get andrew to do something he doesnt want to do, obviously
  • he cant quite hide his disappointment though so one night when they both cant sleep, andrew from a nightmare and neil from his frequent bouts of insomnia
  • so andrew tells neil to stop moving around on the bed and just get in the car
  • they obviously wouldnt get anything as obvious as renee and allison’s tattoos
  • i imagine it would be something like this
  • the tattoos are covered up by their armbands, because this is something just for them, something that is wholly theirs (though andrew would never admit that)
  • (of course somebody finds out eventually and then suddenly all of the foxes know about it)(but they manage to hide it for quite a long time)

ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY AND IM PLANNING ON IGNORING MY MATH TEST TOMORROW AND MAKE PLENTY OF VAMP!AU FOR YOU GUYS BC IM A ROMANTIC PERSON this boy is just uGh u dont understand he’s been climbing my bias list since idk when:

  • vampire!hoshi tho he’s not even scary
  • morning dance routine
  • ok but every morning youre gonna turn on the radio while making breakfast for urself and when some song came up he’s gonna be like “JAGIYA LETS DANCE” and he doesnt care if its a slow song or not he’s just gonna blast with u ;;_;;
  • i can see him randomly taking your hands in his and started slow dancing with no music wHYHWYWWH
  • him showing you the choreo for their next comeback
  • “ok honestly do u think that was good”
  • watching random dance videos
  • you being able to read the hoshi’s note
  • “now thats why youre my girlfriend”
  • showing you his fangs to scare you but you only laugh bc seriously
  • but one time youre home and the lights are off and its raining outside+thunder you’d call his name and he wouldnt answer bc he’s about to scare the hell out of u
  • you literally screamed and was so frightened he apologized after that but you gave him a 24 hours silent treatment
  • it was like hell to him
  • halloween with soonyoung tho ;;-;;
  • “can we be cat and dog for halloween?”
  • “no”
  • “ok what about mickey and minnie”
  • “nope”
  • he’d suggest some more costume ideas but theyre like so cheesy and weird
  • “what is it”
  • “lets be ash and pikachu”
  • and youre like “hmm ok id be ash and you be pikachu” but he’s like “NOPE YOURE THE PIKACHU so i can be like i choose u” nope not today soonyoung dont mess with my feelings
  • ok so u ended up being pikachu with this cute yellow dress and he even bought you the tail and the headband “MY JAGI IS SO CUTE” but you know what else he thinks of you beside cute????? sUPER HOT
  • 101001010100101 cute selfies taken of u with him
  • the other 12 will be staring at u for too long and he’d snap at them telling them to back off jeAlous soonyoung
  • making out with soonyoung hm.. …. … …no comment
  • i can see him playing a song as u guys make out probably on the table
  • and he’d purposely bite your lip and youll let out a whimper and it will encouraged him more aND MORE SOMEONE STOP ME
  • well he’d maybe ask you first and when you said ‘yes’ he’ll go straight for it
  • and youre gonna grip his shirt as he pulls your body closer ;-; and its gonna be so intense and wowowoowoeei
  • “you tasted really sweet”
  • he will kiss you after that letting you taste your own blood in his mouth nPOE
  • dancing at 3 in the morning
  • “lets get a dog and a cat in the house”
  • “its cuddle time”
  • “i deserve a kiss for that amazing dance tho”
  • nose kisses bc he’s soonyoung
  • him being afraid of u leaving him just bc he’s different
  • “i promise ill never leave youre different so what? ill love you still” AND HE WILL BLUSH SO HARD AND BE LIKE “YAH WHY ARE U LIKE THIS IM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE MAKING U BLUSH”
  • random pillow talks at midnight when you both cant sleep and he’d seek revenge being extra cheesy than usual making your ears turned pink and he’d just casually tease you about it but think that youre super cute and he just wants to kiss you
  • he’ll kiss you at last second and it might or might not lead to something else but i dont need to talk about that tho ;;;)
  • when he’s away or like practicing with the others your image will pass through his head and he’s smiling like an idiot thinking how lucky he is to have u
  • “youre just jealous you dont have someone to think about like me”

ok im hurting my own self this is nice for more vampire!aus click here and can someone be a wonwoo or coups anon or basically anyone i really nEED THIS GUYS THIS IS UNHEALTHY BUT I NEED THEM HELP ME THANKU

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So besides the time tht lexa has helped clarke get off when she was fully clothed they really havent cross any other boundary and it kind of stays that way for awhile until one day when they are watching porn together again its of somebody giving another person a blowjob and like lexa is smol and hasn’t ever thought about that possibility and immediately its all she can think about but they finish their little session without lexa really mentioning it. Later when they are both laying in bed

ready to sleep lexa cant help herself, she asks clarke if shes ever given anybody a blowjob bc she knows clarkes more experienced and she dated that boy finn for a little bit and even though lexa hates the idea of it and clarke usually tells her everything, theres still that possibility But clarke just sleepily rolls over wraps her arm around lexas waist oblivious to the tension in her body and says no Lexa doesn’t know why but she relaxes and sighs in relief maybe its bc the idea of clarke sucking finns or really anybodys dick kind of disgust her Lexa stops herself though, bc why would it matter what she thought of clarkes sexual endeavors theyre just good friends and clarke can do what she wants w/ whomever she wants.

So even though it doesnt settle well with lexa she tries to push the image out of her head but then she starts to think abt clarke not just sucking anybodys dick but like hers.lexa immediately gets hard at the imagine of clarke wrapping her lips around the head of her dick and looking up at her with those blue eyes like the person was doing in the video and she got to be crossing some line thinking of her best friend like this so she tries to untangle herself from clarke to go to the bathroom to get rid of her boner bc theres no way she gonna masturbate while clarkes sleeping right next to her but clarke tightens her hold and nuzzles closer to lexa. 

Lexa can feel clarke breath on her neck and shes about to explode bc her neck is really sensitive then she hears clarke say in her sleep husk voice “we should try it sometime though” lexa kind of feels like dying there and then bc theres no way that Clarke is being serious. Friends don’t do that type of thing do they? Maybe Clarke just wants someone to practice with bc like lexas safe and her best friend. But before lexa can even respond Clarke rolls over and wispers goodnight. Lexa doesn’t really sleep that night and her hard on never really goes away bc in the morning Clarke wakes to something hard and warm againdt her backside which she doesn’t exactly hate