when they are reunited i can't stop crying

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I see your "I can’t wait for Ruby and Weiss to hug when they reunite" and raise to you: I can't wait for Ruby and Weiss to cry tears of joy during their hug when they reunite.

My ideal reunion would be Ruby being SO excited to see her, and see her first and she races over to hug her, but stops. She remembers it’s Weiss and Weiss is not very affectionate but she says her name and Weiss turns slowly, almost like she doesn’t believe it and when they look at each other, they just stand there for a second. Ruby isn’t sure what to do but then she sees that Weiss has tears in her eyes and she calls out her name again with a bit of concern and that’s when Weiss just jumps at her and hugs her. 

@capralepus has a comic she made that is very similar to this. It’s perfect. 

When you’re trying to fall asleep but can’t stop crying because you remembered that one time when you were a child and you saw a lesbian couple singing Reunited on karaoke at some school mum’s birthday party and it was so beautiful to see a gay couple irl being silly and openly romantic with each other for maybe the first time ever in your little queer life and