when the zetas fill the skies

Misheard Muse lyrics I genuinely heard
  • Micro Cuts: slender man creeping away (megaphone screaming my name)
  • Take a bow: eggs, feed the eggs (hex, feed the hex)
  • Hysteria: grating cheese (grating me)
  • Knights of cydonia: through the vase of mystery (through the veins of history)
  • Exo-Politics: when the creature kill our skies (when the Zetas fill the sky)
  • Mercy: men in coats trying to devour my mole (men in cloaks trying to devour my soul)
  • Time is running out: since ovulation (sense of elation)
  • Bliss: everything about you resonates a penis (everything about you resonates happiness)
  • And my personal favourite
  • New born: stretch it like a buff squid