when the world was steady

the right things to say || changkyun

when your roommates are irritating you more than usual, changkyun is there to cheer you up.

genre ; fluff

A/N: this was posted by a new admin of this blog ^^ my name is lux, and i’ll probably be posting an about me page if you’re curious lol


“they’re seriously starting to piss me off,” you murmured, but your words were bitter. “they keep bringing random boys over the house. and i would be okay with it, if i didn’t find them fucking in my bed!”

changkyun laughed, but pressed his lips together tightly when you glared at him. still, he couldn’t help but smile just a little. “sorry, i can’t help it. that’s just funny.”

you sighed loudly, falling back into the small bed of his room. both of you were in college, you had been friends since middle school and lovers since high school. you were his weight, you kept him steady when everything in the world seemed to turn against him and he did the same for you. yes, he was sometimes very annoying, but you only adored him more for that.

“it’s not!” you whined, hands over your eyes. you lived with two other girls in an apartment just a little way down from the college. the rent wasn’t too much, despite how nice the apartment truly was and it cost less than a crummy dorm at the college anyways. so, your friends hooked up with their friends and at first, they seemed nice, kind, sweet. that was until night time struck, and alcohol bottles were all over their rooms while they were all over some guy’s laps.

it sucked, it really did. but how else were you going to live?

so, you dealt with it. for months it became normal, with you sometimes having to tell the boys to leave and throw trash away from the night’s before. and over time, it became normal. until last night, when you caught one of the girls pinned down under another guy on your fucking bedsheets.

after you kicked them out, then locked up your bedroom and shoved the key deep in your pocket, you headed over to changkyun’s dorm. you had never been over and you didn’t intend to stay long, just for a breather. for you to cool down.

so here he was, holding your body to his chest with his chin on the top of your head. “it’ll be okay.” he told you soothingly, his own hands reaching down to grab yours, entangling your fingers together. actions like these always made your heart flutter, but if you admitted that to him, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“will it really?” you pressed back. “what if they bring the wrong guy over? what if he steals or stuff? or worse, what if something bad happens to them? i wouldn’t be able to live with myself, changkyun. i wouldn’t be able to live at all.”

“hey, hey, look at me.” he moved his hand and grasped your chin, gently raising your head so your eyes met his. he pressed a kiss to your nose, “it. will. be. okay. trust me. just talk to them. if that doesn’t work, i’ll help you find a place to stay. you can even stay with me… if you’d want to, of course.” you could see his cheeks starting to turn pink and again, your heart was fluttering.

“thank you.” you said softly, leaning up to peck his lips, smiling wide. he smiled back, cupping your face sweetly as you finished, “you always know the right things to say.”


@timepetalsprompts trope bingo

“I know about her,” River says suddenly, quietly.  The TARDIS is empty, her parents have long since gone to bed, and the Doctor is tinkering under the console.  Sparks fly as he slides back into the open.

“Sorry?”  He asks, and he sounds so confused and looks so ridiculous with the over-large goggles on.

“The TARDIS told me,” River continues.  “About Rose Tyler.”

The Doctor lies on the floor, mouth gaping.  He disappears back under the TARDIS controls.

“Doctor,” River’s voice is strained, he can hear her trying to hold back all emotion and of course she fails miserably.  He ignores her, his ‘tinkering’ becoming more aggressive and frantic when he is abruptly pulled out by his ankles.

“Rude!”  He says in a huff, scanning the console with his screwdriver.

“Put that screwdriver away, we all know that you are causing more damage than you’re fixing,” River says, irritated.  The TARDIS lights the time rotor in agreement and the Doctor reluctantly replaces it in his breast pocket, still lying on the grating.

“I can take you back to prison like –” he snaps his fingers.

“But you won’t,” River can’t help but flirt back with him.  He makes it too easy sometimes.  It’s quiet then, quiet for a long time; though whether it’s an hour or two minutes is unknown and irrelevant.

“I know that you loved her,” River says eventually. The Doctor is silent.  Her voice is surprisingly steady, when it feels like her world is crashing around her.  River looks at him imploringly, as if waiting for him to deny it.  He doesn’t.

“You loved her?” Her voice is quieter, more vulnerable than he’s ever heard her.

He wets his lips, trying to force himself to answer her, trying to ignore her use of the past tense.  Pathetically, even now, decades after he’s last seen her, he can’t say the words aloud.  Every moment in which he ever tried come back, and he swallows, bringing a hand to his forehead.  How can such a small word sum up his feelings for her?  She was his rock, his equal, his partner, his wife on almost every planet they’d visited together, his soulmate.

“Doctor,” she says, and he looks up again, and meets her eyes.  Somehow, without saying a word, he must have communicated something to her because her expression has changed – her eyes have hardened, her face carefully devoid of emotion.

“What do you want me to say?”  The Doctor’s face is a mask of calm, his voice neutral, how can he be so blasé when River’s world is spinning off-course?  “I’m a thousand years old, unless I’m lying again, which I might.  You think it so impossible that I’ve been in love?”  The words stick in his throat and he has to force them out.

“Are you certain that you’re using the right tenses, sweetie?”  River’s hearts tightened unbearably.  The Doctor did not answer and River knows now why she is fighting for his hearts.

Nothing To Prove

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 1834

Characters: Jace x reader, Alec and Izzy x sister!reader

Warnings: injury on a mission, slight self-neglect

Summary: You struggle with the idea that you’re developing feelings for Jace

“Beat you again, Y/N.” Jace grinned at you cockily as he extended a hand to help you to your feet. You rolled your eyes, getting to your feet yourself.

“I can get up by myself, Wayland. Again.”

He groaned, rolling his shoulders back. “Really, Y/N? We’ve been at this for hours. Face it. You’re not gonna beat me.”

“Again,” you repeated, meeting his gaze steadily. “I can handle it.”

“Fine. Just don’t go running to Alec if you get hurt.”

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[03: 3rd gym] view

There’s a game they play that was born of idle weekend afternoons when the four of them are slightly tipsy and sleepy from talking and catching up. Tsukishima’s head is thrown back while Kuroo’s resting lazily in his lap. At the foot of the couch are Bokuto and Akaashi.

“Let’s play, draw the thing,” Kuroo suggests. Bokuto jumps up enthusiastically as though he’s been waiting for someone to say it.

Tsukishima groans. “Drawings from last time are still on the fridge and I hate having to explain them to anyone who comes over.”

His protests didn’t matter. A moment later Bokuto brings a piece of paper and a pen for every single one of them.

“The thing this time is,” Bokuto says, his leg on the coffee table as if he’s announcing something important. “Your favorite view.”

Tsukishima groans. Again. But he gets to drawing without complains. He draws pretty good, he’s second only to Akaashi. But when the world is slightly spinning, it’s hard to keep a steady hand. Less than 5 minutes later, Bokuto’s announced that the time is up.

“Me first!” Bokuto exclaims. He turns his paper to them and Tsukishima squints at it in order to decipher the messy scrawls.

“Is that me tossing to you…naked?” Akaashi suggests. How he manages to read Bokuto’s drawings is a mystery.

“I saw it in a dream once,” Bokuto says.

“Nice,” Kuroo adds.

Akaashi shows them his drawing, his expression blank of emotions.

“That is for sure Bokuto’s hair blocking the TV,” Kuroo says.


“Aw, you didn’t tell me I did that,” Bokuto sinks next to Akaashi and touches his knee.

“Because I like it when you fall asleep on me like that.”

Just as they’re about to kiss, Kuroo interrupts them. “Now, my masterpiece.”

The three of them peer at Kuroo’s minimalist drawing.

“Is that…?” Akaashi trails off.

“A pillow,” suggests Tsukishima at the same time Bokuto says “Tsukishima’s butt.”

Kuroo grins. “Same thing. Correct!”

Tsukishima covers his face with his palm and feels embarrassed, not because of Kuroo’s drawing but because he took his drawing the most seriously (again).

“Your turn, Tsukki.”

Tsukishima presses his paper to his chest, but only manages to keep up his act for a few seconds before Kuroo, Bokuto and Akaashi’s curious eyes win him over. Whatever, the last drawing they put on the fridge is much worse than this one.

He allows them to see his drawing. He’s put quite some effort into it for the little time he’s had. He drew a messy sketch of Kuroo asleep by the window, his chemistry textbook under him, sun stroking the gentle smile on his face. Ever since the first time Tsukishima’s seen him like that, it stayed burned in his mind.

Tsukki,” Kuroo murmurs, his hand coming to lightly brush Tsukishima’s fringe out of his face. “I’m suddenly very sober and very in love with you.”

“Me too,” Bokuto adds, Akaashi nodding right after him.

Tsukishima doesn’t mind replacing the last drawing on the fridge with this one.

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Can you write a fic about jas's first night in the hospital with Aria

hope this is okay :)

Jasmine blames a lot of the crying that’s happened in the last six hours on the fact that she has just brought a tiny human into the world with no medication helping her, and she’s beautiful and perfect and Jasmine hasn’t fallen in love with anyone as fast as she fell in love with Aria when she first met her.

They’re staying in the hospital for the night just to make sure that both she and Aria are okay, and Anthony has decided he’s going to stay with them, their apartment feeling far too quiet and empty when his little girl was just brought into the world.

They have a steady stream of visitors between their family and close friends, and while Jasmine’s really happy to see them, she’s also incredibly exhausted from everything she had been through. Anthony puts an end to visits just after dinner, and when both of their moms finally leave for the night it leaves just the three of them, and everything starts to feel a little more real.

“Can you believe she’s ours?” Jasmine whispers, Aria resting against her chest, sound asleep after being fed. Anthony squeezes into the hospital bed beside her, laughing as he shakes his head.

He rubs his hand across his daughter’s back, taking in her beauty just like he had been for most of the afternoon. Everything had felt so surreal, and the nine months they had spent waiting for her to arrive was finally over, and everything was beginning to sink in.

“We’re going to bring her home tomorrow, this is so real. All that waiting and praying that she’d be here soon and she’d be healthy is over, and she’s here and she’s even more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined,” Anthony whispers, biting his lips to try to stop himself from crying.

Jasmine can only smile, looking over at her husband and kissing him softly. “Our lives are forever changed by this little girl. She’s already our world, imagine what she’s going to be like when we’re home,” She replies, Anthony nodding quickly, unable to take his eyes off the little girl that had been brought into the world a few hours before.

The sun sets over Manhattan outside of their hospital window, but inside Jasmine and Anthony are oblivious to the world around them. They could spend hours squeezed into the hospital bed together, but eventually Anthony goes to his cot in the corner of the room to sleep, leaving Jasmine awake with Aria, unable to fall asleep after the day.

She thinks about waking Anthony up, but when she glances over and sees him getting the rest he needs, she thinks better of it. She got to take a nap that afternoon after Aria was born, and now it was his turn.

“You are so loved, pretty girl. You know that? Mommy and Daddy love you so much already, and we can’t wait to bring you home tomorrow,” Jasmine whispers, Aria squirming around in her lap. She finds it difficult to put Aria down and get some sleep herself, but decides she needs the rest.

Their lives are changed just by the first night of Aria being in their lives, despite being woken up every few hours by cries and needing to feed her. They’re already exhausted, but the love the two of them feel for their little girl far outweighs the tiredness they’re feeling.

Their lives were forever changed within one day, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without their little girl already.

“-waves- So you take prompts, and you like Sophie’s Levihan babies, so I have a request that you might be interested in. You know the comic where Samson and Leelu pretended they were in Farlan and Isabel’s situation? And how Leelu said only weak, incompetent, morons would die in such a way? Can you write Levi reacting very angrily and breaking down? Hanji would have to explain to their kids why that was a bad idea, and then then apologize to their dad, and ask about his friends. You interested?”

(first off, my bad, I forgot to write down who the prompt was from but I think it was t4ug-lyf3 but correct me if I’m wrong)

Alright this turned out to be hella hard to write, because the only times I’ve written drinkyourfuckingmilk‘s Ackerbabies, they’ve been ridiculous and light-hearted and (hopefully) funny, but this is a more serious prompt and I don’t really know how to deal with Levi being mad at his kid, but here you go! I tried out a different style for this one, too, so it’s kind of rough. ANYWAY. 

Levi has received his fair share of fan mail since the beginning of his titan-butchering career - letters and photographs and articles of clothing he’d rather not touch - and they’ve all come addressed to various titles; Captain Levi, Humanities Strongest, Sir and Mister and a few choice words he’s sure he’s earned somewhere down the line, but this is the first letter he’s ever received addressed to Dad.

It’s also the first letter he’s ever received taped to the jacket of a Military Police rookie with a bust nose and two blackening eyes.  

Levi peels the paper away with a scowl and shoos the cadet from his office. The sheet is blank aside from his title – which narrows down the pool of potential senders to two people – and the word Sorry, which limits it to one.

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Ethereal || Vamp!Coups

Prologue // Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 //

Word Count: 3221 

It was that time of the year again where everything was covered in white. You had just woken up to the dimly lit sky that looked like any moment it was going to rain or even snow again. At times like this you sort of wished you were a vampire, at least then you wouldn’t be freezing your butt off every time you stepped outside.

You groggily travelled to your kitchen and opened the cupboard and then the fridge. Both were empty. You let out a loud shriek of annoyance and ruffled your hair, letting out a sigh before you decided that you can’t starve in your apartment like this. You dragged yourself into the bathroom to shower and then changed into a fresh outfit. You looked at yourself in the mirror. If anyone saw you now they wouldn’t think you were one of the best hunters out there. In fact, they probably thought you were a slightly out-of-your-mind college student that has spent too much nights downing coffee instead of sleeping. They wouldn’t be wrong.

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LisTEn I am still in pain from yoonmin in the latest bon voyage but my fav moment has got to be when yoongi had his arm on jimin's waist srsly I had to rewind and make sure I was seeing it right cause cameras??? But yoongi was too whipped to even realize he was doing it in front of everyone!! Srsly they were squished up against each other and yoongi was smiling like a fool lmao they really look like boyfriends on a trip, now I keep imagining yoongi's arms around jimins little waist its beautiful

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Imagine where he gets jealous of your college friends (you party with them every weekend) while he's on tour

a/n: it’s not very long, my apologies and you’re probably gonna hate me for how I ended it :) but I ran out of time and wanted to get something done for you 
word count: 1500
masterlist | request 

“Luuuuke!” You yelled into the phone, not realising that despite your difficulties hearing him over the thumping of the bass of the bar you were in, he could hear you perfectly.

Holding the phone away from his ear he winced, chuckling lightly when he heard you yell his name again. “Where are you?”

“I can’t heeear you, I’m at a bar.” Blocking your other ear in an attempt to hear him you yelled into the phone again, pushing your way through the bodies dancing around you until you reached a cramped outside area. “Much better.”

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Antpaw’s New Sun’s Warmth Story

Antpaw: The crimson colored apprentice stumbled up to the podium, his story running through his mind one last time and anxiety tying his stomach up into knots. Oh dear. This… This would be a lot harder than the pelt competition, he thought. He actually had to talk. He gulped once, before speaking. “This, uh… This story, tells the tale of how Sunstar, with the help of all of the fireflies in the land and the-the sabotaging of a fox, created the fire we know t-today. Of how the Fox became red, and how the fireflies lost their warmth.” He fought to keep his voice steady, and gulped. “L-Long ago, when the world was new, Sunstar was kind, and all were equal and spoke the same language, from the tiniest fly to the tallest tree, Sunstar commanded that the creatures known as fire-fireflies, the only creatures in the land who knew how to control the fire’s power, for it existed in their own bodies, to create a new sort of fire, one that was wild and could touch the earth and warm cats during leafbare. The fireflies, in rev-reverence, began to do so without hesitation, and sacrificed apart of themselves in the process. F-For fireflies used to not only hold light in their bodies, but an all encompassing warmth as well, that create became burning hot whenever they were angered. They created their n-new element, a light and warmth that was safe to touched and could do no harm to anyone.

N-Now, this gift was only supposed to be given to felines, but creatures far and wide heard of it, and became jealous. One of these creatures, th-the villain in this story, was the Fox. F-Fox was– and still is, a wily and cruel monster that had a pelt as white as snow and a ugly, sharp face. His only saving grace was that he had a beautiful smile, one that he could use to beguile cats i-into doing whatever he wanted them to. F-Fox heard of the cat’s gift and was gripped with a great jealousy, one that drove him to do whatever he could to get the flames for himself. S-So he came up with a plan.

He visited his old f-friend the goose, and used his smile to get Goose to let him borrow his wings so that he could f-fly to the clearing where the fireflies and their creation r-resided. F-Fox, being a walking animal and n-not a winged one, didn’t really know how to fly that well, so he stumbled in the air a lot, and made his way slowly. B-But he still managed to! He flew to the fireflies clearing and before any of them could do anything, he had already taken the First Fire, and had flown away with it, a cruel, barking laugh the only evidence that he had been there. Now, of course, this made the fireflies very angry, and in turn, the fire held in Fox’s paws got hotter and hotter, until he couldn’t hold it any longer and dropped it. He yelped in pain and lost control of his newly gotten wings and fell right after the fire, into it’s heat. The fire was made to grab onto anything it could and spread, so that it could warm everyone, and that’s exactly what it did. Only, because it was so hot with the fireflies’s anger, it burned instead of warmed, and it scalded everyone it it’s path, including the Fox. It burned the Fox so hot that his pure white pelt became as red as the flames, and his paws and nose were burned black, only his tail and snout staying their previous white color.”

He took a deep breath, a bit of relief trickling in as his story came to a close.

“And so the fox ran away from the fire, leaving the cats to deal with it’s mess. A-And, that is how fire was made, the fireflies lost their warmth and the fox became red. Th-Thank you.”

Make My Heart Go Crazy

Title: Make My Heart Go Crazy 

Drabbler: @insanityplaysfics 

Doodler: @itsslester 

Beta: @mostlikelyprocrastinating 

Warnings: Gen 

Summary: Prompt:  Are there any ‘I’m at the hospital and you just kissed me for the first time and my heart is beating super-fast but oh shit I’m connected to a heart monitor and now a nurse is coming bc the doctors thought I was dying’ fics? And if not then prompt!!

Written for the @phandomlittlepop. Art (here) ASAP :) AO3 Link (x)

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OUAT 6x03 Meta Analysis: Captain Swan/Swan-Jones Family Edition

I just want to start by saying that this was one of the best episodes we’ve seen in a long time, and I credit it all to Jane Espenson and Jerome Schwartz.  They’re both amazing writers individually, but hot damn are they even more amazing together!! All of the CS/Swan-Jones family scenes possessed major amounts of foreshadowing and symbolism, which I’m going to be discussing as I analyze most of the scenes regarding either Captain Swan, Captain Cobra, or the Swan-Jones family.  

Quick disclaimer:  None of the gifs used in this meta were made by me.  I have provided links and blog names under each gif in order to give the creators proper credit.  If one or more of your gifs has been used and you would like me to remove them from this post, please let me know.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the analysis!

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    Minho didn’t panic as the memories drained from his consciousness. He didn’t yell or scream when the world clanked and moved.

    Slowly, keeping his hands on the wall to steady himself, he stood up, then slowly walked around the perimeter of the ascending box.

    He found nothing but crates & boxes. His mind growing emptier & darker, he still refused to panic. He moved the tallest crate to the centre

    Carefully keeping his balance, he climbed atop the crate & reached for the ceiling. More cold, hard metal. But a crease ran down its middle.

    He tried, straining every muscle, to pull the two sides apart. Nothing. He jumped down and kept searching for a way out. Searching.

—  — Part 6: Minho - Waking Up In The Box 
New Twitter shorts exclusively written by James Dashner
Preference #9 - You Had A Bad Day

Derek: Opening the front door to your empty house you let out of breath of despair, it was a long fucking day, a really bad, long, tiring day. You woke up late from a restless 2 hour sleep the night before, almost got hit by a car walking into school, tripped up the stairs twice, pretty sure you failed the final in your psych class, got your period early, had an argument with your best friend, and your sister forced you to go on an outing with her that under no circumstance do you want to go on. Trudging up your steps you contemplated calling your mother to vent to her but thought better of it since she was at work, obviously calling your best friend was hella nope, and your dad wasn’t in the picture so that left only one option….Ben & Jerry, but alas your freezer was downstairs and you were already at the top and fuck it all to hell you just wanted to be held while you ugly sobbed.

Anger flashed through your tired bones and you threw open your bedroom door and hurled your book away from your body, then as quickly as the anger appeared it was gone and in its place was desperation. You fell forward onto your bed and burrowed your face into your pillow to muffle the scream the ripped itself from your throat and after a beat of silence you thrashed your arms and legs against your bed until you just couldn’t move anymore, then it was silent and that was almost worse then anything else because now you could clearly hear the demons inside you come out to say hello.

“Well that certainly wasn’t how I was expecting you to react.”

There was an audible thump as your body hit the floor, you groaned pulling yourself into a sitting position to glare at your intruder, “What the hell Derek, you just gave me a fucking heart attack. Why the hell are you in my house and how the fuck did you get in?”

He shrugged and then pointed his chin at your open window, you rolled your eyes then rubbed at the sore spot on your hip from when you landed on the ground, it was tender and you whimpered, Derek raised his eyebrows at the sound because for as long as he’s known you he’s never seen you look and sound quite so…defeated. “Are you okay?”

Your bottom lip quivered because that was the first time in a long time that someone asked you that question and actually sounded like they meant it, his voice was gentle and soft like silk that wrapped around your weary body comfortingly. Derek’s eyes widened at your vulnerable state unaware of what to do exactly, you weren’t really all that close, he had a question to ask you that’s why he was in your room and now he was seeing a side of you he was pretty damn sure no one else saw.


And like that you had turned into Niagara Falls, tears were spilling out of your eyes and you were heaving in breaths as you brought your legs up to your chest to make yourself smaller, wrapping your arms around your knees as if it was keeping you from physically falling apart. Derek was stunned for a second, paralyzed by the turn of events before he put your bookbag, which you unintentionally tossed at his head, on the ground and began to walk towards you with calculated steps as if you were a wild animal…which is kind of what you were to him now. Derek had seen girls breakdown before, he had two sisters for crissake, but they were far different from you, he knew them like the back of his hand, but you he was still trying to figure out, he admired your strength and loyalty, your easy ability to laugh even though you had the weight of several worlds on your shoulders. He was both impressed and intrigued by you, but now he was seeing past your armor and what he saw was simply beautiful to him.

He placed a careful hand on your shoulder as he crouched down next to you, and you stopped crying for a second and looked at him in a different light, this wasn’t the sourwolf you were used to, this was the Derek before life fucked him over big time and you lunged into his chest, something solid and grounding compared to your trembling body right now. Shifting his body around he leaned his back against your bed as you curled up against him, your tears stained his shirt a darker shade as you just let everything you kept bottled up fall from your mouth. He never stopped rubbing your back in soothing circles or let out an annoyed breath or rolled his eyes or prayed that you would stop talking, he just listened and brushed your hair out of your face.

Eventually you had stopped and it was silent again, but this time your demons didn’t come out to say hi and your chest felt lighter, you could breathe again. Derek stayed with you that night, hiding in your closet when your mother came in to kiss you good night, and you couldn’t have been more thankful for his presence or for the fact that it was him who was there to help you pick up the pieces of you. In the end you got what you wanted, someone to hold you while you ugly sobbed and some Ben & Jerry’s.

Scott: No one could ever say that you were weak for a human in a supernatural world, you carried yourself with confidence and were happy to help whenever you could and you were always the first person to lend a shoulder for someone to lean on, it was one of the many things that made Scott’s voice echo with so much pride when he said your name and called you his girlfriend. But you were human and a human could only bottle up so much before it over flowed, except you were strong and so was your bottle, at least that’s what you kept telling yourself all day because this day was just not yours.

With your parents arguing and your younger brother just not listening to you this morning, you were running late to school but you showed up with seconds to spare and your shirt on backwards and inside out; Finstock ripped you a knew one in class because you answered a question wrong and you got an F on a test…in fact your grades had significantly dropped since you found out about werewolves and your parents were riding your ass because of that. Really what you wanted to do was curl into a ball under your covers and just not think about anything for a few hours and just as you laid down on you bed Scott called telling you there was going to be a pack meeting in 1 hour at his house, well fuck.

It was one comment that set off the panic attack, they were going after elementary school children and your brother’s face popped into you head followed by the image of his body being found mangled and bloody and dead.

First thing was your accelerated heart rate, it was too fast to just be nerves and the wolves knew that; the next was trembling hands and legs that you tried to cover up; then your breathing, it was the fact that you couldn’t breathe there wasn’t enough oxygen in the world to fill up your lungs; now it was lightheadedness, the world was off kilter and you stumbled back reaching out blindly for something solid to get a grip on but everyone lurched forward to grab you and that’s when the panic took over because finally it was the claustrophobia; everything was closing in on you too quickly, the air was too stuffy and your clothes were suddenly too tight on your body.

Your feet kept moving you backwards until you hit the wall and sunk down to the floor, Scott was by your side in a second but his voice was muffled by your loud breaths as you hyperventilated. Tears were burning your eyes and left a hot trail down your face in their wake, while you wanted to wipe them away your hands were useless because of their uncontrollable shaking. Scott was near panic because he had no idea what to do, his mind went blank when he saw your body hit the floor; sure Stiles had had panic attacks but he wasn’t there and when he was Stiles left the room to calm himself down, so Scott did the only thing he could think of, he called for Stiles.

“What do I do, Stiles! What can I do?”

Stiles, against what his mind was telling him to do, got on to his knees next to you and Scott, “We’ve got to get her to focus on something or to hold her breath.”

“Kiss her.” Scott gave Lydia an incredulous look because now was so not the time for you two to lip-lock, Lydia only rolled her eyes in response, “She’ll hold her breath while you kiss, its instinct…trust me.”

Her worried eyes flashed to your overly pale face before looking to Scott again. Stiles nodded in affirmation when Scott looked to him and that’s all he needed before he flew into action, cupping your face he gently turned it towards him, his eyes connected with your glazed over ones before he leaned in and kissed you with everything in him.

The first thing you noticed when you and Scott parted was that you could breath again, and the next was that everything felt comfortable, your body was light and your mind was free. You kept your eyes closed for a moment longer, relishing in the feelings before opening them up to meet Scott’s overly worried ones. You had grabbed his wrists in the midst of the kiss and gave them a squeeze as you smiled up at him.

“Oh thank god!” He leaned forward to place his forehead against yours for a second then he scooped you up and carried you to his room. “Stay here, we have to talk about what the hell just happened and how it’s never going to happen again.”

Plopping you on his bed and giving your forehead a kiss, he ran downstairs and kicked everyone out thanking both Lydia and Stiles before he locked the door. And there you stayed, talking to Scott about everything and promising that you won’t let it get this bad again because he couldn’t watch you go through that.

Stiles: The one thing everyone loved about you was your ability to keep a level head; you could stay calm, cool, and collected when you were given something that threw your world off its steady course. With that air around you it helped other people stay calm as well, mainly Stiles, who stuck to your side like glue when he couldn’t get his footing in this crazy world. You two were opposites, but in the best way, you complemented each other in ways no one else could that’s why your relationship has lasted this long and will continue to last. But it was all an act, outside you kept a neutral face but inside it was as if a bomb went off and everything was just moving in a bunch of different directions, you often went to bed with migraines that never really went away.

You could only put this play on for so long before it had to end with a grand finale, which was you blowing up at everyone. Everyone was on edge that day, something big was supposed to happen at the school that would end in death unless the pack figured out whoever was behind it and stopped it. Claws and knives and teeth were begging to be bared, and harsh words were laced with acid as people bickered back and forth, and an off hand comment from Stiles set the careful volcano inside you to erupt, and erupt you did.

“Oh fuck this!” It was whispered what you said but it got everyone’s attention because suddenly it was silent and their wide eyes were on you, “I am so sick and tired of this bullshit! You idiots are going to end up getting this whole town killed!”

Aiden scoffed, “Tell us how you really feel.”

You cut him an icy glare that had him pale and putting his tail between his legs in a second, “Fuck off Aiden! You killed Boyd and helped in killing Erica so you get to shut the fuck up right now.”

With that everyone took a cautionary step back because they knew you were only beginning, that this was only the earthquake before the lava started to spew out, and no one wanted to be burned.

“If you shitheads paid attention for two second you would see that it’s Alex from homeroom doing this. You guys have been doing nothing but fighting these past few days, and all that’s gotten us was more dead bodies laying about the town! This kid doesn’t need to set off a bomb because this ragtag pack of fuck ups already is one! With asshole one and asshole two trying to join a pack they helped to destroy not weeks before, and this orphaned jackass trying to avenge his butt buddies by openly expressing his interest in murdering those two and attempting to do just that only days ago. That’s enough tension for anyone with eyes to see that this won’t work but no we’re gonna push that under the rug because there’s a bigger threat here since the Three Muske-twats had to sacrifice themselves to the nematon, which turned it back into a beacon for the goddamned supernatural, in order to save them from sourwolf’s psycho girlfriend, the second one he’s had that has caused deaths in this town, his own family’s included aside from his sister who fled to South America and his insane Uncle who has tried to kill all of us at least once and made Lydia, who also has horrible taste when it comes to relationships, bring him back to life. Literally all of you suck at choosing significant others, Scott who fell in love with a werewolf hunter that shares the same DNA as the one who set Derek’s house on fire…I mean really? That didn’t set off a few warning bells? Allison you moved from one stupid werewolf to another! One that you stabbed repeatedly with your Chinese Ring Daggers less then a year ago! And you! Isaac you are dating your best friend and alpha’s ex-girlfriend after he welcomed you into his house! There is a guy code and I’m guessing you broke one of the golden rules! And Lydia are you shitting me? You went from a kanima to a psycho ex-alpha werewolf who tried and succeeded in killing off half of this pack! You should’ve gone out with Stiles; he would’ve treated your right from the beginning! Holy god on high! This fucking pack doesn’t do anything but fight and make horrible decisions! How the ever loving hell any of you survived this long I’ll never know!”

You were practically breathing fire at the end of your rant and your hands were shaking with rage. They may have moved away from you but that didn’t stop any of them from receiving skin-melting burns. Literally no one had ever seen you this angry and no ever thought you could be this cruel so it was silent aside from your heavy breathing. It was a few moments before what just spilled out of your mouth registered in your mind and to be honest you weren’t happy with yourself but you were too angry to try and sooth the burns you inflicted on your friends so instead you made a noise in the back of your throat and turned to storm out of Scott’s house slamming the door in your wake.

“Well damn, I didn’t think she had it in her.” Danny easily broke the tension with that one-liner and everyone collectively released the breath they were holding.

No one spoke, they just kind of looked at each other before their eyes came to rest on Stiles, who rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the door longingly his instincts telling him to go after you and comfort you because he knew you were now drowning yourself in guilt, “Yeah, I’m gonna go after her. Do me a favor…and her, don’t hate her she’s stuck with us through all our meltdowns its only fair we return the favor for her first one.”

They shared a glance between each other and nodded, although still pissed off at what you had said they reluctantly agreed with what Stiles had said, they didn’t exactly say lovely things when they blew up at you and the rest of the pack.

With that settled, Stiles hurried out the door after you he didn’t have to go far, he actually almost fell over your sitting form on the front steps of Scott’s porch but he stopped just in time and then sunk down next you, slinging an arm over your shoulder and pulling your body into his.

You let out a sigh, “Sorry, you know I didn’t mean any of it, it’s just been a long day and a really bad week.”

He squeezed your shoulder and put his chin on the top of your head, “Its okay, you’ve dealt with worse from all of us, I can’t promise you that they’ll forgive you right away but they don’t hate you.”

You chuckled once before Stiles stood up and helped you up as well entangling your hands together and started walking back to his house, “Hey, next time just talk to me Y/N, please, that was scarier then facing all the wolves on a full moon…together.”

Isaac: You were much like Stiles, except where he didn’t stop moving you didn’t stop talking, not so much in an annoying way you just always had a retort on the tip of your tongue or a funny comment to add or something to say about the plan that often made it better. That was why the pack enjoyed your friendship and company; you could always make them laugh even with the end of the world looming over their heads. Isaac liked to cling to you especially during those times, you were his friend through everything in his past and he wants you there by his side through everything else, hopefully as more then just friends.

So you being silent throughout all of school and even the pack meeting had the misfit group of friends worried. They kept throwing you nervous glances; the wolves and coyote even used their enhanced sense of smell to see if it really was you or if it was something posing as you. But no it was you, and Isaac knew that and he also knew why you were acting this way, you always shut down and shut everyone out when things just weren’t going your way, and things were most definitely not going your way. Your mother was spitting fire about your father and your father was telling you to relay messages to your mother that had some creative words you didn’t even know existed. So while your parents were making you their personal messenger, and your teachers were piling on homework and quizzes, and the pack was facing the revenge of Kate Argent, you were left with trying to juggle it all without crumbling under the weight. You were doing wonderfully…until your arms started to get tired.

Your defense mechanism was to just become numb to the pain and the hurt and the stress and worry and every other emotion that your life forced you to feel. This wasn’t Isaac’s first time with dealing with this, he’d like to think he was actually a pro with you by now, but each time he felt a smidge of anger because you always promised you would talk to him before you got like this but you never did. Alas he wasn’t as worried as the others were, due to the fact he knew what was happening, so he pulled Scott aside and asked if he could take you home early Scott nearly became headless with how quickly he nodded. So Isaac, with the gentleness of a father with their newborn baby, escorted you out of Scott’s humble abode and brought you to yours.

Leaving you in your room to change into sweats, he hurried down stairs and grabbed all the junk food he could find and the utensils that went with them and returned to your room where you were waiting in your bed, huddled under the covers. He laughed softly at the sight, you looked so small and vulnerable compared to how strong and confident you usually are, he’s pleased he’s one of the rare few that gets to see you like this. Quietly he placed the food and utensils on the floor and slid into your bed with you, curling his strong and stable body around your fragile one. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and he placed a gentle kiss on the top of your spine, a shudder ran through your body and you snuggled closer into Isaac’s body.

“Ever feel like you want to run away?”

He scoffed, “Every damn day, but I’ve got something to important to leave here.”

Turing your head to look at him, “What’s that?”

“You, you idiot. If I leave whose gonna keep you from falling apart? Scott? Ha! He wouldn’t last a day. Derek can’t even handle his own emotions much less another person’s. Stiles although can do emotions, he just doesn’t listen very well. And I don’t trust Aiden and Ethan for shit so they aren’t getting anywhere near you.”

You choked out a laugh that halfway through turned into a sob, Isaac was waiting for it, he loosened his hold on you so you could turn around to bury your face into his chest as he held your shaking body.

Your cries were soft as were your sniffles and your fingers clung to Isaac’s shirt for dear life as he pressed kiss after kiss to your forehead and temple letting his lips linger there as he spoke comforting words against your skin.

His large hands were soothingly rubbing your back and he lowered his head so his lips would brush against your ear as he murmured, “I’ll take you away from here Y/N, I promise. We’ll go far away and I’ll protect you from everything and make sure you never feel like this again. Until then you have to promise me one thing.”

Your throat was still too thick with unshed tears so you nodded instead and he continued, “Promise me that you will talk to me before it comes to this, I care about you too much and I hate to see you cry. You need to talk to me because I will always listen to you; I want to know when you chip a nail or when your parents are being assholes, I love hearing about it so let me, let me take care of you.”

Your response was to cry harder, nodding profusely and hugging him closer to you. You two stayed like that the rest of the night; he stayed up after you fell asleep thinking over his promise, coming up with ways to make it happen until sleep overcame him too.

A/N: Shit this was long, I’m so sorry I got carried away. But anyway, hey guys, I’m back to write while I have some time before my job at as a camp counselor starts! So you guys can send in your requests for preferences for just Teen Wolf, or one-shots/drabbles/prompts for Teen Wolf, The 100, One Direction, or 5SOS. I’d be more then happy to oblige! Love you guys!

sorry for the unexpected writing hiatus!! I actually started this lil thing with the intention of finishing it for the july no. 6 day hahaha yikes……either way, I hope you guys enjoy it! love from beth <3

Nezumi woke up sick.

At first, he didn’t realize it. He jerked awake from a hazy, nonsensical dream at about 6 a.m. with a dry mouth and sticky eyelashes, and assumed he’d just watched someone die. He rubbed his eyes and forced them open, then glanced to his side, where Shion was still sleeping soundly. With as little jostling of the other as he could manage, he got up out of bed and silently made his way to the bathroom. He tied his hair back, turned the tap to make the water as warm as he could get it (which, needless to say, wasn’t very warm at all), then abruptly realized he was too hot to want warm water anyway. Some dream, he thought, turning the tap back to cold and proceeding to wash the gunk out of his eyes. He downed a few mouthfuls of water for good measure, though it didn’t do much for his parched throat, then dried his hands and face with a scratchy old towel and went back to bed. Shion automatically curled closer to him as he climbed onto the mattress, as if he could tell even in sleep when Nezumi was or was not beside him (and wasn’t happy with the latter). It was much too stuffy for Nezumi’s liking, but he was still tired and his brain felt fuzzy, so he couldn’t find it in him to really care. He fell back into a heavy sleep within minutes, and if he saw any more strange things, he couldn’t recall them when he woke.

Which seemed to be about two seconds after he shut his eyes.


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That Summer Evening

TITLE: That Summer Evening


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff /angst

FIC SUMMARY: OC and Tom may be too late to save themselves from falling for each other.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Something I thought up of. Tell me what you think. And if you know the little quote inside the story then kudos to you.

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