when the world was flat (and we were in love)

Parent!lock is canon. Here’s stuff that has been on my mind:
- sometimes when John and Sherlock have an argument about something very stupid and get loud, Rosie starts crying and both of them turn to her immediately and start calming her down and the world is okay again, what were they even arguing about
- Rosie is Sherlock’s second angel, he would kill for her and it’s funny because he literally allows her to do anything (“It’s okay, my darling, here you have your ice cream. We mustn’t tell Daddy, hm?” - “Sherlock?!”)
- Rosie staying at Mrs Hudson’s flat when they’re on a case and she loves it there and Mrs Hudson tells her about the early days of Sherlock and John and Rosie can’t stop giggling
- John taking photos of his little perfect family and being shocked about the fact that Sherlock looks gorgeous in every picture, without exception
- Sherlock documenting EVERYTHING aboht Rosie
- John singing Rosie to sleep with his great singing voice and Sherlock listening and smiling fondly
- John hating himself for agreeing to let Rosie help Sherlock with experiments
- Rosie being such a smart and curious and lovely little girl that both of them could kiss her all day
- they still kiss her lots of times though
- sometimes they hug all three and it’s a huge cuddly mess
- when Rosie gets older and starts bringing friends (boys) from school, John and Sherlock try to act as natural as possible but really they just want to murder every guy who could ever hurt her
- John and Sherlock dealing with a teenage daughter is actually too funny to me: just think about Rosie coming home late or something and both of them standing there, arms crossed, brows raised
- Sherlock following some guy home to stalk him
- Rosie realising it and confronting them about it (“I have no idea what you are talking about, do you john” “not in the least”)
- John saying “Rosamund Mary Watson” in his soldier voice
- Sherlock wanting to go to teacher / parent meetings but john not letting him “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU GO THERE, NO”
- Sherlock and Rosie playing the violin together
- Sherlock and John and Rosie walking in the park together and meeting a dog and both Sherlock and Rosie kneel down and pet him and talk softly to him and John’s just like “omg guys can we go on now” “nO JOHN”
- so much more holy shit I can see their entire life before my eyes
- add stuff!!!

i think i loved you before 

in another life, another world 
where we caught shards of sunlight in our hands and laughed 
lay on the wooden floor of my bedroom and tried to catch the late afternoon rays, flat on our backs and carding our fingers through the air, trying to touch it like cats 
you were feline in your grace
this much i know 

never liked being alone 
or the dark 
when we slept in the same bed you would wait until i’d fallen asleep 
so you could use the rhythm of my breathing to lull your heart to rest

these are the ways we survive

winter hit you hard 
in the morning chill, you turned brittle
cracks formed along your porcelain face 
and slowly, your lips turned blue

your heart froze, my dear. 
i tried to reach out to cup it in fire-warmed hands 
and you shied away 
let my nails scrabble at the calcium gates of your ribcage
when my frostbitten fingers finally reached you 
you had already frozen solid

it was too late. 
winter had taken you.

after that, i didn’t try to catch the rays of sunlight streaming in through my window 
lay in bed and watched as it faded and the glass frosted over 
pulled blankets over myself but the chill never subsided 
you turned me to ice, love. 

but better i to have lost you in this world, this life 
than to have loved you as i must have in others
and had to melt myself for you to live again

i know now how to live with a frozen heart. 

i know now how to lose you.

—  this is a lie: i don’t miss you anymore. i don’t wait for your phone call // H.S.