when the world was flat (and we were in love)

i’m in love with the shape of you.
  • Summary: “It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. (…) Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.” Inspired by this tweet.
  • Pairing: Kara/Lena.
  • Rating: STRAIGHT UP SIN. +18
  • Beta’d by: Bia, who by the way forced me to write this. (@kinkylena)

It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. Lena was chivalrous, gentle, sweet. All Kara could’ve wanted for in a partner. Most of their time together was spent in late night dates, drinking expensive wine and chinese takeout, maybe watching a bad movie, maybe playing chess (Lena insisted she wasn’t letting Kara win, that she had just improved but Kara didn’t believe a word she said), maybe just cuddling under a fuzzy blanket telling each other about their days. And of course, kissing. Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.

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I feel like I’ve known you for years. Like we’re connected. Like I was put on this Earth to find you. Our love is so big the world doesn’t have space for it. I feel it leaking into our sheets when we’re in bed. There is so much love between us it should be named it’s own country and have its own currency. I think I’ve known you since the beginning of time. It just took me a little bit to remember, but I see it now. You were always with me. Everywhere I’ve ever stepped, you were with me. I love you in loads. In shouts. In the potholes on the streets. I love you in flat tires. There are worlds where we’ve never met. Worlds where you and I passed each other by and we never knew it. Worlds where I never saw your face. But in this one I hold your hand and we run away together and we never come back.

I Like Different ( Peter Maximoff x reader)

* So this was a request from an anonymous I got last week. This is also my first Quicksilver fiction so I do hope you like it. *

“ Hey babe.” Your speedy boyfriend said causing you to jump. “ Jesus Peter, wear a bell or something. ” You’ve known Peter for about 10 years now. You meet him when that Logan guy came and told you about the future and that you had to change it. He had taken you, Professor Xavior, and Dr. McCoy to meet someone who could help get Magneto out of the Pentagon. There in the basement of this house you meet the person who soon would be your boyfriend. He didn’t seem interested until he found out you were mutants. “ And what can the girl do?” He asked a little grossed out over Logans claws. You explained you had (mutation) and at first he teased, but then when you demonstrated your mutation he was impressed even though he didn’t show it. It wasn’t until the battle with Apocolyps that you realized you loved him. When he got his leg broken you felt this sharp pain in your heart that worry confirmed your feelings. As you and him got closer by being Xmen you found out you had the same taste in music, food, sarcasm, etc. And somewhere along the way you two became an item. You had been together now for three years . As usual everything came so fast, he’s said I love you so many times but never slow enough to be audible. You assumed it was nothing. Peter didn’t mind though. He wanted to be able to do it right, so if that meant using his speed to do it a hundred times to get it right that’s what he’d do. “ If I wore a Bell it wouldn’t be fun.” He smirked wrapping his arms around you. “ I have something special I want to show you.” He said grasping the back of your neck and zooming off. “ A warning would be nice babe!” You exclaimed disoriented. Steadying you he said “ Your cute when you’re dizzy.” With that he gave you a love peck. You sighed and wondered where he brought you. As you took in your surroundings you noticed you were on the roof of the mansion. You saw on a flat part of the roof was a small candle two bottles of soda and a plate of hostess snacks. “ Peter what is this?” You asked with a grin. “Oh just a little something I made for the best girlfriend in the world.” He explained snaking his arms around your hips. “ Well then, I guess we better hurry before she shows up.” You retorted with your arms around his neck. “ I don’t think we would have a problem with that, but she’s already here.” As the sun was setting you both were finishing the plate of sugary snacks when Peter gasped your hand asking if you were enjoying the evening. “ It’s different and that’s what’s cool about it.” You answered. He sighed lovingly and then took a deep breath. He knew that there was no other perfect moment that would come to tell you that he loved you. “ (Y/N) I want to tell you something.” You tilted your head signaling that you were listening. “ We’ve been dating for a long time and you make me slow. I like that though. Before I met you I was always trying to entertain myself constantly, because the world was to slow for me. But then I met you and now I understand why people like to savor the moment. I’ve said this a thousand times and now I’m ready for you to hear it… I love you.” You sat there slightly confused. “ I know.” You replied. You guys had been together for years he practically showed it every day. “ No I mean really love you.” That is what made to sit in silence, hearing those words come out of his mouth slowly. Pulling on his shiny jacket you kissed him passionately. This was the longest kiss you both had ever had. It left you both gasping for air. “ I’m guessing that’s an ’ I love you too’ right?” He asked. You giggled and he pulled you in to snuggle. “ Of I love you Peter. ” you said placing your head on his shoulder. “ Sorry about the speech, it probably was lame.” He chuckled. “ It wasn’t, it was different. ” he then kissed your head saying “ Well we both know we’re pretty different.” You looked up at him with those beautiful (E/C) eyes he loves. “ I like different.”

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it is easy to learn the aching beauty in isolation
in steel blue window frames, sky drifting from white to bruised purple, soft cream scarf
billowing in the cooling air
yew berries, japanese maple stained red, fennel dried and woven through chain link fences
rose hips left among curling leaves.
there is loss inked into the streets here, faces ghostly in cherry blossom pink.
i take pictures and make it as lovely as i can,
all the orange spray paint, gravel cast on the sidewalk, flat light pressing down.
people slipping past me in their flapping coats, heads bowed.
strangers dreaming in the motels under dying neon signs,
forever just passing through.
the scent of fire still lingers on the concrete- there were long days
when we could not see the sky for the smoke. now, autumn bleeds out
into winter, and there is still no rain.
the world goes liminal,
and yet i love this, love this lonely bitter peaceful feeling
of my life glancing tangent off a thousand other worlds.
—  quiet//ast.

Parent!lock is canon. Here’s stuff that has been on my mind:
- sometimes when John and Sherlock have an argument about something very stupid and get loud, Rosie starts crying and both of them turn to her immediately and start calming her down and the world is okay again, what were they even arguing about
- Rosie is Sherlock’s second angel, he would kill for her and it’s funny because he literally allows her to do anything (“It’s okay, my darling, here you have your ice cream. We mustn’t tell Daddy, hm?” - “Sherlock?!”)
- Rosie staying at Mrs Hudson’s flat when they’re on a case and she loves it there and Mrs Hudson tells her about the early days of Sherlock and John and Rosie can’t stop giggling
- John taking photos of his little perfect family and being shocked about the fact that Sherlock looks gorgeous in every picture, without exception
- Sherlock documenting EVERYTHING aboht Rosie
- John singing Rosie to sleep with his great singing voice and Sherlock listening and smiling fondly
- John hating himself for agreeing to let Rosie help Sherlock with experiments
- Rosie being such a smart and curious and lovely little girl that both of them could kiss her all day
- they still kiss her lots of times though
- sometimes they hug all three and it’s a huge cuddly mess
- when Rosie gets older and starts bringing friends (boys) from school, John and Sherlock try to act as natural as possible but really they just want to murder every guy who could ever hurt her
- John and Sherlock dealing with a teenage daughter is actually too funny to me: just think about Rosie coming home late or something and both of them standing there, arms crossed, brows raised
- Sherlock following some guy home to stalk him
- Rosie realising it and confronting them about it (“I have no idea what you are talking about, do you john” “not in the least”)
- John saying “Rosamund Mary Watson” in his soldier voice
- Sherlock wanting to go to teacher / parent meetings but john not letting him “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU GO THERE, NO”
- Sherlock and Rosie playing the violin together
- Sherlock and John and Rosie walking in the park together and meeting a dog and both Sherlock and Rosie kneel down and pet him and talk softly to him and John’s just like “omg guys can we go on now” “nO JOHN”
- so much more holy shit I can see their entire life before my eyes
- add stuff!!!

Love and Poetry // Ron & Hermione

Sometimes, when they were out for dinner with a collection of Very Important Ministry Officials dressed in robes worth more galleons than his childhood home, and her eyes were shining as she laughed politely and sipped her drink while she pushed a soft curl behind her ear with a sort of ethereal grace that belonged in a montage of beautiful people you’d see in a posh muggle film, he would wonder why fate had decided he, of all people, deserved to have this woman cross his path when they were eleven.

Then again, he felt very much the same when she stumbled out of the bathroom at just gone six the next morning, pinching her eyes shut as she scowled and tugged at her hair, as if that could stop it from frizzing out of her head at strange angles.

When you live with a person - not just sharing a flat, but when you live your whole life with them - they work themselves seamlessly into your experience of the world. They become a part of you that you never quite get used to, but that is all a part of the comfort and intimacy of being an “us.”

Which is why, Ron supposed, Valentine’s Day didn’t make much sense to them. Sure, when they were dating, it had been nice to have a day set aside where everyone in the world would take “we are in love” as an excuse to skive off for an extended lunch and an early dinner. But now that they were married and spending all their spare time in a place they both called home, it seemed a bygone conclusion.

That’s what Hermione had said, anyway. “A marriage is not about a wedding,” she’d declared sagely, repeating what had been her calming mantra during the planning phase of their engagement, “and love is not about a commercial holiday.”

And yet, somehow, Ron found himself wandering aimlessly through a crowded flower shop early on the morning of the fourteenth. Hermione had only sent him out for a few items they’d forgot, but he’d passed no fewer than three Grand Romantic Gestures on his way down their street. It started with a surprise proposal complete with a flash mob, then a yard fully decorated with streamers and a banner proclaiming that “Bonnie, you are my whole heart,” to a man reciting what Ron was sure was very symbolic and moving poetry to a sobbing woman clutching his hand. And so, he found himself in the flower shop, wondering how on earth he could surprise the smartest woman in the world.

The trouble was, this being their sixth Valentine’s Day, he’d already covered all the basics. The first year had been the roses, more than he could count, delivered to her at breakfast in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, with the closest thing to a love letter he’d ever written. Having set the bar so high before he’d turned nineteen, it wasn’t unfamiliar to feel a certain sort of shame when he realized his best idea was to settle for a dozen red roses bound up in a purple ribbon.

Still, Hermione seemed pleased enough when he got back. “You didn’t have to, Ron, but this is very sweet, thank you!” She beamed, kissing him on the cheek as he arranged the flowers in a vase on the kitchen table. “Why don’t I make us a nice dinner tonight? My treat, whatever you like.”

“Okay,” Ron said uncertainly. “You don’t want to go out or anything?”

“Not particularly. Saturdays are about the only day we get to ourselves, aren’t they?” Hermione settled into their armchair and pulled a book from one of the many stacks that had formed in every nook and cranny of their small flat. (They’d wait to buy a house, they’d decided, til they were ready to have children - in a couple of hypothetical years, safely in the future.) “Come here and relax a bit. I’m sure there’s some sort of sport on the telly.”

Ron sat hesitantly on the floor in front of her, grabbing one of her feet and working her muscles with his thumbs. “You know this is our first Valentine’s married, yeah?”

Hermione shrugged without looking up from her book. “It’s a Saturday at home with my lovely husband.”

“You don’t mind that I didn’t set up a flash mob or write any poetry?”

“Sweetheart, if you ever flash mob me, I’ll be tempted to file for divorce.”

Ron snorted. “Feeling’s mutual. I just feel a bit unromantic, y’know?”

“We’ve got our whole lives to be romantic. Besides, it’s the little things like this that make a marriage last.” She raised her eyes to his and smiled, wiggling her toes as he continued to rub her feet.

“You’re always saying that,” Ron remarked, poking her ankle gently. “Maybe you just have a foot thing.”

“Yes, that’s it, a foot fetish. That’s the basis for our relationship, really.”

“Always knew it.” Ron raised an eyebrow. “I was serious about the poetry.”

“Alright,” Hermione smirked. “Let’s hear it, then.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, your name is Hermione, and I love you,” Ron said smoothly, making it to the last syllable before they both dissolved into guffaws.

“Really, Ron, the flowers are more than enough,” Hermione said once they’d recovered.

“I know you’re not one to ask for gifts, it’s just…they just don’t say what they ought,” Ron explained. “This holiday’s a bit ridiculous, yeah, but there’s something to be said for doing something crazy because you want to let a person know that, ‘hey, every time I look at you, I remember that I’m the luckiest person in the world, and no matter how boring our lives seem from the outside, you will never be the boring part.’”

“Now that, my dear, is poetry,” Hermione remarked softly, leaning forward to give him a sound kiss.

Because forever was made up of every single day, and the biggest love was in the smallest things.

Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living.

A/N: And here comes the storm.

Fun fact I actually met a man named Bear the other day. 

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Chapter Six

     Somehow, Bear had managed to become an constant presence during Phil’s time at Ink and Quill. By this point it had become habit for him to look up at any given moment and spy the university student duck through the door with a thoughtful expression and a cryptic statement ready to spill from his lips with the right question. Not that Phil minded, exactly. Sometimes he felt he lived for the stolen hour or two with Bear, whether it was at the shop or the chance meeting at Starbucks.
      Phil wasn’t sure when he first noticed that Bear had stopped visiting. It had been less of a conscious realization and more of a subconscious observation along with an intuitive feeling that something was wrong.
        It was strange, he reflected, how much of a difference the absence of one unnamed customer could make when it came to determining how good of a day he was having.
        While Phil knew it was stupid, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He was hardly one to inflate his own self-importance, but after spending the past couple of months religiously visiting both Phil and Ink and Quill it seemed uncharacteristic of Bear to simply get up and leave without an explanation. And though Phil supposed that beyond what little Bear volunteered he didn’t really know who Bear was at all, if Bear was anything like he acted like he was the move was strange even for someone as unpredictable as he was.
        But as Phil didn’t even have a name to work with, he tried to push it to the back of his mind. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it anyway.

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Doctor/Rose teenage AU. Teen pregnancy/pregnancy scare

one time without


warnings: they think that Rose is pregnant and so, before they know the actual result of the test, they question what they would do if she is, i.e. would they keep the baby or not. ultimately, their brief discussion is moot, cos the test comes back negative. age-wise, i’m putting them both at about 17yo

“What are we gonna do?” Rose whispered, twisting her fingers anxiously, as they queued up in the chemist. He didn’t answer, so she tugged on his sleeve. “Doctor, if it’s positive. What are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know,” he said, putting his arm around her shoulders. He wouldn’t meet her eye, but she took comfort in his touch, at least. She looked up at him, but his gaze was focussed on the box of the pregnancy test in his free hand. “Blimey, these are pricey, aren’t they?”

She glanced at the price sticker. “Yeah. Best not make a habit of this.”

“Well, if you are pregnant, at least we won’t need to buy another one of these for months,” he quipped.

Rose swallowed hard. “You’d want to keep it, then. If I am.”

Only then did he seem to realise what he’d implied, and froze. “Oh. Er - good point, I didn’t - I didn’t really think, before I said that.”

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FINISHED! for the first time ever (woo!!!) compiled into one space are all the lyrics to the 1975 and drive like I do songs* (that I know about at least - song links attached!!).

/ /

(bear with me for a minute here friends…)

regardless of the risk of sounding quite dramatic, this little “project” sent me on one of the biggest emotional roller coasters in a long time. as if matty’s lyrics in all of the 1975 songs weren’t already enough to tear my heart to pieces (in all the best and worst ways), listening to the drive like I do songs (literally hundreds of times to figure out what he was saying through that darling accent of his) sent me to a different world. between laughing too hard at what my poor american ears thought the lyrics were, to dancing around my room when we (were pretty sure we) figured them out, to flat out crying because it's the matty, george, adam and ross we all now know, the experience was inspiring. matty’s precious adolescent voice and the sound of their music is so enthusiastic - you can feel the excitement (and the wonderful teenage angst of course) and can immediately tell the love they have for writing and playing music. every song brought tears to my eyes. I now have a completely different level of understanding, respect and appreciation of the journey of these four beautiful boys; a new perspective that makes my heart want to burst from complete unadulterated love and happiness. I could never come close to explaining the effect they have had on my life, nor will I try, because I think it’s a mutual feeling and understanding among all of their fans. x

/ /

*[disclaimer: all drive like I do lyrics are in no way official. they were translated from listening (and extensive research on everything matty likes so much to talk about/reference ;) ). I could not find them anywhere online for the life of me so we wrote what we heard.]

/ /

HUGE SHOUT OUT to the amazing and beautiful sara (g-oldielock-s / dontyoumind1975) for helping me sort out all of the lyrics for hours and hours on end. you should all go follow her right this minute because she is absolutely incredible. also another HUGE SHOUT OUT to joe (moreleftovers) for being all around amazing and so insanely helpful (we couldn’t have done this without you!!) so if I messed anything up, I apologize! just drop me a message and I will fix whatever we (likely…) heard wrong.

/ /

lastly, SO MUCH LOVE to you all for being the most extraordinary followers in the entire world, and to any and all fans of the 1975. they truly are a blessing to us all. xxxxx

now go sing along because it will make your day. promise ;) <3

i think i loved you before 

in another life, another world 
where we caught shards of sunlight in our hands and laughed 
lay on the wooden floor of my bedroom and tried to catch the late afternoon rays, flat on our backs and carding our fingers through the air, trying to touch it like cats 
you were feline in your grace
this much i know 

never liked being alone 
or the dark 
when we slept in the same bed you would wait until i’d fallen asleep 
so you could use the rhythm of my breathing to lull your heart to rest

these are the ways we survive

winter hit you hard 
in the morning chill, you turned brittle
cracks formed along your porcelain face 
and slowly, your lips turned blue

your heart froze, my dear. 
i tried to reach out to cup it in fire-warmed hands 
and you shied away 
let my nails scrabble at the calcium gates of your ribcage
when my frostbitten fingers finally reached you 
you had already frozen solid

it was too late. 
winter had taken you.

after that, i didn’t try to catch the rays of sunlight streaming in through my window 
lay in bed and watched as it faded and the glass frosted over 
pulled blankets over myself but the chill never subsided 
you turned me to ice, love. 

but better i to have lost you in this world, this life 
than to have loved you as i must have in others
and had to melt myself for you to live again

i know now how to live with a frozen heart. 

i know now how to lose you.

—  this is a lie: i don’t miss you anymore. i don’t wait for your phone call // H.S.

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Hi~ Just wanted to let you know that Notoriety is the best thing ever, and I can't wait for the next chapter! Also, since requests are open, I shall take advantage of it - Can I have Jongin as your best friend, being frustrated because you can never understand his moves on you? Thank you so much, and do take care! (:

“Why do you always want to come over to my apartment? I miss your parents.” You whine, nudging the laughing boy’s arm with your elbow as you walk home from work. It’s the weekend now, and neither of you have any plans, so you figured you’d hang out together instead. It’s what the two of you usually end up doing most weekends, anyway. It’s pretty much worked into your schedule. 

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tottallyjohnlock  asked:

Hi. Wonderful analysis of Sherlock and John's relationship! However there is something that is bugging me. You said that prior to John telling Sherlock that he's his best friend and that he loves him, Sherlock didn't know that John loves him. However do you think that Sherlock was aware of John's attraction and obsession with him right from the start anyway, without realising it was actual love? Was Sherlock's wedding epiphany about his own feelings towards John? And how much is John aware of?

Based on these questions, I think you’re asking me to refute the arguments of another fandomer. I love loudest-subtext-in-television! Brilliant analyses, excellent endgame proposals! Very inspiring, and a joy to have in fandom! I desperately want to take that one out for a drink or five, let me assure you. That would be a hell of a night. #tumblrcrushomgomg #lovelovelove #neverstopLSiT #<3<3<3

So, your questions:

Step by step, then: 1) how much does Sherlock know about John’s feelings for him, 2) what’s the story about a wedding epiphany, and 3) how much does John know (about his own feelings, or about Sherlock’s? I’ll assume Sherlock’s)?

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Losing the love of your life really opens your eyes. Makes you realize how valuable every moment with them is. How important it is to tell them how you feel at all times. Through everything never give up on your significant other, make your bond inseparable and the love limitless. You don’t know how much time you are going to have with that person. Life is short and should be cherished. The pain of not being able to sleep without waking up minutes later crying, asking God “why him?” The suffering causes you to have no interest in food. I’ve learned that no matter what he is always by my side. He always told me “Even when if our relationship is at risk, we could never be exterminated.” I truly believe that more now than ever because although he is gone I still wake up and carry myself in a way as if he has never left. I’m constantly relating everything to him, even the simplest things. Like how he would play Young Thug in the morning and force me to listen. Or how he would kiss me 100 times all over my face so he didn’t miss a spot. I would get super emotional on him and he would do absolutely everything to fix things, & when I cried he would tell me to stop. He didn’t like seeing me like that. Out of nowhere he would be like “I’m gonna marry you one day” and I’d just look at him with the biggest smile on my face. He was so stubborn when we got into an argument. We would just reply to each others smart remarks “I love you 2” because we knew it wouldn’t be long before we would laugh about the issue. We put each other before everyone. There was a time when we had nothing, we were both flat broke and all we had was each other. We would lay in bed all day watching movies and eating home cooked food. But believe me I felt like I was the wealthiest girl in the world because I had a love like this. We spent every day together most of the time. I’d wake up, go to school, work then come home to him and sleep. He liked to sleep closest to the wall unless we were watching a movie then he’d switch with me for his benefit. Our friends would tell us we spend too much time together we’re going to start to hate it, but that was never the case. People tried to tear us apart with rumours and their opinions but it never worked. We needed each other to balance out how hectic our lives were. We called each other our better half, because with all honesty we did bring out the best in each other. My heart hurts so much…

Weirdly, I’m not really all that upset about the silly things that Emma Swan says about taking Henry to NYC (where he is supposedly enrolled in school, which would cause me huge amounts of anxiety if I were his parent but those are my own issues with school and chronic anxiety). I’m probably more upset about Hook being a part of her time travelling storyline because he doesn’t belong in her story and he’s being jammed in there for fan service. And I’m upset that Hood is being jammed into Regina’s story for the same reasons. It’s like watching Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion when they imagine themselves as old women and Michelle’s husband asks if she’s been unhappy with him all these years and she replies, ‘no, dear, I’ve just been lonely with no one to talk to.’ That ridiculous and hilarious flash-forward speaks to the pressures of mainstream narratives and the ways that women’s lives end up revolving so stupidly around the leading woman’s contrived 'love interest.' 

I’m really becoming certain, in a really weirdly calm way, that Emma and Regina’s stories are being told as a kind of Trojan Horse so that the mainstream doesn’t know what (who!) it’s letting in the backdoor when it opens up the gates and welcomes this 'family show’ into their homes. The bullies and antagonizers who come into our blogs know this on some level and it angers them that we won’t go away but also that we HAVE that right to also see our stories and our happy endings told. I’m not upset that Robin Hood and Captain Hook are so flat, so ridiculously contrived, so poorly written because really, it’s all a reflection of the world we live in and the stupid stories we were told as little kids about what true love should look like and how we should structure our lives according to particularly awful narratives. The problem remains (and this is a major, major problem) that many of us, most of us in the SWEN tag, have already done this kind of analysis. We know that the world isn’t written for us…yet. And we want to, generally speaking, see some element of the struggle for representation for Queer folks and Queer PoC (Regina is who I’m talking about so please no more white-washing her story and please don’t tell me that that mainstream white dude is going to be any good for her in the long-run and of course personally I want to see stories about Indigenous Queer people but hey, I had Marina on the L Word and that’s my quota for the century until Megan Fox does a bio-pic) and we want to see that story told in an amazing way. And Swan Queen could be that amazing story. 

So, in conclusion, I fully expect to see Regina and Emma and Henry together in NYC at some point. I fully expect to see Emma acknowledging that Henry needs Regina and I fully expect everybody who hates the idea of Swan Queen to pretend that they’re watching a different show entirely.