when the vertically challenged people are catching up with you so quickly

The Best Kind of People

Imagine coming face to face with Daryl while he’s out hunting; or rather arrow to arrow as he has a crossbow and you have a vertical bow.

Still trying to get through these requests. Ugh, I still have some that were sent to me around Christmastime so…I am a terrible person, I know. I’m really sorry to those of you who have been waiting THIS LONG for their requests. They just started piling up and I got momentarily distracted with the stories (those are still happening by the way, just on hold until I catch up) for those of you who have stuck with me patiently, thank you. You’re angels.

Being the best hunter in your group was flattering but also the biggest annoyance at the same time because they always sent you for food every single time. And sometimes, you were exhausted, sometimes sick, and you’d be gone for days at a time on certain occasions. You decided when you left for the millionth time that you were going to teach the others how to hunt so it wasn’t all on you anymore.

You’d managed to snag a few dozen small rodents but you wanted to stay out a little longer on the off chance you could find something bigger like a deer. But it seemed today wouldn’t be your lucky day.

It would be getting dark soon but you still decided to take another break, sitting amongst the leaves with your bow leaning against the tree beside you. You were drinking the rest of your water, the cool liquid soothing your dry throat. You couldn’t wait to get back to your group so you could get some much needed rest. It would be best to get back to camp as you were running out of arrows. You’d wasted a few earlier when you had to kill a few dead ones and then run without grabbing them. The cool thing about having a bow and arrow was that you didn’t have to worry about finding ammo, just the proper supplies to make your own. And while that could be challenging, it was definitely easier than hoping to come across some bullets. But you weren’t unrealistic about it. Guns were still necessary and you still had one handy in case you needed it. If your bad luck continued, you’d eventually need the gun.

You leaned your head back, closing your eyes and wiping the sweat from your brow. The sun was particularly brutal today, beating down on you all day long with no relief. Not even this shade under a tree could shield you from its bright light. You were drenched in sweat at this point, shuddering at a few drops rolling down your back. That was your cue to get back on your feet and head back to camp with what little food you could find. It still wasn’t a total loss. You had enough small rodents to last you and your group at least a week and that was plenty of time to teach a few people how to hunt. You’d still have to go with them so they weren’t being tossed into the deep end but at least it wouldn’t be all on your shoulders anymore.

As you got back up on your feet and put your water bottle back into your backpack, footsteps approached you. They were slow, methodical. It definitely wasn’t a dead one but that didn’t take the threat away. People weren’t so great even when the world ended. All the good ones died out a long time ago and that only left the assholes, you’d learned that rather quickly. There were even members of your own group that you didn’t trust that much.

You gripped your bow but didn’t move right away, licking your lips. The person had stopped walking but you heard the jingling of the zippers on their backpack. Taking a deep breath, you whipped your body around, pointing your bow at the mystery person. It turned out you weren’t the only one with skill in archery.

The person standing a few feet away from you was a man pointing a crossbow at you. He was slightly taller than average height but he wasn’t exactly towering over you. A sleeveless shirt revealed bulging muscles and broad shoulders, his skin tanned from hours upon hours of exposure to the sun. His hair was short, medium brown and drenched in sweat, sticking to his forehead. He was focused, barely blinking as he stared you down.

“I don’t want any trouble,” you finally spoke up, “Not gonna hurt you as long as you don’t try anything. Just wanna take this back to my group.”

The man gave you a nod, “Same here. That all you got?”

His lip tugged a bit in a smirk, looking at the dead rodents attached to your hip. You snarled under your breath, “So, it wasn’t a great day. What the fuck is it to you?”

“How many people in your group?” he inquired.

“Not many,” you replied, “Six, including me. Why?”

Normally, you wouldn’t have allowed conversation to last this long and you certainly wouldn’t have given away that much information but something about this man was trustworthy. The man lowered his crossbow with a heavy sigh, “No need to waste their time with shit like that. Was takin’ a deer back to my camp.”

“And you’re willing to just bring back six other people to share the deer with?” you said, “What’s your game?”

“Game?” he said, “What game? Tryin’ to be charitable here. Don’t seem like much of a threat. Could be useful too. Power in numbers, ya know?”

“I guess,” you mumbled, “I could…help take your deer back to your camp, get a feel for it and then decide if I wanna bring my group there. It’d be nice to have the option of having seconds…for once.”

“Wouldn’t it?” Daryl said. He grabbed the strap on his crossbow and threw it over his shoulder, his crossbow rested on his back, “You gonna stand there ready to shoot me with your bow or are you gonna come help me like you said you would?”

“I don’t even know your name,” you said.

“Daryl,” he said, “What about you? Do I get to know your name or what?”

You slowly lowered your bow as you followed him through the woods towards the deer he claimed to have caught. You still weren’t entirely sure about the guy now that he was leading you even farther from your camp. But hey, if he tried anything, you could take care of yourself.

“Y/N,” you replied. You were relieved to see there actually was a deer to be taken back to Daryl’s camp and you trusted him enough to lower your bow completely, “Glad there was really a deer.”

“What do you mean?” Daryl said.

“Was afraid I’d have to defend myself against you,” you said, “Happy to see that you’re genuine. Kinda rare these days.”

Daryl grabbed the deer’s front legs while you took the back legs. Together, you hoisted the corpse up and Daryl started walking towards camp, “Was thinkin’ the same thing about you. You said you had five other people in your group?”


“You look like a damn mess,” Daryl said, “Are you the only one pulling your weight?”

“I’m the only one skilled enough to hunt,” you replied, “But it balances out. I don’t do the cooking or cleaning since I’m out here so much. Still, it’d be nice to have some help with hunting. I am a ‘damn mess’ as you so gracefully put it.”

“Probably should bring your group to our camp,” Daryl said, “Teach ‘em how to divide some work.”

You walked with the deer corpse for a few more minutes until you reached a clearing. It was a massive farm and there was a small group sitting around a campfire outside an RV. They were all smiling and laughing and they all had kind eyes. All except for one bald guy but he couldn’t have been much different from certain members of your group.

Seeing this new group made you feel a lot better about bringing your own people here. Perhaps there were still good people left in the world. Even if these were the last good people left in the world, it was enough to restore your faith in humanity. Daryl could’ve easily shot you while your back was turned and taken your supplies back to his camp without a second thought but he didn’t. He took a chance on a stranger who actually did need the help. Daryl Dixon and his group were the kind of people that the world needed to protect at all costs. Daryl was the kind of person you wanted to hang onto as long as you could.

A shortie but HOPEFULLY A GOODY. I’m trying to get these out as quickly as possible but I’m still gonna be sure to put effort into my one shots. So I hope that this one is just as good despite this being short. I LOVE YOU GUYS 😊

Step Two: Avoid the Problem

Surprise! Here it is, the much awaited (sort of) follow up to Step One: Admit You Have a Problem, better known as the Best Friend’s Sibling AU! If you haven’t read that one yet, I highly suggest that you do as this takes place in the same ‘verse and only a few days after. (Also, I have no idea who made that beach manip of Stephen and Emily. If someone does please let me know so I can contact them and give them proper credit.) Okay, that’s enough rambling on my part. Enjoy!

Step One: Admit You Have a Problem

Step Two: Avoid the Problem

Three days.

That’s how long Felicity successfully avoids being alone with Oliver. On more than one occasion they had been left in a room together, only for her to quickly make some sort of half-assed excuse and get the hell out of dodge. They were terrible excuses, really, and if Oliver’s knowing smirks were anything to go by he wasn’t buying anything she was selling. Luckily, he seemed to be genuine in his request for her to think things over.

And think she did. Their kiss on the beach, more like make out session if Felicity is being honest with herself, is all that she has been able to think about. It stained her thoughts like permanent ink, bold and impossible to erase, with no stark white corrector fluid to cover up her mistake. It’s a shame there is no backspace key in life. But even if there was, would she use it now?

“What’s on your mind, Le Penseur? That’s the French, for ‘The Thinker’, as in Rodin’s sculpture.”

“Thank you for that impromptu lesson in art history, Thea.”

Her friend rolls her eyes as she lies down on the pool chair beside Felicity, pushing the blonde over with her body in order to make room.

“Gotta practice for my class trip next semester. Now seriously, what’s on your mind? You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet these past few days and it’s honestly starting to freak me out a little.”

Cheering from the beach just a few yards away draws Felicity’s attention. A couple of beach volleyball courts were set up earlier for guests of the Merlyn-Queen Fourth of July cookout to enjoy and the boys wasted no time in starting a tournament once the twenty-something crowd arrived. Oliver and Tommy currently stand on one side of the net, the infamous Lance sisters on the other. The ball is served and Felicity can’t help the way her eyes lock onto Oliver’s tanned and muscular form as he dives for it. Even from her spot on the pool deck she can make out the definition in his arms and back, left bare due to the extreme summer heat. The sight alone causes warmth to pool in her belly and Felicity quickly glances away, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“Oh gross. You were totally just checking Ollie out.”

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[Hey! If you are taking requests can you do one please. Where you’re a small girl (like 5′ or 5′1″) and you meet Josh while trying to get something from a shelf in the backstage (bc someone from your family works for them) andhe helps you but you’re very shy since you’re a fan and fluff and a kiss too? Please pretty please? Thank you very much! - Anonymous]

[ A / N - I am so sorry that it’s taken me a few days to upload something. I haven’t been feeling well the past few days and had no motivation to write anything. This was actually half finished before I even took a break, but just didn’t know how to finish it until today. I hope it’s kind of what you wanted.]

“Just go grab the cords please.” You glared at your brother, flipping him off as you turned and walked off the stage, heading for the tech room. Your brother, who was one of the techies responsible for setting up the stage for Twenty One Pilots, was an asshole. He clearly could have gone and grabbed the wires himself, but no, he told you to while he sat on his ass, flicking through facebook. You loved him dearly but he was still an asshole. 

You sighed, entering the makeshift room, looking around quickly for what you needed. You spotted the wires on the shelves, but of course they were on the very top, where you couldn’t reach. Curse the short genes you got from your parents. Curse your brother, who was well over six foot for not grabbing the wires himself. Curse everything.

You looked around for a step stool or a chair or anything that you could use to boost yourself up to the top shelf. But there was nothing, except a metal table along one wall that looked heavier than you. There was no way that you would be able to drag that across the floor. 

Groaning and throwing your hands briefly in the air you turned towards the shelves. You would end up having to climb the shelves to get to the top. You grabbed a hold of one of the sides of the shelves and shook it slightly, seeing if it would be able to hold your weight without falling over. Some of the things shook a tiny bit, but it seemed stable enough and so you started to climb it, placing your feet where they wouldn’t accidentally knock something off. 

You were about halfway up and you could see the wires just in front of your face and you reached towards them, just barely touching them before you found yourself falling backwards through the air. Your other hand didn’t have as good of a grip on the shelves than you originally thought and your feet slipped out from under you. You landed on the hard floor, your ankles making a horrible cracking sound, knocking the wind out of you as you stared up at the ceiling, praying that the shelves didn’t come down on top of you. You laid there, catching your breath as you sighed, realizing that the shelves were more stable than you. 

When you landed on the floor it must have made a horrible crashing sound. It sounded like a stampede was rushing to the room you were in and about ten people entered the room. They were rushing around you, some people making sure that the equipment was still working, others asking if you were alright. You were just able to nod your head yes as you still tried to catch your breath, heart threatening to escape your chest. Everyone’s voices were muffled by the sound of rushing blood in your ears, your hand gripping your shirt just above your heart. 

You tried to tell yourself to calm down, that it was just an honest mistake and wrong placement of your limbs that caused you to fall. But at the same time you didn’t want your brother to find out. He would immediately call your parents and send you straight home, which would be heartbreaking considering you only just arrived early this morning and hadn’t even been able to see the members of the band. 

Suddenly there were hands on your shoulders, pushing you into a sitting position and you thought that it was your brother, causing your heart to sink with the anticipated lecture you were going to receive. Your vision shifted from the ceiling to looking at the shelves. You immediately looked up at the top of the shelves, groaning as you realized that you never even grabbed the wires before you fell. All that effort was for nothing.

“Are you okay?” You turned as you realized that it actually wasn’t your brother who sat you up. In fact he wasn’t even in the room. Maybe he hadn’t even heard the crash because he was out on the stage. No, it was Josh Dun, drummer of Twenty One Pilots, the only guy in the entire universe that you had the hugest crush on. 

All you could do was nod your head at him as you felt your face turn beat red. He gave you a smile, but it was forced and you could see concern written under the facade. 

“Can you stand up?” You shrugged your shoulders, not trusting your voice for fear of stumbling over your words. He stood up and held out his hand to you, pulling you up slowly and gently. You wobbled once you were on your feet, legs shaking slightly but it wasn’t from the fall. You realized you hand was still in his and looked down at your joined hands, a deeper blush rising to your face. Josh cleared his throat, catching your attention. 

“W..what?” You mentally kicked yourself for having zoned out, not hearing what Josh said. 

“What were you doing anyway?” You looked down at the floor, body deflating as you realized that you couldn’t lie yourself out of this one this time. Not that you would ever lie to your crush to begin with. But you just didn’t want to be sent home by your brother if he ever found out, which was basically a 95 percent chance at this point. 

“I was trying to get those wires on the top shelf.” You looked down at your feet, eye twitching just the slightest at the embarrassing reality of the whole situation. You inwardly groaned and looked up at Josh. He was watching you intently, waiting for you to carry on. You sighed and looked up at the top shelf. “But I’m vertically challenged and rock climbing is apparently not my forte.” You threw a half grin at Josh and he almost grinned before he caught himself, a frown appearing instead. 

You sighed and dropped your hand from his, shoving them deep into your pockets. “Look you have a show to do and I have to go explain to my brother why he shouldn’t send me back home.” You made to walk past him but he put a hand on your shoulder, silently telling you to stop. You waited and watched as he walked over to the shelves, stretched up, and grabbed the wires you needed. He handed them to you without another word and you mumbled a thanks, walking out of the room towards the stage, wires in hand and eyes cast downward.


“Seriously, I should call mom and dad!” You sighed, plopping yourself down on an amp on the stage. You brother had heard about your clumsiness from one of the other techs and he immediately laid into you when you had shown up with the wires. He was more pissed about the fact that you had disturbed a band member more than anything, telling you that you needed to stay away from them.

“Then just do it! I’d rather go home than listen to you bitch all the damn time about my honest mistakes!” You were furious, balling your fists and throwing your arms around to exaggerate your points. He walked up to you, standing right in front of you with his phone in his hand. He just stared at you though, like he was actually debating on whether he should  call or not. 

You glared at him through your eye lashes, arms crossed over your chest, feet placed just right that you could easily run out of there if things turned way worse. Your brother wasn’t exactly the nicest person and couldn’t control some of his actions when he was really pissed off. It might have something to do with the slight age gap and the fact that he thought he could boss you around even though you were well into your twenties. But you tried to keep telling him that you were fine, that nothing was broken, and that you probably wouldn’t be sore tomorrow. But, just like everything else you told him, it went in one ear and out the other, his brain not processing what you were saying. 

“I think you should put that phone down.” You and your brother turned and looked towards the side of the stage. Josh was walking towards you two, obviously having over heard the argument. You hated to get him involved but if it helped your case and helped you to stay then you would let him intervene. Maybe that was a bit selfish on your part, but this was the only chance that you were going to get to even see Josh, let alone the band.

Josh stopped right in front of your brother, arms at his side and a very neutral expression on his face. It was almost like he knew of your brothers sudden outbursts and was trying to get him to calm down. Slowly, your brother put his phone down and in his back pocket. He scowled at Josh, huffed, and walked away, back to the wires that you had given him. He still had a job to do. 

“Thank you.” You slouched, your hands resting in your lap as you looked up at Josh. He turned to you and gave you a small smile. Now that you got a chance to look at him with the sun streaming through the clouds, he looked exhausted and it wasn’t even time for the sound check yet. 

Josh moved and sat down next to you, slouching and running a hand over his face. He crossed his ankles and rested his arms on his legs, staring out into the empty seats of the venue. You both sat in silence as you watched him, eyes occasionally flicking to watch your brother, who was glaring daggers at you. 

“Are you alright?” You barely said it above a whisper but you knew that he heard it. This place was so eerily silent that it almost scared you. Josh ran a hand through his hair before he sat up a little, eyes still focused on the empty audience. 

“It’s all so much. There are days where I’m so pumped to do this and wish I could do it for the rest of my life, non-stop.” He took a shaky breath and leaned his elbows on his knees, hunched over. “But then there’s other days where I just wish I could take a break, even if it was for a few days. Just to catch my breath and give my body some rest. I barely get to sleep at night before I have to get up early and do it all over again.” He turned his head and looked at you, pain clearly etched across his beautiful features. You sighed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, feeling him lean his body into your touch.

“I wish I could say I know how it is. I kind of do though. College sucks, with the busy schedule and everything. I’m just glad that it’s summer and I can take a few months away from it and be here, even if my brother is an asshole.” He smiled at you, eyes crinkling just the slightest bit. He rested his chin on your shoulder and you were instantly reminded at how close he actually was to you. You blushed, heat spreading over your face and you looked away from him, towards the seats. 

“So you’re here for another few months?” You just nodded your head in response, shrugging your shoulders slightly so as to not disturb Josh too much. You saw his hand out of the corner of your eye and he gently grabbed your chin, turning your face so you had to look at him. You were just barely able to see that his pupils were dilated more than they should be in the sun,before they slipped closed and you felt his soft lips on yours. In a way you were expecting that something would happen when he put his head on your shoulder. You slipped your eyes closed and tilted your head, lips moving against his. It was the best kiss you’ve ever had, adrenaline and electricity running through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you turned your body towards him as much as the amp would let you. He brought his hands down and grabbed onto your waist, thumbs rubbing against the fabric of your shirt. 

You pulled away from his lips, forehead resting against his. He opened his eyes and smiled at you, his hair tickling your face slightly. You smiled back at him, a sigh escaping your lips. He dropped his hands from your waist as you moved you arms from around his neck. You rested your head on his shoulder and he wound an arm around your shoulders, bringing you into his side.

“I’m glad your here for a few more months.”

I love you guys so much! <3

“Renovations” - Kurt/Blaine

A slightly belated birthday present for @whatstheproblembaby

featuring: kitty!Kurt and the fluffiest fluffity fluff, because Jen

~1300 words | read on AO3

“Kurt, are your eyes completely closed?”  

Kurt makes a chirping noise in response, his ears and tail flicking in excitement. Blaine wouldn’t let him into their room for hours, but there were all sorts of noises and things happening that Kurt needed to be part of, so Kurt spent the morning pacing the apartment and mewling at Blaine through the door in annoyance.

Blaine’s leading him into the room now, walking backwards to guide Kurt through the doorway. “You can’t see anything?”

“No.” He leans forward a bit, his nose twitching as he tries to figure out all the smells in the room.

“I see that nose going, Kurt, no cheating!”

“I’m not! The room smells different, I can’t help it. Besides, you’re about to show me anyway, so…”

Kurt can’t see it, but he’s pretty sure Blaine’s rolling his eyes.

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My first Hangrid fic! Give it a read please!

A/N: I hope you enjoyed my first hangrid fic, it was so much fun to write! Depending on the response to this, I may or may not write a follow up to this, about the morning after and the fallout that ensues. Thank you for reading! xoxo

When Ingrid Outed Hangrid

Synopsis: After a night of partying with fellow youtuber’s at Vidcon, Hannah loses her girlfriend Ingrid in the crowd and finds herself in an unexpected, embarassing, yet highly entertaining position. Humor and fluff. It will hopefully make you smile.

Approx. 1600 words

A/N: Hello friends! I hope you enjoy! This fic takes place in the present, with Hannah and Ingrid’s close friends and family knowing about their relationship, but it’s been neither confirmed nor denied to the public and the rest of the youtube community.


Hannah had officially lost her girlfriend.

     To say that she was panicked would be a bit dramatic, considering the fact that Ingrid was a grown woman and they’re at Vidcon of all places, they were bound to get separated at some point during the day. But the crowd was thick and tall and she was vertically challenged, and because of this, the buttcrack on her forehead was beginning to show.

      Hannah was roaming the perimeter of the dance floor, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ingrid’s short, wavy locks, when she ran straight into a chest. A rather large chest that sent her bouncing backwards, until long arms wrapped around her neck as she was literally lifted off her feet, her face buried in crimson red hair.

     “JARTO IS BACK BITCHES!” was screamed in Hannah’s ear, and a wide smile broke out on her face as she was placed gently back on her feet.

     “I’ve been looking for you all day Hannah! How’s my favorite little farto doing? Where’s your sexy-lady pal?” Jenna asked with a not-so-subtle wink.

      Hannah had to laugh at her obviously inebriated friend, not that her behavior gave it away, Jenna was always loud and hilarious.

     “That’s actually what I’m in the middle of trying to figure out myself, I lost track of Ingrid about a half hour ago and I’ve been looking for her since. Let me know if you see her, yeah?” Hannah asked with a charming smile and a pat of Jenna’s shoulders, before she leaned in for one more hug.

     “I’ll let you know if I see your little girlfriend, but in return you have to promise to have a round of shots with me later. I’ll drink you under the table, pipsqueak!”

     Hannah couldn’t argue with that, being well aware of her own status as a lightweight and the fact that Jenna has a hollow leg when it comes to alcohol tolerance.

     Hannah said goodbye to Jenna and was once again enveloped by the moving crowd, standing on her tippy toes to try and get a better view. She turned around quickly when she heard a mixture of a laugh and a scream behind her, and knowing exactly who it belonged to, she walked over to meet Grace at the bar, chatting with Tyler and Mamrie.

     “I swear Smellbig, if I see you post one more snapchat story with Chester I will personally throw your phone off the fourth level balcony. I know you’re bored now that people have stopped thinking that Hartbig is canon thanks to the whole Hangrid “conspiracy”, but that doesn’t mean you can jump ship and start trolling around the internet like you have been the last four years with Hannah. Let the man live in his dark little closet without having to act like he’s dating an awkward giraffe like you.”

     Mamrie wagged her finger at Grace while scolding her, and trying not to crack a grin at the all-too-pleased-with-herself smirk that Grace was sporting.

     “Sorry Mames, but a troll’s gotta troll. It’s in my blood.”

      Tyler snickered behind his hand at this before noticing Hannah and the bemused expression on her face.

     “Hello miss Harto, anything we can help you with on this fine evening?” Tyler slurred, waggling his eyebrows. Hannah snatched the shot of fireball that Grace was about to throw back, setting it back on the table while giving the giggly blonde a stern but affectionate look.

     “I’m looking for Ingrid, and was hoping you three musketeers have seen her around… not that you can see straight in your current state”.

     The three of them burst into a mixture of howls, wolf whistles, and… gagging? Tyler’s teary eyes bulged as he choked on his cocktail, sputtering as Mamrie patted his back.

     “Walk it off buddy, walk it off” said Mamrie, as she escorted a stumbling Tyler to the nearest glass of water.

     Grace turned back to Hannah, and put her arm on her shoulder with a bleary gaze.

     “I haven’t seen your little miss glamoyahtzee, but if you don’t find her you can always come back to my r-” Hannah stuck a hand over Grace’s mouth as she scanned the crowd, having tuned out whatever Grace was babbling on about so she could hone in on the tinkling laugh that she just heard.

     Completely oblivious to the disappointed look on Grace’s face, Hannah turned back to her. “Did you hear that? I think I’m getting warmer. I’ll check back in with you later, okay dude?”

     Hannah saw Flula next to her and asked him for a boost, jumping onto his back in order to get a bird’s eye view of the dimly lit, giant conference room filled to the brim with people drinking and dancing. Hannah knew she heard Ingrid’s voice, though it seemed to be coming from every which direction, and it had a familiar yet foreign tone to it. All of a sudden she heard a microphone screech from the main stage of the conference room, followed by a drunken burp and feminine giggle.

      Oh shit.

     Hannah looked up and saw her beautiful girlfriend swaying in the middle of the main stage, batting her eyelashes at the DJ in order to get her hands on the microphone that she snagged from him just moments before. He reluctantly handed it back over and turned down the volume of his track, confused as to why none of the event coordinators told him that this girl was meant to make a speech tonight.

     “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and squirrels!” Ingrid excitedly yelled into the microphone.

     “I’m so glad you could all make it here tonight, everyone looks sooooooo beautiful!”

     Hannah began elbowing her way through the crowd, intent on saving her girlfriend from whatever drunken embarrassment she was about to bring upon herself, and considering her audience, upon the internet.

     “You’re all like family to me” Ingrid continued, “Even if we haven’t spoken in person before, even if I’m not yet subscribed to you, everyone here lives on the internet, and my heart lives on the internet. I love the motherfucking internet.”

     As Hannah worked her way closer to the stage, she could hear the chatter of the crowd as they watched Ingrid deliver her sloppy, impromptu speech, as if they were trying to figure out if this was planned, or potential vidcon vlog gold.

     Ingrid seemed to get distracted by the shiny material of her own shoes for a second, looking down and twisting her ankles around with a dopey grin on her face, nearly stumbling off stage before grabbing the mic stand for support.

     “Go on darling!”

     Hannah heard an obnoxiously high voice call out, locking eyes with it’s mischevious owner.

     Fucking Tyler.

     “Oh, oh yeah!” Ingrid giggled as she remembered she was on stage in front of hundreds of youtubers, most of them who were pointing their vlogging cameras at the stage at this point.

     “I have a very special announcement to make tonight, for all of you…”

     This can’t be happening.

     “As pretty much everyone on tumblr has figured out by now, I’m madly, madly in love…”


    “With the most gorgeous, funny, talented, intelligent, sweet woman in the entire universe.”

     Hannah finally reached the last stair leading to the stage, and was running across it to grab the microphone out of Ingrid’s hand and somehow undo this mess, when it happened.

     “There you are baby!”

     In what seemed like slow motion, Ingrid threw the mic to the floor, jumped into Hannah’s unprepared arms, and attached their lips in a sloppy, yet passionate kiss. Despite Hannah’s mortification at this incredibly public display of affection, and the realization that this shit will be all over the internet tomorrow, she couldn’t help but kiss back, because kissing Ingrid was always a treat.

     Amid loud whistles, applause, and howling laughter from Mamrie, Tyler and Jenna, Ingrid finally broke the kiss and stared into Hannah’s eyes with a dreamy, lovestruck look.

     “You’re in so much trouble, little one” Hannah whispered against Ingrid’s lips, chuckling under her breath. Hannah bent down to pick up the mic and felt a hand palm her ass, Ingrid’s of course, but all she could do was give an incredulous look at her cheeky girlfriend, and hope that the audience would grant them mercy and edit the ass grab out of their vlogs that will surely feature this encounter. They probably won’t.

     “I’m sorry for the interruption everyone” Hannah sheepishly spoke into the mic, rubbing the back of her neck. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.”

     Ingrid gave her an adorably dramatic wink, and latched onto her free hand.

     “With that said though, in return for this entertainment gold… the least you could do is subscribe.”

     Hannah placed the mic back on the stand, scooped her drunk and quickly fading girlfriend into her arms, and carried her offstage, not to be seen for the rest of the night.

                                                          THE END

     A/N: I hope you all enjoyed! I may or may not write a follow up to this fix, about the morning after and the events that ensue after the outing. Thank you for reading!

The Switch (2/3)

This is a continuation of my “Picked up the wrong book when we bumped into each other college au” fic which was supposed to be a one-shot but my muse wanted to write Killian’s perspective sooo…here ya go~ (not that anyone asked for this but lol oh well).

Part 1 | Part 3

Words: 3100 (this got away from me omg I’m so sorry)



He’d dreamt about her again last night.

He’d dreamt of her soft, brown hair tickling his skin as she’d hugged him. Of the slide of her soft skin on his as she’d pulled away. Of the determination set in her gray eyes as she looked at him one last time. Of her walking away from him and out his door.

Her, his Milah.

Well, technically she wasn’t his. Not anymore anyway, probably never was, if he was honest with himself. She’d always been clear about her plans for the future, Killian just hadn’t realized that he didn’t quite factor into those plans until it was too late.

That was two years ago though, he was fine now. Totally fine.

So fine you’re still dreaming about the day that she left you, a cruel voice whispered in his head.

Killian sighed wearily and opened his eyes. He rose slowly into a sitting position on his bed and glanced over at the clock on his bedside table. The glowing red numbers told him it was six o’clock in the morning, three whole hours before he had to be in his first class. He should go back to sleep, but he knows he won’t be able to, not with the scene from his dream (and his past) still playing on a loop inside his head.

With another sigh, Killian maneuvered himself to the side of the bed and allowed his long legs to dangle over the edge as he reached to turn on his lamp. He squinted slightly as the light assaulted his sensitive eyes and yawned while pulling a hand through his sleep mussed hair. He then rose from the bed and stretched a bit before he shuffled over to open his bedroom door.

He lumbered into the kitchen and made a beeline for his coffee maker (a housewarming gift from his older brother Liam), hoping the caffeine would not only wake him up but also clear his head. Once the coffee was prepped, he went to the refrigerator and gathered the items needed to make his breakfast. Fifteen minutes later, Killian sat himself at the small table set in the space between his kitchen and living room and tucked into his meal.

He tried to keep his mind on his schedule for the day (Gothic Lit and Literary Criticism in the morning and then, probably his favorite, 19th Century British Lit after lunch) but for whatever reason his brain couldn’t seem to let go of her this morning. Killian scoffed at his inability to focus and stood from the table, grabbed his dirty dishes, and made his way to the sink with them. After cleaning up, he ambled down the hall toward the bathroom he shared with his roommate Robin, slightly more awake but brain no less muddled, and started to ready himself for the day ahead.

An hour and a half later, Killian exited his apartment (which was off campus but thankfully still within walking distance), messenger bag slung across his body. He locked the door behind him before he made his way to the sidewalk in front of the complex.

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23 Feels (23 Flavours, and Then Some)

Okay, here’s my entry for the “23 emotions people feel, but can’t explain” challenge. What can I say? I’m totally mired in the save Delphine/cophine feels of late. 

Also on ff.net and AO3.

Cosima’s hands were so gentle, tender in their ministrations as they slipped through Delphine’s wet hair, finger-combing any knots and tangles out slowly. Delphine felt herself take in a deep breath and let it out in a long, soft sigh, her wound flaring with pain for a second as she did. The pain was still there, but it was fading. It wouldn’t be long before she could get her abdomen wet and these quiet, careful sessions of Cosima washing her hair as her head tilted back into the sink, or sponge-bathing her healing body one small section at a time, would be over, replaced by her standing in the shower alone, able to independently care for herself again. She both looked forward to and dreaded it — feeling strong, herself again, not a burden to her amour or the others, no matter how many times they told her they were glad to do it after her many sacrifices, yet also missing these intimate moments where she felt she could lay her burdens down and just bask in Cosima’s love for her.

Cosima’s love. She almost lost it forever, first by keeping secrets and then by spilling her blood on a cold, concrete floor. She didn’t expect to be alive, much less be here, in this safe house, coaxed through her convalescence by so many people she had feared would just as soon wish she’d disappear. She raised her head with Cosima’s guidance once the clone had finished squeezing the excess moisture out, and then felt the familiar tug of the towel against her scalp as Cosima patted and massaged her head.

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