when the sun's gone down

22 of not ur avg school tipz
  • will maybe increase ur chances of doing well in college
  • these are suggestions, but tip 22 is strongly recommended

source: me, a dying second year student

  1. invest in a small portable blanket bc sometimes big study areas can be cold ESP during long periods of time when the sun has gone down. also if u live in cold place and u taking winter semester!!!! 
  2. also u might wanna consider bringing cosy socks with you so u can be all comfy when u study 
  3. do u know what place has unlimited wifi, lots of food, lots of walking space (4 ur breaks), pretty views, + is never closed (usually all these things anyways) ur local airport. my local airport also always has the perfect amount of background noise 
  4. i can diarrhea work when i put on some turnt up music when im doin subjects like physics and math. number based courses idk try it maybe??? IDK MAN IDK!!!! 
  5. have a study signal. like only turn on ur desk lamp when u ready 2 study otherwise leave it off even during ur study breaks. this way ur body knows when it’s GO TIME!!! i stole this tip from that rly famous yt video w the white man who is a psychologist it’s a rly good video 
  6. tip six is to go watch that video 
  7. bill ur school 4 all ur acne products!!! ha ha i’m kidding kinda 
  8. don’t quit ur extra currics when shit gets hard ull regret it and spiral down into a hole of procrastination. busy is good !!! learn from my mistakes!! (this 1 varies ofc) 
  9. party L O T S. ESP if ur working extra hard. it a positive correlation. or if ur not into partying do some social stuff whatever u like but whatever it is MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! KICK BURNOUT IN THE A S S 
  10. 2x!!!! this is a gift when ur trying to review concepts via yt videos. bump down if 2x is too fast but eventually ull get the hang of it and u’ll b balls to the walls smart
  11. coffee doesn’t have to take over your life. if you need to be caffeinated but it makes u too anxious to focus (me) then try some tea. david’s tea the buzz is rly good n has ginger in it i luv ginger 
  12. study motivation: the best way to cheat is by storing the information in ur head. this makes it way more exciting 4 me i’m so dumb!!! 
  13. don’t fix what isn’t broken. if ur study routine or note taking system is all working there no reason 2 go follow ur fave studyblr’s way. this is common sense i think this tip is just a reminder 4 myself honestly 
  14. exercise!!!! eat clean!!! u will feel much more productive n adulty so ur self loathing will decrease and im sure self loathing and productivity r negatively correlated 
  15. imho 4 me it’s best to do NO work on my way to school bc i already hate having to go to school so any way of making that process easier make it so i at least look forward to it more. if ur a real functioning adult ofc u can use this time to b productive??¿ 
  16. ur school supplies does NOT have to be expensive but imho I THINK u should have an enjoyable experience using ur school supplies even if that means spending a couple dollars on 1 pen!!! luv urself i always feel better whenever i look forward to writing 
  17. it’s totally ok if u have no idea what in the balls u are doing w ur bullet journal. ive been bullet journaling for more than 2 years now and what the hell
  18. wake up early!!! my family r the loudest ppl alive so the best work i do is in the morning. u also feel like a productive adult. this is dependent on lots of things ofc but try it?? rmr it is easier to wake up at the time you want and u will just naturally fall asleep earlier than forcing urself to sleep at a certain time to wake up earlier. 
  19. get sleep but figure out how much you need to perform ur best. usually best to do during summer. i personally feel best with 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep
  20. do smt mindlessly productive in the morning like washing the dishes or just in general cleaning. it gets you going and feeling productive without much mental effort. I find it helps me prepare to do school work.
  21. make time for ppl. your studies are important (as important as you want them to be), but rmr that assignments and study time are much easier to schedule in but ppl aren’t going to be here forever. take the time to spend with ppl esp if you’re young. take some time to go fuck shit up w some amazing bitches!!!
  22. stay away from frat boys

i work the late shift at the ice cream shop and i don’t leave until it’s dark, almost ten o'clock, but when i do i get on my bike and put in my earphones and ride through the mystery of suburban night, follow hazy streetlights, avoid cracks in the sidewalk, and everything is a little mystical when the sun has gone down and the lawns are all the same in rows upon rows, and you can’t be sure if the fuzzy shape in front of you is a person or a tree, but you swerve anyway, and keep on going, the smooth pavement under your tires whispering away. and i ride and ride.


Lestallum was such a pretty place. Prompto hadn’t been many places outside of the city and he found himself really enjoying this one. There were so many places with amazing photo opportunities and the food was even better. Plus, they could get a really good view of the stars if you went to the look out.

It was just after 9pm when Prompto wandered down there. The sun had well and truly gone down by that point and he was hoping to get some nice photos of the stars from the safety of the city.

As he made his way over the railing, he walked past someone and had to stop and do a double take. He was shocked when he realised just who it was. What on earth was she doing here in Lestallum?


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“I want my best friend back” - “Kevin is over there”

Los Angeles was really far away from Washington. Tom would call Michael long past when the sun had gone down in Washington and he would listen to how Michael talked about the sunrise.

It hadn’t been a full season without Michael and he was a wreck. Without Michael Latta Tom Wilson was alone, he was sad.

When Michael Latta got traded to Chicago Tom looked at the good things. Instead of listening to Michael talk about the sunset while the sky Tom was looking at was dark and had a glow from the city lights.

It’s late January and the all star game is in Los Angeles and Tom is staying in Washington because he loves the city.

But when the weekend rolls around and Tom is in a small cafe with Andre and he has his head in his hands.

“I just want my best friend back.” Tim sighs, loud enough for Andre to hear.

“Michael is right there.” Andre says and takes a sip of his coffee.

Tom’s head pops up so fast Andre feels bad for his neck. He turns in slow motion and Michael is standing there in line with his grey hat pulled down past his ears and his cheeks are rosey from the cold air outside.

Tom stares at him until his coffee has been made and he is making his way over to the table.

“Hey Tommy.” He says as he sits down beside Andre and across from Tom. He laughs a bit at Tom.

“Hi, Mike.” Tom whispers

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars sentence meme
  • I remember tears streaming down your face when I said, "I'll never let you go"
  • When all those shadows almost killed your light
  • I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
  • But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight
  • Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
  • You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now
  • Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound
  • Don't you dare look out your window, darling
  • Everything's on fire
  • The war outside our door keeps raging on
  • Hold onto this lullaby, even when the music's gone
  • Just close your eyes
  • The sun is going down
  • You'll be alright
  • No one can hurt you now
  • Come morning light
  • You and I'll be safe and sound
Poetry: 'Margins' | Tyler Yank

There is only one difference:
I am never writing for the audience
Like experts are trained to do.
I write with a fist,
When the sun has gone down and
When I desperately don’t want to fall over myself
Onto you,
I write.

My prose, you know,
They will never be what you expect from me – because
We just don’t know each other.
I can’t write for you with the voice that
We need, that is a requirement of
To the newsletter where I
Tell you I like your tie and I look
Right at you.
Over my wine glass - I’m looking
Right at you.

I write with the calm inclination of
One who knows I can’t possibly
Think of you today.
Not today.

Perhaps, the shadow will pass and we will see each other in the light of a new day.

Perhaps, we can love in the warmth of the sun, instead of hurting in the cold of the shade.

Perhaps, you’ll see me and I’ll see you, and we’ll never stop, not even when the sun has gone down.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Perhaps
Healing Wounds

One day I will write something that’s longer, but first I need to get used to writing this new ship. Another MariChat drabble. I hope y’all enjoy ❤︎❤︎

Chat sneaks into her room from the balcony an hour after she returns home from school.

It’s become a daily routine for them save for when she has extracurricular activities or needs to stay longer than usual. She can count on him to make his appearance like clockwork. The same was when he comes to her balcony at night; when the sun has long since gone down and the moon shines above Paris. At first, she had been annoyed with it because this is Chat Noir, the boy she fights alongside as Ladybug to unakumize people.

But then she grew fond of him making his appearance and talking to her. He’s sweet and kind and makes her blush like no other. There are some days when she’s reminded of Adrien and the days he comes over to play video games with her. Eating all the sweets her parents give her (save, they aren’t aware of Chat being in her room) as well as laughing when she trips on her own two feet walking from her bed to her desk. Somewhere in the time that he first appeared at her door to know, she’s grown fond of the black cat and finds herself flirting with him nonstop.

Which is probably why today is no different.

Marinette dabs the cut on his hand with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Today had been one of those unlucky days when he cut himself jumping from building to building to get to her balcony. Apparently there had been a broken glass bottle on one of the rooftops which he chose to smartly press his hand onto. Which meant Marinette is left with cleaning up the wound.

“Why would you use a glass bottle to save your fall?” she asks while grabbing a band-aid from the box behind her.

He shrugs. “Maybe I was in a rush to meet you, princess.”

Undoing the band-aid, she sets it over his broken skin and rolls her eyes. Her mouth gives away, though, as it pulls up into a small grin.

“That’s not a good excuse, Chat. You need to be more careful,” she says. “What if it had been something worse and we needed to take you to the hospital? I don’t think vets are used to seeing human cats.”

“Very funny, princess.”

She feels him lean in closer to her while she makes sure the sticky part of the band-aid clings to his gloves. Glancing up at him beneath her lashes, she meets his bright green eyes and cheeky grin. He’s so close to her that she can feel the warmth of his breath each time he exhales, and smell the distinct scent of cheese. Her cheeks burn besides her repulse at the scent – no matter how familiar it feels.

“Maybe a vet can’t care for me, but my lady can,” he says in hushed tones.

Dropping his hand, Marinette pushes him away from her and begins to pack up her supplies to take them back to the bathroom. “Flirting isn’t going to help you, Chat. And I can’t heal you every time you come barreling in here. Mama and Papa will wonder where all our first aid things have gone.”

“You can tell them Chat Noir keeps falling for you.”

Marinette rolls her eyes and sighs. “You’re truly a hopeless little kitty cat,” she mumbles before turning around to put the supplies back in their first aid. “Stay here, and don’t touch anything in my room.”

As she climbs down the staircase downstairs, she hears Chat sigh wistfully and say, “For you I will stay anywhere.”

Her heart beats faster at his words while heat blooms across her cheeks. She of course tells herself that she won’t fall for the silly cat, but she feels herself slowly loving him more and more each time he appears. There’s something about Chat Noir that sets her heart to flutter and her body to react in ways she wishes it didn’t.