when the sun rose

weary bones and anxious heart (jyn/cassian, rogue one)

Jyn is definitely not sick, and Cassian is definitely not nervous about it, and they are both handling the situation with the utmost maturity.

He first notices in one night in bed, when Jyn’s cold and clammy nose brushes up against his clavicle. He frowns, wrinkles his brow, but gathers her in his arms like always and lets sleep pull him under.

When the alarm goes off the next morning, she burrows deeper beneath the blanket, and that’s when Cassian knows something’s up. Half the time, she’s on her feet and out the door before he even stirs.

“Feeling okay?” he asks, in a tone he hopes comes across as casual and unassuming.

The ball of blankets that is Jyn growls in response.

He always sleeps against the wall—remnants of a time when Jyn used to slip out of bed before the sun rose, when they both refused to admit what was happening between them—and since she won’t move, he has to crawl over her to get up. When he gets out of the bathroom, she’s still huddled there.

He doesn’t think much of it; he’s long stopped trying to rationalize her every move. He grabs her coat from the closet and lays it next to her on the bed before heading out.

But when he gets to the canteen, he sees Bodhi wearing two coats, three scarves, and gloves the size of a wookie’s foot and thinks: shit.

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@fandomtrumpshate​ fic for the lovely @gretamaya​, who requested established relationship :)

Renegades- 2

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 2342

Master   Part 1   

James Barnes was everything your parents had never warned you about. You didn’t get the speech growing up about safe sex and how smoking was bad for your lungs or how you should never drink and drive, ergo there wasn’t much warning for you about men like him. To be perfectly fair, there weren’t any men like Bucky.

When the morning sun finally rose, Bucky made good on his promise. With the sun coming in the open windows, you could see the disarray in which he lived. The bed was shoved into a corner, sheet-less, and the apartment itself looked like a frat boy’s dream. Bucky gathered his things quickly, jumping into a pair of wrinkled jeans and tugging on a shirt with a faded logo before dragging you promptly out the door.

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so this morning i bent myself
in half just to listen to the snap. it’s
just that when i woke up i couldn’t
hear anything and when i smiled
in the mirror it was all grimace. it’s
winter in here and i can’t stop
thinking about the night we drank
(and drank and drank until our
blood was liquid-hot and your eyes
went wild) and you tasted like wine
even though all we had was vodka
and it was love but not Love. so here
i am snapped clean down the middle
and one-half wrote a love letter like
a suicide note and one-half fell
for every girl on the street but when
she kissed them they felt her
incomplete, and when she found
her match dead with pen in hand
she wrote her own romeo and juliet,
and when the sun finally rose they
were together with nothing left.
—  THIS ONE’S NOT FOR YOU | a.e.m.

No one agrees where The First came from… though the story goes he appeared in the skies when the sun first rose above the land.  

For WHATEVER reason, Geoff gave me the hardest time. I’ve never redrawn one picture so many times before - whether it was his clothes, his pose, his cape, the background - and don’t even get me started on the colors of the border. This easily could have been done last week, BUT. That’s all apart of living, right? RIGHT. But here he is, and I’m relatively happy with how he turned out ;P 

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan

Neck Kisses - Jimin

title ; Neck Kisses

pairing ; Jimin x OC

genre ; whole load of fluffy things [no smut] [maybe just a glimpse]

word count ; 2.6K

a/n ; i wrote this in thought of my best friend. it went good but then i wasn’t satisfied with it so i wrote more and now it’s all over the place i don’t even know what this is honestly

warnings ;  there may be some sexy parts i don’t know

the blinds were sheer, and light shone through it without any reluctance on how strong it would be for the human eye after fluttering open from intense hours of shutting.

she silently winced as her irises consumed time in adjusting the light. she groaned slightly and rubbed her eyes in desperation for empty light. her morning voice was rather soft but coarse, she hated waking up in the morning, especially when the sun has already rose and the light was already piercing.

she flipped over, only to be welcomed by a heavyweight body lying messily on her pale sheets.

the body belonged to a breathtaking person, the one she loved the most. the one that made her insides churn in euphoria. his golden hair was parted in a mess, strains of hair were misplaced but he still looked precious. his eyes were closed, barely tight. he was going to wake up soon too, she thought.

his nose aligned pleasantly in the center of his face, the flesh on his cheeks were puffy in sleep. his thick lips were chapped slightly, but he was beautiful. he is beautiful.. he just is breathtakingly beautiful. the world should preserve him in an aesthetic museum, but then again that’s too much. she doesn’t want him to live in a museum away from her. unless she was larry daley and gets to live nights at the museum.

he was utterly beauteous, he was magnificent and ethereal. how his lips slightly pucker and swell.. it was surreal for someone to look absolutely hot like him. it was a blessing to be in love with someone as handsome and drop dead gorgeous as he is. it was beyond limits to even know that you are whom he is in love with. it felt like a lie to admit he was in love with her, especially when she sees herself below average and he is the beauty in nature. it felt dirty to be smug about it, but it also felt stupid not to be. everything felt wrong, but in the end of the day it was him that matters. nothing is bad whenever it’s him.

she choked on a sigh as her gaze was still filled of him. by that time her eyes grew comfortable with the amount of light that shone in the cold and white morning, and she got to open her eyes wide to consume everything and more about him.

her fingers tremble to brush the strains of his hair that fell upon his forehead. her arms hesitated to carry the killing weight of her forearm. all she wanted was just to touch him, to brush the things that cover his beauty from outshining itself, but the desire to do so killed her. she was afraid to touch him, he was just too precious and beautiful.

all the minutes of fighting and quarreling with her desires and needs, she didn’t notice that he was already awake. she barely knew that he broke his unconsciousness and was staring at her through the hooded eyes. she didn’t know, not until he scooted closer and gave her eyelids gentle kisses.

“ah, jimin.. you’re awake,” surprise filled her voice but she acted as if nothing bothered.

he hummed in response and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, pulling her closer in a hug. he snuggled into the crook of her neck and took in her sweet scent. she always smelt incredibly sweet, like strawberries.. and he really just could never get enough of her. “good morning,” he mumbled in between pursed lips.

she couldn’t help but smile at how tender and delicate he was, how adorably huggable he was. his morning voice was raspy, and it warmed her heart in the cold morning. his voice was sweet as chocolate, and mornings like this required no breakfast drinks like hot coffee or chocolate.. as long as jimin was here.

his hair tickled her neck line and she attempted to shove and shake him off, but his lips were latched against her collarbone and she couldn’t resist the act of welcoming him to her skin.

the kisses trailed from her bones to the back of her earlobe. he was gentle, and soft.. and sweet and amazing. the kisses were filled with love, no hint of sexual tension as his attention was just to assure how beautiful she is to her and not to get anyone aroused. although in his eyes she was always so sexy and such a heart racer.

“jimin..” she breathed.

he mumbled a quiet reply as his hands roamed across her bare body, fingers dancing across her bones. she sighed as her tension was released and was able to relax, knowing that he was protecting her and not harming. her skin stretched as her head tilted to the back and sunk into the pillow, allowing more access for him to smooch and trail love bites.

it was an intimate week for the both of them, where they give each other kisses and warm hugs and didn’t even bother to wear clothes. sure, it was snowy and the degrees were below zero, but it was warm in home. the humidifier worked perfectly, assuring that it was okay to be bare indoors.

he had a pair of white shorts on, with a few love marks tattooed across his chest. on the other hand, she had a pale nude pair of undergarments, minimal amount of lace as that’s how he liked it. the sheets were messed up, white, and the walls of the room were a shade of sheer pink; the colour of universal love.

they kept the room as simple as possible, a dark wooden bed with dark wooden furniture. small side drawers on each side of the bed that had small floral night lamps, a simple dresser and a cloth rack. the room had a little chandelier that shone brightly, but they scarcely use unless it was night and they needed more light than the side lamps.

opposite of the room was the window, their entertainment. they would snuggle up to each other and watch as the weather took control. from the start of rain hitting the glass to when the trees grow healthily in spring, the sunsets late in summer, and the leaves dry up and scatter during fall. they watched the first snow, and when the storm came. it was better than any film or drama, it was the best thing to ever have especially when your love one is in your arms.

jimin stopped trailing wet kisses across her skin and intertwined their fingers, shaking her hand so she would look over him. his eyes were pale and worried, and she was confused on the strange look. “what’s wrong?” she asked.

“i should be the one asking you that,” he stated. “is anything the matter?”

she was trying hard to assure she was fine but he knew well enough she wasn’t. he knew what was wrong, as she always had her thoughts eat her alive and torture her living. he knew everything that was going on in her head, and she couldn’t lie.. but he just wanted her to say it, he wanted her to admit it herself.

“darling..” he trailed off and broke eye contact, his eyes landed on their fingers, tightly wrapped around each other. he felt her stare at him deeply, but he couldn’t look up. he couldn’t meet her eyes, her weak eyes.

“jimin..” she tried. and tried. and tried. but she knew she couldn’t escape him.

“where’s the worth in me?” she gave in. her voice was pleading, cracking, and filled with hurt. the desire to break down and cry was outrageous.

his head rose upwards. as hesitant as he was to see her eyes filled with tears, he had too. he looked above and took her other hand in his. he pulled the intertwined hands, each pair on each side of her head. he hovered above her, not breaking eye contact.

“everything is worth it whenever it’s you,” he whispered as his lips ghosted over hers. his warm breath fell right onto the skin of her philtrum and it shook the unpleasant feelings from her. he was doing it right, he always does these things right.

his plump and dried lips were licked to moistened up before dipping against the surface of hers. his eyes were open to see if she was okay with it, but her eyes were already closed shut. he proceeded and pushed pressure against her lips.

the kiss was just short, was just a dip. he looked at her as he broke off, and her lips were agape from the loss of touch. the muscles around her jaw tightened, and her lips puckered in search of his. he smiled to himself and latched their lips again, smoothly dancing above hers like it was the first dance in a high school prom.

his luscious lips worked well, and her tender lips moved in a mixed rhythm. a contemporary rhythm, he always joked.

the grips between their hands loosened and his right hand draped lazily on her bare waist. his other hand held her cheek, his thumb rubbed tender circles as the kiss was deepened. his touches were addictive, and all she just wanted was for him to touch her everywhere. every single inch of her body ached for him to hold, and to love. everything about him was what she wanted and needed and it drives her breathless just thinking the absence of his gentleness.

her fingers interlocked at the back of his nape and pulled him closer, desperately. he smiled in the kiss as he felt her lips curve upwards. they were smiling in the hungry kiss, and they didn’t even planned to stop. a little goes a long way, they said. and that long way doesn’t seem to reach an end.

his lips parted and took her bottom lip before sucking on it gently. she moaned in pleasure as the suction took her breath away. her hands travelled to his shoulder and grasped on it tightly, telling him she wanted more of the kiss. her palms and fingers squeezed in need and he gave her what she needed each time.

she wanted more and allowed entrance for his tongue to roam inside the moist walls of her mouth. he gladly went with her invitation and slipped inside, giving a small introduction of him.

soon they grew even more eager for each other, their dancing tongues were no longer in a ballroom but now in a battleground, fighting against each other and not living a single spot untouched. moans floated across the room and the grasps around their bodies tightened to the point their knuckles turned white. the atmosphere in the room was getting hotter and hotter that in some possible way they forgot it was winter.

his hand clenched her waist and her back arched, pressing her body against his as a low moan muffled in the kiss. her fingers ran through his hair and tugged on them and made him groan in a low voice.

after long minutes, they needed deep breaths. slowly, he unattached their lips. his eyes stared longingly in hers, telling her the things she wanted to know even without opening his mouth. and in a way, she understood, and nodded in belief he wasn’t lying when he tells her she’s beautiful.

“are we going to stay in bed or eat breakfast?” she stood up and pushed him off her so he sat properly.

his arms wrapped around her body and pressed gentle kisses across her neck. “can i have you instead?”

she scoffed and rolled her eyes, trying her best not to fall for that jerk’s sweet little words. “shut up, jimin.”

he giggled and slumped his weight back on the mattress, making the springs bounce and she shook from the movements he made. he laid down on the pillows and stretched his arms out, calling her to come and lay against his chest. she was stubborn and pushed him away, trying to get up even though she really didn’t have a purpose to do so. but as she dragged her legs over the edge of the bed, she felt firm hands tugging under her arms and pulling her back.

“can you please stay with me?” he deepened his voice, jokingly attempted to sound like his best friend, namjoon. even though his attempt in imitating namjoon was a huge failure, but she tittered at him. earning her smile was already a victory, nothing else was needed when you know you can make her smile with a stupid act like impersonations.

“you’re really cute,” he said and gave her a short kiss on the forehead. she lightly scoffed, as she thought of how other girls were cuter. silently, she was hurt over the thought of not being able to look like others. she hated it, she hated that she wasn’t what others were. she hated that her smile wasn’t the best, and that her teeth weren’t perfectly aligned. but on top of all the insecurities and the things she hated about herself, he didn’t care. he didn’t care how she looked, because everything about her was beautiful. anything she wore made her beautiful. everything she has are all the things nobody else could earn. she was different, ethereally different.. and he really just didn’t care.

she gently shook her head, confused in herself whether or not she wanted him to notice the tiny action. but he did anyways, regardless how obvious she was trying to be. he inched closer, and closer, and closer until all he could see was the reflection of his eyes in hers. he sighed a gentle puff of air, and kissed her yearningly, eagerly, and desperately. eager for what? for her to wake up, to see her beauty and to notice she’s not what she thinks she is.

“you’re beautiful,” he stated a different characteristic of her. “you really are. inside and outside, i’ve never seen anyone nor anything as beautiful as you are.”

he scooted away slightly, just enough for him to look at her face fully, to scan her face and stare because she was just as beautiful as any other person. truthfully, she was more than that. her deeds and how nice she is, her pleasant attitude accompanied with that gorgeous structural face of hers.. god, she’s amazing. it was a dream to love her, and it was a miracle that they were destined for each other.

he came near again, and kissed her once more. this time, sweetly and passionately. short but full of hidden meanings.

he sighed and looked downwards to their bare feet that hugged each other tightly, and almost instantly looked back up. “i’m not good with words—”

“you don’t have to be,” her small voice ringed, interrupting him.

he was startled, and thought that she was about to have a vocal fight on admitting she isn’t as beautiful as what he sees her as, which day by day seemed like she no longer trusted him to bring her happiness. somehow it felt as if he was just saying blunt words to her, even though every single letter and syllable meant everything for him in describing her. but today, instead of that, instead of the things they go through every day and ended up with both teary eyed and muttering i love yous, it was different.

“just kiss the pain away,” she said.

he smiled, pleasured by her words. he hovered above her and brushed her hair out of the way, muttering love words and dipped his head in the crook of her neck. neck kisses are always the best, neck kisses are her favourite.

A little post-Dark Waters ficlet.

His stories have been untold for too long.

Emma sits on the edge of the bed, dressed in nothing but an oversized version of what she calls a T-shirt, all soft cotton and long legs left bare, with her hair unbound and streaming over one shoulder. She’s so beautiful that it actually hurts his eyes to look at her at times, like the days when the sun rose high in a cloudless sky and reflected on the water, shimmering like gold and brighter than a diamond.

(her love is more valuable than gold and more rare than diamonds, the greatest treasure he’s ever found in all his years spent searching for something else, something he no longer wants and yet has returned again from the fathomless depths to haunt him)

He tells her a tale, of a pirate who made a bargain with the Evil Queen and a boy who paid the price, of a father and his sons, all three of them. She listens, eyes bright with sympathy he doesn’t deserve and a finger curled around the curve of his hook. His voice cracks and he looks away, staring at nothing but the ghosts of a past he’s hidden behind saucy quips and theatrical swagger.

“Killian, hey. You’ve changed so much since then.”

Her words pierces his disquiet but doesn’t soothe it completely. He’s still bargaining, fearful of what losing her would do to him, what depths he would sink to if the vision becomes truth and their Happy Ending slips through his fingers like sand and scatters to the wind. An empty heart…

She lies in his arms, legs tangling with his under the quilts and her head on his shoulder. He may not have split himself like Regina, but the dual desires war within him in the darkness of the midnight hour. He was selfish enough to keep the shears and heroic enough to let them go, but a pirate can always find a treasure chest and he’s Killian Jones again but he’s still Captain Hook.

Out in the hall the tall grandfather clock ticks steadily on, heavy pendulum swinging back and forth to mark the seconds as Emma shifts sleepily against him and he feels the brush of her breasts against his side while her hand settles over his heart. He covers it with his own and kisses the top of her head.

He won’t let this story end.

One day, one rhyme- Day 1042

I once battled a great, green foe
Upon a sunny morn,
Armed with clippers, shovel and hoe
We met out on the lawn.
My foe, it was prickly and thorned
To defend its terrain,
‘Gainst pointy, scratchy scars it warned
To strengthen its campaign.
Legions of bindi cavalry
Spread out upon the ground
Sharp needled seeds they reached for me
But I would not be downed.
My enemy fought hard, it loves
To tear, and graze and rend
But I’d a secret weapon: 'gloves’
An ally and a friend
And still I stood, my back unbowed
At last I’d reached the crown.
The rose bush stood there tall and proud,
We stared each other down.
I sought to trim, it sought to wound,
Which would be the hero?
When the sun set, the plant was pruned-
Me: 1, rose bush: 0.

Cheap Thrills | Taehyung

Summary: The in between where ignorance was bliss and you were madly in love with Kim Taehyung | Based on Runaway 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,838

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“i hate being one screen apart.” 

in reality, you and chris were more than one screen apart. you two were a ferry, multiple countries, an eighteen-hour-drive, 1,177 miles apart. but as you laid on your hostel bed with your laptop perched in front of you, it seemed as if all that distance had been crossed when you looked at chris on the screen and heard his laugh.

this was the second skype-session this week, and third week apart. 

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وَتَرَى الشَّمْسَ إِذَا طَلَعَتْ تَزَاوَرُ عَنْ كَهْفِهِمْ ذَاتَ الْيَمِينِ وَإِذَا غَرَبَتْ تَقْرِضُهُمْ ذَاتَ الشِّمَالِ وَهُمْ فِي فَجْوَةٍ مِنْهُ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ مِنْ آيَاتِ اللَّهِ ۗ مَنْ يَهْدِ اللَّهُ فَهُوَ الْمُهْتَدِ ۖ وَمَنْ يُضْلِلْ فَلَنْ تَجِدَ لَهُ وَلِيًّا مُرْشِدًا

And you might see the sun when it rose, decline from their cave towards the right hand, and when it set, leave them behind on the left while they were in a wide space thereof. This is of the signs of Allah; whomsoever Allah guides, he is the rightly guided one, and whomsoever He causes to err, you shall not find for him any friend to lead (him) aright.

(Sura 18, Aya 17)

||A day with you||

You were once again alone with the boys long gone. It was dark out and you were tired but your mind was racing and yoongi being the reason why.

But even with all these thoughts running through your head you were dozing off. You suddenly remembered that hoseok had texted you a while ago. Whipping out your phone you a gave him some quick replies

You blushed reading the last message, why is he like this? you giggled to yourself and before you knew it you had ended up staying up all night texting him. When the sun finally rose, the light hit your eyes making you groan and stir in your sleep. You ended up falling off and yelped the second your body left the cushions. You bolted up from the floor looking around you and realizing that you had fallen asleep in your living room. Checking the time your eyes widened upon seeing that it was already almost two. Although you weren’t all that surprised considering the fact that you decided to text hobi all night. A tired groan escaped your throat as you stretched your body. You picked up your phone and read the following messages he had left you last night

Again you felt your cheeks flush but nevertheless smiled. 

I kinda wish he was here, you thought to yourself and the second a small sigh left your lips there was a knock on your door. You rushed over not even thinking twice of what you looked liked. Hoseok smiled wide when he saw you but couldn’t help but chuckle at your messy hair. “Looks like you slept well,” he grinned. Your head tilted confused by what he meant. Hoseok decides to take a photo of you with his phone and showed you the picture. You gasped loudly, “oh my god don’t look at me, I-i’ll be right back!”

You dashed away to your room as hoseok continued to laugh. He shook his head with the large grin stuck on his face and let himself in. He wondered around just kinda looking a everything you had, smiling at your family photos and being amazed by all the little cool things you had around. 

There was a photo of you siting on the beach sand facing the ocean as the orange light of the setting sun hitting you perfectly and he couldn’t help but admire your beauty. 

“Hobi?” He turns to see you with your hair let down and fixed and just loved how cute you looked. “I- um, I was just looking” he laughed awkwardly as he waved he picture in his hand, but quickly set it down. You simply nodded and shyly walked closer to him. “So, what brings you here?” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I just wanted to see you,” you both blushed. “That’s nice of you,” you smiled sweetly. “And I was wondering if you wanted to go out?”

“Go out, as in a date?” you asked surprised.

“N-no I meant just as friends ahaha.”

A little part of you felt sad for some odd reason but you ignored and smiled anyway. “I would love that.”

Hoseok and you were sitting across from each other at a table of an ice-cream shop sharing a small bowl of your favorite flavor. He was in the middle of telling you an embarrassing story of one of the guys when your phone rang. You looked at him apologetically but he made a gesture telling you that it was fine.



“Oh yoongi, what’s up?”

“Do you have time to hang out?”

“Um. I’m actually hanging out with hobi right now, but I can make time. I’ll come over later if you want.”

“Oh, no it’s ok, maybe next time.”

“Have fun.”

He hung up rather quickly before you could even say bye and looked back at hoseok. “What did he want?” you shrugged “he wanted to hang out but he changed his mind when I said I was with you.”

“He probably didn’t want to bother you.” he said. “Maybe.”

“Or maybe he’s jealous!” he joked. You laughed, “oh be quiet hobi. He doesn’t even like me like that.”

Or does he?

{Part 12}

Last part for today

Much Love~💖

When The Sun Rose

Another letter written
Forbidden words scribbled
Desperately containing
The fear of slipping

Moments spent
In your embrace
Flashbacks to words
Forbidden to speak

Eyes closed
Inches from each other
My way of finally
Letting you in

Unable to sleep
Forbidden words
Racing inside
Don’t dare speak

Your heart pounds
So noticeably
Because forbidden words
Are held inside you too