when the pretty man can also be a pretty woman

Hey, TAZ fandom, how the fuck is Taako “jewish-coded”. I’m serious. I’ve gone through the entire series twice and… Where is it??? Where??? I haven’t heard this once until today. Not. Once.

Same with the green skin thing. I’m Jewish I’ve never heard of it. I keep track of anti-semitism pretty closely, too. Never seen it. I just.

Wtf happened to this fandom we used to be able to issue constructive criticism pretty easily, maybe it’s because new people are coming into the fandom??? Idk, it absolutely was not like this before.

Also anyone that shits on a trans woman being in a healthy and happy relationship (especially when it’s with a man as toxic trans woman/cis man relationship portryals are common and can lead to us getting hurt) is a transphobe, and saying a character that steals gold as a habit is “jewish-coded” in a reality where Judaism doesn’t exist is anti-Semitic, and this post is by a Jewish trans woman so none of y'all get to say shit, by your rules.

malfoyvibes  asked:

RFA members + V finding out MC is bisexual/pansexual?

(hmmm… in all honesty, I don’t think they would really mind? But, I guess there would be little things here and there. Sorry if it’s not long! I just think they wouldn’t really mind that aspect of MC)


  • when he sees a female avatar in LOLOL and goes “wow she’s pretty” he then just. sorta goes like “omg SORRY MC I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT-”
  • and MC just laughs
  • “no yoosung you’re right. they are very pretty. I find them very pretty too. Yoosung don’t worry I’m not offended you are correct that avatar is also very pretty”
  • this happens a lot and yoosung nearly cries every time he does it 
  • also why are the LOLOL female avatars so attractive? both MC and Yoosung can’t understand this


  • tbh I feel like she’d be pan too?
  • MC and her have these fan-moments for Zen
  • MC says something like “i’d lick his abs”
  • and Jaehee goes really red 
  • then she utters “me too” under her breath and it’s hilarious because MC heard her and now they will tease her with that forever


  • if MC had any girlfriends in the past he’s just going to be looking at photos of them
  • “whaaaat she’s so pretty?? damn if she comes around she’s too pretty and you might leave her for me. i can’t let that happen.”
  • also says it’s logical MC fell for him because he’s “prettier than any man or woman” but he says it humbly. kinda humbly. well, as humble as Zen can be when talking about his looks


  • MC had to explain to him what pansexuality/bisexuality was because he was like “gay or not gay what is it??”
  • the chillest person in the world until anybody starts getting too close to MC.
  • “no lady, you can’t take them out for drinks, because they are dating me”- Jumin @ a lady that was chatting to MC in the convenience store


  • he’s like “no way now I have to compete against two genders of beautiful people to keep you in love with me??? how will I manage”
  • Pals Who Like Both Boys And Girls