when the power of love overcomes the love of power

Tarot in Magic Use

I have a tarot deck that was gifted to me made entirely of leather and just the major arcana. It has an extremely powerful energy to it, and I knew right away this was a tarot deck to be used in spell work, not divination. So I started meditating and looking into the cards and really thinking about what they could be used for/associations. So here’s what I came up with!

(Note: I mention curses in here because some of the cards do lend themselves really well to that. If you don’t curse personally, feel free to disregard those parts. This is based on my personal relationship with the cards, so your personal associations and meanings for your deck may be very different. Be sure to understand the nuances of your cards before using them in a spell.)

🗝0 The Fool: Wiping the slate clean, a fresh start. Opening oneself to new experiences and knowledge.

🗝I The Magician: Manifestation and invocation. Energy work. Personal capability. Utilizing the power already within you and bringing it to the surface.

🗝II The High Priestess: Secrets. Hide and obscure knowledge to others. Increased intuition. Knowledge of the occult. Learn other people’s hidden knowledge while keeping yours under wraps.

🗝III The Empress: Fertility and abundance. Vibrancy, nurturing. Also to some degree, sensuality and sexiness.

🗝IV The Emperor: Strength and stability. Generic masculine power. Traditionalism.

🗝V The Hierophant: Jobs, mentorship and other positions that require some level of conformity. Traditional knowledge, coming more from a dogma or set path rather than a personal experience.

🗝VI The Lovers: Love (obviously,) union, harmony between two people. But mostly love.

🗝VII The Chariot: Success, motivation, overcoming any nasty obstacle. Personal power working with outside powers for your benefit.

🗝VIII Justice: Pretty self explanatory. Justice, getting what one deserves for better or worse. Could also be used as an aid to help guide you to the best decision when stuck at a crossroads.

🗝IX The Hermit: Knowledge latent within oneself that you want to bring to the surface. Cutting ties between yourself and people/groups that no longer benefit you. Any spell designed to get people to stay away from you (but warning here, the Hermit doesn’t discriminate between the people you still want to see and those you don’t!)

🗝X Wheel of Fortune: Luck, a change of fate. Finding one’s true calling/destiny. A request of a long-term type of success.

🗝XI Strength: Emotional strength, mastery of emotions, self-control. Resilience and courage.

🗝XII The Hanged Man: Release of unwanted emotions, new perspectives. In a curse or hex setting, it can also be used to represent someone who has been traitorous, especially in decks with a more traditional art style.

🗝XIII Death: Can be used to represent death during rituals such as a dumb supper. Important endings, rebirth, shedding the skin of the past. Hard cutoffs.

🗝XIV Temperance: Balance, cleansing, a restoration of energies as they should be. Healing.

🗝XV The Devil: Addictive negativity. All things bad in life that can be avoided, but are easy to slip into. Can be used to sic this on someone else in a powerful hex, or can be used as a representation of your own demons as you break free from them.

🗝XVI The Tower: Another card that’s particularly good for offense magic. Sudden, unexpected crisis. A destruction of what one has been working for. Upheaval. Could also be used to try and protect oneself as much as possible from this before it happens, if you sense trouble ahead.

🗝XVII The Star: Hope, guidance, generosity. Can be used when searching for a sign for something or for a pathway to be illuminated.

🗝XVIII The Moon: Mystery, emotional/spiritual fog, being stuck in a grey area. Illusion, hiding/obscuring yourself or something else. Could be used as a more gentle hex to weaken somebody without wrecking them like some of the other cards. Alternatively, it could be used to represent the literal moon, as either a replacement (if you can’t access the moon) or as a way to draw down the moon’s power.

🗝XIX The Sun: Recharging, success, vitality and enlightenment. Celebration. A powerful source of positive and productive energies, but without a lot of direction on its own. Similarly to The Moon, it could also be used as a representation of the literal Sun.

🗝XX Judgement: Guidance in making tough decisions. Luck or good fortune in the final stages of something important. Reaping the benefits (or punishments, so be careful) of our work up to this point.

🗝XXI The World: Harmony, tying up loose ends. Completeness and wholeness. Resolution of all conflict.

May I just say that I LOVE Rick Riordan? Not for any other reason than the amazing characters he creates:
-Percy Jackson: a boy with ADHD and dyslexia. If you didn’t know, Uncle Rick originally created Percy like this for his son Haley who also has ADHD and dyslexia. But also, Percy comes from an abusive household. Smelly Gabe, even though he, from what I can gather, never hit Percy, nor did he hit Sally while Percy was around, but he was verbally, economically and emotionally abusive toward both Sally and Percy. And Percy overcame that.
-Annabeth Chase: a girl, also with ADHD and dyslexia, who came from a family who she thought hated her. So she ran away. And found a new family. She ended up losing that new family by the time she was twelve. She believes that she can rebuild the world, and make it better. And in a way, she does.
-Grover: a satyr that, when originally introduced to us, is disabled. Even though we find out he’s not, he still has flaws. He has made mistakes, and he feels inadequate. He overcomes this and becomes a member of the Council of Cloven Elders.
-Thalia Grace: a girl who comes from an alcoholic home. She lost her brother, and ran away. She ended up turning into a tree, but came back from that. She became the lieutenant to Artemis.
-Rachel Elizabeth Dare: a girl who comes from a rich home, but just doesn’t like it. She loves the earth despite her father’s company trying to destroy it. She can see through the Mist, and becomes the Oracle of Delphi.
-Jason Grace: a boy forced to grow up too soon. He was two when he was abandoned, then he made his way to being praetor at 15, maybe younger. He never knew his family, and always wanted to bring about change. He was looked on as a hero, but didn’t feel like it inside.
-Piper McLean: a girl raised by a movie star. She disliked being tied to that name, hated the idea of being beautiful. She made herself blend in, except when she stole. Or convinced them to let her have it. She overcomes her insecurities, and becomes beautiful, not through her mother, but through her own power.
-Leo Valdez: a Hispanic boy who grew up with a loving mother, and then accidentally caused her death. He grew up in the foster system, being funny to try and cover up the pain of his loss. He didn’t like looking back, but Camp made him. He grew into his power, and fell in love. Now, he’s mature, and a leader.
-Hazel Levesque: a girl who grew up when it was a sin to be black. New Orleans, in the forties. Her mother seemed to hate her, and she was an outcast. The one boy she loved she never saw. She died, then came back to life. She grew into her powers and made herself new. She started fresh, and now she has found love, and can shape the world however she sees fit.
-Frank Zhang: a Chinese Canadian who lost his mother to a war. He was clumsy, he didn’t fit in. He hated himself. He went to the old country, where he fought and became what he was originally meant to be: A warrior.
Also: The majority of these characters come from single parent homes.
But that’s just PJO, HoO, and ToA. Let’s talk about other series for a second:
Kane Chronicles:
-Carter and Sadie are MIXED RACE. It is canon. Their dad is African American and their mom is British white. Again, that’s not something that really happens a lot in literature, period.
-Carter traveled a lot, he had no permanent home. He was really lonely, and very close to his dad.
-But seriously, even in modern society just imagine how hard it is to be mixed race. You’re not one or the other, you’re both, which also means that you’re neither.
-Sadie grew up with her grandparents, being rebellious and just not wanting to be in England. She wanted to travel with dad, and when he died, it was hard on both of them.
And Magnus Chase:
-Magnus Chase: a boy who loved his mother, and grew up on the streets after she died. He was actually similar to Leo in his back story. He had a rich uncle, but he hated money, hated being confined. Then he died, and now he’s grown to accept himself.
-Samirah al Abbas: a Muslim girl shown in a POSITIVE LIGHT AND DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE PEOPLE HATING MUSLIMS???? And in Hammer of Thor, she PRAYS!!!!!! Like do you realize how beautiful this is? She doesn’t believe in the gods as gods, but as creations of Allah. Like, she is one of my favorite characters.
-Blitzen: a guy of unknown sexuality who loves fashion. The best part about this is that Blitz is not openly straight, gay or otherwise. He is just a dwarf who loves fashion, and this proves that you don’t have to be gay to love fashion.
-Hearthstone: HE’S DEAF! Do you realize how many deaf kids will read this and realize how cool it is to be what they are??? A lot, is what I hope. It’s just so refreshing to see a disability like this shown in a positive light. Also, he comes from a home where he is made fun of for his disability. It is shown that he has it hard for being the way he is, which I also think is important. It is important to show that people can overcome people who think they’re stupid for not being like everyone else.
In conclusion, Uncle Rick has taken the time to write amazing, beautiful, powerful, unconventional characters that we love. And it’s important that these are good characters, protagonists, because then we love them, and see that unconventional is good.

anonymous asked:

Yo I personally think Yuuri is a Slytherin. He's definitely determined and ambitious WAY more than he is brave or courageous like a Gryffindor. Plus he is extremely loyal and very cunning (I mean, he smiled at the beginning of his free skate in episode 7 after basically saying "haha did you see Victor's face when I started to cry"). But I want to hear why you think he's a Gryffindor! #politediscourse

I think people ignore a lot of Gryffindor-isms and just boil it down to ‘brave’ (which Yuuri is absolutely incredibly brave AF), but Yuuri’s brazen, balls to the wall, reckless drive is so, so Gryffindor. This is a man that has a character journey about winning through the power of love. His character arc is literally half about being selfless to a flawed degree, and having to overcome that and allow himself to have things. It’s so, so Gryffindor.

He’s a normally quiet, sort of meek guy, but he gets pumped up and starts shouting when it’s time for THE POWER OF LOVE.  

And yes he is loyal, but that’s never portrayed as a Slytherin trait over a Gryffindor one (in fact loyalty is a huge, key aspect of a lot of Gryffindor story arcs in the series?). 

Determination is also not a Slytherin trait either any more than it is a Gryffindor one. I would think hardheaded determination a very Gryffindor thing. 

The manner in which Yuuri is competitive, the manner in which he wants to and strives to win is presented in such a Gryffindor manner.

People go on about how ambitious Yuuri is like it’s a huge trait of his, but as much as he wants to win and hates to lose (which is also very Gryffindor, traits do overlap), he can’t even bring himself to admit he wants to win gold until like episode nine. He’s so overly ambitious, yet he makes the decision to retire purely because he loves someone else and thinks they deserve to skate more than him. He’s so ambitious, yet he spends half the time not even thinking he can accomplish anything. Maybe having a goal you strive for and work hard for doesn’t necessarily equate to that kind of ambition.  

As for the scene in episode seven. I don’t see how that’s cunning? Maybe a little spiteful but… there’s nothing really cunning about it. He’s just a little salty at Victor and expresses as much. I feel like saying he’s cunning in that moment would half imply that he deliberately upset Victor down in that parking garage, which of course he didn’t (I’m sure you agree). I don’t think Yuuri is incapable being cunning, but it’s not a trait we really see on display.

Yuuri doesn’t have the Slytherin cunning getting him through competitions. He doesn’t think ahead, he doesn’t calculate things. etc. He’s not using cunning. He has the Gryffindor hardheadness and reckless abandon. The Gryffindor daring. He changes his jumps at the literal last minute into jumps he’s never even accomplished in practice (THEN decides to practice it and add it to his program lol). He smacks his head against the wall and gets a bloody nose. He wakes up the day of the GPF and says ‘screw this I’m doing a program as hard as possible’. 

Yuuri’s are not calculated, cunning, competitive decisions. The one time that Yuuri does go through a program with sort of that kind of mindset (calculating his score, etc), is the GPF sp, and we see how that turns out for him. It’s bad for him. Yuuri has to skate with that kind of intense passion, or he doesn’t do well. If Yuuri thinks too much, he fails. 

(This pretty directly goes against one of the Slytherin traits, which is a highly developed sense of preservation. Yuuri does NOT have that. Rowling actually outright noted that a Slytherin trait is to think and hesitate before acting. Our boy doesn’t do that. When he really sets his mind to do something, he plucks up his courage and DOES it immediately, whether it’s a quad flip or dragging Victor around Barcelona for engagement rings.)

Yuuri is ridiculous. He’s hardheaded, too selfless, and he has enough daring and nerve when he works himself up for five Gryffindors.

Honestly the only major trait from Slytherin that does seem to fit Yuuri is maybe ambition. But If I were to give an example of Slytherin style ambition in the cast, I’d look no further than Yurio. 


Moffat Appreciation Day 2016: Happily Ever After

Last year, I wrote about the overwhelming optimism that drove the characters of the Eleventh Doctor’s era to overcome dark situations that could have destroyed them, and this year I want to return to that theme having now seen the last two episodes of series 9 and how that optimism had transformed but ultimately still triumphed.

Where the Eleventh Doctor’s era could be described much like a children’s fairy tale with characters who are put into truly horrifying situations that they overcome through the power of love, the Twelfth Doctor’s era brought the darker side of those stories into focus. Love remained one of the most powerful forces in the universe, but this era explored the reality that love doesn’t always last a lifetime, even for the main characters. 

Rory and Amy left the show when their story was finished, and they lived long, happy lives, dying of old age off screen. We all know Cinderella will one day die and so will Amy Pond, but the picture book ends long before that day. When Amy Pond stopped being the Girl Who Waited, it was the beginning of the end of her time on the show, but River Song and Clara Oswald remained on the show long after the stories of ‘The Woman who Killed the Doctor” and “The Impossible Girl” had been resolved. 

And they lived until their lives were cut short in tragic, yet heroic deaths. With the direction the show had been taking in series 8 and 9, their stories could have been bleak reminders of the reality that many people die before they ever reach old age, and what we think of as happily ever after is rare (if not impossible), but instead, their endings came with an acceptance of the inevitability of death, while at the same time allowing these women to control their fate in a way we can only dream of in the real world. 

The show did not lose all of its optimism as it grew out of it’s fairy tale era, and instead of telling us that River and Clara won’t get their happily ever afters, it asked us to examine how we define happily ever after. Clara Oswald will face the raven and River Song will go to the Library, but those endings do not prevent them from having their own happily ever afters. These two characters are given the opportunity to seize the time they do have and live it the best they can so that when they die, they will have lived full lives on their own terms. Happily ever after does not mean forever. It’s a message we can all take to heart knowing that we too will not live forever. 

Clara flies off to see the universe with her new companion, and River Song spends 24 years with the man she loves (and with a vortex manipulator and a time machine, it could easily be more than 24 years). They will both die, just as we will all die, but their stories are neither tragedies nor fairy tales. Their stories are examples of what fantasy does best - addressing the harsh realities of life while allowing the characters to do the things we wish we could do, taking both time and death into their own hands.

The message of Gruvia

Quite often people misinterpret the message Gruvia sends to the readers as that “if you stalk your crush they’ll eventually love you back”. But that’s far from truth, because Mashima has only ever portrayed Juvia’s love as a positive thing for both characters. Besides, Juvia hasn’t even watched Gray from afar for almost 400 chapters now. She’s no longer afraid or nervous to approach him; Juvia is by Gray’s side because she is his partner, who he is grateful to have. And while Juvia openly shows her feelings for Gray and wishes for him to reciprocate them, she doesn’t expect anything from him. That’s why she was shocked when he confessed his gratitude to her, or when he initiates things between them.

But since images speak better than words, we’ll show through manga panels that the message Gruvia brings home is: 

l. That love can turn someone’s life around

Juvia was shunned for 17 years of her life until she met Gray, who took away her rain and showed her the sunlight. She was once a character who had forsaken love, but now believes the power of love can overcome anything and lives for those she loves. It’s confirmed that Juvia’s true power comes from her feelings for the person she loves. As for Gray, Juvia made him smile on a day that usually is depressing to him, and reminded him of his heart-warming memories instead of the sorrowful ones he’d been brooding over. This is incontestable proof that Juvia’s influence on Gray is nothing but positive.

II. Showing that one person your vulnerable side and letting them in your heart

Gray has suffered through many losses in his life; those who have sacrificed and died for him. Because of this, he is emotionally closed off and does not let his friends see his weaker side. He will deny his feelings (Lucy and Happy commenting that Gray cried and Gray denying it), hide his face (Gray walking away ignoring Lucy after losing “Hidden”), and tries not to cry (Gray puts a hand over his face to cover up crying in front of his dad). However, the one who is breaking down his wall is Juvia. Gray no longer holds his feelings back anymore as he cries into her chest and hugs her in chapter 416. 

III. That love is genuine and unconditional

While it’s true Mashima loves using Juvia for comic relief from time to time, it’s important to not let the jokes outweigh the serious moments. In reality, we are not supposed to put so much stock into comedy. Adding to the fact that Juvia’s fight with Meredy proved her love for Gray to be genuine, there’s another factor some people seem to miss.  In the final chapter of the Tartaros arc, Juvia was about to give up on her love for Gray because she believed she did not have the right to love him anymore. She truly thought it was for his sake, and was prepared to be hated by Gray forever. An obsessive person or crazy stalker would never do this. But Juvia did, expecting this would ruin any chance she had with Gray, and was positive she would be loathed. However she knew confessing what she did was the right thing to do and came clean. Here Mashima is showing the difference between an unhealthy obsessed individual and someone who’s love is selfless as they put the other person’s feelings above their own. Above all, Gray didn’t let Juvia give up on him. He embraced her, thanked her, and cried in her arms.

Even after Gray had hurt Juvia in Avatar Arc, leaving her alone for 6 months in a place filled with memories they made together, she forgave him because as long as he’s alright, she’s happy.

IV. Two seemingly different individuals developing into mutual love interests

Gray and Juvia have come a long way since the beginning. Through the good, the bad, and the things in between they have stuck together and gradually progress their relationship more and more. Take a look back; Gray and Juvia were enemies. They didn’t start off on good terms but went from enemies, to allies, to acquaintances, to friends/comrades, and finally to love interests. They don’t just interact on missions, we’ve seen them hang out inside and outside of the guild on multiple occasions. He’s held her hand; that is something Gray has never done with anyone else because it’s so intimate for him. He’s the one who also initiates it, and speaks kindly to her. They lived together, alone, for half a year, which is something he wouldn’t allow if he truly didn’t want her around him. He also wouldn’t be thankful to her for being beside him if that were the case. Gray threw his life away without hesitation for Juvia, despite him vowing not to die and live with his comrades an arc prior. Anyone can debate that he would have done the same for any of his friends, but Mashima only ever had him do it for Juvia, as a means to show that she’s not just nakama to him. Juvia has become one of, if not Gray’s most important person as proven by her large panel in chapter 392. And she is someone who will live for him. Development is a main factor that makes a relationship strong and healthy.

Gruvia is not flawless, just like the rest of the big pairings in Fairy Tail. Both Gray and Juvia are far from perfect. However, the way they push each other to slowly overcome those flaws and grow, together and individually, is what makes their bond so special. And amidst the exaggerated comedic elements that often seem to put people off, what they have speaks a big truth about romance in real life: that no relationship is perfect. They all have flaws in their own way, but what matters the most is being there for each other through the good and the bad, and bringing forth the best out of one another. Gray and Juvia have that, and it’s a big part of what Mashima wants to get across while developing them.


Okay, so many of you guys message me asking about astral travel, so this post was long overdue! There is so much uncertainty & questions surrounding astral travel, & throughout the months I have tried my very best to demystify it. In this post I will answer frequently asked questions, & offer my personal viewpoints on the matter.

Q ~ How exactly do I astral travel?
A ~ There is no set way to astral travel. Sometimes, astral travel happens spontaneously & without preparation! However, if you consciously seek an astral experience, then you can engage in certain practices in order to facilitate projection. My solution ~ MEDITATION. Meditate, meditate, meditate! Practicing meditation readies the mind for an out of body experience. Once you have settled all disruptive thoughts & learn to be One with your Higher Self, you will feel comfortable projecting. I cannot stress the importance of meditation enough. Once your thoughts are free flowing, & the body is in a transcendent state, the astral body (or Lightbody) is fit to traverse the astral realms. I might make an in depth post on meditation for the purpose of astral travelling at a later date. It’s that big a topic, & it is that essential.

Q ~ I always get scared when I leave my body. How can I snap out of this?
A ~ Please, please, I implore you, stay calm! If you panic, you are susceptible to a negative experience. I am not trying to scare you by any means. It’s just the mind is so fucking powerful when it comes to astral travel. The mind is everything. Have a positive mindset, take some deep breaths, & envision your Lightbody enveloped in white or green rays of light. This will propel you to the higher realms on the astral plane. Think loving thoughts, really feel love overcome you. Once you are at this high vibration, absolutely nothing negative can overpower you. You are indestructible with this mindset. Use your personal power & Universal love to combat any fear you have towards astral travel.

Q ~ Can I contact members of my star family in the astral realm? If so, how?
A ~ The answer is yes, of course you can! You will be able to see, feel, & hear them in the astral realm. Remember, that on these planes of existence, anything is possible. Astral project with the INTENTION of visiting your stellar brothers & sisters. They will sense this thoughtform & come to you. Intention is extremely important. You can simply say beforehand, “I wish to see/hear/feel my soul family.” Undergo the projection process & see what happens afterward! I’m sure something incredible will happen.

Q ~ I can’t seem to astral travel! What are your tips/advice?
A ~ I could write a book on this topic, man! But here’s the essentials ~ POSITIVITY, INTENT, WILL, FLUIDITY, SELF-AWARENESS, & DESIRE. When you think positively with the INTENTION of astral travelling, you are automatically open to having an experience. This all stems from a simple, yet powerful thing: WILL. Once you have the will to astral project, you can accomplish any feat. Want to feel your Lightbody leave your physical self? Want to view your past lives? Want to travel to the stars? Well, you can! Know this, & feel it in your heart. If you think you can, then you WILL. Ah, fluidity. It is so important to feel yourself. By this I mean just totally vibing out with whatever you think or feel. Being open to everything. Just going with the flow, man! You have to be at ease with yourself, or else you are going to end up scaring yourself & robbing yourself of an awesome experience! Self-awareness is PARAMOUNT. KNOW YOURSELF. It’s as simple as that. I say this all the time, if you don’t know your own soul, how can you expect to learn about the otherwordly realms of existence? Desire & will go hand-in-hand. Remember the keys to a successful experience. They will unlock doors that lead to astonishing places.

MY VIEWS/EXPERIENCE (I always speak from experience, because once I have gone through it myself I gain a better understanding of the matter)

~ Lucid dreaming can lead to astral projection.
~ You can astral project while you are very much awake! (I’ve done this three or four times before. I find it is much easier while awake, & I also have more memorable experiences.)
~ You can astral project with other people that are on Earth right now! I have astral projected multiple times with my twin flame, & it was lucid as hell. I’ll never forget those experiences.
~ Astral sex: it’s the real deal. I will make a post on my experiences later.
~ Focus on certain chakras, & envision the colors associated with them flowing out of you.
~ Spirit guides can accompany you in the astral realm.

I hope this helps you guys out! If you have any more questions, or have questions about my experiences, message me or ask me something! I love talking about astral travel, & I love to help people & give advice.

~ PIEA. 💜⚡️✨🌙