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So yeaaa I'm loving MEA so far but my biggest pet peeve is when I'm trying to finish a mission but somehow end up getting another 50 side missions which I have to finish bc I want to help everyone but I'm the one who needs help,,, there are too many missions to do I can't handle this :'I

I feel your pain

and same. I spend at least 2 hours helping everyone everywhere I go. I don’t even know what my main mission is right now

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What would be some behavioral/psychological differences between a kid who's been raised for combat and a child soldier? She's in her mid-teens on what was supposed to be a routine training mission when shit hits the fan and she ends up getting captured. The enemy armed forces that have her assume that she's a child soldier that's been otherwise coerced into this and treat her as such. So how would they be trying to establish rapport with her or subvert her loyalties? (and utterly failing) [1/2]

What, if any, chance do they have of actually succeeding, given that she’s been training since she was 5? Is there any way for them to manage to turn her loyalties? And what would be going through her head during all of this beyond disdain and escape plans, regardless of whether or not she turns? [2/2]             

I get what you’re asking here, you’re asking if a child soldier can be saved through the power of friendship. The answer to that, upfront, is no. Child soldiers and children raised for combat are not misunderstood misanthropes who’ve never had a support network but know what it is and can be approached in the same way you would the average loner.

Child soldiers/kids who’ve been put through any kind of brainwashing are a difficult subject to discuss because it is profoundly disturbing and messed up. The assumption is that if they’re kidnapped from their families, they’ll grow to secretly hate their captors and jump when the first opportunity comes for escape.

That isn’t how it works. In the training, they’re driven to hate their parents and view them as weak. As they’re systematically broken down, they grow to love their captors and consider them family. They develop a deep and abiding loyalty to them.

Falling prey to this conditioning has nothing to do with how strong someone is or isn’t. It’s not a matter of mental or emotional strength. Breaking them down and rebuilding them from the inside out is what their handlers do. They are very adept at it. These children are conditioned through empowerment, which is part of why it’s so seductive. They’re taught to believe that they are better and stronger than everyone else, that other humans are weak. That weakness must be destroyed.

You won’t reach them by treating them in any way they’ll perceive as weakness and if you react the way they expect then you play into the hands of the people who programmed them, then you’ve reinforced the child’s conditioning. The mental conditioning is a booby-trap for the people who might try to help them. Every intuitive choice, every choice that feels natural is going to be the wrong one.

You cannot reach them if you come to them with an assumed understanding of who they are and what a human being is. There’s the person they were, who they’ve learned to despise and the person they see themselves as now. Approaching either of those individuals, whether it’s the person they were or who they currently are, will lock you out.

The average person with no understanding will simply reinforce the child’s views and their handler’s views, and shut out of any way to help them by the child’s dismissal. That’s if the kid doesn’t kill them first, which they will because that’s what they were conditioned to do.

A child overcoming this programming requires years and years of therapy, if they’re fortunate enough to receive it at all.

Abuse isn’t cured by the power of friendship.

We’ve talked about #child soldiers and #children and combat on separate occasions, we’ve even compared them to each other and explained the difference. They are not, however, totally separate.

The main difference:

1) Children Raised to Combat are a long term investment. This is someone whose training has been the focus of their life, with the intent to turn out a solid, above average combatant. These children who won’t see combat until they reach their late teens/adulthood.

2) Child Soldiers are expendable assets given a gun, often given drugs like “BamBam”, told they’re immortal, and shoved onto the battlefield on the idea they’ll give the adult soldiers pause, gun a few down, before getting gunned down themselves. They’re not “soldiers” so much as they are distractions. They are also never sent out alone. You’re not up against one, you’re up against many.

Both have the option of having been put through cultish/psychological programming, but the difference between the two is fairly obvious. It’s a disoriented and drugged child violently kidnapped from their village versus a member of the Hitler Youth or another, similar, organization.

They are both psychologically damaged but in vastly different ways, and those circumstances make it nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t a child soldier or comes from a similarly abusive background to relate.

The irony is going that the Child Soldier is going to be much, much easier to turn because they were never really inside the system to begin with. However, even with just a scant few months, the deprogramming is going to take years. They’re never treated as important. A child who has been raised to combat is valuable, they often see joining as their choice, and they know their own worth. They’ve never known any other kind of normal and are in a much better place to evaluate why their side is the right one. They are co-operative participants, rather than forced. They’re going to see the instructors in their lives as friends and family. They’ll believe in the cause.

A good way to look at the thought process of the adults behind these training programs would be to take a look at the French novel/film “La Femme Nikita” where the assassins are all druggies and runaways pulled off the streets, cleaned up, sobered out, and trained to kill people.

Why is this important?

Because it inspires loyalty. You take people no one will know and no one will miss, people who are not regularly getting four square meals a day, and get them off the streets. You give them a safe place to sleep, regular food, and a purpose. From their perspective, you save them. The threat of expulsion comes next, but what you ask them to do next is not that much worse for them than the hell they were living in before.

The problem when most people look at these situations and setups is that they miss the deeply embedded trust, loyalty, and respect these children feel for those who train them. They have a lifetime and a normative societal state to banish their doubts. They will know what the outside world is like. They’ll have been educated. If they’ve been handled by someone skilled, then everything they see will merely confirm their sociological programming. Questions will be encouraged. Pride in their skills, pride in their country/mission, ego, and self-esteem are encouraged.

You’re looking at your character having an attitude similar to the Spartans in 300. Or, you know, Starship Troopers.

A person who understands their ideology and philosophy is far more useful and capable of independent operation than a blind follower. You want your elites to be capable of independently operating on their own.

You can’t force someone to be good at fighting. You can’t force someone to learn. Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

However, the real problem with this question is a critical failure to understand how soldiers operate in warzones, specifically in regards to enemy combatants.

Child Soldiers are still soldiers. They’re enemy combatants and they’re treated like enemy combatants.

This is the concept that’s hardest for most people to grasp.

It doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, whether or not they’re a forced conscript. Child Soldiers are treated as enemy combatants, not children because, well, they are. The sad truth about them is that they’re not really kids anymore. They’re brainwashed and weaponized. The moral barrier that will stop the average child from killing someone doesn’t exist for them. It’s gone. Their innocence is gone. They are exceedingly dangerous. They’re likely to betray and kill their “rescuers” if left to their own devices then return to those who kidnapped them in the first place.

This is a behavior pattern which does not normally make sense to those who have never been abused, but it is very real.

What’s been done to them can’t be cured with kindness, at least not in the early stages and the average person can’t relate to them. It’s difficult enough for most people to relate to adults who’ve been through your garden variety child abuse, and this is on a whole other level. These kids are systematically broken. That is the point of the breaking. So, that when the average adult treats them like a kid they kill them.

Child soldiers are unpredictable, including for seasoned combatants. It’s hard as hell to tell when they’re going to snap, and there’s a certain level of psychopathy just lingering beneath the surface because (as children) they’re brains can’t register that death is real.

This is true with children and you see it a lot with children dealing with grief, they lack an understanding of permanence and struggle with the concept of death. Minors don’t grasp consequences the same way adults do, and there are different standards regarding their ability to do so consciously.The training child soldiers undergo preys on that. It preys on the limbo. So, they’re handlers feed them cocaine and tell them they’re invincible and they believe them. The important thing about child soldiers is that they don’t know what they’re doing. Their psychology is exploited by their handlers.

You can feel pity for the dog that’s been abused to the point its mind is broken. It won’t stop the dog from killing you.

So, you’re asking these soldiers to take a ticking time bomb with them. Someone who is a direct threat to their lives and their mission. No matter the amount of pity they feel, this is a time bomb they know better than to take. This is especially true if they’re working in enemy territory where she’ll have numerous chances to betray them to her comrades. They’re not equipped to handle her.

She belongs in a POW camp, away from combat, with people who can devote their time to helping her figure out how to be a human instead of a weapon.

Right now, a weapon is all this character knows how to be.


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References and Resources:

It is worth remembering that child soldiers exist in the real world, both in our present and throughout history. There is a body of research available on the subject, and worth looking into if you want to do it justice.

If you are a minor, I insist that you approach this subject with the aid or help of an adult. Child soldiers are disturbing material.

The CNN article on Ishmael Beah is an excellent place to start. Beah was a child soldier in the Sierra Leone eventually captured by enemy forces and rehabilitated by Unicef. His memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is worth looking into if you intend to take the true child soldier route.

If you’re interested in being depressed or learning more about the African diamond trade and how it ties into the Sierra Leone then Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio is a good movie to invest some time into. The movie goes through great pains to ensure the treatment of child soldiers and their training is accurate.

The book Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones which the movie referenced extensively, though only two chapters in the book discuss child soldiers directly. Instead, it focuses on the use of diamonds to fund the RUF in the Sierra Leone. You may find this book more helpful for worldbuilding and it’s discussion on the funding a revolution.

Monster an autobiography by Sanyika Shakur aka Kody Scott about his sixteen years spent as a gangbanger may be helpful. Gangs have a different method in their recruitment of child soldiers but, at the end of the day, the attitudes and mentalities end up in a similar place.

Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany by Hans J. Massaquoi isn’t a book about child soldiers per say, but it does document the effect Nazism had on the German people. If you ever wondered how the average person could fall victim to widespread propoganda, participate in such heinous acts, or wondered how the Nazis worked then this is a must read book.

Check out Boy Seamen on Wikipedia, a page discussing the ranking and usage of young adults as sailors in the British Navy and others at the turn of the century. Russel Crowe’s adaptation of Master and Commander: Far Side of the World has an accurate representation of the ages that were put to sea. Patrick O’brien’s series is a must read for anyone interested in doing any writing about the British Navy.

We bring up the Boy Scouts of America sometimes when discussing children raised for combat and while it isn’t a direct 1 to 1 comparison, most of the skills studied and mastered by the Boy Scouts as they gain badges are the sorts of supplementary survival skills you start children on when preparing them for a lifetime of combat.

You don’t have to look far to find the history of children studying and used in warfare. There’s a wealth of information out there, if you start looking for it.

Cassini obtains clearest-ever view of Saturn’s pierogi-shaped moon Pan.

Cassini flew to within 15,000 miles of Saturn’s tiny moon Pan March 7 and obtained the clearest pictures yet taken of the satellite.

Measuring only 21 miles long by 12 miles wide, Pan orbits in the Encke Gap of Saturn’s A-ring. Pan’s existence was theorized in the late 1980s by astronomers reanalyzing data from the 1981 Voyager 2 flyby of Saturn and officially confirmed in 1990. Up until this year, only lower-resolution images of Pan from further away were obtained.

Cassini is scheduled to end its mission September 15 when it will plunge into the planet’s atmosphere.

i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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let alec lightwood cry in season two

Why not Seeker!Obi-Wan?

  • Because I’m a sucker for Qui-Gon Lives! AUs, this is gonna be one.
    • After the whole thing in front of the council and then Qui-Gon taking Anakin and pushing through Obi-Wan’s knighting, there’s tension between Obi-wan and Qui-Gon.
    • But Obi-Wan makes sure to keep contact with Anakin, both to make sure the kid’s doing well under Qui-Gon and to get updates on Qui-Gon through Anakin since he still cares no matter how hurt he is.
  • So Obi-wan’s first mission as a Knight goes exactly how one would expect it, everything falls apart at the most inopportune moment and Obi-wan finds himself running through the streets of Random Planet. Just as he’s about to be cornered, a Random Streetchild shows up and gets him out of trouble by showing him a Secret Streetchild Pathway.
    • Of course Random Streetchild is Force Sensitive (FS) so Obi-Wan takes them with him back to the Temple when things stop exploding.
  • His next mission ends up with Obi-wan staying with a family with a FS child who immediately latches onto Obi-wan and falls in love with the idea of Jedi life. So Obi-wan talks to the parents and they agree to let him take the child to the Temple.
  • On his third mission, he follows a niggling sense of Bad™ to a child that’s being abused by their guardian (maybe an aunt or uncle?)  because of their Weird Space Magic™ and so he saves the child and offers them the Jedi life.
  • Almost every mission after that includes Obi-wan stumbling onto FS children and eventually he’s asked to join the Seekers.
    • Being trained as a diplomat and warrior, he’s reluctant but agrees to a trial run.
    • He proceeds to discover and break up not one, not two, but four separate slave-rings and finds 22 FS children in the process.
      • Only one has any living family and considering they sold the child, there’s no way they’re going back.
    • The creche hasn’t had this many incoming younglings at once since Yoda was 300.
  • After that debacle, they let Obi-Wan continue as a regular knight and just ask him to just keep collecting children on the side.
  • Not all of the younglings Obi-wan finds are young enough but he uses his diplomatic skills and the precedent set by Anakin so force the Jedi into accepting the younglings anyways.
    • This gives others an opening to start pushing for a higher padawan acceptance age. “If we accept older younglings, they need longer to reach padawan level, and we can’t throw cast out move younglings out of the temple at varying ages because that would be unfair.”
  • As Obi-Wan takes more missions and finds more younglings, he starts encountering more FS slaves. This pushes him to learn how to deactivate slave chips so he can get the children out of their situations
    • and if he also deactivates the chips of the child’s parents/guardians/friends well that’s no one’s business.
    • he also makes it a point to find and free Shmi after having his eyes opened to just how bad slavery can be.
  • Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of different slave chips that all require a specific order/process to deactivate them safely. Obi-Wan got incredibly lucky to run into the easier ones the first few times.
  • He starts compiling a list of chips and making instruction sets for them.
  • And then he thinks of how Anakin would love to learn (and become his secret accomplice in freeing slaves on the sly) so he starts buying/stealing chips to teach and practice on back at the temple. It takes a while, but eventually he’s in the temple at the same time as Anakin.
    • This leads to and awkward meeting with Qui-Gon when Obi-Wan shows up at their rooms unexpectedly. And that leads into Obi-Wan teaching him along with Anakin. And Mace, who Qui-Gon had invited for tea gets involved.
    • Then Anakin almost blows up one of the chips because Obi-Wan totally forgot to take out the explosives so they move everything into a less flammable, empty classroom. On the way, Obi-wan goes to get the rest of chips (he has like 50 different types with multiples of each) since Anakin flew through the three he brought and maybe they all can work on figuring out more of them?
    • On the way he talks to Plo Koon and Kit Fisto and they ask to join. And when Obi-Wan gets to the classroom, Adi Gallia has joined the group.
    • Somehow it snowballs into this large teaching session with the entire council eventually showing up and then other masters/knights/padawans. (they take over a second classroom and have Mace supervise)
    • and everyone starts working with the instruction sets Obi-Wan’s made and then moving into the other chips and working together to create new instructions.( It’s a great intellectual challenge and it’s a great start at reminding the Jedi that they fight for all people, not just the Republic. And if they use the skills to free slaves on their missions? Well, they can just join the club.)
    • Eventually night falls and the classrooms empty until it’s just Obi-Wan and Yoda working through the new instructions sets and disarming as many chips as possible. Yoda asks Obi-Wan to make it into an official class/seminar for everyone to take. Obi-Wan agrees.
  • About three days after the deactivating class starts up, Obi-Wan notices a Healer blowing they’re way through the chip instructions and has an Idea. He asks the healer to teach others how to scan for the chips and where a chip is likely to be placed.
    • To teach, they ask for volunteers from the initiates for the masters/knights/padawans to practice scanning on.
    • Most of the initial volunteers are younglings Obi-wan found.
    • Almost every initiate finds a master or potential master during these lessons. There’s even a senior padawan that immediately clicks with an initiate that’s going to be aging out soon. This gives more reason for the council to up the age for padawan acceptance.
    • The head healer (Vokara Che? or something?) soon makes learning the instruction sets a requirement for healers.
  • Eventually, Obi-Wan has taught enough of the other knights/masters that he can start going on missions again.
  • At this point it’s been a few years since he was knighted and he’s ready for a padawan. But none of the younglings he’s found has that specific padawan-master connection.
  • Then on a negotiation mission, he arrives just as things have taken a turn for the worse. Obi-Wan manages to get the rival groups to agree to a ceasefire before leaving to help rescue efforts in one of the cities that was obliterated.
    • As he’s digging through the rubble, he hears a voice calling out through the Force. He’s is already preparing to find yet another FS youngling for the temple when he feels that special connection.
    • He finds a house that’s been flattened and hurries to lift the rubble and finds a small wookie curled up in a corner of the surviving basement. This is the voice he was hearing.
      • it’s weird to see a wookie this young off Kashyyyk since they need to pass their rites of adulthood or be allowed off planet.
      • (excepting FS younglings given to the temple. Though even the younglings are usually kept close to the temple before they go back to Kashyyk to take their rites. This is also when they’re allowed to be taken as padawans.)
    • The wookie youngling immediately latches onto Obi-Wan’s leg and refuses to let go. He also won’t speak. So Obi-Wan just reinforces his leg with the Force and continues his work.
    • By the second day, Obi-Wan manages to get the youngling to speak through their burgeoning force conection and discovers that the youngling is mute. He also doesn’t know who is family is since he was taken in and raised by an older twi’lek couple for as long as he can remember. They died in the fighting.
  • Obi-Wan eventually finishes his mission. Instead of taking the youngling back to the temple, he contacts his old creche master, who’s a wookie, and asks her if she knows of any clans with a faded fur clan marking or if she’s heard from her clan about any missing children.
  • She hasn’t on either but she gives him the comm number of her clan leader. Obi-Wan calls and agrees to bring the child to Kashyyyk so they can hopefully identify his clan.
  • They reach Kashyyyk and meet the clan leader. She immediately recognizes the younglings fur markings (Black limbs fading into light brown fur over the rest of the body) as a clan that left the planet after a major disagreement with their neighbors about 800 years ago. They’d lost contact with them almost immediately and have no way to contact them now.
    • The clan adopts the child and asks that he stay on Kashyyyk for the next year so he may learn his culture and take his rites before going to the Jedi.
    • Obi-Wan agrees and asks that he can visit the youngling since he plans on taking him as his padawan as soon as the youngling is eligible. 
      • Obi-Wan plans to use the visits to start his force teachings and occasionally bring other initiates/younglings to give him a connection to the temple and introduce others to wookie culture.
      • The clan is all for it and other clans start contacting Obi-Wan asking that he brings children to visit their clans so that the cultural experience is widely shared on both sides.
  • When he finally reports in, the council just shakes their collective heads and lets Obi-Wan do what he wants.
    • Many of them have accepted padawans from the younglings Obi-wan has found even though most of the councilors weren’t planning on taking padawans any time soon.
    • By taking initiates to a culture incredibly different, it will help prepare them for culture shock once they are accepted as padawans/go to one of the corps.

Mchanzo Week Day 5: Young Love

McCree and another Blackwatch agent go undercover to investigate the Shimada Clan. While undercover, they had to get close to their marks, but Jesse ended up falling for his target. When the mission goes south after one of the clan elders realize their real employers, Jesse runs to find the man he had fallen for. 

Jesse begs Hanzo to leave the clan, to join Overwatch, because he knows that he can do so much more and be so much more than just the clan’s puppet.

Jesse leaves alone that night.

The Archer and the Oddity meet during the Overwatch recall, nearly a decade after it disbanded.

Both pretend not to know the other, for their own sake. 

But that doesn’t stop their stolen glances and lingering touches during training. Or Genji’s prying in both of their business because brother you totally fucked the cowboy, how dare you not tell me


Gif source:  Nat

Imagine being the new Avenger and you get extremely cuddly when you’re tired and hurt and after a long mission, Natasha ends up becoming your human teddybear.

——— Request for anon ———

You were new, but it hadn’t taken long for everyone to realize just how you got when you were tired. You were going to sleep, and you were definitely going to use someone as your pillow. That had been made perfectly clear when after your first mission with the Avengers, you’d easily fallen asleep on Wanda’s lap on the ride back home.

This time, however, it was Natasha sitting beside you, and you were even worse tonight. You’d been hurt, the bruises splattering across your body doing nothing to help your exhaustion as you looked at her hesitantly, wondering if you would dare ask permission to use her as a teddybear, at least until you returned to base. You didn’t know her too well; how would she take it?

“Come on over here,” Natasha sighs, lifting her hands from her lap as she catches your nervous staring, knowing exactly what it was you wanted from her.

Happily, you do as she says, lying your head in her lap as your arms wrapped lazily around her waist, your voice coming out a murmur against her abdomen, “Thanks.”

Look at us, being all fancy.

@thesearchingastronaut asked: could someone please write a fic about my voltron babies at a special occasion wearing suits and looking fancy and keith is probably almost dead because lance looks v nice in a tux? That would be awesome…

Is there already a fic like that? I need it for reasons.

Diplomatic missions were the biggest part of what being Voltron really meant. Unfortunately for Keith, he never really was the best with the subtlety and finesse of the trade. He was much better suited for the intergalactic fighting with death rays and giant metallic lions. The shooting was way easier than talking, especially when that talking was so crucial in establishing alliances. So when their recent recon mission to a mysterious green planet called Lokar ended in the invitation of Voltron’s crew to attend a meal and dance with the inhabitant’s royal family Keith assumed he would be sitting this one out. Which is why it was beyond his comprehension that a nicely tailored suit was shoved his way.

“It’s for the dinner tonight,” Pidge half-heartedly explained.

Her full attention was on the small gadget lying on her workstation. She tinkered tirelessly with the many cables and connector panels, every now and again huffing in annoyance when something didn’t click right. He remembered her mentioning something about an upgrade to the Yellow Lion’s defenses, but he was… distracted, at the time. Lance was always distracting. Keith felt a blush making its way to his cheeks at the memory and ducked his head.

“But why do I have a suit?”

Pidge stopped fiddling with the gadget and set her tools down, turning to face Keith with much exasperation. “The Lokarian’s invited the entire team. Why wouldn’t you have a suit?”

“Because I’m not —  I don’t do diplomacy!” His arms flailed uselessly in the air. “I’m not good with using words.”

Pidge raised an eyebrow at his little outburst before shaking her head. Honestly, how can she ever get any work done around here with all of these dramatic paladins? Sure, it was comforting to know that they felt confident coming to her for advice, but sometimes she just wanted to smack them all upside the head. Most of the problems had simple solutions. It was beyond her how they managed to find difficulty in them.

“Then don’t talk,” she said matter-of-factly. “Just dance, or stand in the corner. I am sure Princess Allura will sort out the alliance thing. Now go put on your suit because we’re leaving soon.”

“I don’t like wearing—”

“Go. Put on. The suit.”

A few ticks later he was standing on the hanger deck looking anything but enthusiastic. The suit fit snugly, and he had to wonder where exactly the specifications came from. Still, the white dress shirt felt wrong against his skin. He didn’t think a piece of clothing could ever feel too smooth. A black bowtie was also tied precisely around the collar, which admittedly was something he had to get Pidge’s help for. She was a master at it, and Keith was decidedly much less so. He felt better knowing he wasn’t the only one though as she was currently off to the side situating Hunk’s tie as well.

The Yellow and Green paladin also wore well-fitted suits that accentuated the best features of their bodies. They had adorned the black dress jacket—something Keith defiantly did not wear—and both looked stunning in their attire. Hunk’s hair was slicked back with gel whereas Pidge somehow managed to find a way to curl hers. Keith highly doubted that Princess Allura had a curling iron somewhere on the castle, so it was no doubt attributed to the young girl’s ingenuity and determination.

Hunk laughed and thanked her as she finished with his bowtie. The Yellow paladin through a friendly arm over her shoulders and directed them both over to Keith. “Look at us, being all fancy,” Hunk said with a beaming smile.

Keith gave a begrudging nod.

Behind them, the doors swooshed open as the rest of Team Voltron joined the trio in the hanger. Princess Allura was dazzling in her long, beautiful pink and gold gown. It fell in delicate waves to the floor and hung in all the right places. She looked almost like a Greek goddess as her billowing hair trailed softly in her wake. The others had no doubt she outshined them all tonight, but none minded.

Her arm was hooked around Shiro’s as the Black Paladin escorted her through the castle. His hair was also slicked back like Hunk’s, but with more care to keep every strange in place. He seemed to move somewhat awkwardly in the suit but took it all in stride like the strong leader he was. Shiro would put up a good front if it meant helping to form a very much needed alliance. Their supplies were drastically dwindling, and if the team didn’t do something soon… well, he didn’t want to think about it.

“Wow, Princess you look stunning,” Hunk said with wide eyes.

She laughed and patted his shoulder. “Thank you, and I think we all look very nice. It’s so nice to be able to dress up again.”

There was a hint of sadness in her tone, but it was quickly washed away in a bright smile. Sometimes Keith forgot that she used to live a much different life many years ago. It must plague her constantly to remember a time long forgotten.

“So, the vest wasn’t mandatory?” came another voice behind Shiro and Allura.

Lance was a few paces behind as he made his way over to the group. He was fidgeting with a black buttoned vest that hugged every curve down his waist. For a moment, Keith couldn’t breathe. The Blue Paladin looked incredible. The slacks made his legs seem impossibly long, and Keith couldn’t stop staring at the almost perfect way the suit seemed to fit (seriously, who got the fittings, because Lance’s might’ve been one size too tight). Lance caught Keith’s stare and gave the boy a wickedly charming wink.

Keith’s cheeks instantly flared for the second time today. Oh god, why. Why did Lance have to look so impossibly sexy right now, and why did that idiot make it worse by knowing just exactly how hot he looked? Stupid Lance. Stupid suits.

Hunk, amused at the brief exchange, cleared his throat. “Not that standing around isn’t fun and all, but I am dying to try some Lokarian cuisine.”

Everyone more or less fell into line as they made their way out hanger doors onto the planet’s surface toward the large buildings ahead. Coran wasn’t attending as he felt someone should remain with the castle and rambled off on all of the repairs he had to make. He sulked heavily but was there to wave them off nevertheless.

Pidge was being escorted by Hunk as the larger man happily led his charge forward. The Green Paladin kept stopping every now and again at the technological advances of Lokar, which led to Hunk practically dragging her along the path. Keith, much to his displeasure, was saddled with Lance, as Shiro still had the Princess’ arm around his. The Red Paladin pointedly ignored the boy by his side, trying desperately to keep his eyes on the road in front of him. Lance was speaking—as he always is—and going off about one other time when he had to wear a suit to his older sister’s wedding. He spoke so easily about his family in comparison to previous months. He had gotten past the point of missing them so much that just thinking about them made his heart ache. Instead, it developed into a motivation to keep going.

Keith was so focused on not being focused on Lance that when a hand waved in front of his face he startled.


The Red Paladin turned reluctantly to face the boy. Keep your eyes up, Kogane, don’t wander. “What?” The word came out a little more vehemently than he intended.

“I just… you look nice.”

Keith stopped in his tracks. This time, his voice was softer, almost like a whisper. “What?”

“You look nice; in your suit I mean.” Lance smiled kindly and leaned forward. Keith felt his heart stutter to a complete stop. “Save a dance for me?”

Keith was speechless. His voice just wasn’t cooperating, and he didn’t think his heart had resumed beating yet. Somehow he managed to croak out something that sounded like a yes. Lance’s smile grew impossibly wide before the Blue Paladin hooked his arm through Keith’s and practically pulled him along.

Keith smiled despite himself and allowed the boy the lead him along. He was actually happy to be in the suit now. In fact, Keith now felt new anticipation to reach the dinner.

Stupid Lance.

A Rant

Why does sadness hollow out your bones and refill your skeleton with heavy piles of stones so lifting your head takes more energy than anyone could know and no one believes you because the stones don’t show.
Why does sadness droop your face so profoundly why can’t I even fake a smile lately why does it have to hurt like I’ll never remember the joy of family or friends or the feeling of loved ones arms in your hands as you pull them close and feel comfort once again.
Why do I have to feel this way it’s not normal yet here it is and here it stays it’s been so long since I’ve had one whole day where I didn’t stop and be sad once again.
When will it end when will the sadness give up its mission to upend my life as I desperately root myself down in the ground trying to fix up the things that sad-me breaks down.
When will I not feel this sadness
When will it go
When will I be free
Does anyone know?

Honey Air Force - Sam Wilson

Originally posted by marvelheroes

N/A: I didn’t go  much in accordance with the request, sorry! I just couldn’t get the angst or fluffy, apparently. I’m really sorry :c But I hope that something can please you!

You met him while serving the US Air Force: he was from 58th Rescue Squadron while you were part of 26th Special Tactics Squadron. And, as irony of fate, he ended up rescuing you when your mission was to help his squadron. Soon what started as friendship and mutual support became a slow romance. You have gone through great difficulties before you two could managed to secure the relationship, he had left the army two years before you and that was the most difficult phase. Until he met Steve Rogers and, as if you went back quickly to time, your life became again pure adrenaline and pressure.

You had gone to visit your base and catch up with your squadron, when you first saw him on television as Falcon fighting alongside Captain America against … Iron Man? For a moment you lost your ground, throughout your military career you had not felt so lost and confused with a situation like now. You felt afraid to watch until the end of the fight, so you just tried to get back as fast as you could, driving your bike at full power, you just wanted to get home.

Managing to get on that night still,, there was no sign of your boyfriend or anyone else but you, then you took a quick shower and decided to leave everything ready waiting for him to arrive. You had combined since the first day you met Steve that if something bad happened, he would have your home as safe point. Then you placed your military first aid kit, some towels and even clean clothes on the table. He probably wouldn’t come alone, but you didn’t care, just wanted to make sure he was alive.

“Honey? Wake up, dear.” Sam’s sweet voice took you out of your sleep state.

“Sammy…” you got up from the couch in a brusque movement and throwing yourself in his arms, almost knocking him in the process. “How are you? What the hell is going on? Where’s the rest of your team?

The tension fades away when Sam felt your body squeezing against him, laughing loudly and relieved to hear your voice making thousands of questions. But quickly the weight of the whole situation fell over the room, making you take an upright posture and rise from the ground, pulling him together. Sam smiled weakly, his lips almost in a line, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and squeezing you one last time before pulling back toward the entrance hall.

“Steve, Clint, Wanda, Bucky, Scott… This is (Y/N), my girl. And, (Y/N), these are the guys.” Sam had stopped in the middle, getting between you and the rest, he had pointed and presented quickly. He knew you knew them, just had to officiate the presentation with his friends.

“Ok, the perimeter of the house is completely safe, I’ve separated some clothes and towels… So… First you clean up and then I will make the necessary healing.” you murmured after a strange silence among the group, you could tell they were exhausted and knew even more what it was to have to fight with former teammates.

“Aw,  I really need a shower. So we need to do rock, paper, scissors.” Clint mumbled, already preparing his hands for the game.

“There’s four bathrooms in the house, guys. I think you may well make do, right?” you heard the amused voice of Sam away up the stairs. “Follow me if you want hot water!”

"Hm, Wanda, right?” you smiled awkwardly for the younger who embraced you tightly, catching you off guard. “I didn’t know you were coming, so let’s go to my room, I’ll give you some clothes.”

"T-Thanks, really. You know my power.. ?” she lookedit a little b insecure for a moment, but you just grinned and nodded, thinking ‘You  can read minds, then know that I’m happy to do anything to help.’

After almost 3 hours later, you had done bandages at everyone and left them in the living room to have a moment of rest and peace. So going to the kitchen, you hummed a song as you began to prepare some food for the heroes, an education that your mother had given you years ago. Even without knowing te secret to do large banquets, you could make something kind of dinner with breakfast, when you finished setting the table, you went to the room where Sam and the others discussed plans and tactics.

“Guys, it’s better to eat something first.” you interrupted, leaning casually on the arm of the chair where your boyfriend was. "I did something for you, so let’s eat, hm?”

“Sam, I’m kinda in love with your girlfriend.” Scott beamed a little tired.

“Get your filthy hands from my woman!” Sam hugged you from behind while you drove the group to the kitchen. “Oh lord, (Y/N)!”

“What?” you look a little confused, looking at the table where the rest already sat down.

“Ma’am, we are forever in your debt.“ Steve said smiling making everyone murmur in agreement.

“It’s too much food!" Sam and Clint murmured, you decided to ignore and chuckled.

“My momma always said welcome people with open arms and an open heart…” you said seriously, this was a learning you always wore especially when involved your missions. “And sometimes food helps too.” 

“Thank you, (Y/N), for having us … Everything is being very difficult.” Steve murmured in his usual tired soldier expression. 

You for a moment looked around, noticing even more the tired and hurt expressions of the group, you noticed that it wasn’t  about the mission they were used or  a normal group fight … It was something much worse. You automatically held Sam’s hand across the table and squeezed it, trying to control your anxiety. Then you noticed the silence that had been without your answers and how serious everyone was.

“You can stay here as long as necessary, in fact, make this home your base. I’ll help with anything you need.” you tried to keep your voice neutral, but was in full command.

“Honey…” Sam seems to notice your change, soon stroking your arm and then yourr hair. "You don’t need do this … You’re still in the army.”

“This should then be the first reason, right? I swore to protect what I thought was right. End.“ you were going into war mode, you dind’t want to see any of them suffer or die because of this stupid government.

"Thank you, (Y/N).”

“Just … I’m sorry and thank you." 

Silence fell again, but no one dared to speak. Everyone ate without looking up from their plate, not daring to think what would happen thereafter. It was a war that they didn’t want to fight, but they were being forced… Well, they wouldn’t surrender so easily.


anonymous asked:

When I watch fury road I really like the evolution of max. When the film starts he's been alone for a long time. He's feral enough for them to put a muzzle on. When he meets the wives and furiosa he grunts and says one word at a time, like he's forgotten how to talk. But as time goes on he becomes more clear headed. He talks more, asks furiosa questions, comes up with a plan. He's not alone anymore, he has a mission. Even when he leaves at the end, he feels more human than he had in a long time.

You’re very right, anon. I love that Max is a quintessential ROUND character. He has a very clear arc over the course of the movie, and it is so signposted by Miller, yet it is also a very subversive arc. Love it.

Baby Daddy. Steve x Reader

(1115 word count


“Natasha? Where are you right now?

“I’m about 20 minutes from the tower, why?

“I need a favor.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone line. “I need you to stop and buy some pregnancy tests.”

“Are you serious, Y/N?”

“I’ve been super nauseous for like two weeks now and haven’t  had my period either. I’m pretty sure.”

“Does he know?”

“He has no idea. We didn’t think he could because of the serum and all of that.”

“I’ll be there within the hear. You at the tower or at home?”


There was a click and a beeping from the call ending. She  had been given her mission.

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Clint x Reader

Prompt (Requested by Anon): You had known Clint since kindergarten there had always been underlying feelings on your end. One day when a mission goes wrong, you finally tell him.

Warnings: Sadness, Death

Contains: Fluff, Character death

Clint Barton had been a pain in your ass for as long as you could remember. The day you met, you were on the play ground where he knocked you down and you got splinters in Kindergarten. He just stared at you and blinked, then kept running from his friends who he was playing tag with.

“Hey!” you shouted at him while wiping the wood chips off of your arm. “You pushed me!”

That same day you were both in the principles office because you pushed him in class and he hit his head on a chair. The principle scolded the two of you, bandages wrapped around your arm and one bandaid on his head. You both looked at each other but burst into fits of giggles.

The principal was livid, but you both left the office with smiles on your faces, promising to play on the playground the next day, then the day after that, and the day after that.

That was only the beginning.


In middle school, you and Clint were attached at the hip. Many people spread rumors and said the two of you were dating (even though you wouldn’t mind that) but you both kept your heads up and ignored them. He was at your house or you were at his house every day after school or on the weekends.

You say at lunch together, you played at recess together, and when you didn’t have a class together you met in the hallway and he would walk you to your next class. You both just clicked so well.

One day when you were both at a little party for one of your friends, a game of truth or dare started. One of the guys dared Clint to kiss you. Your face turned red and he shook his head quickly.

“I can’t do that, she’s like my sister!” Clint protested.

But when chants of “Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!” started, Clint leaned over quickly and pecked you on the lips. You were so overwhelmed you started crying and ran all the way home by yourself.

You wouldn’t tell your parents what happened so you hid in your room. And it was no surprise that fifteen minutes later Clint was bursting into your room and wrapping you in a hug, apologizing over and over and telling you how much he didn’t want to lose you as his friend.

Eventually you forgave him and moved on, even though the kiss sent fireworks through your body.


In high school you and Clint drifted a bit. You found your own groups of friends and started working towards your futures, but you still hung out every weekend and some days of the week with all of your friends.

He was on the football team and you were in P.E. He hung out with the jocks and you hung out with the band nerds. He had a hot cheerleader girlfriend and you could barely talk to another boy without stumbling over your words and embarrassing yourself. The only boy you could ever talk to was Clint.

One weekend everyone was invited to a house party. The whole Senior class was there and it was in the richest part of the neighborhood so the house was HUGE. You found Clint in the middle of the night after several shots and a few beers. You stumbled into him at the beer pong table and he challenged you to a game.

One game turned into two, then three. Eventually you found yourself hand in hand with Clint as he led you upstairs and into a room. He shut the door and you both sat on the bed, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Your future, your families.

Eventually you found yourself laying on the bed, mouth tangled with Clint’s as he hovered over you. Your tongues worked together in a sloppy way, considering you were both hammered and probably wouldn’t remember anything in the morning.

When you woke up, it was to an angry voice. Your eyes slowly opened to find Clint’s girlfriend yelling at him as he was shirtless and struggling to get up. You realized you weren’t wearing any pants or a bra and bile rose to your throat.

Needless to say, you had the worst hang over of your life, Clint was single and you both laughed about it every time it was brought up.

Even though deep down in your chest you wanted it to be more.


The day of Clint’s wedding was the worst day of your life. Your chest was in pain the whole time as you sat in the audience of their friends and family while you watched the love of your life marry someone else. The worst part of it all was watching their son carry the rings down the isle, and their daughter throw the pink rose petals onto the white. All while Clint smiled as big as you’d ever seen.

His eyes found yours often, making you force a smile through your pain. Your eyes bored into his new wife’s head and down to her growing belly as she was pregnant with another child.

You didn’t stay for long after the ceremony. You chugged down three glasses of wine and tried to make a clean exit without being seen before a hand caught your wrist. You turned and met the eyes you’d wished looked at you another way.

“Sneaking off so quick? The party just got started!” Clint asked you, a look of hurt behind his eyes and you had to look away.

“Y-Yeah, um..” you tried to think of an excuse as you fumbled over your words. “Fury just called, he has a mission for Nat and I. I’m sorry.”

Clint didn’t believe one word, but he smiled falsely anyway and slowly let go of your arm. “Oh..Well I wish you could have stayed,” he told you as you nodded. He then pulled you into a tight hug and whispered, “Thank you.”

After you exchanged goodbyes one more time, you ran to your car as fast as you could. Your chest was burning, aching to let out the heartbroken screams you so desperately wanted to.

You drove until you had to pull over because your tears blurred your vision too much and you cried. You cried more than you ever had as your heart pounded in your chest. You just wanted to be loved, loved by a married man who would never love you back.


The last time you saw Clint Barton was on a mission.

You were fighting Ultron in Sokovia and everything was going okay. As okay as it could be for a whole city floating as robots attacked. Trying to evacuate the city was a difficult task but you succeeded, watching the last remaining people on your side get on a helicarrier.

“East side of the church clear, going back to the church to back up Wan-” you started to say into your earpiece before a white beam struck you, all the way through your abdomen.

You looked down as you choked on your words and touched the blood that started seeping down your suit. “I’ve b-been hit. Repeat, I’ve been hit,” you struggled to get out as you pulled out your gun and shot the robot until it’s head flew off.

You hit the ground and dragged yourself to safety against an overturned SUV. You choked on every breath you took and whimpered at the pain shooting through your body. There was three in diameter hole in your stomach and in the places that weren’t cauterized by the beam, blood was steadily pouring out.

“(Y/N)!!” You heard a familiar voice calling for you.

You stayed still, hoping he wouldn’t have to see you like this but Clint rounded the corner and came to your side quickly, trying to put pressure on your wound.

“Clint,” you whispered, watching his eyes fill with tears as he shook his head. “Clint, I’ve lost too much blood. It’s going to be too late.”

“No!” he snapped and looked up into your eyes. “You’re going to be okay, don’t say that!”

You shook your head and licked your dry lips, feeling blood coming up the back of your throat, you spit to the side. Blood ran down your chin and you wiped it lazily. “I’m dying Clint,” you told him what he already knew, but didn’t want to believe. “But it’s okay because I’m dying i-in the arms of my first love. My first true love,” you confessed to him and he looked at you with wide eyes.

You continued, “I have loved since our first kiss in middle school, Clint Barton. I always have, and I always will. You will always be in my heart and I can only hope I will always be in yours. I let you go because watching you be happy was one of the best things I’ve ever done, no matter how much it hurts me. Be happy, Clint. Be happy knowing I love you. Be happy with your beautiful and even more beautiful family. Be happy for me.”

“(Y/N)…” Clint started to protest but you shook your head.

“Just remember, I’m always right here,” you pointed to his chest, right over his heart.

You then let the darkness surround you. Your hand fell to your side and your head fell forwards onto Clint’s shoulder. He cried into your hair and gripped onto you tightly, agonizing the loss of his best friend. There had always been underlying love he had for you but he pushed it away, thinking that you never felt the same way. Now he was going to regret never telling you for the rest of his life.

He had always, always loved you too.