when the mission ends

Cassini obtains clearest-ever view of Saturn’s pierogi-shaped moon Pan.

Cassini flew to within 15,000 miles of Saturn’s tiny moon Pan March 7 and obtained the clearest pictures yet taken of the satellite.

Measuring only 21 miles long by 12 miles wide, Pan orbits in the Encke Gap of Saturn’s A-ring. Pan’s existence was theorized in the late 1980s by astronomers reanalyzing data from the 1981 Voyager 2 flyby of Saturn and officially confirmed in 1990. Up until this year, only lower-resolution images of Pan from further away were obtained.

Cassini is scheduled to end its mission September 15 when it will plunge into the planet’s atmosphere.

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How are you doing? I love your hcs about the s/o with prosthetic limbs. And I was wondering if you could do the same for Hanzo, Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker! (I'm a different anon)

No worries and yes!


  • Hanzo had asked you the spring before you lost your limbs if you would marry him. The two of you had been rather excited-you had already made the plans for the following fall, a dress picked out and everything.
  • But then that summer the accident happened and the wedding had to be put on hold
  • To Hanzo, it didn’t matter how long you waited before the wedding as long as you would be okay.
  • He tried as hard as he could to show you that despite your physical changes, his feelings had not changed.
  • But for you, this was a loss. You didn’t feel like there was any way that he could truly want to marry you now that you were like this. After all, Hanzo showed a slight aversion or Omnics…and now you were only half human.
  • As you struggled to get used to your prosthetic limbs, you distanced yourself from Hanzo. It was like you were preparing for the worst, for him to call everything off.
  • And yet…you’d never felt more alone in your life. There was no one that could comfort you, and no one that you wanted more then him.
  • One day he was sick of playing the avoidance game. Hanzo had stormed up the steps of your house, shoved open the door…only to find you crying on the stairs. One of your prosthetic feet had fallen off and you were so tired, just tired of being this person and tired of pretending it didn’t matter and tired of feeling broken, physically and mentally.
  • After a moment of silence, Hanzo had slowly gone and crouched in front of you, picking up your prosthetic foot.
  • “Do not cry, beloved. Your tears make my heart ache,” Hanzo had said quietly, gently re-attaching your foot.
  • Looking away, you’d found it hard to face him after your behavior. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, for all of this. For treating you like that and for…for pushing you away and becoming this burden…” you whispered.
  • Hanzo had scowled instantly and picked you up like the bride you were, carrying you to the couch to sit with him.
  • “Beloved, a burden is a load that is heavy or difficult to bear. You are a gift i cherish every moment, and even with these prosthetic limbs, you are my only delight in this world,” Hanzo said gravely, ever the serious one.
  • Sniffling, you wondered if he really meant that.
  • “Now, no more avoiding me. We have a wedding to plan, y/n, and the sooner the better. I tire of living in a separate home from you,” he said seriously.
  • With half sob half laugh, the two of you sat there, snuggled for the first time in awhile, planned out the remaining details of your wedding as you realized there was no chance of him backing out.


  • Despite having become Reaper, your relationship had survived when he had died and changed. Although you didn’t agree with his choices, you couldn’t leave him as you loved him more then anything
  • So when the accident occurred and you ended up having to have your limbs amputated… You grew silent. Cut yourself off, despite getting prosthetic limbs.
  • The event had traumatized you a bit, to be honest, and you felt like a monster for how you looked.
  • Reaper, despite having to lead Talon, was with you most of the time. He didn’t mean to but his worry came out as anger, especially when the doctors said they’d be amputating your limbs
  • This was just another sign to you that Reaper would not love you, not want you, when the deed was said and done. You thought he’d finally throw you out like trash.
  • Honestly though, few things scared a man like him, but your silence did.
  • One day he was sitting next to you, and after a moment you felt a cold hand touch your shoulder gently. In the corner of your eye you saw that Reaper had removed his glove and was watching you seriously.
  • “Y/n..” he rasped. “I’m begging you. Please talk. Say anything. Please.”
  • Turning your face away slowly, you took a shuddering breath. “You should probably go,” you whispered. “You don’t want me like this. I’ll only hold you back.”
  • Reaper leapt to his feet, hands moving to make you look at him. Lifting away his mask, he stared at you in shock and anger and sadness.
  • “Don’t ever say such a thing. I don’t care about your prosthetic limbs, y/n. I care about you,” he said seriously.
  • “But how can you want me when I’m like this?” you challenged, tears stinging your eyes. How could you cry before a man who felt so little emotion half the time?
  • Shaking his head, Reaper moved to sit on the edge of the bed. His expression was open, full of remorse and love and protectiveness. “You don’t understand. y/n, your the only person who makes me feel alive, the only person who makes my heart beat. Prosthetics or no, that isn’t going to change.”
  • For a moment you could only stare, before you let out a soft noise and were surrounded in his arms again, as he held you protectively. You wondered if that was true, but that was more expression you’d seen on his face in a very long time.
  • Reaper helped you grow more comfortable with your limbs, and killed anyone who dared to comment on them.


  • She fell in love with you after the accident that led to you getting prosthetics
  • You’ve had prosthetic limbs now for almost a year and have grown quite used to them. The only thing that bothered you was you never felt pretty with them. People seemed to avoid you, other then those you already knew
  • So when Sombra ended up facing you time and time again during missions, even when they were failures, she couldn’t help growing to admire you and even formed a bit of a crush
  • It sucked because Widowmaker made fun of her for liking you, but Sombra got fed up with it at one point and totally broke Widowmakers sniper.
  • That is how Sombra ended up coming to you and Overwatch, seeking protection. Protection of course was her being in a isolated room with bars.
  • Lucky for her, you ended up being her guard and Sombra couldn’t stop herself from flirting with you from day one. Half the time you wondered if she was joking, but Sombra was funny and kind of cute when she was maniacal.
  • One day you two were sitting back to back in the room, as at this point you trusted her. The two of you were playing gold fish, and she’d just won.
  • “Hey chica, want to make the next round interesting?” Sombra said with a wink. “Winner gets a kiss!” That way Sombra could get one no matter what
  • With a roll of your eyes, you started shuffling the deck. “You shouldn’t joke about stuff like that. You’ll make me think i have a shot,” you said, half bitter and then blinked when you realized what you said. You had a bit of a crush on her too, but you didn’t think she’d go for it.
  • “Of course you do. I’m not kidding.I’ll throw myself into your arms now if you want,” Sombra purred, glancing over her shoulder at you. It made you incredulous. Was she kidding?
  • “But why…?” You asked with a frown, turning to look at her.
  • “Because for one, your smoking hot. No joke,” Sombra said, twirling a purple strand around her finger as she looked at the wall across from her. “And for another…i admire your strength. I wish i was as strong as you. You don’t let your limbs stop you and you continue living life like its nothing.”
  • After a moment she turned and smiled almost shyly at you. You’d never really thought of it that way before.
  • Sombra really was kind of cute, you decided, and thought maybe it would work out…maybe she did like you. So, against the better judgement of your superiors, you ended up freeing Sombra and dating her all within the same day. Now you both have a very complicated life when it comes to work, but at the end of the day you know she’ll always be your girl


  • For her its a bit more complicated
  • At the beginning of your relationship, it really wasn’t about love. Widowmaker hadn’t really felt emotion in a long time, so more or less you were a bit of a plaything, a fling
  • But slowly, the more time you two spent together, she felt herself slowly growing attached
  • In a scary way, it was like her emotions had returned to her, but dulled down.
  • So that moment when after two years of your odd relationship you ended up in an accident, Widowmaker was stunned by the overwhelming sense of panic and worry that consumed her at the thought that she might have lost you.
  • Amelie had joined you in the hospital and sat with you while you went through a series of tests and procedures. All the while she managed to keep her composure.
  • When you woke up to find your limbs amputated and replaced by prosthetics, you thought it was the end. You knew how your relationship had started. Widowmaker had loved pretty things to amuse her. But now…you weren’t even that.
  • So when you saw Widowmaker walk in, holding a tray of coffee and a beignet, you turned away. She was probably here to just cut it off. You didn’t realize she’d been sitting with you for eight whole days, worrying over you.
  • “You’re awake,” she had said slowly.
  • “Yes. Don’t worry, i can imagine what your going to say. It was fun while it lasted, right?” you whispered, not looking at her.
  • For a moment, she had not responded..before stalking over and grabbing your limb. Lifting it, Widowmaker had stared at you and in turn, you were shocked to see angry tears in your eyes.
  • “‘It was fun while it lasted’? Are you joking?” She snarled, her french accent thicker then usual. “Ma Cherie, i was so worried! How dare you, after i spent eight days worrying endlessly in the hospital with you, try and dismiss me like this. I have been so scared! How could you be so foolish?”
  • For a moment you gawked, because honestly her tears were more shocking then the prosthetic limbs you’d woken up with.
  • “B-but…but you…don’t like ugly things…” you said, not understanding.
  • “There is nothing ugly i can see in this room, ma cherie, and certainly not you! I do not care if you have prosthetic limbs or real ones, because it is the you who has captured my heart, not your body,” Widowmaker said, breathing hard. For a moment the two of you could only stare at each other, before Widowmaker pressed the most gentle of kisses to your lips.
  • “I am not leaving,” she says quietly, as if to reaffirm that. “I am not leaving now, nor will i ever. My dove, you have ensnared me in your web. I will never be able to leave, as I love you too much now.”
  • It stunned you, to hear that from her. All this time you wondered if she had ever grown to care for you at all. To know that she loved you…that you had brought life back into the dead heart of widowmaker…it was astonishing.
  • “I…I love you too,” you whispered, holding onto her as though without her, your heart might break.
Being An Avenger Would Include
  • Clintasha trying to teach you how to fly a quinjet
  • Taking the jet for joyrides when you finally master it (and then getting scolded by Steve because he’s such a dad)
  • Trying to lift Mjolnir when no one’s looking
  • Stealing Steve’s shield and sledding down the stairs
  • Taking advantage of your relation to Anthony Edward Stark and occasionally going shopping for things you don’t need
  • But you donate a lot of it too, and Tony doesn’t mind
  • Having sleepovers with Wanda and Nat in some random place in the Tower since it’s so freaking huge
  • Playing guitar with Wanda
  • Practicing ballet with Nat
  • Having a tower-wide prank war
  • Trying on Tony’s suit
  • Eating poptarts with Thor
  • Everyone loving your cooking
  • Having movie nights
  • Everyone fighting over sofa space on said nights
  • Adopting weird animals (”Y/N!!!! WHY IS YOUR KANGAROO IN MY LAB ALSO WHY DO YOU HAVE A KANGAROO?????)
  • Running with Steve in the morning (”Listen, Cap, not to mess up your routine or anything but can we please move the run to six and not five?”
  • Stealing one arrow a day from Clint’s stash and waiting to see how long before he notices
  • Using Bucky’s metal arm for darts (”I’m gonna try to hit the star, okay?”)
  • Learning cool science things from Bruce that you use to prank Tony with because both of you love him but are also very done with the guy at the same time
  • Learning various fighting styles from T’Challa
  • Steve helping you learn to draw
  • Singing in the car with Bucky and Sam while Steve tries to focus on driving
  • Always being the one to come up with the best party ideas
  • Having an obscure social media page where you just record all the Avengers doing dumb things
  • You have millions of followers on that account
  • And then Tony finds out
  • But everyone’s pretty chill about it except for Steve because of that one video where he’s singing Fergie songs
  • Attaching ribbons to Mjolnir just before missions so Thor would have to carry it around
  • Always bringing snacks on missions “just in case”
  • Clint and Tony eating all you snacks
  • Helping Peter with homework
  • And in turn he teaches you how to *swing from buildings*
  • With ropes and grappling hook guns of course but it’s still fun
  • Switching out Tony’s coffee with decaf and watching him burn
  • Brading Thor’s hair because that’s just who you are
  • Messing around in Tony’s lab and almost releasing a dangerous virus across New York
  • You and Pepper sharing annoying Tony moments
  • Bruce joining in
  • Steve and Natasha too
  • Screwing around with Steve when it comes to modern technology
  • “You press the home button to take a photo,”
  • Having each other’s backs during missions
  • Always patching each other up
  • Even when a mission goes south or ends badly, the team can always count on you to crack a joke or lighten the situation
  • The Avengers all loving you for your quirks and fun personality

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Hey Marc! Two questions: 1) Any plans for Walter to come back? I loved him! 2) Will Oliver ever tell Felicity he saw her when he want to QC on that mission when he ended up killing Thea's dealer? (When he saw her talking to his photo)

1) Not at present, but he comes up in conversation in the writers room often.

2) Eventually, I’d imagine.

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What would be some behavioral/psychological differences between a kid who's been raised for combat and a child soldier? She's in her mid-teens on what was supposed to be a routine training mission when shit hits the fan and she ends up getting captured. The enemy armed forces that have her assume that she's a child soldier that's been otherwise coerced into this and treat her as such. So how would they be trying to establish rapport with her or subvert her loyalties? (and utterly failing) [1/2]

What, if any, chance do they have of actually succeeding, given that she’s been training since she was 5? Is there any way for them to manage to turn her loyalties? And what would be going through her head during all of this beyond disdain and escape plans, regardless of whether or not she turns? [2/2]             

I get what you’re asking here, you’re asking if a child soldier can be saved through the power of friendship. The answer to that, upfront, is no. Child soldiers and children raised for combat are not misunderstood misanthropes who’ve never had a support network but know what it is and can be approached in the same way you would the average loner.

Child soldiers/kids who’ve been put through any kind of brainwashing are a difficult subject to discuss because it is profoundly disturbing and messed up. The assumption is that if they’re kidnapped from their families, they’ll grow to secretly hate their captors and jump when the first opportunity comes for escape.

That isn’t how it works. In the training, they’re driven to hate their parents and view them as weak. As they’re systematically broken down, they grow to love their captors and consider them family. They develop a deep and abiding loyalty to them.

Falling prey to this conditioning has nothing to do with how strong someone is or isn’t. It’s not a matter of mental or emotional strength. Breaking them down and rebuilding them from the inside out is what their handlers do. They are very adept at it. These children are conditioned through empowerment, which is part of why it’s so seductive. They’re taught to believe that they are better and stronger than everyone else, that other humans are weak. That weakness must be destroyed.

You won’t reach them by treating them in any way they’ll perceive as weakness and if you react the way they expect then you play into the hands of the people who programmed them, then you’ve reinforced the child’s conditioning. The mental conditioning is a booby-trap for the people who might try to help them. Every intuitive choice, every choice that feels natural is going to be the wrong one.

You cannot reach them if you come to them with an assumed understanding of who they are and what a human being is. There’s the person they were, who they’ve learned to despise and the person they see themselves as now. Approaching either of those individuals, whether it’s the person they were or who they currently are, will lock you out.

The average person with no understanding will simply reinforce the child’s views and their handler’s views, and shut out of any way to help them by the child’s dismissal. That’s if the kid doesn’t kill them first, which they will because that’s what they were conditioned to do.

A child overcoming this programming requires years and years of therapy, if they’re fortunate enough to receive it at all.

Abuse isn’t cured by the power of friendship.

We’ve talked about #child soldiers and #children and combat on separate occasions, we’ve even compared them to each other and explained the difference. They are not, however, totally separate.

The main difference:

1) Children Raised to Combat are a long term investment. This is someone whose training has been the focus of their life, with the intent to turn out a solid, above average combatant. These children who won’t see combat until they reach their late teens/adulthood.

2) Child Soldiers are expendable assets given a gun, often given drugs like “BamBam”, told they’re immortal, and shoved onto the battlefield on the idea they’ll give the adult soldiers pause, gun a few down, before getting gunned down themselves. They’re not “soldiers” so much as they are distractions. They are also never sent out alone. You’re not up against one, you’re up against many.

Both have the option of having been put through cultish/psychological programming, but the difference between the two is fairly obvious. It’s a disoriented and drugged child violently kidnapped from their village versus a member of the Hitler Youth or another, similar, organization.

They are both psychologically damaged but in vastly different ways, and those circumstances make it nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t a child soldier or comes from a similarly abusive background to relate.

The irony is going that the Child Soldier is going to be much, much easier to turn because they were never really inside the system to begin with. However, even with just a scant few months, the deprogramming is going to take years. They’re never treated as important. A child who has been raised to combat is valuable, they often see joining as their choice, and they know their own worth. They’ve never known any other kind of normal and are in a much better place to evaluate why their side is the right one. They are co-operative participants, rather than forced. They’re going to see the instructors in their lives as friends and family. They’ll believe in the cause.

A good way to look at the thought process of the adults behind these training programs would be to take a look at the French novel/film “La Femme Nikita” where the assassins are all druggies and runaways pulled off the streets, cleaned up, sobered out, and trained to kill people.

Why is this important?

Because it inspires loyalty. You take people no one will know and no one will miss, people who are not regularly getting four square meals a day, and get them off the streets. You give them a safe place to sleep, regular food, and a purpose. From their perspective, you save them. The threat of expulsion comes next, but what you ask them to do next is not that much worse for them than the hell they were living in before.

The problem when most people look at these situations and setups is that they miss the deeply embedded trust, loyalty, and respect these children feel for those who train them. They have a lifetime and a normative societal state to banish their doubts. They will know what the outside world is like. They’ll have been educated. If they’ve been handled by someone skilled, then everything they see will merely confirm their sociological programming. Questions will be encouraged. Pride in their skills, pride in their country/mission, ego, and self-esteem are encouraged.

You’re looking at your character having an attitude similar to the Spartans in 300. Or, you know, Starship Troopers.

A person who understands their ideology and philosophy is far more useful and capable of independent operation than a blind follower. You want your elites to be capable of independently operating on their own.

You can’t force someone to be good at fighting. You can’t force someone to learn. Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

However, the real problem with this question is a critical failure to understand how soldiers operate in warzones, specifically in regards to enemy combatants.

Child Soldiers are still soldiers. They’re enemy combatants and they’re treated like enemy combatants.

This is the concept that’s hardest for most people to grasp.

It doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, whether or not they’re a forced conscript. Child Soldiers are treated as enemy combatants, not children because, well, they are. The sad truth about them is that they’re not really kids anymore. They’re brainwashed and weaponized. The moral barrier that will stop the average child from killing someone doesn’t exist for them. It’s gone. Their innocence is gone. They are exceedingly dangerous. They’re likely to betray and kill their “rescuers” if left to their own devices then return to those who kidnapped them in the first place.

This is a behavior pattern which does not normally make sense to those who have never been abused, but it is very real.

What’s been done to them can’t be cured with kindness, at least not in the early stages and the average person can’t relate to them. It’s difficult enough for most people to relate to adults who’ve been through your garden variety child abuse, and this is on a whole other level. These kids are systematically broken. That is the point of the breaking. So, that when the average adult treats them like a kid they kill them.

Child soldiers are unpredictable, including for seasoned combatants. It’s hard as hell to tell when they’re going to snap, and there’s a certain level of psychopathy just lingering beneath the surface because (as children) they’re brains can’t register that death is real.

This is true with children and you see it a lot with children dealing with grief, they lack an understanding of permanence and struggle with the concept of death. Minors don’t grasp consequences the same way adults do, and there are different standards regarding their ability to do so consciously.The training child soldiers undergo preys on that. It preys on the limbo. So, they’re handlers feed them cocaine and tell them they’re invincible and they believe them. The important thing about child soldiers is that they don’t know what they’re doing. Their psychology is exploited by their handlers.

You can feel pity for the dog that’s been abused to the point its mind is broken. It won’t stop the dog from killing you.

So, you’re asking these soldiers to take a ticking time bomb with them. Someone who is a direct threat to their lives and their mission. No matter the amount of pity they feel, this is a time bomb they know better than to take. This is especially true if they’re working in enemy territory where she’ll have numerous chances to betray them to her comrades. They’re not equipped to handle her.

She belongs in a POW camp, away from combat, with people who can devote their time to helping her figure out how to be a human instead of a weapon.

Right now, a weapon is all this character knows how to be.


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References and Resources:

It is worth remembering that child soldiers exist in the real world, both in our present and throughout history. There is a body of research available on the subject, and worth looking into if you want to do it justice.

If you are a minor, I insist that you approach this subject with the aid or help of an adult. Child soldiers are disturbing material.

The CNN article on Ishmael Beah is an excellent place to start. Beah was a child soldier in the Sierra Leone eventually captured by enemy forces and rehabilitated by Unicef. His memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is worth looking into if you intend to take the true child soldier route.

If you’re interested in being depressed or learning more about the African diamond trade and how it ties into the Sierra Leone then Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio is a good movie to invest some time into. The movie goes through great pains to ensure the treatment of child soldiers and their training is accurate.

The book Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones which the movie referenced extensively, though only two chapters in the book discuss child soldiers directly. Instead, it focuses on the use of diamonds to fund the RUF in the Sierra Leone. You may find this book more helpful for worldbuilding and it’s discussion on the funding a revolution.

Monster an autobiography by Sanyika Shakur aka Kody Scott about his sixteen years spent as a gangbanger may be helpful. Gangs have a different method in their recruitment of child soldiers but, at the end of the day, the attitudes and mentalities end up in a similar place.

Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany by Hans J. Massaquoi isn’t a book about child soldiers per say, but it does document the effect Nazism had on the German people. If you ever wondered how the average person could fall victim to widespread propoganda, participate in such heinous acts, or wondered how the Nazis worked then this is a must read book.

Check out Boy Seamen on Wikipedia, a page discussing the ranking and usage of young adults as sailors in the British Navy and others at the turn of the century. Russel Crowe’s adaptation of Master and Commander: Far Side of the World has an accurate representation of the ages that were put to sea. Patrick O’brien’s series is a must read for anyone interested in doing any writing about the British Navy.

We bring up the Boy Scouts of America sometimes when discussing children raised for combat and while it isn’t a direct 1 to 1 comparison, most of the skills studied and mastered by the Boy Scouts as they gain badges are the sorts of supplementary survival skills you start children on when preparing them for a lifetime of combat.

You don’t have to look far to find the history of children studying and used in warfare. There’s a wealth of information out there, if you start looking for it.

I'm 100% straight. . . Right?

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Plot: Natasha starts to question her sexually when the reader joins the team. After telling Clint about her feelings for the reader he tells Natasha to make a move before it’s too late.

Word count: 2511

A/n I don’t know if I like this one. I know this sound similar to one of my previous fics I’m so sorry about that. I’m thinking about doing a part two to this though with major fluff but also kinky kinky smut. Like Natasha tying the reader up smut.

Originally posted by warinfinities

All her life Natasha Romanoff identified herself as straight female. That was until you came into her life. The day you walked into her life she start questioning her sexuality. At first she just thought it was just her mind acknowledging that you were a beautiful woman. But as time went on she felt herself wanting to kiss you and wanting to take you out on dates.

She would always ask if you would like to train with her so she could spend time with you. You’d always agree because you heard that she was the best person to train with because she never went easy on her opponent. “God I love when we train together, I always work up a sweat.” you smiled as you tried to steady your breath and walked over to your water bottle “lets hit the showers”. You hooked your arm with hers and made your way to the locker room where you proceeded to take off your sports bra and your leggings.

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Since this appears to be night of the headcanon, what about Touka?

- Cannot tell if she’s Hashirama and Tobirama’s cousin, sister, or mother most of the time. 

- Hates them so much.

- Also adores them, but in a lowkey “I loathe you you little gremlin so don’t die” way.

- Thank Goodness I’m Fabulous

- Is Deeply Offended that the Sharingan is a thing, her genjutsus are amazing and it’s stupid that the Uchiha can see through them. 

- Can be ladylike, would much rather be breaking heads. 

- Hardcore crush on Mito forever and always. 

- Is also sadly attracted to Cute Dumb Puppy men. She blames exposure to Hashirama as a child. 

- Tobirama is her trial for wicked deeds in a past life, she’s absolutely sure of it.

- Once drank half of her clanmates under the table because of a dare. 

- Regretted It, but not as much as everyone else did. 

- Her summon contract is with hyenas and she adores them. 

- Once ended up on a mission with Hikaku when the same client hired both of them. Will still do anything to defend her family, but doesn’t mind the Uchiha unless they’re actively threatening someone she loves.

- This includes Madara whenever he’s not yelling at Tobirama or making eyes at him. 

- She will absolutely make his life hell for the latter, though. 


Poe Dameron/ Reader

Originally posted by sterkiller

Words: 1,659

Summary: You grow sick and tired as you watch Poe do most of the mission by himself. “Stay with the ship,” he says to you while you roll your eyes into oblivion. You can’t bite your tongue any longer.

Prompt: can you do a poe dameron x reader where they get paired up on another mission but Poe always leaves them to watch the ship (like K2 in rogue) and the reader is sick of it so they argue . But later in the mission while the reader waits, Poe gets in trouble and the readers saves poe. ”Leaving me behind all the time doesn’t exactly scream ‘part of the team’.”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: We back in this bitch, y’all! College has got a tight ass grip on me so requests are taking a bit longer than expected. This was fun to write and I feel like it teaches an important lesson. Reading a fic AND learning? WHO NEEDS SCHOOL? (please go to school)

What’s the point on aiding Poe in missions when it always ends with you watching over the ship as Poe rescues the day?

Don’t get yourself wrong, you know you are competent and highly qualified to lead an entire squadron into enemy territory and come out successful. You know you are strongest in hand-to-hand combat and have a pretty accurate aim. You wonder if Poe ever sees that in you but there is never an opportunity to bring it up. All your emotions just get stored away and you open them back up as you wait for him to get back.

But once you watch Poe exit out the ship and turn back to you, you stop him from saying the inevitable.

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i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart)

Fluff Friday: November 18 “Big & Little”

Not particularly shippy. Featuring: Sakura and Kakashi, with guest appearances by Naruto, Sai, Yamato, Tsunade and Shizune. Would nod vaguely at canon if they were to pass in the street.

This is de-aged fic. Neither Sakura nor chibi!Kakashi are particularly thrilled, but Naruto thinks it’s hilarious.

Sakura’s just coming up on the end of a long, long hospital shift when she hears the commotion in the lobby. She pauses, letting her attention stray from the medical chart she’s updating to trying to decipher the noise two floors down, but the distance muffles everything to only the dull rise and flow of voices. She cocks her head, listening to no avail.

“Haruno-sensei?” the chūnin perched on the bed dares prompt.

She frowns and shakes her head, turning back to her patient. If she’s needed, Shizune will send one of the nurses to fetch her. Until then, she has work to finish.

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Hi There! So I am new to this and this is the first Imagine which I have posted. Lets just cut to the chase though!

NO PROMPT - However I am open to suggestions if people want to submit!

PAIRING - Reader X Kirk



The room around you was bustling as delegates from the Antican republic worked to cater to your every need. The dog like species had applied for membership within the Federation, they were so desperate to join that they even went to the trouble of arranging a special banquet to try and sway the Admiral’s decision.

Little did the species know, that the banquet was Starfleet’s perfect opportunity to survey their planet and decide whether the union was beneficial for both parties. Being the nearest ship, the Enterprise had been drafted for this political mission. The plan was simple enough, you had been selected along with a couple of science ensigns to conduct the monitoring of their planet inconspicuously while Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov took the lead in political relations.

The banquet was being held on a particularly beautiful beach; the sand which clung to your boots a blood red colour as it mixed with the black sea; the only light highlighting its presence being the warm orange glow from a nearby planet called Selay and the white dying light of the stars above you. Colourful paper lanterns painted by the children of the republic glowed as it bathed the vast array of foods before you in a dim light.

Everything was perfect… for an away mission.

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modern graves/credence au
  • in which graves is still an auror, pretty much married to his work
  • and credence is an orphan studying history at university thanks to a full scholarship
  • the macusa building is close to a public library credence goes often to, because it’s warm, quiet and spacious, nothing compared to the small apartment he shares with two messy and loud boys
  • credence is focusing on the study of the middle ages, and during his third year, he enrols in an elective called “rise and fall of medieval magic” and becomes fascinated
  • graves visits the library often, because the silence makes him feel at peace, sometimes, he sits there sorting out simple office work, but most of the time, he enjoys reading no-maj literature
  • (he likes american literature grand classics, from faulkner to tennessee williams)
  • credence sits for hours with old, big books about art or history, until he starts reading about witchcraft persecutions, maegia and the preaching of mendicant orders
  • graves doesn’t like to pry about what other people read, until the words ‘salem’ 'witchcraft’ and 'burn’ catches his eye (and a little of his rage)
  • and he looks up to find a pale, black haired boy hunched over more books anyone can possibly read in one evening, or two, and wonders why someone so young would study about that slaughtering
  • credence looks up, only to find an older man looking at him with a scowl on his face, he blinks and cannot help the blush over his features, the both of them look down at the same time, and no more contact is done after that
  • graves is called to a joint mission with the ministry of magic in england and he’s gone for almost three weeks, but when he comes back, credence is sitting in the same spot, hunched over the same kind of books, but the soft curls of his black hair are brushing past his cheeks when he moves his head while writing notes
  • credence notices him, and even though graves is not scowling anymore, he can’t help but stare until the older catches him, gulping and blushing and returning to his notes
  • it becomes somekind of a habit, graves comes to read and credence comes to study, and they steal each other glances across the big library table
  • it’s two months later, after they are both stay until the library closes, and credence stumbles over all the books he’s carrying, and graves help him, that they tell each other their names
  • “what are you studying, credence?”
    “m-medieval history”
    “learning about magic?”
    “it’s an elective”
  • graves doesn’t ask him again, but he’s burning to know, about how no-majs tell the story of witches persecutions and killings
  • the term is ending, and credence carries less and less books, and more notes, until he ends up just taking his battered laptop to the library to write a final paper for his medieval magic course
  • a particular cold evening, graves asks credence if he would like to have a break at jacob’s bakery, across the street, to grab a warm coffee and something to eat
  • credence is smiling faintly, both of his bony hands wrapping around the warm cup of the cappuccino he has ordered, and graves cannot help to smile too
  • “what are you working about, with your computer”
    “a final paper for my elective”
    “the magic one?”
  • the silence settles between them again, disturbed by the sips of their coffee and mouthfuls of the donut credence is eating, until graves speaks again
  • “and what is it about”
    “why people stopped practising magic”
    “because they stopped believing?”
    “no, because they were afraid, because the church linked it to the devil”
  • graves looks at the younger man, his dark eyes shinning with something, and graves feels a pull in his gut, something he actually feels at missions, when he thinks he’s getting at the end of something
  • “do you believe in magic, credence?”

(months and months later when credence is during his last year of university working on his final project, he is sipping a cup of coffee in percival graves’ mainroom, looking at the title of the books the older man has. books about history of magic he wishes he could use in his dissertation instead of what he’s using now 

“that would be breaking the statute of secrecy, credence.” 

they look at each other at that, sharing a chuckle full of complicity)


I know I never do text posts but I just gotta talk about this. I spent a good amount of time playing the demo of Fire Emblem Warriors today and HOOOOO BOY LEMME TELL YA, THIS GAME IS FREAKING AMAZING!

I thought it was going to be mostly a Warriors game with Fire Emblem characters (which I would’ve been fine with tbh) but NOPE THEY IMPLEMENTED SO MANY GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS OF FIRE EMBLEM THAT IT TRULY FEELS LIKE A PROPER CROSSOVER BETWEEN THE TWO SERIES.

Here’s a TL;DR ver. of the FE mechanics I saw in the demo:

1. Weapon Triangle

2. Controlling Multiple Units

3.  Pair Up System

4.  Stat Increases from Level Ups

5.  Items (Vulnerary and Healing Staves)

There’s so much for me to talk about but I’ll keep it under the cut for those interested.

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Clexa Chuck AU
  • Lexa as ‘love is weakness, i’m all business’ secret agent Sarah.
  • Clarke as Chuck (maybe not a genius but is a lovable burnout at the Buy-More that was getting her Standford degree but then her dad died and she realized she doesn’t know what she wants to do, and the buymore pay the bills).
  • Lincoln and Octavia and Devon and Ellie.
  • Raven as Morgan.
  • Indra (or Anya?) as Casey.
  • Kane as Director Beckman
  • Costia as Bryce


  • Lexa falling for Clarke’s charm but avoiding those feelings as much as she can. Thinking she’s going to die so she kisses Clarke before the “bomb” explodes.
  • LEXA WITH LIKE 8 WEAPONS STRAPPED TO HER UNDER A HOT DRESS. Clarke running into a wall when she sees her all dressed up and thigh holsters.
  • so. much. pining.
  • mission kisses that aren’t just mission kisses.
  • Jealous Clarke when Costia re-enters Lexa’s life

@anyone who can write– GO.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm not sure if this got through before so I'll try again. Bad internet. My question(s) revolves around Rhaegar and Elia. Why was she the only one fit to wed? Was she not known to be frail and considering the expectations of children, wouldn't her frailty impede that? Was Varys or Rhaella involved, because I don't see Aerys agreeing.

Why was Aerys II willing to accept Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia Martell, but not Cersei Lannister? Was he just trying to stick it to Tywin or is there some other explanation?

I assume this is the same Anon. I did get your earlier ask, I was simply debating on how to answer it. I feel like I’ve talked about this a bunch of times, but in lieu of directing you to a number of posts that all sort of say parts of the same thing, I’ll just write one final answer-post on this question.

To understand Aerys II’s choice of a bride for his son, I think one has to understand the times in which Rhaegar’s betrothal was made. The Aerys who sat the throne in 279 AC was a different man from the hopeful prince who had ascended in 262 AC. The thin veneer of charm and outgoing friendliness that had been characteristic of the young king had been forever dispelled by the Defiance of Duskendale; kept as a hostage for a year, aware that there was a very likely possibility of his being killed, the Darklyns and Hollards openly assaulting the idea of the body of the king being sacrosanct, the king slipped permanently into the violent suspicion and paranoia for which he has become known. That suspicion, according to Yandel, applied particularly to Rhaegar:

Prince Rhaegar, [Aerys] was convinced, had conspired with Tywin Lannister to have him slain at Duskendale. They had planned to storm the town walls so that Lord Darklyn would put him to death, opening the way for Rhaegar to mount the Iron Throne and marry Lord Tywin’s daughter.

Notably, what follows immediately in Yandel’s account is Aerys seeking a bride for his son:

Determined to prevent that from happening, King Aerys turned to another friend of his childhood, summoning Steffon Baratheon from Storm’s End and naming him to the small council. In 278 AC, the king sent Lord Steffon across the narrow sea on a mission to Old Volantis, to seek a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar, “a maid of noble birth from an old Valyrian bloodline.“ 

Right there, we can see what Aerys wanted in a future daughter-in-law. One, the bride had to be of eminent Valyrian descent. That’s not so surprising: Aerys had tried for a long while, after all, to provide a sister for his son to wed (and, I think, in his last desperate attempt, even tried to get a daughter of Steffon and Cassana, just to have a second cousin; is it coincidence that Renly is born over a decade after next brother Stannis, and just a year after Prince Viserys?). Indeed, as the product of an incestuous union, and having married his own sister, Aerys might have been naturally inclined to go back to this traditional Valyrian practice for the next generation. However, after 14 years of trying, the sole surviving Targaryen was little Viserys, who happened to be the wrong sex; even if Rhaella produced a daughter the year after Viserys was born, Rhaegar would be at least 30 before he could even think about consummating his marriage with his sister-wife - and in the downtime, he could find himself a bride elsewhere. Aerys’ only option, if he wanted a Valyrian-blooded consort for his son, was to go looking for one already grown (hence that mission to Volantis).

Secondly, but not explicitly said, I think the other qualification was that the bride absolutely could not bring great wealth or strength to the marriage - and that specifically to avoid Cersei Lannister becoming crown princess. After almost two decades of having him as Hand, Aerys had grown hateful, suspicious, and fearful of Lord Tywin, and no less so after the Defiance of Duskendale (see the first section of this essay I wrote for more details on their relationship). As Yandel noted, Aerys was specifically afraid that Rhaegar, married to Lady Cersei, would take advantage of his father-in-law’s wealth and power to overthrow his own father and declare himself king. I think Aerys decided that any bride with a plump dowry and a powerful House backing her could potentially do the same. Perhaps this also inspired Steffon’s mission: as seen with Larra Rogare and Mellario of Norvos (and quite cruelly with Serala Darklyn), Essosi ladies married to Westerosi men can find life in their new home isolating and foreign, lacking familiar allies and the comforts of their native states.

However, when Steffon’s mission ended in failure, Aerys was left with a predicament. Rhaegar would plainly have to marry a Westerosi - but who could combine Valyrian heritage and relative lack of wealth? Skipping over any descendants of Aegon V’s sisters, the next closest (dynastic) relatives to the main-line Targaryens would be the descendants of Princess Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of King Aegon IV, who had married Prince Maron Martell, ruling Prince of Dorne. Conveniently for the king’s desires, Dorne is the poorest and least populous of the continental states. Elia’s dowry would be far less impressive than Cersei Lannister’s, and, if Rhaegar wanted to overthrow his father, the relatively small number of Dornish spears would have to march up through the loyalist and traditionally Dornish-hating Reach (and its enormous mailed fist) or the Stormlands, under the control of his Baratheon cousins (not specifically his good friend Steffon anymore, but Aerys might have thought he had no reason to distrust the young Lord Robert at this point). Elia had Valyrian blood in her veins, was of an age with Rhaegar, and had little promise of success in any attempted coup; she, to Aerys, was the perfect choice available for his son’s bride.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

officialjohnshep  asked:

So yeaaa I'm loving MEA so far but my biggest pet peeve is when I'm trying to finish a mission but somehow end up getting another 50 side missions which I have to finish bc I want to help everyone but I'm the one who needs help,,, there are too many missions to do I can't handle this :'I

I feel your pain

and same. I spend at least 2 hours helping everyone everywhere I go. I don’t even know what my main mission is right now

fergumeister  asked:

Hi! My C/C prompt as follow: Phil is pining on Clint. Clint is oblivious until Phil decides to move on. C/C is end game. Thank you.

When Phil Coulson had first seen Clint Barton, his immediate and visceral reaction had been: want. The man had been beautiful; strength and grace and talent combining to create art in motion as he’d drawn, nocked, and released arrow after arrow in a stunning demonstration of skill.

Phil had locked down his gut reaction a second or two later, frowning at himself. It certainly hadn’t been the first time he’d felt an attraction to a colleague, but never so quickly, or so powerfully. It had taken him by surprise, but he’d been certain he could control it.

He’d had to be, because by the end of that demonstration, he’d submitted his formal request for an asset transfer through the system, and his informal request with a simple glance at Fury. Fury had nodded, and, just like that, Barton had become his.

If only.

If it had just been physical, Phil would have been okay. But Barton had turned out to be smarter than reported, more observant, and genuinely funny, all wrapped up with an underlying sweetness that tugged relentlessly at Phil’s heart. Phil had done his best to ignore the slow tumble he found himself taking, and it had mostly worked. Occasionally he’d slam into an obstacle on his way down and he’d have to reorient himself while coming to terms with the fact that he’d slid further than he’d realized.

Natasha Romanoff had been one such surprise. The strong, crazy, irrational jealousy that had punched him in the gut when Clint had brought her in, when he’d nurtured her and befriended her and slept with her, had not only been unfounded in the sense that Clint wasn’t Phil’s to be jealous over, it had also been completely and utterly misplaced. Natasha was a good person who’d ended up becoming a sister to Clint and a trusted member of Phil’s Strike Team Delta, and a beloved friend to them both.

Phil had been so relieved—and so incredibly ashamed of himself—that he hadn’t seen Bobbi Morse coming.

(read more below the cut)

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