when the kids walk through him

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”

kent parson, walking into his first practice with the aces. his headphones are in, playing the hercules soundtrack. as he walks through the building and into the locker room he’s humming along softly. “i am on my way, i can go the distance… i would go most anywhere to find where i belong.” he tugs his earphones out when he steps into the locker room, not wanting everyone’s first impression of him to be him singing disney songs. they’re all friendly enough when they greet him, and fitzy, a grizzled vet with the stall next to him, knocks their knees together and says, “they’re saying you’re gonna win a cup for us, eh kid?” kent replies the only way he knows how - with a little grin and “i’m sure gonna try.” fitzy’s grin only widens, then he says, “oh, by the way, swoops over there is probably gonna put on some disney music here pretty soon. chirping him about it is useless, so you might as well get used to it.” kent just laughs, watching as swoops and a few other guys start dancing around to ‘when will my life begin.’ they all know every word, even fitzy. kent’s got a good feeling about the aces.


Summary: Slowly, Stan’s memories are beginning to come back and he can just manage to figure out what his relationships with these people are. Niece, nephew, brother. But what exactly is his relationship with Soos?

Stanuary Prompt: Memories


“Huh. So it sounds like we’ve been through a lot.” Stan said, as Mabel flipped through the scrapbook to figure out what to show him next.

Their group was still centered around the armchair in the dilapidated Shack, and due to Mabel going over the first couple of weeks of this past summer, Stan felt like he was finally getting a handle on who he was. At the very least, he knew more than he did when he walked in, and more memories were tickling at the edges of his mind. His name was Stan. The two little kids were Dipper and Mabel and he was their Grunkle, whatever that was, but long story short, they were family. The pig was Waddles and was the bane of his existence, but he couldn’t get rid of it because Mabel loved the little stinker. The other old guy was his… brother. Yeah, that sounded about right. That just left…

As Dipper and Mabel argued over what they should look at next, Stan turned his gaze to Soos.

He knew that Soos was his employee, the best one he’d ever had. After all, he could vaguely remember the guy… kid… man-child working for him. But at the same time, he could remember that just this past summer, Soos was at a lot of family events. He could also remember other things: graduation, a couple attempts at birthday parties, science fairs, sports events, some holiday shindig…

You wouldn’t do all of those things with someone who’s just an employee, right?

He tried to puzzle it out in his head, and didn’t realize he was staring and frowning at Soos until the overgrown kid noticed and smiled at him.

“Something wrong, Mr. Pines?” Soos asked, surprisingly chipper despite the circumstances. “Wait, is there something on my face.” He patted his face, in search of something that wasn’t actually there. Still, his words stopped the conversation among the other members of the family as they turned to look at Stan.

“Uh, why do you call me that?” Stan couldn’t help but ask.

“Call you what?” He seemed truly confused at the question.

“‘Mr. Pines.’” Stan pointed out. “I mean, aren’t you my son, or something? It seems like a weird thing to call a parent.”

Silence descended as everyone stared at him.

However, it was the only thing that made sense to Stan. That’s why he’d be so involved in the kid’s life. Plus, he was probably training him to take over this place, hence why he normally treated him like an employee and paid him.


“Uh…” Dipper seemed to be looking for the right words, while Ford looked just as confused, clearly unsure of the situation.

“Well,” Mabel said, “you’re not necessarily wrong…” There seemed to be a shine growing in her eyes as a grin began to grow.

Soos just seemed frozen in place, which really wasn’t helping Stan’s confusion.

Suddenly, a bit of memory trickled in and Stan blinked. “Oh, wait.” He winced. “You live with your… Abuelita? Something like that? Probably shouldn’t have – ”

“Mr. Pines!” Soos burst into tears and swept him up into a huge bear hug.

Stan grunted at the force of the embrace and awkwardly, patted him on the back. “Oh, okay. I guess we’re doing this.” He grumbled a bit.

“Family hug!” Mabel declared, and she dragged her brother and his brother to wrap around Soos and Stan.

It still wasn’t clear to Stan whether Soos was his son or not at that point.

However, as more memories came back to him over the next couple days, he came to a realization.

Stan smiled as he input the code to his personal safe (Dipper and Mabel’s birthday, Soos’s Birthday, and finally his and Ford’s birthday). This was a safe that only he knew about, as even Gideon hadn’t been able to locate it in a second hidden panel in his bedroom. Sitting in the stack of important papers in there, he pulled out adoption papers that were all filled out except for the final signatures and dates.

It was for one Soos Ramirez.

Though things technically weren’t official, Stan really did have a son.

AN: So the prompt for this week was Memories. I thought “Hey, with Stan’s memories scrambled, wouldn’t it be funny and yet sweet if he thought he was officially Soos’s Dad” (I mean, he totally is, but I want him to actually refer to himself as Soos’s dad). So this is the product. I need to write more about these two. Short this week, but I think you get the idea. Funnily enough the next part of Bridging the Gap will also go great with this week’s prompt.

@thesnadger Here’s the Stan and Soos fluff I promised.

Bruce Wayne headcanons...

-Absolutely hates tea, but drinks it because Alfred makes him

-Has watched Netflix through the cowl’s lenses during at least one JL meeting

-Knows how to use guns even better than Jason, because not knowing would drive him crazy

-But NEVER uses them. Ever. (Except for one time with zombies)

-Gets coffee with Clark at least once a week, denies this when asked

-Fucks with Clark afterwards by walking him to his desk at the Daily Planet while everyone stares

-Called his senator once as Batman

-Loves his kids equally, but has more photos of Cass and Dick on his phone

-Steals J’onn’s oreos and blames Barry, steals Dick’s snacks and blames Alfred

The “Green Man” is an urban legend which originated in Pennsylvania and is said to be a glowing supernatural entity or a demon which wanders the country roads at night. This is one urban legend that has truth behind it and the truth is a lot more upsetting than scary.

In 1918, Raymond Robinson, who was just a young boy, was climbing on a train track bridge to get a closer look at some birds when he was electrocuted. The shock sent 22,000 volts of electricity through his body and literally melted his face - he lost both of his eyes, his nose, an ear, and even an arm. As Raymond grew up, he was bullied by other kids, who mocked him by calling him cruel names such as “The Zombie” and because of this, he chose to stay indoors. The very rare time he would venture outside was at nights when he would walk along State Route 351 with his walking stick. Locals caught wind of this and would go out at night in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Raymond - some would mock him as he walked alone while others were friendly.

Raymond stopped these late night walks during the last years of his life and moved to the Beaver County Geriatric Center where he died when he was 74-years-old. The real story of what Raymond experienced became obscured and overshadowed by the ghost stories that grew out of them and Raymond became more of an urban legend than a sentient being who was ostracised by the community purely due to his appearance.


For anon…enjoy! Bless this gif

“Hey team,” you called out with a smile as you walked through the firehouse.

Your friend was a firefighter and you had decided to bring him lunch. Considering this was the usual for you, it didn’t seem out of place.

Some of the firefighters waved. A few ruffled your hair, causing you to scrunch your nose. You slowed down when you reached your friend’s best friend on the squad.

“Hey Wilson,” you greeted with a smirk.
“Hey kid,” he replied with a wide grin.
“I don’t suppose you know where Steve-o’s at, do you?”
He arched a challenging brow. “I don’t suppose you got some extra grub?”

You smirked, hand already reaching into the fast food bag.

“Pssh, you know it.”

Wilson chuckled before catching the food you tossed. He made grunts of approval as he unwrapped the burger. You smirked.

“You’ll get the curly fries when you give me my info,” you teased.
“Rogers and Romanoff were called in by the Chief. Should be out in a minute.”
“Thanks Sammy,” you drawled before handing him the fries.

You left Wilson to himself as you headed further into the station. You made your way upstairs and toward the break room. Shaking your head, you placed the bag for Steve on the counter. Despite it being a firehouse, they had a nice kitchen.

You snagged a fry and chomped. However, you stopped mid-smirk when you caught sight of a new firefighter…topless. He looked as though he had just finished working out. His brunet hair waved a little in front of his face. You couldn’t help but stare. He quickly caught sight of you.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to be here,” he told you in confusion.
“Trust me,” you mumbled, “I do not care if it’s wrong.”

The man chuckled. He licked his lips before raising his curious gaze back to you. You bit your lip slightly. Sighing, you decided to answer him.

“I’m friends with Rogers. Brought him lunch,” you paused, “I thought I knew everyone in this unit.”
The man grinned. “Transfer from Brooklyn, actually.”
You arched a playful brow. “Am I supposed to call you that?”
He chuckled again. “You’re real funny, you know that?”
“I try,” you shrugged.
“James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.”
“Bucky, huh?” you asked, “Well, it’s real nice to meet you.”
“Y/N? Did I see Wilson with a burger and fries?”

You turned with a smile. Steve was heading your way. You snatched the bag and held it up for him.

“Probably, Steve-o. But, no worries, he only has the decoy.”

Steve chuckled before taking the bag. He went to sit down when he caught sight of the transfer. He beamed.

“You two have met,” he commented, “That’s great!”
You arched a brow. “Why’s that? No offense, Buck.”
“Non taken.”

It was Steve’s turn to shoot Bucky a questioning glance. The transfer just shrugged. motioning to you slightly.

“Bucky and I go way back,” Steve explained, “He usually only lets people he’s known a while to call him Bucky.”
“Is that so?” you asked with a smirk.
“Hey, you were checking me out,” he countered.

You chuckled. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek. Bucky averted his gaze.

“Enjoy lunch,” you told him, turning to leave, “Oh, and give Buck-o my number for me?”

You smirked as you watched his surprised reaction. It swiftly turned into a sly grin. He whipped his shirt off his neck as he turned. Steve just chuckled before biting into his sandwich. Just before you were out of range, you decided to call back.

“And tell him I’m free most Fridays!”
“I got it,” Steve called back, “You owe me, Buck.”
“Yeah I do.”

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We got a problem? The pack wants to know how long you’re gonna let your little vamp friend hang out in werewolf territory. We’re not a bed and breakfast. Well, I didn’t say make the kid pancakes. Look, the boy’s going through a rough time. Much like you were when you first turned and came to me for help. Or have you forgotten? Good. Then we’re on the same page.

Alpha Luke is my weakness. And I want to know more about this. Can you imagine, Alaric, freshly promoted detective, walking home late one night and getting attacked by a werewolf. Then, changes start to occur. He’s quick to anger. Something’s boiling inside his chest, something he can’t fight. He finally confides in his partner, Luke, and asks for help. And Luke tells him it’s okay. He tells him what’s going on, tells him all about werewolves and downworlders and shadowhunters. And he helps Alaric through his transition, teaches him how to control the beast. And a bond is formed.

Now we know why Alaric was more loyal to Luke than the Alpha of the pack in season one.

Dating Alex would include...

- Staying up late talking about space
- Your dogs being your kids
- Surprising him when he on tour
- Him showing you new songs to get your opinion
- Sending each other random Snapchat with the weird filters
- Making dinner together
- Movie marathons (especially Star Wars and Harry Potter)
- Random selfies together all the time
- Wine nights
- Random nature walks
- Doing face masks together
- Loving each other through everything

Jack     Zack     Rian


*  heh, we actually met on a quite snowy day, we were both probably something around 18 in human years 

* ((… yes… I had though finally running away from home was a smart thing to do without backup plans…  and because I left so quickly I also forgot driverman was a thing… so the smart kid I was I walked all the way to Snowdin…))

* he was so burned out when I spotted him just sitting in the snow crying, of course I had to held out a helping hand

* (( …I was glad Sans let me stay at his house for the night… the next day he showed me the town and helped me to find a place to stay… ))

* I remember how excited Pap was to have a visit, he almost didn’t go to sleep because he was so worried about Grillbz’s well being and wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible


dan wanted to propose to phil during their trip to japan. problem was, he didn’t expect phil to have the same idea.

it was slightly awkward; they’d been walking through a garden full of cherry blossom trees when phil started fidgeting and waxing poetic about how much they’d been through together. dan paid no mind until he saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a small black box while bending down. he grabbed phil by the elbow and yanked him back up, incredulous.

“you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”

in answer to phil’s questioning (and slightly hurt) look, dan simply pulled out his own black box, identical in design. they even went to the same jewelry shop, jfc.

in the end, after laughing at their own predictability and cheesiness, they decided to do it at the same time, sinking to one knee opposite each other under the cherry blossoms.

“alright, phil. on the count of three. one, two-”

“will you marry me?”


“i lied.”

“this marriage is already founded on deception.”

“so is that a yes?”

“only if we hyphenate it as lester-howell.”

“we’ll see.”

I ran into a little boy in the Barbie aisle today, he was probably 6 or 7. When I walked up beside him he embarrassingly tossed the swimsuit Barbie he was clutching back onto the shelf and pretended to not be interested. I just started looking through the fashion packs and he curiously joined me. I pulled out a sparkly dress and handed it to him and told him that it would look great on his Barbie. I’ve never seen a kid smile so much in my life! He ran off shortly after with the dress and I finished my shopping.

He ended up in line in front of me with his mom and baby sister. Sure enough he was clutching that same Barbie doll and the dress I handed to him. Still all smiles. I don’t know them, but I was so happy that he had such a supportive mother!

I just hope that they have some shoes at home to go with that dress…


Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by anon

Jason’s s/o is shot accidentally when a street kid mugs her and Jason arrests the kid and takes his s/o to the hospital and when the s/o wakes up she convinces Jason to bail the kid out and let him stay in their apartment because she doesn’t blame him for shooting her and he’s just a kid who is trying to survive on the street. At first Jason doesn’t like the idea (because the kid shot his s/o) but then he realizes that the kid is kinda like him when he was younger and just family fluff

It was a dark, foggy night in Gotham as you were walking home late from work. Knowing the dangers of walking around the city at night through the many tales Jason has told you, you did your best to avoid them. That night, you had been stuck with the night shift that you begged your boss not to give you to no avail. As you silently hastened down the street, you heard rustling in an alley up ahead. You made a mental note of the fact that Jason knew you had taken the night shift tonight, changing his patrol route to be closer to you. Very carefully you pulled out pepper spray and a pair of brass knuckles Jason got you when he told you about his nightly activities. You began to walk faster when a figure jumped out of the alley in front of you.

“Give me your purse and everything in your pockets,” the figure yelled, pulling out a gun. Before you had a chance to pepper spray or punch him, you examined him. He was short and looked a bit young, around 10 or 12. He was not only shaking from the cold, but shaking from holding the gun in his hands- almost as if he didn’t want to do this.

“It’s okay,” you began to say, carefully sliding your purse off your shoulders. “You need stuff in here much more than I do,” you said, dropping the purse right at the boy’s feet. His eyes turned confused but his shaking began to subside. “I need you to carefully put the gun down,” you said, moving closer to him and he began to lower the weapon. Everything was going fine until a car backfired.

The loud bang from a car startled the boy as he was dropping his weapon, causing him to pull the trigger. You fell hard unto the ground as the boy froze, unsure of what to do and began to run. He didn’t get far before a figure with a red helmet jumped from a building and landed in front of him, blocking his path. He pulled handcuffs from his back pocket and cuffed the boy to the pipe of an old building. The figure moved from the boy to you in a blur, taking his helmet off in the process to reveal Jason.

“(Y/N),” Jason said softly into your ear while applying pressure to your wound. You tried to speak but he quieted you. “Shush, it’s okay. An ambulance is on its way,” he reassured you, never breaking eye contact. Jason placed his helmet back on as you heard sirens in the distance. Then everything went black.

You woke to the sound of beeping that wouldn’t go away. You opened your eyes to reveal a tiny hospital room with the source of the beeping from a machine to your left. Your eyes swept the room until it landed on a man sitting in a chair by the door.

“Jay,” you croaked out. “Jason,” you said a bit louder, causing him to stir awake. When his eyes finally opened, he was surprised to see you awake.

“(Y/N), you should go back to sleep,” he said as he picked up the chair he was sitting on and moved it to your bedside.

“I’m fine, Jay,” you said, attempting to sit yourself up but quickly failing.

“Are you sure?” Jason questioned as he began to run his fingers through your tangled hair.

“I’m sure,” you said, giving him a faint smile. “So, what happened to the boy?”

The question made Jason shift in his chair before responding, “He’s in a holding cell at the GCPD.”

“You need to bail him out,” you said, authority in your tone.

“Bail him out? (Y/N), he shot you!” Jason said, raising his voice.

“He didn’t mean to, it was an accident. A car backfired and scared him into pulling the trigger,” you said while looking into Jason’s crystal blue eyes.

“He still tried to mug you,” Jason said in a slight defensive tone.

“He tried to mug me because he had nothing. Jay,” you paused before continuing. “He was cold, scared, and all alone. I was giving him my purse when it happened because I wanted to. He needed what was in there more than me.” There was a long silence before you pressed on. “He reminded me of you,” you said, looking away from Jason and faced out the window. “You were around his age when you lived on the streets. I just wanted to help him.” Jason cupped your cheek with his hand and moved you to face him.

“I understand,” Jason said. “I’ll do what I can to get him out.”

Jason left the hospital and headed to the GCPD after you fell back asleep. He was in the station for twenty minutes until the kid finally came out, and walked right passed him. “Hey, kid! Wait up!” Jason yelled, following the kid out of the station.

“I don’t need your help,” the boy said as he continued to walk away.

“You definitely needed my help to get out of that holding cell,” Jason said, causing the boy to stop and turn around.

“Is your girlfriend okay?” the boy questioned in a slight whisper.

“She’s fine,” Jason replied. “In fact, she’s the one who wanted me to bail you out.”

“Why would she want you to do that?” the boy said with a confused expression on his face.

“You reminded her of someone she cares about,” Jason answered. “I’m also here to offer you a place to live instead of on the streets. But since you don’t need my help, I’ll be going,” Jason said, turning around to head towards his apartment to pick up a change of clothes for you before he returned to the hospital. Jason walked for a few minutes when he began to hear footsteps behind him. When he peeked over his shoulder, he caught sight of the boy not too far behind, following him home.

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A little canon era Sprace headcanon, of when they realised they were in love.

Race realises he’s in love exactly one month before the strike, at a long-standing poker game night he somehow manages to get himself invited to in Brooklyn. It’s held on the roof of the lodging house and half way through they hear someone coming up the fire escape. They’re all ready to hide the cards and pretend they’re just hanging out when a small, scared face pops up over the edge of the roof. It’s one of the youngest newsies, no older than seven, and he struggles through a tired explanation of a nightmare that involves lots of water and losing his parents, and Race realises he’s an immigrant too - maybe the only one from his family who made it to America alive. He’s not exactly sure what he expects Spot to do about it but he lays down his cards, walks over and picks the kid up to carry him downstairs and tuck him back into bed. It’s the gentlest Race has ever seen him be and from that moment he’s smitten.

Spot falls in love when he sees Race the day after the Bulls break up the strike. There’s a bruise on his jawbone and he’s limping and Spot’s heart breaks. He knows he could probably have prevented anyone getting hurt if he’d gotten the Brooklyn newsies involved when he was asked but they were under his care and he had to put their interests first. But now Race was in pain and it was his fault, so he decided right there and then that he was joining the strike, and getting every other borough on board, too. And when everything was over and won, he was going to pay Race a visit at Sheepshead. He’d seen how the Manhattan newsy had been watching him lately and it wasn’t as platonic as it used to be.

Noct walks into the royal suite one afternoon to find a note beside a toy on the entryway table.

“I’ve had the gardens closed off and we are spread out there and within the suite. The battle begins when you walk through any door. Good luck, and all our love. Lunafreya&(Kids)”

Noct smirks and takes off his jacket and unbuttons & rolls up his sleeves.

He picks up the Nerf gun left for him on the table, and he checks his ammunition.

Game on.

Consider Me Gone

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,142
Warnings: Angst, swearing

Written for @sdavid09‘s Winter Writing Days. My song was Reba’s Consider Me Gone, and I had parent AU.

Even after all these years, when I looked at him, my heart skipped a beat. I still loved him with everything I had, but I was started to feel I didn’t matter. After a long day after caring for our three kids, I had always looked forward to him walking through the door. Now it just broke me. I felt like he didn’t see me. I had just finished tucking in our oldest, 8 year old Annabelle, when I heard the door open. Smiling, I kissed her forehead and made my way downstairs.

I was wearing one of Dean’s button up shirts, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and a pair of black leggings. My hair was in a loose braid, just like most days. Seeing me in his shirt had always been something that he’d liked. Tonight I barely registered.

After I poured us each a glass of wine, I made my way to the living room to relax with him. Sitting with my leg bent underneath me, I set the wine glasses down. “How was work?” I asked, glancing at him. Dean shrugged, causing my heart to clench. Picking up my glass, I sipped it and sat back, chewing on my lip. “Did you still want to go out Friday?” I asked quietly.

“Going out with the guys.” He said, sounding almost bored, paying more attention to the baseball game.

Taking my glass, I got up and walked out. My barefeet led me towards the carpeted stairs, where I stopped to look my shoulder at him. He gave no indication that he noticed I was gone. “Night, Dean.” All I got back was a half wave.

With tear filled eyes, I quickly made my way to our shared room. I looked around at the pictures. Memories that were full of smiles, laughter, and cherished moments. On the dresser were my three favorite pictures ever- Dean’s first picture with each of the kids. I downed my wine and set it down.

By the time I felt the bed dip, I had cried myself to sleep. I don’t know why I continued to torture myself with the hope that he’d wrap his arm around me like he used to. Now? Now there was a space between us, his back to me.  Squeezing my eyes back shut, I swallowed the pain.

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/kicks down door/ hey your fics are great, have you ever considered,,,galra!keith's ears being really sensitive and lance notices and starts to play with them, and then starts wondering if he can get keith to come by mostly just toying with his ears?

Keith had been kind of hiding as he started to actually look more Garla, but he would appear in the common room when lance was alone there sometimes. He never looked like he was timid or trying to hide, he just would. Lance felt like it was similar to a kid going through puberty, like he was getting used to the changes before he exposed himself to people. Lance tried to act like he wasn’t paying attention to the changes, in an attempt to make Keith more comfortable, but the moment he walked in with the soft kitty-looking ears, he could help himself. 

He leaned towards Keith was sitting on the couch near him, adjusting his bayard after training with a towel over his shoulders. Keith caught Lance looking, and for a moment, Lance thought he might want to back off, but there was no way he was missing this opportunity. Keith had kitty ears for god’s sake. “So, feeling like tuna lately?” 

“That was terrible,” Keith said. His grimace was tight and his face unchanging as he kept adjusting the bayard, he shook it out, formed the sword and then drew it back looking at Lance. “Even for you that was terrible.” 

“Hey man, your skin is lavender and you look like you might starting purring when people scratch your chin, or your-” Lance paused, an overwhelming urge came over him and despite Keith trying to back away from his hands, he managed to latch onto Keith’s soft ears, petting and fluffing them.

“Hey, L-Lance.” Keith squirmed and tried to get away, but his bayard had slipped from his hands, and Lance managed to knock him onto his back. “Lance, not funny, let me go.” He squirmed a little harder now, trying to fidget his way out from under Lance who was now firmly holding onto his hips with his knees. 

“What’s wrong? Gonna purr?” Lance slid his hands through Keith’s hair, gently scratching and rubbing Keith’s ears which just seemed to make Keith more complacent. 

“I, no! J-Just lemme go.” Keith bit his lip, scrunching up his face as he tried to grab onto Lance’s wrists to pull him away, but Lance managed to dodge that attempt. Keith squirmed, unable to escape now that Lance was also holding his hands down, his face getting darker fast as Lance played with his ears. “L-Lance,” Keith froze, his whole body stiff as he realized he’d followed Lance’s name with a low moan, so he snapped his mouth shut. 

Lance had definitely noticed, his eyes wide as he stared down at Keith a moment, but Keith managed to shimmy out of his grip. He watched Keith scoop up his bayard, awkward and obviously trying to conceal his boner as he held the sword out in front of him. “Oh my god.” Lance’s face lit up as Keith back slowly out of the room, sword drawn, “wait, no, I’ll meet you in your room, I have to try that again.”

“You’re terrible!” Keith turned and barrelled down the hallway so Lance ran after him, laughing a bit. 

“Oh come on, you have to let me do that again!” 

Thanks for the request anon!! This was really fun!!!

it’s so clear now

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Words: 5k+
Rating: M
Pairing, characters: Dean x Female Reader, Sam
Note: Set in s12, no real mentions of any canon stuff, with the exception of Mary Winchester being alive. I swear I didn’t mean for this to be this long.
Warnings: Canonical descriptions of violence, walk-through of basic concussion protocol, but nothing too medical. Smut is pretty tame, but Dean totally has a dirty mouth. Avoid this if that’s not your jam.



You quite literally run into the Winchesters for the first time in months when you come around the corner in an abandoned house where a few ghosts are hanging out, and you almost clock Dean in the face with an iron poker before you realize it’s him.

Christ, kid.” He says, his voice gruff.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” You ask after you catch your breath.

“Same thing as you, I’d wager.” Dean says wryly, and you roll your eyes.

“No shit, smartass.” You say, grinning at him before he smiles back at you, before pulling you into an embrace, his arms banding tight around your waist.

When he lets go, you do the same with Sam, and he lifts you off your feet a little bit before kissing your cheek, smiling gently at you. “You okay?” He asks, gesturing towards your face where you already know you’re bleeding a little bit.

“This? Oh, yeah. That was pure clumsiness, not work-related.” Your tone is sheepish. “Wasn’t looking where I was going, hit myself in the head with the damn chandelier. ”

“You gank the ghost yet?” Dean asks, all business as he looks around to gauge the situation.

“Can’t find her bones.” You grouse, feeling a little bit embarrassed. It’s never taken you this long before. “The research I did wasn’t accurate. The archives in town are new enough that they don’t account for the cemetery being dug up and moved.”

Sam shrugs at you. “No worries, we’ll figure it out. Three heads are better than one.”

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EXO reacting to losing your child at a store

SUHO: *runs around the store trying to find your son and asks people if they’ve seen him. He grows anxious and starts panicking until he finds the kid eating a bucket of ice cream* Oh, God…Jr. don’t do that again

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CHANYEOL: *Was looking through the guitars, for this he put your 4 year old girl on the floor and without him realizing she just walked away from him. When he turned around to pick your girl again he noticed she was not there* OH SHIT NOT AGAIN

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CHEN: Seriously…you are just like your father CHENNIEE COME BACK HERE BEFORE YOUR MOTHER KILLS ME

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BAEKHYUN: *looses ur child while playing hide and seek at toys R’ Us then accidentally finds u while he was looking for ur child*

you: Where’s Y/Son or Daughter/N

baekhyun: *starts laughing nervously* what are you talking about we don’t have kids

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D.O: *realizes he lost your child* I swear to fu…*Goes to the costumer service office and calls your child through the mic*

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KAI: *To be honest this man will never lose your child in a store, he loves kids and knows how to deal with them*

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XIUMIN: ah man…you’ve got to be kidding me *starts thinking about the worst*

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LAY: *was looking at some food with you when they hear the costumer service calling the parents of a little boy/girl that got lost by the cereals aisle. Lay looks confused behind him and realizes he lost your kid* Um…I’ll be back *goes to retriever your child*

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SEHUN: Don’t worry jagi, your man will bring back our offspring *goes looking for your child but ends up as lost as him/her. In the end you found both of them eating chocolates and goofing around like the babies they were*

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OK I got something like this in my messages a few days ago but somehow the message got deleted ???? so if you wanted OT12 I’m sorry D:

Send your requests to @oohlaulock

“She’s just a kid.”

Warnings: Blood

Pairing: N/A

Requests: “Hi there, could you please do an imagine where the reader has been a badass and nothing could phase her all through out the apocalypse and when negan takes her back to the sanctuary him and his men break her. Rick’s group, the kingdom and the hilltop defeat the saviours and the group finds her in a room similar to what Daryl was held in, she is on the floor scared and crying and they take her home. The reader is around 17 or 18. Thank you so much❤️”

Words 555

(Sorry if this is quite short and crappy. Requests are open!)

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“Don’t worry! I’ll be fine!” You called out, stumbling over your weak footing and slamming into the truck door. Rick watched in despair as you and Daryl were dragged off, leaving his group in nothing but dust and dirt. That was the last time Rick had heard your voice in a really long time, he had no idea where you were, if you were safe or even if you were alive.

“Daryl.” Rick hugged Daryl, relieved his friend was there at the hilltop. The group adjourned into the study, standing and looking at each other. “Wheres.. Wheres (Y/N). Did you see her? Was she there?” Rick asked Daryl with urgency. Daryl looked at everyone and solemnly shook his head, “I. I never saw her.” Rick rubbed his scruff, clearly frustrated. “Maybe she got out? We all know (Y/N) can take down 5 walkers in one swing. Maybe she’s out there looking for us.” Carl questioned making everyone’s eyes look up to him, “I mean. We’ve seen her fight. We’ve seen her search and destroy. There’s no way she’s dead.” Rosita leaned on the wall behind her, “It’s true.” Everyone had seen you in action, you were so strong and gave absolutely no mercy when destroying the heads of walkers. You didn’t let anyone stop you and despite your young age you’ve have still saved all of them countless of times.  “We need to find her. She’s- She’s just a kid.”

There were fresh cuts on your arms, stomach and chest from the hitting and the cutting you’ve endured. You felt small and vulnerable and you hated it. Dwight threw your sandwich into your small cell and slammed the door shut. For the first time, since the beginning of the apocalypse you cried. You said you’d be fine, but this time you weren’t sure if you would be. The saviors broke you down into nothing but ash through torture and playing that god awful song all morning. You heard gunshots and screams and cries coming from outside your door. You crawled backward, back hitting the wall as you waited. Heavy footsteps padded towards your cell and stopped directly in front of yours. You couldn’t handle another whipping, anything would be better than a beating.

Rick grunted and slammed his shoulder into the cell door once more till the lock busted. The group, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl all stood and broke the door open. There you were, hunched into a ball in the corner of the room with blood all over the floor, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. “Oh my god.” Michonne gasped, surrounding you were the pictures of the headless victims of Lucille. Part of your hair seemed to be ripped out and they could smell the metallic stench of blood from your cuts. Your eyes poked open, afraid you’d see Dwight or Negan but instead you saw the worried faces of your old family. A cry slipped from your lips as you started to sob. It had been so long, and you were so hurt. You were only still a kid. The screams of terror echoed off of the walls, ricocheting down the halls. Daryl stepped forwards from behind Rick and scooped you up into his arms. “I can’t.” You cried, Daryl shook his head and hummed deeply. “I know. You’re going to be okay.”