when the kids start believing in him

I feel that Henry’s intelligence is a source of insecurity for him. In a lot of the episodes Henry talks about intelligence.

Kid Danger asked Bianca if she didnt want to kiss him because Henry is really smart and she replied with “smart enough”.

When Charlotte said he was smarter than Mitch he wanted to make sure that she truly believed it. She said yes but she seemed a little unsure.

Henry even said that he shouldn’t go on that game show because Charlotte is way smarter than him.

I no Nick wont allow this, but i feel like he would end up having this resentment towards Charlotte because she is so smart. One day he just snaps. He starts yelling at her or maybe he just starts crying or something and it’s all because he doesn’t feel smart enough. I of course don’t want Henry to cry or be upset with Charlotte, but this would make for a good story. (Me trying to persuade all of the talented writers in the fandom to write a story). Someone should write this 😉.

I hope someone talks to him about this and tells him that he is smart enough and he deserves to be loved.


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))

GOT7 working at McDonalds

Jackson: cashier. hates his job but gives 110% in everything he does. gets in trouble for letting kids pick out what toy comes with their kids meal, and if the kid is really cute he gives them two. doesn’t believe in charging senior citizens so the old women who come in love him because he always gives them something free off the menu. does bad impressions for customers. one time a couple got into a fight in front of him while ordering and he gave them counseling for 5 minutes. they ended up breaking up and the girl came back and asked him out. started crying when mark accidentally got punched by a customer.

Jaebum: assistant manager. (but might as well be the manager because the real manager is either A.) napping in the back or B.) doesn’t come in at all.) has only been working there for 4 months but everyone is so incompetent he shot up the work chain. knows jackson is giving away food but the last time he tried to stop him one of the old ladies ‘accidentally’ tripped him with their cane. takes chicken nuggets home with him and then blames yugyeom for the shortage. he knows its not real chicken but hey! hes on a budget damn it! waited a good 5 minutes before finally stopping jinyoung from assaulting a customer. secretly applied for the manager position at gap and waiting for their call.

Mark: custodian/busboy. gets in trouble for listening to music while busing the tables. doesn’t really mind his job because of the free food and his fast metabolism. gets hit on by nearly every person that comes in but never hears any of it because of his earphones. carpools with jinyoung ever since he nearly got ran over in the parking lot when he used his skateboard to get to work. almost missed the fight between jinyoung and a customer and incidentally got punched in the commotion. threw up after a kid threw up in front of him, jaebum made him clean up both pukes.

Bambam: drive thru. hates his job but hey, these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes won’t pay for themselves! had to work drive thru because he will be damned if he’s going to risk a grease burn over some fries. dabs to the music customers have playing in their cars. says “oh shit man! turn that up!” about 5x a day. has been shared on twitter A LOT. mocks jaebum’s chin when he gets in trouble. got caught by jaebum giving a girl his number and free fries. the girl came back around asking for jb’s number and he shut the window in her face. caught the video of mark getting punched and posted it on twitter.

Youngjae: cashier. employee of the month every other month because Jackson can’t be it all the time. gets picked up from his shift by his older cousin. nearly dropped kicked yugyeom once for flirting with her. women and dog lovers love him. he gets tipped nearly every day but never tells anyone. he’s collected more than 500 in tips alone. sees kids ask for a water cup and get soda but says nothing. threw a tray at the guys head when he accidentally punched mark. is lowkey addicted to the hashbrowns but jaebum doesn’t say anything cause youngjae threatened to tell yugyeom who has really been taking the chicken nuggets.

Jinyoung: drive thru cashier. used to be a cashier for the front counter but a rude customer smacked a drink out of his hand and he jumped across the counter and almost caught a case. only got this job because his dad insisted he build a work ethic. “Hi, can I have a McFlurry?” “I’m sorry our machine is broken.” “Hi, can I have a pancake platter?” “Sorry we stop serving breakfast at 10.” “but your menu says all day?” “did i fucking stutter? who’s gonna serve you, the menu or me?”  once had a woman ask him for a three layer burrito and he threw his headset out of the window. 

Yugyeom: fry cook. accidentally deep fried his phone once. talks shit about jaebum’s bum lip when he gets in trouble. sneaks in paper with a link to his dance videos into bags. whipped out his phone and yelled ‘WORLD STAR’ when jinyoung fought that guy. only started working at that mcdonalds cause chris brown got a big mac from there in 2014. his friends always come to visit him at work and it annoys the shit out of jaebum so he insists they visit him at least once a week. tries to get his schedule as close as a match to Youngjae’s so he can check out his cousin. puts videos of bambam getting rejected at the window on snapchat.


The Lazy Dance takes place on Stephanie’s half-birthday, and when asked how she wants to celebrate, she says that she wants to have a dance party. So everyone gets together in town square and starts to practice their dance moves, when Sportacus shows up. He gets invited to Stephanie’s half-birthday party, but when she tells him that it’s a dance party, he gets really nervous because he doesn’t know how to dance. He tells the kids this, but they don’t believe him because he’s a superhero, and there’s nothing that a superhero can’t do. When the kids leave, he does a little out loud exposition to himself that Robbie overhears. Then Robbie dresses up as a dance instructor who offers to teach Sportacus how to dance. But he teaches him these really, really awful dance moves so that he looks stupid at the party so everyone will lose respect for him. The song is We’re Dancing. When Sportacus gets to the party, he performs the dumb dance moves, but the kids teach him some their own dance moves so that he doesn’t look like a complete fool, and their innocence once again trumps Robbie’s evil plans.

this would’ve been HILARIOUS??

Please consider Team RNJR finding the barn where Oscar lives, carrying a poisoned Qrow and shouting for help

Oscar coming outside cause he heard shouting, and as soon as he sees Qrow and the kids, his head tells him he should know them but he doesn’t know why

when he sees Qrow is hurt, Ozpin starts going off like a damn alarm in his head and he doesn’t know WHY the voice he refuses to believe is real is freaking out, but he tries to ignore him to help them

As he’s TRYING to help Qrow, suddenly it clicks, suddenly memories that aren’t his flood his mind and he just suddenly says “Qrow” out loud

They’re confused, but then he turns and looks straight at Ruby. “Ruby.”

A moment of silent confusion, before he murmurs “I… know you…”

That’s all, whatever happens next is up to debate

Will Solace Headcanons

mostly because i love my sun

  • Will has most of his freckles on his back and shoulders
  • His favorite album is Vessel from twenty one pilots (big ukulele sucker)
  • He only wears flip flops or hightops there is no in between
  • Refuses to believe he is sick
  • Will *with a fever, runny nose, and about thirty seconds away from throwing up*: What are you talking about, I am the healthiest person at this camp, I can work today just let me vomit in the trash can really quick
  • Also refuses to believe that he is injured
  • for example one time he got this really bad gash on his stomach during a battle and he worked so hard trying to heal other people he didn’t think about healing himself
  • People noticed he was hurt when he started to bleed though his shirt and his hastily applied bandages
  • It took three Ares kids to hold him down and two other Apollo kids to stitch him back up because he kept struggling because people still needed to be healed and ‘I AM THE EPITOME OF GOOD HEALTH GUYS JUST LET ME GO!!!’
  • His lips get really chapped very easily and it doesn’t help that he’s constantly licking them and biting off the skin as he works
  • Sneezes when he lies
  • The first real time Nico caught his eye was during the Battle of Manhattan. When Will was trying to help someone that was injured get to safety, and he ended up tripping and a monster stood over him ready to kill Will but all of the sudden a skeleton warrior kills the monster. Out of the corner of his eye he sees this scrawny kid, that radiated power, and despite the fighting, he didn’t look a bit afraid as he ordered the skeletons around, if anything he looked proud about what he had done. Will owed his life to Nico, and was smitten ever since.
  • Only starts dating Nico awhile after his dad turns into a teenager (Apollo ships it more than anyone, has written 15 haikus about their first date plus three different songs)
  • Doesn’t believe is lost causes
  • he will try to save someone even if they are long gone, because if they do die he wants them to die knowing that he never gave up on them
  • My personal favorite is;
  • Will was always self conscious about how he couldn’t fight as well as his siblings and was only good at healing so Apollo blessed him and gave him the power to absorb peoples pain, and fill them with good memories and hope
  • It works for physical and emotional pain
  • the problem is that Will has to absorb the pain that he takes so he will constantly feel waves of heartbreak and hopelessness, He will feel stab wounds that aren’t there for hours, he goes to bed with his bones on fire, and feels like his blood is boiling due to poison that isn’t running through his blood
  • He hasn’t told anyone about this blessing, not even to his siblings or to Nico
  • He can also absorb anger, because all anger comes from some sort of pain
  • But he takes peoples pain with a smile, because as long as he is doing something to help he will do anything, no matter how much it may hurt

Headcanon that tsukishima really hated his glasses when he was younger. They made him dizzy, he could see just fine without them so what if everything was blurry, and they made him look super uncool. So akiteru went out and bought a fake pair of glasses himself and started wearing them, calling it the new trend among older kids. Tsukki immediately started to wear them and that’s the story of how tsukishima akiteru with his 20/20 vision ended up wearing glasses for the duration of his middle school career. When he finally stopped wearing them, he told tsukki that he had switched to contacts because he didn’t want kei to feel uncool. To this day tsukishima kei still believes his brother needs vision correction.

I’m a firm believer that Our Son Will Byers has a cute crush on Mike Wheeler. Everyone knows it. Jonathan, Joyce, Dustin (that kid doesn’t miss a thing, seriously), Lucas only notices once Dustin clues him in, but once he knows it’s all he can see. Even Nancy starts to notice. The way Will always tries extra hard to sit next to Mike during movie night, the way Will stares at Mike, all wide eyed and precious, when he thinks nobody is watching. Mike is oblivious. Will thinks nobody knows.
Until one day, when Dustin or Lucas (it could be anybody, but my money is on these two) get so fed up with Will’s pining and Mike’s blind stupidity that during one game of truth or dare on a Saturday night, someone dares Will to kiss Mike. On the mouth. For five seconds. Mike raises his eyebrows, Will turns beet red. The rest is history.

Food for Thought: if Lucas had been presented 100% as who he really was from the start instead of his past only being quietly hinted at in S1 while everyone was lulled into believing he was a Ken Doll Boy Scout, if instead of being presented as “cute subway boy crush” he’d been presented as “the new kid with a shady past,” would people have still pegged him as “Boy Topanga?” Or would they have said, “oh, he’s kind of like a baby version of Harley?” And if so, would people have also thought, “hey…weird kid…funny name…that sounds awful familiar” when it came to Farkle?

Now, obviously I think the new kids are unique, refracted combos of the original characters rather than 1:1 reflections, but you gotta wonder in terms of the assumptions most people made in the beginning about the new kids based on the old show, if we’d known the truth about Lucas from the start…don’t you think those assumptions may have been a little different?

But Maya pushed Riley and she wound up in Lucas’s lap, and then he proceeded to hide the truth for a year while Riley idealized him and most of the audience never suspected a thing…and here we are. 😂

anonymous asked:

Zimbits going through the adoption process and wanting to adopt every single kid in their sights? Zimbits with //kids//

It starts when Jack offers to watch Marty’s kids for the night.  Finding a babysitter when you’re a minor celebrity is slightly more complicated than asking a teenaged neighbor, and they don’t really have any family close by.  Consequently, the munchkins have been dragged to many a stuffy gala.  Much to Jack’s delight, as entertaining the three little girls gives him a pretty easy out from interviews and sponsor conversations he’d really rather pass on.  Inventing simple games and following along with their make-believes has always felt natural, and the girls like him too.  

So when Marty mentions over lunch that it’s been months since he and his wife have managed a date night, Jack doesn’t even swallow his bite of PB&J before saying,

“I’ll babysit.”

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Hq!! 230 : Babysitting the problematic baby crows

First, it was the captain/team dad’s turn

Boi. That’s the face of threatening dad. Won’t be surprised if all captains in HQ grow old faster (exception for Bokuto, because Akaashi will)

Next up is the future captain’s turn, team dad in training.

“Honey!! Why you ask him to babysit instead of me, don’t you believe me as their mom!”

Suga is like the mom that will support all the things you do and Daichi knows that all too well lmao.

Unfortunately, things don’t look so well for Ennoshita too. You know when you’re babysitting many energetic kids and they start to do things they shouldn’t on their own. So he picks his moody rebellious teenage son to be his underling.

Which in the end concede and start threatening the poor lil boys.

It takes 3 people and 2 deadly glares to keep the 4 problematic baby crows in check. No wonder Daichi shrink shorter by 0.1 cm :D

Family (kakashi x reader)

Ps. I wrote this at 2 a.m. when I was half asleep.

What is family? Kakashi only vaguely understood that term. His comrades were his family; Naruro, Sasuke, Sakura, Obito, Rin, Minato…the list went on.

As a child he was raised by both his parents, but mostly by his father whom he admired on an exceptional level. But then his father suicided and from then onwards his concept of a family faded more and more each passing day.

Kakashi was speechless when you told him you were pregnant. Neither of you have planned on starting a family, or even properly discussed it before. All you knew is Kakashi never mentioned anything about wanting or not wanting kids to you, so you had no clue how he’d react.

Kakashi’s heart was beating so fast in his chest. Pregnant? How?

He knew how, he just couldn’t believe it. This was the most shocking unexpected news of his life.

Kakashi was always one to think 20-30 steps ahead, see all possible outcomes, calculate each and every turn he took. But he’ll be damned if he saw this one coming. His mask of calm and cool broke as his eyes widened and his mouth hung open.

He didn’t know how to react. Did he mind having a child? He really didn’t know. Did he want this child? Not exactly but that didn’t mean he hated it.

But it wasn’t these things that bothered him the most. Was he fit to be a father? Kakashi with his careless demeanour and frequent use of profanities, could he really raise a kid?

Heck, could he even love this child the way he was supposed to? He loved you, his wife. He never thought he was capable of feeling anything as strong as the emotions he feels towards you.

Once a long time ago, he didn’t think anyone could ever love him. And you proved him wrong.

But a child?

Kakashi was trying hard to find an appropriate reaction. A smile or anything but it was as if his face muscles were frozen.

He looked at you with wide eyes, communicating his horror with you. Something he never does with anyone else. And you read him like and open book.

You understood how he felt, you were as scared as him. You let him hug you for as long as he needed, and you made sure to reassure him that no one is perfect and that no one was born great at parenting.

As the months passed by, your belly grew bigger and rounder.

Soon the baby was kicking and you called for Kakashi to come and feel it.

He sat patiently with his ear glued to your belly, listening intently. He knew the little thump was coming but that didn’t stop the little gasp that fell from his lips.

It was becoming realer and realer every day. Kakashi’s endless fascination with the growing human inside your belly only made you smile. He was curious about many thing. He spent a lot of his time feeling your belly and pressing his ear against it -and you really didn’t mind.

Before you two knew it you were going into labour -nothing you could really prepare for there. It was the most intense painful thing you have ever been through and no matter how much you tried you couldn’t stop the screams that kept tumbling from your lips.

Kakashi was as white as a ghost next to you, allowing you to squeeze his hand when needed. He only ever heard about labour in books, never have he actually witnessed one.

Seeing you in so much pain terrified him. You were one of the strongest women he’s ever met. Seeing you scream and seeing the tears pooled at the corner of your eyes nearly made him cry.

The sound of a little cry filled the room and you collapsed on your bed, panting and drenched in sweat.

Your baby had made it into the world.

Kakashi’s eyes were wide as the nurses cleaned the little body and handed it to it’s carrier.

You nearly forgot Kakashi was there when you looked at the little bundle that was pressed against your shoulder.

Little silver hair and unfocused blue eyes -you knew it’ll take a few weeks before you knew the colour of your baby’s eyes but that was okay. He was beautiful. Your baby boy, dispute just being born not a few minutes ago already bared a resemblance to his father.

You looked up at Kakashi who was still staring at the baby in awe and offered him a chance to hold his son.

Kakashi was nervous as hell. Never have his hands felt so clammy before. He gingerly cradled the baby against his chest, staring at him in awe.

The baby did resemble him.

It was such a tiny fragile thing though, Kakashi felt a weird tug at his heart strings. This was his baby, he’ll protect him no matter what.

Kakashi who only carried his baby for two minutes was already feeling a strong emotional connection. Is this what it felt like having a family? Kakashi almost choked on emotions. His baby was beautiful, just like you his mother….

“What are we gonna call him?” He asked you abruptly and you smiled and told him you’ll leave that part to him.

And just like that, Hatake Obito became the most important person in Kakashi’s life besides you.

He decided he wanted to name him after Obito, hoping one day his son becomes as great as the man he called his best friend.

Kakashi now understood what a family really is, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Damian is Arab.

Damian was Muslim, his maid taught him about Islam a few months before he left the league, his mother didn’t mind at all. When he joined his father he started to get a more sensical way of thinking, leading him to believe that God isn’t real. This was his choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but later it got tougher for him to choose between his mom’s culture and his dad’s.

On his first day at his new school he met a groups of kids that immediately took him into his group, they were nice and Damian had to find a way to fit in, at his father’s wishes. During lunch he finally saw his friends, Maya and Nell. To make his new group of friends bearable, he tried to call them over. Before he could even get Nell’s name out, Henry stopped him. Henry didn’t want them there because they were ‘too wild’ and ‘wouldn’t fit in.’ This confused Damian, so Henry explained that his ‘Pakistani side’ was corrupting him, and that his dad would explain that they weren’t safe to be around. All the while Nell, Maya and their new friends, Aida, Marquis and James were chatting merrily, looking non-threatening and content. Damian only hung out with them after school.
At a gala, he sat down and played with the white kids. He didn’t enjoy it all that much, but he did want to keep up his appearance. They gave him food he didn’t like, played games he didn’t think were all that fun, and told him to stop being so sour when he explained that he didn’t like it. The next gala, Damian hung out with them again.
On the 14th week at his new school, he felt sad. He wanted to hang out with Nell and Maya but he also wanted to fit in. That day his friends took a new person into their group, Jacob, who asked too many question. One of his questions was “what is Islam like?”
Henry answered for him.
“He’s not Islamic, he’s Pakistani.”
“Like the terrorists?”
They all went quiet. When Damian looked up from his soggy mashed potatoes, they were staring at him nervously.
“Pakistanis aren’t terrorists and I am Arab.”
Damian didn’t know they were holding their breaths until they let it out.
“See, ya don’t have to worry! He’s are-abe-ic!”
“Arab.” He ignored the mispronunciation.
“Aren’t are-abe-ics terrorists too?”
“Don’t worry, guys! Damian’s not one of them, his dad’s white, so he’s white!”
Damian had no idea how much that upset him, absolutely no idea WHY it upset him, but he got up, seething mad, and left the cafeteria.
A few weeks later, when Talia came to visit him, Damian and Bruce sneezed at the same time then growled when she laughed at them. She recited an Arab proverb, 'ابن الوزّ عوّام’ which means 'The son of a goose is a swimmer’. For a minute, Damian had no idea what it meant, and when he finally got it he BROKE DOWN. He cried for over an hour, it wasn’t even intelligible, switching from Arabic to English to gibberish then back. When he finally stopped crying, he explained EVERYTHING. Henry, Jacob, Nell, the boys at the Galas, he talked about how he missed Carrom and his mother’s hymns and stories and horse racing and he REALLY wants some Manakeesh and also he HATES THE WEATHER.

When he calmed down Bruce told him to not worry about what others think like the good dad he is when he decides to be, “you’re not white, Damian.”
And Talia was agreeing so Bruce went on,
“And you’re not Arab either” and Talia was like 'hold the phone, my dude, he doesn’t want your trash culture’
“He’s part Arab and part white, I’m still a relevant part of his life!”
“He may be mixed but he’s not white. Where you’re born and who your parents are is a big part of who you are, as a person. Damian is my child and shares my culture, now he is with you, exploring your culture, and he doesn’t enjoy it. He is Arab because he chooses to be, he may be mixed, and he can choose to take pride in that, but he doesn’t like his other side. It is HIS choice to be Arab, all we can do is support that.”
“But he’s still half white. He’s still got a part of me that he likes, I’m sure.”
“He’s also got a bit of Romani he enjoys, from his brother. That doesn’t make him Romani, let him choose.”
“I suppose there’s four ways to go when you’re mixed. Arab, white, mixed or your own path, what do you choose, Damian?”

Damian is Arab.

My Selfish Heart

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words:  1059
Requested by @ashton-tiara-always-lj:  Thank you! I would like to request a Gabriel x reader fic. Possibly where they confess their love for one another and like ALOT of fluff

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send an ask.
A/N2: Still taking requests for ideas for “Our Girl”

          You had been hunting since you could remember. Since you were a kid, really. But when you met Sam and Dean Winchester, hunting seemed to change. You were aware of things you never imagined you would encounter.

           Demons were real. Demons were terrible and manipulating and deceiving.

           Angels were real. Angels could be helpful. But they could also manipulate and deceive. You didn’t know what to believe.

           Except from him.

           Gabriel was an archangel. Sure, he had started off as the trickster. And he hadn’t been as friendly toward Dean and Sam for a while. But things were different now. Gabriel was helpful. And he was amazing.

           But you knew nothing could or would come from your little crush on the archangel. And it was selfish to think that something would.

           He was an angel. A supremely powerful being. He wouldn’t have feelings for a human, not you. And he was supposed to be helping humans, not rendezvousing with one. But you couldn’t help the thoughts you had.

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HC MC is a babysitter and the RFA members are all kids


🐱 Doesn’t want to get close to you because he thinks you’re only being nice to him since you’re getting payed.

🐱 Composed kid that likes to act mature.

🐱 “MC, what are your thoughts on gold investment?”

🐱 When he finally opens up to you he starts to talk about his love for cats.

🐱 Guess the theme of his room…that’s right, cats! Cat plushies, cat pattern bed cover, cat photos, cat slippers, it’s like a cat heaven in there. 

🐱 You promise to take him to a cat cafe and he gets super excited.

🐱 He’s really good at drawing so you often leave with a picture that he made of the two of you being surrounded by cats.


★ Super sweet child that believes everything that you say!

★ “If I wish upon a shooting star it will come true?! The moon is made out of cheese?! Mermaids exist?! MC, you know so much! You’re so cool!”

★ He loves to play games with you! It doesn’t matter what, as long as you play with him he’s the happiest child!

★ Hide and seek for hours because he’s so good at it.

★ Cries when it’s time for you to leave and doesn’t want to let you go.


❤ Really shy at first, doesn’t like to be touched or for you to mention his looks.

❤ He has a vivid imagination.

❤ Loves your bedtime stories!

❤ “Please, MC! One more and then I promise I’ll go to sleep!”

❤ Likes to put on shows for you and pretend to be different characters.

❤ Has a really nice voice so you two end up singing together a lot of children songs.

❤ Likes to watch romance movies but gets really embarrassed when the protagonists kiss and hides his face in his palms.


☕ Really polite, says please and thank you all the time.

☕ Kind of serious at first but warms up to you after a few hot chocolates with extra marshmallow topping.

☕ Once you get her talking she can’t seem to stop, especially about school. She always likes to tell you what she learned new that day.

☕ Sees your school notes and gets super distressed. Tries to teach you how to color coordinate.

☕ “Pink and neon yellow for the headers. Use red to underline what’s important. Rectangular frames are you friends!”

☕ She secretly likes it when you brush her long hair.

☕ Always cleans after herself, you never have to pick up a toy or take her plates to the sink.

Seven/Saeyoung & Saeran:

💾 Really suspicious of you, flat out tells you that you’ll be in trouble if you hurt his little brother.

💾 They’re both quite bright and love to read. They know how to handle the computer and the smartphone better than you.

💾 Saeran breaks a cup and looks really scared, thinking that you’ll hurt him. When he sees how worried you are for him, you draw him in like a magnet.

💾 Seven loves to make fun of you all time.

💾 “lolol You don’t know this, MC? How old are you again? So embarrassing~”

💾 Secretly has a big crush on you.

💾 Saeran loves to fall asleep on your lap as you gently stroke his head.

💾 Seven props against your back, pretending he just wants to make sure you don’t do anything to his brother, while he works on his laptop.

💾 He falls asleep just like that, glasses sliding down his nose, droll on his chin.

💾 While they’re sleeping, Saeran has lots of nightmares and only seems to calm down when you hold him tightly in your arms.

💾 Meanwhile, Seven likes to toss and turn, always steals the blanket and talks in his sleep.

💾 “MC…you’re so cute…I’m gonna marry you…at the space station.”

give me more modern aus where the better prison system means that after valjean is released he’s able to reunite with his sister and her family. and even though he isolated himself from them at first, believing that they deserve better than having him around and also not wanting to ask for charity from them when they’re already on the poverty line, he’s got this huge family that love him. and almost all the money he makes as he starts to get more successful jobs goes to his sister and her kids, to make up for all those years he missed. when cosette comes into his life she goes from having no one in her life who cares for her to having this massive family that she spends every sunday with, and there are so many other kids (valjean has great nieces and nephews now too and you can bet he knows every single one of their names and what they’re all interested in and what subjects they like at school) and she just fits right in. sorry this got long but I got emotional about valjean having a big loving family even after all those years in prison.


Rex and meaningful contact with others.

Meant to be sort of a follow-up to my last Rex related photo set post, since while the kid can be scary in a fight, it’s important to remember how much contact with others matters to him.

As the series progresses, he develops in such a way that he’s big on granting second chances, believing in the importance of free will and choice, and keeping his promises when it counts the absolute most, even if that promise is to a former foe.  He also starts to let go of the idea of “playing it cool” in holding back on letting others know that he cares, going from telling Six to “get off the sap train” in season one to embracing his team mate/mentor/friend/father figure in season three.  Rex seems to value his memories and personal experiences over material possessions, but more than anything else - even his own life and identity - he values his family, friends and allies.  Nothing matters more to Rex than other people.

BigBang reaction to accidentally hurting you in a fight

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You two were fighting because Seung-hyun heard rumors that you two were going to break up and got nervous. He knew that this wasn’t true but still let the rumors get to him. He asked you about it and you just bursted into laughter cause you thought he was kidding. When you saw he was serious you got mad because you couldn’t believe he thought the rumors were true. It turned into a big argument with him saying that you were always so secretive. The thing that ticked him off was that you yelled “FINE! If you think that I’m lying I will just leave and never come back!” You started to walk off when all of a sudden he grabs your arm jerking you back around. You yelp in pain and he instantly lets go. You grab your arm and look at him with fear in your eyes. He looks down at the now red and sore spot you were holding. “Jagi I’m so so so sorry.” He snaps out of him rage and is now looking at you making sure you are okay. He is so pissed at himself for hurting you and never intended nor wanted to. It will take some forgiving from you for both the arm and the fight but in the end of the day you two are back and happy and Seung-hyun makes sure you know how much he loves you.

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You two got in a pretty heated argument when Tae found another guy’s contact in your phone that you have been messaging a lot (not realizing until after he hurt you that it was your brother) and was pissed. When confronted about it he gave you no time to speak and immediately started yelling at you. Shots were being fired and you knew he was just being protective but wasn’t going to take any of his bullshit and fought back. He got so mad at one point and shoved you not realizing how hard he did and you fell back into the wall. His facial expression changed into a concerned look. He tried to help you up but you waved him off. With tears in your eyes but not letting them fall you yelled “HE IS MY BROTHER!” He is trying to apologize to you but you stormed out of the door. He was so afraid of loosing you but knew you needed time to cool off so he gave you a few hours. When it was 9:00 pm and you still weren’t back he became even more worried. He went to your friend’s house only to find you weren’t there, He was walking around trying to find you when he came across you sitting on a park bench in the dark. He goes and sits with you and before you can leave he pulls you into a tight hug and doesn’t stop holding you until you forgive him. He makes sure you know how much he loves you by being overly kind the next few days.

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When rumors had been going around that Seungri’s girlfriend had been cheating he got PISSED. Now these rumors got started when Y/n was spotted with another guy, but the guy wasn’t an idol which made fans curious. What fans didn’t know was that this guy was actually just your uncle who was only 5 years older then you so he looked your age. Seungri did not know this as you wanted a few days for just you and your uncle to just have peace and quite. You were planning on telling him and letting the two meet tomorrow but you didn’t know you had been caught by fans. When confronted, Seungri did not want an answer from you until he was done talking. (also known as yelling xD) When he was done all the anger was built up and he had grabbed a glass and thrown it against the wall. He didn’t hit you but was close enough to have one of the shards land in the top of your foot. You screamed out in pain (if you guys have ever had glass in your foot you will know why I said screamed) and he didn’t know what he had done. When he gets closer to you he sees you holding your bleeding foot with the glass shard in it. (It was a pretty big shard) He rushes to grab some tissues and some tweezers. He helps get the shard out and hates himself for ever hurting you. When your foot is all wrapped in bandages you say “It was my uncle Jackass. That guy is my uncle” Already hating himself for hurting you he now wants to kill himself for even yelling at you. For the rest of the week he is non stop apologizing and skipping out on any practices just to take care of you. You of course forgive him and still love him to death.

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Jiyong and you NEVER fight but today was just a very stressful day for you. You came home one night after a long day at the studio. You had 3 dance practices because you were a backup dancer in a MV, one for your new group song, and one because you and another member had your guy’s own dance break. On top of that you had an interview earlier and worked on your new song. So when you got home you were stressed and just wanted to sleep. But that did not happen because when Jiyong-oppa saw you come through the door looking like the walking dead he was so concerned. You just told him you were tired and waved him off. That did not stop there though because he continued pestering you with questions about what is wrong and how was your day. You got so fed up with it to the point where you just told him “F*ck off will yuh” Now you don’t normally cuss unless you are truly pissed. He went off once you cussed at him. He was firing shots and you were too. He got so pissed that he shoved you and that resulted in you falling on to the floor. He was soo pissed that even seeing you hurt didn’t snap him out of it. He just left the room so he wouldn’t do anything more. You got up and left so when he came back you wouldn’t be there. When he did come back he wanted to apologize so bad but when he couldn’t find you he knew he had messed up bad. All he wanted to do was get you back. He went to your place and knocked on the door. You answered and once you saw it was him tried to shut it but he stopped you. He was non stop apologizing and saying how he made the biggest mistake in the world. He was saying how much he loves you and how he will never do that again. You apologized to for being in a bad mood and the rest of the night he didn’t leave your side.

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That day was horrible for both of you. You both were picking little tiny fights. That night while eating dinner another tiny fight started over some stupid crap that happened early that day. One thing led to another and now you two were full on screaming at each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors could hear you guys. You were standing behind the kitchen table while Daesung was on the other side. He pushed the table out of anger not realizing how hard he did and it shoved against you stomach. You yelped in pain and he snapped out of his anger and instantly rushed to your side. He first checked to see if you were okay and once you said yes he started saying sorry and how he loves you so much. He said he never meant to hurt you and he was saying all of this with tears in his eyes. You both declared it was a bad night for you both and went to bed in his arms. 

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Eliot Spencer |  Leverage | “You have no idea who I was before all this started. That guy—kid—he had God in his heart, a flag on his shoulder. Clean hands. I haven’t seen him in the mirror in over ten years. And believe me, I get up every morning looking for him. So you can trust me when I tell you that if you pull that trigger, two men die: the guy you kill, and the guy you used to be.”

so what if one day sans can’t make a pta meeting due to work so papyrus goes instead and it’s a complete shock to all the other members because they’re used to harsh, sassy sans who isn’t afraid to call someone out on their bullshit in a rude way and instead they get papyrus who is so happy to be there, who is extremely polite and let’s people finish their ideas and thoughts before giving some feedback and adding on some ideas. they can’t believe this is sans’s brother.

and when linda says something rude about monsters he gently corrects her and when she starts bragging about her kid he is all ears and listens so intently. he ends up being friends with everyone at the meeting (even linda starts feeling fond of him). 

so when sans is there the next time some members just put their heads in their hands and pray for papyrus to come as linda starts screeching at something sans said.