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Favorite Electronic Beats Profile Quotes-Noodle

 -”Noodle here from Gorillaz. Of course you know that, but I have to check, because recently I did a Facebook quiz called Which Member of Gorillaz Are You? and I got Russel! WTF? He doesn’t like octopus and he’s not even a Libra.”

-”I was only 10 when I joined the band, despite England’s child labour laws.”

-”I’ve battled hell demons, killed zombies (when it was still cool), staged my own death and been replaced by a cyborg. A really cute one.”

-”Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.”

-”I accidentally released a shape-shifting hell demon from a pearl shell. Oops, my bad.”

-”So now I have his head. On a shelf next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock (vintage, quite valuable).”

-”So you see, being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: a feminist-anarchist-avenging-angel-intellectual-soul-sister-of-mercy.”

Me: drawing before class


Me, having a small panic attack: Oh yes thank you you’re kind hahaha fuCK I THOUGHT NO ONE COULD SEE ME.


“Sorry, that was my brother. I think something happened and he wants me to head over to his place” 

“But I just made dinner” 

“I know, I’m sorry. I hope it won’t take long but it’s hard to tell when he didn’t tell me what the hell is happening” 

“Do you think it’ll take long? I can wait for you” 

“No, it’s okay. You go on ahead and eat. I’ll let you know when I’m on my way home” 

the Arthur episode about chickenpox came out before the chickenpox vaccine was widely used in the US, so it’s not surprising that Arthur’s parents describe chickenpox as a normal childhood illness. the vaccine was introduced to the US in 1995, and the episode was being made the same year or early in 1996.

the interlude of the episode features children talking about how much it sucks to be sick, even if you might get to eat in bed or stay home from school—because you’re miserable the whole time.

I’m really glad i was lucky enough to have not had chickenpox in the time between birth and when I was offered the vaccine in 1999 because itching is sensory hell.

please vaccinate your children against this highly contagious illness that is sensory hell and can result in permanent scars. I’m really glad that our toddler has been vaccinated against it so she won’t have to suffer from it.

When the words flow effortlessly onto the pages like….. 👌🙏👩🏼‍💻💁✍️

*internally screaming*


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《 MJ // Kim Myung Jun ¬

▪ Cuddle monster
▪ Always climbing on things
▪ Thinks he’s invincible
▪ ‘You’re only part cat, dumbass.’
▪ Hiss
▪ Refuses to drink from a glass
▪ More cat than human at this point
▪ Kisses constantly
▪ ‘Mj, please-‘
▪ ‘But-’
▪ Pouts
▪ ‘flisrgjdtihb…. Fine.’

《 Jin Jin // Park Jin Woo ¬

▪ Lazy as hell
▪ Melts when you touch his tail
▪ Probably moans when you touch his ears
▪ Likes stretching across your lap
▪ Tummy rubs
▪ Scratches
▪ Bites ( affectionately )
▪ Always panics when he breaks something
▪ Responsible
▪ Just a little bit spacey

《 Cha Eun Woo // Lee Dong Min ¬

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   ▪ Sits quietly
   ▪ Plays with his own tail
   ▪ Overthinks
   ▪ ‘How is it possible for a human to be part cat?’
   ▪ ‘Dunno babe, guess you’re a freak.’
   ▪ Sensitive
   ▪ ‘Shit, I said the f word-’
   ▪ Cuddles
   ▪ Love
   ▪ F o o d

《 Moon Bin ¬

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▪ what’s the difference in hybrid binnie and normal binnie tbh
▪ Soft
▪ Just loves everything
▪ Playful but reserved
▪ Often /on/ you
▪ ‘Yes, Binnie?’
▪ ‘Just wanna be near you.’
▪ Smiles
▪ All the pretty smiles
▪ Wraps his tail around your wrist out of habit, instead of holding your hand
▪ Needs some type of contact with you
▪ At all times

《 Rocky // Park Min Hyuk ¬

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▪ Little shit
▪ ‘Why are you na- Put clothes on!’
▪ I’m a cat, I don’t need to wear clothes.’
▪ ‘I sweat to cthulhu, if you don’t put clothes on-’
▪ Hides your things
▪ Hoards your sweaters
▪ Replaces them with his because
▪ ‘Yours smell like you, so you can have mine that smell like me.’
▪ Cheesy
▪ Cheeky
▪ Lovely
▪ Playful, too playful, sometimes

《 Yoon San Ha ¬

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▪ ‘Why is your tail pink?’
▪ Just smiles nervously
▪ ‘Sanha, what did you do?’
▪ ‘Rocky dyed my tail- we tried to clean the sink, but-’
▪ Too cute
▪ Awkward
▪ Purrs when he cuddles you
▪ Mischievous
▪ Gets into trouble a lot
Generally Rocky’s fault
▪ Just wants your love tbh

for the stupid idiots on my dash board: wario isnt fat, he never was. he only has been fat when he needed to be. he is buff as hell. he was always buff as hell. theres nothing you can do about this.

I’ve wrote about this before, but I still think it’s worth repeating; I don’t understand Warner Brothers’ aversion to anything McGonagall related. I had a day off work today, so went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s not my first time, I was last there in 2014, and since then they’ve added the Hogwarts Express. It’s a perfectly fun day out, but I’m still struck by how the tour, and indeed Warners in general, seem to neglect McGonagall when it comes to a) the exhibitions, and b) merchandise - hell they’ve still to release the cut scenes of a recovering McGonagall in a wheelchair from the Order of the Phoenix, which is utterly nonsensical given photos of the scene exist and they actually included a two second clip from the scene in a making of featurette on one of the DVDs. I get that Harry Potter is mainly about the “Golden Trio”, and that as such nearly everything from merchandise to the general gist of the studio tour is geared around them and the younger characters, but I can’t help but think that Warners is missing something in ignoring the older characters, especially McGonagall. I know I’m not the only one who in effect fell in love with the books and watched the films for her rather than the main protagonists. It’s hard to shake the feeling that Warners haven’t bothered to do much market research and instead have just made a bunch of assumptions about the fans of the series based on their ages - assuming the average age of the first fans and then those new to the series equates to a preference for the younger characters rather than the teachers. About the only the characters who seem to escape the rather ageist assumption that only the young characters are worth more than a cursory mention are Dumbledore, Snape, Bellatrix (who appears on a t-shirt in the gift shop), and rather bizarrely Umbridge, who warrants a whole little section all of her own on the tour (her office is on display, as well the pink suits). I’ve nothing against Snape getting some quality time during the tour (and it’s a nice subtle way of remembering the late Alan Rickman too) - three of his outfits are on display, and the potions classroom, but it feels really rather odd that McGonagall, perhaps not as pivotal in terms of plot but still an important character, warrants only one costume on display and a single wig. Admittedly they have thankfully switched out her rather drab costume from the Half Blood Price for her glorious green robes from the first two films, but it’s still irritatingly little. She’d had more than one set of robes, they could have displayed some of her amazing brooches, they even ignore the cat that played her animagus form in the picture board of the animal actors lol. I know I’m biased, but I don’t think my bias is coloring my opinion that much when a character that was in seven out of the eight films barely gets a look in in a tour that on average lasts over two hours. And literally the only thing you can buy merchandise wise that relates directly to her is a wand. When you can buy all manner of sweets with a Honeydukes logo on the tin, would it be that big an ask to maybe include ginger newt biscuits too? Hell, you can buy individual posters of Dumbledore, Snape, even Hagrid, but no McGonagall. Come on, Warners, show McGonagall a little love!

when ur office is overheated as hell but u can’t remove your jumper bc the only clean shirt u could find this morning was a slogan tank top reading AIN’T NO WIFEY

Out of Hell and Back to Heaven

For @deathberryprompts’ ‘high.’ Ignoring 686. I’ve always been touched by how Ichigo dried Rukia’s rain just as much. To put it better, he infused her existence with warmth, and convinced her and others that her life was valuable. Beautiful stuff tbh. 386 words. Kind of fluffy.


There were a few places that ensured she never had to face her problems head-on. Mistakes and regret burned at her core so she taught herself how to freeze, and fell in love with grasping at clouds with aching fingers that really preferred the stars. Sometimes she’d find refuge on strong tree branches and canopies of foliage shielded her from all that desired to hurt her.

Back then, Rukia believed the Gotei would lift her out of the murk and sludge of Inuzuri, but she soon met Kaien Shiba, and her heart dipped a little lower into hell. She went down again into the belly of ever-fleeting life and pondered her next move while her feet gently rested atop a streetlight.

He looked so much like Kaien. There was no escape. No way out except death, and she was glad that it was finally her own. She was raised up high on that hill, but the clouds still looked down on her, mocking her inability to live among the stars. Only damnation awaited as payment for her sins.

She felt more lonely than she ever had, but the broken record remained, “I have no regrets. I’m resigned to my fate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

A star reached her that day. A surly black sun with this fixation on valuing her existence stood up high with her, and that had to be what the end of loneliness felt like.


She glances at her vice-captain who looks over the paperwork that’s always submitted ahead of time, and that familiar sensation of warmth licks up her spine.

The air is cool and the skies are clear.

“Ichigo, just hand it to me,” she asks, grabbing at the report that he’s choking with his hands.

“Not yet, Rukia. I think I see a typo. Be right back!”

He rushes out of her office and back to his, and she thinks of how she still likes high places, but there’s nothing to run from anymore.

My friends dont believe me when i say this baby toy one of them is messing around with is demonic when you die and go to hell dont cry to my psychotic ass

oh my fucking god man hell was sleeping with a girl when daxam was attacked and he just left her behind i’m… not exactly surprised about this so much as i’m shocked that it was possible to hate him more