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The Signs According to Books 1-3 of the Zodiac series


Taurus: Is probably always right. The cool big sister of the zodiac. 

Gemini: 10/10 would invite to a party.

Cancer: Can’t catch a break. Ever. As in, the universe will probably implode before they catch a break. 

Leo: Cares too damn much. Biggest strength, bigger weakness. Impossible not to like; if they stabbed you, you’d apologize for getting blood on their knife-level likeable. 

Virgo: idk, man? Romina Russell was trying so hard not to self-insert, it’s almost painful. Probably 👍🏽 

Libra: A f*cking delight. Coolest people you will ever meet. Also kind, smart af, adventurous, kinda slutty (and soooo good at it 😉). Hands down the best.

Scorpio: Looks like it’s evil. Walks like it’s evil. Quacks like it’s evil. Shockingly un-evil. Low key badass who you probably want on your side when the going gets rough. 

Sagittarius: Pretty and popular, but has no filter. You will never have to question how they feel about you. 

Capricorn: The Gandalf of the zodiac. The Dumbledore books 1-6 of the zodiac. Listen for they are wise. Human personification of cuddling up next to a fireplace with a blanket and cocoa on a cold winter’s night. 

Aquarius: The root of all evil. Everything that has ever or will ever be seductive. A dream you could get lost in. Knows you better than you know yourself. 

Pisces: Kind. Selfless. Good. Cinnamon roll. Literally too pure for this world–it will probably get them killed. 

Ophiuchus: Oh, you poor thing

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So tonight I was deep into the dead lesbian and bisexual list and frustratedly trying to find non-threesome-porn books with bisexual protagonists on amazon and I was getting ready to give up on ever finding anything with (alive) characters that I can relate to, but then I came across this tumblr, so I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for existing, I'm going to go read a load of these books now (you don't need to answer, just wanted to let you know)

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Thanks for the compliment.  Honestly things like this are what keeps us going when things get rough.  I hope you have happy reading!!!!!

- Sarah 

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“I just want this.” Captain swan

I just want this/Do you ever think we should just stop this? (2-for-1!)

A/N: This one wrote itself every time I did not have access to a writing implement yesterday, and then it would fight with me when I would sit down to actually get it going. So it’s a little rough a tumbled. Thanks for requesting this one, anon!! 

The bathroom mirror fogs due to the hot water from Killian’s shower, and Emma takes a moment to wipe some of it clear with her hand before attempting to fix the mess that is her hair. The shower was supposed to do that, after it was tangled from his hands, and her own as he fucked her into the mattress. It’s not that she’s complaining because, come on. But the shower didn’t help because she had no sooner stepped under the spray when he walked in to grab his toothbrush, and she was dragging him in with her.

Now her hair is not only tangled, it is tangled and wet. Killian starts whistling as he finishes up and Emma takes a moment to glare at the reflection of the shower. It is at least partially his fault, after all. Her gaze softens just as quickly, and she turns her attentions to managing her hair while she straightens out her thoughts.

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Christmas » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hii, I know Christmas has passed but could you right an imagine of spending Christmas Day at Jack’s family home? Thank youu x

Hi! Could you do more family imagines, when y/n is pregnant or they have children? Thanks x

You were driving to Brighton from London with your boyfriend, Jack and your 18-month-old daughter, Caitlyn to spend Christmas with Jack’s family. You had agreed to spend it in Brighton rather than with your family as you had spent it with them last year.

You arrived at Jack’s parents’ house in the mid-afternoon and Caitlyn was lost in slumber. Helen and Anna rushed out to meet the three of you, Gary and Conor trailing behind them. You giggled as you were embraced by each Maynard and greeting them all with ‘hello’s.

You grabbed one of the bags out of the car as Jack lifted your daughter out of her carseat in the back. The remaining Maynard’s helped you carry some of the other bags inside where you were greeted by warmth and the smell of food.

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My experiences as a lesbian mother have been as varied as any mother’s. For me, being part of a small but closely-knit gay and lesbian community in Hawaii has given me a kind of support that few mothers find in the isolation of mainstream American society today.

[…] In late 1976, the handful of lesbians and gay men I knew decided to form a support group. Within a month of our first public announcements, up to thirty people were attending meetings. We have now grown from the original group of six to a non-profit educational organization providing support, services, and social contact to hundreds of lesbians, gay men and bisexual people in Hawaii.

As one of the few mothers active in this organization, I have sometimes found difficulty in attending events for which child care was not provided, or encountered prejudicial attitudes because I chose to bear and raise heterosexually-conceived children. Much more often, though, I have received support and affirmation as a lesbian mother from my community. Recently a lesbian couple told me that observing my parenting has given them hope that they could successfully raise a child, something both want but hadn’t thought they could do as lesbians. I am often acknowledged as a good mom — and when the going gets rough there are some gay and lesbian parents of now-grown children to whom I can turn for advice. I believe my experience and awareness as a lesbian mother enriches this community. My openness about my sexual orientation and the comfortable level of communication I’ve fostered with my children serves as a role model to other lesbian and gay parents.

When, a few months after my son’s birth, I took a part-time job, a gay male friend did child care every week — and usually cooked dinner for us too — for free. He did this not only because he enjoyed my children (they weren’t always enjoyable!) but because he feels it’s important for gentle, caring gay men to be part of children’s lives. (This same man and other gay brothers provided free child care at our annual women’s conference for several years.)

When my daughter was dying of brain tumors in 1980, it was two of my lesbian sisters who came to our home, softly singing and talking and comforting both of us through that last, long night. Later, when the shock wore off and the reality of her death hit me full force, it was lesbian sisters who took me into their homes and hearts, giving me the support and safety I needed to work through my grief, remorse, and pain.

Today, the lesbians and gay men in our community are my son’s friends as well as mine. They play with him, exchange information and ideas with him, and provide him with role models of nurturing, interesting, kind adults who enjoy a cooperative way of life. He is welcome at and enjoys many of our social events, and I see that his participation brings enjoyment and awareness to the non-parents in our community as well. One night at a party a group of gay men included my son in a dice game they were playing, apologetically telling him it would cost him fifty cents, fairly high stakes for a ten-year-old. However, they hadn’t counted on his luck with the roll; by the end of the game, they were all out fifty cents, and he left with a pocketful of change for the weekend!

[…] I do believe that having an openly lesbian mother who feels good about herself and being raised in such a community gives children such as mine a foundation of acceptance for the wide range of human differences with which we are blessed. In addition, these children will exercise an informed freedom of choice which few children raised in today’s repressively heterosexist society enjoy. It’s not all roses, both my son and I have been the subject of a few rude remarks due to my lesbianism. But as my son once said, “That’s a dumb thing to tease anyone about!”

What’s it like, being a lesbian mother? Is it difficult? Is it challenging? Is it fun? YOU BET! I wouldn’t miss any of it!


Karen Anna, “Life as a Lesbian Mother” from We Are Everywhere: Writings By & About Lesbian Parents (1988).

Anna’s author bio:

I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where I work as a counselor/advocate for battered women and their children, do free-lance photography, raise my son, tend my plants, and edit a monthly newsletter for the gay/bi/lesbian community.

My photographs have appeared in The Blatant Image, Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, On Our Backs, Yoni, Honolulu Magazine, and Best of Photography Annual 1987. My multi-image slide shows are becoming a legend in their own time.


I feel triggered because I’m Insecure of my body. You can’t post about your weight goals or your skinny self.

I feel triggered and got PTSD because people on Tumblr and Twitter disagree with me.

I feel triggered because someone made fun of me after I called them a name.

For those who use the word “Triggered” You’re making it turn into something light.

Triggered is for combat folk when fireworks go off.

Triggered is for rape victims when their new partner gets rough with them in the bedroom

Triggered is for homosexuals when you say a derogatory term after they were beaten for their sexual preference.

Triggered is for someone psychologically damaged from abuse and torment. Not because you get your feelings hurt.

I will not censor anything for you. If you’re really “triggered” then get off the internet. No one will censor themselves for your non-existent triggers.

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Hii~ Idk if ure still accepting headcanons but if so can you pls make some abt celebrity couple jikook au. Maybe actor jimin and singer jk! If ure not accepting headcanons u can ignore thiss im sorryy~

A concept. A concept. Jikook as a celebrity will be the death of me. They would be the hottest couple of the century oml. Enjoy~

+ Jimin and Jungkook met at the premiere of one of Jimin’s new movies. They happened to sit next to each other for the showing

+ Jungkook had taken notice to the beauty that was Park Jimin and leaned over. “So you’re the superstar on the screen?” Jimin looks over at him, freezing but then relaxing with recognition. “And you’re the superstar on the stage.” Jungkook smiles in return

+ They end up whispering to each other throughout the movie while Jimin should have been paying attention, laughing at Jungkook’s comments.

+ In the end, Jungkook ends up getting Park Jimin’s number.

+ Since Jungkook had recently finished his world tour, he currently had a lot of free time. With that in mind, he invited Jimin to hang out sometime since they were both on breaks

+ They end up going on simple lunch dates, enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes going to one another’s apartments.

+ The media starts to pick up on the two hanging out more frequently and start snapping pictures while they are on their outings.

+ “You know Jimin, a lot of people are speculating that we are in a relationship. Jimin looks at him and asks him with the most serious tone, “Are they that far off?” Jungkook is surprised at this but instinctively leans forward so that their noses were touching. “Perhaps not.” He closes the distance between them

+ It ends up being a tweet that confirms it all. Super star sensation Jeon Jungkook and Top actor Park Jimin were officially dating. (Jungkook had posted on his twitter a pic of him kissing Jimin’s cheek)

+ The media outlets were having a field day now that the two most popular icons in the industry were together.

+ “You know they say we are a ‘power couple,’” Jimin says, leaning further into the crook of Jungkook’s neck as they cuddle in bed. Jungkook chuckles and repeats Jimin’s words back to him.

+ “Are they that far off?”

+ The couple begin to attend premieres and red carpets together as an item, the media eating them up

+ A couple months into their relationship they are named the “Hottest Couple” in the industry. (Jungkook may have saved that issue of the magazine)

+ Jimin sometimes sits in on Jungkook’s rehearsals and Jungkook sometimes shows up to Jimin’s filming.

+ They go on mini vacations together when they have time, from places as simple as home to tropical paradises

+ When Jungkook has to go back on tour, it starts to get rough. They miss each other so much and all they can really do is Skype each other whenever it best fits their timezones

+ Jimin flies out and surprises Jungkook at one of his concerts, standing proudly backstage watching his boyfriend perform for thousands.

+ When Jungkook runs off the stage and sees Jimin standing there, his first instinct is to pick him up and spin him around, kissing all over his face as he laughs. “I thought that you weren’t coming to any of the concerts.” “I wouldn’t miss it for anything Jungkook.”

+ They remain as the “It” couple for many years to come

+ Bonus: (and maybe Jungkook’s proposal to Jimin becomes the talk of the decade)

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Darling Inell! I have smutty prompt for you: established relationship Sterek, with Stiles asking Derek to share his fantasies, and after much coaxing, a blushing, shy Derek admits that he's dying to get DP'd, and because he is the best boyfriend ever, Stiles invites Jackson (an ex of his perhaps?) to give Derek his fantasy. <3

I absolutely loved this prompt! I hope you enjoy the finished product, hon. Thank you so much for prompting me!

Fantasy Come True. Stiles/Derek. Stiles/Derek/Jackson. Adult.

Derek and Stiles are always fulfilling fantasies off of Stiles’ Bucket List of Fantasies, but Derek’s always too shy to admit any of his. One night, Stiles finally finds out something Derek really wants to do. He enlists the help of Jackson to make Derek’s fantasy come true.

The sound of heavy breathing against his ear is the first thing Stiles becomes aware of as he comes down from his high. His cock is still twitching inside Derek, tight heat clenching around him as Derek keeps slowly riding him. There’s sticky wet on his belly and chest from Derek’s come, and he knows it must be sticking to Derek’s chest hair, but neither of them really care that much at the moment. He strokes his fingers down Derek’s spine, feeling damp skin slick with sweat, and he mouths at Derek’s shoulder as he lazily pushes up inside him.

“Wow.” Stiles finally says, breaking the blissful silence when Derek finally stops moving and just collapses on top of him. “That was…intense.”

“Mmm.” Derek just moans against his neck in agreement, stroking his hands down Stiles’ arms until their hands are clasped together. “Yeah, it was.”

“Thank you.” He nuzzles Derek’s neck and face until he turns his head so they can share a kiss.

“I, uh, enjoyed it.” Derek is surprisingly shy when it comes to talking about sex. It’s adorable, really, and Stiles respects his boundaries. It works out relatively well anyway, because Stiles likes to talk, especially dirty, and Derek has learned that there’s no judgement when he does vocalize his desires.

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I'm Not Touching You

Summary: It’s really hard to get some reading in with Bucky causing mischief.
AN: Basically a cute little drabble, hopefully to cushion the monstrous amount of angst I’ve written lately xD

Words:  905

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He’s relentless. No matter how many times you shove him away and insist that you’re too busy, Bucky just can’t seem to leave you alone.

You’ve been trying to finish your book for ages, but between saving the world and giving Bucky the attention he so desperately craves you just haven’t had the time. But the world’s been quiet a few days and you think maybe you can relax, until he slumps down next to you on the couch and keeps trying to play with your hair.

It’s cute for the first five minutes. He slips his long fingers through the tangles of hair at your scalp and you shudder, tilting your head away and swatting absently at his hand. But he doesn’t go away, just sits there like an overgrown beagle and tries again to woo you.

“Buck, I’m reading,” you mumble through a smirk, shoving his shoulder without looking up. He grins and doesn’t go away, and that’s when you know it’s going to get rough. He hangs back for a minute and you watch him in the corner of your eye.

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I just want a girl that isn’t going to leave when things get rough or so on. I’m tired of people walking in my life and walking out! I just want to something that will last!! Im tired of this here in there bullshit! I’m tired of wanting someone who doesn’t want me! Like, I want a girl who can do both. I also, want a girl who isn’t just my love but also she’s my best friend

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(1) Okay. Wow. First of all, thank you @anon for such a lovely message! Your words mean a lot and I'm planning on showing the message to my friends tomorrow/monday before we get back to the streets because even though we know we are doing the correct thing when we fight for our rights, it is always nice to hear/read encouragement words to keep going when things get rough. Right now the GNB (our military police) is throwing tear gas towards a protest a few blocks before my house and into -

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(2) -3 buildings really near that zone (buildings full of people/kids/eldery that now need another place to spend the rest of the day because they were asphyxiated inside their own homes!), thankfully I decided to head back home about half an hour ago and I wasn’t there when the GNB arrived, but one of my friends stayed and she was attacked. I was feeling powerless before logging into tumblr, but just by reading that anon now I feel how all my strength is coming back. Long story short: -

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(3) -We (me and my friends) really appreciate those words, anon :). And secondly, this morning I told my friends and family that you’re helping us to spread information about what we’re going through and they are really thankful for your help too, Blue. Just wanted to share it with you :) - Ness

I’m glad to hear it! Whatever I can do to help x 

On Gryffindor Secondaries

Gryffindor Secondaries are more likely to change their volume than their content. They can hold their tongue. They can be polite, patient, proper people—but when the going gets rough or the rough get going you can find a Gryffindor Secondary by the way their problems are met head on rather than subverted, negotiated, or cajoled. They have an efficiency so direct it’s almost combative, except in the most subtle and controlled of them.

Gryffindor secondaries can be subtle, skilled, and even quiet, but they will cut to the core of things unflinchingly. They will sacrifice social harmony, reputation, and peace before they sacrifice their own outward integrity.

(For a broader overview of our system, which we suggest you read first, please go here!)

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