when the going gets rough

the signs and what they remind me of:

Aries- being hard on the outside and full of softness inside, never saying how you really feel, sex in the backseat of a parked car on an empty street, thinking you don’t need another soul on earth.

Taurus- satan, feelings buried in the backyard, leaving without saying goodbye, video games, soft voices, blue eyes, running away from home, old cars, cigarettes lit in the morning.

Gemini- seedy hotels, driving down the highway with the windows down screaming your favorite song, feeling guilt when you see an old person eating alone, violent fire one minute and a lonely wave crashing the next, moving away and starting over, making out so hard you run out of breath.

Cancer- dead flowers hanging for decoration, a soft corner of a warm house, gentle pats of comfort on your leg, holding hands, crystals and open windows, being there for someone when they don’t deserve it, storytelling, designer boots clanking on hardwood, too many pillows, a love that doesn’t relent.

Leo- Fleetwood Mac on vinyl spinning all night, an empty stage with hot lights pouring down, filling an empty room with the sound of your own voice, hurting others before they can hurt you.

Virgo- eyes that understand, eyes that do not stop looking at you when you’re talking, plaid shirts, hardwood floors, the sound of an old acoustic guitar, IPAs, wanting to be there for someone but not knowing how, putting so much weight on your shoulders that you feel like you’re going to collapse.

Libra- running away when things get hard, rough hands, being outside, fresh grass, the smell of coffee, loving the idea of something, being in love with the idea of love.

Scorpio- secrets, whispers, long brown hair, pale skin, reading books about witchcraft and astrology, pursed lips, not knowing what to say, eye contact, changing your mind, regret, standing still, telling stories when you’re nervous.

Sagittarius- only hearing what you want to hear, wanting to be alone, reading in a busy coffee shop, inside jokes, guilt, sacrifice, moths, smirks.

Capricorn- soft voices that are drenched in sarcasm, plants in the window, books that have been read so much they’re falling apart, cold air, minimalistic bedrooms, wanting to be touched but not knowing how to ask.

Aquarius- running fingers through someone’s hair, the feeling that no one understands, isolation, black and white films, buying a last minute plane ticket to anywhere, crying in front of the person you love for the first time, being so nervous your voice cracks, being so confident you could walk on water.

Pisces- holding onto something so hard you’d rather lose your teeth than let go, family, crying by yourself in the bathroom, snorting when you laugh.


Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.

The Signs And What They Remind Me Of:

Aries- being hard on the outside and full of softness inside, never saying how you really feel, sex in the backseat of a parked car on an empty street, thinking you don’t need another soul on earth.

Taurus- satan, feelings buried in the backyard, leaving without saying goodbye, video games, soft voices, blue eyes, running away from home, old cars, cigarettes lit in the morning.

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“When you said that you would be staying behind to solidify our new compact…I’d assumed that meant something.”

“For you to be seen as uninterested in what is happening for my father now…”

“That is not going to convince anyone here that you are serious about desiring their friendship.”

“It’ll pass.”

“It’s just a fever from the wound.”

“I’m fine.”

And you make jokes because you’re afraid to take anything seriously. Because if you take things seriously, they matter.

ok so Skam is not about people intentionally hurting people (except Douchehelm and Nico) so here’s what i think will unfold from this clip:

1. We will find out that Noora didn’t know Sana had feelings for Yousef. Say what you want, but Noora and Yousef do have chemistry in every scene they’ve had so far and Noora made her feelings known to Sana. Sana didn’t trust her friend enough to tell her how she felt. That being said, I think Noora was being a little willfully ignorant and with the eva/jonas, isak/jonas, noora/wilhelm stealing pattern this is getting redundant and they can’t end up together, its just too boring.  Noora should have dont a group text “hey does anyone like him before i smash” they all should be wise by now

2. Yousef will have to be thinking that Sana is not interested. She doesn’t ever make a point to talk to him (even at the karaoke bar!!) and defriended him on FB and even though they talked about the religion thing, it ended in a cliffhanger: “why does religion tear society apart” for which she had no answer. Finding that answer is going to be part of her character growth imo.

3. Isak has a temper, we all know this! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he found out that Even knew balloon boys which gave him a shock (”What? my baby hiding things from me?”), and someone said something off the cuff like all the homophobic stuff we’ve forgiven Magnus for and things went off like that. I don’t think we should be shitting on Balloon Boys for no reason when we legit watched Wilhelm smash a bottle into someone’s head pretty much unprovoked and then we were all like “no he shouldn’t go to jail! you have to understand!” Also, Elias clearly has shit going on. He was blackout drunk LAST FRIDAY. Something more is going on here and we’ll find out soon enough

4. Vilde is fucking dumb, ok. She says homophobic and sexist and islamphobic things all the time and says them like they’re fact. So she probably did not realize at all that pointing out that Elias called Sana a slave would be taken so seriously/hatefully. Yeah, she needs to account for being so omfg so freaking fy faen so problematic! (her character traits are like: optimistic, problematic, airhead, organized— it’s driving me nuts). No but here. She needs to grow up. Her and Magnus are like a perfect problematic bundle, it’s a shame they’re probably breaking up, but that’s a subject for another post.

5. People have gossiped and said erroneous shit all the time on this show so I still don’t trust PepsiMax but I’m willing to bet it’s not as simple as them wanting her off the bus just like that. Also, you know fucking Chris and Eva (who’s already been burned by PM) are NOT going to take that happening to Sana without a fight. And for that matter, neither will Sana. When shit gets rough, they band together despite whatever infighting is going on. They rock. Don’t forget that. Give them a chance to have a “vilde is pregnant”/“noora was assaulted” moment with Sana.

6. Don’t worry, Isak and Even went home and snuggled and Even sang songs to cheer Isak up it’s gonna be ok for them. They’ll talk through everything about Even’s past and it will be ok.

7. Sana is strong. She’s been through shit from every person (except Chris) in every season. She’s gonna get through this kicking ass.

Post Samurai Jack XCIX

Some fans: *Upset that Jashi happened.*

Other fans: *Whooping for joy because Jashi happened

Me:*Fist bumps Jashi shippers and pats the Antis on the back.* *Watches preview for Episode 9.* Wait. Where’s Ashi?!

Wanna One as Brothers
  • Jisung: The older brother that acts overprotective all the time. He just wants his siblings to be safe and loved. Will never forget a birthday and makes the best presents.
  • Sungwoon: The older brother who is always busy. When he’s around you will be dragged into a movie or series marathon. Won’t let you leave before you watched at least 10 episodes together.
  • Minhyun: Also an older brother who’s not around that much. Says he won’t help you with your homework, when you have a mental breakdown he’s already finished it for you in secret. He just wants to see you try rlly.
  • Seongwoo: The older brother that loves to bully you for fun. Never fails to cheer you up though. Hugs are for free.
  • Jaehwan: The older brother that you can’t take seriously. Will mock you for everything you do. Will also make you regret life choices. Laughs at you all the time, but will always be there if you need him.
  • Daniel: The about same age brother that looks like he’s older than you but behaves like the youngest sometimes. Wants a lot of extra affection. Will give great emotional support.
  • Jihoon: The about same age brother that all the girls like. You just don’t get why, since you’re the only one who know his real side. Always gets treated like the golden boy.
  • Woojin: Most likely a twin. Just can’t deal with your life choices sometimes. But when the going gets rough he’ll go with you thick and thin not questioning you for one second.
  • Jinyoung: The slightly younger brother that needs your protection all the time. Cries in secret. Needs a lot of emotional support.
  • Daehwi: The younger brother that acts like an older brother most of the time. Will turn into toddler when food gets served. Just wants you to give him a piggyback ride.
  • Lai Guanlin: The silent younger brother who only hangs around inside his room. Will let you use his gaming console once or two times a month.
[Positivity Day] Gen Fic Recs

In honor of Voltron Positivity Day, I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite Voltron fics with you! This batch is all platonic. If you’re looking for something shippy, I have a list of shippy fic recs right here.

Note: Please read the tags and descriptions before reading any of these. Some of them contain important trigger warnings.

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The Signs According to Books 1-3 of the Zodiac series


Taurus: Is probably always right. The cool big sister of the zodiac. 

Gemini: 10/10 would invite to a party.

Cancer: Can’t catch a break. Ever. As in, the universe will probably implode before they catch a break. 

Leo: Cares too damn much. Biggest strength, bigger weakness. Impossible not to like; if they stabbed you, you’d apologize for getting blood on their knife-level likeable. 

Virgo: idk, man? Romina Russell was trying so hard not to self-insert, it’s almost painful. Probably 👍🏽 

Libra: A f*cking delight. Coolest people you will ever meet. Also kind, smart af, adventurous, kinda slutty (and soooo good at it 😉). Hands down the best.

Scorpio: Looks like it’s evil. Walks like it’s evil. Quacks like it’s evil. Shockingly un-evil. Low key badass who you probably want on your side when the going gets rough. 

Sagittarius: Pretty and popular, but has no filter. You will never have to question how they feel about you. 

Capricorn: The Gandalf of the zodiac. The Dumbledore books 1-6 of the zodiac. Listen for they are wise. Human personification of cuddling up next to a fireplace with a blanket and cocoa on a cold winter’s night. 

Aquarius: The root of all evil. Everything that has ever or will ever be seductive. A dream you could get lost in. Knows you better than you know yourself. 

Pisces: Kind. Selfless. Good. Cinnamon roll. Literally too pure for this world–it will probably get them killed. 

Ophiuchus: Oh, you poor thing

Appreciation for Series Authors

I’ve seen these for authors of longfics, but man, writing a series is a whole new level of crazy you don’t even realise until you undertake it. 

If you read and love fanfiction series, make sure you’re letting the authors know you’re still engaged as the series goes on. Kudo/favourite the later stories. Reblog chapters of the later stories. Send them an ask about how you hadn’t expected this twist in story 3 and what will that mean for story 4. 

Writing a series is hard work. It’s easy to get burnt out after living in this universe for so long. You can help by showing the authors that our hard work is appreciated.

And to you, series authors:

  • If you’ve charted out your series and stared in mute terror at how long it will be before you finish this bloody thing, you are not alone.
  • If you realise you have three stories to get through before a part you’re really excited to write, you are not alone.
  • If you’re on story 2 and it feels like no one is reading and you’re really excited about story 5 but does it even matter because see above about no one reading, you are not alone.
  • If people only ever comment on the first story in the series when you know the writing gets better as the series goes on, you are not alone.
  • If you were excited by the idea of a series because it meant you didn’t have to stop the story when your OTP got together, but could actually show them in a relationship… and then no one seems to care about reading once they’re together, you are not alone.
  • If you feel like you’ve disappointed readers by taking the series in a direction they didn’t expect/want, you are not alone.
  • If you’re really tired of writing the series, but you’re afraid people will forget about you if you let it lay fallow for a few months, you are not alone.
  • If you’re wondering if anyone would notice if you did take a hiatus, or just dropped the series altogether, please believe me: You Are Not Alone.

This is what it’s like, being a series author. This is why series get abandoned. It’s hard work and a slog sometimes, with not nearly the amount of feedback and excitement coming from readers to keep us going when things get rough. It often feels like people really only care about the first story, and then maybe sort of read the rest out of habit, but not real interest.

Here’s my challenge to readers: Pick your favourite series, and then think of your favourite thing in that series that isn’t from the first story. Now go tell the author about it.

Series authors: You’re amazing. Keep up the good work.

It looks like I might not be that active on this blog this summer because I’ve got a full-time internship.

Which… I am not really enjoying that much. There’s not enough time in the day to write and draw and get a decent amount of sleep. I didn’t even get to a full week out of school to just fuckin’ chill.

Sorry. Just complaining here.

anonymous asked:

is it weird i associate u with the song be still by the killers? idk why i just,,, do,,,


plus the fact that you associate me with any song at all is so flattering honestly

I don’t like cowards. I need someone brave, but not in a rescue me while I’m in danger kinda sense. I need someone who is willing to express their anger, distaste, or pain when the going gets rough. I don’t want someone who hides their feelings or thoughts passively just because they don’t like confrontations. No. I have too much of that in my life already. I want someone strong; someone who is willing to admit that they’re at fault when they are wrong, and to accept my apology when I am in the wrong. I need open honesty, not discrepancies. I need someone to stick by my side when I am drowning in darkness and stays there while I am shining brilliantly.

I need a firm grip to hold, not fingers that are slowly slipping away.