when the going gets rough

the signs and what they remind me of:

Aries- being hard on the outside and full of softness inside, never saying how you really feel, sex in the backseat of a parked car on an empty street, thinking you don’t need another soul on earth.

Taurus- satan, feelings buried in the backyard, leaving without saying goodbye, video games, soft voices, blue eyes, running away from home, old cars, cigarettes lit in the morning.

Gemini- seedy hotels, driving down the highway with the windows down screaming your favorite song, feeling guilt when you see an old person eating alone, violent fire one minute and a lonely wave crashing the next, moving away and starting over, making out so hard you run out of breath.

Cancer- dead flowers hanging for decoration, a soft corner of a warm house, gentle pats of comfort on your leg, holding hands, crystals and open windows, being there for someone when they don’t deserve it, storytelling, designer boots clanking on hardwood, too many pillows, a love that doesn’t relent.

Leo- Fleetwood Mac on vinyl spinning all night, an empty stage with hot lights pouring down, filling an empty room with the sound of your own voice, hurting others before they can hurt you.

Virgo- eyes that understand, eyes that do not stop looking at you when you’re talking, plaid shirts, hardwood floors, the sound of an old acoustic guitar, IPAs, wanting to be there for someone but not knowing how, putting so much weight on your shoulders that you feel like you’re going to collapse.

Libra- running away when things get hard, rough hands, being outside, fresh grass, the smell of coffee, loving the idea of something, being in love with the idea of love.

Scorpio- secrets, whispers, long brown hair, pale skin, reading books about witchcraft and astrology, pursed lips, not knowing what to say, eye contact, changing your mind, regret, standing still, telling stories when you’re nervous.

Sagittarius- only hearing what you want to hear, wanting to be alone, reading in a busy coffee shop, inside jokes, guilt, sacrifice, moths, smirks.

Capricorn- soft voices that are drenched in sarcasm, plants in the window, books that have been read so much they’re falling apart, cold air, minimalistic bedrooms, wanting to be touched but not knowing how to ask.

Aquarius- running fingers through someone’s hair, the feeling that no one understands, isolation, black and white films, buying a last minute plane ticket to anywhere, crying in front of the person you love for the first time, being so nervous your voice cracks, being so confident you could walk on water.

Pisces- holding onto something so hard you’d rather lose your teeth than let go, family, crying by yourself in the bathroom, snorting when you laugh.

Coran literally put Keith and Lance in a trust exercise together during season one and they could barely get through that without arguing

But then two seasons later, Lance is voluntarily talking to Keith about his insecurities, something he barely ever does with anyone

And Lance literally becomes Keith’s stability when he’s going through a rough time


The Signs And What They Remind Me Of:

Aries- being hard on the outside and full of softness inside, never saying how you really feel, sex in the backseat of a parked car on an empty street, thinking you don’t need another soul on earth.

Taurus- satan, feelings buried in the backyard, leaving without saying goodbye, video games, soft voices, blue eyes, running away from home, old cars, cigarettes lit in the morning.

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Sex with Vernon…

• I love this dude.

• So since he is pretty young, even the slightest sexual things would turn him on.

• So getting him on the mood won’t be that hard.

• LOVES when you sit on his lap.

• Especially when you tease him in that position.

• Is a Dom, but will let you experiment just for fun.

• Acts like a horny little shit 24/7

• Will kiss you acting all innocent and shit but start grinding against you 5 seconds later.

• On the actual act tho is pretty serious

• Won’t turn down a good blowjob.

• Doesn’t use toys, but will tie you up with the nearest shirt or belt if needed.

• Is vocal af but tries his best to keep quite.

• Might look inexperienced but know how to eat a girl out.

• I’m telling you rapper tongues are no joke

• Quickies happen often since you rarely have any time and personal space.

• Sex with most of the clothes on.

• Likes to fuck you from behind during quickies since it gets you both off quickly.

• If the guys are on the other room always has his hand on your mouth to keep you quiet.

you keep getting cought tho

• Passionate kisses when he is going fast and rough.

• Pulls your hair alot.

• Intese eye contacts.

• Hickeys.

• Tries his best to let you cum first.

• Never lets your clit feel left out.

• Messy as shit while cumming.

• Pull out game is strong but it gets everywhere.

• Is the fucking worst at aftercare.

• Will lay down and won’t move for shit.

• You will have to go clean yourself alone and by the time you get back he is passed out on the bed.

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Too Close / Dacre Montgomery

*requested by anonymous
*I love all of your fics I’ve read them all 😍 I was wondering if you could do some jealous Dacre like he introduces you to Joe and gets jealous how close you two get. He sees you on Joe’s snapchat hanging out. When you go to his place the next day smut happens. He gets rough spanks you makes you scream his name.
*in which dacre introduces you to joe and you and joe get close, and one day you hang out and dacre sees the snapchats, and gets HELLA jealous
*WARNING: MAJOR sexual content
*PLEASE send me requests!!!!! i can do whoever :)
*word count: 1725


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“When you said that you would be staying behind to solidify our new compact…I’d assumed that meant something.”

“For you to be seen as uninterested in what is happening for my father now…”

“That is not going to convince anyone here that you are serious about desiring their friendship.”

“It’ll pass.”

“It’s just a fever from the wound.”

“I’m fine.”

Ice Cream and a Joint: Elliot x Reader

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A/N: Hey guys I’m v sorry for my absence as of late. I’ve been going through a kind of shitty breakup and generally just a rough patch in my overall mental health. I’ve been trying so hard to write but I just can’t. But finally, tonight I managed to get something finished! I have a feeling you guys are gonna enjoy it.

This is a response to multiple requests, which I can’t name bc it’ll ruin the fic lol.

Warnings: Explicit. Sexual. Content. Bitches.

It’s eight o’clock on a quiet Wednesday, the just-visible sun still providing some warmth to your skin. You’re on the pier waiting, unsure what the evening would bring. Wednesday was a good day for you. It was halfway through the work week, your stress levels were relatively low, and your plans were almost certain to put you in a good mood.

A warm breeze ruffles your hair and the thigh-length dress you’re wearing. You cross and uncross your legs somewhat uncomfortably. You’d made a risky choice in underwear, or lack thereof, and virtually everything was a reminder. But the reason you made such a decision was walking towards you with his hands shoved awkwardly in his pockets.

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ok so Skam is not about people intentionally hurting people (except Douchehelm and Nico) so here’s what i think will unfold from this clip:

1. We will find out that Noora didn’t know Sana had feelings for Yousef. Say what you want, but Noora and Yousef do have chemistry in every scene they’ve had so far and Noora made her feelings known to Sana. Sana didn’t trust her friend enough to tell her how she felt. That being said, I think Noora was being a little willfully ignorant and with the eva/jonas, isak/jonas, noora/wilhelm stealing pattern this is getting redundant and they can’t end up together, its just too boring.  Noora should have dont a group text “hey does anyone like him before i smash” they all should be wise by now

2. Yousef will have to be thinking that Sana is not interested. She doesn’t ever make a point to talk to him (even at the karaoke bar!!) and defriended him on FB and even though they talked about the religion thing, it ended in a cliffhanger: “why does religion tear society apart” for which she had no answer. Finding that answer is going to be part of her character growth imo.

3. Isak has a temper, we all know this! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he found out that Even knew balloon boys which gave him a shock (”What? my baby hiding things from me?”), and someone said something off the cuff like all the homophobic stuff we’ve forgiven Magnus for and things went off like that. I don’t think we should be shitting on Balloon Boys for no reason when we legit watched Wilhelm smash a bottle into someone’s head pretty much unprovoked and then we were all like “no he shouldn’t go to jail! you have to understand!” Also, Elias clearly has shit going on. He was blackout drunk LAST FRIDAY. Something more is going on here and we’ll find out soon enough

4. Vilde is fucking dumb, ok. She says homophobic and sexist and islamphobic things all the time and says them like they’re fact. So she probably did not realize at all that pointing out that Elias called Sana a slave would be taken so seriously/hatefully. Yeah, she needs to account for being so omfg so freaking fy faen so problematic! (her character traits are like: optimistic, problematic, airhead, organized— it’s driving me nuts). No but here. She needs to grow up. Her and Magnus are like a perfect problematic bundle, it’s a shame they’re probably breaking up, but that’s a subject for another post.

5. People have gossiped and said erroneous shit all the time on this show so I still don’t trust PepsiMax but I’m willing to bet it’s not as simple as them wanting her off the bus just like that. Also, you know fucking Chris and Eva (who’s already been burned by PM) are NOT going to take that happening to Sana without a fight. And for that matter, neither will Sana. When shit gets rough, they band together despite whatever infighting is going on. They rock. Don’t forget that. Give them a chance to have a “vilde is pregnant”/“noora was assaulted” moment with Sana.

6. Don’t worry, Isak and Even went home and snuggled and Even sang songs to cheer Isak up it’s gonna be ok for them. They’ll talk through everything about Even’s past and it will be ok.

7. Sana is strong. She’s been through shit from every person (except Chris) in every season. She’s gonna get through this kicking ass.

Post Samurai Jack XCIX

Some fans: *Upset that Jashi happened.*

Other fans: *Whooping for joy because Jashi happened

Me:*Fist bumps Jashi shippers and pats the Antis on the back.* *Watches preview for Episode 9.* Wait. Where’s Ashi?!

The Signs According to Books 1-3 of the Zodiac series


Taurus: Is probably always right. The cool big sister of the zodiac. 

Gemini: 10/10 would invite to a party.

Cancer: Can’t catch a break. Ever. As in, the universe will probably implode before they catch a break. 

Leo: Cares too damn much. Biggest strength, bigger weakness. Impossible not to like; if they stabbed you, you’d apologize for getting blood on their knife-level likeable. 

Virgo: idk, man? Romina Russell was trying so hard not to self-insert, it’s almost painful. Probably 👍🏽 

Libra: A f*cking delight. Coolest people you will ever meet. Also kind, smart af, adventurous, kinda slutty (and soooo good at it 😉). Hands down the best.

Scorpio: Looks like it’s evil. Walks like it’s evil. Quacks like it’s evil. Shockingly un-evil. Low key badass who you probably want on your side when the going gets rough. 

Sagittarius: Pretty and popular, but has no filter. You will never have to question how they feel about you. 

Capricorn: The Gandalf of the zodiac. The Dumbledore books 1-6 of the zodiac. Listen for they are wise. Human personification of cuddling up next to a fireplace with a blanket and cocoa on a cold winter’s night. 

Aquarius: The root of all evil. Everything that has ever or will ever be seductive. A dream you could get lost in. Knows you better than you know yourself. 

Pisces: Kind. Selfless. Good. Cinnamon roll. Literally too pure for this world–it will probably get them killed. 

Ophiuchus: Oh, you poor thing

Best Friends? Part 5 || l.h.

Here is part 5 that you’ve all been waiting for! I’m extremely sorry for the long wait.

Warnings: some swearing, dirty talk.


To say that you’re embarrassed that Luke knows you’re falling for him is an understatement.

You don’t leave your house for three days and you ignore all phone calls and texts. The embarrassment of it all is too much.

You’re on your fourth day of moping when Emma shows up at your house. She frowns at the sight of you when you open your front door.

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N), what the hell happened to you?” She asks, her eyebrows furrowing as she takes in your sweats and messy bun. You have makeup that’s been on for a few days now and is probably smudged.

“Luke and I had a fight. He knows I love him.” You croak, wiping your nose with the sleeve of the hoodie you’re wearing. Emma sighs, walking inside and pulling you into a hug. “Sweetie, I told you not to let him back in again. All he ever does is leave when things get rough.” She says softly. “I just want my best friend back. I don’t care about a relationship or sex, I just want my best friend.” You mumble. Emma pulls back. Before she can anything, however, another knock plays into your ears. You sigh, moving to open the front door. Calum is standing there, his arms crossed.

“Oh, another band member sent to break my friend’s heart, lovely.” Emma says sarcastically. Calum glances at her and rolls his eyes. They’ve never really liked each other; it started once when you brought Emma to movie night at one of the boys’ houses and has been going on ever since. You all used to tease them and say it was just sexual tension, but nothing’s ever happened between Calum and Emma. He turns back to you. “Is Luke here?” He asks.

“No?” You say, a hint of confusion in your tone. Calum sighs, pulling out his cell phone. “He never came back to the bus.” He tells you. “They had a fight, feelings got involved. He left, like every man always does.” Emma tells Calum for you. Calum scoffs, looking at her again. “Seriously, Emma, I don’t have time for this.” He tells her. “Time for what?” Emma asks. “Time for all your men-hating comments. My best friend is fucking missing.” You bite your lip, waiting for Emma to make another comeback, but it never comes.

“What was the fight about?” Calum asks you. “He knows I’m falling for him.” You admit. Calum frowns.

“(Y/N), that’s-”

“I know, I know. Bad timing.”

“Yeah. Like, really bad timing. You were supposed to feel something for him months ago, not now.”

“I know, Calum.”

You give him a pointed look and he stops criticizing your feelings. “Alright, well fuck. Luke does this sometimes; when things get to be a bit much for him, he disappears for a few days, sometimes weeks. None of us know where he goes or what he does, and no one asks when he comes back.” Calum says. “Okay, and that’s (Y/N)’s problem, why?” Emma asks, back to the snarky remarks. Calum looks up towards the sky, as if asking for some angel to swoop down and make Emma nice.

“It’s not. I just figured she would wanna know.” Calum says. You shrug. “I thinks it’s definitely over for Luke and I. As much as I miss my best friend, we don’t work. Ashton was right, we’re better off without each other. I hope you find him or whatever, but I’m not going to contact Luke anymore.” You tell him, your voice strong but your heart hurting. Calum nods, stepping back away from your door.

“Alright. I’ll see you around, (Y/N).” He glances at Emma. “I don’t wanna see you around, Em.” He says, smirking. Emma throws up her middle finger as Calum walks away. You shut your front door and turn to Emma.

“Do you wanna do something? Go out to eat or maybe see a movie?” She asks. You bite your lip. “Honestly, I’d rather just stay here for now. You don’t have to stay, though. I’ll come to work tomorrow, promise.” Emma nods. “Okay. Call me if you need anything.” You nod, watching her leave.

Just as she leaves, your cell phone starts ringing. “God, everybody wants to talk today.” You mumble to no one in particular, picking the phone up. You answer it, sighing.

“If you’re calling to blame me for Luke’s disappearance, give me a warning so I can mute you first.” You say. Ashton scoffs. “I’m not going to yell at you, (Y/N). I’m calling to invite you to this gathering we’re having at my house tomorrow.” He says. “What kind of gathering?” You ask, walking to your kitchen.

“Like a party type thing, but only with a few people.”

“Is Luke going to be there?”

“Probably not. Did Cal not make it to your place yet?”

“No, he did. Just left, actually.”


There’s some noises in the background, some instruments playing. “I’ll see if I can make it. Text me the address and time to be there.” You tell Ashton. “Will do. Bye, (Y/N).” You end the call and look for something to eat, biting your lip as you open cabinet after cabinet.

Hanging out with the boys sounds like a good idea to you. You always have fun with them, and right now, you could use some fun.


You’re regretting your decision to come to the gathering the second you pull into the driveway. Maybe seeing the boys isn’t a good idea. You haven’t seen the three of them in a long time and you don’t want it to be awkward.

But yet, you still get out of your car and walk up to the front door. You don’t even get to raise your fist to knock on the door before it’s flying open, revealing Ashton. He grins at you, his dimples deeper than ever.

“You made it!” He says, pulling you inside. You smile. “Thanks for inviting me.” He shrugs, pulling you through the house and to the back yard. The back yard is full of people you recognize from the tour crew and the people who help the boys make their albums. Michael is grilling something on the grill, cringing when he nearly burns a burger. Calum is singing a song you don’t recognize. A guitar plays to the left of you, and when you turn to look at where it’s coming from, you sigh.

Luke is there, his head angled down towards the guitar. “Guys! (Y/N)’s here!” Ashton says. The soft sound of the guitar cuts off abruptly. “Ash, you said-” You start, but he cuts you off by suddenly pulling you into a hug. “He just showed up an hour ago. I honestly didn’t know he would be here.” He whispers in your ear before pulling away. You frown, glancing back at Luke. He avoids your gaze, looking anywhere but at you.

You decide to go talk to some of the tour crew members, having not seen them in awhile. There’s a new guy to the team. He’s your age and once the conversation starts between you two, it doesn’t stop. Your laughing and enjoying each other’s company for over an hour until you go inside to get a drink.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You jump, startled by Luke’s voice. You turn around to face him, the island the only thing between the two of you.

“What?” You ask. “Why are you flirting with that new guy management hired?” Luke asks. “Because he’s nice and cute. He’s funny, and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to walk away when things get rough.” You say, your voice firm. Luke scoffs. “No, this isn’t about me right now. This is about you, fucking flirting with some loser.” He’s gradually stepping around the island to get to you and ends up pinning you against it, his arms on either side of you.

“Are you actually jealous right now?” You ask, your eyebrows furrowing. “No, I’m not fucking jealous, (Y/N)! I disappear for a few days to clear my head, and when I come back all the feelings I had for you before came rushing back, and I’m not fucking ready to deal wth those feelings yet, so if you could please refrain from flirting, that’d be great.” Luke snaps, his voice raising a bit. “You’re jealous.” You state, crossing your arms over your chest. Luke scoffs, a scowl forming on his face. He leans in closer.

“I could take you right now, you know that? I could kiss you right now and you’d fucking melt, (Y/N). And then I’d fuck your right here in this goddamn kitchen and kiss every inch of your body and frankly, I don’t give a shit who would hear or walk in, but I know you do, so I suggest you stop flirting and stop being so bratty before I eat you out so good, you’ll be trembling for days remembering it.” Luke whispers, his tone sharp. You don’t even know what to say back, because, God, this man is filthy with his words. Luke bites down on his lip, his jaw clenching as he thinks of everything he could do to you right here in his best friend’s kitchen. “You wouldn’t do that.” You say, your voice soft. Luke smirks.

“You’re right, sweetheart, I wouldn’t. You like things private. But my threat got the exact reaction I wanted it to. I can see your thighs clenching.” Luke says, and you almost roll your eyes again but decide against it.

“Now, go back to the party and tell that fucker to go away.” Luke says, pulling away from you and stepping back. You let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding in after Lukee jogs upstairs.

His mood swings are really starting to get to you. You never know if he has feelings for you or if he’s in best friend mode. You don’t know what he’s feeling or thinking most of the time, and this on and off thing is starting to make you exhausted. You’ll have to get him to open up to you later. But for now, you’re going to enjoy the party.

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Any soft 76? Pretty please?? Imagines or whatever you've got i just wanna give him a hug godammit

He’s been having a hard time lately. You can see it written all over him. The lines in his face always seem deeper when he’s going through a rough spell. You know he hasn’t been getting good sleep and often find him up at all hours of the night. But you know better than to ask. And he’s always appreciated that about you.

But one day, it gets to be too much for you to witness. You cup his face in your hand, that same face that’s been showing signs of regret and frustration.

“Why are you even with me?” he mutters, glaring hard at nothing in particular.


“Nothing good ever comes from being near me.”

“Look at me. Please.”

His clear blue eyes search yours, as if looking for the answer to all of life’s questions. They soften as he obliges to your request, but only for a moment. He hangs his head again, as if in shame.

“You’re too young. Too good to get caught up with me.”

You pull his face closer to yours and lean your forehead against his. “I want to be with you.”

The old soldier closes his eyes. “I don’t know why.”

“Because I love you. Because there is no one else in this world that I would rather be with.”

Jack lets out a sigh. You know he is trying to form words of protest, something to dissuade you as he has done time and time again. He truly means what he says; he doesn’t think he deserves you. He thinks you would be better off without him, that he only brings ruin to those he loves.

“Kiss me,” you plead.

He leans in and his lips graze yours but don’t fall upon them. He pulls himself back. “We can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep doing this to you.”

“You’re not doing anything,” you urge quietly, trying to press yourself against the length of him. Your mouth rests against the crook of his neck. “You are exactly where I want you to be.”

“This could end up badly -“

“Please,” you whisper, eyes half-closed. “Please stop trying to talk yourself out of this.”

“It’s for your own good -“

You shake your head and wrap your arm around his. “All I want is to be with you. All I want is for you to be happy.”

His gently lowers his lips to meet yours, reluctantly as if you were to cast a spell on him. He thinks of pulling back and starts to until the urge to kiss you again gets the better of him. He kisses you again, harder. You wrap your arms around his neck as he traces your curves with his coarse hands.

His lips linger, partly slightly, as he places his forehead against yours again.

Your heart swells up, tight in your chest as you nuzzle a little against him. You kiss the corner of his mouth but he makes no motion to reciprocate. “I wish,” you whisper again, “You understood just how much you mean to me.”

He closes his eyes and savors your barrage of soft kisses.

Right Hand Man - Tony Stark x f!Reader (September Song Challenge)

Words: 1231
Pairing: Tony Stark x f!Reader
Featuring: Peter Parker
Warnings: fighting, yelling, a little bit of sexism that is played off by jokes
Summary: Based off the song Right Hand Man from Something Rotten!, (Y/N) and Tony Stark are married. Recently, Tony has been having trouble in fights and (Y/N) is taking notice of it. To say she doesn’t like it is an understatement, and she just wants to help. Tired, pissed off, and annoyed Tony is not having it at all. Peter is a comic relief.
Authors Note:  i love Right Hand Man and I actually get to see Something Rotten! in March and I am just so excited afbrisdkvbwaeigk

Tony  / Song Challenge / Full Masterlist

Ao3 / What is this challenge? / Jadyn’s Challenge

“Hey, (Y/N),” The familiar voice of Peter Parker walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, my gosh,” You sighed, setting your knife down and walking over to him, quickly pulling Peter into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay. Where’s Tony? I made you guys some dinner. I saw the news today about everything going on. I can’t believe you two went out there without anyone else! That villain could have killed you!” You rambled, not letting go of Peter.

There was a groan at the door. “But we didn’t. We’re both still here and better than ever,” Tony walked in and kissed your cheek.

You rolled your eyes and walked back over to the food. “You need to be more careful. Both of you. You scared me so much, I don’t know how I would deal with myself if either of you got hurt and I wasn’t there to help,” You confessed and started putting the food onto plates. You made chicken, potatoes, and salad, something easy and something they both enjoy, but it didn’t calm your nerves. “You know, I’m always here to help. You don’t have to keep me separate from your world of fighting.” You began to ramble, “I can fight, too. I learned with SHIELD how to fight. Granted, I worked in the tech department, but I still knew how to-”

“Darling,” Tony rubbed his eyes. “Please stop.” Tony was staring down at his plate, not touching his silverware.

You sat down with your food, sighing. “I know you don’t think I’m cut out to help, Tony, but trust me…I am. I’ve sparred with SHIELD agents and beat many of them. Natasha and I had to give up because one couldn’t beat the other. I may specialize in tech, but I can fight better than most people know how.”

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Wanna One as Brothers
  • Jisung: The older brother that acts overprotective all the time. He just wants his siblings to be safe and loved. Will never forget a birthday and makes the best presents.
  • Sungwoon: The older brother who is always busy. When he’s around you will be dragged into a movie or series marathon. Won’t let you leave before you watched at least 10 episodes together.
  • Minhyun: Also an older brother who’s not around that much. Says he won’t help you with your homework, when you have a mental breakdown he’s already finished it for you in secret. He just wants to see you try rlly.
  • Seongwoo: The older brother that loves to bully you for fun. Never fails to cheer you up though. Hugs are for free.
  • Jaehwan: The older brother that you can’t take seriously. Will mock you for everything you do. Will also make you regret life choices. Laughs at you all the time, but will always be there if you need him.
  • Daniel: The about same age brother that looks like he’s older than you but behaves like the youngest sometimes. Wants a lot of extra affection. Will give great emotional support.
  • Jihoon: The about same age brother that all the girls like. You just don’t get why, since you’re the only one who know his real side. Always gets treated like the golden boy.
  • Woojin: Most likely a twin. Just can’t deal with your life choices sometimes. But when the going gets rough he’ll go with you thick and thin not questioning you for one second.
  • Jinyoung: The slightly younger brother that needs your protection all the time. Cries in secret. Needs a lot of emotional support.
  • Daehwi: The younger brother that acts like an older brother most of the time. Will turn into toddler when food gets served. Just wants you to give him a piggyback ride.
  • Lai Guanlin: The silent younger brother who only hangs around inside his room. Will let you use his gaming console once or two times a month.