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This week, in Fandometrics...

Welcome to earth, babies

  • (Anime & Manga) Owari No Seraph makes its debut into this Fandometrics world as a healthy, bouncing No. 18.
  • (Ships) Yoonseok (Bangtan Boys’ Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok) was dropped off by the stork at No. 19.
  • (Movies) The Dark Tower, the cinematic interpretation of Stephen King’s labor of love, dropped a trailer and came out at No. 18.
  • (TV) In the beginning….American Gods debuted at No. 18.
  • (Web Stuff) danisnotonfire has been knocked off his throne at No. 1 by…Daniel Howell. It’s true, folks. He’s all grown up and no longer on fire.

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On the rise

  • (K-Pop) VIXX leaps five spots to No. 8. Twice jumps an appropriate two spots to No. 9. New music is just around the corner. But don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.
  • (TV) A steaming hot Steven Bomb was dropped on Cartoon Network’s app, catapulting Steven Universe up to No. 3
  • (Music) Niall Horan gains a stunning thirteen spot lead over last week thanks to Slow Hands (his song, not Eric Clapton). Bad girl RiRi basically won this year’s Met Gala, which is why you can catch her at No. 3.

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We all fall down

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"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
  • Rhys: Darling, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Feyre: Nope, but it sure did hurt when I fell for you *winks*
  • ---------
  • Varian: Amren, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Amren: No, but I scuffed my knees when I crawled up from hell *high fives Mor*
  • ---------
  • Cassian: Hey Nes, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Nesta: Are you calling me satan?
  • Cassian: Yes
I’m in love with you because you make me feel safe. It sounds corny and vague. People always talk about feeling safe with someone and you wonder what it even means. I still don’t really know. All I know is that when I’m with you, I feel like I’m clutching a giant thing of pepper spray or reliving a moment of being carried to bed by my parents when I was five years old and fell asleep in front of the television. All day long, I can feel fragile, like a raw nerve, and when I come home to you, it’s like I just put on the thickest winter coat and installed bulletproof windows in my apartment. ‘Honey, I’m home…and no longer terrified.
—  Ryan O’Connell, This is Why I’m in Love With You
Colorado Gothic

-It was 62 degrees when you fell asleep. You woke up to five feet of snow. There’s no sign of it stopping. 9 news said it would only be a dusting, but everyone knows they’re wrong. It doesn’t stop you from quietly talking about the weather reports at every polite juncture.

-Traffic never stops. Valley highway never moves. They always say that they’re expanding the highways. Construction never ceases. You’ve been stuck in dead stopped traffic for hours. You never find the source of the traffic. You’re starving and tired, traffic doesn’t move. You fall asleep and wake up hours later, and traffic still hasn’t moved. You arrive at your destination 5 minutes before the time you left.

-Everyone has a friend of a friend who was present during the Columbine shooting. Nobody talks about it, everyone knows. School lockdown drills are frequent. They last for hours on end.

-You stare out the windows on the lightrail. The bridges that raise the train high above the ground make you uneasy. It feels as if it’s tipping, but it never falls. No matter how loud you turn your music up, the beeping of the closing doors is always louder. You missed your stop 3 stations ago. It takes an hour to catch another train.

-Everyone knows how to ski. It’s ritual for parents to take their infants skiing as soon as they can walk. They go skiing every weekend. Everyone knows how to ski.

-Foreigners think the smog hanging over the city is pollution. Everyone knows it’s a marijuana haze. The city never has time to recover before the next 4/20. You know the difference between skunk and marijuana instantly. Everyone has a dealer at their disposal.

-Sports Authority has closed down. The name Sports Authority Field still glares at you as you sit in traffic. You wonder what they’ll rename it. No attempt has been made.

-You always know the outcome of last night’s football game, even if you don’t watch football. Everyone watches football. You can’t let them know. You can mention it once, and they’ll laugh, thinking you were joking. Mentioning it again is a fatal mistake. Nobody has gotten over Super Bowl XLVII.

-Everyone knows the man in the robot costume on 16th street. Anyone who has traveled 16th street has interacted with him at least once. You wonder how much he makes. You know to be nice to him. The look in his eye tells you that you wouldn’t want to do otherwise.

-The mountains are constantly in view. You get a sense of anxiety when you can’t see mountains, even if you know you’re in a different state. The mountains control you, they call you. You have to enjoy hiking. Everyone owns a camelbak. The trees close in around you. You wonder how many times you’ve walked in a circle now. You must be close to the summit, you think. The heat kills you before you make it to the top.

-Someone once told you the strange tent formation of DIA’s roof is supposed to emulate mountains. You believed them, but were wary of what else they could be. The blue horse stares you down as you enter. You don’t look it in it’s eye. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to look away. You’ve gotten used to the feeling of being watched.

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Hello... sorry to bother but could you rec some sweet and cute yoonseok fics? (Length doesn't really matter) I'm feeling down and my internet is horrible I can't search anything on Google 😭 thank you in advance if you do... I love your blog so much!!!

Peter Pan and the Lost Boy by wicked_lovely (6,323)

Hoseok is cast as Peter Pan in the school play, and all he wants is someone to practice his lines with. Little did he know, he would find his own lost boy this way.

Medicated by sixtieshairdo (1,893)

As they were not allowed to have their mobile phones with them while attending a music show, they were only aware of the stream of ridiculous tweets Yoongi had posted only after the show ended, which led him to frantically worry that Yoongi had gotten himself drunk from their stash of alcohol in the house. Yoongi had not only taken photos of their televised performance and posted them with random captions, he’d also insisted that he loved them all twice, but the icing of the cake was his tweet that he was washing cherry tomatoes, ending it with his iconic Cypher part 3 closing line, “chop chop chop”.

The others had simultaneously groaned and cackled upon reading Yoongi’s tweet-vomit, but Hoseok was out of his mind worried that the stubborn little fool had gotten sick from alcohol poisoning and that he’d find Yoongi lying in a pool of sick once they entered their house.

He didn’t find Yoongi surrounded by his vomit on his bed. In fact, he didn’t find Yoongi on his bed at all.

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes (74,943)

Because Yoongi doesn’t know how this started, or how this will end, but he knows this simple fact: he knows that there is a love between them that is much fiercer than the burning sun. There is that love then, and there is that love now, and surely there will be that same love the next time.

(Or: the one where they’re reincarnated over and over again and Yoongi meets a different version of Hoseok every time but Yoongi is the only one that remembers.)

selene, interrupted at his music by jellyprince (tricycleamoving) (1,516)

“I want to look for my mother.” Yoongi blurts out. The weight of his choker suddenly feels more obvious, the crescent moon pendant heavy at the hollow of his throat.

In which Yoongi is a son of Selene, and Hoseok is the son of Dionysus that keeps him grounded.

Bright Light by signifying_nothing (6,288)

in which yoongi’s ridiculousness is hilarious, until it isn’t anymore.

Bitter & Sweet by soranosuzu (10,021)

Yoongi has been going to the same coffee shop every day for over a year now. He enjoys everything about his morning routine until Hoseok shows up and turns everything upside down. (In which Hoseok is a barista and Yoongi is a salty little shit)

color ring by jisoos (1,178)

hoseok swears he’s going to strangle his soulmate the second he meets him because are you serious? mint green? who the hell dyes their hair mint green? au where your hair changes color whenever your soulmate changes theirs.

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes (8,574)

Maybe Yoongi is actually really kind of fucking gone for his best friend.

(Also: Hoseok can’t sit on a secret for very long because he’s terrible at keeping secrets, which is only ironic because he loves Yoongi, too, and Yoongi hasn’t figured it out yet.)

Assembly Required by idyllicblue (6,851)

Hoseok finally moves out to live on his own but is all thumbs when it comes to putting furniture together. Thank god for a certain mint haired Ikea employee.

a question of luck by bazooklets (bazooka) (4,654)

It all started, Hoseok was pretty sure, when he was in his last year of college - and his body had gone on strike after way too many years of abusing it through cram school and tests and all nighters to finish papers at the last minute. It all started when he’d had six hours of sleep over five days and fell into bed and stared at the ceiling. It all started, Hoseok was pretty damn sure, with The Guy.

In which Hoseok has insomnia, and Yoongi has a really really nice voice.

It’s About Time

Requested by an Anon: Can you do an imagine where the reader is with Juice and is Chibs’ daughter. Juice and reader have been married long before he ever joined the club and everyone finds out the two are married and is surprised except Chibs.

AN: I’ve changed time frames, to make the story work.

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Lucewood/Locklyle 11

Lockwood: Did it hurt?

Lucy: *rolls eyes* Let me guess, when I fell from Heaven?

Lockwood: No

Lucy: What?

Lockwood: *grins* Did it hurt when you fell for someone as great as me

Lockwood: *high-fives George*

Iris (Matt Murdock x Reader)

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Love is a simple four letter word, but that didn’t stop it from being so damn complex. The entire prospect of love wound you up until your eyes formed hearts and your stomach resembled butterflies. Love made your cheeks stain red and heart beat twice as fast. Love pained deep down to your gut when you knew it wasn’t mutual.

You happened to fall in love with the most complex of men, Matthew Murdock. He withheld such a difficult beauty that trapped him in four walls that he kept up to most people. Except you. He opened up to you so calmly. In fact, you were one of the first to know about his vigilante alias. He trusted you to accept this second persona, as crazy and dangerous as it is.

And you did, you accepted the fact that he couldn’t just sit back and let his city be ripped apart. To be honest, if you had the same abilities that he possessed, you would do the same thing. Matt was as blind as grass was green, but that didn’t stop him from doing good in the world. The world needed some good.

With loving him, came many consequences that kept you in disarray. Undeniably, there was always a bubble of threat around your life. There as always something to protect you from. You were also the only one he trusted to cater for his injuries despite the fact that you were just a pianist.

So, when Matt showed up at your doorstep in the middle of the night, full to the brim of bruises and blood, you knew what you needed to do.

You shuffled towards your front door, clad in your sweats, tank top and fluffy socks, preparing yourself for the sight. It all got a lot worse when you actually saw him. His suit had a small tear in the lower torso, hinting that he was shot.

“I need your help,” He groaned, his hand pushing pressure on his badly wounded torso.

“I think these are a bit out of my reach, do you want me to call Claire? Or even Foggy?”

Matt winced as he shook his head, attempting to stand up straight from leaning on your wooden door frame, “Claire means hospitals, hospitals mean a revelation. I just need your help and a steady pair of hands.“

He hooked his arm around your shoulder and you slowly led him over to the bed in your stylish studio apartment. When he finally lowered down onto the white sheets, you quickly reached up and pulled your hair into a messy ponytail before shoving as many towels as you could find onto the bed, to minimise the bleeding.

“I can’t do this, Matt. Please, let me call Claire,” You protested, rushing off to grab a first aid kit.

“(Y/N), you can do this, okay? I will talk you through it, but please get this goddamn bullet out of me,” He begged, hand finding yours and giving it a squeeze. Sweat was merging with blood on his forehead, pooling in the creases of his furrowed forehead. As your gaze quickly shifted to his, you noticed his eyes beginning to droop closed.

“No no no no, stay with me for this. You’ve gotta stay awake, Matty.”

He just nodded weakly, lacing his bruised fingers in the fabric of your white bedsheets, “Tweezers, (Y/N). You need tweezers to- ah!- dig into the wound and get the bullet out.”

You grabbed the long tweezers, lowering them to hover over his wound, your once shaking hands now somewhat still despite being as nervous as hell, "Right.”

Matt took your free hand, pressing a kiss to your knuckles as you took a deep breath, pushing the tweezers into his bullet-hole. First he let out a low hiss, squinting in pain. Then, he began screaming. His hands clung to the sheets, his bruised face crumpled up in agony. His screaming drew to an end when you had successfully retrieved the bullet and all metal had been removed from his body. Sewing up and cleaning the wound was no problem to either of you.

That was three hours ago.  The pair of you were on the sofa- the only sound being the washing machine that was washing your bloody sheets and the clock, ticking four-am. You sat, criss-crossing your legs and running your hand through his dark head of hair, which was in your lap.

You wanted to sleep, but had too much adrenaline to do so. Matt wanted, and needed, to stay awake, but his energy failed him.

You had placed your mug of tea on the coffee table and sat back on your sofa when he had risen from his spot in the bed, shuffling over to you.

In the process of moving to curl up on the couch with the potential love of his life, he hit his shin on the glass coffee table in your open plan lounge. “Shit!”

“Jeez, that tables been there for years.” You spoke through a quiet chuckle, standing up to help him.

Matt laughed weakly, allowing you to lead him onto the couch where he (slowly) collapsed into your lap, “(Y/N), i’m blind.”

“Woah, no way! Really?” You teased, “How many fingers am i holding up?” You didn’t bother to actually hold your hand up, just trailed your fingertips over Matts forehead and hairline.

“Did you seriously just ask a blind guy how many fingers you were holding up?”

“Yeah. Deal with it,” You smiled softly, hands moving to push through his hair, nails barely scraping on his scalp. The strands of his brown hair weaved around your fingertips and you fiddled with it softly, bringing the conversation to a close. The silence remained lingering for a few minutes, but not at any point did it become awkward. It was comforting to hear your heartbeat, and soft breathing.

Matt was the one who broke it, “Will you sing to me?” He asked.

“Sing?” You murmured, running your thumb over his cheekbone, “What’d you want me to sing?”

He just shrugged gently, his hands folded on his stomach, over where his bullet wound was. You took a quiet breath, your voice clear and warm through the cold room and late of the night.

And I’d give up forever to touch you, cause I know that you feel me somehow,” You started tentatively, pulling the sleeves of your cardigan down to cover your hands before carrying on, “You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be, and I don’t want to go home right now.”

Matt had closed his eyes, yet he didn’t fall asleep. He was listening to your voice, admiring it, indulging in it. “And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life, and sooner or later it’s over. I just don’t wanna miss you-”

You looked down at him, the bags beneath his eyes that were barely recognisable under all of the cuts and bruises that scattered his face like constellation. You looked down at him, the adams-apple in his throat bobbing as he swallowed, mind drowning in thoughts of you. You looked down at him, realising something. Something pivotal, something beautiful. You were in love.


Matt was in love too. In love with the undeniable care you held for him. In love with the voice, with the laughing and the crying. In love with the beauty inside you that even a blind man could see clearly. He was in love with. He was in love with you.

And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.

So maybe right then on that day, in that very moment, it would have been the perfect time to kiss. She would blush and he would smile and then they’d fall asleep until eleven am, wrapped up in each others arms. That’s not what happened, not then anyway. It was four thirty fell asleep shortly after her song, in her freshly made bed. It was five thirty when she finally fell asleep, tucked under a blanket on her sofa. It was eleven am when they woke, but their kiss never came until another week and a half of events.

That’s a different story.

Scott Moorhead was just five years years old when he fell I’m love for the first time. At an age when most of us were still sticking bogies under classroom desks, grappling with the challenge posed by shoelaces and learning to excuse ourselves from school dinners by secreting the worst excesses (brussel sprouts) into the pockets of our shorts, young Scott was already intent on carving up hearts. “Her name was Blythe Elliott and I would ache for for her just to come through the door,” he says, and his eyes twinkle at the memory.
“I drew pictures of dinosaurs for her on the chalkboard. My mother and her parents had the foolhardy notion for me to go over and spend the night at her house. I remember golden music played in my ears when they suggested it. There was a kind of pale eroticism about it. We’d been playing all day. She had a big brother in the next room who was shooting at the walls with his dart gun like a f***ing psycho. I was staring at him and it was like ‘hi, way to go.’ And she was like…I just adored her.
"And I kissed her on the elbow and she said 'stop it.’ Then we had a little adult peck on the lips. Then that night when we’d taken a bath and we had our jammies on and we were ready for bed, I remember us walking in a circle together with my arm around her shoulder. We walked around three times, all the time talking, and then we stopped and we kissed. Then we walked around and again and kissed again. And that’s what lovers do. They go walking, then they stop and kiss. Then they walk and and stop some more, then they stop and kiss. A few weeks later I had to move away. That was my first heartbreak, and it was long.”- Jeff Buckley, Melody Maker, August 27, 1994

12 Years

Request: Can you make an imagine? Of your reaction when Sirius gets out of prison. And it’s just all fluff. Please.

Word Count: 1,259


12 years. It had been 12 years since Y/N had seen the man she loved. 12 years of trying to move on with her life and accept that he was gone. It had been 11 years since she was able to eat properly once again. It had been 10 years since she had stopped calling Remus when she couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. It had been 9 years since she had stopped crying. It had been 8 years since her sleeping schedule had returned to almost normal. It was never quite the same. It had been 7 years since she had begun to feel like a person again. It had been 6 years since Remus had started urging her to see other people. “Love, he isn’t coming back,” he had told her softly. She knew he was probably right, but she wasn’t quite ready to give her heart away just yet. It had been 5 years since she had given in, and attempted to find someone else. She never got past a first date. Her heart still belonged to the man who had always held it. It had been 4 years since the nightmares had stopped, aside from the occasional random occurrence. It had been 3 years since she took a new job, hoping for a fresh start. It had been 2 years since her last breakdown. It had been 1 year since she started singing again.

12 years alone in the house they had purchased together, not being able to to bring herself to move. 12 years and she never stopped loving him. 12 years and not a day went by that she did not miss Sirius Black. 12 years that she had spent hoping that one day she would see him again. As soon as she started having doubts, that one day came.

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Late nights

Just a little something I wrote because I can’t sleep. I really need this right now.


Late nights with Harry were always memorable. But the best times were when it wasn’t even night anymore; it had long passed into the next morning but you were too hung up on eachother to care.

You were sitting on the couch, some reality show playing in the background but neither of you were paying attention. This type of night always started off with deep conversation, but eventually transformed into mindless giggles and stupid jokes when you were both too tired to form real thoughts.

His arm was around you, tightly tucking you into his side while you felt his chest vibrate after your latest remark. A quick glance at the clock told you it was just after four in the morning, and you weren’t exactly sure how you’d managed to stay up this late.

You found yourself looking up at Harry while he studied your face, a soft smile forming on his lips.

“So fucking pretty.” He muttered, leaning down to kiss your lips in a sloppy way that left you leaning in for another one after he pulled back.

He still had that smug smile after you were both done, his lips slightly redder now.

His hair was ruffled, and there were clearly bags under his eyes, but neither of you wanted to sleep. Why would you give up such a perfect moment like this, just because you were a little tired?

“You know how much I love you, right?” His voice was extra raspy now, sending chills down your spine as heat rose to your cheeks.

“Hey now,” He leaned down to kiss both your cheeks, tilting your head back up so you could see his little smirk again.

“No blushing, baby. ’S'just me.”

His thumb lazily trailed over your cheek, keeping your face gently held in his hand. The contrast of his cold metal rings was soothing against your hot skin, making you lean further into his touch and close your eyes at the comforting feeling.

“But in case you didn’t know… I love you, like… freaking loads, baby.”

You both started laughing, because as much as either of you tried, nobody could seem to get the right words out.

“I love you too.”


It was almost five when you finally fell asleep. Your head was leaning on Harry’s chest, and he laid awake for longer than he’d admit just because he wanted to admire you. How your hair fell in front of your face, that adorable freckle under your left eye, and the way your nose subconsciously scrunched whenever he tapped it. It was so peaceful; he wished it could stay this way forever.

Within a few minutes of falling asleep, you woke up to shift so your head was laying in his lap, your face snuggled into his tummy.

He wanted to move you both into the bed, but you just looked so comfortable; and he was already starting to doze off as well. He was pretty sure he’d trip up the stairs if he tried to get up now.

He knew he shouldn’t fall asleep like this, because he’d wake up with an awful cramp in his neck the next morning if he did, but it was a little difficult to move with your head on his legs.

His hand slowly stroked through your hair, trying to wake you up without startling you.

“Baby… Hey, we just need to re-situate here; wake up, gorgeous.”

His soothing voice finally made you stir, and he was quick to help you sit up and get some pillows and blankets ready on the couch.

“All better, yeah? Let’s get you all comfy again.”

He laid down, pulling your back against his chest and fighting to keep his eyes open so he could make sure you were comfortable. The couch isn’t exactly meant for sleeping, but it certainly works when you want to be extra close.

He smiled when you half-consciously turned around, nuzzling your head into his neck and releasing a content sigh. He loved holding you any way, but this was by far the best. Keeping you tightly pressed against him, he loved feeling your warm breath tickle his neck while you slept. And it left your lips in the perfect position to place kisses all over him when it was finally time to wake up.

He rubbed your back until he eventually didn’t even have the energy to keep that up anymore, and he kissed the top of your head before closing his eyes.

“I love you, baby.”

He knew you couldn’t hear, but he hoped those words worked their way into one of your dreams somehow. Because you always needed to know you were loved, even at five in the morning when you were asleep.

At that moment, you were both right where you needed to be. Happy, peaceful, but most importantly- together.

i walked with you once upon a dream (Chapter One)

olicity || ao3 || mature || angst || 1704 || more fics

summary: Connected since their respective births, Oliver and Felicity were soulmates. What started off as a person that they dreamed of at night, a person they had never before met, turned into the greatest thing they could have imagined. (summary written by @daniellepanabakery)
chapter word count: 970
chapters: 1/?
a/n: i’m so excited to present y’all with the first chapter…. seriously, lemme know what you think. I’m so curious to know! Also thank you again @yellowflicker09011996


It started when she was five. Felicity fell asleep one night and dreamed of a boy. He was older than her, but not by too much. The dream was a little fuzzy. She could see his shape and some details in his face. When she tried to reach for him he seemed to move further away. Even at such a young age it frustrated her.

She dreamed of him often. As time went on it seemed easier to reach him. She could get closer and see more details. He was blonde and had squishy cheeks. Felicity was so determined to see him completely. To meet him and say something to him. She thought it would only get easier, but her progress took a turn. Her movement seemed to slow, to drag on.

She realized that he wasn’t doing anything to try to reach her. If he wasn’t working just as hard to come to her then they weren’t going to make any progress at all. The thought made sense to her, anyway.

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I watched the Farmer Refuted Gremlin thing and Samuel's so adorable?? You did such a good job on it, and everything else on your YouTube is amazing! The satisfied animatic is probably my favourite. I want to submit art I did after watching the gremlin thing but I almost fell asleep about five times when drawing it and it looks kind of bad.

aaah thank you!! 

pfft don’t say that, i think it’ll look amazing!!

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Dans ass

Author’s note: I hope this is sort of what you had in mind lmao, it’s pretty short, about 500 words, because honestly, how much can you say about an ass, even if it is spectacular. 

 Phil was always the first to admit that he loved Dan’s ass. Looking at it, touching it, spanking it, eating it, fucking it, he loved it all, loved the way it looked when his hips slammed into it, causing the plump flesh to bounce with every thrust. Ever since the first time he saw it through Dan’s grainy webcam, he’d never been able to get enough.

 Dan knew all of this and was often slightly flustered by Phil’s enthusiastic attitude towards anything involving it. Phil would flip him over before fucking him and spread him apart, breathing warm air over his entrance before teasing him with the tip of his tongue. He would lap over his rim until Dan was begging for more, pressing backwards, embarrassed by his own wantonness but too turned on to do anything about it.

 When Phil had decided he’d teased enough, he’d slowly nudge his tongue inside, thrusting it in and out, adding two fingers to spread him open and massage his spot. He only quit when Dan was writhing in desperation, pleading for his cock. And Phil was all too happy to give it to him, fucking into him hard and fast, spanking lightly over the jiggling flesh, watching as handprints appeared.

 And when he came, usually a minute or two behind Dan, he’d come inside, filling Dan, marking him, claiming him. He’d pull out, tired from the fast pace, but not too tired to slink down to eye level with Dan’s reddened hole, gently pushing two fingers in, swearing at the feeling of his own cum seeping past them. He’d press them into Dan’s prostate watching him squirm and whimper but otherwise just lay there and take it, like the good boy he begged to be.

 After a while he’d take pity on the boy and stop his onslaught, but not completely pulling out. Instead he’d gather up as much of his cum as he could, and bring his hand up to Dan’s lips, smiling in arrogant satisfaction as he licked them clean. Dan would blush and whine in indignity, but he’d take them in his mouth anyway, because he was eager to please.

 Phil would wipe them both down and get into bed with Dan then, pulling him flush against himself, just to feel the curve of Dan’s ass as he fell asleep. And when he awoke, usually about five hours later, he’d wake Dan up with his fingers in his ass again, opening him up, getting him ready.

 And Dan loved it, waking up with Phil’s fingers pressed up against his spot, his hard cock straining against his hip. He’d rut back against Phil’s hand, begging for him to just fuck him already. Phil would make him wait though, wait until Dan was truly beseeching and then thrust in all at once, immediately starting in with a quick pace.

 Honestly, Phil loved Dan’s ass any way he could get it, and Dan loved giving Phil what he wanted, so it worked out well, really.

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Favorite yoonseok fics? Btw, your blog is awesome!

ohhh my thank you<3 you are more awesome :* i think these are my favourites, but it’s always such a hard choice!!

Summary: Hoseok works at a flower shop suspended by quantum levitation, high amongst blue skies and drifting clouds. Yoongi is part of an insurgent cell, fighting for the last, the lost, and the least. They meet.

drive to the stars
Summary: It’s not entirely Hoseok’s fault that he’s skipped four reincarnation cycles so if Yoongi would please, please, please just take him back already then that’d be fantastic, thanks.

a procession of seasons
Summary: January and February come cold and burring, but Yoongi only knows the de novo warmth of March.

a question of luck
Summary: It all started, Hoseok was pretty sure, when he was in his last year of college - and his body had gone on strike after way too many years of abusing it through cram school and tests and all nighters to finish papers at the last minute. It all started when he’d had six hours of sleep over five days and fell into bed and stared at the ceiling. It all started, Hoseok was pretty damn sure, with The Guy.
     In which Hoseok has insomnia, and Yoongi has a really really nice voice.

Jack Maynard Imagine- Daddy?

During the majority of his life, Jack didn’t think he was capable of loving anyone. Of course, he had had some intense feelings for this girl and the other, but no one he would want to die for, to say the least. Then, he met you. And when he did, he thought that was it. He didn’t believe he could be more in love with anybody else. That there would never be someone else he wanted to sacrifice himself for, his career, his health, his waking hours, his all. But he was wrong. Oh so wrong.

Under the fiery yet joyful sun sign of Aries, yours and Jack’s little girl was born. The first time he had held her in his arms, which was a few minutes after her birth, it was the first time you had seen Jack cry. He was a silent crier.

From that moment on, she became the center of his world, and you weren’t complaining. He’d feed her baby food, and make her some purée when she threw it all up, because your little girl was all about fancy food. He’d pretend the spoon was a train, or an airplane, or the bus, or anything his little princess wanted it to be.

Until that moment, he hadn’t understood why his parents had treated Anna like a Golden Child; their dad still called her that to this day. Now that he had a beautiful daughter of his own, he understood.

Jack was all about potty training, and teaching her how to walk. He’d dress her in the fanciest clothes, and read her the bedtime story she wanted. Despite being fairly young to have a daughter, you couldn’t complain about his father skills. He always knew what to do, and how to do it right. You couldn’t ask for a better male role model for your little pumpkin, whose features were almost a copy-paste from yours. She had Jack’s deep blue eyes.

Still wide awake, you changed positions in bed so now you were facing Jack, who was looking right back at you with woke eyes “Can’t sleep?” You asked him, lifting a hand to brush a piece of hair out of his eyes.

“Not tired” he spoke before holding your hand in his and kissing it softly. He then put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to keep your bodies warm. You stayed in silence, enjoying the quietness for the first time since the past night.

Since you had had Y/D/N, peace only came at night. You didn’t have a problem with it, since she was so well-behaved and happy all the time, but even parents needed a break. Specially parents, you thought. Jack leaned in and pecked your lips, which were essentially dry. You licked them when he pulled apart, only to close the gap between you two a few seconds later.

“I’m so happy I got you two” he whispered in the silence, making it sound like he was screaming. Your hand went to his cheek, carefully drawing circles with your finger. You couldn’t believe how much you loved the man in front of you.

Or how much you loved your 4-year-old daughter who was now making her way into your room, leaving the door fully open “Daddy?” Her voice sounded scared, yet so adorable you thought you would never get used to it. It always amazed you how she’d call Jack any time she felt something was wrong, just so her daddy would protect her like he always did. He immediately sat up, leaving the warmth of your bodies pressed together.

“I’m here, princess” he said, spreading his arms as Y/D/N ran across the room and into her father’s tight embrace. He kissed her temple and lifted her up so she was now between the two of you. You helped her getting into the covers “What’s wrong, baby girl?” You asked her, putting a hand on her forehead out of instinct. You prayed she wasn’t sick, or you wouldn’t be able to stand a poorly baby and an overly worried husband.

“I’m scared, mummy” she spoke, and pressed her small body against Jack’s bare, toned one. He had been working out lately, and you could say you were more than delighted with his decision. He put both arms around her as you stroke her brown curls.

“No one’s going to scare you, little angel” Jack said softly, kissing her head every now and then “I’ll make sure of it”

You smiled but rolled your eyes. Ever since Y/D/N was born, Jack had been obsessed with the idea of someone hurting his precious little one in any way, and he was more than ready to end some lives. You teased him about not having to worry about that until high school, which only made things worse. You had decided you might as well have a little fun with his paranoid behavior.

“Sleep with us tonight if you want, love” you said, kissing her head as Jack stroke her hair. She nodded into her daddy’s chest.

You snuggled closer again, as Jack put an arm around you so he was now hugging both of his girls. His treasures. Or, as he said, his ‘reasons to live’. You thought he was being a little over dramatic, but if you thought about it, your family was your reason to live as well.

You drifted off quite soon, not understanding how you were now so ready not to wake up in ten years when five minutes ago you were wide awake. You fell asleep while listening to Jack telling Y/D/N her favorite -and you might as well confess yours as well- bedtime story, and the last thought you had before zoning out was no other than the first time Jack and you had met, now wondering how the hell you had gotten so damn lucky.

“I love you, Daddy” you heard, followed by a little yawn.

“I love you more, sweetheart” he kissed her forehead once more “With all my life”

The Reichenbach Fall - Request

Requested by anon: *Can’t load the ask box*

Summary: John and reader are dating, but she is cheating on him with Sherlock. John catches them and the consequences are severe.

Pairing: John x reader x Sherlock

Word count: 3.700+

*This is mainly focused on John and Sherlock.

Warnings: ANGST, ANGST, ANGST. Spoilers from the Reichenbach Fall (also, you would have to watch it to understand). 

A/N: I know this is supposed to be a reader thing, but in all honesty, I think John would be more affected by Sherlock than by Reader, therefore I focused mostly on them for this because “Friends before girls” right? 


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His lips were on her neck, and his hands were on her hips. They were staking on a room, across from a suspect’s place, trying to make it as quiet as possible rather than focusing on the job. John couldn’t know, he must not find out because it was wrong but they couldn’t stop.

It was behind the glances they shared behind his back or the lingering touches when they walked across the crime scenes. It was perhaps under those all-nighters when they made the proper research before going after the criminal.

They were supposed to be spying on the suspect, but it was impossible for them not to keep their hands for themselves whenever the other one was around. Therefore, while John entered the suspect’s flat, Sherlock and (Y/N) got distracted from doing their job.

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I’m in love with you because you make me feel safe. It sounds corny and vague. People always talk about feeling safe with someone and you wonder what it even means. I still don’t really know. All I know is that when I’m with you, I feel like I’m clutching a giant thing of pepper spray or reliving a moment of being carried to bed by my parents when I was five years old and fell asleep in front of the television. All day long, I can feel fragile, like a raw nerve, and when I come home to you, it’s like I just put on the thickest winter coat and installed bulletproof windows in my apartment. ‘Honey, I’m home…and no longer terrified.
—  Ryan O’ConnellThis is Why I’m in Love With You
Thorns (Part 1)

Eric X Rose

Part 2, part 3, Part 4


Cheers and screams fill the air as another Erudite girl lets her blood drip into the water. My breathing hitches as I wipe my sweaty palms on my brown pants. As the girl takes her seat with her family, my name is called.

“Rose Kane.” Blood pounds in my ears as my shaky legs carry me to the hardest decision I will ever make.

The knife is cold and heavy in my hand. I stand in middle of all the bowls, not daring to look back at my friends and family, afraid I will change my mind if I see their smiling faces.

Pressing the sharp tip of the knife to the center of my palm, I press down. Slowly I drag the knife across my palm, not caring about the pain; its nothing in comparison to the anxiety and adrenalin pumping through my system. Taking the knife away I stare at my palm, watching the blood pool against my pale skin. I know I’m spending more time then normal to do this, but I can’t bring myself to choose.

Someone clears his or her throat, trying to tell me to hurry up. I don’t breathe, I don’t close my eyes; I just stand there and watch as my blood drips onto the sizzling coal.

The left side of the room that holds the Dauntless faction erupts. Its not often Amity transfer to them; they are complete opposite factions and hold values that differ vastly.

Walk over to my new family, I am afraid to turn around and see my old one. Taking a seat, I avoid looking across the room; instead I stare at my hand, rubbing the cut on my palm, wondering what initiation would be like.

Surprisingly a girl named Beatrice transfers from Abnegation, which is not as rare as someone transferring from Amity, but she might get more hate for it. Abnegation has been talked about a lot recently; mostly saying that they are unfit to be the government for everyone. There was even a rumor circulating for a while that the leader of abnegation used to beat his son, Tobias. 

I remember Tobias from school. I was younger than him, but I always had a giant crush on him. One day he bent down to grab something, and his shirt rode up, showing a large bruise on his lower back. I always believed the rumors were true since that day, but I never told anyone what I saw. As I got older and the rumors continued I always felt guilty for not helping him, for not telling anyone. I feel I could have saved him, but didn’t. I know he transferred to dauntless, I over heard my parents talk about, since they are leader of Amity, they know a lot about other factions as well. It’s not reason I decided Dauntless was right for me, but I hope I see him and get to apologize for not doing anything.

The ceremony was over, and we were all dismissed. The Dauntless born of course took off running to the trains, while us transfers try and keep up. Suddenly they all slow down, they don’t come to a complete stop, but they start launching themselves at a metal post. Climbing as they whoop and howl in laughter. Beatrice and I stand together at the bottom. I have climbed trees all my life on the farms; this was easy for me. What keeps me at the bottom is Beatrice’s face. She looks scared and unsure.

“Look, climbing isn’t that hard. Don’t think about the ground, focus on moving up.” She just nods clearly still unsure. “I’ll go first, just copy what I do step for step.” I don’t give her time to chicken out; I place my hand on the first run, and pulled my self up. Step after step I make it half way up. Glancing down I see Beatrice following just below me. “You’re doing great!” I shout down at her. She looks up at me, grinning. We make it the rest of the way up, and I lend her my hand, pulling her to the platform.

Just as Beatrice gets to her feet, the platform starts to rattle. The train is coming. The Dauntless born starting running as the train comes around the corner, faster than it looked when I would watch it at school. Beatrice looks at me for guidance. “I have never jumped on I a moving train before.” having to yell over the wind, I decided to follow what the Dauntless born are doing, and motion for Beatrice to follow me.

My feet pound the metal runway, adrenalin once again flows through my veins as wrap my fingers around the door handle. Throwing my body into the train, I land on my right side, sending a shooting pain down my arm. Looking at the door I realize Beatrice isn’t on the train yet. Scrambling to my feet, I see she is just a step or two away from being able to grab the handle. Grabbing the handle on the inside wall. I extend my left arm out for her to grab. Her hand wraps tightly around my forearm.

Using all my strength I pull Beatrice into the cart with me. Lying on my back, I grab my right shoulder. I have only felt this kind of pain once. When I was about five I fell out of an apple tree and dislocated my shoulder. Thankfully there was some adrenalin still in my system, otherwise I would be crying in front of all the other initiates.

“Thank you.” Beatrice sits up. Taking another breath I a sit up with her, and place my back on the train wall to stabilize myself. “I’m Beatrice.” She holds her hand out. I grasp it limply, mostly because I was in pain and could barley raise my arm.

“Hi, I’m Rose.” We both start laughing at the absurdity of the last ten minutes. I hold my shoulder as we sit and talk. A condor girl named Christina joins us as well. I think I just made my first friends.

  It’s not long before people start to move around. We hear someone shout about jumping, and the three of us go to see what the commotion is all about. Sure enough, a little further up people are launching themselves onto a roof. Some of them are graceful while they rolled, some are even so good they just land on their feet and walk it off. While Beatrice and Christina contemplate the fact that they will have to jump, I am trying to figure out the best way to land as to do the least amount of damage to my shoulder.

Christina and Beatrice grab each other hands, planning to jump together. Beatrice extends her hand to me, and I just shake my head. I don’t have time to explain that I couldn’t, I can’t move my arm. Beatrice looks a little hurt at my refusal.

Taking a few steps back I start running and leap over the large gap. My feet hit first. I tried to make it so I could stay on my feet and just run it off, but the impact caught me off guard and I summersaulted forward.

Lying on my back, I hear Christina and Beatrice land behind me, laughing. My breath was caught in my throat, and I brought my hand over my shoulder. The pain was white hot down my arm, I might even pass out its so bad.

Christina and Beatrice walk over to me, Crouching down they ask if I was all right. The wind was still nocked out of me, so I could not speak. Worried looks took over their faces, as they looked at each other, unsure what to do.

“Initiates, gather around.” I can’t see the person the voice belongs to, but it sounds strong and demands everyone to follow its instructions.

Everyone does what the voice says, murmuring a little, until falling silent under what I would assume is the gaze of a terrifying man.

“You two, what are you doing? Come over here now!” The voice barked; causing Beatrice and Christina to part, showing me to person the voice was coming from.

I try to sit up. I have a feeling the person attached to the voice would cause me more pain than my shoulder if I didn’t.

Struggling, the girls step aside as a tall, well built man walked over to us. Looking down at me, I make eye contact with his striking blue eyes. The blue looked almost unreal, but the look behind them brought me back to reality, as they looked ready to murder.

“Get up initiate.” He commands at me. Trying my hardest I make it to my knees, when his patience runs out. Grabbing me by my shoulder, I let out a scream I didn’t even know I had in me. He immediately releases me, leaving me on my knees.

Crouching down he inspects me shoulder, then without a word, snaps my shoulder back into place. My forehead hit the ground as I gasp in a breath, trying to breath through the pain.

“Stand up.” He commands at me again. This time I hold my shoulder and stand. Lifting my head I look him in the eyes once again, glad I haven’t cried yet.

He places his large hand on the middle of my back, and leads me to front of the pack. Standing next to a raised ledge. He begins to speak, while I stood by his side.

“Initiates, my name is Eric and I am a leader here at Dauntless. Behind me is the way in.” He gestures behind us to the giant black hole in a roof.

“Is there water at the bottom or something?” A tall Erudite boy speaks up.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Eric smirks, enjoying everyone’s discomfort. “Now, luckily for everyone there has already been a volunteer to jump first.” Everyone starts looking around at each other, wondering who is going to step up.

Eric turns towards me, a wicked glint in his eye. “Your up Amity.” He nods to the ledge. I don’t argue, I don’t speak, I just step up onto the ledge.

Looking down I don’t feel any fear, surprising even myself. Taking a step off I start falling. Despite the pain in my shoulder I start to smile. It feels so freeing to fall like this.

Landing on something that absorbs my impact, my smile is gone as my shoulder screams in protest. Staring at the sky above me, a noise makes me turn my head, seeing I’m on a giant net; suddenly it dips, and someone is pulling me off it.
Once my feet are on the ground I look up at the hands that pulled me off it.

“Name?” Tobias stares at me waiting for my answer. Shocked at seeing him, I don’t say anything. “Come on name? And choose wisely, you can’t change it after.” Looking at the ground I consider his question. I don’t want to be anyone new. I am still me, which will never change.  

“Rose.” I say strongly. Tobias’s head turns slightly, maybe he recognizes me.

“First jumper, Rose!” He shouts out, and cheers erupt around me, revealing people I never knew were there.

Beatrice comes down next. She changes her name to Tris, but  I am too busy staring at Tobias to care. Tris and Christina talk, while I am thinking of how I am going to talk to Tobias, when Eric jumps down, landing on the net. He rolls off himself, refusing help from Tobias, who barley offers any to begin with.

“Okay, new transfers go with four.” He points to Tobias. That must be his new name down here. I’ll have to remember that.

“Dauntless born your with Lauren.” Everyone starts to follow their leader when Eric wraps his hand around my right arm, holding me back. Four notices this and stops, turning to Eric with an annoyed look on his face.

“She is coming with me.” Eric says with no explanation as to why. Four looks like he is about to argue with him, and then decides against it.

Turning around everyone follows him once again, leaving me alone in the dark with the terrifying Dauntless leader.