when the day seems lost from the start

It hurts a little less every other day. I still cry almost every night when I’m alone. The silence of the room and the loud noises in my head gets me every time. I haven’t figured it out a way to stop the memories from coming to visit, but I’m getting there. My heart feels heavy still, not as heavy as the day I knew it was over and watched you leave. I’m starting to find some pieces of my broken heart, I’m trying to fix it but they don’t seem to fit anymore. I guess some parts will always be lost, but I’m starting to learn that that’s okay. I think I will be okay.
 I will be okay.
—  G.P., SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 2:29AM
The Alison We See Isn’t Alison

This isn’t some elaborate theory but more focused on the little things that I’ve side-eyed. Have you noticed when Alison got back, she’s been more lowkey and clueless? Some say it’s because Bethany (Alison’s twin) took Alison’s place while the real Alison is still lurking in the shadows. I highly recommend the in-depth theory of this idea which is a video on YT. It’s on the long side (an hour and twenty minutes) but it’s oh, so juicy.

However, I’m just pointing out things to go along with the Bethany has taken Alison’s place theory. The main points here is Alison’s sudden lack of knowledge that we’ve all noticed. Starting from when “Alison” just came back.

One would think that Alison would want her gang of girls to walk her during school because this is her first day back and she should have some kind of support system. But what if I told you it was because it was “Alison’s” first time being in Rosewood High and she needed her friends to lead her to places without seeming like she’s lost? Bethany has been locked up for majority of her life and with this new identity, she has to make it seem like everything is normal. Even if she has absolutely no idea what to do sometimes.

From there, Bethany has been continuing Alison’s identity through the journals she used to write. You know, the journals Alison kept so the girls could “continue her legacy”?

Bethany found the diaries and studied them front to back - memorizing every little detail so she could pull this off flawlessly. However, she couldn’t continue the nastiness that was Alison’s sense of ownership over the girls. That’s the difference between them. Alison feels like she’s a god towards the girls while Bethany cherishes the friendship. Isn’t it weird how throughout the early seasons of the show when Alison appeared to the girls in “hallucinations”, she’s acted exactly how she was before she “died” but as soon as she comes back, she’s completely different and less dominate? How could she be completely cryptic, talking to Aria in true Alison fashion one moment-

Then 3 weeks later (In PLL Time season 3-5a was A MONTH), be this completely vulnerable girl who is trying to stay lowkey and blend with the curtains? 

The entire demeanor and aura has changed, it’s like two different people…

I also think this explains that weird thing that happened between Alison and Caleb in season 5. We all believed that maybe Alison knew Caleb from somewhere and they were keeping it hush, hush from everyone else. But maybe….that’s not it. From the journals, Bethany knew Ezra, Toby, and Paige, which counted for all of the girls’ romances but last time Alison was around, Hanna was on the thick side and had no romantic interests. Now, Hanna is with Caleb. And it made Bethany nervous. He was the only person she had no background information on and it worried her. This is why her guard was always up with him - what if he finds out about her secret?

(Even when Ali apologized to Paige, her apology was very basic. “I was mean. I’m sorry. For everything.” She couldn’t go into specifics because she didn’t know them. In that moment, it’s better to play the “for everything” card to be safe and cover all bases.)

However, although it was used as a blueprint, Alison didn’t write everything in those journals. That’s where Bethany had to freestyle. But sometimes, she wouldn’t know exactly what to say in certain situations. For example in 7x16 when Emily asked a question that she and the viewers have been dying to know since season 1:

Just when we thought we were going to figure out the reason behind Alison’s behavior towards Emily years ago, we get an “I don’t know”. That’s because Bethany doesn’t know why Alison treated Emily the way she did - she never wrote that in the journals. Even going into 7x18 with Emison’s intimate moment, “Alison” said she dreamed of them at the kissing rock. Did she really dream of it…….or did she read about Alison’s little idea and just went from there?

That would explain why so many Emisonians wonder why Alison never brought up their history with the kissing rock - it’s because Bethany doesn’t know it. Also, this sentence said by Alison was also a bit odd.

Emily and Alison escaping to Paris was a dream, something she had in Welby but her leaving? Where to? It can’t be her wanting to leave Rosewood because she made the active decision to stay while everyone else left so that brings us back to leaving where again. Alison did in fact leave. She left when she “died” - that wasn’t a dream but her reality for 2 years. But if this was Bethany, her wanting to leave Radley for so long……that could be a dream she had. A long-term fantasy.

This Bethany turned Alison change would also make sense why “Alison” has a soft spot for Charlotte. Majority of us and even the liars cannot understand the reason WHY Alison would pick Charlotte over the girls. Charlotte tortured them, trapped them in a dollhouse, almost killing them several times and all of a sudden, Alison is sympathetic because “she has a sister” and wants the best for her? Even begging the girls to testify for her release despite everything she has done to them? That was a slap in the face to everyone. The bogus idea of “this is my sister” is exactly that, bogus, and I believe the real reason is because Alison Bethany identifies with Charlotte. They have this sense of relation with being locked up like animals and now that she’s out, she wants to care for Charlotte and get her out as well. That’s why “Alison” kept pushing for the liars to help her, not really caring for their own trauma.

With the possibility of another set of twins running around: whether it being Alison or actually Spencer, there are some pretty interesting evidence stacked up against both of them. Alison specifically.

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Do you do prompts? Like, I literally just read the series and then the whole of Tumblr was like, pointing their collective fingers at you as The Fanfic Author. If not, I'm happy to read everything you write. If so, Andrew realizes he can tolerate the cats more than he thought because they try, in a cat way, to protect Neil maybe when he's sick or something or a stranger is over? And he's like, "Same, cat, same."

i don’t take fic prompts anymore sorry, but i made you a little nerdy headcanon because you’re the sweetest (also, hit up my ao3 for most of my fics too, if you haven’t :D )

little ways andrew learns to appreciate the cats:

  • king is quite gentle and cuddly, but sir only allows physical affection from humans on his own terms, very rarely. it’s not like andrew is surprised by the careful way neil deals with sir when he makes it clear he’s not interested today, but it’s kind of nice. besides, you know, how he’s kind of comparing himself to a skinny moggy with a penchant for sending people to hospital for antibiotics
  • they’re really picky about who they like, and it’s amusing that nicky and kevin are both beyond terrified of two tiny animals that are quite happy to spend time with neil and andrew both
  • neil is much more inclined to be tidy when there’s a chance one of them might have hidden half the corpse of a small animal in the mess of his apartment
  • he’s also much more likely to go grocery shopping when the cats get low on food than when he is, so it’s less likely that andrew will come back one day and find neil has starved to death
  • both cats sleep on the bed when andrew isn’t there. the cat hair on his side of the bed when he returns is irritating, but he knows neil sleeps better with a weight on the other side of the mattress these days
  • they seem to have a sixth sense for when neil isn’t having a good day, inserting themselves into his lap or winding around his legs, filling space on the couch and purring gently against his ribs when neil might spend a long time staring at the ceiling blanked out. they help
  • they’re an anchor, when neil might want to run or when he’s lost inside his own head. for a start, they insist on being fed twice a day. loudly. neil’s obligations to them are good, and different from his sense of obligation to andrew, because the cats need care just like neil needs, sometimes, to care about something
  • also, andrew is warming to them, too. hard not to, considering how insistent they are about worming their way into his…affections. rather like neil, he supposes
Soulmate Seungkwan

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

The world is a beautiful place in so many ways. There are brilliant landscapes, small acts of human kindness, and all sorts of captivating things that can catch an eye or turn a head. 

But the one thing that intrigues you most is the certain kind of beauty which is hidden away- by nature itself- by the unfathomable laws of the universe- by something no one quite understands.

There are things only certain people can see. 

When you look down at your body, you know your skin is covered all over in intricate tattoos; yours are bright, all ribbons of pastel colors, weaving together into decorative symbols, shot through here and there with the brightest threads of glowing gold. But no one else can see the marks. To their eyes, you have empty skin. 

Indeed, the only person ever able to see the tattoos that mark another is the one connected to them in their very soul: the other half: the Soulmate.

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 2:29AM.
It hurts a little less every other day. I still cry almost every night when I’m alone. The silence of the room and the loud noises in my head gets me every time. I haven’t figure it out a way to stop the memories from coming to visit, but I’m getting there. My heart feels heavy still, not as heavy as the day I knew it was over and watched you leave. I’m starting to find some pieces of my broken heart, I’m trying to fix it but they don’t seem to fit anymore. I guess some parts will always be lost, but I’m starting to learn that that’s okay. I think I will be okay.
I will be okay.
—  G.P.
The bird on my shoulder

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So, this is my first time posting. @travelwithwords requested this to save me from my writers block, so here goes! Also, probably wouldn’t be posting if it wasn’t for her, so thank you! 

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You took your time - Jeff Atkins (part 1 ?)

Originally posted by sadiaxxstylesxxstiles

Pairing: Jeff atikins x Reader

Word count: 1295

Enjoy xxx

It was already your second week at your new school. Your dad moved here so you had to move with him and leave all your friends behind. You weren’t really sad about leaving them. You were friends with them because they were the most bearable people not because you had much in common with them. You once had a boyfriend, after him chasing you for 5 months and you growing feelings you decided to give it a try. Maybe for once believe in love. Love was something you gave up on since you were 5 or something like that. Your parents were the worst couple ever, you had to face their horrible and enormous fights every night and caught your mom cheating on your dad on top of all that. When you were 12 they decided to divorce. You never really saw a good and healthy relationship so you thought something like that didn’t exist but you decided to give it a try. But when you forget your English notebook and you walked back in class your believe in love disappeared forever. He was hooking up with some cheerleader. Your parents, but also your stupid ass ex-boyfriend, gave you some serious trust issues. You became more the type of girl to do some innocent flirting, it was easier than let your heart get broken again.

On your first day you made one friend, his name was Clay. He had to show you around the school, he was shy at the beginning but after you made some sarcastic jokes about how great school was he started to melt a little and he laughed with you. From that day you spend all your free time with him. Clay was such an honest and caring person, he almost made your question your trust issues. He helped you with school work because you were a little behind, he always sat with you during lunch and when you were lost in the huge building for the 100th time he always helped you find you way. With a clay by your side school seemed bearable.  With Clay you dared to open up again, even tho the friendship was pure platonic he made you trust someone again. You told him everything about how broken you were, how you skipped school for 2 weeks when you found out and how you became so cold.

It was a Tuesday when you were lost again so you decided to call Clay.

“Hey y/n, what’s up?”

“I’m standing at a door with art on it, how do I get outside?”

“You’re lost, again?”

“I’m so sorry  Clay! But this school is like a huge maze.”

“To the left, to the left, straight ahead and at the end again to the left.

“Clay is it really 2 times to the left or do you just like to quote Beyoncé?”

“Just follow what I said.” He said while laughing.

“Oh and y/n I still have your history book, I’m at the library, can you come pick it up?”

“Clay, Where is the library?”

“When you’re outside at your right y/n.” he said with a little sigh.

“On my way babyyyyy!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“I do want I want babyyyy.” You said while laughing with a slightly frustrated Clay.

The library wasn’t really your thing, you didn’t have to put much effort in school. It seemed like when you read or heard something it got stuck in your head forever. Which was a gift since it gave you extra time to focus on volleyball.

When you entered you saw Clay sitting at a table in the back with another boy, he had brown hair and a very good looking face. He had broad shoulders and mesmerising eyes. A good subject to make some trouble with, you thought by yourself.

“Well hello there Clay, who’s your handsome friend here?” you said while winking at the other guy.

“Seriously y/n, we’re studying. I’ll need your book for another ten minutes, is that okay? And his name is Jeff by the way.”

You sat next to Clay and opened your biology book you had with you. You weren’t really going to concentrate. You started with putting your pen between your teeth while throwing some serious flirtatious looks at Jeff. You also licked you lips a couple times while looking him straight in the eye and getting books from the shelf in front of him, in this way he had a nice view on your butt. As hard as he tried to focus on what Clay was saying his glance always came back to you. You heard Clay say they were finished for today, while you were writing down a last note.

You took your book and handed a small note to Jeff.

“You should call me, if you like.” You said with a wink before walking out the library.

When Jeff opened it, it had your number on it.

“Damn Clay that new friend of yours is hot. She’s totally into me, don’t you think?” Jeff said while staring at your number.

“I’ve seen her flirt with a couple guys. Don’t get your hopes up to high. She told me what she’s been through, she’s trouble Jeff. Not that I don’t like her she’s fun and nice to hang with but I don’t think you can handle such a beautiful nightmare.”

“I think you’re underestimating me Clay.”

“No I’m not, I know you’re good with girls but this girl has been through a lot Jeff. She’s got some trust issues you can’t make them disappear with one of your cheesy pick up lines.”

“Cheesy? Dude, Hannah liked it. Instead of judging my pick up lines you should thank me for having a girlfriend right now.”


You were home alone because your dad went on a date with someone he met at a coffee bar a couple days ago. You were making dinner when suddenly your phone rang.

“Hey y/n, it’s Jeff.”

“Well hello Jeff, you took your time on calling me didn’t you?”

“I wanted to call you earlier but I had some homework to do. What are you doing?”

“Cooking my dinner, I’m home alone. Do you feel like joining me maybe?” you asked on a flirtatious tone.

“If you don’t mind I would love too.” Jeff said.

10 minutes after the phone call the doorbell rang and a very handsome Jeff Atkins stood at your door. He was wearing a nice blue t-shirt and black jeans. The shirt made his shoulders look even wider.

“Come in, dinner is ready. I hope your hungry cause I’m really bad at..”

Suddenly Jeff pined you against the wall.

“You better be sure I’m hungry, but not for the food.” Jeff was with you in this flirting game, you hoped. You wouldn’t want anything more than take him with you upstairs. You got to admit the flirting from earlier turned you on a little but you wouldn’t want Jeff to get attached.

“So you want to do this hunh?” you asked while scanning him from head to toe.

“Is that even a question?”

“Well Jeff before all this you got to know I don’t do attachments or anything that even comes close to relationships.” You said while caressing his abs and stopping right above his belt.

“I don’t need attachment to make you go wild babygirl. We can do this sporadically if you’re into that.” He said while he winked at you.

And with that you were sold for Jeff Atkins. You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him upstairs. Once entering your room  you pushed him onto your bed and started to undress very slowly not breaking any eye contact.

“I’m going to make you feel good Atkins, really good”

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

The One Thing I Can’t Live Without

[Summary]: When Tony gets word of a mission gone wrong that you, his fiancee, and another Avenger were on, everything falls apart. But being stranded and having no communication back to base, how will you let Tony know you’re okay?

[Pairing]: Tony x reader (mentions of the team)

[Warning]: slight angst

Requested by: Anon

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A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry this has taken such a long time to finally get written and posted. There will be a couple references to Iron Man 3…

(Image credit goes to @duckbuttt)

It had been two years since Tony slipped that diamond engagement ring on your finger. You being a part of Tony’s life had changed him and he couldn’t be more happier.

You had joined the Avengers 10 years ago after Bucky had found you during a mission and the team found out you had assassin skills and some form of aurakinesis. You were more than happy to join since you had no where else to go and had no clue if you had a family or not. But the team was able to fill that gap as time went on.

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Bad Dreams

Hi guys! I know I said that I’m really busy with classes, but I really wanted to give my brain a break from school, so I wrote this! I haven’t ever really written for Peter Parker, but I had a request to do so, so I tried my best! I hope you like it!💘 Basically, Peter has an awful dream where the reader gets hurt and seeks her out to make sure she’s alright and it’s fluffy and soft!
Bad Dreams
Peter Parker barely had a chance at a pleasant morning. He could never wake up smiling, thankful for everything the world had to offer him that day. Instead, he woke up to a choking, invisible grip around his throat and a horrible fear that he’d wake up, and she wouldn’t be in class, or walking with her friends into his high school. He always awoke to the terror of her being gone.
Peter’s latest nightmare was laced with so many horrific thoughts of her flailing through the sky, or being held hostage by a villain who was merely trying to get to him. He could never get to her in time. She always fell too fast, or he was too slow, or her captor was too much for Peter and Tony couldn’t get there in time. Peter had suffered through so many horrific visions of her death, that he could barely close his eyes to blink.
Her shrieks rang in his ears. She had been calling for him. Not in a needy, sexy way, but in a panicked, horrified tone of voice that was barely even her own. Peter had become so accustomed to her soft, shy, barely-there whispers of “hello” and “good morning,” that anything else was too bizarre for Peter to wrap his brain around.
He always saw her the same way too. Her hair looked wispy, her skin had lost it’s glow and it laid dully against her skeleton. The concrete she’d been laying on would be splattered with scarlett. When he first saw her with red streaks clinging to her shirt, he thought she had looked as though she has just left her art class.
She always seemed to smear paint on her somehow, in between the start and end of the day. She loved painting, but was still shy about loving her art class. Peter sat at the table across from her and all too often wished that he could photograph the serene smile that crossed her face as she began to mix her colors of choice.
Peter blinked up at his ceiling and began to convince himself to move out of the soft confines his covers offered him. He had to see her. Just to watch her walk to class, to laugh with her friends, to watch her sip coffee, and watch her mix her paints would make him feel better.
Glancing at his clock and realizing that he was almost too late to even show up to his first period, he hurriedly began his morning routine. He threw on a sweatshirt, brushed his teeth with a force so great that he was almost positive one of his teeth wiggled, and grabbed a poptart. He wrenched open his front door and tumbled down the steps of his home.
Peter was so jittery and jumpy throughout his light jog to school, that when someone’s dog barked at him, he dropped his phone onto the cement and let out a shout of surprise.
When he finally arrived he pushed through the front doors and rushed off to his language arts class. If he could just make it through this class, he could be with her, or at the very least, catch a glimpse of her smiling, breathing, very much well and alive form. He clicked his pen anxiously and ignored everything the teacher said about Sophocles.
After an agonizing 80 minutes, Peter lept up from his seat before the schoolbell even finished ringing. Peter’s vision was bleary while he made his way through the halls. Everytime he rounded the corner of a new hallway, he scanned around, eagerly searching for her. He even saw her friend, but she wasn’t with her, even though the pair walked to class together everyday.
Peter was starting to panic. His hands shook so horribly that he could barely unzip his backpack to slip his cell phone into the front pocket.
He peaked around the corner and into the art class, but again, she wasn’t sitting in her assigned seat, or gathering supplies to finish her picture. Peter was going to throw up. He needed to find her.
Rushing out of the double doors of his high school, he figured he may as well check out the nearest Starbucks, because when she ditched, that’s usually where she went. Forcing himself to think coherently, Peter decided to look for her at the nearest Barnes and Noble and then the library, because she went there often every two to three days. If all else failed, he’d wait until nighttime and he would stake out her house.
Peter rushed through the grass so perilously that he collided with a tiny, breathing wall that smelt of honey and vanilla.
Her voice was confused, but not agitated, even though Peter had just knocked her to the ground. “Peter, are you okay?”
Unable to stop himself, he grasped her hands, and brushed her hair back to look into her puzzled eyes, before yanking her into his chest.
Her arms wound themselves around his neck, “Not that I don’t love hugs, but Peter, what’s going on?”
Peter’s eyes shot open and he forced himself to release her. “Shit, I’m really, really sorry! I promise I’m not a creep, I just- I was just,” it was getting harder and harder for him to talk to her without getting choked up. He was so scared that she was gone.
For those few hours that he was unsure if her whereabouts, it had felt like his soul had evaporated and drifted out of his body. All of his bones felt too big for his skin and he’d wanted to claw them out. His lip was bleeding inside of his mouth from where he’d bit down too hard. Peter had been so scared. He didn’t know if he’d be able to go on without her.
“Let’s go home, yeah? You look ill.” She said, rubbing a soft hand up and down his arm. Slipping her hand into his, she led his down the sidewalk and into her apartment.
Their walk had been silent but she hadn’t let go of his hand.
Closing the door behind her, she ordered him to sit down while she made him something hot to drink.
“Wait,” Peter called out, shooting up from his place on her couch, “can I come with you?”
Doing her best not to look confused, she nodded, outstretching a hand for him to hold. “Peter, what’s going on?”
He followed her into the kitchen, hot on her tail, “I just had a nightmare.” He paused, “about you, being, you know, gone.”
“Where did I go?” She asked, climbing onto her countertop to reach the mugs on the top shelf. After she finally brought them down, she remained sitting in the counter, with Peter standing so close to her that their knees knocked together if either of them moved.
Doing his best to not reveal his secret identity, Peter mumbled, “you got hurt. And I couldn’t stop it.”
Pulling him closer to her, she tangled her arms behind his head in a warm embrace. Her breath tickled his ear and her lips were practically touching his neck when she responded, “I’m not hurt, I’m here and so are you. Everything is okay.”
Feeling a blush spread across his cheeks, Peter nodded. “Never gonna let anything happen to you.” He pulled away to look her in the eye, “I mean it. Never.”
Peter pressed his mouth onto hers and kissed her for the first time. She tasted sweet and her lips were sticky and Peter knew it was because of the lipgloss she wore everyday. He hoped it would stain his own lips because then it would be like taking a piece of her home with him. He didn’t even care if May saw, in fact, he hoped she would see because then she’d never stop teasing Peter about it. And if May never stopped teasing him about it, Peter would never forget that it happened.
The tea she had meant to prepare for him, however, remained completely out of both of their minds.

Crazy for You

A/N: This was a request! Basically it is where Draco falls in madly in love with a Gryffindor Reader! I hope you like it and this is what you wanted!

Warnings: Feels

Originally posted by thetimelordsofbaskerville

“Hello you lot!” Y/N said with a bright smile. “Oh, hello Y/N!” said Harry Potter making Y/N blush slightly. “Hello!” Ron and Hermoine said in sync. It was a normal day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Y/N was a third year sitting at the Gryffindor table during breakfast with the rest of her housemates, but specifically the Golden Trio. Y/N had fancied Harry for a while without him realizing. “Any new adventures planed for today?” Y/N asked with a smile. “No, it just seems to be a normal day today, if you can consider anything here even normal” Ron said inbetween eating. “Do you ever stop eating?” Hermoine asks Ron, he just shakes his head. “So what will you three be doing on this seemingly normal day?” the slightly blushing Gryffindor said. “I plan to study” Hermoine said, “I plan to relax” Ron said with his mouth full. “I have to practice for quidditch, after all we are playing Slytherin in three days.” Y/N slightly frowned at this but then smiled again. “Well you all seem busy so I’ll probably head to the library to study as well.” Hermoine and Ron had figured out that Y/N had liked Harry a long time ago.

Meanwhile at the Slytherin table, the Silver Trio ate peacefully. Blaise and Pansy were talking to other Slytherin’s while Draco stared at the girl he was madly in love with. Her name was Y/N. The unfortunate thing for him was she was a Gryffindor and there was no possible way they could date. Besides, basically everyone but the man himself knew about Y/N’s crush on Harry, so Draco stood no chance. To add on to his misfortune Gryffindor and Slytherin seemed to basically be enemies.

After breakfast Y/N and Draco both had a free period. Draco saw Y/N in the hallway and started walking towards her trying not to make it to obvious. Draco saw his opportunity and was about to take it. Y/N noticed this and was curious what the Slytherin Prince wanted with her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into an empty classroom.

“What do you want Draco?” Y/N said a bit nervous, her heat beating slightly faster than normal. Draco’s hands started to sweat slightly. “Listen Y/N I-” he hesitated. “I need a favor” Draco said slightly nervous. “That depends on what it is, and did the Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince just hesitate?” “Not a word about this” “Is that your favor?” Y/N asked jokingly “No, of bloody course not.” He paused staring at her. She looked at the clock. It was now in between classes. “Just tell me later, we both have to get to class now” then the Gryffindor left him alone. Draco’s heart hurt that he had lost his opportunity to tell the girl he loved how he felt. He felt disappointed in himself.

For the rest of the day the two didn’t see each other. But when Y/N saw Harry she didn’t seem to feel the same way towards him like she normally did. She shook the feeling off and just assumed it was from classes being exhausting. For the rest of the week the two didn’t speak a word to each other nor did they see each other. Draco started to lose sleep thinking about how he should talk to Y/N and his friends were getting worried about him. During that week Y/N seemed to have lost interest in Harry and wondered why. Hermoine and Ron noticed this and decided to confront her about it.

Y/N was in the Gryffindor common room staring into the fireplace thinking about why she felt differently. “Y/N?” Hermoine said as she sat down next to the other girl. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Hermoine with a smile. “Hello Hermoine!” Y/N looked over and saw Ron too. “Hello Ron!” Ron looked slightly awkward so he started towards the boy dormitories before turning around “Well I’ll leave you two to it” and with that, he left.

“What’s up Hermoine? You seem worried about something” “Y/N, you’ve been acting differently this past week. Is something wrong?” the Gryffindor said concerned for her friend. “No, nothing is wrong I just feel, empty you know? I don’t feel the same around Harry anymore and I don’t know why.” Hermoine looked at you slightly confused. “Maybe you fancy someone else, or just stopped fancying Harry?” Hermoine said with her head slightly tilted. “I don’t know, but we need to sleep. Goodnight Moine” Y/N said getting up and walking to the girls’ dormitories. “Night…” Hermoine responded staying on the couch. “Something is seriously wrong with that girl” Hermoine whispered to herself.

The next morning at breakfast Draco stared longingly at Y/N from across the Great Hall. He had large bags under his eyes from not being able to sleep from thinking about Y/N all week. Y/N glanced up and saw him staring and her heart stared to beat quickly. She blushed immediately and then quickly looked back at her food. What was wrong with her? Draco noticed this then quickly pulled out a piece of parchment paper wrote something on it and sent it over in a paper crane to Y/N.

The entire Great Hall noticed this crane flying over everything and watched where it was headed. When it landed in front of Y/N, she looked up and saw it, then noticed everyone looking at her and she blushed like a ripe tomato. Y/N quickly unfolded the paper while people whispered and pointed at her. She read the note in her mind.


Meet me at the astronomy tower at 8pm tonight.


“What does it say?” someone yelled. Y/N just ignored this and got up and left the great hall. Hermoine, Ron and Harry were slightly worried, so they followed. “What are you doing?” Hermoine said once they had caught up with Y/N. “Trying to decide” “Decide on what?” Harry said. Y/N’s eyes widened and she quickly responded “N-nothing! Nothing of importance!” She giggled nervously and ran away from where she was. Y/N had decided to take a walk around the school and think.

During both Draco and Y/N’s free periods they saw each other in the hall. Y/N quickly rushed away from him. The Slytherin worried that he had taken it to far, but he still showed up at the astronomy tower. Draco came at 8pm on the dot.

At 8:05 he thought maybe she was just running a little late.

At 8:10 he thought maybe she had to go to the bathroom.

At 8:15 he thought maybe she had run into some friends and was talking with them.

At 8:20 he thought maybe she was cold and forgot her scarf so she went back to get it.


He was certain she wasn’t showing up at this point. Draco ran his hands through his hair worriedly. What if something had happened to her? What if maybe she decided that she- “Sorry I’m extremely late” Y/N said. Draco stiffened, then he ran up to her and hugged her tightly taking in her scent. Y/N heart raced and she blushed, as she stood there awkwardly, being hugged by Draco Malfoy. She awkwardly hugged back. “Um, ok?” The Gryffindor said still slightly confused. Draco quickly stopped hugging her, turned around and straightened himself up. “S-sorry” he blurted, “No, no it’s ok, I understand. You were worried I wasn’t going to show up. Why did you invite me here anyways?” “T-that favor I had to ask of you” he said turning around to face her, his heart racing also. “What about it?” “I want to ask it of you.” Draco said nervously. “Ok go for it.”

Draco took a step forward. Y/N just blinked, slightly nervous. He took another step towards her. They could both feel each other’s breath. Draco put his hands on Y/N’s cheeks, leaned in and kissed the girl he was crazy for.

Y/N’s eyes widened at the action. She felt electricity in the kiss. At that moment she knew he was the one. The one she was in love with. The one who had made him lose her feelings for Harry. Y/N kissed back.

Draco was surprised when she kissed back. He hadn’t expected it at all, infact he had thought she still had feelings for Harry. In that moment he knew that she was all his. Draco pulled away from the kiss and just looked at Y/N with her staring back at him. “Y/N for the longest time I’ve fancied you. I genuinely love everything about you. When I found out you liked Potter, I felt like I had to repress my love for you, but I couldn’t. Y/N, I-I’m crazy for you" Draco confessed. “Oh Draco-” “I completely understand if you don’t feel the same way” The Slytherin said cutting her off. “I was going to say, you’ve made me realize that, I’m crazy for you too” Y/N said with a smile. Draco was shocked at this discovery, this caused him to smile back. Y/N pulled Draco by his tie towards her and kissed him passionately.

Future Mrs. Benn - Jamie Benn #4

Originally posted by puckinginsane

about/request: If you want could you write Jamie benn fluff where you two just got engaged and you have a super sweet day just hanging out and talking about hownto knew you loved each other and talking about future family and stuff. Please and thank you!!

warnings: none

authors note: this was grossly fluffy like it is full on total fluff so i hope you like it!!

word count: 1365

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You live on(Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: imagine damian lost his wife in childbirth but ended up with twins ( one boy and one girl )
Summary: Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth. 
Word count: 712
Warning(s): death.

All good things seem to come to an end, even for the best of people. Today was supposed to be a happy day, you two would finally see your babies for the first time, after waiting eagerly for nearly nine months. 

But right from the start when you started to feel contractions, things went wrong. You started heavily bleeding, by the time Damian had driven you to the hospital, you were starting to go into shock from blood loss, and you were rushed to a OR. Before they ushered you away “No matter what, you have to be strong for me, Damian, for them darling, it’s too late to run away now.” you told him, giving his hand one final squeeze.

The doctors did all that they could, but their first priority was saving the kids. By the time they got to you, you had lost too much blood to be brought back. They tried anything and everything they could, but there was no use.

I’m sorry mr. Wayne we did all that we could, but we did save the babies, they’re in intensive care.” Damians heart broke, he couldn’t imagine a life without you, a life as a father for two, he felt unready and unqualified.

For the first week of the babies lives, he tried his best, but that all collapsed when he went to your funeral, to send you off to your final journey. He soon realized that there was no way he would be able to handle the pressure alone as much as he wanted to and temporarily moved into Wayne manor again. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and soon half a year had gone by.

Damian was still broken, unable to be the father his children so much needed, his family pitched in as much as they could, Alfred being the primary caregiver, they tried to understand the young man, the grief he must have felt. But Bruce saw a deeper problem.

He saw, in a way, the same thing happening to his grandchildren as happened to him. Of course you weren’t killed in front of them, but with you gone, Damian was as good as dead. 

Damian was in his room refusing to come out, to eat, when Bruce had finally had enough. “Damian,” He said knocking on his bedroom door, “Go away father,” He said firmly. 

Bruce wasn’t having it and walked into the room, opening the closed curtains, before sitting at the foot of his sons bed. “Damian, you need to get yourself together.” Bruce informs, pulling the covers away. “What’s the point, y/n’s not here anymore.” Damian drily responds.

Those children need you Damian, they need a father.” Bruce tries to convince his son.

They’re better off without me,” Damian sighs. Bruce stands up starting to leave the room, “Come on, I need to show you something,” he tells his son, who groans but gets up nonetheless.

He follows Bruce through the manor, stopping behind the open door of the nursery, where Dick and Tim were playing with the small twins. “They look so much like her, don’t they?” Bruce asks Damian, who just coldly nods, “What is the point of this,” He asks back.

They’ve already lost their mother, they need you now more than ever.”  He shows, as they both step in the room, even though Damian does it very reluctantly. Both of the children are sitting up, and their father quickly catches their attention. They both reach towards him, squealing in excitement. After all, their interaction with him had thus far been limited, but they still recognize them nonetheless. 

The bliss in the children’s eyes when Damian sat down in front of him was immeasurable. They both had your eyes, Damians skin and hair colour and your facial features. It might have hurt Dami more to see his passed spouse in the children, but in a way it brought peace to him, to know that you will forever live in those two young fragile children.

He runs a finger over either of the children’s hands, causing them to happily to grab onto him. Bruce knew, that he had succeeded in bringing the small, broken but healing family back together. Damian swore to be the best father he could be.


With love,

By Moonlight

Word count-1476

Characters-Reader, Sam, Dean, Jack

Warnings- Lost and Found spoilers, angst, fluff if you squint a little.

Summary-A visit to the bunker turns into a night comforting the boys.

A/N-I got this idea this morning after sleeping on the events of the season premier.  Thank you to @missjackil for letting me borrow her head cannon, this story wouldn’t be the same without it.  

Unbetaed, so all mistakes are my own.

Tags are below the cut  If you’d like on or off my tag list please send a message or an ask.

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I’d shown up at the bunker for a visit just as the boys were leaving to find Castiel.  I offered to go with them, but they asked that I stay and hold down the fort.  They wouldn’t tell me exactly why they didn’t want me to go, just that there was a nephilim involved.  I agreed on the condition that I got the whole story when they got home.

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Priorities - Part 2

Part 1

Davey couldn’t get Jack out of his head. He tried so hard to think about anything else but he found himself writing Jack’s name on cups all throughout his shift at the coffee shop and handing over the wrong orders to the wrong people at the fast food place. It had been years since he’d had a crush on anyone beyond thinking the boy ordering coffee was cute, but he didn’t remember them being this all-encompassing. So Jack was cute, and charming, and earnest, and sweet but that didn’t mean he was allowed to run riot in Davey’s imagination and take up all of it and constantly tease him with ideas of what it would be like to go out on that date.

Putting Jack out of his mind was easier said than done, but Davey knew it was for the best. He went to a different grocery store next time they needed food, just so he wouldn’t run into him again, and he tried to stop all those dreams about Jack’s smiles.

“Are you okay?” Les asked him over dinner one evening. “You seem… weird.”

“I’m fine,” Davey said quickly, choking on the potato he’d been in the middle of swallowing and spluttering for a few moments until he could reach out and grab a glass of water to ease his throat.

“Yeah,” Les said, raising an eyebrow. “You seem totally fine.”

Davey shot down any further comment with a glare and Les knew that enough was enough, but it was painfully obvious that Jack was affecting his life far too much for someone he’d only really met once. He needed to move past it.

He changed laundry day, hoping Jack had a schedule he’d stick to that would mean they wouldn’t bump into each other at the laundromat. He didn’t have the time to walk to the next one away, so the old store would have to do. Only when Davey walked in, Jack was sat in exactly the same place he had been the last time, scrolling through something on his phone. Davey was just about to reverse out of the door and run for the hills but his movement caught Jack’s eye and suddenly Jack was fumbling with his phone and earnestly scrambling to his feet and Davey was reminded just how attractive he was.

“I’m so sorry, I promise I’m not stalking you. I figured you wouldn’t want to see me so I came on another day, but apparently you had the same idea…” Jack rushed through the words and Davey couldn’t help but find it endearing. “I can go, if you want?”
Davey knew it would be best if he did. But he couldn’t help himself from shaking his head and taking a step towards him. Jack was the only person with whom he felt like he’d had a real conversation in what felt like forever and he was keen to repeat it. So, he did. He piled his washing into the machine and took the seat next to Jack, letting that feeling of lightness sweep over him as he talked to another human like he was a person and not just an orphan or just a pseudo single father.

This time Jack owned up to when his own washing was done. He stood up at the beep, only twenty minutes after Davey had sat down, and sadly pulled out his washing. It might have only been the second proper meeting he’d had with Davey, but he wasn’t keen to leave. Especially with no idea when, or even if, he’d ever get to see him again.

“Still won’t take my number?” he tried, knowing it was a risk.

Davey bit his lip. If things were different he’d have taken it in a heartbeat.
“I really don’t need the temptation,” he sighed. “I want to call you so much.”

He didn’t mind admitting he was attracted to Jack. It likely wasn’t news to him with the way they’d been flirting playfully.
“Then do it,” Jack encouraged, catching Davey’s hands to stop him winding his fingers together so tightly. It was the first time they’d properly touched since Davey had run into Jack at the store and they both looked down at the point of contact like they were trying to work out if it crossed some sort of line. But neither of them pulled away and Jack cleared his throat, continuing with his plea. “Or text me, whatever works. I just want to see more of you.”
“Jack…” Davey blushed, unable to stop the warm fuzziness that swam through his veins. He hadn’t had anyone speak so candidly to him since his last boyfriend. “I can’t. I have to look after my brother. It’s just not a good idea for me to start dating or get involved with anyone. I can’t even afford someone to look after Les for a night so even one date is just not on the cards,” he explained sadly.

Still, even as Davey said the words he let himself imagine what it would be like. It would be too easy to step forward into Jack’s arms and kiss him – they were still practically holding hands and the other people in the laundromat were starting to stare and whisper.

Jack let go of his hands to reach into his pocket and Davey was sad to lose the contact. When he was confronted with the exact same scrap of paper from the first time Jack had tried to offer him his number, he started to protest, but Jack just cut him off.
“Be my friend, then,” he suggested.
“Sorry?” Davey asked, convinced he’d misunderstood. He didn’t really have friends.

Jack just shrugged.
“We don’t need to go on a date,” he promised, although he was still hoping that, one day, things might chance and that date might be on the table. “You just… you seem like you could do with a friend, Dave.”

Jack knew a fellow lost soul when he saw one. It was a plain of existence he’d inhabited a lot before Medda had adopted him, and he wanted to help lead Davey back to earth. He wouldn’t flirt unless flirted with. He wouldn’t beg for a date. He wouldn’t push Davey into anything he didn’t want.

“I… I guess you’re not wrong,” Davey admitted. A friend sounded good.

“So here. Please use it,” Jack held out the number again, grinning when Davey finally took it. “Even if you just need someone to talk to.”

“Thank you,” Davey smiled genuinely.

He folded the paper in half and tucked it carefully into his wallet. And he really was planning on using it. Maybe not for a phone call – that seemed too formal – but texts sounded nice. The only contact he ever used in his phone was Les. It might be a healthy change to be able to have a friendship with another adult.

Davey did start to text Jack, but he needn’t have bothered. The universe seemed intent on bringing them together and they’d invariably see each other at least twice a week whether they planned on it or not. They weren’t dates, Davey was adamant, but they’d shop together and talk as their laundry span in the machines. It was comfortingly domestic and Davey found himself looking forward to errands just to see Jack’s smile. Sometimes he’d sit up in bed texting Jack and wonder if it was considered inappropriate for him to ask him to send him a selfie just so he could see that grin.

Les noticed the difference in his brother, because of course he did. Davey was happier more of the time and was actually learning to relax. Whatever was happening to him, Les knew it was good. And he suspected it was a boy, because no one smiled inanely at their phone like that unless they has a crush on the person receiving the texts they were sending – but Davey wasn’t telling him about a boyfriend so Les decided that, at least for the time being, it was better to keep quiet and keep watching.

It wasn’t long until Les met the guy Davey was clearly infatuated with. Davey had picked him from up school and they were a couple of blocks away from home when someone had shouted out to them and run over the road, dodging a couple of cars, to say hello.

“Hello Jack,” Davey laughed. “I’ve told you not to do that. You’re going to get yourself killed one day.”
“It would be worth it,” Jack teased, grinning. Then he tore his gaze from Davey’s eyes and realised they weren’t as alone as they usually were. “Oh, hello! You must be Les.”

Davey shot him a warning look that he couldn’t quite translate but he was pretty sure it meant something like behave.

“I might be Les… That depends on who you are?” Les asked skeptically, folding his arms.

“Les, this is Jack. My friend,” Davey explained.

Jack held out his hand for Les to shake and started asking him about school. They ended up walking as they talked, mainly so they didn’t hold up the bustling New York pavement, and Les watched carefully as Jack seemed to know the way to their apartment block. Jack did know, of course. He’d walked Davey back home dozens of times, always wanting to spend as much time in his company as possible. This time he stopped at the entrance to the building, knowing Davey would want to keep up boundaries.

“Well it was good to meet you, Les,” Jack grinned, offering the boy a fist bump before turning to Davey and slipping into that soft smile that was reserved for him and him alone. “See ya later, Dave.”

He tipped the newsie cap he was so fond of wearing and whistled as he walked away. Les watched as Davey watched him go. This had to be the person Davey was always texting. He approved – Jack seemed cool. He’d been telling Les all about the art projects he got to work on and the galleries he’d been featured in and Les had never known someone with a job like that.

Keeping quiet for most of the evening, Les made it until ten o’clock before he just had to ask.

“Is Jack your boyfriend?” he said casually as Davey tried to shepherd him into the bathroom so he’d brush his teeth.

The question caught Davey off guard a little. He’d been hoping Les wouldn’t notice the way he was drawn to Jack. But even so, they weren’t together.

“No,” he said firmly, hoping to nip the conversation in the bud. But this was Les, and the interrogation continued.

“Why not?” he asked. They were clearly interested in each other. He wasn’t stupid, he’d seen how they walked next to each other like they were both hyper aware of their hands, as if they wanted to reach out to take the other’s.

Davey sighed. He avoided this conversation inside his own head but it wasn’t as easy to distract Les with a tome of Russian literature as it was his own mind.

“It’s just for the best,” he mumbled.

"But he’s gay?” Les pressed.

Blushing, Davey shrugged. He’d been carefully avoiding the topic of sexuality with Jack. They both knew the other was queer but bringing it up would just lead to the elephant in the room.

“I’m honestly not sure,” Davey said, because Jack had never told him what label he preferred. “But yes, he’s attracted to men.”

In hindsight, he shouldn’t have fed Les’ interest in the matter.

“Are any of those men called Davey?” Les grinned, knowing he was getting somewhere.

The blush got worse. Davey could have lied. No, he has a boyfriend. No, he doesn’t like me like that. No, it hasn’t come up. But he couldn’t bring himself to.

“…maybe,” he admitted, quietly.

This was the kind of gossip Les wanted to hear. He leaned forward conspiratorially, wanting to hear about the boy who made his brother happy for the first time in years.

"Have you kissed him?” he asked.

“No,” Davey said firmly.

"Do you want to?”

Davey faltered. He did. He really did want to kiss Jack. There had been countless times where he’d been close to leaning in for a goodbye kiss after Jack left him at his door after they’d been shopping. It just always seemed to natural, as if it was the right end to what wasn’t a date but always felt like one. He wasn’t sure what Jack would do if he ever did try it, but he was pretty sure the reaction would be enthusiastically positive.

“I think it’s time for you to go to sleep,” he said pointedly to Les, trying to signal that the discussion was over.

Of course Les wasn’t about to let it go.

“So you do,” he grinned, triumphant.

Getting information out of Davey wasn’t always easy. If he was protective of something, then he defended it fiercely. Any little nugget of knowledge was something to celebrate.

“We’re not having this conversation,” Davey growled. He tried to poke at Les to get him up off the sofa and getting ready for bed, but his brother didn’t move.
“Actually it looks like we are,” Les laughed.
“Drop it, Les,” Davey warned.

Les pouted. It was rare that Davey treated him like an adult and he was getting tired of being shut out from the difficult life Davey life had to keep in order to look after them both.
“Just talk to me,” Les pleaded, and Davey could hear the genuine sadness in his voice so he gave in.
“Fine!” he sighed, lifting his hands up in defeat. “Okay, I want to kiss him.”

“Aha! Knew it!” Les sang, good-naturedly taunting his brother just a little.

Davey rolled his eyes and grabbed a cushion from the sofa to hit at Les with it gently.
“It’s not a secret,” he pointed out.
“Then why were you guarding it like one?” Les teased. “Why don’t you kiss him, then? I have eyes – he wants to kiss you, too.”

Swallowing, Davey looked away. He had eyes too and he knew how Jack looked at him. He just tried to ignore it, which was a lot more difficult when someone else was pointing it out.
“I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t get into anything like that.”

Les flinched.
“Because of me?” he asked gently, worried that the answer would be yes. He didn’t want to be the reason Davey wasn’t able to have a life.
“Because of a lot of things,” Davey shrugged, trying not to place any blame on his brother. This wasn’t on Les. This was on the universe for taking away their parents and for putting far too much responsibility on his head far too soon.
“You should get to be happy,” Les frowned. Jack seemed like something that would help with that.
“Thank you,” Davey smiled, touched. “And I am happy, I promise.”

He had his brother and he had his health and he had a friend in Jack. That was enough. His life could be far worse, he knew that, and he was determined to be content with what he did have.
“If you say so…”

Les was unconvinced but he climbed to his feet and went to brush his teeth. It wasn’t much, but it was one little thing that made Davey’s life just that bit easier.

anonymous asked:

hi! I was hoping to get number 8 with blackwatch!genji please. it can be nsfw if you do that (it's up to you) thanks!

The tension was palpable in the little bit of air between the two of you.

Genji’s eyes, glowing red as a side effect of the cybernetic enhancements, stared deep into yours. They were sharp and filled with emotion. His chest was heaving with exertion, nearly touching yours with each inhale. Your hands were so close to his, held on either side of his head. You were hovering above him, never touching but so, so close.

Unconsciously, you’d been leaning down, angling your head towards him. Your lips were on a path for his. Slowly, your fingers crawled towards his head, ghosting over his cheek to rest against the metal plate covering his jaw.

“I dare you,” he breathed, letting his eyes fall closed.

The click of the plating sounded louder than it was in the silence between the both of you.

In the time you and Genji had been growing closer to one another, you’d never once seen what he looked like beneath the armor he wore. He was too vulnerable, his wounds too fresh, but after almost losing you in combat, he swore he’d show you.

Your eyes followed the path of scars and seared flesh, tracing them lovingly and instilling him with a sense of courage he was sure he’d lost the same day he lost himself.

He kissed you then.

His brother asked him years later what started him down the path to inner peace. He thought about it, thought about all the time spent with Zenyatta, but none seemed to stick out particularly.

Then, he remembered the look in your eyes when he’d pulled away from the kiss. He remembered the feeling in his chest as you tugged him back, eagerly meeting his lips once more. He remembered every moment of the night; the soft words spoken, the cries of pleasure, the feeling of peace.

The truth was, that kiss was what truly began his journey, and with you by his side, he never faltered.

At the Zoo - Chapter 3

Thank you, really, to every single one of your comments on the previous chapter.

I was afraid you would hate it …. really afraid.

A little reprieve for our favorite baker, now. Time for him to look at the Red Pandas. (I know, they are the cutest ever.)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31 and @dandelion-sunset for their beta skills and their help in making the story right :)

To @akai-echo you are a true artist, a magician of the images … thank you for lending me your talent.

I know, it’s not Monday, but I’ll be busy like a bee tomorrow so … early present :)

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3.  Ailurus fulgens.

“Have you written or painted anything lately?”

Peeta turned away from the windows he’d been gazing through for a couple of minutes - he had been lost in the simple movement of the willow tree, whose branches had seemed to be swaying with the gentle music of the wind.

He looked at Dr. Aurelius, seated in the armchair on the other side of the little table, looking the same as ever, focused on him, the same little smile on the corner of his lips as any other day.

And nodded.

“Which one?” the doctor asked, curious.

Peeta just shrugged. What did it matter to the doctor?

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Back from Hell

(requested by  lottiekami97 )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 355

Reader is a witch and a friend of Kai. She helps him get out of Hell and control his vampirism because she is in love with him.
*not my gif

NOTE : I really hope you like the story @lottiekami97 :) It was so much fun writing it , at some point I thought about maybe splitting it in two parts , but later on decided to stick with just one. I’m super proud of this one and really hope you guys like it! :)
Also if anyone has any requests or questions or just wants to talk about Kai -
send it all here.


After escaping Hell , Kai thought that this was it - he was given a second chance to live but soon he realised he wasn’t actually alive. Part of him was still stuck in Cade’s psychic dimension and if he was to stay out of Hell , he’d need help… and there was only one person he could trust with this.

It was already dark outside and Kai had no idea what time it was but judging by how empty the streets of Mystic Falls were , probably around 1-2AM. He walked for about half an hour before he found himself in front of Y/N house. Funny how his time in Hell hadn’t erased the memory of her. Most other things seemed fuzzy but not his memories of  Y/N.
There was no light coming from the inside and for a moment Kai hesitated - he was going to wake her up, but there was no other choice. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell a few times. A few minutes later Y/N opened the door. She was in her pjs. Kai felt a peck of guilt for waking her up. She glanced at him and her face went pale , as if she had seen a ghost.
“Hey.” Kai said nervously , pausing for a second. Y/N looked the same except her hair was a little shorter than the last time he’d seen her. ‘Mind if I come in ?’
Y/N stood frozen in shock at the door.
“You look like you have just seen a ghost…” he laughed.
“K-kai ?“ she stammered. It wasn’t possible. She had seen him die , Damon killed him … “Is it really you?”
He laughed a little. “Um yeah , I’m back. Sort of. Miss me ?”
Y/N seemed to snap out of her initial shock and she pulled him into a hug.
“Oh my God!” she said , happiness and relief in her voice. “I thought I’d never see you again ! Come in.” Y/N said realising why he was stuck at the door at first - being a vampire now , he needed to be invited in.

Kai stepped inside and pulled her into another hug. Y/N was the only one of the Mystic Falls gang who never judged him or hated him. She was, in a way, his best friend and it only just hit him how much he had missed her… but their reunion celebration would have to wait.
She closed the door and they walked into the living room.
“How are you here ?” Y/N asked unable to take her eyes off of him.
“I am not sure exactly. I was in Hell and suddenly I could see Mystic Falls so … I just went for it… I am not alive , tho. I can still touch things so I’m not a ghost more like a psychic imprint.” he started to explain but suddenly seemed lost and sad. “I need your help to get me out of Hell. All the way out.” he added.
The look on Kai’s face surprised Y/N , she had never seen him scared.
“Its horrible there.” he said , his head in his hands “You are on fire all the time and ghosts from your past come to peel your skin off but none of that compares to the horrors you face when Cade shows up. Those are the worst days.”
Kai looked broken and Y/N hated seeing him like that , it was breaking her heart. “Lets get to work then.” she said determination in her voice.  She took Kai’s hand leading him upstairs to the small room where she kept her grimoars.

*** ***   (continues after the cut)    *** ***

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Desperate (Part 1) - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asked: Can I request some angst with jason x reader, where they are both young, she’s a college student, but she ends up pregnant and doesnt know what to do

A/N: As I mentioned before, this is going to be long so it’s going to be divided in parts, unless you wanted to end like this. Hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

Words: 1909

You and Jason had been dating for less than a year, you two first met when you were on a bar, stressed out from exams and all the stuff you had to do in college, and some random drunk dude started hitting on you. You obviously weren’t interested but the guy didn’t seem to understand that.

“She is not into you, you jackass” a stranger said holding the guy by his shirt’s collar, clearly annoyed with the situation.

“Yo bro, chill” he said calmly letting go of the stranger’s hold “Can’t you see it? She’s just playing hard to get” he giggled putting his arm on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.” Jason commented exasperated and grabbed the guy’s arm throwing him to the ground effortlessly but was enough to knock him out. “Don’t touch me.” He whispered clenching his jaw.


From that day, you two became friends and later on, a couple.

Your sex life was pretty active but you were always sure you used protection. Well.. at least you thought you did…

You were now on a coffee shop nearby your apartment when you started feeling very dizzy. You got up but lost your balance and you fell but a man that was passing by caught you before your body could hit the ground.

“Are you alright miss?” he asked in a worried tone.

“I-“ you looked around putting your hand on your forehead “I’m fine.. It was just a sudden migraine, thank you” you smiled weakly at the stranger and continued your way to the bathroom.

You locked the door and looked at your reflection in the mirror. You looked more pale than usual and your hands were shaking. 

“I’m sick.” You murmured washing your face with cold water. “No, (Y/N) you’re not. You have exams in a week. You can’t be sick now.”

You took a deep breath trying to make the dizziness go away, but it was useless. That’s when it got worse. You felt a strange taste on your mouth and you knew exactly what that taste was: you were about to throw up. You rushed to the toilet and put your hair in a quick and messy ponytail before it started.

About 15 minutes later, you finally left the coffee shop and went home. That wasn’t normal, you barely remembered the last time you were sick. It must’ve been, what, 10 years ago? Being sick or not, you were feeling tired so you decided to get some rest before getting back to studying.You fell asleep quite quickly but your nap didn’t last long. You woke up feeling the need to throw up again. This time, a headache came with it. 

“Great” you said after cleaning your mouth and leaning against the bathroom wall. You held your head in your hands as your eyes started to get watery. 

You hated that feeling. Knowing that something was wrong. But your biggest concern was college. You needed to study.You slowly got up and went to your living room where all of your books were. You sit down and looked at them trying to get the courage to start doing something productive. You really weren’t in the mood to study, but you knew you needed to. 

As you were having a mental fight with yourself discussing whether or not you should go to bed, someone knocked on your door.You sighed not wanting to get up. You eventually did and walked to the front door and opened it.

“Hi babe” your boyfriend said smiling and leaned to give you a kiss but you stopped him making him raise an eyebrow, confused.

“Not today Todd.” You told him as he entered your place closing the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly while sitting on your couch.

“I-I think I’m sick.” you did the same.He placed his hand on your forehead checking your temperature.

“You don’t have a fever.” he informed.

“No, but my head hurts. Like, a lot.”

“It’s probably just a headache, don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not. I almost passed out earlier.”

An alarm rang on Jason’s head when he realized that something serious was going on.

“What? Have you been eating well? Did you drink enough water the past days? Maybe your jeans are too tight, I-“

“Stop right there” you interrupted him giggling slightly “No, my jeans are not too tight Jason.” You shook your head.

“Then what is it?” he crossed his arms.

“I-I honestly don’t know. But I need an aspirin.” You went to the kitchen but came back to the living room when you noticed you didn’t have any. “I ran out of aspirins.” You sighed grabbing your jacket.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Jason got up.

“Hm, the pharmacy?”

“No, you’re sick. I’ll go. You should stay here and rest.”

“I did that right before you arrived.” You rolled your eyes “Besides, I can still walk and talk, so I guess I’m pretty capable of buying a box of aspirins.”

“I don’t care. You’re staying.” He walked towards the appartment door.

“Neither do I.I’m going.” You walked out as soon as he opened it and started running outside the building.

“No-(Y/N) come back here!” he closed the door and ran after you.

You knew he was faster than you, so he would catch you in a blink, but you weren’t giving up. As expected, he reached you in a few seconds.

“(Y/N), this isn’t a game, you’re sick, you need to-“

“What? Go home, cook, clean and take care of the kids? No thanks.” You said as you started walking again.

“Wha-I-“ you laughed quietly leaving him speechless.

You both made your way to the pharmacy and when you got there, there was a big queue so you had to wait a long time. Some time later, Jason got bored and sit on one of the sofas and started going through a few magazines that were there.

“Good afternoon, what can I help you with?” a nice girl greeted you smiling.

“Hi, I will need a box of aspirins, please.” You smiled back. 

The girl turned to the shelves behind her but she couldn’t seem to find what you wanted. She excused herself and entered a room on the back of the building.

You looked at the shelves and a bright pink box caught your attention. A pregancy test. For some reason, you couldn’t stop looking at it. It was like your mind was trying to tell you something. You thought about what had happened to you earlier that day and flashbacks of a night a week before crossed your mind.The last time you had slept with your boyfriend, Jason, well, most of the night was spent doing something else than sleeping. That was it. 

“I’m pregnant.” You thought alarmed. “No, no, no. I can’t be. I-I, we-“

“Here you go.” The girl came back and handed you what you asked for. “Anything else?”

You looked at the pink box again and then at Jason, that was still paying attention to some magazine. You thought about it for a second. There was only one way to find out.

“I’ll have that pregnancy test.” You pointed whispering.The girl noticed you looked at Jason and smiled. 

“Want to make it a surprise, ah?” she gave you the box.

“Yeah, sure” you faked a laugh and payed leaving the building.

As soon as you got home, you took one of the aspirins and went to the bathroom taking the pregnancy test with you.You were more nervous than you’ve ever been. Not even exams were this nerve racking.

You took it out of the box and followed the instructions that came with it. 5 minutes, that was all the time you had till you could know the result. Those minutes seemed like long ass hours. You looked at your watch, 6 minutes had passed. You rested your head against the wall and just looked blankly to the ceiling. 7 minutes. You couldn’t wait any longer. 

You finally calmed yourself down and looked at the test in your hands: Positive. Your hands started shaking and a tear rolled down your cheek.You were pregnant. What were you going to do?! You couldn’t be pregnant. 

“Maybe it’s a mistake, maybe I did something wrong.” “Ugh shut up (Y/N). You know you didn’t. You know it’s true, you just don’t want it to be.”

You were just a college student, how could you take care of a baby? You had so much to worry about already.You started crying, trying to contain your sobs so that Jason wouldn’t hear them, but that boy had the hearing of a bat. (ah the puns)

“(Y/N)?” he called “Is everything ok?” 

You covered your mouth with your hand in an attempt to stay quiet.“Y-yes” you tried to speak but failed.

“(Y/N), are you crying?” he knocked on the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. “(Y/N) open the door.” 

You couldn’t stop crying, this time, you didn’t care if he heard you or not, he would end up knowing anyways. You got up and unlocked the door going back to your previous position on the floor. Jason entered the bathroom and kneeled next to you, a concerned look on his face.

“Babe, talk to me” he spoke in a calm voice trying to calm you down and hugged you when he noticed it wasn’t working.

“The-The s-sink.” You whispered.

He frowned looking at you as if your face had the answers to his questions. He then got up and looked at the sink. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as soon as he saw the pregnancy test. His back was facing you so you couldn’t see his expression and that only made you stress more.

“J-Jay?” His fists clenched the sink hard and he wasn’t moving at all. As he wasn’t answering you, you walked to him placing your hand on his shoulder. He stood quiet and still, still looking at the test.

“I-“ he started “Is it mine?” he questioned coldly as he turned to face you.It was like someone had stabbed you in the heart.

“Of course it’s yours! Wha-“ tears kept streaming down your face “We’re dating Jay.. Who else could be the father?” you tried not to storm at him, that would not help at all. You were pretty hurt though. Your boyfriend just asked you if the baby was his, that’s not something you can digest easily.

“I-You’re right, I’m sorry. I-I just don’t.. know what to think.” He looked at the mirror and you saw his eyes more shinny than usual: he was about to cry.

“Me neither.” You sit on the toilet staring at your feet. “I have college, exams are next week, I-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“Excuse me.” Your boyfriend cleaned the tears under his eyes and got out of the bathroom.

“J-Jason?” you raised your head watching him go. You heard your front door closing. 

Great, he left. Your whole world got destroyed and fell at your feet. How could he do that? How could he leave like that? Without saying a thing? He was your boyfriend! It was his fault too! But he just walked away, he left. Left you alone in that bathroom, crying your heart out, desperate.   

Be glad there is no sound!

Also loooooong post. TLDR; Nel screams. I’m going to try to get him to stop. May not be many updates.

So I may not have much in the way of Nel updates for a while. Nel’s one vice, his only real behavioral issue, is screaming. And it’s driving me up the walls.

I’m getting to the point where I can’t even stand to be around him anymore. I’ve considered selling him, but he is so perfect otherwise (and my little buddy) that it would probably break my heart. Not to mention my season would be completely blown because the project red tail is not getting with the program.

Nel is otherwise pretty perfect. He is hunting, chasing birds hard, and catching grasshoppers. He doesn’t mantle, doesn’t carry, will eat nicely on the glove, etc. He is a bit more of an imprint brat at home because he’s comfortable but I take that in stride knowing his field behavior is better than I could have dreamed of.

Why not ignore the screaming? The screaming is loud, repetitive, and high pitched. I can hear it outside the apartment and he barely stops to breathe when we are in the same room as him. We have to keep him in a separate room all the time now which makes it worse because instead of just screaming for food/hunting he screams for attention.

I’ve tried to say, tidbit him but he screams at the sight of food, meaning it’s impossible to reward him for being quiet. For anyone who has dealt with raptor screaming you understand the mindlessness of the behavior and how it appears to be self rewarding. I’ve heard of one person occasionally have success with with putting the scream on a cue and not asking for it, but even that seems to be rarely successful in raptors.

There are some theories as to why this behavior occurs (it’s very common in imprints). Most babies scream at their parents but stop once they leave the nest and have to fend for themselves. So sometimes isolation and live meals can work. However in social birds like aplos this rarely works because they scream for attention as well. Switching falconers for a few months to break up the routine seems to rarely work with aplos as well (where it did work with Tyr). I’ve heard of them often screaming as soon as they go back to the original falconer.

I’m Nel’s case, I think the screamed stemmed from a couple of things. It started first the night of the first backpack installation, when he got stuck and I thought he might die. That night I was up constantly checking on him, and overslept the next day. He missed his morning meal, lost more weight than he should have, and his blood sugar was low. He started screaming the next morning.

The screaming got worse as I allowed myself to be pressured into dropping his weight more. Honestly Nel didn’t give me a lot of choice in the matter, he refused to give a good lure or glove response.

What I should have done: dropped him down to what I needed, and brought his weight right back up.

What I did: dropped his weight, dropped it a bit lower thinking he wasn’t hunting because he wasn’t there yet, kept him in that low range for a week or two.

It’s a learning process. I’m learning a lot more about how aplos work and I think with everything I’ve learned this season if I did this all again I could do it a lot better from the start. I have a better notion of raising imprints now, how to prevent this sort of screaming, and I’m learning from my mistakes. I could have free flown way earlier than I did, and I should have brought his weight back up sooner. I didn’t and the screaming is my punishment. I also could have dropped weight way slower. I was aiming for 1-2g per every other day day and could have done 1-2 grams every 3-4 days to give his metabolism time to adjust.

In the end the best I can hope for now is to try to fix this so I can actually enjoy Nel, or sell him and try again later. Falconry is a weird place where birds are bought and sold or trapped and released frequently. So there isn’t the stigma around ‘giving him up’ that there is in the pet keeping world. Still I want to do right by the little dude and make sure I’ve done everything I can first.

For starters I’m bringing his weight ALL the way back up. As much as he will eat. Hopefully this will stop the screaming. Once he is there I’ll go back to the creance and if I have too, I’ll start slowly dropping his weight. Very slowly. I’ll test him as much as I can to make sure his response is where it needs to be before we free fly again. I believe because he is so imprinty that I will find a weight where he still does what he needs to in the field, but the screaming is minimal if not gone. If I cannot get this to work, I may try an isolation chamber with live food and/or automatic feeders for a month or two and ‘reset’ him. I’ll likely lose some imprinty behaviors (and my chances of getting him to donate) so that’s a last resort).

I may try other things along with these methods. If none of this works (and he still screams hog fat) I’ll likely have to sell him. Possibly if he still screams but not when fat, I’ll just keep doing what I can with him, and see about getting my propagation permit early (I had intended to use Nel for a breeding project after two falconry seasons anyway).

Anyway that’s all I’ve got. Let’s hope it works!