when the camera zoomed in on him

idk if this has been done yet, but Yuuri and Victor would definitely play the floor is lava, and it’s just great

  • Victor comes across it one day because of Phichit’s instagram and decides to play it with Yuuri
  • (Phichit was playing with Leo and Guang one day, making short compilation videos of every time Phichit yelled “the floor is lava”. In one video Guang was caught jumping onto Leo’s back, while Leo runs and attempts to hold onto a tree. They both fall before it’s deemed safe, and Phichit can be heard losing it when the camera zooms in on the two who are laying there)
  • It’s harmless when Victor first does it. It just mostly involves a confused Yuuri who just looks at victor and questions if he’s recording. Victor tells him twice more that the floor is lava, and finally Yuuri gets it, taking 3 seconds to climb onto the nearest table.
  • Victor does this 3 more times before Yuuri starts doing it back
  • When Yuuri does it, they’re at a meet, and he totally does not say it loudly into a mic for everyone to hear.
  • (Yuuri actually does)
  • “The floor is lava” is all that it takes for people to start panicking. Victor is panicking. The camera man is panicking, Yurio is confused, a little scared and a little angry at the circumstances. He doesn’t understand. However, everyone who does know what’s going on are climbing onto everything and onto each other, and Victor can be found koala latching onto a pole.
  • Yuuri totally does not comment on it when they’re back home
  • (he does)
  • Because of this event, the video editors had to ask if news networks wanted this edited out, but the people were like “keep it.” and they did.
  • That one video gets all over the internet btw and from that one video, Yurio becomes a meme:
  • Whenever they’re at home, Yuuri will come into the room saying that the floor is lava when Victor is doing whatever, and if Makkachin is there, he will include him, encouraging him to get on the couch with him
  • Yuuri loves watching the videos where Victor involves Makkachin, and giving him treats when Makkachin get’s onto the couch before Victor does
    • End.
Ink my Skin

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Steve wants to draw on Reader’s skin and she doesn’t expect what she sees in the mirror.
Word Count: 1.5k
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: none.

Special thank you to @punkrockhippiefromthefourties for being my beta! xx

Originally posted by baylee004

As you sat on one of the two armchairs in your bedroom, you tucked your leg under the other while your bare feet rested on the edge of the coffee table. You held your tablet in your hands with your earbuds in your ears, watching your favorite show on Netflix.

You had come back from an assignment only a few hours ago and all you wanted to do was have some time for yourself and your boyfriend, Steve. The breaks from work were rare since you had joined the Avengers a year and a half ago, but the good side was you had found a family and a loving boyfriend.

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Klance Fic Recs, AU Settings I

Okay so I might end up making multiple parts for AU settings. This one contains mostly occupational/hobby/setting AU stuff. So unless an AU fic prominently featured a certain element, it’ll go on another list. So there are some College AUs, 2 Soulmate AUs, and maybe a few others. 


house on fire by ilgaksu
When Lance McClain is eighteen, he qualifies for the Olympics.

When he’s nineteen, he meets Keith.

Correlation does not mean cause, until it totally does.

your love is bright as ever by aknightley (gymnast!Keith, swimmer!Lance)
A brief interlude in the future of the Olympic AU, Christmas with Keith and Lance and their cats.

“This always looks easier in those made for television movies,” Keith tells Blue, who rolls over and out of his lap, chasing her own bits of tinsel.

In It To Win It by Lucy_Claire
One of two things was happening right now, either Lance was having a heart attack on of the biggest day of his life, or he had just laid eyes on his Soulmate.

Competitive swimmer Lance McClain feels his Timer counting down right when he’s about to jump in the water and finish up his race. He’s faced with two choices in this moment: Continue the race and miss meeting his Soulmate at their fateful time or abandon his life’s work for someone he never met.Lance makes his choice and has to suffer the consequence of never getting back what he missed out on. Or does he?

Ocean Eyes by spacezuko
Lance himself doesn’t even believe in his own abilities. He is drowning in his own pool of desire to be everything that he claims he is. Everything that he wants to be. Keith wonders if he’s broken Lance because he doesn’t say a word, his eyes filled with something opaque that Keith can’t quite pinpoint the meaning of. Lance’s eyes are a deep blue. Not the typical morning sky blue, but the kind of ocean blue one wants to drown in.

With legs like these by Queerswimming
In which Lance finds out that there’s a pool in the castle and challenges Keith to a race.

Lance did NOT think this through. Because not a single thing in this universe could’ve prepare him for the sight of Keith in nothing but a red pair of swimming trunks.

Keith has one arm bend behind his head and stretches it with the other. His back arches beautifully, presenting Lance a perfect view of his well-defined torso. At least the last thing Lance sees right before he dies are those ripped abs.

Mistakes were made by Lynn1998
Lance can’t stand the captain of the football team…so why is he having sex with him?
Part 1 of skinny band nerd takes it up the ass from the beefcake football captain series

Ice Skating/Hockey
On Thin Ice (WIP) by Minadora
Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity.

This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.

Kiss My Ice (WIP) by delictor
Lance hasn’t skated in a year since the accident that cost him the Olympics. Keith can’t skate for shit but that doesn’t stop him from catching Lance’s attention, even when he can’t so much as stand up after falling on the ice.

‘When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.’

“Soon as we’re off this ice you’re dead.” Keith’s threat is an empty one and he knows Lance can tell by the way he laughs at it.
“Serious question though, do you not know who I am?” Lance questions.
“Should I?”
“No, I guess not.” Lance shrugs. “I’m gonna twirl you, okay?”
“No, no don't—wait!” Keith cries out as he’s suddenly viewing the entire arena and his legs go rigid before colliding into Lance’s chest, his chest rising and falling with laughter, hands gripping Keith’s upper arms gently. “Put me back on land.”
“Technically, we are on land.”
“We’re on frozen water, get me off it.”

Quidditch (Non Hogwarts AU)
The Marks We Make (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

Surfers (mostly surfer!Lance)
Should I Stand Up on Fear (And Tell You How I Feel?) by Lulatic
“So, it’s really a good thing that Lance got distracted before he dragged you out there with him,” Hunk chuckled. “I guess flirting became more important than your guys’ rivalry.’

Keith blushed again, looking away with a huff. “Yeah, whatever. He’ll probably be distracted long enough that I can go back to the Castle before he decides I need some surfing lessons.”

Pidge laughed, that kind of cheeky giggle that made Keith and Hunk look over at them with wide eyes. Pidge raised a single eyebrow at Keith, grinning mischievously. “Oh, but you won’t be going back to the Castle any time soon, now will you? Not when Lance is out there, soaking wet, wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks.”

Pride Tide by lemoninagin
He’d stared up, watched the differing patches of sunlight play the most stunning array of colored patterns across Keith’s pale face as he grinned mischievously over him. Time slowed, his own breathing became laboured and caught in his throat.

“You can teach me, right?” Keith had asked in a shyer voice than usual, brushing the tangled mess of his windswept hair away from his eyes and cocking his head towards the boards.

Save his smile by Queerswimming
Keith wants to protect Lance’s smile and finds his answer at the beach. Starring an awkward Keith, Surfer Lance and Hunk playing a giant ice berg.

Lance caresses the wood gently. His eyes turn soft as he speaks. “My big brother taught me how to build a board.” He laughs softly. “I always messed it up though. I wasn’t patient enough to do it right.“ He taps on the wood and looks at Keith with a sad smile that knocks the breath out of Keith lungs.

“Who would have thought that I would build a surf board in space though.”

He laughs at that but Keith can tell that Lance is faking it. He always can.

Roller Derby
Like Devo by surveycorpsjean
As rival jammers, they’re rough, skating around the rink, giving bruises, bloody noses, broken ribs and snapped fingers-

But when the cops show up, Keith grabs his hand and yanks Lance into the storm drain.

And thats how they start dating.

Purple Lamborghini by warschach
“I need you to focus on this race. No more hate flirting with Keith as much as I enjoy it. I like winning more.”

He scoffed, “I don’t flirt.”

“Then stop saying you’re going to teach him how to ride.”

“I was talking about driving. Duh,” Lance countered with an attitude mastered purely by Valley girls and entitled customers.

“Yea, Lance it doesn’t come off like that at all. It sounds like you’re gonna fuck him.”

“I’m not.”

ARTISTS (also including Musicians and Modeling)

Pretty Boy by MilkTeaMiku (photographer!Keith)
A pretty Spanish boy shoves a bouquet of flowers under his nose and tells him to stop and smell the roses, so Keith does.

Roommates by manamune (photographer!Lance, artist!Keith)
(13:24) Lance: Thank you!! Love you, Keith!!!

(13:55) Keith: I’m screenshotting that for the next time you deny it.

Sight for Sore Eyes by writewild
Photographer!Lance’s deadline for the magazine he works on the side for is coming up really soon, and has to search last-minute photo opportunities soon. One boy catches his eye.

Riptide by songsofthespring (photographer!keith, surfer!Lance)
Keith fumbles with the camera around his neck and lines up a shot. The boy coasting down a wave, one hand kissing the water. Keith zooms in as far as his lens will allow him. Droplets frame the boy’s brown skin and cling to his hair and chest. His eyes, little pinpricks of light from this distance, are nevertheless still recognizably as bright as the ocean itself. It looks like he could be dancing when he rides a wave; every part of his lanky frame seems to merge with the board and the ocean beneath him.

He’s beautiful.

Foreign Scenes (WIP) by bwyn
Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (artist!Keith, ballerina!Lance)

Keith is an art student who mostly keeps to himself, taking note of the beauty in life but keeping his distance from it. This includes the beautiful dancer he sees across the street from his apartment…until a week-long art project pushes him to change that.

(For Klance Secret Santa 2016)

And Now You’re Mine (WIP) by Samyx914 (some artist!Keith)
“No, really. I’ve been thinking about that movie since I got up and that’s the only copy they have and I want it.”

“But, I was faster.”

“But, I want to watch it.” The stranger laughs.

“Well, you could always come home with me to watch it.” He says with a wink.

“Okay.” The stranger’s eyes widen. What the fuck, Keith? No. You don’t go home with strangers… Anymore. 

In which Keith wants to watch a movie, so he goes to find it at Walmart. When there’s only one copy left and someone else picks it up first, his only option is to go home with a stranger. Keith didn’t count on this stranger being so easy to fall for.

Visions by becca2793
"It’s funny, because as a tattoo artist he makes art that lasts pretty much forever – as far as the person who has it is concerned – but a street artist…their art lasts maybe a couple of days.”

Keith comes in for a tattoo; Lance immediately falls in love. With his art. His love for Keith comes later.

Take the Easel Way Out by svensationalist
Oh no, he’s hot, Lance thinks while he’s dying.

(Pidge elbows Lance sharply a little while later. “You’re not dying, dumbass,” they whisper. “Pay attention, the pose started.”)


Written for klanceweek day 1, “Red/Blue”. Art class AU where Lance can’t focus because one of the new life drawing models is too attractive.

Cute as Fcuk by anonymouschupacabra
Even though he had never seen the hot guy before in the year that he’d been going to college, it was like the dam had broken, because Lance saw him everywhere. From the sculpture rooms, to the library, to the cafeteria, the guy was everywhere Lance was, and it only made it that much harder to ignore the hot buzzing he felt inside every time he saw him.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (ballerina!Lance) see above ^

i bet you look good on the dance floor by xShieru
“So like in 'Step Up’?”
Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.”
The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps


Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.

Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

you raise me up by rhapsodyinpink
“What, you don’t think I look like Patrick Swayze?”

Keith snickers. “Absolutely not. You are Jennifer Grey in this situation.”

“That’s a fair point. Nobody puts me in a corner,” replies Lance, nodding seriously, before his expression turns mischievous.

“So then…are you saying you want to call me Baby?”

Keith flushes red, but stands his ground as he leans in closer. “Are you saying you want me to?”

Shut Up and Dance With Me (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.

Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.

With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.

That Would Be Alright by icedsonder
And call it spur of the moment, his exacerbated pining over past few months, or even his own alcohol impaired judgment, but Keith let his inhibitions take a backseat as he took a step forward and pressed his forehead against Lance’s to sing his next lines.

“I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby”

Musically Insane by myparadisepalace
It had only taken Lance three days after becoming the blue paladin to realize there were no instruments in the castle. And even if there were, Lance figured they’d be too obscure and strange for him to be able to play.

PROFESSIONS (i.e. cops, doctors, EMTs, waiters)

Counting in Code by DLanaDHZ
There was no one better in the field. The Voltron Force was efficient and deadly, and they took no new recruits. They were hand-picked, and though they didn’t always get along, they were family. Under the stress of a mission, the team counted each other as a way to calm down and focus. But Keith couldn’t count, because counting meant he knew where everyone was, and right now all he had was a pair of bloody dog tags in place of his partner.

blink if you want me by xShieru
He wakes up to Pidge’s face hovering above him. “You gotta stop running into him like this.”
“Dude, he fucking shot me.”
“I know. We saw.”


A hitmen AU wherein two thirsty assholes fall for each other and then jeopardize their respective missions because of it.

Retail/Food (waiters/cashiers/clerks)
Melt With You by dumpsterdiva
If you ask Keith what summer means to him, he’ll say shitty weather, a bag of quarters, sticky blue raspberry kisses, and not-quite-midnight sandwiches.

Summer job AU at the pier feat. Keith as a shaved ice slave and Lance as an aquarium camp counselor.

You Dropped a Bomb by quartetship
Lance loved his job.

OR: The Klance LUSH au

Tollbooth Operator
Drive Me Crazy by battleshidge
Keith stared blankly at the tollbooth operator for a moment before trying to stifle a groan. Somehow, he always managed to get the booth with the flirtatious attendant, a lanky brown-haired man with clear blue eyes and a confident grin. It didn’t matter that he changed what lane he went through—at least three times a week on his way home from work, Keith was forced to suffer through the horrendous flirts that this man tossed his way.

Taxi Driver
Finish What You Started by battleshidge
“You were right,” Keith breathed, looking up at Lance with a fire in his eyes. “I did start this,” he lifted his chin, pressing a soft kiss to Lance’s jaw. And another. And another. Lance thought it was torture—sweet, sweet torture. And then that challenge sparked in Keith’s eyes again as he asked, tone low and resonant, “Are you going to finish it?”

Pizza Delivery
You Stole a Pizza My Heart by KaSaPe
Keith just wanted a pizza. The cute delivery boy with the weird grin and stupid flirting (?) had other plans.

Or: Keith just doesn’t get Lance’s flirting. At all.

six foot dive (WIP) by shizuoh
“I’m bisexual,” Lance says.

Keith furrows his eyebrows. “Good… for you?”

“I’d like to buy you a drink,” he starts, and grins, “and then get sexual.”

Keith shoves him into the water.

(or: lance and his family go to california for a two-month vacation. cue hot lifeguard keith gyeong-kogane.)

Lessons by amycoolz and SylviaW1991
Keith has been nothing but a thorn in Lance’s side since the mullet-haired ass first walked into the classroom. But when he decides to get himself shoved into the deep end and, wow, can’t even swim, Lance has to save his pretty self and then Pidge volunteers him to teach Keith how to swim. Great. Just great.

Racing Heartbeats and Hospital Bedsheets by screwtodayimsleeping (nurse!Keith)
Me: Hunk
Me: Buddy
Me: emergency!!!!
HunkyBae: what’s up, lance? Are they not letting you out of the hospital yet?
Me: the male nurse that took my blood was probably the sexiest person i’ve ever seen
Me: and im literally wearing two sheets as an outfit

BUSINESSES (e.g. Coffeeshop, flower shop, animal shelter)

eyes wide to you with wonder by aknightley
Keith doesn’t dislike his job, but he definitely dislikes Lance. Probably. Maybe.

“Coran thinks you’ll bang at the Christmas party but I think that’s giving you guys way too much credit,” Pidge says thoughtfully. “Hunk is a romantic. He thinks Lance is gonna ask you out any day now. I think he’s got a week or so before he owes me like a hundred bucks.”

“Pidge, what the fuck?” Keith says, flustered. He nudges them again with his foot, this time slightly harder. They scowl at him, swatting him away. “Why would you bet on me and Lance?”
Part 1 of Office AU

Flower Shop
i’ll gift you the stars by Kyoshu_Koi
Flowers and stars. At least they were giving him things he liked.

Cactus by PinkHitman
When Keith moves from the desert in the middle of ass backwards nowhere, to plop in the middle of the big city, he doesn’t expect to instantly grow fond of the tall, endearing, jerk across the street. But it’s hard not to see roses when said person works in a flower shop.

got game by warschach
Lance hates his job until the one day he doesn’t.

you’re so sweet; will you be mine?  by jojotext
A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery.

In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester
Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Tumblr AU, bloggers, Youtubers, gamers)

you had me at merlot by DJAlien
“Oh my God,” Lance says as he covers his face. Keith’s tinny voice blares from his laptop speakers: “What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.” See, this joke might have been funny if someone charismatic and charming had said it, but Keith’s flat voice and even flatter expression effectively kidnaps, tortures, and then decapitates any chance of it being remotely humorous.

Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect. (Ft. copious amounts of wine and a truly shameless number of references to MyDrunkKitchen, DailyGrace, and general pop culture)

The Boyfriend Tag by theoddpacolypse
Keith and Lance are famous YouTubers, along with the rest of their friends, and though they consider each other “rivals” in some ways, they are actually incredibly close. So close that they are actually dating in secret and constantly dropping hints to their fans, whom desperately want them together.
Part 1 of What Happens on Youtube series

Next Level (WIP) by battleshidge
“Dammit, Blue, don’t die on us yet! We only just started!”

Red’s voice snapped in his ears, and Lance cursed under his breath. He tried to backpedal quickly, but being flat on his back with the enemy looming above made for certain movement limitations. On top of that, he was already injured, and he could see the red patch spreading across his thigh. He could really use some of Hunk’s portable healing pods, that was for sure. And that, Lance observed, was a very nasty looking knife that was about to plunge straight through his chest.

Well, shit.

Effect: +100% Love, -100% Logic (WIP) by manamune
In the real world, Lance is barely making it by in his senior year. He’s failing most of his classes and is only one more fuck up away from being kicked off the swim team.

In the virtual reality game Voltron, Lance lives an entirely different life as the internationally-known Blue, an archer with impeccable aim. He’s filthy rich, has a trillion friends, and is a part of the most feared guild in the game.There’s just one problem: he’s madly in love one of his guildmates, Red.

Things begin to go downhill when a kid who acts suspiciously similar to Red transfers to Lance’s school.

a recipe for two by battleshidge
He wondered, briefly, what the look on Lance’s face would be if he actually did say yes.

It’s Mutual (Follow Back Already) by JessicaMDawn
At twenty-four, Keith decides to figure out what this 'tumblr’ thing is. It’s confusing at first, but Keith learns to have fun with it with help from a few new friends. AKA Keith’s adventures on tumblr.

OH OH ALSO one of my fave uses of the camera zooms and stuff was when Jack betrays the newsies during the rally and everyone is screaming and leaving him and Davey just stands there and it cuts to a shot of him and he just looks helplessly at Jack before leaving and then it pans to Jack who almost goes after him then stops himself and just-as-helplessly mouths “Davey..”. anyways. i cried.

Let me drown in my Darkiplier hell.  My inner fanfiction writer won’t let him go.

And yet the analysis machine rolls on…because I’m clingy and can’t let go.

This time around, I was thinking about what Mark had said about Dark through his charity livestream around the time the date video released (transcript here), and how they were able to translate that into what we have seen in Darkiplier’s entrances.  One of them in particular stood out to me the most.

“Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics.  He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one.

Honestly, I think a lot of people have already had this as their personal canon for Dark, given that a grand majority of the ones I’ve seen just consider him some kind of demon who took a liking to Mark because come on, he’s famous and has a rather muscular body that’s PERFECT for…demon…plans…or whatever demons plan out.

Actually, what really caught my interest is that Darkiplier doesn’t obey the laws of physics.  As a physics major, this makes me wonder what laws he could be following, as I personally believe that any world follows some form of “physical law”.  I sat on it for a few days before I figured it out.  It’s pretty rational too.

He runs on video editing logic.

Originally posted by its-miki-la-chicana

He doesn’t walk anywhere, he jump cuts.  Notice how he never walks us to a table for dinner, we just…appear there.  No problems, after all.  He has the power of jump cut.  We’ll just be there because we can.

Originally posted by septicpotato

His emotions literally operate how we see him.  His anger leaks through in glitches, ruining what is otherwise a “cleanly shaped” image of himself.

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Notice how the angrier he gets, the more glitches and zooms occur.  On top of that, the one thing I utterly love is how the camera shakes.  Dark’s rage is leaking at such a capacity that even the dimension we’re in is shaking.  It remains as my favorite effect applied in the entire series, and if Mark ever does bring him back for another round, we get more camera shakes.  Shake that camera like you shake that neck, dude.

But compare that to when he’s finalizing how we’re going to be together forever and that we can never leave.

Originally posted by lum1natrix

No glitches, no rapid camera shakes, hell, Dark’s not even saturated in color filters like the wine bottle next to him.  He’s fully in control of his berserker rage and now the dimension we’re in is fully stabilized.  There’s nothing to be angry about; he’s won.  It’s the ONLY scene where Dark isn’t surrounded by glitches.  So for the first time, he’s not even angry.  Holy shit.

But there’s one thing that solidifies my theory on Darkiplier’s physics logic.  And it’s this one right here.

Originally posted by septicpotato

Darkiplier somehow has the ability to keep us trapped in a loop in this prison until we take another ending route.  We can all assume that perhaps he just uses his otherworld demon powers to keep us here for him to watch us go through our personal hell.  But let’s reword this logic.

What if…instead of saying he has the power to trap people in dimension loops…

He has the power to rewind time?

Like a video cassette?

Or a YouTube video?

nicky forces neil to get a new phone and eventually neil makes an instagram and as he starts getting more followers he gets more comfortable with having social media and does 60 second Q&A’s with the team at the fans request

  • the first one he does is with kevin because of popular demand
  • neil does it on the court after night practice with kevin and he reads a few questions that exy fans have commented on his previous posts
  • ‘kevin, what are you a queen of besides exy? no I’ll answer this, the answer is nothing, kevin sucks”
  • “fuck off neil” kevin gets serious and the rest of the video is kevin extensively and aggressively talking about exy until the timer cuts off
  • he does dan next and it’s the cutest 60 second video out there okay dan is sitting next to matt on the couch while neil is filming
  • he asks her how it feels to be “the best female exy captain in the NCAA” dan gets the biggest smile on her face and scrunches up her nose before she answers
  • ‘oh that’s sweet, who wants to know? I like this person. It feels great! but it’s stressful at times, there is a lot of sexism in the world but I usually ignore it in favor of focusing on how lucky I am to have such a great team.”
  • matt’s looking at her while she’s talking and u can literally see the love and admiration in his eyes, fans are crying in the comments about how cute they are, so am I
  • when he does renee, most of the comments are asking about her hair so she explains how she dilutes the bright colors by mixing them with conditioner to make them more pastel
  • “but that’s the easy part, root upkeep is the worst tho, I hate touch ups.”
  • neil vaguely knows what she’s talking about cause he’ll sit in the room when andrew helps her with her hair
  • nicky manages to tell half his life story in 60 seconds
  • neil uploads a second video of nicky giving advice to queer kids afraid to come out because of strict and religious parents or unsafe home lives
  • aaron walks away when neil tries to do his so instead neil uploads a five second video that’s just him zooming in on aaron sitting in a beanbag chair playing video games “aaron’s a dick.”
  • matt gets asked about his boxing background and he beams at the chance to talk about his mom
  • “she’s so badass, she taught me everything I know, she could kick anyone’s ass” he points at the camera “she’ll kick your ass. better watch out”
  • allison gives fashion tips, she also roasts neil for how he dressed when he first joined the team “god u guys should have seen him, fucking awful. nicky and I fixed him up tho, but it took a lot of work cause neil likes to make things difficult” 
  • when neil gets to andrew nobody expects him to actually upload anything but when he does the results are hilarious
  • neil sits next to andrew with the camera frontfaced so half of neil’s face is in the frame, andrew is curled up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and his glasses on “it’s time for your interview andrew”
  • andrew just stares at him
  • “why didn’t you sign with the rav- wait that’s a stupid fucking question, we’re not doing that one. alright. how many times have you and aaron been mistaken for one another?” 
  • andrew stares at the camera in silence
  • “tragic. next question. how are you so good at blocking goals?
  • silence
  • “incredible. what is your honest opinion about kevin day?”
  • andrew stares for a couple seconds before rolling his eyes and getting up to walk away, neil laughs and nods “I agree” 
  • BONUS: andrew has neil’s phone while they’re on the roof, neil is holding his cigarette and andrew starts filming, pointing the camera so you can only see neil
  • “hey junkie, it’s your turn to be interviewed” “alright” 
  • “how does it feel to finally have a real home?” 
  • neil smiles softly, but he’s looking at andrew not the camera “like I’m finally living, like I’ve got everything I could ever want”
  • there’s a short pause before you can faintly hear “285%” and the video cuts off
Deans top 13 Zepp TRA XX

we did NOT talk about this enough

I’m sure all of you remember the moment in episode 19 of season 12 in which Castiel tried to return a mixtape that Dean had made and given to him sometime offscreen.

But maybe you were in such shock that you didn’t look into anything, you just got the over all idea in your head, that of course, Dean made Cas a mixtape.

But can we talk about why Dean spelled ‘tracks’ or ‘track’ with XX?

Can we talk about why Dean may have chosen 13 songs instead of 10, or 15?

Can we talk about the fact that Dean put them on a fucking cassette tape???

Just. Ugh. Just look at it.

god i seriously want to know why he put XX.

was it just some cool way to put it or was it like an xoxo thing

i mean dean most likely gave this to cas sometime after he almost died and told dean (and everyone else, i guess) that he loves him. this HAS to be his way of saying i love you back.

just look at how the camera zooms in on castiels hand and on the mixtape when castiel sets it on the table, attempting to give it back.

i have taken film classes (i kinda do film) and one thing they always stress is to never do a close up shot unless you are trying to show the viewer something important.

they say this so when you’re doing films as a beginner, you don’t waste close up shots by shooting a close up someone hitting snooze on their alarm clock. it makes it less significant when it needs to be significant for something else. viewers will pay less attention the more you use them, basically, so you have to make sure there is somekind of unsaid thing the viewer has to figure out on their own.

at first you might think they use a close up is so you can read what the mixtape says in the first place, but another close up shot of castiel taking the tape back from deans hands tells a story on its own.

castiel, coming into deans room after knocking with no answer. returning a mixtape he was given, misunderstanding deans intention of it being his. a gift.

(that on it’s own can tell you a little about how dean probably have it to castiel in the first place)

these close up shots are showing viewers how some small piece of plastic can mean so much. how this really is deans way of saying i love you. supernatural doesn’t use close up shots very often, so this is importan. this is big.

i mean look at this, a tweet from a member of supernaturals visual effects team on the day this episode aired.

a link to the tweet

yeah. funny. i know.

i just cant get over their talk after dean gives cas back the mixtape.

the way dean speaks. he says “cas, you cant *giant emotional pause* with everything that’s going on you cant just. go. dark. like. that.” yes, like their were periods inbetween everyword.

and hes like “we didn’t  know what happened to you.” and then the camera zooms in on dean and his vOICE BREAKS and he says “we were worried. that’s not okay.”

cas says “well i didn’t mean to add to your distress.” and then cas is like “i” and he shakes his head and takes a step into deans room and says “Dean, i just keep failing. Again and again. When you were missing, i searched for months and i couldnt find you. and then kelly escaped on my watch and i couldnt find her and i just wanted … I needed to come back here with a win for you.”

and if im correct (which i am, these are exact quotes from the episode) i would say cas isnt talking about sam and dean. this fucking profound bond has reached the next level, my dude.

i just WISH i knew which songs were on that damn mixtape. music means so much to dean, and zeppelin means so much to the winchester family. john and marry origionally bonded over zeppelin.

oh, wait!!! shit, dude, i wrote that thinking it was deans way of bringin cas further into the family, but FUCK. they got together because of this band IM

wow. okay. this is fine. im okay :)))))))))

just. can we talk about this mixtape more??? i swear to god it better come up again in s13 and i beTTER get a sam reaction like “you made cas a mixtaoe??” or “dean made you a mixtape??”



Many of you have pointed out that Dean sounds like a nagging wife and they bicker like a married couple. I completely agree.

But I also noticed something else. The camera work as soon as Cas enters. Notice that before this scene the camera was on both Sam AND Dean. When Sam spoke, the camera zoomed in on him and when Dean spoke the camera zoomed in on Dean. 

But as soon as Cas enters the scene, the camera shifts the whole of its focus to Cas and Dean. Notice in the first GIF, Sam is speaking and yet the camera goes to Dean for a reaction shot. And in the fourth GIF, even though both Sam and Dean are in the frame, the camera focuses on Dean and appears blurry on Sam. As soon as Cas enters, the whole thing turns into an intense focused scene between Dean and Castiel, almost like they want us to think of a long lost couple reuniting when we see it. 

And we are supposed to think that Destiel was not intended by anyone. Seriously?



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Painful Beauty (Mark x FemReader) FLUFF

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(( gif not mine - ah I love Ethan omg ))

(A/n): lmao so I just decided that this was pretty cute. I was reading through the prompt’s that I reblogged and I got inspired by number 23. I hate you

Summary: Mark, Ethan and Tyler do a video with you where they do your makeup with things they find in the kitchen.

Warnings: If I said there wasn’t any swearing and fluff, I’d be lying.


“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and this is the kitchen face challenge!”

The introduction was cheery as per-usual. From the camera’s view, Ethan and Tyler stood on the right of (Y/n); with Mark speaking on the left.

The four were stationed in Mark’s studio, right in front of a large flat screen T.V that showcased a tranquil forest setting.

“Yayy….” (Y/n) uttered manageably, her enthusiasm forced and dry.

Ethen shared (Y/n)’s look of discomfort from beside her, shifting uncomfortably on his heels and giving the camera a cringy smile.

Ouchh,” Mark laughed along with Tyler before Tyler began to explain.

“So basically,” he took a glance at both you and Ethan “Mark is going to do (Y/n)’s full face and I’m going to do Ethan’s and at the end, who’s ever looks the best?” he drawed out and looked to Mark “Wins??”

“Exactly it Tyler.” Mark confirmed. “SO LET’S DO THIS. CAN WE GET 506,000,000 LIKES FOR HOT SAUCE EYESHADOW?!”

The camera zoomed in on Tyler’s face in silence.

They all laughed and broke apart.

“I’ll go get the tarps, yeah?” Tyler asked

“Yes, thanks Ty. (Y/n), you and Ethen go get your chairs that you will be sitting on,” asked Mark “and I will go get the tools~!” he finished in a manic, silly voice.

“Mark,” (Y/n) sighed and she turned to walk with Ethan “I hope you make me look fucking beautiful!”

❆  ❆  ❆

“Okay so I know you are my boyfriend and I should trust you,” (Y/n) began, leaning back in her chair “but I don’t.” she finished.

“NooOOooOoooOoooo…!” Mark whined “I trust me, so you should too.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we each have exactly three minutes.” he said

“Ohh god.” groaned Ethen “(Y/n), let’s survive together, okay?” he held out a hand to said girl.

“Alright. You are my anchor.” she replied, dramatically grabbing his hand.

“CRANK(Y/N) CONFIRMED!” Mark and Tyler both shouted at the same time, causing you all to laugh once again.

“I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, because we are dating,” Mark chuckled “so, Ethen! Stay away from my woman, ya’ little blue bastard!”

Everyone laughed more.

“Okay, one… twothreego!” Tyler said quickly, hastily shoving his phone to the side.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Mark sputtered and looked at all the kitchen condiments below him, on the tarp.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler stated, shoving some flour onto Ethen’s cheeks. “Beauty!” he said in some accent.

“LORDY, I cAN’T SEE!” Ethen wailed, beginning to paw at his eyes.

“DETAILS, DETAILS!” Tyler laughed loudly.

(Y/n) turned slowly to Mark and mouthed ‘please no’, the camera zoomed in on her face.

“Classic red lips is what I’m up for!” Mark said back, a goof smile on his face.

He took some Red Hot and dabbed a bit on his finger tip, being gentle when spreading it upon the girl’s lips. Tipping some also on her cheeks for extra measure.

“It burns.” she hissed, squinting her eyes.

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…” Mark repeated, continuing to scour the tarp. The brunette suddenly turned and winked in the direction of the lens. “That’s why it pains me to look at (Y/n) sometimes, because she is so damn pretty.”

“Awe~” she drawled. The Red Hot covered her actual blush.

“Well it pains me to look at you too Mark,” Ethan snickered “because you are so damn ugly.” and then he groaned again “That and this fucking flour makes it hurt when I open my eyes…”

Everyone laughed along with him.

“How much time we got?” Mark questioned.

“Thirty seconds.” Tyler replied. He was finishing up added a coco-powder beard to Ethen.

“Ah, balls!” Mark cried and at last minute snatched the vegemite. “Can someone say eyeshadow? Because I sure can.” he chuckled.

“I fucking can’t.” (Y/n) laughed as Mark applied the heavy spread to her eye lids.

“Time!” Tyler called.

Mark and (Y/n) both couldn’t stop laughing.

“I hate you.” (Y/n) sighed and didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

“Ya’ love me.” Mark said back, laughed his funny laugh, and leaned down to the girl’s face to give her a kiss.

(Y/n) could feel Mark in front of her and knew what he was looking for, so she gave it to him.

A sweet, Red Hot kiss.

“Oh my god, I hate you!” Mark cries dramatically, laughing quaintly “It. BURNS.”

“Beauty is pain.” the rest of them said in unison, bellowing with laughter.


(A/n): Ah this one is cute though. I really do like this one, even though it’s pretty short?? Oh well. It’s great.

Sad Newsies is over (again) so I made my own papes!

So I saw Newsies twice (might have skipped class to watch it the second time whoops) and here are some of my favorite parts:

- Seeing Broadway newsies and toursies all performing together

- The projections of the headlines/Jack’s drawing of Katherine

- Hearing “Letter from the Refuge” in hd

- Seeing newsies spit in hd

- Jeremy Jordan’s raw emotion while singing Santa Fe

- Kara’s bro voice when she says “for sure”

- The camera angles esp during the fight scene

- And when it zooms in on Davey after Jack betrays him and the guys and then it pans back to Jack who just looks so helpless

- The world’s yer erster!

- Les making the deal w/ Jack

- Les’s reaction to Medda’s theatre

- How excited Les got when Katherine said “let’s get drunk!” in King of NY

- Just everything about Les he’s perfect


- How Davey says “… that’s it??” after Katherine first taps in King of NY

- The face Jack makes after shaking Roosevelt’s hand

- The audience losing their minds during the key change in Once and For All when the towers move forward and also during Brooklyn’s Here

- The audience cracking up at “why do old people talk so much?” “to prove they’re still alove”

- When Hannah secretly applauds Jack for the strike in Pulitzer’s office

- When the live audience throws papes at the stage during curtain call

- Jeremy attempting to do a dance move and almost falling during curtain call

- The girl next to me sadly whispering “oh Crutchie” after he sings “watch me stand, watch me run” during the Prologue

- The same girl during credits: “Tommy Braco?? Tommy BRACO?!?” and “Spot Conlan?! Spot CONLAN?!?” “WHY CAN’T THEY BOTH BE SPELLED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?!”

- Basically I loved everything 


- It’s not in theaters anymore and it’s not available for purchase (yet, hopefully it will be soon)

- So little screen time for Spot Conlon and Kid Blink, aka the sweet cinnamon roll that is Andy Richardson 

- I basically cried for the whole 2 and a half hours

Chat Noir’s social media - headcanon
  • So, Adrien isn’t…he doesn’t have much social media. Nathalie requires him to update his instagram and twitter, but it all has to be approved by some poor intern of a publicist
  • Chat Noir, however, has a helluva following. 
  • Chat Noir has the following platforms: instagram, snapchat, and twitter, because they can all be easily maintained from a burner phone.
    • it’s a lot but the teenaged, sheltered boy has a lot to say about his life, so let’s go over what he posts on each one. 
    • it’s under the cut because it’s…longish?

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  • -Jack Morrison being told Genji’s story when he was first hauled in-
  • Jack Morrison: Later on, Angela told me the whole story. About the day Genji decided he didn’t want what his family left for him. About the Elders, about his brother, Hanzo. About how his father died and couldn’t protect him any longer. When she was done,
  • -camera zoom in on the Overwatch logo on Morrison’s jacket turning red and bloody-
  • Jack Morrison: I knew a lot of men would have to die.
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BTS Reaction: You Cry on Stage

A/N: so this was requested. The gifs make my heart hurt a little. I know we’ve been missing for quite a while, but finals were killer this year. Anyways thank you for requesting we love that you guys are requesting. We know it is taking a while to get these up, but hopefully our posts are worth the wait. Hopefully you enjoy!!!

send in a request masterlist

Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me.


You and your group had just come out with music. Your entire album was a brand new style of music. You had written a couple of songs on the album and the fans loved it. You and Jin broken up before you began writing and of course you decided to channel those emotions into your songwriting. You had written a song about your relationship with him and how amazing it was and the fans loved it. It had blown up. The moment you stepped on stage you saw Jin’s face. He was sitting at a table towards the front. The entire group of boys fell silent when you and your girls came on stage. You began to sing, not knowing if you would cry or not. Unfortunately, midway into the performance your big solo was coming up and tears began to fall. Jin didn’t know what to do, so he sat there with a broken heart.


You and Yoongi were never official. You hanged out together all the time and did all the things couples would do. There had been rumors of the two of you dating, but when you were asked if the two of you were dating, you both denied it. You began to develop feelings for Yoongi, but you didn’t know if he was. You had confessed your feelings for Yoongi, but when you asked him if he felt the same, he left. That was the last time you had seen him. So here you were standing on stage ready to perform. You stood on stage telling yourself not to cry. Yoongi was not there, but you knew he was watching at home. Towards the end of the performance you began to cry, but you went on. Yoongi was heartbroken. He had left you thinking that he didn’t love you, but he did.


Namjoon didn’t know what to do. You were up there with tears streaming down your face, your group trying to console you, and you still trying to give your acceptance speech. Namjoon was happy for you because you had just gotten your first award, but when you mentioned all the people that made it possible, aka Namjoon, you couldn’t help but feel a bit your heart break inside. The man you loved was no longer yours.


Hobi was upset. The two of you were really good friends since forever. You had been there during all his highs and all his lows. You began to have feelings for him at one point. You kind of just kept that hidden. No one knew you had fallen in love with him. Or so you thought. The boys had left for their tour and you were left alone. Rumors started to appear all over the place “J-Hope’s New Girlfriend?” “J-Hope of BTS, Hookup!” The headlines went on and on. Your eyes began to water, you didn’t dare to open any of the articles, you had a performance that night and couldn’t afford to be in a bad mood that night. You were warming a couple of minutes before your performance, when you heard some of the workers talking about Hoseok and the mystery girl. You tried not to let it bother you, but it was too late. The performance started well, but the moment you saw a fan holding a picture of you and Hoseok, you broke down. It was all over the internet the next day. Hoseok was worried he didn’t know why you had reacted that way. It wasn’t until Yoongi explained to him that he was an idiot for not seeing how in love you were with him.


Jimin would have to find out that you cried on stage through an interview. He was so busy on tour and he couldn’t find the time to watch anything. The Interviewer had asked him how he felt about you crying during your performance and after your performance. Jimin was confused. He didn’t know. The interviewer played a clip of you on stage, the camera had zoomed into your red and tear stained face. Jimin sat there trying not to freak out and call you at that exact moment. He sat there, remembering that he couldn’t call you anymore.


You and Tae had barely been dating for a couple months, when you broke it off. Both of you had been on tour and you never had time to see each other, the both of you had decided to break it off. Tae had decided to go to one of your shows. During your performance you could not take your eyes off of the the beautiful boy. You began to realize how much you missed him. The moment tears started to stream down your face, Tae got worried. He couldn’t jump on stage and wipe them away, so he had to stand there and wait for you after the show.


Everybody knew why you were crying. Rumors were flying all over the place. You and Jungkook were no longer together. Everyone had asked you if you were ok and if the breakup was harsh. The only questions you were asked during interviews were about Jungkook. Jungkook this and that. No one took into consideration that you didn’t want to talk about Jungkook. So when the camera panned to Jungkook during your performance you couldn’t help but get angry. No one was focusing on your performance, they wanted to see The juicy gossip. Tears started to form in your eyes, you could see jungkooks face of confusion on the bid screen. That’s what they wanted.

GOT7 Dark Past

*Gif is not mine



  • you found the ‘A’ teasers by pure accident
  • it popped up on your suggested videos by accident and you’re like ???? then you clicked on it
  • you couldn’t believe t h i s was your sweet, cute boyf
  • you had to replay it a couple of times, cringing just as much w/ each replay
  • no clue how to reveal you finally knew what his fans meant by noodle hair
  • everyone else’s teasers had distinctive lines whilst his was just 'come with me’
  • THEN an idea hits you
  • you’re p close with his stylist, you talked w/ her when you were on set and mark had to go for his shoot
  • so you hit her up and asked her for a favor
  • and she DELIVERED
  • next time mark took you to a photo shoot set, you told him you’d meet him there
  • he doesn’t see you when you first walk in with his exact outfit from the teaser on
  • everyone knows what you’re up to n they can’t hold in their laughter
  • jackson almost blows the surprise by squealing real loud but jinyoung shuts him up
  • when it’s mark’s turn to be photographed you’re the one who gets him
  • he doesn’t up from his phone when you walk in
  • then you grab his wrist and tug,
  • “A…Come with me…”
  • he looks up, sees what you’re wearin
  • falls out of his chair n onto the floor, wigglin his feet as he laughs in disbelief
  • can’t look at you the entire shoot or else he bursts out into laughter and goes red

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KnB Overdrive Stageplay Finale (Live-viewing) Highlights

Today was the last performance of Overdrive that they screened in movie theaters across the country. My city was lucky enough to get it so I was able to watch it on the big screen with all the camera zoom-ins. (It’s like watching the DVD early)

For the whole stage report, please click here (it’s long). Here are some highlights that couldn’t be noticed (or as easily) in a live play and some stuff only in today’s finale.

  • Seeing the play with the cameras zooming in is so much different. Everything seems so close. Seeing the actors’ expressions during the dance in Rimfire was great. Especially for Hanamiya’s face. The dance was probably my favorite part of the play.
  • Kiyoshi really is a happy and smiley person. His actor does a good job portraying him.
  • For the finale, Izuki made puns for each rival school. 
  • Because the cameras zoom in on the actors, you get a REALLY good view of shirtless Midorima, Takao, Hyuuga, and Kiyoshi when they’re in the bathtub.
  • Takao spent a minute or so singing Catal Rhythm in the tub like how he does in the anime NG shuu (with Midorima yelling at him to shut up)
  • Hayakawa praised everyone in Kaijo, except Kasamatsu who wasn’t pleased. Instead he called Kasamatsu short. Kasamatsu went over to Moriyama to complain who then stood on his tiptoes to make Kasamatsu look shorter.
    • meanwhile Moriyama more than usual really made an effort to flirt with the audience whenever he could
  • I can’t stress enough how good Kuroba Mario is at playing Kise. He IS Kise. His face expressions are on point in every scene, from being smiley to frustrated, to serious, to pained, and he can quickly change it too. Even when he was copying Aomine he instantly changes his face expression to mimic Aomine. You can even see him mumbling to himself as he’s trying to copy Aomine, about how he needs to focus more, etc.  I said this in my report but he really does cry when he loses. You could see his tears (and snot) falling from his face as Kasamatsu tries to help him stand up. 
  • Kasamatsu’s crying face was also heartbreaking *sobs*
  • Midorima actually smiled as Kuroko got past Shuutoku with his Vanishing Drive, impressed by him. 
    • he also smiled as he admitted he surpassed his limits long ago
  • Today’s halftime announcement
    Kuroko: Kagami-kun, 20 min break.
    Kagami: Yeah
    Kuroko: Kagami-kun. If I win at Janken, make it a 1 hour break
    *they tie*
    Kagami: That was close!
    *they do it again and Kagami wins*
    Kagami: 20 min break!
    Kuroko: ……. *still standing there with his hand out in disbelief* (Poor Kuroko never gets his long break)
  • When Midorima calls Kise stupid, Kise actually pouts and grumbling at him.
  • Takao tries to get out of pulling the cart by running away. He tries to get Midorima to look away by saying a UFO (which didn’t work), eventually saying oshiruko which got him to look away for a second, but he still caught Takao. 
    • no janken with the GoM this time. I guess they cut that out for the Osaka runs because they didn’t do that on Saturday either.
  • Narrator Tsuchida during the Seirin flashback pretends Kagami is a vending machine (as he does in every play), this time Kuroko goes over and tries to do it too. Kagami slapped him.
  • Tsuchida being stupid made Ono Kensho laugh that he had to turn away to regain his Kuroko face. You were able to see him smiling though. 
  • As the Seirin senpais were shouting on the roof, 3 teachers and the vice-principal came to scold them. They were the captains of each time aka Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, Ootsubo, and the Overdriver (prop guy)actors. 
    • Imayoshi put tape on his nose to make his voice sound stupid
    • Overdriver was the female Vice-Prinicpal XD
  • When Kiyoshi got smashed in the face, even Kaijo and Touou in the stands above cringed or hid their faces.
  • Hanamiya’s actor does a really good job at being creepy, both in face expression and his voice. Not to mention he was a good dancer too. He made sure to be extra creepy for the finale. When he confronted Kuroko during the match’s halftime he literally got up in his face and even put his fingers underneath Kuroko’s chin before Kuroko slapped him away. He also crawled on the ground like the Grudge or something.
  • The cameras really zoom in to show how serious and angry Kuroko and Kiyoshi can get.
  • After Kirisaki’s loss and Kiyoshi praises Hanamiya’s last shot, you can just see how conflicted and frustrated Hanamiya is in his face. 
  • Today’s curtain call greetings were done by Kagami and Kuroko!
    • Kagami’s greeting was a bit long,but typical thanks and how happy he was about the play, etc. He says that the most “Overdrive” moment, aka surpassing your limits, was Midorima when he surpassed his during the match against Seirin.
    • Kuroko mentions how this past year he did Last Game, and when that finished he felt that perhaps KnB was over, but then he was still going to be in Overdrive so he didn’t feel sad at all. As of right now there’s no confirmation of a 3rd play yet but he hopes there will be one. 
  • There were FIVE curtain calls. That’s A LOT. 3-4 is already a lot for a finale so that’s impressive. 
    • They were supposed to stop at 4 but the audience kept clapping for more (even when the intercom was telling them to be safe on their way home)
    • Aomine and Kise held hands and bowed together, making fangirls scream XD
    • Shuutoku and Kaijou were dorks and waved at the cameras that were used for the live viewing
    • For the fourth one (because it was supposed to be the last one), Kuroko and Kagami start to walk off, but then they run back to the main live-viewing camera and give (us) a fist bump. XD
    • For the last one no one knew what to do because it wasn’t expected, so they suggested everyone including the audience and live-viewing audiences to do a big huddle cheer
      • Riko: KUROSUTE! (Kuro Stage)
      • Everyone: OOH!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s it! If you can afford the DVD/Blu-Ray please buy it and support them to encourage them to make more! And also because the play itself was SO GOOD. Info on buying them can be found on my post here. (Updated info: Amiami, CDJapan, and Amazon already have them up for preorder now )

Hall of Mirrors (pt. 3)

(Sorry, cutie pies. The writer’s block is very real, so it might be a bit before I get the next part of “Enjoy the Show” out. Stupid writer’s block…)

Google watches Sparky prance around the office like a little show pony, scattering blue sparks and snapping at the other Googles as they walk by. “Ankle-biter,” Google Green quips at him fondly. Blue smirks and glances at the security cameras.

Something catches his robotic eye, and Google zooms in on Dark’s office. His eyebrows raise in the appropriate amount of surprise. “Green, get the others in here.”

Google Green looks up in confusion. “Is there a problem?”

Blue’s face screws up as he continues to watch the footage. “Um, I think that’s an appropriate name for it.”

When the others gather around, Google plays the video for them, and they all gasp in shock. “Amy!” Bim exclaims.

Host fidgets wildly. “Wh-what’s happening? Someone tell me, now!”

Wilford swallows hard and shakes his head. “I thought something was different, but this…”

The Host stabs his cane at the floor several times. “Is no one listening? Tell me what is happening in the video! What’s wrong with Miss Amy?”

“She ah…” Ed smooths down his mustache nervously. “She’s kissing Dark.”

“Rather passionately,” Silver adds. “That’s disturbing.”

Host takes a seat in one of the Googles’ chairs. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t even narrate for a long while. He grips the armrests until his fingers and knuckles turn white with effort. “Something is wrong. This isn’t Amy.”

Ed shakes his head. “I don’t know, Host. He doesn’t look like he’s controlling her…”

Host throws his cane across the room, and Oliver has to duck out of the way. “It’s not Amy! She would never,” his voice chokes as he starts to shake. “Not after all he’s done.”

Wilford nods and looks around at the others, hands wiggling wildly. “He’s right. After all that Dark has said and done, there’s no way that Amy would allow herself to have these kinds of feelings for him. Something must be wrong.”

“Google, play back the footage again,” Bim says softly, not wanting to believe his eyes but not being able to come up with any explanations himself. “His aura stays around him. He’s not using that. She-she seems to be moving on her own.”

Silver points at the screen. “What about that right there?” Google plays back the last ten seconds slowly, the moment when Amy tucks her hair behind her ear. “What’s she doing?”

“Whatever it is, it surprised Dark,” Wilford leans in. “Google, can you zoom in?”

Google mutters angrily, “Can I zoom in? Of course, I can zoom in…” He blows up the shot of Amy, and it’s then that his eyes pick up the strange black star on her neck. “That’s different. Did Amy get a tattoo?”

“Not that I know of,” Wilford answers, squinting his eyes at the screen. “That’s…” His eyes go wide. “That’s not good at all.”

Host jumps up. “Oh, would you tell us what it is already! Can’t you remember that I’m blind?”

Bim walks over and rubs the Host’s back gently. “There’s a strange marking on Amy’s neck, a black star of sorts. Wilford, can you tell us what it is?”

Wilford runs a hand through his hair, jaw working as he sums up how to put this. “It’s like a birthmark but for figments. Not every figment has one. But if they do, no matter what they look like, they carry that mark. Which means…”

“There’s a figment possessing Amy,” Ed finishes with a sigh of relief. “Well, at least we know she hasn’t lost her mind…”

“It’s still not a good thing,” Bim bites back. “Who knows what this figment has done to Amy to suppress her, and how long has it been since we’ve had the real Amy?”

Host taps his hand against his leg. “It’s been a few days. I sensed the change not long after Ego Inc. burned, but I wasn’t sure what it could be. She said all the right things… I thought the trauma of nearly losing Wilford might’ve been the cause.” He curls his hand into a fist and bites his knuckle in frustration. “I should’ve known!”

Bim shakes his head. “Host, there’s no way you could’ve known for sure. What we have to worry about now is how we’ll get our Amy back.”

Wilford makes a face. “And we’ll also have to decide whether we tell Mark or not,” he says, glancing back at the screen as Amy—not Amy—stares longingly up at Dark. Of all the things that have happened, could Mark handle this?

“No,” Host says, “we won’t concern Mark if we don’t have to. This is a figment, and we’ll deal with her ourselves.”

kitsunesongs  asked:

I was remembering a meta about how Anakin never sees how deadly Obi-Wan can be, cause when they're together Obi-Wan always acts as defense, so - Anakin goes down. Obi-Wan takes his lightsaber and starts dual-wielding and being really badass against whoever hurt Anakin. BUT! A war journalist records the whole thing, and it becomes really popular - so Anakin sees it (and so does EVERYONE ELSE IN THE REPUBLIC) and Anakin gets to see how much Obi-Wan cares about him, and how badass he can be.

Reporters are not suppose to be on active battlefields, they are honestly prohibited from them for their own safety because Jedi and clones can not guaranty they will come home.

However that doesn’t stop a few souls who will do anything for the story.

And that’s how this story starts.

One soul, driven perhaps by righteous fury at the war, perhaps by bravery and perhaps by the prospect of profit sneaking themselves onto the battlefield with a holocamera and getting themselves in the right position at the right time.

Just the right moment to catch the Hero with no fear get taken out by debris being blown up.

Just in the right moment to catch the Negotiator and the Hero with no fear being cut of from their support.

Just in the right moment to catch the Negotiator cradle the blond to him for a few moments, panicked hands checking on him before breathing in relief and grabbing for the other Jedi’s lightsaber and getting in a defensive position as the droids come down on them.

Just the right moment to see the Negotiator go full Jedi knight with double sabers

Just the right moment to catch everything that happened from the Hero with no fear went down to the Jedi getting cut off from reinforcement and to the defense.


As long as Anakin could remember, his Master had been the epitome of a Jedi, opting for the Soresu and trying to achieve a peaceful solution if he could. Always in defense, never on the attack first and always defending even when he was being attacked with him usually turning the fire used against him back on the enemy.

That’s not what he’s seeing on the holoscreen at this moment.

What he’s seeing now is a typhoon of destruction as Obi-Wan moves through droids, tearing them apart with sabers and Force ability with the older Jedi time and time landing in front of Anakin’s unconscious body in a protective crunch.

The camera zooms in a bit, gets a good look at Obi-Wan’s narrowed eyes and pursed lips, the look of utter focus as he moves.

Obi-Wan is not there to defend in that moment.

He’s there to protect and outlast the droid waves until reinforcement arrive.

He’s there to keep Anakin safe.

A lump was forming in his throat and Anakin forced himself to swallow before he got up and went in search of his old master, letting the viewscreen on as he searched out the other man.

He found him in one of the meditation gardens, settling down on his knees in front of the other. He doesn’t even care that fine sand is sneaking inside his clothes the moment he kneels down in front of the other man, waiting for Obi-Wan to acknowledge him.

It takes a few moments, Obi-Wan slowly resurfacing and opening his eyes to look at him.

It hits Anakin he isn’t sure what to say.

What do you say to a man who has the emotional range of a teaspoon when it comes to the people he cares for?

Obi-Wan peers at him before sighing and reaching out, curling a hand around Anakin’s nape and pulling him forward a bit until he could press his forehead against the others. “No one of us is perfect Anakin, least of all me.” He smiled softly.

“Says the perfect Jedi.” Anakin mumbled but he was smiling. “Thank you.”

He’s not sure what he’s thanking for.

Is he thanking him for saving his life?

For caring?

For being utterly willing to be lethal for Anakin?

Or just for simply existing.

Regardless what it is, it makes Obi-Wan chuckle softly.