when taken in a literal sense

This is going to be long and emotional so bear with me

I want to thank Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Bob, Wade, and the crew for making the Your Welcome Tour possible. I feel honored to have gone and been a part of the crowd. Everyone was so great and it was just amazing to see.

I’ve been watching @markiplier since the beginning, and it means so much to have seen him and the others throughout this whole journey. Just seeing how far everyone has come has given me just this joy, if that makes sense.

Here’s where the emotional part comes in, and as fruitless as it may be to ask, I really hope one of them reads this. Ya’ll….Ya’ll kept me alive. That may sound overdramatic, but I’m serious. When I moved down to Houston in 2013, I had absolutely everything taken from me, literally. My moving truck was literally stolen in a hotel parking lot in Dallas. All my possessions, all my childhood, gone within the night, to never be seen again. I was devastated. I was already suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression, and that had just made it worse tenfold. I came to Houston with no friends, no possessions, just the clothes on my back and what little I had brought in a small suitcase. It was really hard–I moved here just before school let out, and I was homeschooled, so I never met anybody until the fall. I was all alone. And I thought about suicide. Mark, your videos were what I literally was living for for a few months there. Every day I’d tell myself that I had to see it through, I had your videos to look forward to. I have so much thanks that it would be impossible to voice them all.

Bob and Wade, I remember seeing you both on Mark’s channel, which is how I was introduced to you guys. Your videos kept me, and still keep me, going, too, and I’m so thankful. Both of you are so wonderful.

Tyler and Ethan, I remember when both of you were first introduced. And I remember thinking just how goddamn awesome you both were.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you all. I’m so honored to have seen the show, I’m so honored to have seen you all in person, to see the people who kept me alive and still are a reason I am alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep being awesome, guys. And thank you again.

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pray tell, what is it about john that keeps you with him? he does not possess a brain like yours, and yet you still find him interesting. you care. what do you see there? is it a kind heart? a strong will? immense loyalty? there is something about the two of you- you always seem at your best together. do not let him go, sherlock. i don't think he could handle it if you left.

John is… John. He is an enigma. He is a study in contradiction. He is a doctor and a soldier. He heals and protects and yet he has taken lives as well. He craves the adrenaline, the excitement and he’ll throw himself into a worse mood than I when he finds himself craving those feelings and yet he enjoys staying home, with me, watching an inane movie with a predictable plot. He is short tempered. He is rude. He is standoffish. He’s a man you’d pass in the street without glancing back. You’d forget him.

And yet… there is a kindness in him when he senses he is needed. He keeps his head cool when all else around him crashes and explodes (sometimes literally). When you look deeper, you’d see beyond his mask. You’d see the fire burning underneath those ghastly jumpers. You’d see his strength and his weaknesses. You’d see the loyalty. John Watson is a brave and strong man, desperate to prove his past wrong and he makes me feel… like I can be myself. Without judgement, nor boundaries.

He, above all else, keeps me right.

I think you are right; we are at our best when we are together. I have no intention of letting him go. I don’t think I could handle it either.

Useless headcanons for my beloved Nerd Dad

First order of business: I love him. Now, on to the headcanons.

  • Certified Introvert™
  • Fav colors are rose gold and teal
    • Not aquamarine, not turquoise, teal
    • Will tell you the difference if you get it wrong
  • Has impeccable aim. Like, the guy needs glasses, but it’s all muscle memory. He can chuck a wadded-up napkin across the room and get it in the trash can (waste basket?)—in the dark!—every single time.
  • Says waste basket
  • Basically as British as you can get in Ninjago
    • There is no Britain in Ninjago
  • Definitely became Engineer Friends with Jay and Nya
    • He and Nya are programming buddies.
    • Has made Jay laugh until he chokes five times and still threatens to do it again.
  • Has a quicker response time than Zane and I still can’t get over that
    • See: who pulled Zane away from the window when the Leviathan showed up?
    • Moves really fast when he wants to
    • Just doesn’t want to
    • Complains that he’s old
  • Prefers tea but drinks his coffee black like a disgusting person
    • Zane puts creamer in his coffee one day anyway and Julien loves it
    • Hasn’t taken the time to make himself a good coffee in a few decades
    • Still doesn’t make a good coffee because he’s lazy
  • Early-riser by habit, late-sleeper by nature
    • Dead to the world until 2:00 in the afternoon
    • So groggy he is literally half conscious for three hours no matter when he wakes up
  • Can’t seem to think of Lloyd as the Golden Ninja, but can wrap his head around the idea that he was aged up by magic tea
    • Has also made Lloyd laugh until he chokes
    • It’s surprisingly easy since Lloyd’s sense of humor is still that of a preteen
  • Was definitely the “hey, son, pull my finger” dad when Zane was little. It made Zane laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME because robots can’t pass gas.
  • Left-handed
    • Can write backwards so that his hand doesn’t smudge the words
    • Trained his right hand to do basically everything but write
    • He tried. It didn’t work.
  • Has a phonograph. Still listens to it and will not receive a borgPod.
    • Insists that it has better sound than your new-fangled speakers
    • Says new-fangled
    • Doesn’t even care
  • Bought a top-of-the-line Borg Industries laptop as soon as he could nonetheless
    • Refurbished, of course. Who buys anything retail?
    • And uses it while listening to vinyl records on the phonograph.
  • Loves musicals
  • Honks when he sneezes
  • Laughs at soap operas
    • Calls them soaps
  • Bakes
    • But doesn’t like sweets
  • Losing his hearing and uses that to his advantage. Makes everyone repeat what they said if what they said was really stupid.
  • Can wiggle his ears if he takes off his glasses
  • Writes essays on robotics and engineering no problem but secretly writes adventure fiction and hides it from EVERYBODY.
    • The main character is a heroine, nurse turned archaeologist turned action hero.
    • Only Zane has read it. Part of it. Maybe a page or two.
    • Zane insists that he should publish and Julien is adamant that he shouldn’t publish.
  • Goes by his last name because his given name is embarrassing and he doesn’t want to do the paperwork to change it. Again, lazy.
    • This is a HUGE headcanon of mine.
    • Shows love through touch.
    • Receives it through touch.
    • Used to kiss Zane on the head every night when he was little
  • Practically Perfect in Every Way™
  • Still manages to be a goober
Glitch In The Matrix Stories #3

Too Much Tea

This takes place on a weekday night about two years ago. My friend and I are juniors in college, hanging out in the common room of my dorm (no drugs, no alcohol, not tired). After we decide we’ve done enough homework for one lifetime, we go to the CVS down the street, more out of boredom rather than hunger. We get there and notice there’s a 2/$1 sale on Arizona Iced Tea. 

Since Arizona Iced Tea is the nectar of the gods and since it’s such a bargain, we buy two. I get the raspberry flavor because why would you get something else. My friend is being “adventurous” and gets the grapeade one (even though everyone knows anything grape flavored tastes like Children’s Motrin). I’m a supportive friend so whatever. We buy our Arizona Iced Teas and walk out.

Once outside, my friend is so eager to try his new grapeade that he opens it and in the process, breaks off the little metal tab on his can. I laugh. He puts it in his pocket. I ask him how the grapeade tastes. He says it’s fine. I know it’s horrible. I open my raspberry iced tea and stick to the true gospel.

We make it back to my common room, and watch some TV (…on Youtube, on my laptop). We’re watching some quality entertainment aka Maury, sipping on our Arizona Iced Tea. It’s like an average Tuesday night. And then at one point, I go to sip my raspberry iced tea, and I just stare at it for a while. My friend looks over (you know something is wrong if someone can pull away their eyes from a Maury episode) and says, “What’s wrong?”

I’m just staring at my iced tea can, trying to figure out why I’m staring at it. I say, “I don’t know. Something’s just different.” And then the big gaping hole in my can hits me. “Oh I just don’t remember breaking the tab off my can.”

We look at my can and the metal tab is gone. Huh. Ok. And my friend is like “Oh yeah I did that to mine too, remember?” He picks up his grapeade and the metal tab to his can… is there. HUH. OK.

We both remember him ripping off the metal tab on the grapeade outside the CVS. He even reaches in his pocket and pulls out the metal tab that allegedly had broken off his can. But now his can is cured and mine is the one with the missing tab. We are both stunned.

The metal tab fits onto my can as well as any broken metal tab can, but we are both certain that we never switched drinks (like I would be caught dead holding grapeade), I didn’t break my tab off at any point, and I was staring at my can for so long because something had clearly changed in the last 10 seconds.

We have no explanation for this. We laughed it off at the time so we understand when other people laugh at us. But this really minor, seemingly trivial event really freaked us out. This will henceforth be known as The Great Arizona Iced Tea Switch Glitch of Late 2013.

Credits to: waytoomuchtea

Horoscope On Radio Told My Mom She Was Pregnant With Me

My mom told me this story. When she was 32 she was tired and nauseous for a week or so and thought she pregnant as my parents were trying for a baby.

She took a test, negative. Went to the doctor, blood tests again not only showed she wasn’t pregnant, but going through early menopause. She was devastated.

Shortly after her visit with the doctor, she was at home cleaning the house. She was listening to the radio (this is way back in 1981), and it said, “Capricorn, don’t worry, you’re pregnant”.

She thought to herself, “well that’s ridiculous, why would they say that to every Capricorn listening?”

Not long after, another trip to the doctor confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

Credits to: ranna35

I’ve Either Been Drugged, I’m Losing My Sanity, Or I’m Literally Teleporting - My Most Profound “Glitch” Yet

So, I’m a security guard working 12 hour shifts midnight to noon on a large 3-building campus. I’ve had one or two weird things happen before, but never anything like this.

At 2:31 am I was walking back from a patrol in another building when all of the sudden I got this pang of electricity. It felt like I got electrocuted; I stopped in my tracks, the wind was knocked out of me, and everything was buzzing. It was like a jolt of energy was sent up my spine, and it felt like getting tased in the back while standing in front of a massive sub woofer.

I didn’t know what to think about this. I assumed it was like when you turn your head the wrong way and you get that twinge in your neck, but it was like that for the whole body. I moved on feeling bewildered.

Later, at 4:27am, I was outside walking the perimeter of two of the three office buildings on campus. I had 3 minutes left on my podcast and decided to take another loop to let it finish before I got back to my post.

23 seconds later I all of the sudden became aware that I was somewhere I shouldn’t be if I had only been walking 23 seconds; I had almost completed the loop - something I know for a fact takes about 3 minutes at average walking speed. I’ve been doing it every night for more than 6 months.

I know it was exactly 23 seconds because I instantly paused the podcast, and I remember at what point in the podcast I had made the decision to take another loop, and I paused it the moment I realized something was wrong.

At this point I’m completely bewildered and confused and convinced I’m going crazy. I know I wasn’t walking backwards, I didn’t change directions, and there are no shortcuts I could have taken. I even went back and timed how long it takes to do the loop at a normal walking pace (~3min 20 sec), and powerwalking/light jog (~1 min 45 sec).

At 4:45 am I drew the last straw. I scanned my ID badge to enter the building and go back to my post, and stopped to go to the bathroom on the way. When I came out of the bathroom, I SHIT YOU NOT I WAS IN A DIFFERENT BUILDING.

My mind was literally blown. I was frozen with existential dread. I could not/can not logically accept what my senses were/are telling me. Bewildered, I walked out of the building and into the correct one I was in when I walked into the bathroom.

I was telling myself that I just wasn’t paying attention and walked into the wrong bathroom. Then I realized that the bathrooms are completely different, and wanted to confirm.

I walked back to the other building, when my mind proceeded to blow itself AGAIN. MY ID BADGE DOES NOT OPEN THE DOORS TO THIS BUILDING. There is a separate badge that is kept in a drawer at my post that the guards share to patrol this particular building. There is no way I could have accidentally walked into this building; it would have rejected my ID and the doors would have remained locked.

After I go back and grab the right badge, I confirm that the two bathrooms are a completely different layout, and opposite color. I’ve never used the bathroom in the “glitchy” building before; it’s brown and yellow with wooden counters, whereas the one I use about 8 times per shift (16 times per week, 64 times a month, ~384 times total) is two different shades of blue with marble counters. They look completely different and I’m fairly certain I remember the bathroom I used being blue with marble.

So, yeah. This event is by far the most profound “paranormal-ish” event I have experienced in my life as of yet. I can’t think of a logical scenario that explains all three experiences I had, other than I’m going insane.

Credits to: cyntrix

Reoccurring Dream Character Showing Up In Family And Friend’s Dreams As Well

So this all started last summer I believe, when I had an abnormally vivid dream. In it, I was attending a large conference I’d been too many times IRL with a bunch of my friends and their families. I was standing in a long line for either a book signing or food (to this day I can’t remember which) and stood behind one of my friend’s dad. 

Then, as I was standing there at the end of the line, this guy comes up and stands behind me. I remember the details of what he looked like in my mind so clearly I could probably describe him to a police sketch artist and get a completely accurate image. The short version I’d give is that he was like a really good looking suburban dad. He was pretty tall, just slightly taller than I am, with blonde, combed back hair and really clear and hard blue eyes. His facial features were very sharp and angular, and he had thinner than average lips and a sharp nose. He was wearing a red, button down plaid shirt, which was one of the first things that caught my eye. 

The most distinctive thing about him though was his presence. Calling the feeling that I got when he walked up “uneasy” would be vastly understating the deeply unsettling nature of his presence. I don’t remember much of what happened in the dream after that, because I left the line in a hurry and woke up not long after.

Over the next three or four days, I had two more dreams with this character in them. In one, I was browsing my phone and I happened to look up at my window and see him standing outside, and in the other, I saw him on the news, the reporter saying he was working with some sinister entity or organization. This alone would have been enough to weird me out, but the weirdness doesn’t end there.

One day, my good buddy and I were talking about dreams, and I happened to mention that I had a really vivid dream about this conference, which he had also attended. He responded that he had also recently had a dream about the conference. He then began to recite back to me the exact dream I had dreamED two and a half weeks before. 

About halfway through, I started confirming details with him, like the line, the dad standing in front, and the weird guy in the plaid shirt. My friend starts getting more worked up as we go back and forth confirming details of the dream and this guy’s appearance, which he also vividly remembered. He tells me that before he had this particular dream that we’d apparently both had, he had seen the guy before in another dream, and also felt really uneasy about him. 

His previous dream had involved him helping a girl escape from a trafficking ring, and at one point in the dream, the man in the plaid shirt had showed up and appeared to be the head of the ring or at least involved with it. We were both pretty freaked out by this, but the weirdest part was yet to come.

About two months later, I was talking with my mom. She was telling me about this bizarre dreams he had the previous night, in which she was fleeing from a tornado that was making it’s way towards our house. She told me how in the dream, she had gone downstairs and hid in the closet, only for the wall to be ripped off by the tornado, providing a view of the driveway. She described how when the tornado got to the edge of the driveway, it suddenly began to spin out and dissipate, twisting and transforming into a large mangled metal girder that fell to the ground. 

Then, she said, the next thing that happened was really vivid and unsettling. She said that the metal stood up and turned into a man with a plaid shirt. I got chills when she told me this, and I started quizzing her on details. Everything was exactly the same as I had remembered. Sharp features, cold eyes, blonde hair, red plaid shirt.

I have never seen anyone matching this description before in real life. I never told my mom or friend or anyone else about this guy before they told me about their dreams, and they were both legitimately shocked to hear that I had seen the same character, whom I have taken to calling Plaidshirt Guy.

Credits to: BookwyrmBOTPH

Meeting You || Demon!AU


{I kind of got carried away with some, whoops} 


Jin had been sent on a mission from the big boss himself since he was the most trustworthy. Jin hadn’t had a clue why his boss wanted you so bad, after all, you were just a mundane, someone who’s life didn’t really matter. But, his boss wishes were his orders. 

Jin had monitored you (stalked you) and he figured out your daily patterns enough where he would “randomly” run into you. Now, Jin is very handsome so you never really minded when you would see him since he was nice to look at. As time went on he became bolder until he finally asked you on “a date”, which was really an opportunity to kidnap you. But, on that date, he realized what was so special and decided he would keep you for himself.  (wink wonk) 

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Every demon had a special mate. A special someone who could make their evil ways, change. Except in the thousands of years that Yoongi was alive, Yoongi was alive he never once saw his mate. He soon came to the conclusion that you did not exists and everyone else was full of shit. 

All of the demons he knew had demon mates, only makes sense, so he figured his mate would be a demon as well. He was taken by surprise when the soul he wanted came with a sweeter than sweet smell. 

He moved across the library he was in when he gave you a smirk. Yoongi looked like the type of guy that you would steer clear of but today you felt a little more daring. 

“Do you read?” You asked. Yoongi nodded. “Who’s your favorite author?” 

“Call me boring but I like F. Scott Fitzgerald. I can really connect with him.” the part of his response was literal, though. Since Yoongi had the pleasure of taking his life so poor old Fitzgerald was alway with him. But, of course, you didn’t know that. 

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Desperate times called for desperate measures, which is why Hoseok and you had become fast friends. You needed money and you needed money fast. The easiest way you could think of was working in a strip club. You weren’t a stripper, all the time since you were the main bartender. 

You only worked on stage when a girl was MIA. One of the rare nights you were working Hoseok had decided to drop in, why not? Hoseok had seen you from the moment he entered the club, his eyes locked on your body. 

After you had finished your part, you made your way back to the changing rooms and then behind the counter. Hoseok slid up to the bar and struck up a conversation. But, before he left, he left you a napkin with his number on it. Hoseok and you started out as friends but things changed quickly, after all, who can resist Hoseok? 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

As the demon in charge in Hell, he had eyes on everyone and had the ability to see everyone’s soul. You had peeked his interest a couple time but he thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until he had noticed that your soul had changed. It wasn’t that you had committed any sin, it was that your mindset and personality changed. He couldn’t figure out why he felt a pull towards you. 

Namjoon hated the human world. He hated disorganization and that it exactly what Earth was. The seventh layer of Hell was more organized than Earth. Namjoon watched you go to work and back from work. Going to work you always looked happy but Namjoon could tell the mood change going home. 

You boyfriend was not a kind man even though you did everything for him. Namjoon quickly caught on and when you came home one day to find your boyfriend gone you were given a sense of relief. Namjoon had disposed of your boyfriend, hoping that you would go back to the way you were before. 

Namjoon watched for months after, making sure you were okay when he finally lectured himself and told himself to stop being a creeper. He walked into the cafe you worked at and struck up a conversation. 

“So, would you like to go on a date with me? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Namjoon asked. 

It had been a while since you had fun so you figured why not, “I would like that.” 

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You had met Jimin through mutual friends, which seems normal enough. You both were teens at the time when you started dating. Well, you were a teenager, Jimin was a couple thousand years old. 

“Come on, (y/n), you’ll like him. I promise,” your friend convinced. 

“You need to quit trying to set me up.” You muttered as you two made it closer to the park where you were going to be meeting Jimin. 

“Are you saying you wouldn’t like to go out with me? Have I faced rejection already?” Jimin said with a joking smile. You had become slightly embarrassed that he had heard you since you thought he wouldn’t have been able to hear you since he looked far enough away. 

“No, I didn’t mean it like that!” You tried to defend. You tacked on a giggle, trying to relieve yourself of some of the embarrassment. 

“it’s okay, I understand.” 

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Taehyung worked at the same club you and your friends favored. All of your friends had said how they thought he had a thing for you but you never really noticed. 

You ordered another round of shots for your friends and you when you finally noticed the look in his eyes. Since you were slightly intoxicated you have a little courage in you. So, when Taehyung came around with the drinks you waved him close to you. He leaned in and you whispered that he should meet you outside in a couple minutes. 

You pressed your body against him as you were trapped between the wall and him. His lips crashed on yours and you felt weird because you had yet to formally met the man you were making out with. 

“Hang on, what’s your name?” You asked as Taehyung pulled away. When he pulled away you could have sworn his eyes looked different but you blamed it on the alcohol. 

“Taehyung, what’s yours?” 

“(Y/N), now are we going to my house or yours?” You went for the straightforward approach. 

“A little eager, aren’t we.” 

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Jungkook attended the same university as you, and you had always thought he was hot but untouchable. He and his friends were basically the leaders of the biggest frat on campus if only you had known him and his friends were also the leaders of Hell. 

At the beginning of second-semester Jungkook’s frat decided to hold a party. You and your friends were requested to come while the rest of the students could show up if they wanted. When you heard that Jungkook wanted you there you became nervous.

 But somehow your nerves weren’t bad enough because you found yourself in their frat house, surrounded by strangers. 

“(y/n)! You came,” Jungkook sounded surprised.

“Well, I was requested to show up, after all. I can’t disappoint, now can I?” You teased. 

“Oh god, so you heard? Well, I’m glad you’re here anyway.” Jungkook said with a smile and looked down. 

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I got an ask earlier this morning accusing me of being a fake fan for the pure simplicity of me disliking characters and not agreeing with some of their actions. So I’ve decided to make a post with all the things I HATE about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this show, trying to piece together all the pieces and make sense of all the plot holes, but we have to admit there are some major issues with the show which go past just hating a character for being a shit person. So here all the reasons PLL ANNOYS ME.


- They always demonise poc characters or kill them off. For example, killing off Yvonne to set the pace for Spoby to slowly get back on track.

- This show literally glamourises attractive people not having to take responsibility for their actions in the face of the law. The show is literally called Pretty little liars, no wonder they wouldn’t have charges put against them for anything they do. I mean Aria killed Shana and got away with it, Jessica’s killer is yet to be revealed but so far got away with their crime, Ezra stalked and dated underage girls and didn’t get charges against him??! These people get away with shit just for the fact that they are attractive

- Alison’s character development has been so poor. We have literally been thrown nice Alison in our faces and are expected to forget that this girl bullied multiple characters oh the show, emotionally manipulated her friends and pretty much everyone in her life, faked being kindnapped, faked her death and used Emily on multiple occasions

- Aria forever remains a door mat for Ezra. Ezra could do her so dirty and Aria would be there like his little lap dog. She took him back after he stalked her and lied to her for years and suddenly there’s no trust issues? He then cheated on her on live television with Nicole and Aria much like Veronica, chose to ignore it. And omg, I wanted to go to New York and drag her little ass back to Rosewood when she drove all the way to New York to pay Nicole a little visit like what the fuck Aria? You going to go square up to a woman who doesn’t even know who you are?! All because you’re fuck boy predator cheated on you?! PSA: IT IS EZRA’S FAULT GO BE MAD AT HIM, DO NOT MELT BACK INTO HIS ARMS AND CONFRONT NICOLE. Fuck sake. ALSO ARIA ACTING LIKE JENNA GETTING HER EYE SEIGHT BACK WAS INCONVENIENT?!!!? BITCH YOU WERE A BYSTANDING IN HER BLINDING. YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF.

- Veronica not leaving Peter’s cheating ass is something I’m so against. I understand that she loved him and built a life with him. But she could’ve have taken Spencer and Melissa and built something that wasn’t built on lies. I feel so bad for Veronica because Peter cheated on her with both Jesica and Mary (unknowingly) and now there are children out there who born from affaires.

- PLOT HOLES. Maybe these will make sense as the story goes on but there are so many of them

- Useless red herring characters. We are always and forever being lead to believe that the most irrelevant characters have something to do with A.D. They literally drag it out and have the girls play detective when it ends up being pointless.

- Bad portrayal of mental illness. Can we please just think about the fact that to avoid prison time, every A has willingly revealed themselves and acted crazy to be institutionalised Instead of spending time in jail.


- Hanna; Okay, I agree with @prettylittleliarsxxxx time jump Hanna sucks. They literally brought back the shop lifting Hanna. How shit for character development. She’s saltier than McDonald’s fries at the minute. Getting angry at everyone. She’s irritating me so much. And this is coming from a Haleb shipper, but it pissed me off that Hanna and Caleb just flew back into their relationship without even giving Spencer time. Also, the fuck is up with them putting Spencer and Caleb together? Like that just goes against every girl code. It’s a no zone.

- MONA. Mona is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this show. Yes, she might have tortured the girls as A but she redeemed herself over the seasons, and really does care about Hanna. These girls still alienate and demonise her and they’d e pretty little dead girls if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped and saved their asses so many times. I just want Mona to find happiness. She deserves it.

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"I don't feel like we're supposed to sympathize with Greg" What makes you say that?

The way he’s portrayed and shown throughout the whole show. Even though he’s generally a nice and caring guy he always gets the short end of the stick. The writers literally write him to stay in his van (and have the gall to say that he WANTS to live in his van despite him saying otherwise in the show) and keep him away from being with Steven. The Gems constantly make insulting remarks towards him and he’s even introduced in the show as a lazy bum who won’t be of any use.

The episode Say Uncle actually made incest jokes about Greg. If the writers actually respected Greg they wouldn’t have written in a joke where Pearl says that it makes sense that Greg is inbred. Pearl’s attitude and bigoted view of Greg/humans (which literally just pops out of absolutely nowhere in season 1b) are never challenged or actually talked about. 

When Greg gets to live with Steven for an episode he sudden turns radically OOC and becomes a selfish prick who constantly lies to Steven, before reverting back to his actual character and solving the problem of the episode. The ultimate lesson is that Greg shouldn’t live with Steven, which is supposedly a happy ending.

His point of view is rarely taken into account and his worry for Steven is usually played for laughs instead of being taken serious. In Space Race Pearl literally kidnaps Steven and takes him to space against Greg’s explicit wishes. When Greg thinks he just witnessed Steven blowing up and almost has a heart attack the whole scene is played like a joke while the sympathy of the episode is placed on Pearl when she decides to eject from the ship. It’s painful sometimes to watch Greg because of the way the writers treat him.



(and why there should be more content with these two, platonic or otherwise.)

Outside of the obvious fact that they’re both writers:

They put up with a lot of shit concerning what they do. Emi is to a lesser extent because of the fact that she doesn’t tell people about what she writes. Take for example, these panels:

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“Too much flab, not enough ab….” - The Joker

Get ready for some WORDS…

Whilst drawing these, I started thinking more and more about the Joker’s history and evolution as a character. Figuring it was “pro’bly worth a Google”, I skittered over to Wikipedia….

Yeah, so, the Joker is a really interesting character, man, and I mean that in regards to his seemingly unending battles with Batman. I knew the character well enough to be familiar with his “multiple-choice” backstories and, of course, crazy personality, and have always loved the Batman universe in general. But, delving into his history, I learned some things I didn’t know, the most interesting and discussion-worthy being the whole Batman-Joker cycle.

Their whole existence is on a continuous loop. Batman refuses to kill, fearing that destroying Joker will propel a desire to kill other criminals. Joker refuses to stop killing unless Batman is dead. Batman is basically Joker’s entire reason for continuing in the fight because of his obsession with him, and he won’t get put on death row ‘cause he’s claimed as mentally insane and is, henceforth, “unaccountable”. None of the other baddies dare mess with Joker, so he keeps getting away with stuff. But unless Batman dies or someone kills the Joker it continues and continues, and so on and so forth….

For the Joker to be the way he is in this particular Batman film makes all the more sense because he is literally obsessed with Batman and I can very easily see it being taken to this extreme because he’s so nuts. To this degree, he’s portrayed as a very pathetic character and, ironically, becomes sympathetic and charming as a result. He’s still just as willing to kill others to get to Batman, yet he’s also, as in the comics, willing to die to gain his attention. It’s positively ridiculous and hilariously presented in this movie and I unwittingly found myself caring for the character and legit feeling bad when Batman dropped the bomb on him at the beginning of the film ‘cause, wow, the guy was pretty hurt and I’m such a sucker for people in need of a hug no matter how bad they are.

By the way, I love the fact that, in this film, Joker has just kinda let himself go and is conscious of his weight. Lol. That’s hilarious. Unless you count Heath Ledger, I can’t think of any time we’ve ever had a pudgy Joker. Kind of an excuse for me to do fun, round shapes…. :P

Autistic Todoroki Shouto.

This is my analysis of Todoroki’s autistic behavior and why I strongly headcanon him to be autistic. I will be using pictures from the manga to back my arguments up. This got a bit out of hand, length-wise, so i’m going to put in under a read-more!

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rewatching adventure time, i’ve really come to notice that the show’s use of songs is… very different from other shows

in interviews, pen ward has explained that he intended the show’s world to have “a coherent physical logic” and “internal consistency in the character’s interactions with the world.” while it might not be something you notice consciously, just about everything in the show is intended to be something literal in the narrative. the show doesn’t do explicit fourth wall humor or a ton of cartoon logic stuff inconsistent with the rules of its universe. it’s a magic world where anything can happen, but they have rules. they broke these rules a bit in season one, admittedly, but have gotten a lot more consistent since then

and that extends to the songs. adventure time doesn’t have your classic musical numbers so much as it has characters who sing sometimes. it doesn’t have scenes where everybody gets up and dances a choreographed dance that makes no sense in the world. it doesn’t illustrate songs with colorful imagery that isn’t supposed to be taken as literal events in the world of the show. the show doesn’t give its internal logic a break when characters start singing. it’s very understated

the production of these songs is always understated, too. they rarely use more than a couple instruments playing quietly in the background, and when characters sing it’s usually a little awkward and quiet

it’s a really interesting choice, but it’s also honestly probably why i’ve… never really cared for adventure time’s songs, personally. this hyper-literal style can honestly make it hard to watch–it’s not a musical number where everybody’s in on it, it’s usually one character who isn’t a fantastic singer singing about their feelings while the other characters just have to fuckin awkwardly watch. it’s too REAL

that, or it’s just something like the bacon pancakes song where a character is singing to themself because they’re having fun and it doesn’t really last very long

The Galileo Controversy

It is commonly believed that the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo for abandoning the geocentric (earth-at-the-center) view of the solar system for the heliocentric (sun-at-the-center) view.

The Galileo case, for many anti-Catholics, is thought to prove that the Church abhors science, refuses to abandon outdated teachings, and is not infallible. For Catholics, the episode is often an embarrassment. It shouldn’t be.

This tract provides a brief explanation of what really happened to Galileo.


The Church is not anti-scientific. It has supported scientific endeavors for centuries. During Galileo’s time, the Jesuits had a highly respected group of astronomers and scientists in Rome. In addition, many notable scientists received encouragement and funding from the Church and from individual Church officials. Many of the scientific advances during this period were made either by clerics or as a result of Church funding.

Nicolaus Copernicus dedicated his most famous work, On the Revolution of the Celestial Orbs, in which he gave an excellent account of heliocentricity, to Pope Paul III. Copernicus entrusted this work to Andreas Osiander, a Lutheran clergyman who knew that Protestant reaction to it would be negative, since Martin Luther seemed to have condemned the new theory, and, as a result, the book would be condemned. Osiander wrote a preface to the book, in which heliocentrism was presented only as a theory that would account for the movements of the planets more simply than geocentrism did—something Copernicus did not intend.

Ten years prior to Galileo, Johannes Kepler
published a heliocentric work that expanded on Copernicus’ work. As a result, Kepler also found opposition among his fellow Protestants for his heliocentric views and found a welcome reception among some Jesuits who were known for their scientific achievements.

Clinging to Tradition?

Anti-Catholics often cite the Galileo case as an example of the Church refusing to abandon outdated or incorrect teaching, and clinging to a “tradition.” They fail to realize that the judges who presided over Galileo’s case were not the only people who held to a geocentric view of the universe. It was the received view among scientists at the time.

Centuries earlier, Aristotle had refuted heliocentricity, and by Galileo’s time, nearly every major thinker subscribed to a geocentric view. Copernicus refrained from publishing his heliocentric theory for some time, not out of fear of censure from the Church, but out of fear of ridicule from his colleagues.

Many people wrongly believe Galileo proved heliocentricity. He could not answer the strongest argument against it, which had been made nearly two thousand years earlier by Aristotle: If heliocentrism were true, then there would be observable parallax shifts in the stars’ positions as the earth moved in its orbit around the sun. However, given the technology of Galileo’s time, no such shifts in their positions could be observed. It would require more sensitive measuring equipment than was available in Galileo’s day to document the existence of these shifts, given the stars’ great distance. Until then, the available evidence suggested that the stars were fixed in their positions relative to the earth, and, thus, that the earth and the stars were not moving in space—only the sun, moon, and planets were.

Thus Galileo did not prove the theory by the Aristotelian standards of science in his day. In his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina and other documents, Galileo claimed that the Copernican theory had the “sensible demonstrations” needed according to Aristotelian science, but most knew that such demonstrations were not yet forthcoming. Most astronomers in that day were not convinced of the great distance of the stars that the Copernican theory required to account for the absence of observable parallax shifts. This is one of the main reasons why the respected astronomer Tycho Brahe refused to adopt Copernicus fully.

Galileo could have safely proposed heliocentricity as a theory or a method to more simply account for the planets’ motions. His problem arose when he stopped proposing it as a scientific theory and began proclaiming it as truth, though there was no conclusive proof of it at the time. Even so, Galileo would not have been in so much trouble if he had chosen to stay within the realm of science and out of the realm of theology. But, despite his friends’ warnings, he insisted on moving the debate onto theological grounds.

In 1614, Galileo felt compelled to answer the charge that this “new science” was contrary to certain Scripture passages. His opponents pointed to Bible passages with statements like, “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed …” (Josh. 10:13). This is not an isolated occurrence. Psalms 93 and 104 and Ecclesiastes 1:5 also speak of celestial motion and terrestrial stability. A literalistic reading of these passages would have to be abandoned if the heliocentric theory were adopted. Yet this should not have posed a problem. As Augustine put it, “One does not read in the Gospel that the Lord said: ‘I will send you the Paraclete who will teach you about the course of the sun and moon.’ For he willed to make them Christians, not mathematicians.” Following Augustine’s example, Galileo urged caution in not interpreting these biblical statements too literally.

Unfortunately, throughout Church history there have been those who insist on reading the Bible in a more literal sense than it was intended. They fail to appreciate, for example, instances in which Scripture uses what is called “phenomenological” language—that is, the language of appearances. Just as we today speak of the sun rising and setting to cause day and night, rather than the earth turning, so did the ancients. From an earthbound perspective, the sun does appear to rise and appear to set, and the earth appears to be immobile. When we describe these things according to their appearances, we are using phenomenological language.

The phenomenological language concerning the motion of the heavens and the non-motion of the earth is obvious to us today, but was less so in previous centuries. Scripture scholars of the past were willing to consider whether particular statements were to be taken literally or phenomenologically, but they did not like being told by a non-Scripture scholar, such as Galileo, that the words of the sacred page must be taken in a particular sense.

During this period, personal interpretation of Scripture was a sensitive subject. In the early 1600s, the Church had just been through the Reformation experience, and one of the chief quarrels with Protestants was over individual interpretation of the Bible.

Theologians were not prepared to entertain the heliocentric theory based on a layman’s interpretation. Yet Galileo insisted on moving the debate into a theological realm. There is little question that if Galileo had kept the discussion within the accepted boundaries of astronomy (i.e., predicting planetary motions) and had not claimed physical truth for the heliocentric theory, the issue would not have escalated to the point it did. After all, he had not proved the new theory beyond reasonable doubt.

Galileo “Confronts” Rome

Galileo came to Rome to see Pope Paul V (1605-1621). The pope, weary of controversy, turned the matter over to the Holy Office, which issued a condemnation of Galileo’s theory in 1616. Things returned to relative quiet for a time, until Galileo forced another showdown.

At Galileo’s request, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit—one of the most important Catholic theologians of the day—issued a certificate that, although it forbade Galileo to hold or defend the heliocentric theory, did not prevent him from conjecturing it. When Galileo met with the new pope, Urban VIII, in 1623, he received permission from his longtime friend to write a work on heliocentrism, but the new pontiff cautioned him not to advocate the new position, only to present arguments for and against it. When Galileo wrote the Dialogue on the Two World Systems, he used an argument the pope had offered, and placed it in the mouth of his character Simplicio. Galileo, perhaps inadvertently, made fun of the pope, a result that could only have disastrous consequences. Urban felt mocked and could not believe how his friend could disgrace him publicly. Galileo had mocked the very person he needed as a benefactor. He also alienated his long-time supporters, the Jesuits, with attacks on one of their astronomers. The result was the infamous trial, which is still heralded as the final separation of science and religion.

Tortured for His Beliefs?

In the end, Galileo recanted his heliocentric teachings, but it was not—as is commonly supposed—under torture nor after a harsh imprison- ment. Galileo was, in fact, treated surprisingly well.

As historian Giorgio de Santillana, who is not overly fond of the Catholic Church, noted, “We must, if anything, admire the cautiousness and legal scruples of the Roman authorities.” Galileo was offered every convenience possible to make his imprisonment in his home bearable.

Galileo’s friend Nicolini, Tuscan ambassador to the Vatican, sent regular reports to the court regarding affairs in Rome. Many of his letters dealt with the ongoing controversy surrounding Galileo.

Nicolini revealed the circumstances surrounding Galileo’s “imprisonment” when he reported to the Tuscan king: “The pope told me that he had shown Galileo a favor never accorded to another” (letter dated Feb. 13, 1633); “ … he has a servant and every convenience” (letter, April 16); and “[i]n regard to the person of Galileo, he ought to be imprisoned for some time because he disobeyed the orders of 1616, but the pope says that after the publication of the sentence he will consider with me as to what can be done to afflict him as little as possible” (letter, June 18).

Had Galileo been tortured, Nicolini would have reported it to his king. While instruments of torture may have been present during Galileo’s recantation (this was the custom of the legal system in Europe at that time), they definitely were not used.

The records demonstrate that Galileo could not be tortured because of regulations laid down in The Directory for Inquisitors (Nicholas Eymeric, 1595). This was the official guide of the Holy Office, the Church office charged with dealing with such matters, and was followed to the letter.

As noted scientist and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead remarked, in an age that saw a large number of “witches” subjected to torture and execution by Protestants in New England, “the worst that happened to the men of science was that Galileo suffered an honorable detention and a mild reproof.” Even so, the Catholic Church today acknowledges that Galileo’s condemnation was wrong. The Vatican has even issued two stamps of Galileo as an expression of regret for his mistreatment.


Although three of the ten cardinals who judged Galileo refused to sign the verdict, his works were eventually condemned. Anti-Catholics often assert that his conviction and later rehabilitation somehow disproves the doctrine of papal infallibility, but this is not the case, for the pope never tried to make an infallible ruling concerning Galileo’s views.

The Church has never claimed ordinary tribunals, such as the one that judged Galileo, to be infallible. Church tribunals have disciplinary and juridical authority only; neither they nor their decisions are infallible.

No ecumenical council met concerning Galileo, and the pope was not at the center of the discussions, which were handled by the Holy Office. When the Holy Office finished its work, Urban VIII ratified its verdict, but did not attempt to engage infallibility.

Three conditions must be met for a pope to exercise the charism of infallibility: (1) he must speak in his official capacity as the successor of Peter; (2) he must speak on a matter of faith or morals; and (3) he must solemnly define the doctrine as one that must be held by all the faithful.

In Galileo’s case, the second and third conditions were not present, and possibly not even the first. Catholic theology has never claimed that a mere papal ratification of a tribunal decree is an exercise of infallibility. It is a straw man argument to represent the Catholic Church as having infallibly defined a scientific theory that turned out to be false. The strongest claim that can be made is that the Church of Galileo’s day issued a non-infallible disciplinary ruling concerning a scientist who was advocating a new and still-unproved theory and demanding that the Church change its understanding of Scripture to fit his.

It is a good thing that the Church did not rush to embrace Galileo’s views, because it turned out that his ideas were not entirely correct, either. Galileo believed that the sun was not just the fixed center of the solar system but the fixed center of the universe. We now know that the sun is not the center of the universe and that it does move—it simply orbits the center of the galaxy rather than the earth.

As more recent science has shown, both Galileo and his opponents were partly right and partly wrong. Galileo was right in asserting the mobility of the earth and wrong in asserting the immobility of the sun. His opponents were right in asserting the mobility of the sun and wrong in asserting the immobility of the earth.

Had the Catholic Church rushed to endorse Galileo’s views—and there were many in the Church who were quite favorable to them—the Church would have embraced what modern science has disproved.

Boku no We’re Being Taken for a Ride

I noticed something odd in the manga 

“Huh.”, I thought, “You know this could technically apply to Ochako too, since she’s at the bottom of the page in a literal sense.” I didn’t think much of it. But then I was watching the anime - and noticed a VERY bizarre scene

See Kacchan’s earpiece? It’s in his right ear, blue. But when Izuku talks on his radio, to Ochako

Well, we see him using his left ear. But then the anime gives us a nice detailed close up of his left ear

Then I noticed that in the sports arc, they shared the same bandage

THEN I noticed something weird with the scoring from the entrance exam

45 points for Ochako, 60 for Izuku. The judges only score one of them

Now tell me - what’s 10, + 10 + 10 + 7  + 8?

And now Toga says this. 

There’s something going on here

anonymous asked:

why. did dan use the word friendship so often in this video is he trying to overcompensate or... i actually started to cringe a little after the second or third time

hmmm. idk dude!!! i mean he was trying to say that they’re super close, he even drew a clear verbal distinction between ‘casual friends’ and best friends/family members using the latter categories to refer to phil. i think dan was rly trying to add a personal element to this video to try and heighten the drama of it and reiterate that their bond is strong enough to withstand the kind of tension that this game produced (but the effort ended up flopping a bit bc there was no tension to speak of in this video). in order to do that, he needed to refer to their relationship as something that shows how close they are, and friendship is always the label they’re going to use for that. i mean what was he supposed to say if he wanted to make this a bit more personal for them? “wow phil this game is going to be such a good test of our romantic relationship!!!” “this game is tense if you play it with someone really close like a HUSBAND *pointed look at phil*” 

idk what you expected hahaha, “friendship” is and has always been the label that they’re comfortable using for themselves for the public and it’s the one that they’ve always stuck to. it’s also not a bad thing. they ARE best friends and they value all of the things that come with that so highly–their shared sense of humor, their shared interests, their ability to spend time together and socialize together and have fun together are all a hallmark of their friendship rather than their romantic love or sexual attraction for each other. idk, i wasn’t even a lil bit bothered by the use of the word friends/friendship bc as with everything dnp-related when taken in the full context of what we know of them and what they’re up to (literally uploading this video while on a family vacation in florida, amidst a never-ending stream of photos lovingly taken of each other and posted proudly on social media) it becomes all the lovelier that they can play all of these roles in each others’ lives. they are partners, they are business partners, creative partners, social safety blanekts, housemates, and they are each others’ family. but they’re also best friends, and i think they cherish that label just as much as all the others (if not more so! which is beautiful!) 


▪ So soft
▪ So small
▪ So underestimated
▪ He is the baby of the Nightshade pack
▪ Though his height and strength say otherwise
▪ Along with Jeno being quite strong
▪ Quiet
▪ Shy af
▪ Let’s random things slip
▪ ‘If we go down here, there’s a part to pass so we–’
▪ ‘You’re wrong.’
▪ Generally one of the smart ones
▪ Teased for being a nerd
▪ Literally no one has room to talk
▪ Helps with plans when needed
▪ Very acute sense of smell
▪ Sensitive fur
▪ Scratches more than bites
▪ Ears allows lowered
- Human -
▪ Talks to a few people at school
▪ Not an outcast
▪ Not popular
▪ Crushed on
▪ Never truly spoken to
▪ Heart always been taken
▪ You guys are the kids of two best friend couples
▪ Grew up glued to each other
▪ You protect him
▪ Not vice versa
▪ Unless something happens
▪ Then he’s your wolf in shining fur
▪ You’re basically the pack’s sister
▪ Renjun prefers your presence
▪ Over just about everyone
▪ ‘She doesn’t scream over everything.’
▪ Not jealous, jealous Jisung
▪ ‘She’s your mate, you are literally made for each other why are you jealous of that dork’ - Johnny
▪ ‘Liar’ - You
▪ Hides in your neck cause
▪ ‘The guys are being mean’
▪ Not a huge sissy
▪ Just soft with you
▪ You enjoy pampering him
Not that he doesn’t pamper you-
- Wolf -
▪ First shift was scary as shit for him
▪ Cried
▪ Came back home shaking like mad
▪ Johnny and Taeyong had to literally escort him there
▪ Nightmares
▪ Wouldn’t leave your side for nearly a week
Once that was over
▪ Playful
▪ Likes when you rub his belly
▪ Chases his tail
▪ Likes to out run you
▪ Always hungry
▪ Bottomless pit for a stomach
▪ Likes when you play with his paws
▪ Can’t wait until he’s big enough
▪ So he can have you ride on his back
Your own little taxi wolf
▪ All in all
▪ Smart, sweeet
▪ Caring
▪ Clingy

The Harlequin Formula || Peter Parker x Reader

You all know about those short novella like romance novels published under the name Harlequin, right? Well, there’s also many manga artists who often transcribe the written text into a graphic novel form that I just adore reading!

So reading Harlequin comics is like one of the things I do for like, guilty pleasure and stuff because those kinds of comics is super pandering to young women (like me). Sure, a lot of the times the romance seems forced and unlikely to happen, but let me tell you, I read a Harlequin comic last night and the fact that it had a strong heroine who wasn’t afraid of the main love interest AND could read him like a book-

I was hooked.

So this whole story is inspired by the whole “harlequin formula” usually seen in those types of stories and how the ‘reader character’ tries to break them in hopes of finding a genuine type of love.

I hope you readers will enjoy this story ;w; .

warnings: none

word count: 3,300+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


When you were younger, you often filled your romantic daydreams with Harlequin novels. You didn’t know what true love felt like and often read these short novellas in order to get a glimpse of how love worked.

It was through these short stories that you learned the following things:

Love is when a demure woman falls for a powerful man.

The powerful man is often a multi-billionaire of some sort who comes off as cold and aloof, but is innately missing something all the same.

And whatever he was missing would always be love, to which the leading lady would offer him almost unconditionally, regardless of how cruel he was to her.

After the end of these novels, you would find yourself with tears in your eyes at just how wonderful the love story was. “That’s what true love has to be about, finding love in unexpected places while following your man to the ends of the earth.”

Each time you would finish a story, you would sigh and fall back against your twin bed, your hair fanning out beneath your head as you clutched the novel to your chest before softly murmuring (as if hoping that the more times you said it, then it would likely come true), “I honestly can’t wait to fall in love.”


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NDRV3 Transcripts: “Once I’ve fallen in love with someone”

First of all, I’d just like to thank everyone for the overwhelming reception to the ch.5 post-trial translation! The post has even made its way into the r/danganronpa subreddit, which is honestly pretty cool. I’m glad that these translations are helping clear up some misconceptions that people might still have.

Now, I couldn’t help but notice there has been some talk about Ouma and Saihara’s relationship lately. Back when I was still in chapter 4, I decided not to transcribe that bit where Saihara and Ouma log out of the VR world because it had already been discussed pretty extensively on this blog. But I’m taking that back - I think we can all benefit from analysing the original Japanese text.

It’s a short exchange, but also very insightful. After all, if we get to hear what someone’s thinking even if the protagonist isn’t around, then it must be pretty important. Enjoy!

@ne0dym once again continues to deliver yet another really excellent transcription! This is one of the scenes I think people have most wanted to see translated in Chapter 4. Although it’s very, very short, it’s extremely interesting and insightful, providing both foreshadowing for Chapter 4 overall as well as very essential character insight to Ouma.

I’ve translated it to English under the read more as always. Thank you all so much for your support; finding out about the Chapter 5 post-trial transcript being featured on reddit was super cool and exciting!

More translated transcripts here, if anyone is curious!

I hope you all enjoy! If you could reblog or spread this around, that would be great–both ne0dym and I are very thankful that you’ve all been so supportive so far!

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anonymous asked:

I'm still salty about Rhys's comment that Cassian would sleep with Feyre if she wanted to though, that's like the last thing Cassian would do :(

I totally get you nonnie, because there are some weird ways that the Inner Circle talks about Cassian re: sex. I don’t think that Rhys actually believed it though? He wasn’t being literal. We have to look at the context of the discussion and who Rhys is, what we know about how he interacts with Feyre (especially at this time since they are still… figuring things out), what he and Feyre were doing at the time. Here is the comment:

“Cassian tried to convince me last night not to take you. I thought he might even punch me.”
“Why?” I barely knew him.
“Who knows? With Cassian, he’s probably more interested in fucking you than protecting you.”
“You’re a pig.”
“You could, you know,” Rhys said, holding up the branch of a scrawny beech for me to slip under. “If you needed to move on in a physical sense, I’m sure Cassian would be more than happy to oblige.”
It felt like a test in itself. And it pissed me off enough that I crooned, “Then tell him to come to my room tonight.”

This scene is when they are going to the Weaver, and Rhys has a history of… goading Feyre, when she is upset for various reasons. He distracts her by annoying her, by pushing her buttons. I don’t think that his comment should be taken literally in any way. I mean… Rhys is clearly in love with Feyre, why would he actually suggest that??? And she recognizes what he is doing, moments later:

“A dangerous line—one Rhys was forcing me to walk to keep me from thinking about what I was about to face, about what a wreck I was inside.

Anger, this … flirtation, annoyance … He knew those were my crutches.

What I was about to encounter, then, must be truly harrowing if he wanted me going in there mad—thinking about sex, about anything but the Weaver of the Wood.”

However, there is a history of people making jokes about Cassian, but in this scene he gives shit back to Amren just as easily:

“No one warming your bed right now, Cassian? It must be so hard to be an Illyrian and have no thoughts in your head save for those about your favorite part.”
“You know I’m always happy to tangle in the sheets with you, Amren,” Cassian said, utterly unfazed by the silver eyes, the power radiating from her every pore. “I know how much you enjoy Illyrian—”

There was another comment on that post (I’m assuming your ask is a response to that) that explained how Cassian would have actually reacted to that situation of Feyre coming to him, and yeah, he is not actually up for sex with whoever the hell Rhys sends his way. And if we were to look at this from a different perspective, if Cassian were female, then we would definitely be looking at this as a sort-of taking away of his bodily autonomy, basically?

But this quote here is what makes me think that he is willing to play this role in particular circumstances, for the benefit of his friends, in a way:

“We’d just appeared in the mud outside the little house when Cassian drawled from behind us, “Well, it’s about time.”
The savage, wild snarl that ripped out of Rhys was like nothing I’d heard, and I gripped his arm as he whirled on Cassian.
Cassian looked at him and laughed.
But the Illyrian warriors in the camp began shooting into the sky, hauling women and children with them.
“Hard ride?” Cassian tied back his dark hair with a worn strap of leather.
Preternatural quiet now leaked from Rhys where the snarl had erupted a moment before. And rather than see him turn the camp to rubble I said, “When he bashes your teeth in, Cassian, don’t come crying to me.”
Cassian crossed his arms. “Mating bond chafing a bit, Rhys?”
Rhys said nothing.
Cassian snickered. “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride—”
Rhys exploded.”

TBH, the way that Cassian is acting here is so like Mor - pretending to think this is funny, while also preparing himself for what he knows is coming, what he has baited Rhys into. It was necessary. He doesn’t literally think that Feyre will have sex with him. Just like Rhys never literally intended for her to approach Cassian. So… if you look at the context, think about what we know about the characters, I don’t see this as being such a problem as some others seem to.

If there is more evidence I would love to see it, if it challenges my ideas or not, because I honestly haven’t really spent any time thinking about this in too much detail - mostly because I don’t think that the Inner Circle is dysfunctional or that Cassian in any way is somehow… the victim of their disregard or disrespect. I almost didn’t even want to go into this aspect of Cassian’s character because… fandom history. I’d like to explore more of his character, either way. So that he isn’t just seen as a trope or a stereotype of himself. BUT, I think that if you look at his character’s parallels with Mor, the way that he is basically… subtly taking care of various needs? We get a lot deeper.


I was in an abusive relationship. Whenever my ex-girlfriend and I got into an argument, which was often, it eventually led to me being slapped or punched. The physical damage was nothing compared to the emotional toll, but not one time did I ever strike back because that’s not the kind of person I wanted to be. I don’t want anyone, regardless of gender, to have to go through that.

A lot of people are making a great many assumptions without proper context but all of that aside I’m more disheartened that people would actually believe that I would perpetuate violence against women. Violence is a problem. Jack and I were not making some grand sweeping statement about feminism or trying to say that it’s okay to hit women. We were shooting the breeze talking about some crazy videos we saw on YouTube. The main point that some people missed out on is that it’s not okay to hit ANYONE. 

Equality is an ideal. But ideals taken in the literal sense don’t fit the world as it exists today. An eye-for-an-eye is literal equality. Men and women being able to hit one-another is literal equality. There is a SERIOUS imbalance to that particular equation that needs to be solved but as a whole it’s still not the kind of equality I fight for. I fight for a world that eventually forgets what violence is. I would gladly lay down my life to change the world today so that when I’m long gone and forgotten someday there will be a generation that only remembers humanity’s violence and greed in history books and children’s tales.

My videos are only intended to make people smile and I’m sincerely sorry that this one in particular failed to do that. I’ll always hold myself to a higher standard and I hope that you all will too. And remember to keep smiling! :D


You Matter To Me

Fandom: Supernatural

Character Ship: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 401(short, but oh, so sweet.)

Request: “ Hi! Can I have a Dean or Sam from supernatural imagine based off the song “You Matter to Me” by Sara Bareilles where the reader is insecure. Thank you! :)” from Anon

Warnings: Self-loathing, angst

Author’s Note: My Song fics tend to be quite short, but I hope you like it.

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