when taken in a literal sense

canon facts #4: the Red we know has been Raymond Reddington at least since he was in the Naval Academy

the impostor theories had no real facts behind it. Again one clue or another can be interpreted in different ways, but taken together they cannot.

  1. Admiral Richards knows Red since his academy days in 1981-83
  2. Katarina knew Red since at least 1984 when she got pregnant with Liz
  3. Dom knows Red since Liz was born in 1985
  4. Carla knows Red since they were married, at least since 1985, probably when he got out of the Academy in 1981-84 depending on whether one accepts the literal sense of “by the time he was 24” or the vernacular misuse as a synonym of when.
  5. Kate knows Red since at least 1985 because in 1985 he placed Liz as a baby in her arms
  6. Sam knew Red since at least 1985, since Liz was born
  7. Stratos Sarantos knew Red since 1987, when Red was in the NIA and Stratos was running weapons for the Cypriot resistance.
  8. Fitch knows Red since at least 1989 when the fulcrum disappeared
  9. Cooper knows Red since their mission together in Kuwait in 1989
  10. Rostov knew Red since at least 1989, when Red took Liz. At some point he had a gun in Red’s mouth. Red is the man he believed had an affair with his wife, and for a while believed him to be the father of his child, until a fake DNA test convinced him otherwise.
  11. Peter Kotsiopolous knows Red from the fulcrum. he certainly knew Katarina enough to identify Liz as her daughter.
  12. Dembe knows Red since 1993, when Red rescued him at 14 years old.
  13. Ressler talks about prints matching and tattoos. Even if the prints were altered in the Navy files, they were also in a FBI background check on file in 1989 in Reddington’s file in 1.01
  14. he also had to have fooled MI-6

So what are the things that make people believe he is not Red?

2 stories: one about the pool and another about The Gambler in 1975, when The Gambler was released in 1978. 

Red is a raconteur. If the pool story sounded better with him never going voluntarily in a pool he probably said it as much.  And if he listened to another song while installing carpets for Mr. Kagadolian in 1975 but he considers The Gambler the worst song he ever heard, he would change the story. Is what a raconteur does.

And noteworthy that both stories were to the same man: Niko Demarkian, a man whose loyalty he was questioning, so hardly one he was going to slip while talking to in such stupid details.

Unless he did so ex-professo to gain something from it.  

the famous line: I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars.  Everything about me is a lie. 

People interpret this as if Red has said:   I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars.  Everything I say is a lie. Or as if Red has said that he is not who they think I am.    About me is not who I am .

Everything about me is a lie is a reference to things said and believed about him: Red is a Navy Officer who betrayed his country and abandoned his wife and daughter to begin a career as a concierge of crime. He has no country. He has no loyalties except to the highest bidder.  He has an impeccable reputation a s a ruthless criminal.  

I think that he is still doing an undercover mission to bring this mythic battle to an end. His revenge mission became a undercover mission in 1994, when he came to an arrangement with Fitch to bring the cabal down.  Fitch was the man inside.  Now, with Fitch gone, he has become the man inside. and the man doing the mythic battle 


Srydia’s claim that teen wolf isn’t fan-serviced BUT listen here!

Okay so the ghost riders did NOT take Liam because he was with LYDIA AKA BANSHEE BC THE GHOST RIDERS DONT TAKE BANSHEES. Liam literally just stood behind her and they back off. YET! Even though Stiles was with lydia when the ghost riders came, THEY WERENT AFRAID OF HER AT ALL AND JUST TOOK STILES REGARDLESS?? Yeah that makes sense. Okay yes we all know stiles had to be taken because of Dylan’s accident, but if tw was going to be accurate and carry on all of its correct details then Stiles would not have been taken BECAUSE LYDIA WOULD HAVE BEEN PROTECTING HIM, BUTTT NOO STYDIA HAS TO BE CANON AND LYDIA HAD TO BE THE LAST ONE TO BE WITH HIM, THE LAST ONE TO SEE HIM, yet it technically makes no sense with the rest of the season!!!

Thanks stydiots!!! U all r great. This show is amazing!! Angela Harvey is a great writer!1!!1 #blessed

Mercy HC

On Mercy’s feelings about some important people in Genji’s life

On Zenyatta

- When she first heard of Zenyatta through a letter from Genji after Overwatch’s disbandment she was ecstatic he’d found someone that was able to help him find his own peace

- Because of the positive influence he has had on Genji’s life, and his overall character, Angela has deep respect and admiration for Zenyatta and the determination it must have taken to lead Genji to a state of calm

- Not only does she love the work he does advocating for peace with the Shambali, she’s come to love talking at length with him about healing properties and exchanging medicinal information. The two chat often when they can.

- Both see the other as the one who truly saved Genji, though she saved him in a literal sense, Zenyatta feels her commitment to Genji is what steered him to becoming more accepting, while Angela in turn sees the way Zenyatta was able to turn around Genji’s way of thinking form a destructive path to a brighter future.

On Hanzo

- She had heard a lot about Hanzo, from mission briefings before even meeting Genji, proclaiming his hostility and deadly accuracy, to the day she debriefed with Genji, going over the events that led up to his near death. It twisted her heart to think his only sibling had the capacity to murder his little brother.

- The first time she’d been introduced to Hanzo she was treating McCree in her lab, Genji was touring him around base. McCree was wooed by the wide expanse of bare skin, some marbled with tattoo, but Angela bit her tongue and received him with the most polite nod she could manage, citing she needed to tend to her patient.

- The next time she would see him would be when he came alone to her lab late at night. He knocked at the door, quietly announcing his presence, and she acquiesced to his company. It was tense, she held her shoulders tightly, keeping her eyes attentive to her work.

- It came as a surprise when the first action he took was to kneel before her, barking out an apology. He looked her in the eye and told her how highly Genji spoke of her, and how dishonorable of him it would be not to profusely thank, and simultaneously apologize for her having to save his brother’s life. She saw guilt in his eyes.

- She didn’t mention the visit to anyone, but regarded Hanzo, if only slightly, more fondly. It was a rough road to try to come to terms with his actions, but she felt the immense tension left from his shoulders when he met with her. She vowed to try not to harbor ill feelings, and even invited him to evening tea eventually.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Entrapped

Happy Holidays @marciacmoon ! I was also your Secret Santa for @mlsecretsanta​. You mentioned wanting some injury angst and something with the Lovesquare, so I whipped this up for you. I hope you like it!! :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Entrapped

Summary: A routine akuma attack goes horribly wrong when Ladybug and Chat Noir find themselves trapped under the wreckage of its rampage.


The moment the fight started, Ladybug knew that Tonnerre was going to turn out to be a particularly nasty akuma.

Papillon had been silent for close to three weeks, and whenever he lulled Ladybug and Chat Noir into a false sense of security, he’d make up for the lost time with akumas that would take the two of them literally hours to neutralize. This was one of those fights, both of them having already taken a reprieve from the fight twice after having used their Lucky Charms and Cataclysms with no results. It was the middle of the summer and the heat was starting to make Ladybug lightheaded. Her chest was starting to burn terribly as her endurance failed her, and she could see Chat Noir’s speed slowing. But Tonnerre — who was actually a particularly peeved off weather forecaster who had recently been laid off — was using his powers to create thunderous sound waves that were causing incalculable damage to the arrondissement they were fighting in. Of course Ladybug could reverse any damage done, but it was always a priority to prevent any casualties either way. No matter how much her body was failing her, they needed to keep fighting.

Chat Noir managed to rile up Tonnerre enough so that he was chasing them away from the crowds of people that could’ve been injured. Chat quickly wrapped an arm around Ladybug’s waist and yanked her to the right to avoid the soundwave that had decimated the roof she was running on. “If you have an idea, my Lady, now would be the time to share it!”

She called out her third Lucky Charm and got an industrial fan for her efforts. She clicked her tongue against her teeth and quickly scanned the streets to see an apartment complex coming up in front of them that was under construction. It was covered in tarps and sawdust, as if the workers had only just finished off their work for the day, and Ladybug smirked. “Split up. You lead him into that building and distract him. I’ll come to cover you soon.”

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some more things that don’t make sense let’s make the list big y’all

  • the movie-like blood spatter when mary got shot? 
    it’s not like it is in the movies, well apparently it is now?
  • why did they show a burning coffin (which was the same as they used for Molly’s btw) and then show John wandering over a graveyard?
  • why did they use Thatcher busts they could have literally taken anything else
  • Moriarty’s deffo dead but “i know what he’s gonna do next” (well, you really didn’t see that one coming did you Sherlock? What did you have in mind then?)
  • Is that dark hole that’s supposed to be Mycroft’s kitchen in the same building as that enormous cinema and fancy hallways? doesn’t really add up if you ask me
  • what was up with that wailing sound John made when Mary died?
  • where is Mrs Hudsons car parked

So when Medic said he had eight new souls and then said that the others didn’t have souls, I’m assuming we all made the connection that he took the others’ souls. BUT Scout got into Heaven, meaning that he has a soul, so it can’t be in the literal sense. Meaning that to Medic, “surgically implanting eight new souls” is his way of showing and expressing that he has taken in the other mercs as his own soul. This comic makes me cry, man

Back In Your Arms


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Since Theo is coming back, could you do an imagine where you were his gf when he was dragged to the hell, and there is a guy who wants hang out with you, but you can’t bc you feel like you are betraying Theo and when you see him again you can’t believe he is there, back, with you and a lot of fluffs???

It had only been several weeks, and still that wasn’t enough time to get the image of your boyfriend Theo being literally dragged to hell, erased from your mind. Scott could sense your pain and he did whatever he could to try and lesson it, however nothing was going to fill up the void that was left and the only person who could, wasn’t here anymore.

During each chemistry class there has been a guy that had taken a liking towards you, his name was Shaun and as sweet as you found his attempts to lift your mood, the feeling in your stomach and the little voice in your head all whispered that it was wrong to encourage him to continue to do so.

Even though it seemed silly to even look at a guy a certain way, flirting or if it ever came down to it going out on dates all gave the feeling of you betraying Theo. No matter how hard you tried to push that thought out of your head, it came back more forceful and determined to convince you that it was wrong.

“Hey Y/N I saved you a seat” Shaun waved his hand, pointing to the empty seat beside him.

Biting your lip, you felt bad if you didn’t but at the same time bad if you did. Breathing in and out this was pointless, it was natural to have this feeling after losing someone you loved. And in time it would pass, so putting on your best smile you walked over taking the seat that he offered you.

“Did you do the homework? I managed to get through at least half the questions, before completely losing focus” Shaun asked.

“I have a few more to do”. Was all that you said, which didn’t seem to faze him.

The teacher begun preparing the class for the surprise pop quiz, everyone sighed and a few complained to the person beside them. “Now, now this quiz will only show me what areas everyone needs improving on. Take it seriously and answer as much as you can, all of you will have the entire period to finish it. Your time begins now, and no talking”. She looked sternly towards two people sitting in the front row, who immediately put their heads down and begun the quiz.

Going through the first few questions was a breeze, you had a good knowledge of chemistry so you weren’t too fussed about this surprise pop quiz. Moving on to the next page, it was about halfway through that you felt your phone buzz. Luckily no-one else seemed to hear, letting it be for now you answered the next row of questions.

Again a slight buzz altered you to other message, you had no idea who would even consider texting you at this time. As far as you knew the pack was all in class. Sneakily opening the messages, your heart stopped.

Did you miss me? - Theo

Searching the room, this couldn’t be true…this wasn’t real. Another message popped up.

I’m back babygirl - Theo

That was all you needed to give you the strength to move your feet and body. You didn’t even care about the test going on, all you wanted was to see him again. Getting up, several students looked your way, the teacher noticed and stood up. “Miss Y/L/N the class isn’t finished” she yelled after you.

Running down the hallway, you pushed through the school doors and you couldn’t explain it but seeing him was like seeing your whole entire world.

“I could really use one of your hugs right now” Theo spoke.

Tears streaming down your face, you didn’t want to waste another second. Theo caught you in his arms and held you tightly.

“Wha-How? You’re back, how did you get out?” you asked all in one breath, too surprised and shocked to even string together a sentence.

Un-wrapping his arms from you, he stared right into your eyes. “I don’t want to talk about that now, all I want is to be with my girl. And I really hope you don’t have anything important going on, because I want to take you someplace where it’s just the two of us”.

Considering the fact you just ran out of a test, and would probably get into trouble for it tomorrow didn’t matter. All that occupied your mind was the man standing in front of you. Nodding your head, Theo intertwined his hand in yours and no words could ever explain how good it felt to not only see him, but to also touch him.

Stopping in your tracks, he turned around. "What is it?” he asked.

“I just remembered I forgot to do something” replying back.

“What did you-” before finishing his sentence, you smashed your lips on his.

There was no thinking twice for the two of you, not in this moment. Because lips worked perfectly in sync and he grabbed your waist pulling you as close as physically possible. Wrapping your arms around his neck, for extra support, neither cared about air, the only thing both of you cared about was feeling that spark, that connection as lips meet for the first time in weeks.

Now sadly having the need for air, you broke the passionate filled kiss. “Maybe I should go away more often if your going to kiss me like that” he smirked, which you missed him doing, even though it drove you mad when he did.

“Don’t you dare leave me again, you hear me Raeken” clinging onto his arm, in fear that he would just disappear.

He sensed your fear and sadness, which in turn made him gently caress your cheek. “I’ll never let something like that happen again. I swear to you that I’m not going anywhere”.

Somehow his words didn’t seem like a good enough guarantee, he could say those words over and over until he was blue in the face. But unpredictable things always happened in Beacon Hills, people go missing or worse end up dead and Theo couldn’t 100% give you his word simply because he couldn’t foresee the future.

Theo lifted up your chin, “I know your worried but nothing will ever tear me away from you again. Babygirl right now I need you to smile for me, I need to see your gorgeous smile because I missed you so much”.

No part of you could ever imagine what Theo must of went through where ever he was, so touching his face you gave him what he wanted…a smile. “God I love you” he whispered.

This was the second time he managed to shock you all in the space of a few minutes, “What did you just say?” not knowing if you heard him correctly.

“I love you Y/N, and it took me being dragged to hell to have the guts to tell you. I should of said it sooner, I know. But I think apart of me feared if I did, what your response was going to be. I mean honestly babygirl people question how you could even let me near you, imagine if they knew we were falling in love”.

Putting one finger on his lips to stop him from talking, you said. “Theo Raeken I love you too, and I could care less what other people might think. You went to hell and back, I can’t imagine what you experienced. But your here and I don’t want to let you go ever again”.

Colliding lips once again, the feeling would never get old. “Come on let’s get out of here” he said.

With no objections from you, he helped you into his truck before starting the engine and taking you to a place where there was nothing but privacy. So that the two of you could be with each other, to make up for loss time.

like imo the reason why kimono is NOT cultural appropriation is because:

- multiple sources of japanese people say they have absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact they actually encourage it

- real cultural appropriation happens when an aspect of a culture is taken out of it’s necessary cultural meaning and significance. e.g. wearing native headdresses because those have a specific cultural meaning and they aren’t just a thing that random people can wear. you have to earn it, and it’s very important culturally to a lot of native people (hopefully i said this right. i know very little about native cultures so i might have screwed up here. correct me if i am wrong or said something incorrect) 

- kimono is literally for every one to wear. this is kind of hard to explain because in a sense, everyone wears kimono (it literally translates as ‘thing to wear’) but not everyone wears specific types of kimono. married women wear kimono for married women. unmarried women have kimono specific for them, too. so do brides, and children, and men, and geiko, maiko, etc

- as long as you follow the rules (following the rules 100% is literally impossible because there are thousands of rules that are impossible to memorize that have changed over hundreds of years and there are different kimono schools that disagree about certain things) BUT as long as you follow the basic ones like folding left over right and try to do your best to dress yourself with care, you’re good. like, don’t drape the kimono improperly over yourself and say you’re a “sexy geisha girl.” just don’t. 

- kimono is unfortunately a dying art in japan. nowadays, and the majority of kimono makers are very happy that the art they love is being appreciated by young people, whether they are native japanese, or a westerner. 

- 99% of people who wear kimono are respectful and see it as an art. there are some rude and disrespectful people out there of course, but honestly almost everyone is super nice and do the best they can to research a lot. 

tl;dr it’s an awesome community filled with people from all over the world and it’s sad that some people on tumblr can’t seem to understand this and instead resort to being hateful and mean to people who like kimono. 


Peter Parker and Barry Allen crossover where they both like the reader and they have a “rivalry”
Peter Parker and Barry Allen
listen man, I hate this

Two very attractive guys were in love with you. Barry Allen and Peter Parker, wasn’t your life just terrible.

Barry Allen, you had met the man when you were five years old. The young Barry had tried to impress you by running laps around the play ground, go figure. In the middle of his very serious run he had taken a tumble and scraped up his knee pretty bad. You, being the most caring five year old around, ran to help him and ever sense then the poor boy has been in love with you.

Peter Parker, the cutest person to ever exist, literally. You had met the smart kid in your Ap World History class sophomore year. He helped you with homework and you got him dates, what a pair. The things was, Peter didn’t want those dates, he wanted you and there began the ever growing crush he had on you.

So here you were, Peter Parker and Barry Allen fighting over you. How fortunate. You had been friends with both men for years and you had no clue what to do and them constantly fighting did not help the situation.

“Barry you cannot just fight Peter because he wants to take me out on a date,” You said exasperated.

“I can do what ever the hell I want (Y/N).” Barry said with hard eyes.

“Listen dude, I know it upsets you but I really like Peter and I want you to be to not be an ass to him.” You pleaded with the man in front of you but he just wasn’t having it.

“Now, he’s going to be here in a couple minutes and if you could be civil that would be amazing.” You said while looking around for Peter.

“In your dreams Hun,” Barry meant to say this to himself but it came out louder than expected.

“Barry,” You said in threatening tone.

“Barry,” He mocked you while crossing his arms.

Soon Peter came walking towards your table and Barry tensed. You smiled at Peter and stood up to greet him with a hug. Barry just stared.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter returned your hug and rested his hand on your hip.

“Barry,” Peter acknowledged Barry with a small sarcastic smile.

“Parker,” Barry returned the greeting with a deadpan look and tone.

“Anyways, you ready to go?” Peter asked turning back to you.

“Yeah, see you later Barry.” Barry didn’t answer he just watched you two walk away with a scowl on his face.

This time Parker, this time.

Juvia is Alive!! =)

I’m really happy that Juvia is alive. However, there are so many people who have been upset by this fact. Even Gruvians were upset by the whole aspect of Juvia dying, than reviving within one chapter.

But like we see in FT 500, Juvia’s “death” triggered a potential in Gray. Whether it’s just him being Gray, or the darkness starting to take over…we don’t know yet.

First of all… Gray pounding the living guts out of Invel for Juvia was the best thing ever. Gray teared up as he was pounding the guy, telling him that Juvia’s future was taken away from her. (His future with her xD)

Miraculously, her eyes opened. We were given insight that Juvia was very close to death, but wasn’t there yet. Perhaps her pulse was really slow and weak for Gray to even sense it. (Who am I kidding, the poor guy literally flipped his lid when he saw her on the ground.)

A lot of people were upset with Wendy saving Juvia for some odd reason…o_o… But let’s not forget that Wendy, not only powered up during the Tartaros Arc, but she also received Sherria’s Magic. A little elaboration on this… she didn’t really receive Sherria’s magic…but because Sherria sacrificed her magic due to Ultears magic…Wendy feels like she also powered up. Wendy is not trying to show off that she can heal people from near death… she also wants to show what she can do, and she also wants to do Sherria’s share as well.

 At the end, Gray tells Invel that Juvia wasn’t going to come back. Little does he know that she is very well alive. Let’s pray for when Gruvia will have their reunion.

I heard a lot of people are going to hate this chapter…and they are free to do so. I found this chapter pretty interesting to a degree. —Brandi where do your feelings really lie?—

Fight Me

Modern AU + First Meeting

“Fight me, you attractive stranger!” - inspired by x

Bellamy was used to girls throwing themselves at him.

Octavia told him it was the curls. Lincoln said the freckles. Nate blamed it on his height. But, whatever is was, it happened so often that he’d perfected the art of smiling graciously and carefully stepping away with a short speech about how he wasn’t looking for that kind of ‘interaction’ at the present time.

He could handle girls throwing themselves at him, in the non-literal sense of the word.

And only the non-literal sense.

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Maybe the parallels between Cain and Dean shouldn’t be taken so literally. They exist in a metaphorical, rather than physical, sense. 

Yes, Abel was Cain’s brother, but, more importantly, he was also the one thing that Cain was willing to sacrifice his soul, his humanity, for. Cain lost himself completely when he lost Abel. 

Yes, Colette was Cain’s lover, but, more importantly, she was his shield. She had the power to tame his inner demons, literally, and gave him a reason to fight the darkness. She knew he was once a monster, knew of the terrible acts he committed, and still forgave him. Still loved him. 

No one said that these two roles had to be exemplified by two different people in Dean’s life. Maybe Sam is both “Abel” and “Colette”. 


A female house guest with an acute sense of how the house is working, knows exactly who is aligned with who and knows exactly what needs to be done in order for the power dynamic to shift in their favor, not being taken seriously by her alliance and ultimately having their game ruined by James because he’s too afraid to make big moves even when they’re handed to him on a silver platter.

Now where have I seen this play out before?

idk y’all not to like Start Something but i’ve been a supporter of artists on patreon (and kickstarter) for years now and literally every time someone is extremely successful people always say the same old shit

like there’s always this outcry of people going, “they’re taking advantage of their supporters!” and that….. is so bewildering to me?? like. uhmmmm. i’m not being taken advantage of when i choose to spend my own damn money on something that i want to spend it on??? that logic makes no sense to me.

like i personally feel like i get 5 dollars worth of pleasure out of the streams and the extras that n posts every month. if you don’t….. like, cool. don’t support her! no one has to choose to spend money the way i choose to spend money!! but it seems really fuckin condescending to act like the people who choose to support her are being taken advantage of just because you personally don’t see the appeal tbh.

if maya LITERALLY became riley and that’s the ONLY reason she liked lucas then why

  • did she still make fun of him/ha hurr him 
  • worry for his safety in GMT (if she WAS riley woudn’t she have been acting like riley was? okay with him riding the bull? not scared for his life?) 
  • say he needed her to bring him down (off that pedestal he’s put on by someone)
  • pour a milkshake on his head when he started telling her the story he told riley??

like think. use some common sense.

YES she may have taken on many of rileys qualities (which is a good thing bc riley is amaze) but she didn’t morph into riley and BECOME her! like are you all okay? she has been pushing some of her maya-ness away bc everyone keeps equating it with being bad or dark. and i think she’s tired of being seen as the bad, troubled friend.  she’s having a bit of an identity crisis and thats okay bc shes 14 years old and figuring herself out.

for maya to be TRUE MAYA ( ;) ) she needs to figure out she can be light AND dark, have good AND bad. and i think she will. and when she does i can guarantee you her feelings for lucas are still going to be there. just bc you take on someones qualities doesn’t mean you take on their feelings. her feelings are her own.


Alexis though

Put yourself in her shoes. Her dad gets abducted twice per year and that can be taken literally. That’s not a fun statistic to know when it’s your father. I get paranoid when my parents come home late without saying. It’s horrible and scary and the shoe could drop at any literal moment for Alexis. Her dad went missing for two months and no one has the whole story. It’s no wonder that Alexis is as serious as she is. She had to grow up fast. And I bet if Alexis knew what the whole separation was for, she’d be all for it. Because lucky or not, good at what he does or not, Castle is not trained. At all. Beckett’s former AG team was and look what good that did. If breaking his heart (for awhile) was the price to pay for keeping Castle safe, Alexis would endorse this 100% imho. 

Cross Checking - Chapter 7

Thank you all so very much for not coming after me with pitchforks <3 I absolutely love all the comments and asks about this story. You guys are the best readers ever. 

This chapter would literally not have happened without @papofglencoe. Thank you for always being my North Star with this story. You make my crazy actually make sense. xoxo

Now…more Peeta

Her words hurt worse than any hit I’ve ever taken in hockey. She can’t. She can’t do what exactly? Because I’m pretty sure, even with the absence of tongue, that kiss was a 12 on a 10-point scale. I didn’t speak up when she left all those years ago, so there’s no way in hell I’m letting her go without a conversation this time.

Read more on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6488305/chapters/15165853