when taken in a literal sense

So I’m already seeing people play a game of telephone with Dream Daddy discourse

There’s people who are citing those who have been told by a friend of a friend who may or may not have played the game why it’s SUPER HOMOPHOBIC and how disappointed they are that they cannot buy it now etc all up in my gaming circles rn and it’s making me slowly lean my head against the wall and hum “Mad World” to myself, tbqh.

And not naming any names but there’s also half-truths and hyperbole going around from people who seem to mostly just not… like the game. Like, I’ve seen people say “it MUST be queerbaiting, bc I thought the game felt soulless, so they clearly don’t care about gay couples!” Like no, you just didn’t like the damn game.

So let’s clear up a couple things.

  • Multiple people, including at least one writer, who worked on this game in important capacities are LGBT. This was not made by an “all cishet team”.
  • There is no “cult ending”. There is a maybe-happening-maybe-not Halloween DLC (as confirmed by an artist who worked on the game, albeit not through official channels) that isn’t accessible in game at the moment but was found by data mining. Even if you think a parody ending involving jokey violence is inherently homophobic (spoiler: I think that’s stupid and limiting to LGBT media, go away), the context of it being halloween themed DLC puts a different framing on that altogether. HALLOWEEN IS THE GAYEST FUCKIN HOLIDAY GUYS PLZ
  • It’s not canon. Seriously. DD has no “bizarre twist”. It has an unused side-route that was horror themed.
  • Any and all humour in the premise is just Dad jokes. There’s no goddamn gay jokes, guys. “It’s funny and gay and therefore homophobic!” is obnoxious as shit, sorry not every Big Ol’ Queer wants to live a pious, humourless existence. I’ve played through most of this game by now and it’s not got fucking gay jokes (or trans jokes) in it.
  • There’s legit a good discussion to be had about the way Joseph’s ending plays into some uncomfortable tropes, but I’m gonna be honest, “never allow for anything except a 100% happy ending, for any character” is not a useful mindset to enter that discussion with. “It sucks that the character resembling some real-life experiences around being a closeted religious figure is the one who doesn’t get a ‘good ending’“ is closer to a good jumping off point.
  • (Also, I see u all telling trans fans, fans of colour, etc not to get a game where they get treated decently bc you think the blonde Christian got the short end of the stick.)
  • It’s short because it’s an £11 indie game not because They Don’t Care About The Gays or w/e jesus christ chill.

I keep coming back to the stupid “cult ending” bullshit bc it’s like, my guy, “lgbt people are often demonized so doing a joke route where someone is literally possessed is Bad” is allowed to be taken in a slightly different context when the followup is “also nobody important in this game is goddamn heterosexual and the actual content of the game is totally different to this”. Criticism of media isn’t supposed to be a binary checklist of “does or does not have [x]”, you’re supposed to engage with it using the context of the work. Can you- and lbr, a lot of this is coming from cishet allies- just CHILL and let us have a sense of HUMOUR once in a while.

anyway i played a trans dude dad and gay dated and gay fucked some dudes and had a blast, it was SWEET, dd is a fun game

This is going to be long and emotional so bear with me

I want to thank Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Bob, Wade, and the crew for making the Your Welcome Tour possible. I feel honored to have gone and been a part of the crowd. Everyone was so great and it was just amazing to see.

I’ve been watching @markiplier since the beginning, and it means so much to have seen him and the others throughout this whole journey. Just seeing how far everyone has come has given me just this joy, if that makes sense.

Here’s where the emotional part comes in, and as fruitless as it may be to ask, I really hope one of them reads this. Ya’ll….Ya’ll kept me alive. That may sound overdramatic, but I’m serious. When I moved down to Houston in 2013, I had absolutely everything taken from me, literally. My moving truck was literally stolen in a hotel parking lot in Dallas. All my possessions, all my childhood, gone within the night, to never be seen again. I was devastated. I was already suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression, and that had just made it worse tenfold. I came to Houston with no friends, no possessions, just the clothes on my back and what little I had brought in a small suitcase. It was really hard–I moved here just before school let out, and I was homeschooled, so I never met anybody until the fall. I was all alone. And I thought about suicide. Mark, your videos were what I literally was living for for a few months there. Every day I’d tell myself that I had to see it through, I had your videos to look forward to. I have so much thanks that it would be impossible to voice them all.

Bob and Wade, I remember seeing you both on Mark’s channel, which is how I was introduced to you guys. Your videos kept me, and still keep me, going, too, and I’m so thankful. Both of you are so wonderful.

Tyler and Ethan, I remember when both of you were first introduced. And I remember thinking just how goddamn awesome you both were.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you all. I’m so honored to have seen the show, I’m so honored to have seen you all in person, to see the people who kept me alive and still are a reason I am alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep being awesome, guys. And thank you again.

@lordminion @markiplier
Autistic Todoroki Shouto.

This is my analysis of Todoroki’s autistic behavior and why I strongly headcanon him to be autistic. I will be using pictures from the manga to back my arguments up. This got a bit out of hand, length-wise, so i’m going to put in under a read-more!

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A guide to the fandom of French politics/lolitics

I found something similar going around in the Spanish lolitics fandom (I think?) and thought it was kind of funny, and what with French politics going world-wide since the elections in May and Macron making himself heard around the globe (and before you come at me, he’s also got his flaws too, I’ll fully agree with you there), I thought it would be cool to open up the wonderful fandom of French politics (and our ships!) to our international friends. So sit tight, this is probably going to be long!

First off, who are the big names you’re likely to find the most often?

Emmanuel Macron

° Not surprising since he’s our new president.

° He’s actually pretty smol. Especially when standing next to other taller world leaders.

° He’s a lot younger than the other members of the French politics fandom. (He’s 39).

° Can’t take selfies.


° (It’s even a song).

° He looks like a pretty cool guy but does have some shitty policies he wants to put into effect (*cough* doesn’t necessarily plan to stop nuclear energy jobs even though they are polluting *cough*).

° Literally seems to think that he’s some kind of king/God.

° Loves Europe & the European Union (like, Emmanuel Macron x the EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Likes cordons bleus (and I get him, cordons bleus are amazing), chocolates and eating off the kid’s menu and is essentially a child in an adult’s body.

° Apparently even the official cook at the Elysée palace makes him little cordons bleus. (And he loves them).

° Is probably going to be annoying in the upcoming five years but we currently kind of like him. Or at the very least, he hasn’t fucked up too bad yet. (But please don’t cozy up to Trump too much).

° Is far better at speaking English than most French politicians (and possibly even the current US president) and uses expressions that are probably twice his age and that nobody uses anymore.

Manuel Valls

° He’s from Spain Catalonia but he’s French.

° Our former Prime Minister. Apparently he tried to join Macron’s party after the elections?

° The scapegoat who gets blamed for everything, even stuff he isn’t fully responsible for.

° Had flour thrown on him that one time.

° Often angry, but he does smile sometimes. (They’re actually rays of sunshine)

° Really did try to save the Parti Socialiste but didn’t manage and ended up quitting it. Is more of a center-left candidate??

° Dealt with a wide variety of shit ranging from terrorist attacks to being slapped across the face.


° Always looks good and sometimes wears see-through shirts.

° Was kind of friends with Macron (he was the one who convinced Hollande to hire him before they started to work together).

° People are beginning to realize that their hatred towards him was misdirected, which is nice. Hell, some are even beginning to appreciate him, which is even better.

° Gave that one really amazing speech at the Assemblée Nationale on January 13 2015 and got a standing ovation for it.

° Probably chilling off somewhere now? Or is he still trying to join En Marche?

° Has a cute Cairn Terrier called Homère. He even used to bring him to his meetings at the Elysée palace.

Benoît Hamon

° Former member of the Socialist party. He tried hard to save it, he really did.

° Is basically a Hobbit.

° Has lots of cute pairs of glasses.

° Good with kids.


° His real name is Baenoît Hamon.

° Even shared a picture of his kebab once and it was way more popular than President Macron’s official portrait.

° Deserved so much better.

° Is an actual cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

Arnaud Montebourg

° Toll ™.

° Often seen hanging out with Hamon.

° A rebel, he resigned from his post as economy minister from Hollande’s government.

° Is a drama queen.

° Loves everything with the label “Made in France”.

° Has fluffy looking hair.

Phillipe Poutou

° Far-left anticapitalist.

° He literally has no chill and will destroy you if you give him the opportunity.

° Popular among the young voters (I think???).

° Can also be really cute and adorable when he doesn’t vent about the evils of capitalism.

° Too cool to wear an actual suit.

Jean-François Copé

° Sometimes wonder whether he’s an actual politician or not.

° Is sometimes problematic ™

° Says chocolatine instead of pain au chocolat (which is downright wrong >:(( ) (Question à part: ça se dit où “chocolatine” exactement?? Ca va bientôt faire quinze ans que j'habite en France et je suis jamais tombée dessus?? Ca a toujours été “pain au chocolat” chez moi???)

° Never really scores any higher than 0.5%.

° Always enthusiastic and up for a good laugh.

° Memes.

° One of the rare right-wing politicians to actually be part of the fandom since everybody else ranges from the center (Macron & maybe even Valls) to the far-left (Poutou & Mélenchon).

Jean Lassalle

° He’s not really a big name, kind of a centrist?

° Has a heavy accent and loves his region very much.

° Lives a down-to-earth-appreciate-everything kind of life.

° Is probably one of the only politicians to actually be a really adorable person in real life.

° Appreciated by both his fellow politician colleagues and the general public. (Which is a real feat here).

Christiane Taubira

° The Queen ™

° She’s from French Guyana.

° Everybody loves her.

° She’s amazing, that’s all you need to know.

° She won’t let you mess with her: she might be smoll but she’s always ready to brawl (and clash you in the Assemblée Nationale).

° Has the law legalizing gay marriage named after her, like how cool is that???

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

° He’s on the far-left.

° He’s the hologram guy, loves modern technology.

° Has developed a legit game called “Fiscal Kombat”, where the Mélenchon character fights other French politicians to make them give back money, counter frauds and earn as much cash as possible to implement his program.

° He’s actually from Morocco.

° Is either angry or will take a great satisfaction in publicly clashing you.

° He has no chill and will call you out to your face.

° Always up for a fight and lives off drama.

° Is a sore looser tho.

Our international players:

Justin Trudeau

° The French speaking cousin ™ (with a slight accent)

° He’s not French but he’s basically considered as part of the fandom.

° Like Macron would say, he’s “part of the club” (yes, he really did use that expression).

° He got on well enough with the previous government,and currently has a thriving bromance with Macron.

° They probably diss Trump together in French.

° We’re all looking forward to anything more they can give us.

° Can also be spotted on photos with François Hollande and Manuel Valls.

Theresa May

°  The annoying friend from across the Channel.

° Brexit with Benefits ™

° Likes football.

° Speaks English only.

° Probably a source of conflict over Europe and the EU.

° Still the English member of our Franco-British (or soon to be English-only?) bromance.

° Hopefully introduced Manu to the wonders that are Fish & Chips.

Barack Obama

° He may no longer be president but we still love him.

° Had a soft spot for Hollande’s poor English.

Angela Merkel

° Proud member of the pro-EU squad.

° Holds the flag for the Franco-German bromance.

° Was bros with Sarkozy and seems to like Macron a lot.

° Also an avid football supporter.

As for our ships, well here’s what we’ve got to offer :))

The French only ships

Vallande: François Hollande and Manuel Valls

° I don’t know, it’s the first of the political ships I really heard of.

° Apparently it was a thing??

° Basically the president and his Prime Minister.

° There is legit real fanart out there if you look hard.

° They seemed to be happy when they were together sometimes, so I guess there’s that??

° Unfortunately they then broke up when Valls left Hollande’s government to run for the left wing primaries. I guess not every pairing can have a happy ending :(

° **Edit: I just happen to have found an entire blog dedicated to the ship (Vallande is real les amis), and it’s the most unlikely thing ever but also fucking hilarious! (Je ne sais pas qui est derrière ce Tumblr, mais… Merci, pour le coup, ça m'a bien fait rire ^^).

° **Edit 2: Guys, just… Check the “Vallande“ tag, I promise it’s worth it. ^^

M&M’s/Vacron: Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron

° Probably the most popular/biggest ship in the fandom for now.

° They have a complicated ™ relationship.

° They used to be kind of friends??? But Macron essentially stabbed Valls in the back by using Valls’ declining popularity and problems to push himself forward.

° I’m not even sure where they stand at now. Probably former colleagues?

° Although Valls did immediately back Macron after losing the socialist primary final to Hamon (whether that is to be taken as a sense of affection/friendship/something else towards Macron, I’ll let you decide for yourself).

° We still ship them though.

° All the more so because there are lots of pics (and non-photoshopped ones I might add) that are out there.

° (Perhaps they even ship themselves, who knows?)

°  Oh and Vall’s official nickname for Macron when they were in the same government was “Microbe”, which basically means germ (if you translate it literally) or squirt.

° We also have AO3 fics and fanart. (Seriously, the M&M’s fandom is amazing :)).

(Add Myriam El Khomri and you get an OT3).

(But Valls and El Khomri look more like embarrassed parents and Macron their overly-enthusiastic five year-old).

(Or you can add Najat Vallaud-Bellkacem if you’d prefer). 

Cinnhamonbourge: Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg

° The Cuties ™.

° Also quite popular in the fics and fanart territory.

° Fluff, fluff and more fluff. (And possibly the occasional angst, but it’s mostly fluff).

° Team “Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll”.

° Well Hamon is, Montebourg can get a little more angry at times.

° But they like each other, that’s the most important part.

° Both are now former members of the PS, Montebourg quit in 2014 and Hamon only a month ago.

° Used to hang out together a lot.

° Probably diss Hollande (and Macron’s) government together.

° Organize cool-looking parties.

° Like flowers.

° Probably drowning their sorrows and crying over the state of French politics together. (With a bottle of fine champagne).

(You can even add Valls if you want an OT3, not sure they’d get along tho).

(Is Macrontebourg also a thing? Just askin’) (Although we all know Arnaud and Benoît belong together).

Along with Montebourg, apparently Hamon and Taubira were also good friends :)

Marine Le Pen x Florian Philippot

° I think this is also a thing?

° They’re basically the Evil Power Couple of French politics.

° Probably want to dominate France and are secretly building a “Grand Villain Manifesto” for the 2022 elections.

° They can stay together as long as they don’t bother us.

° Apparently people also ship Le Pen and Mélenchon???

° Is it a hate-ship??

° (Je n'en sais rien vraiment, mais je suis tombée dessus une ou deux fois… Je ne sais toujours pas trop quoi en penser ^^).

Team Destroy Capitalism: Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou

° Like the ship name suggests, they hate capitalism.

° The far-left bros.

° They’re full of bitterness and full of salt.

° Arthaud is Angry ™, elle est là pour NIQUER SES MERES.

° Often angry. Just a reminder.

° Poutou has no chill and will fight you even though he’s only a factory worker for Ford, who works REALLY HARD.

° (But he’s cool). (He can also be really nice and really cute).

° Arthaud will also fight you, especially on capitalism. Arthaud x Capitalism is probably her biggest NOTP.

° Team Tiny Candidates.

The international ships

Merkozy: Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy (aka President Bling Bling ™).

° I wasn’t really following politics all that much back in 2007.

° Apparently they were like BFF’s, and are one of the early bro-ships in French politics??

° The Oldie but Goldie, I guess that’s what we could roll with?

° The Smol bros.

° I don’t know whether they are still in touch or not but let’s hope so, because Merkel’s huge smiles are literal rays of sunshine.

Don’t ask me, but there was also something with Hollande.

And Valls.

And she seems to be climbing up the new BFF scale with Macron too.

Hobama: François Hollande and Barack Obama

° Obama seemed to get along well with Macron’s clumsy predecessor, maybe his poor English even grew on him after a while.

° “Ah na wol spriking in French because ay oblairge ay oblaïge to do that.”

° President Classy ™ and President Awkward ™.

° They both exited the world stage at the same time at the end of 2016, right before shit got real.

° Might be keeping in touch and maybe even mounting a scheme to take out the Crazy Orange Cheeto (okay probably not, but let’s just imagine for a second that they are really doing this?)

(Obama was also friends with Sarkozy, if you were wondering).

Macdeau: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron

(C'est bien Macdeau le “nom officiel”? Parce que j'ai vu des choses du style Macreau, Trudon et Trudō également)

° Highly anticipated bromance that came about shortly after Macron won the election.

° Basically became canon in Taormina when they met for the G7 Summit, and we got the pics of them strolling along in the flowery gardens. (Looking extremely similar to that one scene in Game of Thrones between Margaery and Sansa)

° Trudeau is Toll ™ and Macron is Smoll ™.

° Always smiling.

° New pics and Twitter posts are always welcomed and widely shared.

° They’re always happy together and as long as their bromance is thriving, so are we. 

(( But if you’d rather ship him with Valls, then there’s also canon photos you can use too :) ))

Then we’ve also got this but:

Does it

Really warrant

An explanation?

(There aren’t any pictures, but just in case you were wondering, our friend Mister Donald the Crazy Orange Cheeto also rooted for her during the elections).

Maycron: Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron

° Also a G7 baby.

° Speak English together.

° Trying to mend bridges between the UK and France. (Because from what I’ve gathered, neither Sarkozy or Hollande were apparently great friends with David Cameron).

° Give affectionate hugs.

° Probably butt heads over topics like Europe and Brexit since May wants out of the EU and Macron is arguably one of the EU leader who loves the EU the most (like I said, Macron x EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Share a passion and enthusiasm for football. May can even be a little bit too enthusiastic sometimes ;)

° Probably also vent about the Orange Cheeto to one another.

And as a Franco-Irish member of the French lolitics fandom, I’m also really happy to be able to say that

French politicians

Seem to have an ongoing bromance

With their Irish counterparts

That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon :)

And if you really want to go deep down, here are the over-the-top-not-really-serious-recurring-pairings you can also find:

Benoît Hamon x Kebabs (It’s pure, it’s lovely, and believe it or not, it’s way more popular than you’d think more popular than Macron at any rate).

François Fillon & “Rends l'argent” (we basically want him to give back the public money he stole).

Eva Joly x The Green Glasses

° Kind of an older pairing, since it goes back to the 2012 elections (she didn’t run this year).

° Joly usually wore red glasses, but to represent her Green Party (EELV), she campaigned with a pair of green ones.

° Basically what she was remembered for.

° Maybe she still wears them?

Emmanuel Macron x Cordons bleus (the truest OTP of this 2017 presidential campaign and we understand him, those things taste like heaven).

François Hollande x Being Akward (pretty much what you can resume his five-year presidency as).

Benoît Hamon x His glasses (they even have their own Twitter account apparently at LunettesBenoit).

Apparently he loves them so much he went and bought a bunch of them right before the presidential race began.

Marine Le Pen & Being a scary arsehole (basically she hates anything non 100% French, was high on drugs or something during her debate with Macron and couldn’t make coherent arguments. Blames immigrants, non French citizens and Muslims for everything wrong in the country).

She’s basically our equivalent of the horrors known as Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry and Nigel Farage.

(Unsurprisingly, she’s also friends with all of them).

French politicians in general x Being assaulted with food ingredients: whether it’s flour, eggs or the hand that whisks them up in the form of a slap, Valls, Macron, Le Pen, Sarkozy, Fillon and Hollande have all had it thrown at them. ^^

Après, si j'en ai oublié d'autres, n'hésitez pas à les rajouter, histoire de faire répandre nos ships et la fandom politique française à l'international! C'est ma toute première contribution, donc je n'ai probablement pas donné une liste exhaustive :))

somanyofthekids  asked:

YA I'LL TALK TO YOU ABOUT TONY STARK, FAVORITE™ OF VILLAINS WORLDWIDE. It probably takes a bit for anyone to even realize. The first clue comes when one day the Avengers are hanging out, chatting, comparing being held hostage, y'know just regular stuff. Steve and Clint are talking about Madame Hydra's containment cells. "Have you been in the one with the orange stuff growing in the corner? What even is that?" "I don't know man. Last time she offered me a pillow and then threw me a ziplock (1/2)

ziplock bag full of gravel.” Tony leans over and frowns. “Madame Hydra? Are you sure? I’d swear I get fresh sheets every time I’ve been held by her.” “Sheets? As in bed sheets?? Madame Hydra gives you a bed???” Tony shrugs. “Yeah. The food’s pretty good too.” “She gives you FOOD??” “She once lectured me about eating a correct balance of protein and green leafy vegetables.” (2/2)

OMG YESSSSSS!!! I won’t even pretend I’m not insanely giggling to myself lol. 

On a slightly less funny note, the more they compare notes on being kidnapped the more the rest of the Avengers understand Tony’s laid-back attitude when it comes to one of them being taken. Suddenly him making jokes about Barton enjoying a nice little holiday with Doom footing the bill makes a lot more sense…cause that literally happened to him once.


“Lent,” Tony corrects slowly. “He lent me an island.”

He eyes them with genuine surprise, like he isn’t quite sure they aren’t fucking with him. “…I take it he doesn’t do that for everyone?”

Rewatching supergirl s2

  • Lena Luthor is the least heterosexual character in the show, and there’s two openly gay women (Alex & Maggie)… A bi reporter/superhero… And Winn
  • Sanvers is so beautiful that I wanna cry
  • If kara is always wearing supergirl’s costume under her regular clothes, how she can hide the cape and the boots? Seriously… how?
  • James seems like a recurring character
  • I want to be adopted by space dad
  • I really hate mon-3l
  • All that guardian storyline is pathetic. (Yes, I don’t like guardian)
  • Lillian Luthor has some H!tler-ish ideas
  • Can we talk about Alex’s drinking problem?
  • James and Maggie deserves better
  • How could Kara afford that amazing apartment with all those expensive lights (always on btw) before being supergirl
  • Is Lena that stupid to not knowing that Kara and Supergirl are the same person/alien?
  • If she’s really clueless… for which one is she in love with?
  • Mon-3l can f**k off
  • Alex is a big soft gay puppy when she’s with her girlfriend
  • Maggie is definitely a top
  • Sanvers and Lena Luthor can easily each have their own spin-off

People are for real theorizing on stydia breaking up and are saying “when” not “ "if”…
Lydia opened a rift to another dimension with her love for him. He heard her remembering their first kiss. He has been in love with her since they were 8. If she died he would literally go out of his freaking mind. He used his last moments in this world before being taken to make sure that she knew that he loved her. She believed in him when no one else did. It’s looking like a main goal for her in 6b is his safety above all else.
But yeah go off they’re definitely going to break up, that makes sense.

  • Y'all: Wow, Steve was such an asshole to Jonathan in season 1!
  • Me: Sure, Steve was a bit of a jerk to him, but he only smashed his camera when he found the photos Jonathan had literally taken of Nancy through a window when she was getting undressed/ about to have sex? Which honestly? Seems like a pretty reasonable reaction. Then after all that he goes to pick up Nancy, who he clearly actually cares about, to take her out and finds her with Jonathan. It's his asshole friends that spray paint the 'Nancy the slut wheeler' graffiti, which whilst incredibly douchey, also kind of makes sense given what they know of the situation? And still, after all that, Steve tries to make up for it by removing the graffiti, apologising and hanging round to help fight the demogorgon.
What Now?

It’s not edited but I managed to whip it up real quick in school. I’m so sorry it’s terrible but I’m still trying to deal with things at home.

I’ll try to update as frequent as possible.

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Justin’s POV

Loud and relieving. That’s how I would describe the sigh that emitted just mere seconds ago from my own two lips. For what felt like no less then a few days ago, I was once again just absolutely drained. 

It had been a long, long day down on the purpose tour today. Lots of yelling and demands being thrown left and right. People stressing over minor issues that only seemed to blow up and bite us right in the ass later - I was beginning to fall behind, having trouble keeping up, having only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. 

 And above everything - the busy schedule and having only gotten back to the hotel less then 20 minutes ago - I had barely gotten any time with Y/N. 

I knew for a fact she was busy herself though. Today was a rather hectic day if you asked anyone. But it felt a little weird. Slightly wrong in a sense. The two of us had been by each other’s side for the past 16 years. Yes. 16 years. And not seeing her had taken a tole. 

I felt absolutely miserable throughout the day. Having no one who’d make me laugh when I was down or whip me back into shape when I was pissed. I’d known for a fact she was busy down helping Karla with the merch store - setting up for the show and all - but knowing that she was literally only right outside the walls I was setting up in, and wasn’t hanging out with her felt weird.You’d never find a pair of best friends as close as we were. 

Although I did get a few minutes with her earlier on, I kind of wish I hadn’t had that time to spend with the girl. Recently, we’d been having a little bit of a … challenge. A ‘war’ if you must. 

Y/n and I had taken it upon ourselves to push each other to the absolute limit, and see how far we’d get in a teasing match. Yes, you heard right. At the most random, inappropriate part of our day, one of us would just prance in and practically start grinding all over the other, right until breaking point - then leave. 

It had been an oncoming thing and let me tell you, it’s become a bit of a menace and has definitely placed us in some bad situations. Including today. When Y/N and I had miraculously found just a few minutes to spare.

We’d met in my dressing room, me having only 10 minutes till I was set to perform and I was little shaky. 

Palms sweaty, head hot and shaky hands, I parading around the room, breathing in and out in hopes to clear of my pre-stage nerves. Y/n, who’d been in the room no less then 2 minutes, finally peered up from the box of merch she was frantically folding with a high eyebrow. 

“You okay?” She questioned, her tone seeping with curiosity. The suddenty of her voice had my whole body pausing and twisting back to glance at her attractive form. 

“Me? Yeah fine. Just a little jittery.” I sighed. 

Though Y/n shrugged, more then likely knowing how I’d get before a show. It was common. “Don’t worry Jay you’ll kill it. You always do.” 

Her words had a small and grateful smile peering across my lips, head tilting slightly as I smirked down on her, my actions had her blushing in an instant.

“Thanks Y/N.” I chuckled. 

“All good.” She replied, suddenly jolting to her feet with a sly jump. 

I watched in an anticipation as she took small and timid step towards me, repeating this with a little more confidence each time. 

“Besides.” She hummed, licking her lips. It was almost impossible To miss the seductive tone hidden behind the amusement. “That what I’m here for. To calm your nerves.” 

It took not even a second to realise where this was headed, and I was more then ready to shut it down with no hesitation. But In an a mere instant, she was right in front of me body, leant against a wall, trapped right between her. 

“Y/n.” I warned. But she took no warning from my tone. 

“How would you like it, if I did … this?” A sudden strained pleasure was felt throughout my lower region as she palmed her hand against me. 

Oh lord, I was already feeling myself grow against her. “Or this?” And in an instant, her hand was inside and trailing low in my shorts. I slumped back in anticipation, biting hard against my bottom lip as she rubbed against my hard on, growing tall in her hand. It scared me how quick she could get me hard, she was my best friend. I shouldn’t be hard at all. 

“You like that huh?” She smirked, leaning forward to latch her lips onto my neck. No response was heard from me, having no ability to talk, though a muffled grunt of satisfaction was all the response she needed. 

A throaty chuckle was felt against my skin, her body leaning forward to grind against my own, a finger hooked around the waistband of my shorts, slowly tugging the material down, all until, everything, her touch, her body, her heat and just her presence in general was gone in a flash.

My eyes peeled open, a pout playing against my lips as I spot her swaying hips as she walked a mere 5 meters away. She was headed straight for the door, a smirk of satisfaction seen as she spun around to wink in my direction, before she was gone. 

I blinked, trying to process the whole entirety of the situation that I had stupidly enough fallen at the hands for. Glancing down at the issue she had caused below. That’s little bitch just pulled a teasing move on our war minutes before I was to reveal myself in front of thousands of people. 

 And she had gotten me hard enough to a point I couldn’t even hide it. It was just that noticeable. Maybe if I was quick I coul- 

 “You’re in two Bieber! Positions!” Scooters voice was heard down the hall. 

Just great. 

Let’s just say the paparazzi got a good enough headline to use for the next week or so. 

This war between us had gone on long enough. It was beginning to hinder our daily lives but none of us had made any move to end it. It had gotten to a point where we were plotting our schemes. 

Which had me thinking, what was she doing now? 

She was only in the room right next to mine, having been forced by scooter to get our own hotel rooms this time round considering when we’re together we tend to make a lot of noise. 

 Not like that. We’re just rather loud and hyper together. I hadn’t heard from the girl since we’d arrived back home from the show tonight, having seen her walk right into her room and not another noise since. 

She did look exhausted today, and I did feel her pain. But I just couldn’t help the way my legs carried me over towards the wall separating our hotel rooms when my curiosity had taken the best of me. 

 My ear, now pressed against the thin layer of drywall, listening intently for anything, but coming up empty handed. I heard nothing at all, which only encouraged me to press my head up against the concrete further. 

That’s when sudden, panty breaths were heard, moans of pleasure and slight need sounding through the material. 

In an instant I leant back, eyes wide as I processed the sound, but was quickly found pressing my ear back against the wall. 

Continuous moans and breaths were heard, puffs of air quick and breathy. She wasn’t-… was she? 

Even if she was. This was wrong. It wasn’t my business when she felt the need to pleasure herself and I couldn’t say anything on the matter. Most adults did it. Besides it- 

“Justin.” A moan had me jumping far from the wall in a hurry, face red as heat raise against the skin. Had I? Did she? Oh my lord was she thinking about me?

Had I heard wrong, or was Y/N pleasuring herself with me in mind? 

I hadn’t even let the thought process in my mind before I was found slumping against my bed in a trance. What If she really was? Where would that place our relationship? 

We were best friends and I mean sure she was attractive, but did I really wanna go down that path? 

You kinda already did when this whole war started. Oh lord shut up conscious! 

But why was it so right? 

Yet another sigh was emitted from my mouth as I dwelled upon the matter. 

No Justin I shouldn’t think about this at all. This wasn’t my business. If y/n wanted to say anything about our relationship she would, and she hasn’t, so I wasn’t going to say anything either. 

Though my body seemed to be having different ideas, for I was soon found making my way over to her hotel room. Not even bothering to knock on the door I was found barging through with a head full of thoughts ready to spill, and as I opened my mouth to begin my rant - it was then I caught sight of a sleeping Y/N. 

She lay in a cold sweat, face distraught and twisted in conflict. The poor girl looked terrified. And in that moment I hadn’t known if she was dreaming up something dirty or scary. 

Either way, an idea was suddenly appearing in my head, a way to use this situation to my own advantage. It’s revenge time Y/N.

Quickly and quietly, I managed to slip past the door, and shut it without issues. Y/N’s whimpers and pleas were slowly becoming less audible, though I still found myself trailing over to her bedside.

The girl appeared just as fraught as she sounded yet I climbed up and crawled over her body. The sudden pressure on the bed around her, dipping her petite frame in all different directions had Y/N stirring ever the slightest in her sleep.

But as quick as it began, was as quick as she calmed. And at this point, I was smirking in triumph between her legs. Slowly edging down lower and lower, right until my head was aligned with her sex.

She sport nothing but a pair of material shorts amongst her legs, a tank supporting her torso, though no bra was seen. Her perky nipples lay in display for my eyes and I could practically feel myself growing at the sight.

Though I brushed the feeling and slowly began sliding down the material shorts in hopes to not disturb her slumber, which surprisingly enough was a success.

With a smirk on my face, I placed each hand under her thighs, lifting her knees up for better access, subconsciously caressing the skin. Unbeknownst to myself, I hadn’t realised the effect that left on her, and the feeling of goose bumps beneath my fingers left me giddy. 

Y/N’s breath gradually began to fall shallow the closer I grew to her sex, and it wasn’t until I pushed her panties to the side that she suddenly fell breathless. 

That was it, I was done teasing the girl. But I couldn’t seem to pull away. And without warning, against my judgment I suddenly dug my face straight into her thighs, tongue darting out until I was practically making love to her pussy.

That’s when Y/N shot up, face panicked and skin pale, but overall, her eyes held lust. It was visible the way her face fell shocked and disapproving when she spot me between her thighs, but the second I glanced up at her from her pussy, she was falling slump and gripping my hair.

“Ugh.” She moaned. “J-Justin.”

My body reacted to the pleasure she made audible, eyes rolling back and dick hardening just the slightest bit more. I moved my mouth along her sex, sucking her clit harshly in my mouth.

Y/N’s body shook a few times in her position, biting hard on her bottom lip. Eyes diverting from the ceiling to my own as I stared up at her face. Our eyes connected and help eachothers gaze for just a second, until she quickly shot her head up again, focusing back on anything but me.

I frowned at the action, knowing well this was a little awkward for the both of us, but I just couldn’t help myself. Though I managed to ignore the thought and this time, began to quickly flick my tongue up and down her clit.

I could see by the way Y/N’s face twisted in agonising strain how hard she was trying to control her moans, her eyes dancing around the room slightly but constantly trying to keep them away from my gaze. 

Suddenly catching her off guard, I slipped my fingers past her pussy and into her without warning, her body jerking at the sudden feeling. 

“Fuck. Shit!” She practically yelled. “I’m a-almost there - Fuck bab- I mean, Justin.” 

I chuckled slightly against her pussy, continuously pumping my fingers as she clenched around me. And I guess the vibrations had sent her over the edge since before I knew it, her body was shaking against my face with pleasure. 

I managed to glance up with my face still dug firmly between her thighs, spotting her face twisted with pleasure and furrowed eyebrows, eyes squinted harshly and lip tightly dug between her teeth with little wrinkles upon her forehead. 

My heart cleched, just like her pussy at the sight. She was so cute. And that sentence was really dirty. 

I swallowed the last of her arousal and moved my mouth away her now sensitive clit with a smirk.

I smiled up at Y/N, noticing a thin beam of sweat across her forehead and relief set upon her face. Climbing up against her now bare legs, I managed to flip her over and lay beneath her, with her legs straddling my torso. 

“Your so tight.” I cooed. “I loved seeing your face when you came. You were so hot.” 

Her cheeks heat up at the compliments I whispered into her ear, but overall she pulled back with confusion.

“Justin?” She questioned. I hummed. “What does this mean?”

Thats when my body froze. 

What does this mean? I wasn’t sure If I had feelings for and overall she was my best friend. But oddly enough, It didn’t feel wrong. 

“I honestly don’t know.” I answered.

With a sigh, she leant forward and dug her head into my chest, breathing out in doubt, her mind probably swimming with a thousand thoughts, as well as my own.

But besides the silence, I managed to ask. “So what now?”

Y/N shot up, eyes showing a glint of amusement. “Round two?” 

And with no hesitation I nodded. “Round two.” Then began to remove my shorts.


Its bad I know. But it’s something right?

I’ll try and get to requests soon.

Meeting You || Demon!AU


{I kind of got carried away with some, whoops} 


Jin had been sent on a mission from the big boss himself since he was the most trustworthy. Jin hadn’t had a clue why his boss wanted you so bad, after all, you were just a mundane, someone who’s life didn’t really matter. But, his boss wishes were his orders. 

Jin had monitored you (stalked you) and he figured out your daily patterns enough where he would “randomly” run into you. Now, Jin is very handsome so you never really minded when you would see him since he was nice to look at. As time went on he became bolder until he finally asked you on “a date”, which was really an opportunity to kidnap you. But, on that date, he realized what was so special and decided he would keep you for himself.  (wink wonk) 

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Every demon had a special mate. A special someone who could make their evil ways, change. Except in the thousands of years that Yoongi was alive, Yoongi was alive he never once saw his mate. He soon came to the conclusion that you did not exists and everyone else was full of shit. 

All of the demons he knew had demon mates, only makes sense, so he figured his mate would be a demon as well. He was taken by surprise when the soul he wanted came with a sweeter than sweet smell. 

He moved across the library he was in when he gave you a smirk. Yoongi looked like the type of guy that you would steer clear of but today you felt a little more daring. 

“Do you read?” You asked. Yoongi nodded. “Who’s your favorite author?” 

“Call me boring but I like F. Scott Fitzgerald. I can really connect with him.” the part of his response was literal, though. Since Yoongi had the pleasure of taking his life so poor old Fitzgerald was alway with him. But, of course, you didn’t know that. 

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Desperate times called for desperate measures, which is why Hoseok and you had become fast friends. You needed money and you needed money fast. The easiest way you could think of was working in a strip club. You weren’t a stripper, all the time since you were the main bartender. 

You only worked on stage when a girl was MIA. One of the rare nights you were working Hoseok had decided to drop in, why not? Hoseok had seen you from the moment he entered the club, his eyes locked on your body. 

After you had finished your part, you made your way back to the changing rooms and then behind the counter. Hoseok slid up to the bar and struck up a conversation. But, before he left, he left you a napkin with his number on it. Hoseok and you started out as friends but things changed quickly, after all, who can resist Hoseok? 

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

As the demon in charge in Hell, he had eyes on everyone and had the ability to see everyone’s soul. You had peeked his interest a couple time but he thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until he had noticed that your soul had changed. It wasn’t that you had committed any sin, it was that your mindset and personality changed. He couldn’t figure out why he felt a pull towards you. 

Namjoon hated the human world. He hated disorganization and that it exactly what Earth was. The seventh layer of Hell was more organized than Earth. Namjoon watched you go to work and back from work. Going to work you always looked happy but Namjoon could tell the mood change going home. 

You boyfriend was not a kind man even though you did everything for him. Namjoon quickly caught on and when you came home one day to find your boyfriend gone you were given a sense of relief. Namjoon had disposed of your boyfriend, hoping that you would go back to the way you were before. 

Namjoon watched for months after, making sure you were okay when he finally lectured himself and told himself to stop being a creeper. He walked into the cafe you worked at and struck up a conversation. 

“So, would you like to go on a date with me? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Namjoon asked. 

It had been a while since you had fun so you figured why not, “I would like that.” 

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You had met Jimin through mutual friends, which seems normal enough. You both were teens at the time when you started dating. Well, you were a teenager, Jimin was a couple thousand years old. 

“Come on, (y/n), you’ll like him. I promise,” your friend convinced. 

“You need to quit trying to set me up.” You muttered as you two made it closer to the park where you were going to be meeting Jimin. 

“Are you saying you wouldn’t like to go out with me? Have I faced rejection already?” Jimin said with a joking smile. You had become slightly embarrassed that he had heard you since you thought he wouldn’t have been able to hear you since he looked far enough away. 

“No, I didn’t mean it like that!” You tried to defend. You tacked on a giggle, trying to relieve yourself of some of the embarrassment. 

“it’s okay, I understand.” 

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Taehyung worked at the same club you and your friends favored. All of your friends had said how they thought he had a thing for you but you never really noticed. 

You ordered another round of shots for your friends and you when you finally noticed the look in his eyes. Since you were slightly intoxicated you have a little courage in you. So, when Taehyung came around with the drinks you waved him close to you. He leaned in and you whispered that he should meet you outside in a couple minutes. 

You pressed your body against him as you were trapped between the wall and him. His lips crashed on yours and you felt weird because you had yet to formally met the man you were making out with. 

“Hang on, what’s your name?” You asked as Taehyung pulled away. When he pulled away you could have sworn his eyes looked different but you blamed it on the alcohol. 

“Taehyung, what’s yours?” 

“(Y/N), now are we going to my house or yours?” You went for the straightforward approach. 

“A little eager, aren’t we.” 

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Jungkook attended the same university as you, and you had always thought he was hot but untouchable. He and his friends were basically the leaders of the biggest frat on campus if only you had known him and his friends were also the leaders of Hell. 

At the beginning of second-semester Jungkook’s frat decided to hold a party. You and your friends were requested to come while the rest of the students could show up if they wanted. When you heard that Jungkook wanted you there you became nervous.

 But somehow your nerves weren’t bad enough because you found yourself in their frat house, surrounded by strangers. 

“(y/n)! You came,” Jungkook sounded surprised.

“Well, I was requested to show up, after all. I can’t disappoint, now can I?” You teased. 

“Oh god, so you heard? Well, I’m glad you’re here anyway.” Jungkook said with a smile and looked down. 

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #3

Too Much Tea

This takes place on a weekday night about two years ago. My friend and I are juniors in college, hanging out in the common room of my dorm (no drugs, no alcohol, not tired). After we decide we’ve done enough homework for one lifetime, we go to the CVS down the street, more out of boredom rather than hunger. We get there and notice there’s a 2/$1 sale on Arizona Iced Tea. 

Since Arizona Iced Tea is the nectar of the gods and since it’s such a bargain, we buy two. I get the raspberry flavor because why would you get something else. My friend is being “adventurous” and gets the grapeade one (even though everyone knows anything grape flavored tastes like Children’s Motrin). I’m a supportive friend so whatever. We buy our Arizona Iced Teas and walk out.

Once outside, my friend is so eager to try his new grapeade that he opens it and in the process, breaks off the little metal tab on his can. I laugh. He puts it in his pocket. I ask him how the grapeade tastes. He says it’s fine. I know it’s horrible. I open my raspberry iced tea and stick to the true gospel.

We make it back to my common room, and watch some TV (…on Youtube, on my laptop). We’re watching some quality entertainment aka Maury, sipping on our Arizona Iced Tea. It’s like an average Tuesday night. And then at one point, I go to sip my raspberry iced tea, and I just stare at it for a while. My friend looks over (you know something is wrong if someone can pull away their eyes from a Maury episode) and says, “What’s wrong?”

I’m just staring at my iced tea can, trying to figure out why I’m staring at it. I say, “I don’t know. Something’s just different.” And then the big gaping hole in my can hits me. “Oh I just don’t remember breaking the tab off my can.”

We look at my can and the metal tab is gone. Huh. Ok. And my friend is like “Oh yeah I did that to mine too, remember?” He picks up his grapeade and the metal tab to his can… is there. HUH. OK.

We both remember him ripping off the metal tab on the grapeade outside the CVS. He even reaches in his pocket and pulls out the metal tab that allegedly had broken off his can. But now his can is cured and mine is the one with the missing tab. We are both stunned.

The metal tab fits onto my can as well as any broken metal tab can, but we are both certain that we never switched drinks (like I would be caught dead holding grapeade), I didn’t break my tab off at any point, and I was staring at my can for so long because something had clearly changed in the last 10 seconds.

We have no explanation for this. We laughed it off at the time so we understand when other people laugh at us. But this really minor, seemingly trivial event really freaked us out. This will henceforth be known as The Great Arizona Iced Tea Switch Glitch of Late 2013.

Credits to: waytoomuchtea

Horoscope On Radio Told My Mom She Was Pregnant With Me

My mom told me this story. When she was 32 she was tired and nauseous for a week or so and thought she pregnant as my parents were trying for a baby.

She took a test, negative. Went to the doctor, blood tests again not only showed she wasn’t pregnant, but going through early menopause. She was devastated.

Shortly after her visit with the doctor, she was at home cleaning the house. She was listening to the radio (this is way back in 1981), and it said, “Capricorn, don’t worry, you’re pregnant”.

She thought to herself, “well that’s ridiculous, why would they say that to every Capricorn listening?”

Not long after, another trip to the doctor confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

Credits to: ranna35

I’ve Either Been Drugged, I’m Losing My Sanity, Or I’m Literally Teleporting - My Most Profound “Glitch” Yet

So, I’m a security guard working 12 hour shifts midnight to noon on a large 3-building campus. I’ve had one or two weird things happen before, but never anything like this.

At 2:31 am I was walking back from a patrol in another building when all of the sudden I got this pang of electricity. It felt like I got electrocuted; I stopped in my tracks, the wind was knocked out of me, and everything was buzzing. It was like a jolt of energy was sent up my spine, and it felt like getting tased in the back while standing in front of a massive sub woofer.

I didn’t know what to think about this. I assumed it was like when you turn your head the wrong way and you get that twinge in your neck, but it was like that for the whole body. I moved on feeling bewildered.

Later, at 4:27am, I was outside walking the perimeter of two of the three office buildings on campus. I had 3 minutes left on my podcast and decided to take another loop to let it finish before I got back to my post.

23 seconds later I all of the sudden became aware that I was somewhere I shouldn’t be if I had only been walking 23 seconds; I had almost completed the loop - something I know for a fact takes about 3 minutes at average walking speed. I’ve been doing it every night for more than 6 months.

I know it was exactly 23 seconds because I instantly paused the podcast, and I remember at what point in the podcast I had made the decision to take another loop, and I paused it the moment I realized something was wrong.

At this point I’m completely bewildered and confused and convinced I’m going crazy. I know I wasn’t walking backwards, I didn’t change directions, and there are no shortcuts I could have taken. I even went back and timed how long it takes to do the loop at a normal walking pace (~3min 20 sec), and powerwalking/light jog (~1 min 45 sec).

At 4:45 am I drew the last straw. I scanned my ID badge to enter the building and go back to my post, and stopped to go to the bathroom on the way. When I came out of the bathroom, I SHIT YOU NOT I WAS IN A DIFFERENT BUILDING.

My mind was literally blown. I was frozen with existential dread. I could not/can not logically accept what my senses were/are telling me. Bewildered, I walked out of the building and into the correct one I was in when I walked into the bathroom.

I was telling myself that I just wasn’t paying attention and walked into the wrong bathroom. Then I realized that the bathrooms are completely different, and wanted to confirm.

I walked back to the other building, when my mind proceeded to blow itself AGAIN. MY ID BADGE DOES NOT OPEN THE DOORS TO THIS BUILDING. There is a separate badge that is kept in a drawer at my post that the guards share to patrol this particular building. There is no way I could have accidentally walked into this building; it would have rejected my ID and the doors would have remained locked.

After I go back and grab the right badge, I confirm that the two bathrooms are a completely different layout, and opposite color. I’ve never used the bathroom in the “glitchy” building before; it’s brown and yellow with wooden counters, whereas the one I use about 8 times per shift (16 times per week, 64 times a month, ~384 times total) is two different shades of blue with marble counters. They look completely different and I’m fairly certain I remember the bathroom I used being blue with marble.

So, yeah. This event is by far the most profound “paranormal-ish” event I have experienced in my life as of yet. I can’t think of a logical scenario that explains all three experiences I had, other than I’m going insane.

Credits to: cyntrix

Reoccurring Dream Character Showing Up In Family And Friend’s Dreams As Well

So this all started last summer I believe, when I had an abnormally vivid dream. In it, I was attending a large conference I’d been too many times IRL with a bunch of my friends and their families. I was standing in a long line for either a book signing or food (to this day I can’t remember which) and stood behind one of my friend’s dad. 

Then, as I was standing there at the end of the line, this guy comes up and stands behind me. I remember the details of what he looked like in my mind so clearly I could probably describe him to a police sketch artist and get a completely accurate image. The short version I’d give is that he was like a really good looking suburban dad. He was pretty tall, just slightly taller than I am, with blonde, combed back hair and really clear and hard blue eyes. His facial features were very sharp and angular, and he had thinner than average lips and a sharp nose. He was wearing a red, button down plaid shirt, which was one of the first things that caught my eye. 

The most distinctive thing about him though was his presence. Calling the feeling that I got when he walked up “uneasy” would be vastly understating the deeply unsettling nature of his presence. I don’t remember much of what happened in the dream after that, because I left the line in a hurry and woke up not long after.

Over the next three or four days, I had two more dreams with this character in them. In one, I was browsing my phone and I happened to look up at my window and see him standing outside, and in the other, I saw him on the news, the reporter saying he was working with some sinister entity or organization. This alone would have been enough to weird me out, but the weirdness doesn’t end there.

One day, my good buddy and I were talking about dreams, and I happened to mention that I had a really vivid dream about this conference, which he had also attended. He responded that he had also recently had a dream about the conference. He then began to recite back to me the exact dream I had dreamED two and a half weeks before. 

About halfway through, I started confirming details with him, like the line, the dad standing in front, and the weird guy in the plaid shirt. My friend starts getting more worked up as we go back and forth confirming details of the dream and this guy’s appearance, which he also vividly remembered. He tells me that before he had this particular dream that we’d apparently both had, he had seen the guy before in another dream, and also felt really uneasy about him. 

His previous dream had involved him helping a girl escape from a trafficking ring, and at one point in the dream, the man in the plaid shirt had showed up and appeared to be the head of the ring or at least involved with it. We were both pretty freaked out by this, but the weirdest part was yet to come.

About two months later, I was talking with my mom. She was telling me about this bizarre dreams he had the previous night, in which she was fleeing from a tornado that was making it’s way towards our house. She told me how in the dream, she had gone downstairs and hid in the closet, only for the wall to be ripped off by the tornado, providing a view of the driveway. She described how when the tornado got to the edge of the driveway, it suddenly began to spin out and dissipate, twisting and transforming into a large mangled metal girder that fell to the ground. 

Then, she said, the next thing that happened was really vivid and unsettling. She said that the metal stood up and turned into a man with a plaid shirt. I got chills when she told me this, and I started quizzing her on details. Everything was exactly the same as I had remembered. Sharp features, cold eyes, blonde hair, red plaid shirt.

I have never seen anyone matching this description before in real life. I never told my mom or friend or anyone else about this guy before they told me about their dreams, and they were both legitimately shocked to hear that I had seen the same character, whom I have taken to calling Plaidshirt Guy.

Credits to: BookwyrmBOTPH

anonymous asked:

pray tell, what is it about john that keeps you with him? he does not possess a brain like yours, and yet you still find him interesting. you care. what do you see there? is it a kind heart? a strong will? immense loyalty? there is something about the two of you- you always seem at your best together. do not let him go, sherlock. i don't think he could handle it if you left.

John is… John. He is an enigma. He is a study in contradiction. He is a doctor and a soldier. He heals and protects and yet he has taken lives as well. He craves the adrenaline, the excitement and he’ll throw himself into a worse mood than I when he finds himself craving those feelings and yet he enjoys staying home, with me, watching an inane movie with a predictable plot. He is short tempered. He is rude. He is standoffish. He’s a man you’d pass in the street without glancing back. You’d forget him.

And yet… there is a kindness in him when he senses he is needed. He keeps his head cool when all else around him crashes and explodes (sometimes literally). When you look deeper, you’d see beyond his mask. You’d see the fire burning underneath those ghastly jumpers. You’d see his strength and his weaknesses. You’d see the loyalty. John Watson is a brave and strong man, desperate to prove his past wrong and he makes me feel… like I can be myself. Without judgement, nor boundaries.

He, above all else, keeps me right.

I think you are right; we are at our best when we are together. I have no intention of letting him go. I don’t think I could handle it either.

Useless headcanons for my beloved Nerd Dad

First order of business: I love him. Now, on to the headcanons.

  • Certified Introvert™
  • Fav colors are rose gold and teal
    • Not aquamarine, not turquoise, teal
    • Will tell you the difference if you get it wrong
  • Has impeccable aim. Like, the guy needs glasses, but it’s all muscle memory. He can chuck a wadded-up napkin across the room and get it in the trash can (waste basket?)—in the dark!—every single time.
  • Says waste basket
  • Basically as British as you can get in Ninjago
    • There is no Britain in Ninjago
  • Definitely became Engineer Friends with Jay and Nya
    • He and Nya are programming buddies.
    • Has made Jay laugh until he chokes five times and still threatens to do it again.
  • Has a quicker response time than Zane and I still can’t get over that
    • See: who pulled Zane away from the window when the Leviathan showed up?
    • Moves really fast when he wants to
    • Just doesn’t want to
    • Complains that he’s old
  • Prefers tea but drinks his coffee black like a disgusting person
    • Zane puts creamer in his coffee one day anyway and Julien loves it
    • Hasn’t taken the time to make himself a good coffee in a few decades
    • Still doesn’t make a good coffee because he’s lazy
  • Early-riser by habit, late-sleeper by nature
    • Dead to the world until 2:00 in the afternoon
    • So groggy he is literally half conscious for three hours no matter when he wakes up
  • Can’t seem to think of Lloyd as the Golden Ninja, but can wrap his head around the idea that he was aged up by magic tea
    • Has also made Lloyd laugh until he chokes
    • It’s surprisingly easy since Lloyd’s sense of humor is still that of a preteen
  • Was definitely the “hey, son, pull my finger” dad when Zane was little. It made Zane laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME because robots can’t pass gas.
  • Left-handed
    • Can write backwards so that his hand doesn’t smudge the words
    • Trained his right hand to do basically everything but write
    • He tried. It didn’t work.
  • Has a phonograph. Still listens to it and will not receive a borgPod.
    • Insists that it has better sound than your new-fangled speakers
    • Says new-fangled
    • Doesn’t even care
  • Bought a top-of-the-line Borg Industries laptop as soon as he could nonetheless
    • Refurbished, of course. Who buys anything retail?
    • And uses it while listening to vinyl records on the phonograph.
  • Loves musicals
  • Honks when he sneezes
  • Laughs at soap operas
    • Calls them soaps
  • Bakes
    • But doesn’t like sweets
  • Losing his hearing and uses that to his advantage. Makes everyone repeat what they said if what they said was really stupid.
  • Can wiggle his ears if he takes off his glasses
  • Writes essays on robotics and engineering no problem but secretly writes adventure fiction and hides it from EVERYBODY.
    • The main character is a heroine, nurse turned archaeologist turned action hero.
    • Only Zane has read it. Part of it. Maybe a page or two.
    • Zane insists that he should publish and Julien is adamant that he shouldn’t publish.
  • Goes by his last name because his given name is embarrassing and he doesn’t want to do the paperwork to change it. Again, lazy.
    • This is a HUGE headcanon of mine.
    • Shows love through touch.
    • Receives it through touch.
    • Used to kiss Zane on the head every night when he was little
  • Practically Perfect in Every Way™
  • Still manages to be a goober
The Harlequin Formula || Peter Parker x Reader

You all know about those short novella like romance novels published under the name Harlequin, right? Well, there’s also many manga artists who often transcribe the written text into a graphic novel form that I just adore reading!

So reading Harlequin comics is like one of the things I do for like, guilty pleasure and stuff because those kinds of comics is super pandering to young women (like me). Sure, a lot of the times the romance seems forced and unlikely to happen, but let me tell you, I read a Harlequin comic last night and the fact that it had a strong heroine who wasn’t afraid of the main love interest AND could read him like a book-

I was hooked.

So this whole story is inspired by the whole “harlequin formula” usually seen in those types of stories and how the ‘reader character’ tries to break them in hopes of finding a genuine type of love.

I hope you readers will enjoy this story ;w; .

warnings: none

word count: 3,300+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


When you were younger, you often filled your romantic daydreams with Harlequin novels. You didn’t know what true love felt like and often read these short novellas in order to get a glimpse of how love worked.

It was through these short stories that you learned the following things:

Love is when a demure woman falls for a powerful man.

The powerful man is often a multi-billionaire of some sort who comes off as cold and aloof, but is innately missing something all the same.

And whatever he was missing would always be love, to which the leading lady would offer him almost unconditionally, regardless of how cruel he was to her.

After the end of these novels, you would find yourself with tears in your eyes at just how wonderful the love story was. “That’s what true love has to be about, finding love in unexpected places while following your man to the ends of the earth.”

Each time you would finish a story, you would sigh and fall back against your twin bed, your hair fanning out beneath your head as you clutched the novel to your chest before softly murmuring (as if hoping that the more times you said it, then it would likely come true), “I honestly can’t wait to fall in love.”


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Furuta’s Checkmate

In a punishingly apt ending to Furuta’s story, he has been killed by the very Tragedy he created. Attempting to become Tragedy is no true way to escape it, because it will devour you all the same.

Before I made the argument that Furuta wasn’t a true Clown, but it seems I haven’t given him enough credit. He truly died like a Clown, sacrificing everything mortal for the sake of his art. And he succeeded. He has turned Kaneki into an abomination and even in Kaneki’s moment of triumph, it is undermined by a clear sense of impending tragedy, summed up by the chapter’s closing narration.

Not just that, but the chapter titles themselves. 143 was titleless, reflecting a descent into the nothingness of death and tragic nihilism. 144 suggests a rebirth with the title ‘A’ - a new beginning, the first letter in an empty space, the literal Alpha of the Biblical Alpha & Omega. But when we reach the end of the chapter, we find that symbol of hope has taken the form of an agonising scream.

Rain, too, is a time-tested symbol of tragedy, as it was in the original series’ closing chapters.

After all, Furuta intends for him to be a ‘final boss.’ And as in the tales of Beowulf, St George and countless other heroes, the purpose of the Dragon is to be slain. Judging by their unexplained appearance below, might the Quinx be the ones to do it?

Whether Furuta’s plan will come to pass in full is yet to be seen. But the gears are well in motion.

Y'all be like: “Daenerys would be powerless if it wasn’t for the dragons.”

This makes no sense at all.
It’s like saying: “Bran would be powerless if he wasn’t the three eyed raven” or “Melisandre would be powerless if she didn’t know how to use dark magic”.
Dany didn’t find the dragons randomly. It’s not like anybody could have taken them. She raised them herself, that’s why she literally is “The Mother of Dragons”. And she is fireproof, like, how could you even say that she is useless without her dragons when most of the times she saved herself just setting everything on fire and running through the flames ???

“But using them in battles it’s not fair!”

Mmh no ??
Then Cercei shouldn’t have used the wildfire, or Ramsay shouldn’t have used his dogs to torture people, and neither the giants used as a weapon would be a fair move following this logic.
They are in war so it’s OBVIOUS that Dany uses her own dragons as a weapon.

You just want to find a way to tear down Dany in every situation but this is becoming ridiculous.


Gordon is a part of Cooper’s tulpa, in the same way that Chet Desmond was part of Cooper’s Tulpa in FWWM. He is in some sense a projection, splinter, or fragment of Cooper within this “dreamworld.”

This explains a lot of things, one being why Gordon has straight up replaced Cooper as the show’s FBI protagonist and has been subsuming all of Cooper’s old quirks, “Policeman’s dream,” the doughnuts, the thumbs up stuff, etc etc. And of course Cooper and Gordon’s weird clone relationship in the original series.

I made some offhand comments in the past about that scene like “lol what if Jeffries was actually pointing to Gordon in that scene and not Cooper?” And I think the answer is that Jeffries is really pointing to BOTH of them, asking Gordon if he knows who HE is himself, i.e. a part of Cooper’s tulpa. Monica Bellucci pointedly asking Gordon “who is the dreamer” while a faceless Cooper stands by… Yeah.

All of this makes the hunt for Cooper even more fascinating, because in some sense Cooper/Gordon is tracking down a splinter of himself, which… OK I’m putting the rest of this post under a readmore, because I’m so convinced that what I’m about to predict will come true on some level that I feel an ethical obligation to almost consider it a spoiler:

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I was in an abusive relationship. Whenever my ex-girlfriend and I got into an argument, which was often, it eventually led to me being slapped or punched. The physical damage was nothing compared to the emotional toll, but not one time did I ever strike back because that’s not the kind of person I wanted to be. I don’t want anyone, regardless of gender, to have to go through that.

A lot of people are making a great many assumptions without proper context but all of that aside I’m more disheartened that people would actually believe that I would perpetuate violence against women. Violence is a problem. Jack and I were not making some grand sweeping statement about feminism or trying to say that it’s okay to hit women. We were shooting the breeze talking about some crazy videos we saw on YouTube. The main point that some people missed out on is that it’s not okay to hit ANYONE. 

Equality is an ideal. But ideals taken in the literal sense don’t fit the world as it exists today. An eye-for-an-eye is literal equality. Men and women being able to hit one-another is literal equality. There is a SERIOUS imbalance to that particular equation that needs to be solved but as a whole it’s still not the kind of equality I fight for. I fight for a world that eventually forgets what violence is. I would gladly lay down my life to change the world today so that when I’m long gone and forgotten someday there will be a generation that only remembers humanity’s violence and greed in history books and children’s tales.

My videos are only intended to make people smile and I’m sincerely sorry that this one in particular failed to do that. I’ll always hold myself to a higher standard and I hope that you all will too. And remember to keep smiling! :D


anonymous asked:

Actual werewolf Dadsona (big puppy, basically) and the dads' reactions?

Robert is everyone’s fave cryptid hunter daddy and he knew. Your reactions every time he comes home are the first giveaway. In fact, you don’t tell him, he asks you. And when you confirm he claps his hands together and looks more excited than he’s ever looked. “Please, please tell me all the ins and outs of your life. I have to know everything.” He’s so earnest. He then starts to give you some MAJOR. SHIT. Buys you collars. Hides dog treats around the house. One night he flicks to kitchen light on to see you sitting at the table and chewing on a greenie. He smirks.

Joseph is really scared of you for a minute. Then you explain to him that this has been you the entire time, nothing has changed, he just knows now. And that helps to calm him a little but he’s still a little afraid it won’t be something he can handle. He expresses that to you immediately, and the two of you have a real conversation about how you live your life. After than he makes little jokes around you, like calling you Beethoven or Air Bud.

Mat laughs and says, “Oh hey, that’s why you like my baked good so much!” He mostly just goes with it. Like…he’s not about to question you, yknow? And this doesn’t change much for him. He likes to sit outside with you at night while you run around the yard. He plays guitar for you and lets you fall asleep curled up at his feet. Literally adores you in every way.

Damien is upset with you for not telling him. The first time Damien brought you over to the house Lucien had had a bad allergic reaction and said, “Dad, did you wash your volunteer clothes? It feels like there’s a dog in here.” After that it happened every time you came over and Damien couldn’t figure out why. He’s a little sad that you didn’t tell him and were willing to put Lucien through this??? So he expects you to take a shower before you come over (that makes it a little better). Robert knows a guy that knows a guy that makes protection charms. He thinks the guy could probably make a necklace that would chill out Lucien’s allergies around you. Other than that whole complicated mess Damien is actually thrilled with how adorable you are and he gets really blushy whenever you nuzzle into his jaw.

Craig is like “What the fuck why didn’t you tell me when we were literally living together” and “is that why you’d always disappear like once a month???” He then proceeds to challenge you to a race. “Wait, what kind of dog do you turn into?? Will you show me?” Now when you guys play catch he throws the ball and lets you run after it.

Brian realizes something is up when you catch his Frisbee in your mouth. Also realizes that this makes more sense now because you always seemed to be on high alert around his dog. You get jealous when he spends more time with his pupper than you?? Brian has now taken to scratching his hand through your hair when the two of you are cuddling.

Hugo wants to know about your family history and your lifestyle. He thinks it’s cute how you play with the Duchess Cordelia. He isn’t so afraid to be a little rougher with you now (wink wink). He warns you not to tell Ernest unless you want literally the entire town to know. Ernest finds out and tells Hugo he should buy you a collar. Hugo blushes cherry red.

NDRV3 Transcripts: “Once I’ve fallen in love with someone”

First of all, I’d just like to thank everyone for the overwhelming reception to the ch.5 post-trial translation! The post has even made its way into the r/danganronpa subreddit, which is honestly pretty cool. I’m glad that these translations are helping clear up some misconceptions that people might still have.

Now, I couldn’t help but notice there has been some talk about Ouma and Saihara’s relationship lately. Back when I was still in chapter 4, I decided not to transcribe that bit where Saihara and Ouma log out of the VR world because it had already been discussed pretty extensively on this blog. But I’m taking that back - I think we can all benefit from analysing the original Japanese text.

It’s a short exchange, but also very insightful. After all, if we get to hear what someone’s thinking even if the protagonist isn’t around, then it must be pretty important. Enjoy!

@ne0dym once again continues to deliver yet another really excellent transcription! This is one of the scenes I think people have most wanted to see translated in Chapter 4. Although it’s very, very short, it’s extremely interesting and insightful, providing both foreshadowing for Chapter 4 overall as well as very essential character insight to Ouma.

I’ve translated it to English under the read more as always. Thank you all so much for your support; finding out about the Chapter 5 post-trial transcript being featured on reddit was super cool and exciting!

More translated transcripts here, if anyone is curious!

I hope you all enjoy! If you could reblog or spread this around, that would be great–both ne0dym and I are very thankful that you’ve all been so supportive so far!

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