when sound surrounds the night

Sing me a song... (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

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“I hate you!” My mother screamed at my father and I heard something break. I wiped tears from my face before texting my boyfriend.

Me: SOS, meet at our place?

Jack: See you in three. Love you so much.

“I hate you more!” He yelled back. I was already opening my window to sneak out. They’ve been fighting for the last twenty minutes about money, providing for me and I think I heard something about one of them cheating. I don’t know if they knew how much their words were hurting me or if they just didn’t care anymore, but I wasn’t going to stay and keep listening to them.

I climbed out my window and started to run to the beach. Jack took me to a special place for our first date and since then it has been our safe haven from the cruel world. Whenever Jack was stressed or sad or happy or anything, he would text me and we would meet here and I did the same with him.

“What happened?” Jack asked when I arrived and he was already there waiting for me. I just walked to him and hugged him to me. Without saying another word he just returned the hug, while rubbing my back. We stood there while he hold me till I gained the courage to say something.

“They fought again.” I whispered against his chest. The last few weeks it was normal for my parents to fight and for me to come seek comfort from Jack. He will always say the same thing and I usually believed him, but this time I knew better.

“I will get better.” He whispers kissing the top of my head.

“I don’t think it will, not this time.” I said looking up at him. He wiped away tears I didn’t even realise was slipping down my cheeks, “Will you sing for me?” I asked out of the blue. Music was always my refuge and the fact that I haven’t heard Jack sing before, I knew it would make me feel better.

“I think I will only make you feel worse.” He replied kissing the top of my nose with a smile.

“Please! Pretty please!” I pouted and gave him the puppy dog eyes.

“Not now.” He whispered brushing hair out of my face.

“Why?” I asked with the same expression as before on my face.

“Because I’m shy.” He responded and for that I rolled my eyes. He sang before thousands and I’m only one person.

“You’ll sing for a million other girls but not for me?” I asked breaking away from his hug. I walked closer to the ocean till my feet touched the water to get some distance between me and him.

“That’s not the same.” He whispered in my ear, hugging me from behind.

“Yeah, they’re not your girlfriend.” I replied feeling sad. I still didn’t turn to look at him but stayed in his arms.

“That’s why it’s easier for me to sing in front of them, because-” He started and then stopped again.

“Because you like them more than me.” I interrupted when he took a break.

“Yeah, I like them, but I love you and that scares me. I’ve never felt like this about someone and I’m scared that you won’t think that anymore.” He admitted and I had a feeling his cheeks were turning a light pink.

“And I love you. So I’ll wait till you’re ready to sing to me.” I whispered and turned around in his arms. I stood on my toes and brought his lips to mine.

“So do you want to tell me the story about how you think this time is different?” He asked with a sincere voice when we broke away from the kiss. He led me to the beach and took a seat in the sand and placed me in between his legs so my back was against his chest. We both watched as the waves crashed against the sand and waited while I gained the strength.

I told him the whole story and every time I would cry he would kiss my neck and my cheek and my jaw and then just were the tears would slip out.

“I’ll always be here for you till you don’t want me anymore.” He whispered in my ear and I leaned more into him. I closed my eyes and listened to the water against the sand and the other night sounds that surrounded us.

Just when I felt save and like nothing could hurt me, Jack started to sing the A team softly so only I could hear. I smiled to myself as his beautiful voice surrounded me. When the song finished he started with Flights that he and Jack wrote.

“You are perfect.” I whispered and turned my head so I could kiss him. He slightly broke away to look at me and said.

“Only because you see me that way.” He replied before kissing me again.

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