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The Anti-Myth Masterpost

Out of sheer boredom and frustration, I’ve compiled a list of dumb things antis say and some facts to contradict them. Though I don’t think antis actually pay attention, they just vomit nonsense and never stick around for a rebuttal, here goes nothing anyway. Because I am tired of seeing good, pure people being harassed and sent death threats by these crazies. So here we go.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri is pedophilia.

Fact: Pedophilia is legally defined as attraction to or sex with a minor under the age of 13

Anti-Myth: Yurio is still a minor.

Fact: Yurio is now 16, the legal age of consent in Russia. He and whatever partner he chooses, as long as his partner is over the age of 16, is within their legal right. 

Anti-Myth: 16 year olds brains are not developed enough to comprehend sex.

Fact: A 16 year old can understand sex. Hell, even a 15 year old can. Teens at 15 or 16 hop into bed with older teens all the time–even I did. It’s actually normal. Plus, 16 is a far more common legal age of consent in the developed world anyway, this is not some perverted law by Russia and Kazakhstan, it’s actually very very normal. Even in Canada, 16 is the legal age of consent. If you’re American, respect your own laws, but we’re talking about A. fiction, and B. another country.

Anti-Myth: Otabek is too old for Yurio.

Fact: Otabek is literally 2.5 years older than Yurio. They’d literally be a junior and senior in high school, which happens all the time. It did with me, it did with countless others, and none of us were being abused. Plus, Otabek is not technically an adult, he’s still a teen himself. Same with JJ, if that is your ship. 

Anti-Myth: Shippers are disgusting because they are forcing Yurio into a sexual relationship and don’t respect their friendship.

Fact: Dude, if you want to see them as platonic friends, go ahead, no one is stopping you. Secondly, I’ve never met a shipper who doesn’t enjoy their friendship as being the stable building block of their relationship. For you, the relationship stops there. For us, we go on to see them as starting a romance after they’re ready. It’s all about the friendship, we just add to it.

Anti-Myth: Shippers like to sexualize 15 year olds. 

Fact: Well, maybe a few do. I mean, that’s what happens in big fandoms, you get some bad apples, especially if they come from countries themselves where the consenting age is 14 or something. But many, many shippers do not. They usually ‘sexualize’ Yurio when he’s a little older, or like to imagine him a little older when he starts becoming intimate. Plus it’s not just us, the creators and animators of the show have been sexing up Yurio for months now in official art, and with WTTM flashing his nipples and abs–I mean, don’t blame us.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri conditions children to think pedophilia is normal.

Fact: First of all, no it doesn’t. Yet again, pedophilia is any relationship where one is over the consenting age, and the other is under the age of 13. Which is not happening here. It may give them the impression that 16/18 is normal, and yeah it is, especially in many developed countries. If you have a problem with that, take it up with them, not us. This really should not be a hard concept. Also it’s FICTION. Do people jump into bed with their siblings after watching Game Of Thrones? No, because they’re not idiots. Not everything is based on American laws. This is an anime, written by a Japanese woman, made in Japan, and a lot of anime sexualizes young teens. No otaku I know of are hoping into bed with kids because of anime, unless they were already pedophiles. It doesn’t develop with a goddamn cartoon.

Anti-Myth: I’m uncomfortable with this ship because when I was younger I was abused by–

Fact: Okay, stop right there. I will try and explain this the best way I can. Whatever happened to you in your past is tragic and I do sympathize (one of my cousins was abused when she was younger so I know the horrors of dealing with that), but I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with shipping two teenagers. You’re imagining abuse, despite nothing canonically abusive happening. Otabek would never hurt Yurio. He’s no pervert. See, Americans who prey on 15 and 16 year olds do so because they KNOW it’s illegal. That’s why they do it. But if you’re from a country where, once again, the legal age of consent is 16, there is no abusive mindset. It’s normal behavior. There is no perversion or predatory behavior, because it’s not illegal. I do understand you being uncomfortable and it bringing up memories for you, but the reality of the situation is there is no actual abuse, and you really must try and understand that. This is literally like saying I can’t post pics of dogs because you were bit once, and that I’m condoning you being bit or something. It’s not true, nor is it fair to me, I just like dogs. But I do hope you find peace in your life.

All this being said, I will admit I use to be an anti myself. For about ten minutes, until I realized all this stuff and I knew I was being silly. And hey, there is a good chance Otayuri could become canon after everything we’ve seen, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that by trying to understand these points I’ve made. It’s not too late to see things differently and to be a decent human being.

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I was reading one of you analyzes and someone mentioned jimin fainting? I'm really new in the fandom and was wondering when that happened?

that happened in 2015 during one of their fanmeetings in osaka , i think this moment had left a really big impact on their relationship as a whole, and was one of the reasons why people started thinking that Osaka means something very special to them , which is something jiminpoppins pointed out .

so in 150819 jimin fell off stage/fainted during their fan meeting hosted in Osaka_japan , due to a quick drop in his blood pressure… so jungkook replaced him that day/sang most of his parts ,and  there’s a fancam of that during their “i need you” performance in which  jungkook was doing jimin’s parts , and he looked really sad, his voice was shaky as hell and his nose was very red , he was indeed crying just before going on stage, you can watch that here that actually says a lot about how much jimin means to him , of course all  the other members looked sad as well but jungkook was particularly  more effected by jimin’s absence than all of them , that might as well has helped him really realise and accept his feelings for jimin ,how much he really really loves him , cares about him and most importantly needs him

the next day 050820 , jimin recovered so he performed with them , and during jungkook’s part in “for you” , he was supposed to walk past the members but that day he stopped next to jimin and sang his line for him , his line was:[It smells like you, The road that I walk on, I plug my earphone to my status, My true feelings lie beyond there] which left jimin smiling every now and then during that whole performance throwing glances at jungkook .. here

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hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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Title: Missing A Step
Fandom: Check Please!

Setbacks are frustrating, but they’re better with friends.

Or: Bitty has a bit of a relapse. Jack notices before he does, and makes sure he’s okay.

(I’ve been wanting to write something for this fandom for a while. Big surprise, I wrote something about concussions)

read on ao3

He’s fine except when he’s not.

Sometimes he reaches for a word that’s no longer there, and it’s like missing a step, like those trick stairs in Hogwarts, he’s walking not watching his feet and suddenly he’s knee-deep in a hole he didn’t know was there.

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AOS 4x20:  AKA When you have that really crazy theory that comes true AKA What the HECK just happened?!

Originally posted by photoshop-guy

First and foremost….everyone take a DEEP breath…it’s going to be okay…that didn’t go down exactly as I thought it would or as we hoped…and pretty sure I’ve shortened my life another ten years…but there are points of hope…I did see some good…I know my ask box will beg to differ but here was some points of hope….and plus side…we have our Fitz back.  He’s in the clutches of the Big Bad still but he’s our Fitz again…yay.

So lets just dive right on in here.  

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Dating Tye Dillinger would include:

× best friends, of course
× kissing him on his cheek before his matches.
× he bring you flowers everyday
× sharing hotel room
× and sharing bed
× he told you he was in love with you when you won the nxt women’s championship
× everytime you have sex, he always saying “you are so beautiful, I’m a fucking lucky man” when he sees you naked
× and dude, you are lucky too because hAVE YOU EVER SEE HIM?
× having dogs
× “Tye, our dog can’t be named ‘Ten’”
× “why not? He is perfect. Ha! You got it? Perfect, like Perfect 10… You know what? You choose his name”
× both of you being excited when you are in mixed matches.
× morning sex becoming a regular thing
× and a LOT of sex in his locker room
× him usually being the big spoon but when he had a rough match, he loves being the little one
× he is always staring at you
× “what Dillinger? Something you like?”
× “uff, you can’t imagine”
× you blushing all the time because he is super cheesy
× “If I can make you cum ten times what can I get?”
× him getting jealos when some guy is hitting on you
× so then he gets super clingy
× your roll your eyes everytime something like that happen
× but you find his jealousy adorable
× sweet kisses
× movie/series marathons
× random dates
× the fandom find your relationship perfect
× “I can’t imagine my life with any other person. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

So after reading the JDM/NR interview, I’m going to give my two cents on it. Some of you might disagree with what I say, but that’s okay b/c we all have our own opinions and we are civil about it… b/c we’re the sane ones :p

1) JDM

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that what he said was actually very thoughtful. It was so much better than what we had to deal with yesterday *cough* Josh *cough*

How he described Caryl basically highlighted every aspect of a ‘healthy relationship’, which is a mixture of a nuturing relationship with friendship and sexual tension. To him, even though they haven’t actually made the jump, Caryl is still a lovely thing to watch. I for one was very happy with what he said. 

2) NR

I am very happy that he did acknowledge how strong their relationship is, and how excited he gets to work with Melissa and how lucky he is to have scenes with her (McReedus cuteness!). Plus my favorite quite: “As far as romances go, he already has a relationship with Carol.”… *squeals*

It’s nice for him to reiterate that there is a possibility of a romance between them since they already have a strong relationship. Now here’s where you might disagree with me. 

When he said that Caryl had become such a larger than life thing that he was kind of afraid to mess with it, I honestly didn’t blame him for feeling nervous, and here’s why:

These past few weeks are a prime example as to how easily this fandom jumps to conclusions on spoilers or comments. I’m not saying we’re at fault, for we should be allowed a bit of leeway for reacting… It’s been 7 long seasons and TWD made us so distrustful, so naturally we have a short fuse for anything negative against Caryl. 

At the same time, the haters have been in full force these past few weeks, and of course certain comments from cast members don’t help with those trolls. The fandom is practically alive with reactions right now towards either anything that’s tied to Caryl (good or bad) or what happens in Norman’s life… unfortunately. 

We just need to understand that due to our patience wearing thin, we are nearly demanding more unambiguous answers from NR as well as anyone else who’s willing to comment from the show. Added to the fact that we’re fighting against ageist assholes, we’re begging for NR or anyone close by to debunk that idea that Carol has a mother/son bond with Daryl. 

So when NR continues to give us vague answers, like in this interview, we get pissed off at him very quickly.

My point is, NR was mentioning how people freak out when nothing happens and freak out when something does happen. He knows there’s going to be a big reaction to Caryl going canon, and so naturally, he’s nervous. I do actually understand his anxiety because with how nuts the fandom (both the good guys and the trolls) can be, especially recently, then yeah it would be a little nerve wracking to see both sides of it explode. 

Hell, it might turn into a war with us defending our new ship and the two actors against the haters that’ve come out of their crypts.

Knowing how much he adores Mel, he might even be hesitant to approach Caryl b/c he knows the hate will most likely rise with the celebrations for both of them. And remember this, anytime Norman is tied to a member of the opposite sex, no matter who she is, there are crazy fans that troll her and threaten her for being with him, and that’s been happening before the DK shenanigans (it’s worse with her I know but still). It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a tv show. They know Mel means a lot to Norman, and so for Caryl to go canon, unfortunately the hate would most likely rise for her since her character’s paired with him. So he might be nervous for her.

Now please keep in mind I’m not saying it’s a good excuse to avoid the Caryl situation, but I do at least understand the anxiety behind it. Would it be nice for him to directly shut down the stupidity that is the mother/son bond and defend Melissa? HELL YES! But we have absolutely no clue of what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Maybe he didn’t realize his choice of words would fuel the fire, maybe amc continues to tell him to play it dumb in regards to Caryl b/c they want to make it a surprise canon moment *smh*, maybe he’s not even aware at how bad the mother/son crap is… or maybe he realized his mistake but never said anything b/c Mel didn’t want him to for she didn’t want him to confront the negativity… we just don’t know.

I am a Melissa fan first and foremost, but I have complete faith that Norman’s reasoning for being hesitant to make the step has nothing to do with self representation, b/c despite his people pleasing tendencies, he cares deeply for Melissa, and he’s often said he’d be lucky if it happens. 

Just my two cents… don’t bite me :p

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Look, tomco is good, but only as a bromance, I just don't see them as a couple, I'm sorry, I like the bromance they have but yeah I don't think a lot of people want to see something like that...well not yet

Only as a bromance?

Dude, you don’t have to ship them. But you can’t really come here and tell me it’s only good as a friendship and state that as pure fact.

They’ve had plenty of moments that do imply romance.

Not to mention this:

Bromance:  a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

“If i was nonsexually getting close with you Marco…..If i was (Because for some reason Tom needs to reassure himself here), you would know it.”

Tom, what in the world are you talking about ? XDD

(I mean either they mean that or something else by “Bromancing” and no matter which way it sounds, it comes out like Tom is trying to imply something romantic )

Tom and Marco do make good friends, but they have couple potential. Tom’s a hopeless romantic and clearly very loyal, as well as accepting of people. Marco’s insecurities would unlikely bother him. and Marco’s lack of fear and compassion for Tom and what he’s going through is really sweet.

You could imagine Marco taking his hand to reassure him, and telling him that at least he’ll always have him to support him and help him even when things go wrong.

You don’t think alot of people want Tomco to happen? Tomco is a pretty big ship in the fandom….

My followers, If you would like to see tomco happen, put some notes on this post.

Just got dragged into the Seven Deadly Sins fandom courtesy of my lil brother. First impressions after having seen episode one:

  • It was obvious about five minutes in that Meliodas would be one of the seven deadly sins. I was still grinning like mad when the “big reveal” happened though because I love it when the protag turns out to be a secret badass.
  • Elizabeth’s outfit irks me and I really hope she gets something less…fan service-y eventually.
  • Other than her outfit though, I do rather love her. She’s adorable and that hair reminds me a lot of Viktor. Possible xover? Not sure yet.
  • The Holy Knights turning out to be the bad guys and the Seven Deadly Sins being the good guys is another trope I wasn’t surprised to see, but it’s another one that I really love, so I can tell I’m probably going to enjoy this.
  • Since the numbers seem about right, expect a Seven Deadly Sins au for khr! I don’t know enough about the characters yet to decide on who would be who, but I’m tentatively considering Mukuro and Chrome as lust. And maybe Hayato as wrath? Who knows. Will update you as I progress through the series.
  • Hawk is adorable, and omg when Hawk’s mother showed up at the end XD That was one thing I definitely wasn’t expecting. I love it, and it gives me kind of a Howl’s Moving Castle vibe. It sure does explain how Meliodas’ bar supposedly appeared out of nowhere.

I’ve only seen the first episode of the anime so far, so please no spoilers in my ask box!! Thank you very much <3

Lemme know if you guys want me to continue posting my thoughts about the series as I watch it, or not ^^



…Percival Graves smiling at you.

You’re sitting in your armchair, Percival is across from you in his own seat. Looking up from your book, you see that he has been looking at you. When you two make eye contact, he smiles, and your eyes widen.

“What’s going on?”

“What-” Percival starts, a bit confused. “What do you mean?”

“Why are you smiling? What’s happening?” You ask again,

“I smiled? Something wrong with that?”

“Yes, you never smile.”

Percival just looks at you for a moment before chuckling with a big grin. “You better get used to it.”

NGL, It’s super uncomfortable how some of this fandom treats the way violence acts out between certain characters in the Soul Eater universe when it isn’t the male presenting character in the abusive role and a female presenting character in the abused role

Like, not that this is domestic abuse, but it IS violence: Maka hits Soul quite a bit in the start of the series, and instead of being like “Yeah, that’s shitty, she learns and grows out of that”, instead, what a lot of authors and artists have done is include it in fics and make it out to be this endearing thing where she does it because she ‘likes him’ and I can tell you right now, buddy, if Soul was a female presenting character and Maka was a male presenting character, this fandom would have HUGE problems with that dynamic and it would be brought up way more often than it is, now. Not that So//Ma is problematic in general, it’s a rather healthy ship, but this is still something that happened and like- it’s not cute. I have big problems with the people who use this as a ‘haha, look how cute, she’s so flustered, kids hit other kids when they like them’. How about: No. 

Or the fact that Stein cut Spirit open for so many years when they were younger and a big chunk of the fandom sort of either sweeps that under the rug or they act like it’s so hot, gore porn, A++++. What is up with y’all????? Spirit was physically violated for FIVE YEARS, at night, cut open, and is STILL scared of Stein a solid fourteen plus years later. Like, Stein is his abuser through and through but because they’re two anime dudes, people are like ‘Yeah, Stein horrifically and systematically abused and violated Spirit and feels nothing about it about a decade and a half later and even goes so far as to hurt his emotional wellbeing AGAIN after talking to him for the first time by mentioning his ex-wife and knowing it would upset him but they’re sooooo hot’. Or, the lesser of the evils but still BAD is just…ignoring it? For the sake of convenience? And then trying to act like it’s a-okay because you ignored it. Y’all legit concern me. 

Or the fact that chunks of this fandom straight up glorify Medusa as this amazing villain without any REAL horror as to the abuse that she inflicted upon Crona or Stein. Like, we’ve had these kind of villains before but for some reason Shou Tucker just isn’t as…glamorous? Or I guess we can’t turn Shou Tucker into a ‘feminist icon’. WHAT IS WITH Y’ALL????

And this goes deeper, too, like the fact that male presenting characters in Meister/Weapon ships are always the ones to sacrifice in the pairing. I mean completely romanticizing Soul’s self-sacrificial ways and claiming that they’re totally okay or that it’s super duper romantic. And I’m guilty of this bullshit, too, like I gush about that panel where Stein throws himself in Marie’s way so he takes the brunt of the hit she was headed for, but it’s NOT okay. Black*Star and Tsubaki? Black*Star’s the one who gets hurt. First few chapters, during the Demon Sword arc, as Tsubaki is fighting in her weapon form, Black*Star is sitting outside, taking the abuse of the villagers. Kid with his arm cut off, telling Liz and Patty to stay in their weapon forms. Stein taking the hit for Marie. Soul pretty much the entire series.

TBH, I think that in particular is a big result of how we’re conditioned to view men as physically expendable in society. 

But, beyond that, we’ve made domestic abuse in general about a ciswoman in an abused role and a cisman as an abuser, and that erases so many different kinds of abuse and makes us blind or compliant or even romanticizing of other kinds. Medusa shouldn’t be IDOLIZED for being an abuser. I get that she’s a great villain, but I legit have seen people praise her as some…feminist icon? And as a feminist I want y’all as far away from me as possible. Soul throwing himself into danger for Maka isn’t romantic: it’s indicative of his depression and his own low sense of self-worth. Soul getting hit with the book isn’t cute or funny, regardless of how it’s played in the series. Spirit getting cut open isn’t cool or yaoi or hot or any of that bullshit by Stein: he’s an abuse survivor. 

IDK, man, some of y’all make me so upset sometimes

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VLD got the Season 2 curse. Y'know, the curse where the first season is successful and the writers let it go to their heads and completely go off rails and come up with a second season with 1) a plot that doesn't make sense/is rushed, 2) destroyed character development, 3) something triggering/controversial/offensive or god forbid ALL THREE. And they expect fandom to be okay with it cause fandom is dumb and will buy anything.

Originally posted by tarukatasa

season two isn’t awful and there’s a lot of good concepts and good stuff. the main issues with season two can all be boiled down to a couple of things, pretty much:

  • it wasn’t everything we expected/wished for, which is what nearly always happens when fandoms are given time to wish/expect for things
  • WAY too much focus on keith. so many other things got sidelined and his arc honestly did not need to be as big a deal. it also didn’t help that the galra keith plot twist wasn’t really one for most of the fandom bc so many of us saw it coming from a mile away.
  • demoting characters to put others on a pedestal. AKA allura’s feelings getting sidelined in the galra keith plotline and him not making any efforts to understand her, hunk not getting to be shown just as smart as pidge in “greening the cube”, etc.
  • splitting the team up. i wasn’t a fan on having everyone on separate missions that were happening simultaneously. it made me feel like the narrative was stuck in one place for three whole episodes rather than continually moving forward.
  • wasted potential on having the team split up in the beginning. these early episodes would have been perfect opportunities to give every member of voltron a really nice chance to shine in an ATLA-esque “zuko alone” styled episodes. showing how keith and shiro knew each other back at the garrison was all we needed this season to solidify their bond, not the overload of interaction we got throughout. having pidge, hunk and lance lost together!! call backs to their time at the garrison, flashbacks for them.
  • a non-comedic subplot for allura and coran in 2x01. can u tell im bitter
  • expansion on the blade of marmora. how were they formed? when were they formed? how do they keep the rebellion alive? what do you they actually do beyond infiltrating and waiting for voltron to show up and kick their asses into gear, bc other than that it seems like all they do is wait??
  • but i do disagree that fandom is dumb. the majority of the fandom wasn’t all that pleased by season two for all sorts of different reasons. here’s hoping s3 can do a better job at giving us the sort of season and character arcs we deserve.
kids will never know

it hit me that years from now (like 15-20 years), kids who watch glee and ship klaine/cc will never know or experience what our fandom went through. sure they’ll love and ship klaine/cc (by then they’ll hopefully be out and proud and be some daddies of their own lil’ ones) but they’ll never know how big the riots were, how many things/clues we managed to point out, how excited we got when something huge with klaine or CC happened, or how much we’ve gone through. maybe our blogs will still be up (historical shit here y'all) and they’ll go through them and get some insight on what it was like to be part of the klaine/cc fandom in this time, but they’ll never really know or experience what we have and still are right now.

okay i need sleep but i just felt like posting that cause when you think about it, it’s like wow. what a great and magnificent time to be alive and experience all of this right now. kids may not know what it was like to be us during this time, but we’ll always know and that’s what i love because our boys will truly be with us fearlessly and forever.

okay i’m gonna sleep now, so peace out klaine scouts.🤘🏼

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Can you think of anything that we as a fandom can do for Jo? I feel really bad that all of this has happened to her :(

[NOTE: this is the only anon about this I’ll be answering and I’m not taking any more, whether of the “ooh what drama did i miss” variety or the “fuck you for liking someone i don’t like” variety, so if you’re hunting for scoop you’ll need to get the notes from a classmate, Mom’s tapping out.]

You are a kind and sweet person for asking this!  I think sending positive messages to her on Twitter is nice. It’s really wearying to see “kill yourself” and “die, bitch” in your mentions over and over, and drowning it out with positivity helps a little.  I imagine she’ll be taking a step back from social media for a little bit, but if you send a nice tweet or message, she’ll get it and she’ll appreciate it.

But honestly I think the most important thing we can do - not just to make one person feel better, but to make the fandom a better place - is to start being really, deeply honest with ourselves about whether the words we use and the way we treat others contribute to making this fandom a kinder, or a crueler, place.  There’s always a lot of finger-pointing when an episode of bullying or harassment or drama erupts - “that was a different ship,” “we don’t claim those people,” “my friends weren’t part of that” - which can be really convenient ways to dodge complicity in the overall culture we may well be part of helping to create.

It is perfectly okay to disagree.  It is perfectly okay not to like people.  There are certainly people in this fandom I disagree with and that I don’t like.  No one is saying we all have to feel the same way about everything, or that your opinions aren’t valid.  My opinion is that I fucking love Jo Garfein.  I’ve hung out with her.  I’ve had drinks with her.  I’ve dished with her.  I’ve had long off-the-record conversations with her about some of the things she’s done to make this fandom better, and this show better, that people will never know about, because she didn’t do them to get the credit, she did them because she has a good heart. 

If people don’t want to like Jo, they don’t have to.  I’m not their mother, and I don’t get to choose their friends.  But it’s one thing to disagree with someone - about ships, about characters, about something they said that you didn’t like - and it’s another to wish them active harm, or to perpetuate it. 

So if you, sweet Anon, or anyone reading this, feel badly about Jo getting hate today and want to know how to help, here’s the big question: what are you doing right now, right here, right where you are, to stop it happening to the next person in this fandom who will get hate for something? Or the one after that, or the one after that? 

How are you stepping up in the corner of the fandom that belongs to you, that’s within your sphere of influence, and trying to make the world a little better? 

When it’s your friends, your ship, your fandom doing the attacking do you step in, or sit on the sidelines? 

Do you laugh when your friends drag people? 

Do you reblog or retweet mean-spirited subtweets so the person they’re about will see them? 

Are your words kind? 

Do you communicate on Twitter and Tumblr with a clear knowledge that behind every one of those profiles is a real human being who can be hurt by your words (yes, even people you can’t stand)? 

Do you “defend” your fave or show how hard you stan by how forcefully you can attack antis and how much praise from your own fandom you get for it? 

Is there a part of you that believes, deep down, that people from different ships are “the enemy” or even just “the other side,” even if you’re all fans of the same TV show? 

If someone fucks up - which they will do, because they’re human, because maybe they’re young, because maybe they’re learning, because maybe they had a terrible day, because fucking up is something that every single one of us does on the regular, even me, even you - do you call them out with patience and respect, the way you’d want to be called out if it was you who made the mistake? Or do you get excited about the chance to show someone just how wrong they were, so you feel powerful, so you feel right? 

Do you ever ever use “kill yourself” or “kick the chair” or “die” as casual insults, perpetuating violent language that is deeply triggering to people who are survivors of suicide or self-harm (their own or someone else’s)? 

As someone who is proud to call Jo a friend, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that the thing she wants is for this entire fandom to be a kinder place.  It is shitty that Jo has to deal with the level of negativity she gets on a regular basis, but when she tells people to choose kindness, she’s not just saying “don’t hurt my personal feelings.”  She’s talking about a shift in culture.  She understands how that kind of toxicity poisons the well for the entire fandom.  It creates fear and anxiety among the cast about spending time with fans, because they don’t know how people will react.  It causes them to vanish from social media, because none of them want to accidentally say the wrong thing and have a hundred people yelling in their mentions.  It takes the joy out of being able to geek out about a thing that we love because we all spend so much time trying to avoid the drama, or we can’t resist being sucked into it, and then it takes over our lives.  It makes us all anxious.  It makes us all meaner.  It makes us all look at the fandom as divided into an “us” and a “them,” which shapes our every single interaction.

So for anyone wondering how to help, that’s how to help.  We could all be a little more honest with ourselves - and I say “we” here because I do this too, we all do this - about what kind of fandom we’re creating with the words we say and the way we treat people.

I’m not directing these comments at you, Anon; you asked a simple question but it has a more complicated answer.  You are kind and you asked a kind question and that, in itself, means a lot.  It means a lot that you see a person who is feeling like crap because they had to deal with internet hate today and that your first response is to ask if there’s anything you can do to make that person feel better.  And there definitely is, but we all have to jump in and pull our weight.  We all have to choose, every day, with every interaction, whether we want to be kind, or not.  So let’s choose kindness.  Not just right now, not just because there was drama today and we feel bad about it in this one particular instance, not just for the sake of one person, but for the sake of how the hell we’re going to get through hiatus when it’s only day eight and we’re already eating each other alive.  Let’s choose kindness for the sake of making this fandom a better place to exist, for everybody. 

Good Lord..

I had to unfollow some people tbh cause of this whole Vernon “situation” like people are really making this into a big ordeal
One of the reasons I loved being a proud Carat was because the fandom is so chill. But right now, some of y'all are acting like ARMY’s (nothing against the sane BTS stans tho).
Like first it was about him apparently drinking, that’s shit was dumb af cause he’s of legal age in S.Korea. Now people had to find something else so, they’re talking about him wearing grills and how it’s cultural appropriation. And we all know what happens when we enter the territory of race and culture. It’s a tiring back and forth between multiple opinions and it’s just too much. I was hoping that it wouldn’t get big (I’m scared that it just might.). It’s sad cause there shouldn’t be any “scandal” right when their comeback is in the process like ?? We haven’t even gotten any teasers yet wtf dude..
And people are out here complaining about others getting offended by him wearing grills. I’M SEEING MORE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT OTHERS GETTING OFFENDED THAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY GETTING OFFENDED. It’s really annoying like find something else to do… EVERYONE IS GONNA HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS IN THE END SO it’s best to just drop it.


Ellie’s ask

Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to answer my long and drawn out submit. I also saw the Lemons post as well and it’s stuff like that keeps me on the fence because it does look like Jensen is reminiscing. Another thing, if you don’t mind. If J2 were together, wouldn’t the Press know and out them by now? I don’t know if you intend to post this, but is it allright if I remain ‘Ellie’. Thank you so much and you’re awesome and I love your answer, it helped clear things c:

Hello, dear Ellie!

The pleasure was all mine! I think I must’ve left a couple of your questions unaddressed in your submission, but sometimes it takes such a long time to find the posts I’d refer to - especially if I’ve never reblogged them or forgot when exactly something happened. I apologize for that!

I’m sure the press could out them, but it probably wouldn’t be in their best interest to do so. Jensen and Jared are big stars to those of us in the Supernatural fandom, but that’s not the case among the general public.

Let’s say I took a picture of the two and showed it to random passer-bys in some random US city. What would be the percentage of the people who recognized them? How many of those people would say that these men look vaguely familiar, but that they can’t name them or know which movies or shows they’ve been in? Let’s say I took the picture to Europe and showed it around. I’d say the percentage would be much lower.

Now, were I to carry around a picture of Tom Cruise, things would be very different. The majority of random people could say who he was without hesitation. He’s a very famous guy, whereas Jared and Jensen are only moderately famous. They haven’t starred in any blockbuster hits, but they have a very faithful fandom following that might make it seem like they’re super famous.

How is this relevant, you might ask! Well, the entertainment industry is very protective of its own. They might gossip among themselves, but they’re very tight-lipped to outsiders. They’re excellent at keeping secrets because their jobs are on the line - nobody wants a blabber on their set and the “mafia” will find their snitch.

Is it worth it to out a couple that’s only moderately famous and burn the bridges with the entertainment industry while at it? Media and the industry work together to promote shows, movies and the like. Would your risk your career as a journalist for a pay-off that’s probably not worth it?

One of the reasons I believe the J’s have stopped aiming for illustrious film roles is that their life can’t bear the scrutiny that might follow of higher status. The level of hiding they’re doing right now would be nowhere near enough if they were A-listers, and I don’t think they’re willing to up the game because of ambitions. Hell, Jared has even talked of retiring from the industry after the show is done with. If they would be much more famous than they are now, it might be worth the risk for a journalist to actually out them.

Phew! Sorry, this got so long. I hope you endured my ramblings, sweet Ellie! Have a lovely #J2sday.

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Harry is doing quite well considering what kind of music he does and it is his first solo music. However, considering the promo, how much hype and praise followed him, and how much money is put into his solo career it is not going that well... 😢

Yes he is doing well (apart from his presence, talent, name and charisma, he has BIG names behind, making sure he succeeds, making sure he gets the best promo etc., overall the promo is more or less as expected) what I said is that it could have been even MORE, especially from the fandom, which is stil the big and main support behind each boy’s career. If only Sony/the team involved in this played their cards right they would have kept a lot of fans around who are now not willing to support their games anymore. Unfortunately, the situation involving Louis drained and fed up a LOT of people here (linked to Harry, obviously) people that would have supported Harry’s projects (even with Sony!) if they saw Louis being treated with some kind of decency. It didn’t happen and it’s still not happening, even worse, they thought to introduce the Ultimate Nasty again after years (right on time for Harry’s promo, which seems “weirdly” attached to Nasty stunts, as in, Harry does something - pap pics of louis and nasty appears to prove they live separate lives etc. etc. the same old from 2012,13,14,15) With this, they basically “opened old wounds”  for a lot of fans that left or refused to support Harry and his career when it’s in such a big contrast with Louis’ situation. The fandom is indeed broken., and yeah people not feeling like supporting Harry can be considered wrong or insane or unfair because it’s not Harry’s fault and nobody should punish him for what those evils are doing to Louis, (if it was up to the two boys only they’d both have been out and free for years now, I am sure) but unfortunately it is what it is. I hope they understand this and they can end all the ITs and give Louis the break he deserves before Harry’s album drops cause if they do so, I can guarantee you that his sales will skyrocket. Again, the album will do good for sure even if the bullshits for louis doesn’t end in time, but if they do end, the album will do EVEN better. Here’s to hoping. 

im just so mad and sad about everything. Susan Blommaert didn’t deserve to lose the part she was so proud and eager to play in order to make sense of plot choices made to justify Ryan Eggold’s career. Megan Boone didn’t deserve to have her big break turn into what it’s turned into and then get blamed by the public for the failure of her character when the scripts given her were utter shit. the loving, avid fans didn’t deserve to be tricked, in what feels like an intentional and vindictive fashion given ptbs social media presence and responses over the last 4 years, and shamed so badly that they’re slinking away demoralized and erasing their own hard work. 

being a non canon ship is something i’m used to. in 13 years of fandom i’ve had one ship happen in show, out of dozens and dozens. but this feels like something else. this feels like a different level of careless and spiteful.