when someone you don't like tries to talk to you

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•Obsesses over someone for months before even talking to the person sometimes
•Lots of giggles and blushes when they think about the person
•Tries to keep crush to themselves but when people find out there’s usually a joke made about it because INFP is already so in love
•INFPs literally fall in love every single time they get a crush like not even kidding
•How do you guys love so many people
•Anyway you are in it for the long term and can imagine yourself very happy with this person
•You imagine them in so many different situations with you by their side
•You like them so innocently it’s adorable
•Still kinda obsessive tho
•Gets huge eyes when face to face with crush
•Listens to so many songs about the crush that it’s basically all you listen to
•Probably on your mind 24/7

the way the signs say i love you
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> hits you on the shoulder with a grin, asks you to play with their hair, smiles at you when you're angry<p/><b></b> "i need you to stay"<p/><b>Taurus:</b> lets you cuddle them on the bus, gets worried when you're talking to someone they don't like, buys you food<p/><b></b> "i'm glad you're mine and i am yours"<p/><b>Gemini:</b> tells you how they really feel, cries in front of you, tries to make you laugh<p/><b></b> "i want you to know every side of me"<p/><b>Cancer:</b> cuddles you in public, talks to your mum, is there for you when you don't feel like talking<p/><b></b> "i am so glad i let you in"<p/><b>Leo:</b> makes you things, holds your hand and drags you places, stares at you when you're not looking<p/><b></b> "i hope you always like me"<p/><b>Virgo:</b> brings you to dinner with their parents, does the dishes with you, lets you reorganise their things/room<p/><b></b> "i'll clean up any mess you get yourself into"<p/><b>Libra:</b> kisses you on the shoulder, lets you take your anger out on them, shows you negative emotions<p/><b></b> "i like everyone, but you're my favourite"<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> texts you first, hugs you extra long, draws you things even if they're not very good at it<p/><b></b> "i'm really attached to you"<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> commits to you, lets you talk over them, lean on you when you're sitting together<p/><b></b> "you are the most important to me"<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> is overly sarcastic with you, prioritizes you over work, braids your hair no matter how short it is<p/><b></b> "i'm more confident around you"<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> talks to you about your favourite book series, writes you poetry, pays full attention when you talk<p/><b></b> "you're my anchor"<p/><b>Pisces:</b> takes lots of pictures of you and shows them to everyone, gives you a second chance, does your makeup (even if you don't usually wear it)<p/><b></b> "i'll let you get away with anything"<p/></p>

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Could you write an scenario with whole BTS? BTS are the Bad boys in your school and you're the quiet girl who barely talks, but when someone talks to her she's sarcastic, rude and aggressive. So one day BTS found you in the street bruised. Ok , I don't know if it's too much for you to write something like that and I can understand if it's not your style of writing 😊.

Hey I tried my best. I hope you enjoy it! 

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The Hallways were full of whispers as BTS passed through the crowd making people jump out of their way in fear and admiration. Their bad boy reputations had their perks but they also had their cons. You on the other hand thought it was better that no one knew that you were bad, that way you’d get away with a lot of pranks and a couple frowned upon actions.

“Did you hear what Jimin did last night? I heard he did it in a pool with some girl!”
“No way! I wish it was me!”
“You remember last week when someone put dish soap in the hallway and everyone fell? I think that was Tae and Jungkook! They would totally do something like that.”
“That’s nothing! Yesterday I saw Rapmon and Jimin at the Boxing ring and both knocked out their opponents with one blow!”
“I saw J-Hope going into that new club that opened up. The bouncers just let him pass. It was so cool! I wish he would notice me.”
“Does anyone know what Suga did? I heard he got detention for something but I don’t know what!”
“Yeah Mr. Jang gave him one but the Principal told him he was free and that he doesn’t have detention. Mr. Jang’s face got so red and Suga looked so cool.”
“Did you see what Jin rode to school today? He got a new motorcycle. He looks so hot in it!”

You turn to your friend as you overhear another comment about the ‘Famous BTS boys.’

“I swear almost everything people talk about isn’t true. I mean seriously. That soap prank was yours and it was brilliant. No one suspects a thing,” your friend Amy whispers in your ear. 

“Obviously they don’t. It’s how I want it. They don’t suspect a sweet shy girl who does all her homework and never acts out,” you reply smirking at her. “Plus it would be harder to organize pranks if I was on people’s radar.” 

“Oh that reminds me. I heard Jasper isn’t happy about…”

You cut off your friend, “who gives a fuck about Jasper? That whiny little bitch can go cry to his mommy if he honestly thinks that I give a fuck.”

Jasper was a member in a clique that you happened to help out on occasion, only little things. You knew they were planning something big that could have major consequences. So you tipped off the police after you beat a couple up to get away. You only did it out of self defense because they were holding you against your will. You’ve been taking fighting classes since you were little so they definitely paid off in the long run.
Jasper knew you had something to do with “damaging” up his crew; he had no clue that you betrayed him more than that. 

“He’s going to send his henchmen after you. Will you be okay?” Amy asks you as you exit the building. 

“Yes I will no worries. I’ll call you if I’m hurt,” you tell her as you split up walking in different directions. 

Putting on your innocent act you walk with your head down, moving out of everyone’s way. Not looking someone runs into you and making you fall. Your books scattering everywhere. Looking up you see the supposed bad boys staring down at you. Looking away you feign embarrassment and whisper a barely audible I’m sorry.
After a hesitating moment the boys end up helping you clean up the mess. 

“No worries here are your books,” Taehyung replies placing your books in your hands. 

“I didn’t even see you!” You hear Rapmon comment. 

“Aww look at how shy she is!” Jhope awes at you as you look away from them.
Walking around them hurriedly you speed walk away. 

“Bye shy girl!” You hear them scream at your retreating figure.“Are you serious? I’m not going anywhere with a dickwad like you,” you tell the leader of the trio sent to get you. “I have much better things to do than lose brain cells associating with you.”

———–time pass———-

“You need to shut up before I lose my temper,” monkey one tries to threaten you. 

“You should too. Think before you talk! Do you even listen to what you’re saying?” You reply. 

Turning on your heel you walk towards the end of the alley when you feel a hand grab your shoulder to stop you. 

“You’re coming with us,” monkey 2 says.

———Time Pass———–

Leaning against the wall holding your stomach you try and regain your normal breathing. Your body aches with every breath and your cheek hurts from receiving a punch. Compared to them you had it pretty good. You had what was going to be a couple bruises maybe a sprained wrist and arm, but other than that nothing major. I mean you knew you weren’t going to be unscratched being outnumbered 3:1, even though you did well to hold your own.

“Okay Y/N 5 more min of rest and you’ll get up and call Amy,” you tell yourself.

“Whoa are you okay?” you hear a voice at the end of the alleyway.Turning you look and find Bts standing there staring at you.

“Staring is impolite you know. Didn’t your mothers teach you that?” you snap at them.They continue to stare at you flabbergasted their mouths open.

“Do you have a twin?” - Tae 

“Aren’t you the shy girl from school?” - Jhope 

“Since when have you been so sassy?” – Suga

“No I don’t have a twin. I just don’t waste my time interacting with stupid people,” you respond answering their questions. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have much more important things to do than be bothered by you.”

Getting up slowly you wince as your left arm doesn’t want to cooperate. Taking a sharp breath in you stand up straight and walk towards them.

“Do you need some help it doesn’t look like you’re doing well? You look like you’re beat up pretty badly,” Jin asks you as you pass.

“Thanks for your concern but if you think I got beat up, you should probably check on the damage I caused those three,” you point in the direction where the three bodies lay.

Without another word you turn on your heel hearing them talking among themselves about you.

Dialing Amy you say, “Hey it’s me. Can you pick me up?”

Thanks so much for your support everyone. It means a lot.

If anyone has any videos or songs that could cheer me up, I’d really appreciate it. 

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i don’t even really ship this but I’m just imaging Wash having like a giant crush on Dr. Grey and big sis Lina is all “why don’t you just go talk to her?”

so Wash is like “That’s easy for you to say when was the last time you tried to hit on someone?”

And Epsilon snickers while Lina stares at Wash for a good 10 seconds before going “Wash I have literally been sleeping with Kimball for 3 months have you honestly not noticed?”

“…why does no one ever tell me anything? also I didn’t need to hear that.”

I think if I do a second DRSE,   I kinda want to set out the free time events more like the game (i.e. you find someone, give them a gift and then talk to them and develop like almost a little story (like this and be warned there may be possible spoilers as my laptop kept buffering when I tried to watch it all the way) )

that would mean that I would actually need more of a narrative for everyone (i’ve been kinda going with the flow this time, hence why some have felt somewhat awkward or random at points) however it means that we wouldn’t see the characters bond with each other as much, although I guess I could do like the game inspired ones and  the ones I’ve been doing so far, and the people you talk to in the game inspired way you wouldn’t see a little bit of them interacting with others? I dunno, I like them both but I’m worried it may be too much for me to handle unless I get contestants in super early and write game inspired free time over the summer but then I don’t wanna mess up this one’s ending… 

But then again, how long would they really be? I can’t see them being more than like, 4 posts, tops (that being the “you wanna hang out with me?” “We hung out and I gave them a present” “present reaction and start of little monologue” “end of monologue”). I know how I’d set them up, I’d use private posts and links and stuff, but I don’t wanna pile my plate up too high, y’know?

I have some thinking to do.

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wait superman is afraid of quicksand? does he realize he can exert far more force than it can and could totally just fly out?

he also flails away from bees despite knowing that he is physically incapable of being stung by bees and doesn’t like stepping on cracks because he worries about his mother’s back

clark kent is not always a rational man

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After my close friend went to uni she changed, she doesn't seem to want to hang out with me much unless she's bored and has no one else,she's made new friends and seems to like them more than me..we still do talk and hang but it's different u know? I tried to be extra funny and talk to her more but it didn't help much..I feel like we're slowly fading which makes me abit sad because I don't have much friends and she's really the only best friend I have :/ she even seems annoyed of me now..

a genuinely solid friendship should be a reciprocal relationship. it requires both parties to put in effort, not just one. you deserve so much more than someone who shoves you to the side when she has “better” people to hang out with and leaves you hanging like some last option.

i know how it feels to be pushed aside and overshadowed by other people… never being the first choice but always having to pretend to be ok with it bc you’re scared if you don’t you’ll lose your friends completely. but take it from someone who’s been through it all her life, love yourself enough to realize it is not your fault. it’s not bc you’re not good enough or funny enough or whatever enough. sometimes, friendships simply fall through and as long as you tried your best to save the bridge from crumbling, that’s it. i mean, what else can you do, you know?

so let your friend do her thing and you do your thing. but don’t burn down the bridge completely, just build some new ones for you to cross over on.

my aunt just lectured me on how impossible moving to Florida and going to college is going to be and I’ve got this fiery pit of annoyance burning inside of me accompanied by a “fuck you, watch me do it attitude”
like, did I ask you for your opinion?
she literally just walked up to me to say goodbye, gave me a hug and then hits me with, “you know you don’t have to run away to florida”


for exactly all the reasons you just told me, yea I do. yes I do need to runaway across the states to finally focus on me and finally get everything together and finally make it happen. no I don’t need to move down to where you live and go to college there. do you even know what I want to go to college for? do you even kno why I chose florida? it’s a great school for my major. that’s why. it’s got the kind of weather to keep me mentally well. it’s not going to take 4 grand to get there. I’m not going to be broke. I’m going to make it happen.

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Klance: Galra keith is angry or something (probs jealous cause bf was getting hit on by someone) even though Lance didn't reciprocate Keith is still pretty upset and won't talk to him. Lance has tried everything so now it calls for drastic measures, Lace found out Keith purrs just like a cat and is putty in his hands when his ears are petted (places hand on Keith head 'L-Lance don't you da-' starts petting) and cue Keith cuddling up to Lance like a big'ol kitty cat

“Keith come on!” Lance was chasing him down the hallway and managed to wedge himself into Keith’s room before the door shut. He followed Keith to the bed as he flopped down on it. “Will you just listen to me?”

“No Lance, I don’t care.” Keith huffed and tried to push Lance away, his ears flicking. Lance couldn’t resist, running his fingers over Keith’s fluffy ears and starting to scratch at them to make Keith just flop into his chest, purring low and wobbling a bit. “L-Lance you can’t use that against me.”

“Oh yes, I can. Now listen,” Lance huffed and continued scratching Keith’s ears to keep him all putty-ish, “I was not hitting on that shark guy, that shark guy was trying to sell me space ship parts, which I didn’t need, because of the lions and the castle, anyway that’s not the point! I’m a flirt, but we’re dating, I’m not flirting with anyone else.”

Keith pressed his hand to Lance’s chest and pushed back roughly, “Lance! I did not think you were flirting with the shark guy, trust me, I’m not an idiot, you’re really obvious when you’re flirting and an awful pick-up line comes out of your mouth every other sentence.” 

“Oh,” Lance mumbled, “well, what were you upset about?” He set his hands in his lap and shut himself up. Keith took a deep breath, smoothing his hair down and frowning at Lance. 

“You ran off into a strange bar without a second though on a strange planet! The shark guy could have killed you!” Keith huffed and crossed his arms, but Lance just melted, his eyes getting wide and his brow furrowing. 

“Awe you care ab-” Lance was cut off by Keith’s fist landing in his gut, “y-yeah, deserved that.” Lance folded over into the bed and Keith frowned. 

“I feel better now.”

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BTS? More like Back To School

When someone tries to talk to you too early in the morning

When you hear someone talking shit about you behind your back

When you realize that assignment was due a week earlier than you thought

When senpai finally notices u

When school finishes

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Moi! I'm studying Finnish but sometimes I feel like I can't do this, I tried it hard but I don't know how to memorize all the words or GRAMMAR, also my phone is in Finnish. I feel so stupid or unable to express myself and it makes me really upset because I want it so bad but I can't. How can I do to be able to focus more? (sorry of something is wrong, I speak Spanish🙄)


Firstly, I believe in you. You can absolutely do this.

Also I squealed a bit cause I get so happy when someone wants to learn Finnish.

I’ve heard a lot of talking about Finnish being the hardest thing ever, which might be discouraging. So to start here are some reasons why Finnish is easy to learn.

How long have you been studying? Remember it takes a while to learn a language, even with good motivation. Do it in your own time, no need to hurry. I know the feeling, I’ve been learning Russian for two years and it feels like I can’t say anything.

For vocabulary I recommend using a fun way to learn, even if it might be slower than just reading lists up and down. Some things you can try:

-translate songs, and listen to songs. You can understand one word or phrase somewhere? Great job, give yourself a high-five.

-follow “suomitumblr” aka finnish tumblr blogs and others who post in finnish, they’re sometimes written quickly in slang though so you might be confused. (And be aware that inappropriate stuff isnt uncommon in suomitumpleri…). Some:

@saakelinsuolasirotin @ulkomaa @ristiinrastiinnaulittu @perus-suomalainen

-talk to me wait im boring tho… or someone else in Finnish!! We can chat like me and my real life friends do, multilingually. If we cant remember a word we just say it in another language. And I can correct big mistakes (nobody cares about small ones).

- stick post-its with the words written on all around your living spaces, so that you see them often even if you’re not actually studying.

-the last one is using Memrise if you don’t already, which isn’t “fun” in that way, but I find learning words using it is easy.

For grammar I’m really not helpful at all, since I’m lost when it comes to that in Russian, and in Finnish I only learn some mostly unnecessary shit at school.

What I do though, is I have example sentences and learn in what type of sentences it’s used by heart.

Try reading these articles, they seem good

Learning grammar

In this they talk about english, but it can be applied to any language

you dont need to study grammar to learn a language

You’re not stupid for not being able to express yourself, in fact you’re smart for wanting and working on expressing yourself in another language.

The best tip I have is don’t worry. no one cares if you make mistakes. except the trolls but ignore them they are the stupid ones and are only here to make you feel bad. We others only want to help. im such a hypocrite here tho

I’ll gladly help you some more, just send in a ask/message me. I hope this was helpful in some way.

The Signs When They See Someone They Don't Like
  • Aries: Grumbles angrily under their breath, flat out ignores the person
  • Taurus: Doesn't speak to them until they get an apology
  • Gemini: They're a ticking time bomb, if the wrong thing is said they'll explode
  • Cancer: Give little back handed slaps when speaking with them
  • Leo: Does that "talking about you loudly so you purposely hear" thing
  • Virgo: Probably subs them on social media, tries to act all high & mighty
  • Libra: Doesn't talk to them to avoid conflict & confrontation, obviously looks uncomfortable
  • Scorpio: Smiles in that "we both know I'm going to murder you" way
  • Sagittarius: Looks at them from the corner of their eye, doesn't talk to them, will probably also will sub them on social media later
  • Capricorn: Calls them out
  • Aquarius: Causes a huge scene, ends up looking like an ass
  • Pisces: They don't want bad blood, tries to be nice
I can't forget you
  • Aries: When I had no friends and you didn't either, we had lunch together every day, even though we usually had nothing to eat. You were the most eccentric and I was the most stylish. We were such a good team. You'd talk about all the things you hated, it was oddly charming. But you'd also talk about the books you loved or the new pet your family just took in. I miss our moments of silence and I hope you're doing well.
  • Taurus: Every night that we work together is a good one. You're usually singing or making up words that I giggle about. I wonder how someone can be as charismatic as you. You tell me about all the little things going on in your life, like the story you heard on the radio, and how you're now two months sober, or the new boy you like & the way his teeth look when he smiles. I like listening to you. Never believe that I don't.
  • Gemini: We sat in our aunt's living room at 2AM in the dark while you tried to find the Charlie Brown Christmas movie online because it's always been your favorite. And we just began talking about logic vs reality, and our paranormal experiences. Of course you had to contradict anything I said. There's never a dull conversation with you. And there never will be.
  • Cancer: We've had so many moments together. I remember all the times you came up to me with tears running down your cheeks while you silently reached out for me, because of the boys you still keep handwritten poems and notes about. I've watched you change and evolve, and at this point I think you're wiser than me. You always said you'd give up, but you still haven't.
  • Leo: Your house was the best place. We'd tell one another scary stories and dare each other to do things only 9 year olds would call wild. We tried to sleep on the trampoline but falling asleep was never an option around you, and we'd always ended up in your sister's room. I believed everything you told me, I bet people still do. You live somewhere in Texas now, but your imprint is still here.
  • Virgo: I always saw right through your made up stories, I didn't have to tell you, because you knew I did. We'd lie on my bed and find stupid videos to laugh about, I swear we never stopped talking about some of them. And when I told you I loved him, you didn't believe me. When you told me you loved me, I said "I'm sorry." We haven't talked much since, but I still have your bracelet.
  • Libra: My mom always said I reminded her of you. You and I would share silent looks of understanding when we were sober and take lots of drunk pictures when we weren't. And believe me, I knew you were hurting when you stayed in your room the whole day. But when you speak, I think the whole world would want to hear you, because I know you have so much to tell.
  • Scorpio: I remember you falling asleep on the hard wood floor and saying you didn't like pillows, and wherever we were you were usually dancing or telling us your observations of other people. You had to figure things out on your own, but you never failed to ask. I most of all just miss your presence. I wonder if you still like sleeping without a pillow.
  • Sagittarius: Your laugh was distinct and you were always laughing even when you were grumpy and pulling that classic pouty face. We sat by the campfire, unimpressed because our kit-kats didn't snap. And when we were 15, you sang along with me because we were the only ones who knew that one song. You were one of the only classmates I felt complacent with.
  • Capricorn: All the road trips were the best, I love you most when we're in the car. It's been that way since we were kids. It usually consisted of obscure thoughts that turned into inside jokes we couldn't stop laughing about. Or the time you drove me home and we talked about our first real loves, and how we'll never quite get over them. And in that moment, I knew we could read each others minds.
  • Aquarius: You called me one afternoon, I could barely make out what you were saying under all the sobbing. I sat in my empty bathtub as you talked to me about your dad, and you just kept talking even though half of it sounded like gibberish, I just kept listening. That could've gone on for days and I would've stayed right there on the cold porcelain. I don't think I could ever let myself let you down.
  • Pisces: The August night we swam for hours and talked about God knows what, that was one of the best moments of my life. Then we sat on the hotel floor in our bathing suits and laughed way too hard and way too loud because everything we did was so funny, but to only us. I think by the end of that trip I knew you were one of my favorite people, and that would never change. I will always protect you, I will always be there to laugh with over absolutely nothing.

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To the anon whose boyfriend committed suicide -- Please don't kill yourself sweetheart. I know the pain of losing someone to suicide, it's worse than anything in the world. But killing yourself won't bring him back. When I lost my brother I was just like you, I wanted to join him, I tried several times. But now I live in his memory instead, to keep his memory alive. Talk about this boy as much as you can, to anyone who will listen, he will stay alive through YOU. My heart is with you <3


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how do the signs react when someone tells them they like them but they don't like that person back?

Aries- “lol forget it son”

Taurus- “sry… its just….. u dont…….. cook”

Gemini- “heh.. heh heh….” *runs away*

Cancer- “i just rly don’t want to jeopardize this great friendship we have yknow” *actually can’t stand you*

Leo- *has a grossed out look on their face* *realizes you can see it too* *tries to smile* “i mean,,,, i just don’t think it will work out haha :))))”

Virgo- *grabs inhaler* “sorrynoidontthinkso” *breathes furiously into inhaler*

Libra- “come back and talk to me when you have money”

Scorpio- “um i actually have… a boy/girlfriend!!!!! in… Zimbabwe!!!! s/he does study abroad so you’ve probably never met and actually im moving to Zimbabwe to live with him/her”

Sagittarius- *stares at you w/ a raised eyebrow until you back away of your own accord*

Capricorn- *pretends they didn’t here you*
“you know i realized that i just LOVE IT when a person [lists every human trait that is not yours]”

Aquarius- “LOL that’s hilarious, wanna help me get a date with ____?”

Pisces- “uh.. ok…. i like u 2!! i guess..” *goes on one date and then avoids you for the rest of their life*


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Unless characters are in an actual physical confrontation, there's no reason to grab someone like that. Go watch SQ's Cricket Game diner scene. THAT'S how you initiate a civil conversation when one party is upset (and I'll take that interaction any day over a needy arm grab). Emma called out to Regina, Regina responded. Simple. Hook had to yank Emma around to force her into conversation. Either let her respond or let her be. Don't grab her when she clearly does not want to talk to you.

Don’t even try to compare what Hook just did to SQ. Don’t EVEN. Because Regina has tried to KILL Emma multiple. She put her in a Vader choke. She threw fireballs at her. She flung her across the yard with magic. She punched her in the face. She has insulted her parenting skills right in front of Henry, and she insist on saying “your just like your mother” for ruining her romantic relationship, despite the fact that she earlier came to grips with the truth that Cora killed Daniel, not Snow.

Do NOT even try to make this into an SQ vs. CS thing, because despite everything they’ve been through Emma is canonically romantically interested in Hook. She is NOT romantically interested in Regina. I know you’re mad and upset and bitter about, but them’s the breaks, kiddo. Just because what Hook does it triggering to you and others, does not mean it is factually problematic.

Swan Queen is not a canon ship. Swan Queen has been shown to be extraordinarily abusive. Yet those scenes are lauded by SQers for being oh-os “passionate” and “hot” and “romantic.” But when it comes to Hook, it’s unforgivable. Get off your high fucking horse and admit that there is a gross double-standard within your own fandom.

Do not come to my inbox with your bullshit and not expect me to call you out on it.

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