when someone unfollows

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What are your thoughts on people who unfollow you?

Can’t say I give much thought to them, I literally never know when someone follows or unfollows me! My philosophy is, if you enjoy my content that’s awesome! If you don’t, that’s fine too, I completely understand I’m not for everyone! I always consider myself blessed with the people who appreciate me, whether that be a small or large crowd, because I never expected support in the first place! It’s all just so much fun, and I always am honored by any support and love I get!

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I'm in love with my best friend but we're both in relationships with other people and I feel like a terrible person heeeelp.....

you came to me, so either you don’t know what kind of person i am, or you want to hear what other people aren’t going to tell you.

you are the only person you HAVE to live with for the rest of your life. friends and crushes are transient, but every choice you make, you will have to live with. if you value your friendships over your romantic feelings, don’t act on them. if you do, you don’t have a guarantee your best friend will return them, and both your significant others will be hurt/hate you if you pursue this person.

but. if you will regret this for years to come, and it’s real, and you’ve felt this way for a while, then pursue your best friend. steal them from their significant other and ditch your partner.

you have low stakes, low reward and high stakes, high reward. i’ve been accused of stealing hina from her ex, and yeah, that’s probably true. i definitely pursued her at the expense of my friendship with her ex. but i don’t regret it. i love hina more than i valued my friendship with her ex. the only thing i regret is pretending that i would try to not flirt with hina to her ex. i should’ve owned that i was infringing on a relationship.

does that make me a terrible person? probably. but anyone who has a problem doesn’t have to live with me. //i// have to live with me. and i would’ve been incredibly upset if i gave up hina.

so i pose the question to you: which do you value more? and are you willing to take the risk?

my thoughts before DRSE: ah! blood and other abnormalities in the body no no no no no no nooooooononononono *hyperventilates*

my thoughts since DRSE: if a corpse has a broken neck, and others like straighten it out and position the corpse so it’s sat up, how will their neck bend? Will it like fully flop to one side like a negative quadratic graph or just tilt slightly? Will it rip the muscles and tear the skin due to the weight and force of gravity or will it just flop to one side and stay put? *tries to envision it by slightly tilting neck*

“That feel when you unfollow someone cause you’re not digging their character or their writing anymore so you back out quietly after they publicly announce they’re dropping all ongoing threads (including the one you have going on with them) at the time cause they weren’t feeling the muse and wanted to do new stuff, they immediately notice you unfollowing about them so then they talk shit about you in a chat you’re not part of in front of several of your friends (ie: saying I’m a shitty writer and a shitty person) and act like you’re the bad person when you make some vent posts about their behavior. Bonus points: a few months later, the brat starts reblogging posts reassuring people it’s okay to unfollow them cause they won’t notice or care, they update their rules to repeat that fact, and they never apologize to you for acting like a dick.”

say what u want abt tumblr but at least when u unfollow someone here all their posts are wooshed away and u dont have to see any of it anymore unlike fb or insta where they haunt your dash for the next three weeks

Just a real small gentle reminder: please, do not use someone’s female character to get to their male character. I’m not saying you cant like the male better than the female character, but it’s really disheartening when someone unfollowed your female blog only to follow your male blog. It’s also disheartening when you spend all this time plotting and building a relationship on my female character and then all of a sudden as soon as my male characters walk by you drop them like a hot potato. Yes, people have a right to roleplay with whichever character they want, but being considerate never hurt anyone.