when someone gives me a compliment

advice for when u feeling off your game
  • keep that chin up and ya shoulders back. imagine your spine is a steel rod that, if needed, you can use to beat enemies up with
  • if ya wanna avoid eye contact, find the horizon: a far wall, an exit sign, etc. keep your eyes focused on it, and ignore ppl in ya peripherals
  • strut briskly with ya hands held in loose fists, relaxed at your sides. if ya wanna look bomb af put a lil swing in your hips
  • need to get past someone or interrupt a conversation? don’t fidget off to the side: say “excuse me” right when you walk up
  • if you make eye contact w/ someone, give a close-mouthed smile and try to make ur eyes crinkle. retain eye contact for a count of 2, then move on. 
  • if ur nervous about being underdressed or overdressed, arriving too late or too early, etc.- you don’t need to advertise or apologize about it to everyone you meet unless u wanna discuss it
  • rock that small talk. compliments are easiest + fool proof. praise some dude’s shirt, some lady’s earrings. by having micro-conversations with ppl, you avoid lengthier conversations OR standing off in the corner by urself
  • if ya feel overwhelmed, give urself a breather. u can easily excuse urself with a polite “it’s been a pleasure speaking with you! please excuse me, and i do hope you have a lovely night/morning/afternoon.”
  • keep hydrated and make sure u have snacks. granola bars are good things to keep in pockets/purses. alcohol does NOT help in these situations, go for good ol’ H2 of 0
  • remind urself that u have survived every day of ur life up until this point, and u will absolutely make it through this one
  • go get ‘em tiger
Days of the week (smut)

Words: 1148

Warning: Smut

Reader x All the members

A/N:  This is a special smut that contains 8 parts, this is the first one and does not have smut yet

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin

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 Everything started with a fan meeting. Everything started only with that.  You were nothing but just a fan, a fan who never thought that all that would happen. Once you went there, your life changed.

  You were there, waiting for your turn to see them, to talk to them, to give them gifts. You couldn’t be more anxious, you had been waiting for that moment all life. And finally, your turn came. You talked to them, one by one, sharing smiles and compliments. In the end of the FM, when you were about to leave – it was already empty, you wanted to stay there the most you could - someone stopped you. You turned around, and a big man was standing behind you.

“Can I help you?” you asked politely, and kinda scared.

“Come with me, please” the man said. He must be one of the securities, and your stomach started to burn up. What did you have done? Why was he calling you? What the fuck. The man took you to the backstage and while you walked thru the hallway, no one seemed to pay attention on you both. The man stopped in front of a door and looked at you.

 “I am the boys’ bodyguard. They are right inside this room” he said. Namjoon, Jin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, Yoongi and Hoseok were right there? What was gonna happen?

“They want to talk to you” You felt your body tensing up; you felt your heart stopping. What… the…fuck…? They want to talk to me? Oh my… “But I have to check you before”.

When he finished checking you, he looked at you again.

“And one more thing… You have to assign something” he said and gave you a paper.

Confidentiality Term?

“What is this for?”

“You can’t see them if you don’t assign this” He said.


You did as he said.

“You can go in”.

And just this way, he opened the door, and there they were. The youngest ones were sat, while the hyungs were standing. You entered into the room, your body shaking while you heard the door being closed.

“Hello” Namjoon said, “nice to meet you again” he said. Oh ma.

“H-hi, oh my God” you said, voice trembling.  You looked at their faces; they were looking at you as if you were an animal in a zoo, smiling cockily. They said a “hi” in unison.

“Don’t be nervous. What’s your name again?” he asked. Of course they don’t remember, they knew a lot of fans today.

“Y/N” you answered, blushing.

“And how old are you?” Jin asked. You almost lost your conscience because of the sound of his voice.

 “I am 18”.

 What was happening? What did they want? And whatever they wanted, why me? You must be dreaming. You were not in a room with the boys of BTS.

“Hum… old enough”.

They kept talking to you, asking things and you just answered, not daring to ask what was happening. But minutes later, maybe hours, you didn’t know, after a lot of conversation, the boys told you to sit.

“You are really beautiful, you know?” Taehyung said, making you wide your eyes. His deep voice did send you shiver. His lips… oh.

“Huh, t-thank you” you said, your face probably redder than a tomato.

“You are single?” Jin asked.

 “Yes” you answered.

“Well, Y/N. We gotta say that the fact you are wonderful is seen by all of us. Not just wonderful…You are hot too…” Namjoon said, his voice deepened as he said “hot”, looking you up and down. Your heart rushed. Did Namjoon say you were hot? Nah… Taehyung sat beside you, and your body tensioned. He seemed to notice because he smirked cockily.

“Are you nervous?” he asked. You nodded.

“Why Am I here? Did I do something wrong?” you asked shyly. They laughed.

 “Of course you didn’t, baby girl. Tell us… as a fan… you think we are hot, don’t you?” Yoongi said.


“O-of course I do” you said, blushing and looking down.  You felt Taehyung getting closer to you.

“And would you like to kiss me?” he asked, putting his arms around you. Oh my God that couldn’t be happening. Not with you. He got closer, his lips touching your ear, “would you like to touch me? Would you want me to…” he said, his hands flew to your thighs, squeezing at it and making you jump by the sudden touch, “Fuck you, hard and good?”

 The world stopped to you. You looked at him by the moment he said that. Did he say…did he ask…? Shit. You looked at the boys and they didn’t seem to be surprised. They didn’t act. They just stayed there, waiting for you to answer. You were so chocked that you didn’t realize Jimin had sat in your other side.

“Wouldn’t you want me to suck on your clit?” he said, his hand on your other thigh, getting up toward your breast, “or your boobs”

You got up immediately. What the fuck are you doing? Don’t. You didn’t know what to do.

 “We are sorry… sorry” Taehyung said, now apparently worried because of your reaction “We shouldn’t have touched you, we are sorry. You can go if you want”

No way.

“Why did you call me?” you asked. “That’s what I want to know”.

 “We liked you. We want you” Jin said simply. You looked at their faces again and noticed that Jungkook was the only one who wasn’t talked yet. So he is really shy.

“All you?” you asked shyly, looking at Jungkook.

“Yes, all of us” Jungkook said, making you surprised again. He was so fucking cute. They kept there, waiting for you to say something, anything.

 “I… I don’t think I understand” you said. What did they want? To fuck you all at once?

 “We are seven. There are seven days a week. We want you. That’s it. But if you don’t want to, you can go. But remember you can’t tell this to anyone” Namjoon said.

You thought about it… You wanted of course, but that was so sudden.

“You won’t live with us or something… We are staying here for 2 more weeks, and then we leave. You’ll go to our hotel room to see us when we call you and that’s it. Don’t think you are a slut because of it. You will be just a girl who wants to fuck her idols. Her idols who want to fuck her too”

That’s enough.

“Yes” you said.

“What?” Jimin and Hoseok asked, this time surprised.

“Yes. Let’s do that”  

Did I just accept?

 All of sudden, Jin walked towards you and grabbed your waist, pushing you back till your back hit the wall. He licked your earlobe while squeezing your butt with both his hands and whispered:

“Tomorrow is Monday. I am the first one”

One of the greatest uses of soundtrack in the mcu is definitely in the bank vault scene in catws.

Bucky’s introduced in that movie is a villain; a terrifying, mysterious killer that is strong enough to catch Steve’s shield and throw it back so hard Steve’s body slides with the force of it. He’s someone who’s very description makes Natasha Romanoff gasp. He’s someone who shoots people through walls. He’s shown as an unstoppable force.

His theme music fits this villainous description of him. It’s harsh and weird, screeching noises and thrumming beats that continue the mindset that The Winter Soldier will always find you and he’ll always end up getting you. The Winter Soldier’s theme is almost as terrifying as he is.

Then you have Bucky’s reveal, with his big scared eyes and Steve’s shocked face as you’re shown who he really is. Bucky’s arc shifts at that point, completely spinning on its axis to show Bucky as a victim rather than a villain. This fully happens during the bank vault scene. When the scene starts out, Bucky’s violent and unstable. The people working on him seem almost scared of him. Everyone appears at least a little intimidated except for Alexander Pierce (who actually hits Bucky).

Pierce’s very presence continues Bucky’s decent from Villainy to Victimhood. His body language changes, he shrinks up into himself. He asks a timid question, “The man on the bridge, who was he?” And Pierce gives him an answer that skirts around the truth, like an adult who’s just been asked a really tough question by a child. Bucky’s not satisfied, saying, “I knew him.” Which prompts Pierce to try a bit of motivation, give Bucky a compliment. Then Bucky says the saddest thing he could possibly say.

When Bucky says, “BUT I knew him,” he sounds like an incessant toddler. No! I don’t want to kill him! I knew him! Who is he? Tell me! In this scene, we’re shown how Bucky’s been treated for years upon years. We’re shown the extent of his memory loss directly before we’re shown the method by which his memories are taken from him. We start off with a scared, but rather scary and powerful Bucky and we end up with someone who’s shaking and screaming as his brain is being electrocuted while his abuser walks away unaffected.

It’s only then, when Bucky’s reduced to nothing but someone that’s afraid and being tortured does The Winter Soldier theme music kick back in. It comes in directly at one of the harshest-sounding, creepiest parts when it does too. That’s the movie screaming, “THIS IS YOUR VILLAIN. HE’S NOT A VILLAIN AT ALL!”

21st century marauders
  • Remus makes the horrible, horrible mistake of showing James and Sirius how to use a computer
  • mistake 2: 
    • a) having a tumblr (he makes killer aesthetics; reblogs some good angst, High Class memes ™, bi pride)
    • b) leaving the goddamn tab for tumblr up on his computer
  • “Moony what’s tumblr?” “Nothing.” Remus closes the tab calmly but it’s too late – Remus used his Prefect voice (mistake three) and it’s marauders law to do the opposite of the Prefect voice
  • Sirius and James use the public library’s computers in a muggle town until they get banned forever
    • all unbeknownst to Remus until the first day back at Hogwarts
  • “15 points from Gryffindor, Mr. Black.” “Aw, Minnie, I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now”
  • and the memes begin.
  • someone tripping up the stairs? *points* “same”
  • peter falling asleep in class? *points* “me lmao”
  • text talk
    • “bt-dubs prongsie you’re my bff 5eva”
    • “lol pads tbh you’re the greatest for realz”
  • Slughorn (talking about Potions brilliance) compares Lily to Snivellus
    • “Lily, sweetie I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that ugly ass bitch like this would even say that, oh my god“
  • legit bought and packed fedoras in their trunks
    • “M’Lily”
  • embracing dramatically on top of the Gryffindor table “no homo just BROMO”
    • they get two days of pointing to anyone sitting next to the same gender and declaring no homo until Remus hexes them into the next century 
    • Inner Remus is just as bad as meme trash tho and he bewitches one of his robes to say NO HOMO FULL BI in sparkingly rainbow colors on the back to wear on weekends
      • (Sirius dies. James: “rip in peace”)
  • Me to me
    • James: “I haven’t lost any points in days…I should sit like a good boy and pay attention to Professor Binns”
      • Sirius *pulls robe hood over head and slaps James*: “transfigure that quill into a frog and levitate it onto Snivellus’ head”
  • passes by a painting right as the person in it scowls *points* “tfw u see Snivellus”
  • Sirius holding two apples onto his chest “bon apple titties”
  • James scores a Quidditch goal “for HARAMBE”
  • “I came out to have…” needs to be said at least once a day by Sirius
    • Sirius:
    • Sirius: “I came out to have – omg wtf moony!!!”
  • James convinces his mom to knit them all jumpers that say MFL for christmas
    • “it’s FML, actually” “no, moony, it’s obvi marauders for life, duh. are those tears in your eyes?”
  • Looking at Moony on the first of every month, Sirius says:
    • “look who’s still single in October”
    • “still single in December”
    • “still febURARY!!!”
  • of course every time any one in hogwarts turns seventeen – “you are the dancing queen!! young and sweet!!”
  • peter tries his best but he only catches onto a meme after they’ve moved onto the next
    • mostly he points to people a) eating b) sleeping c) crying over hw stress and says “me”
    • he’s also proud to say he draws the pepe frog for them
  • when all 4 marauders are walking together sirius shoves people out of the way “make way for the SQUAD” 
    • “tbh we’re squad goals af”
  • “ilysm!!!”
    • james, under breath: “or should i say….Lily-sm”
  • anytime a teacher compliments remus or gives him points sirius HAS to say “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK”
  • when he’s Prefect-ing or says a killer one-liner to someone, Remus conjures a teacup and takes a sip
    • James and Sirius appreciate it and go wild when it happens tho they personally prefer less subtlety
  • “DAMN Snivellus back at it again with that greasy ass hair!!”
  • “still aprill!!!”
  • in McGonagall’s office being reprimanded: James holds Sirius’ shoulder “don’t talk to me or my son ever again”
  •  McGonagall gives Remus 10 points for hexing Sirius’ mouth shut after he tried to say “I came out to have – ”
  • “still!!!! MAY!!”
  • the morning of June 1st Remus pecks Sirius on the lips on the way to the bathroom
  • they all work together to release fireworks in the Great Hall on the last day of school that form four frogs on a unicycle with “WE DEM BOIS” written under
    • it was Remus’ idea
  • a meme revolution has begun

(feel free to add more)

edit: changed Remus’ yes homo to full bi

Dating Im Jaebum (JB)

@myoddeyes hope you enjoy this! Thank you for requesting!

  • Jaebum is not one to beat around the bush
  • if he likes you he let’s you know
  • partially because he wouldn’t want to see anyone else make moves on you
  • would do you it by taking you on a walk
  • setting the atmosphere with getting you from your apartment
  • and putting an arm around you
  • and giving you your favourite drink he bought in advance 
  • and some words that are a little cheesy
  • and compliments
  • you’re initial reaction would be something like
  • “are you drunk?”
  • “did someone dare you?”
  • and he is not amused and looks at you in a way
  • the way he looks at Yugyeom or Jackson when they are gettin crazy
  • So however then he is like
  • “No I am very sober and I like you a lot”
  • and you’re like
  • “I like you too”
  • and you’d get a little shy just bc of the situation
  • but he’d be like
  • okay let’s time travel
  • you two are dating now
  • i think he would see it as a necessity for you to be 100% comfotable around him
  • bc he is
  • I mean this is Im Jaebum we are talking aout he just farted while filming a show and admitted it like it’s no big deal
  • outside he holds at least your hand
  • depending on time, place and how ok you are with PDA
  • arm around you, pecks, hugs follow
  • but he keeps it mannerly
  • he just wants other people to know you are dating
  • and he would show you off 11/10
  • and other people looking at you? admiring you? wishing they could be your bf?
  • he doesn’t care
  • actually he likes it
  • and he would purposely let them stare for a while and then oull you close
  • again^^^^
  • to show you off
  • but HO BOI
  • if anyone dared to pull up and try something
  • ~blurred outdated Mister Krabs meme but with JB’s face~
  • he is not having bois tryna steal his gurl
  • Would always be clingy afterwards
  • and a little peevish
  • this could probably lead to some heated discussions sometimes
  • on that topic
  • fights with him would be those kind of fights that start off as converations
  • and then get heated in like 5 minutes
  • and then get really heated
  • and both of you just pout it out and hour or two
  • most of the time there’s no real “Sorry” but rather both of you just being nicer to each other than usual for a day and then going back to normal
  • unless one of you really screwed up that is
  • especially if you did something
  • P
  • E
  • T
  • T
  • Y
  • He. Would. Be. So. P E T T Y
  • like ooookay example
  • you met with a friend and wanted to meet Jaebum at the dorm afterwards
  • you were into the convo missed the time
  • alright, okay
  • or not okay bc you arrive 20 minutes late and are like
  • “OMG I’m sorry we talked so animatedly I forgot the time!”
  • and he woul be pissed and bitch at you
  • and you’d say sorry and he would say it’s okay
  • and tell himself that
  • Jaebum you are a grown, successful man and she just forgot it. That happens to the best of us. Don’t be resentful!
  • but no matter how much he told himself
  • and he wouldn’t wanna admit
  • but tbh baby him and he will melt and be alright
  • still pouty
  • but alright
  • okay okay okay
  • on the subject of babying
  • he would baby the crap out of you
  • be prepared
  • a lot of kisses
  • and constantly hugging you
  • and you’re the little spoon
  • one time you wanted to be the big spoon
  • and he laughed at you
  • while wrapping his limbs around you
  • nice try
  • okay he is the type to
  • hold you close and kiss you deeply and then look you in the eyes and say something really romantic
  • “I love you so much. Every song I write for the rest of my life could be about you and I would not nearly run out of words to express my admiration towards you”
  • and you stand there teary eyes
  • and suddly he farts and is like
  • “that’s the spicy stew from earlier ignore that”
  • way to ruin the moment
  • loves calling you ridiculous pet names
  • Honeycrunch
  • creampuff sugar pie
  • sugarplum pumpy umpy umpkin
  • He would not always like to get up in the morning
  • and if you attemtped to get him out by kisses and hugs
  • he would just pull you into the bed and roll onto you and refuse
  • so sometimes you just start playing Bounce
  • he would be up in 0.001 seconds
  • He would love to take you out
  • and see you all made up
  • and would always take pictures of you
  • like he has 1700 Pictures on his phone and 700 are of you
  • and he still has 1000 of other people and things just bc he has a life and stuff
  • but still damn 700 that’s a lot
  • he would also take a picture of you sleeping in the weirdest positiong an from a bad angle with your hair a mess and your mouth open
  • and make it his bg
  • and you are like
  • “Are you aware of how many people will see this ugly ass picture of me?”
  • and once you deleted it while he was asleep but nice try he knew you would do that and sent it to Jinyoung so he could send it to himself again bc according to him it is cute :)
  • He is also the type to say
  • “Watch your fucking profanity!”
  • when you said “Damn it” in front of the maknae line after you spilled some tea
  • There would be evenings you massage his shoulders and back while he tells you about his day, who and what annoyed him
  • and also what stresses him out generally
  • and then he would kiss you hands and turn around to kiss you
  • bc
  • he is just so damn thankful for you!!!!!
  • one time you won a bet against Youngjae and got to flick his head
  • and JB didn’t talk to you for a day bc
  • “How dare you hurt my favourite child?”
  • okay one things I cannot, will not get over is:
  • imagine drunk!JB
  • would throw his arm around you and be so damn clingy
  • and would keep slurring love confessions
  • and tell you stories
  • but like
  • would tell you the story of how he confessed to you or your first date etc
  • and you’re just like
  • “I know”
  • and he would be so shook like
  • “Woah you’re such a magician! I am dating a truly amazing person. A real fortuneteller or something!”
  • ofc he is
  • he would be so confident about meeting your parents
  • because he knows he has A+ manners, money, looks and is very charismatic
  • and he would want to meet them early on in the relationship he gives me those vibes
  • and he would want to show you to his parents about equally quick.
  • he would want to move together too
  • like he would want marriage without the marriage part yet
  • and if you don’t like cats
  • too bad
  • because you have two
  • and then one night he comes home later than he was supposed to
  • and you are worried bc it’s cold and stormy outside and then he walks in
  • and has a bundle in his arms and is like
  • “I found it outside it was all alone I couldn’t leave it there”
  • now you have three cats
  • Overall: Dating Jaebum would be an exprience. Fun would definitely not come short, nor would affection. He feels the need to overall create a comfortable atmosphere. He would love to make you feel save and would be attuned to your feelings and make sure you know about his.
Wedding in Hawaii || Part 2

hi. well i must say that part 1 went down pretty well, you all seemed to love it which makes me extremely happy! currently i’m working on part 3 and considering that harry styles just rocked up to the airport in a pair of glasses and a shirt that says “women are smarter” i am going to have to write about that too so get seated loves! i hope you’s will enjoy part 2, it’s really really fluffy and you will cry if you are sensitive. even if you aren’t you will shed a tear or two bc harry’s amazing. ok i shall stop rambling. hope you’s enjoy, don’t forget to like and follow and i think there’s an option to turn on my post notifications as well so if you don’t wanna miss out on cute harry stuff i suggest you turn it on 😘 lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1 •  Part 3

It was around 12 pm when Harry and I finished our time in the gym that Harry desperately wanted to visit. He said it tends to help with his hangover and I knew about that because he’s done it before, I just didn’t think it helps. For me at least.

Once we got back from our work out session we both showered then got into something comfy to go and hang out in with the others.

Harry was wearing blue shorts with a grey shirt that had an eagle on the front, white sunglasses and a yellow snapback.

I think it was safe to say that he looked stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely breath-taking. Beautiful.

You get the gist.

While he was literally shining I was looking like trash next to him but I didn’t mind because his beauty was enough for me too.

“I lost count on how many times I’ve caught you staring at me just since we got back from the gym,” Harry told me as he laughed.

We were sitting on the grass because we liked to make a show of ourselves in front of other people. It was chill as we were both having a glass of champagne, not minding one bit that we just got over our hangovers.

That’s how you roll when you’re a wedding guest, right?

“Can you blame me?” I asked him as I brought my glass up to my mouth and took a sip of my cold and bubbly drink. It felt good as it slid down my throat into my stomach, the coolness of it giving me a refreshing feeling for a little while. “You’re quite possibly the prettiest human being here.”

“You compliment me too much. It should be the other way round,” he shook his head which I saw from the corner of my eye. “Sometimes I feel like our roles are reversed.”


“Don’t know,” he shrugged. Wow, thanks for helping me. “I just do. But I don’t mind. It feels good to have someone like you beside me. Giving me compliments when I feel down and stuff, always making sure I’m grounded. I’m glad to have you.”

“You’re gonna make me cry, stop,” I laughed. As the words left his lips I just suck all of them in which totally messed with my emotions. He just had his own way of making me feel all these things and I will never be able to explain just what he does to me. “You deserve it all, honestly.”

“How much do you wanna bet that you’ll be the one to get down on one knee?”

“I’ll be getting down on two tonight,” I blurted out which caused him to just look at me with a smirk on his lovely features.

“Y’know what I meant you cheeky girl,” he squeezed my thigh, his hand eventually going more and more up. “I swear you got more confident ever since we got together.”

“Ever Since New York.”


“Your song, silly boy.”

“Still don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You said I got more confident ever since we got together. But those are not the lyrics to your song.”

“Oh,” he said. “Oh my godness, baby, really?”

“I’m a proud girlfriend. Did you know that by the way? I’m proud of you. Like, super-duper proud.”

“Thank you,” he smiled and leaned closer, his lips touching mine in a sweet, champagne flavoured kiss.

A small moan escaped from me as he massaged his soft and tender lips against mine, his tongue slightly tracing over my upper lip causing me to open my mouth. Soon enough our tongues were slapping together and tasting each other, the familiar taste of the champagne rolling off of his sweet lips and tongue made my head spin and body shake. 

Our kiss started off totally innocent then ended up quite heated. But I loved it. Every time Harry and I kissed I just fell in love with him more and more.

The heated moment was interrupted when a ball was thrown our way, our lips parting ways quickly with a smacking noise. My cheeks were turning slightly pink as I licked my lips and turned my head where Harry was looking.

“Harry, play with me!” the little girl asked him, well, more like demanded then soon enough she ran away.

She was basically in love with Harry. Her name was Lily one of the men’s daughters, only 5 years old if I remember correctly. She was the cutest little girl I have seen in a long time; her neediness for Harry’s attention reminded me a bit of myself.

I looked back to Harry who was laughing as he was already staring at me with his eyes, licking his lips which caught my attention straight away.

His lips were pink, shiny and kissable. Whenever he would talk I’d sometimes just zone out and admire his mouth, the way he forms each word is just absolutely mesmerising to me.

Well, everything he does is mesmerising to me.

“Guess I better go and play,” he laughed before pecking my lips softly. I put my hand on the side of his neck, biting into my lower lip as I scanned over his face not missing one bit before seeing his little side smirk appear alongside his dimples. “You’re literally obsessed with me, aren’t you, pretty girl?”

“I just love you. I’m in love with you. Badly,” I told him what he probably already knew. Wow I loved him so much I would jump off a cliff for him if it meant he’ll be happy for the rest of his life and nothing bad will happen to him.

“I love you so much,” he said as he pressed a kiss to my forehead then got up to play with Lily.

And if I wasn’t an emotional mess before than I sure as hell turned into one the moment they started to play.

Harry had his phone in one hand while his champagne glass was in the other one and Lily was just chasing after him as he jogged in front of her. Their laughter added to the vibe of the people who were already talking and it made the atmosphere livelier and more welcoming to those who only just got to where we were.

Moments later Harry gave me his phone as he continued to play with the little girl. When he bopped her nose and she laughed then he joined in as well my whole heart melted like a big block of butter in the hot weather and I couldn’t stop the semi-loud “aw” rushing out of my mouth.

That was honestly the cutest fucking thing ever.

Lily was so small and Harry was so tall and gorgeous and the way he just messed around with the little girl was so adorable and all I wanted to do was get pregnant and give him a baby. I know I sound crazy but honestly.

He was so damn adorable I wanted to cry in happiness. He was just the man of my dreams. No, wait, scratch that.

Harry was better than any man in any of my dreams ever. Harry was something else.

He was better than anyone I have ever met, he raised my expectations and standards to an unhealthily high bar and I almost felt stuck up for it.

I loved him so much it was quite pathetic and indescribable; he made me so happy I sometimes wondered what my life was like before I got to know him.

“What are you thinking, pretty girl?” his voice was so close to me I almost jumped out of my skin. I wasn’t expecting him to be next to me but I guess my thoughts totally drowned me.

“Nothing much,” I answered finally as I looked up to him.

“Alright, if you say so,” he sat back down next to me, pushing his sunglasses up so that they were resting on his head on top of his snapback. “We have a dinner to attend tonight. Would you do me the honours of being my date for it?”

“I would absolutely love that,” I told him smiling which he returned. “You get tanned so easily I’ll have to get my game on.”

“You’re so fucking competitive,” he shook his head laughing.

“I am. Do you have a problem with that?” I asked back sassily.

“No just know that I will not let you win. I will be tanner than you are by the time we are going home.”

“Is that what you think?” I raised one of my eyebrows, challenging him. “Fifty quid when we get home?” I put my hand out, knowing full well he’s gonna have to pay.

We’ve done this before when we were in LA and I was twenty quid richer when we got back home. I had to raise the bar by thirty to make some profit.

“Alrighty, miss,” he took my hand and shook it. “Fifty quid right as we land at Heathrow.”

I winked at him, lifting up my new glass of champagne and taking a sip. I can’t wait to spend that fifty quid on shit that I don’t even need.

gildara-art  asked:

Could I place an everyone-loves-Bitty prompt where, after they come out to the team, Jack asks the Haus to give Bitty the occasional hug and kiss for him since he can't be around to do it as much as he'd like? I'm guessing Shitty would find a way to get in on it too. I just love the idea of Bitty getting sanctioned casual hugs and kisses from literally everyone they know 💕

“Jack! Wow, you don’t call often?”

“Sorry about that,” Jack tells Chowder.

“I didn’t meant to make you feel guilty. How is everything going? How is Providence?”

“Yeah, fine. Really good.” Jack passes over the questions and makes a note to start calling Chowder more often. “I’ve actually got a request if that’s alright?”

“Yes. Of course. Anything. Well, not anything, but you know, if I can help, then yes.”

Jack smiles at Chowder’s eternal effervescence. “I want you to do something for Bitty while I’m not around.”


“Can you make sure he’s getting hugs? He’s pretty physical guy but he’s not great at initiating.”

“That’s so sweet. Of course I can do that.”

“And could you let Dex and Nursey know too?”

“I’m on it, Captain.”

“Thanks, Chowder. Oh and hey,” Jack says before hanging up. “You can probably just call me ‘Jack’ now.”

“On it, Jack.”

Jack hangs up feeling confident that Bitty’s about to get a whole lot of love and affection from the team.


Bitty is watching Netflix on the green couch (with a thick blanket between him and the actual couch), when Chowder interrupts.

“Ooh! Can I join?”

“Of course.” Bitty smiles and pats the spot next to him.

“Swasome.” Chowder vaults over the back of the couch and lands half on top of Bitty but doesn’t bother moving. Bitty doesn’t mind.

The get through half an episode when Nursey and Dex get back from their trip to the library.

“Whatcha watching?” Nursey asks. “Something good?”

“Don’t fucking care,” Dex grumbles, dumping his stuff randomly near the bottom of the stairs and fitting himself beside Chowder. “I need to rest my brain.”

Nursey adds his stuff to Dex’s pile and wrestles a pillow from behind Dex, throwing it at Bitty’s feet and sitting on it. He leans back against Bitty’s legs and sighs out.

Dex stretches his arm out along the back of the couch and rubs the back of Bitty’s head before dropping his hand so it rests against his neck. Dex must really be exhausted to be touching Bitty so freely, but Bitty likes the warmth and the weight. It reminds him of Jack, who’s fond of doing the same. Maybe that’s where Dex picked it up from?

He slumps further into the couch cushions with Nursey against his legs, Chowder against his side, and Dex’s hand on the back of his neck, feeling quite loved.

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How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

netzoflix  asked:

Request: I want to see some jealous Richie, pretty pleaseeeeeee ((I ADORE YOUR BLOG BTW 💘💘💘))

-Richie gets jealous pretty easily.

-Sometimes he gets borderline possessive. But he can’t help it. He has abandonment issues and has a big fear that everyone he loves will leave him.

-The one thing that he can’t lose is Eddie.

-So when he sees other guys or girls standing with Eddie at his locker and Touching his arm or trying to make him laugh, Richie can’t help but to get a little possessive

-That’s his Eddie. Only he can touch his arm like that and only he can make him laugh till he throws his back.

-So when Richie sees someone try to flirt with Eddie he’ll walk over and throw his arm around Eddie’s shoulders or his waist and kiss his cheek. Then something like “Hey baby what’s going on” or “Hey cutie ya miss me” just for good measure.

-Eddie is pretty oblivious when it comes to people flirting wit him. Really because the only person he wants to flirt with him is Richie and half the time he can’t even get the other boy out of his mind. So when someone comes up and starts playfully touching him or giving him small compliments, he doesn’t really think anything of it. He just thinks that their being nice.

-It’s until one day while sitting in Eddies bedroom, and Richie was being uncharacteristically quiet, that Eddie asked him what was wrong.

-”Oh nothin Eds. Except the fact that half the fucking school is trying put their hands down your pants and it doesn’t seem to bother you at all.”

“What are you talking about no one is trying to put there hands down my pants, except for you.” Eddie was genuinely confused. People don’t ever touch him like that, just Richie and only after he has said to Eddie that “he’s sure this okay” or “If he wants to stop it’s fine” about a million times. They hadn’t done anything to sexual yet, because they both wanted to wait till the the time was right, but when Eddie was reddie ;) to lose his virginity he was fully intended to lose it to Richie.

-”Yeah and I should be the only one that gets to Eddie. When guys go up to and rub your arm and call you cute its cause they want something from you. something that they can’t have because your mine and i’m the only one that can touch you like, and the only one that can make you laugh like that, and the only one that can make you blush.”

-Eddie moves so that he is sitting on Richie’s lap ”Richie, of course you are. I didn’t know that those guys were flirting with me. The only person that I want to flirt with me is you.”

-Richie smiles and kisses, feeling a lot better knowing that Eddie doesn’t pay any attention to those other guys.

-But that does’t stop from wrapping a protective arm around his boyfriends waist when he sees someone getting a little to close.

I’m sorry that this took me literally a month to do I’m awful I know but you like it :)

Don’t take writing on Tumblr too seriously. I see posts dealing with schemes and giving advice to people on how to gain notes and followers and how to talk to other writers and I’m like ???
I’ve never had the courage to talk to other writers since I’ve never felt like a part of the “writing group” here, and I only talk to a couple of people here who have either messaged me first or whom I have messaged because I wanted to tell them I love their work.
Stop forcing friendship with writers because it just seems like you’re doing it to get promoted and nobody likes feeling used. I’ve gotten a ton of asks that have sounded like that and I don’t appreciate them because they feel insincere. I remember so many times I’ve gotten an ask and then talked to a friend and they’ve gotten the same exact one, so it just made us feel stupid.
If you want to give someone a genuine compliment, do it, but don’t expect people to become your best friends after that.
And in regards to gaining followers and notes, once again, IT DOESNT MATTER.
Trust me when I say that follower count doesn’t make you more confident in your work or writing abilities, it doesn’t make you feel more special, and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re worth more than other people. It just doesn’t. I’m just as nervous about posting something as I was when I had 0 followers. The only difference now is that I get more feedback, but more feedback also means a lot more pointless hate.
I just wanted to write this because I felt like I was being called out as one of the “big blogs” (I hate referring to myself as that because just no) that ignores people and all that. I don’t ignore people. It’s just hard to reply to 500 asks you get weekly when you try to take care of your physical and mental health, job, university, family, and friends. I mean, it’s easy to copy and paste the same generic response to everyone but that’s not what I want. If you send me a message, I’ll take enough time to think about it and respond thoughtfully, so if you don’t get a response right away, I’m sorry. I’m not ignoring you and it wasn’t my intention to ignore anyone. Also keep in mind that Tumblr eats asks, so you may think someone’s ignoring you when they might not have gotten it.
All in all, notes don’t mean anything, follower count doesn’t mean anything. People are trying to make it seem like it’s a goal to accomplish and then you’ll have everything when in reality it means nothing. The more attention you get, the more negativity and hate there is on your blog. You’re expected to act as an example to everyone and everything you say will be used against you later on, even if it wasn’t meant in a negative way. People pry into your personal life, people pretend to be your friends to get info out of you or just to backstab you.
And for what? To gain followers on Tumblr? Jesus. Set your priorities straight and focus on your personal life. Tumblr followers won’t help you with your self-esteem, confidence, or anything like that, trust me. It hasn’t helped me one bit.
I want to thank everyone who follows me for your love and your support. I’m sorry if any of you felt ignored by me at some point. I do my best, but it’s just me on this blog and there’s too many messages and asks to reply to, but I try to reply to all of them. Thanks for having my back and for being here and for being such nice, positive people! Tumblr has been my happy place because of you ♥️

Reaction: Being told their smile makes you happy.

Request: Hello can I request an exo reaction to you telling them that you like their smile and it makes you happy when they smile.. :)  

~Exo reaction. 


Junmyeon was happily chatting and laughing with his members as you all waited backstage at a music show for their turn to perform. The conversations had all gotten away from you at this point because there was so many people talking at once, so you were just focusing on your boyfriend. You watched as he smiled brightly at his members and mirrored it with a small smile of your own. Junmyeon noticed and gave you a questioning look. 

“What are you smiling at Jagi?” he asked softly. You blushed and looked away. 

“You,” you answered honestly, “I just…I like your smile. It makes me happy.” You glanced up at him through your lashes to see him smiling brightly at you. 

“Jagi, you’re so cute,” he laughed as he pulled you closer and placed a kiss on your temple. 

“EWW! QUIT BEING ALL CUTE AND ROMANTIC!” Baekhyun yelled from across the room and Junmyeon sighed. 

Junmyeon would be so happy to hear something like this. To him, you saying this might possibly be the cutest thing he’s ever heard and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He’d definitely make an effort to smile more around you.


(Y/L//N = Your last name.) 

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most intense compliment battle of our generation. Y/N Y/L/N vs. Kim Jongdae. We have finally reached the last round, where each contestant will attempt to make Kim Minseok as flustered as they can,” Baekhyun announced. You gave Jongdae a cocky grin because you knew you could easily beat him by being as adorable as you can. 

“Y/N you’re up. Now don’t let me down, I’ve bet money on this,” Baekhyun said, giving you a threatening look. You rolled your eyes with a laugh and walked up to Minseok. 

“Minnie,” you called in the cutest voice you could manage, “I like your smile. It makes me happy when you smile.” Minseok squealed and laughed. 

“Ah! My Jagi is too cute,” he laughed as Jongdae sighed in defeat.   

Minseok would love this! As someone who’s struggled with insecurities, he’d love hearing that something as simple as his smile makes you happy.  


“So, we’re at the point in the show where we ask our couples to compliment each other directly, as up until now they haven’t spoken a word to each other. First up is Yixing and Y/N,” the MC announced. You and Yixing were on a variety show with 3 other couples that focused on how well you know each other. You and Yixing turned to each other, both of you smiling brightly. 

“Y/N, you first.” 

“Em, ok,” you said nervously. You looked up at Yixing who smiled at you encouragingly.  

“I like your smile, it always makes me happy when you smile.” 

The studio was filled was a chorus of aw’s from the audience members as Yixing hid his face in his hand as his face heated up. 

“Baobei, why are you so adorable?” he whined, earning a laugh from you, the MC and everyone else in the room. 

Yixing would find this so so adorable. So adorable in fact, that he just wouldn’t be able to cope. He’d later make sure you know just he adorable he thinks you are tho. 


Baekhyun had stepped out of recording to be with you for a few minutes. Most of those minutes had been spent hugging, because poor Baek really needed a hug. 

“Stressful day?” you asked into his shoulder and you felt him nod in reply. You tightened your arms around him and sighed. You hated seeing Baekhyun like this, so stressed and tired. Comeback preparations were really starting to take a toll on him and the rest of the members. You pulled away slowly, much to Baekhyun’s protest and took his face in your hands.

“Baek, the comeback is going to amazing. You’ve all worked too hard for it not to be.” Baekhyun laughed at the last and you grinned in response. Baekhyun’s laughter died and he gave a you an confused look.

“What?” he asked. You shook your head, still smiling. 

“It’s just….your smile,” you replied shyly but Baekhyun only looked more confused. 

“What about it?” 

“I really like your smile.” 

“AW Jagi, why?” he whined, clearly flustered. 

“It makes me happy,” you said simply. Baekhyun grinned cheekily as he pulled you into a bear hug. 

“AAHHHH MY JAGI IS TOO ADORABLE!!” he yelled as he held you tightly.  

“YAH Baekhyun-ah! What the hell did I tell you about yelling?” his vocal coach screamed from inside the recording studio.

Poor Baek would be so flustered! He’d already find literally everything you do adorable anyway, but when you do stuff like this, the man’s a goner! 


Jongdae was having a really bad day. He was exhausted and stressed. He’d been snapping at you all day so at this point you just decided it would be best to leave him alone. That lasted until you realised he hadn’t eaten a thing all day and you couldn’t let that slide. 

“Dae?” you called as you knocked gently on the door of his room. When you didn’t get a reply, you pushed the door open and peeked inside. 

“Kim Jongdae, what the hell are you doing sitting in the dark?” you asked when you say him hunched over a notebook in the dark. He shrugged and kept writing. ‘This is ridiculous,’ you thought to yourself and walked into the room. You pulled open the curtains then turned back to Jongdae. 

“This is really unhealthy Dae. Seriously, you haven’t left this room all day and you also haven’t eaten a thing.” 

“The first ones not true, I went to the bathroom a few hours ago.” You sighed and shook your head. You reached out and snatched the notebook from his hands. 

“What are doing?” he protested, reaching out to take it back but you held it up and out of his reach. 

“You’re done for today, you need to eat,” you said as you closed the notebook and tossed it somewhere in the room. Jongdae glared at you but didn’t bother arguing. You knelt down in from of him and pulled him into a hug. He sighed in content as he wrapped his arms around you. 

“Thank you,” he mumbled into your shoulder. You pulled away and smiled at him, him mirroring it with a small one of his own. 

“There it is. I really like your smile,” you said, poking his cheek. Jongdae’s smile immediately widened and he blushed. 

“I mean it. It always makes me happy,” you shrugged. Jongdae groaned as his blush deepened. 

“AAH WAAAE!” he whined as he fell back on his bed. You laughed and rolled your eyes. 

Jongdae wouldn’t know what to do. He’d find this adorable. He’d be really flustered tho, so except his signature “AH WAE!”


(Y/F/C = Your Favourite Colour.)

Chanyeol is apparently a curious guy. A curious guy who asks you a hell of a lot of questions. Once he gets going, it’s pretty hard to stop him, you just kinda have to go with it really. And that, is exactly what you’re doing right now. 

“Favourite colour?” Chanyeol asked again. You sighed as you glanced down from your phone to where he sat on the floor. 

“Y/F/C,” you answered and Chanyeol beamed in response. 


“Right this is the very last one, I promise.” 

“Yeol, you said that half an hour ago,” you sighed and Chanyeol pouted. He reached out and took your hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Will tell me something you like about me?” he asked earnestly. You looked into his eyes, which were now extremely puppy-like and you melted. Sitting up, you pulled the hand you held into your lap and played with his fingers as you answered. 

“I like your smile,” you said simply and Chanyeol lilted his head slightly, clearly looking for an explanation. 

“It makes me happy when you smile.” Chanyeol leaned up and kissed you, because he didn’t know any other the way to express the love he felt for you at that moment. 

Chanyeol wouldn’t have a clue how to react. He’d end up just being affectionate because he wouldn’t be able to find the words to tell you how adorable he’d think you are.


You’d always loved just being with Kyungsoo, especially when it’s just the two of you. You’ve always loved the thought that maybe, just maybe, you get to see a side of him that no one else does. 

Simple stuff like his laugh, the sound of his voice and his smile always managed to make you happy. No matter how bad of a day you were having or how bad of a mood you were in, Kyungsoo always effortlessly cheers you up. Today, is one of those days. 

You’d woken up feeling a bit off and tired and Kyungsoo’s absence certainly didn’t help. You had nothing to do, so you’d spent most of the day moping around waiting for Kyungsoo. You were trying your best to stay awake, but the later it got, the harder you found it. Eventually, you passed out on the couch. 

Not long after, Kyungsoo finally arrived home. 

“Y/N?” he called, making his way into the living room. He laughed quietly as he caught sight of you sprawled across the couch, your phone still in your hand. He shook his head with a smile and leaned down to shake your shoulder. The second he touched you, you shot up with wide eyes. 

“I’M AWAKE, DON’T TOUCH ME!” you yelled as you jumped up from the couch and got into your fighting stance. Kyungsoo burst out laughing and you stared at him in confusion. 

“Wait….Soo? So I’m not going to get murdered?” you asked, still half asleep. Kyungsoo had barely managed to collect himself when he grabbed your hand and led you into the bedroom. 

“You’re so weird Jagi,” he muttered as he lay down beside you. 

“Yeah, yeah,” you replied, too tired to come up with a decent comeback. Kyungsoo chuckled softly as he pulled you into his arms. You rested your head on his chest and for a few moments the both of you were silent. 

“Soo? Can I tell you something?” you asked quietly. He felt him nod and propped yourself up on your elbows to look at him. Kyungsoo looked back at you and waited patiently for you to speak. 

“Soo, I really like your smile,” you said quietly. 

“My smile?” he repeated, clearly confused. 

“Yes your smile. And your laugh, your voice..” You trailed off, embarrassed to be admitting these things. 

“What about them?” Kyungsoo pressed. 

“They make me happy, especially your smile,” you said. Kyungsoo tried his best to resist but he couldn’t help but smile at your words. 

Poor Kyungsoo. The poor guy wouldn’t know what to say or do. He’d find this incredibly cute but wouldn’t for the life of him be able to tell you.


“You are such a child,” you laughed as you watched Jongin running around the room chasing after your dog. He stopped dead in his tracks when you said that and glared at you playfully.

“I am not! I just want to pet the puppy!” he whined in protest then resumed the chase. Eventually, he managed to catch the dog and you could’ve sworn that you’d never seen him so happy. Jongin sat down beside you with the dog in his arms, smiling brightly. You couldn’t help but stare at him and smile. 

“Jagi, why are you staring at me like that? It’s kind of creepy,” he complained and you blushed, looking away. 

“Sorry,” you mumbled. 

“Tell me why you were staring? Is it because you like me?” he teased and you smacked his arm playfully. 

“No. It was because I like your smile,” you said. Jongin gave you a look and you rolled your eyes. 

“Why Jagi? Does it make you feel things?” 

“Your smile makes me happy,” you said before you could stop yourself. Jongin laughed at your embarrassment and leaned closer to you, kissing your cheek. 

“Jagi you’re so cute,” he whispered into your ear before kissing you again, properly this time. 

Jongin would tease you but would also find this really cute. He’d laugh at first but would make sure to tell you how cute he thinks you are.


Being the giant child that his is, Sehun decided that a playground would be the perfect place for a date. 

“Jagi, hurry up!” You laughed as you ran to catch up with your manchild of a boyfriend. He threw himself onto the swing set and gave you a bored look. 

“My grandmother could easily outrun you, you know that right?” 

“Oh shut up! Not everyone’s legs are as long as yours you know,” you said. 

“Yeah, yeah. Now get your ass over here and push me!” he demanded and you scoffed in reply, folding your arms. Sehun pouted and crossed his arms, mocking you. You glared at him playfully and he smiled. You instantly smiled back, because who the hell can resist that smile? 



“I really like your smile,” you said. Sehun’s eyes widened slightly and he blushed. 

“Ok,” he laughed nervously. 

“No, I mean it. Your smile always makes me happy,” you muttered avoiding Sehun’s gaze. Sehun couldn’t help but laugh at your adorableness. 

Sehun would find this so adorable. Seriously, he’d melt. He’d tease you about it obviously but would also let you know how adorable he thinks you are. 

A/N~ This has been sitting in my drafts for God knows how long and I’m genuinely so so sorry about that. I’m definitely going to try my best to be way more active on this blog. By the way, thank you all for nearly 600 followers! That’s insane thank you all so so much! ~the-fangirl-lorax.

Being Apart Of The Batfam Would Include...

 Sorry if it’s bad I haven't written anything for a while and this took me forever to do and I just don’t have the energy to try to improve it. Welp.

  • Long story short
  • Everyone constantly blaming each other
  • “Who took the bat mobile out for a joy ride?”
  • You, Stephanie and Harper share a look, “It was Damian.”
  • Is it too soon for this?
  • “I hate you!”
  • “Yeah? Well you’re adopted!”
  • “You’re fucking adopted too!
  • When Bruce or Alfred compliment Damian this happens
  • “Don’t worry Tim, your time will come. It just won’t be as impressive and glorified as mine.”
  • Constantly have to deal with people asking about them
  • “Is your brother single?”
  • “Damn, she’s hot can you give me her number?”
  • Threats don’t even work anymore
  • They’ve gotten repetitive or their just not frightening
  • “I’m going to kill you.”
  • “I died before try again.”
  • The boys being cockblockers
  • They just can’t stand the idea of someone being with their sibling nonetheless breaking their heart
  • When anyone is being chewed out at dinner you all try to be silent and still as possible cause ain’t no one want to be caught up in that heat
  • When ever one of the boys are scared at night they go to you for comfort because they know you’ll listen and care
  • The relationship drama in this family is too much for you
  • Damian secretly thinking you and Jason are cool and badass and brags about you guys at school
  • Secretly taking the Batmobile out
  • You guys take it out so much civilians and villains aren’t shocked anymore when they see the mobile packed with teens/young adults in colorful suits
  • When you hang out with one of the boys people constantly mistake you guys as a couple
  • “You guys are so cute together!”
  • You and Jason share the most disgusted look with each other
  • “Oh hell no.”
  • Bruce always calling you guys by the wrong names
  • “Dick- Jason- no- Da-you know who you are come here.”
  • Bruce has learned to ignore you guys arguments
  • Bruce regrets it every single time he takes you guys to galas
  • This infamous line “Don’t tell Alfred.”
  • “Okay, what do I get?”
  • When you, Jason, and Dick were younger and got into play fights it got a bit chaotic
  • “Oh my god don’t cry! Stop Bruce is coming! You literally been stabbed and shot before stop it!!!”
  • Having to take care of them while Alfred was gone
  • “Oh hey Alfred, nothing to worry about everything’s great!” You answer Alfred’s call while Damian strangles Tim in the background
  • At the end of the day you can’t be more grateful to have such a weird and big family
The sky is really beautiful, once in a while go out and look at it. It will smile you back in stars, sunsets, sunrises, grey clouds. Nature is fuel for the soul. Studies show that spending time in nature makes people feel more alive. So, if you’re feeling sluggish, you know what to do. Don’t settle. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, if it doesn’t make you happy, like really-really happy, don’t even think about doing it. Also, if he makes you more sad than happy, trust me with this, you’ll be better off alone. Remember to compliment people if you like their smile, make-up, clothes or voice. Seriously, don’t lose the chance to brighten somebody’s day. People don’t change, believe me, maybe I generalize, but never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice. It’s not “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but it’s “I’ll see it when I believe it”, our thoughts are very-very-very powerful. Honestly, you’re what you think you are, if you think that you’re beautiful and you look great today, everybody will think the same about you, I promise you, our thoughts can change our life, so pretty please, think positive & positive things will happen. Don’t worry about your past or future, just seize the day and don’t hurt yourself by thinking negative thoughts, because no amount of anxiety changes the future. If you’re feeling down, watch youtube videos with cats/dogs, funny videos, write down your crazy ideas, write down a to-do list, a bucket list, write things you like about yourself, write things you don’t like about yourself and try to change them or change your attitude. Find a new passion, I really like playing the piano on virtualpiano.net, it just makes me happy and I like learning new songs and playing them when I want to be in peace with myself. Take photos, a lot of photos, take photos of everything, of your mother, you, your brother, that pink flower, that beautiful girl down the street, your books, your diary, everything. You know what the say? “When a flowers doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”, so, think about it, maybe you need to change something in your life in order to grow? Be brave, be yourself, be kind, be happy, help people, go for what you want, believe in karma, be proud of yourself, smile, cry, but never give up, please.
Preference "How they react when you flirt with them"

(WOOOO TWD PREFERENCE 😍😍I made this short and sweet :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be a little surprised at first and think to himself if that really just happened, his eyes shifting around in wonder before coming onto you as well. “Wait…You..Are you telling me all these things because you want to “fuck” ME?! Goddamn! Well you’re in luck…I wouldn’t mind it at all!”

Daryl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be weirded out and feel so out of place to know that you see him like that, he wouldn’t know what he should be saying or doing in response to be appropriate. “Y-you think I have nice arms? R-really? I-I never…really noticed it before…I-I don’t stare at them that long enough…”

Rick-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get bashful and would let out a small laugh and smile, shaking his head as he tries to give you and worthy response. “I think you’re making me out better than I really am…If anything you’re the one who looks good leading all of us…”

Merle-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get honestly so turned on by the idea of him being desired that way that he wouldn’t hesitate to flirt back all while smirking and licking/biting his lips. “Oh my…Sugar, you really mean it? Well I wouldn’t mind at all taking up on that offer of yours…It would be a blessing for me, when you think about it really…”

Glenn-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be stunned at first and would be somewhat so nervous about it that he’d start stuttering before slowly get his own confidence and flirt back. “Euh…Really? Y-you think so? I-I guess yeah…Wh-whatever…I-I’m cool…I’m totally fine…”

Carl-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get quiet and try to stop himself from blushing too much as he’d be actually stunned that this was happening to him. “I-I’m not blushing…Wh-what are you talking about? I mean it happens when you just compliment someone like that, god!”

The Governor-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be intrigued by your attitude and would at first act clueless just to see how serious you are about him before totally giving into your persuasiveness. “Y/N…I just want to let you know that I knew you were flirting with me this whole time…I was just trying to see how far you’d go for me, beautiful…”

Abraham-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be more than pleased and would gladly play along with you just to see how far you can both really get. “Oh really? You think so…Well I have a better idea? Wanna know? Come here, come closer, i’ll tell you about it right in your ear…”

Eugene-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be utterly clueless and would initially think you were messing with him for your own pleasure until someone would have to mention it to him about how serious you are. “What? Y/N’s flirting with me? Impossible, I don’t see her being interested in me, she’s just joking…Wait really? She said that…”

Ron-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d get full of himself but would try his best to be humble about it, only to end up cutting to the chase and be blunt with you. “Ah..thanks…That’s nice of you…Actually forget about it, how about we just go out and make it official!”

Jesus-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d be so amazed that it happened to him that he’d start to blush and would try to laugh it off. “Really? Oh no…I don’t think I look that great…I just kinda woke up you know! There’s really nothing special about my look today…”

Dwight-Whenever you’d flirt with him, he’d feel somewhat torn between flirting back and telling you off, as he’d have a hard time believing you’d ever want anything to do with him. “T-thanks Y/N…but…when you say those kinds of things…Do you mean it? Like behind all of it are you serious about liking and thinking that way about me…”

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Before you met Harry, you liked to describe yourself as a relatively emotionless robot of a person. This didn’t necessarily mean you had a resting bitch face on at all times, it just meant it was harder for you to express yourself through your feelings. You were used to people accusing you of being sarcastic when you were really trying to give a genuine compliment, and your body was used to automatically stiffening up whenever someone came at you with open arms for a hug. The one time you gave a hug was when Y/F/N was going through a breakup. It wasn’t a proper hug, though. It was one of those awkward side hugs followed by a reassuring pat on the back. It was still a hug in your mind. The point was, showing and giving any kind affection was extremely hard for you. Which was how Harry came up with this conclusion: 

“You don’ love me. Is tha’ it?”  You choked on your tea when that came out of Harry’s mouth after you had asked him what was on his mind. 

“What in the hell- I think all those kale smoothies have gone straight to your head.” You coughed, patting your chest lightly before closing the novel you were reading. This was more interesting than your mystery-murder novel. 

“I’m jus’ pointing out the fact that you’ve never actually said it to me. I’m the one that’s always saying it to you!” 

“Yeah, and I say it back!” 

“No, no,” Harry scoffed, shaking his head before giving you a pointed look. “You give me a, ‘mhm, me too’. That is not how you respond to an ‘I love you’!” 

“But I’ve said it before!” It was true, you did say it to Harry once! It was when you were in a rush because you had spent the morning snuggling with Harry instead of getting ready for work, and before you ran out you might’ve let an ‘I love you’ slip out - But in Harry’s defense, that really was the only time you’d ever said that. 

“So you do love me?” 

“Of course I- Well, I don’t know, I guess-”

“What do you mean you don’t know?!” Harry gasped dramatically, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. Harry was fully aware that you loved him, but it was always fun riling you up and getting you flustered over this. 

“Christ, Harry, I love you!” You groaned, pursing your lips in frustration. “I love you, alright? Is that what you wanted?” You huffed, opening your book and flipping back to your page. You could already feel your cheeks heating up from those three words. It was silly how three words had such a huge impact on you. 

“Say it again,” Harry demanded quietly, leaning forward and propping his chin up on his palm. “C’mon, you know I deserve a proper one.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, closing your book slowly and clearing your throat. 

“I… I love.. you.” You managed to push out, your face probably beet red at this point. 

“I need t’ hear it in a coherent sentence if it’s genuine, Y/N.” Harry knew exactly how to push your buttons and you couldn’t decide whether you hated it or loved it. With a sigh and a quiet huff, you managed to finally say it in a coherent sentence

“I love you. I really do, Harry.” You muttered, looking up at him for a second before glancing away. You couldn’t say it while keeping eye contact because that would make you melt into a puddle. Silence was the only thing you got in response, and you kind of wished you didn’t say anything in the first place. You looked up to see Harry drumming at his pursed lips with his pointer finger, looking as if he was contemplating something. 

“I don’t buy it. Not enough emotion.” Harry joked, making your jaw drop slightly before you were pushing your bottom lip out in a pout. 

“Why, you little-” You raised your hand, very much wanting to give him a swat across the arm. 

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Harry giggled, grabbing your hand and pulling it slightly closer to him. “I loved it. I love you.” He hummed, pressing a delicate kiss to your knuckles. Now you wanted even more to melt into a puddle because this was almost too adorable. 

“Mhm, me too.” Back to square one. 


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Off of the Field : Ashton One Shot

disclaimer: don’t smoke cigarettes

You don’t know why you still try.

You’d think you would’ve learned your lesson by now, if not after the guy who barely looked up from his phone at dinner, at least by the guy who couldn’t keep his possessive hand off of some part of your body from the walk into the comedy club to the walk out: dating sucks. Or at least the men you’ve been dating suck. Apparently all of the incompetent yet cocky bastards live in your general vicinity, and you’ve had the displeasure of meeting every single one of them.

A whole year off of the field has really made you forget how brutal the dating game can be.

Tonight’s contestant had to be the worst so far. You didn’t begin the evening with high hopes considering you met the man on a dating app and his conversation starter was an overused pick up line that he was completely serious about, but — he was hot. And you were in a dry spell. One plus one equals sex.

Unfortunately your date wasn’t very good at math.

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A Walk in the Park

Characters: Tom Holland - Harrison Osterfield - Tessa - Y/N

Request: “one where tom is protective of you.” - anon

Notes: i didn’t think i was going to be able to finish this but I did! omg i really hope you guys like it!


“Okay, so your turn, Y/n.”

“My turn for what?” You ask from the backseat.

Tom and Haz sit in the frontseats of the Audi while you and Tessa take whatever little room is left in the back. The roof is down and the afternoon sunset is shining down on all four of you.

“To choose the next song!” Harrison turns in his seat to face you.

You smirk at him and then at Tom’s reflection in the rearview mirror. You wiggle your eyebrows and Haz rolls his eyes, laughing, before sitting back straight in his seat.

“How many more times do you have to listen to this song before you grow tired of it?” Tom asks as he hands his phone over to Haz so he can put the song. He glances at you through the rearview mirror before looking at the road.

“Never! It’s honestly the best song to listen to while you’re on the road like this,” you reply. Tessa barks her agreement and you laugh, scratching her behind the ears.

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon starts to play but not loud enough. You push yourself forward and reach across to turn up the volume. Haz and Tom laugh at you just as you plop back on your seat. You start to sing along and soon enough, the boys join along with you.


Tom finally parks the car in an empty slot. You look around and see people with their dogs, people running, children playing in a playground.

You weren’t really keen to come to the park when the boys first asked you. They wanted to go for a long run when you could barely even walk to the fridge for a drink. But after Tom’s consistent begging, you finally agree but under one condition; that Tom brings Tessa along.

So now here you are, hopping out the car and grabbing Tessa’s leash. Tom and Haz begin to walk towards the beginning of a trail and you follow behind them, already regretting your decision.

“Can’t I just stay here with Tessa?? There’s a lot of people here just sitting with their dogs,” you say.

“You promised you were going to run with us!” Tom replies.

“I did no such thing!” You laugh, “I promised I would come here with you guys.”

“What if something happens?” Tom says in a serious tone that catches you off guard.

You make a confused face and then chuckle, “In a park? Where there’s a lot of people? I have Tessa with me!”

That doesn’t seem to convince Tom, though. You find it weird that he’s acting this way. You’ve been best friends for so long but he’s never given much importance as to if you were alone or not.

Harrison taps his chest, “She’ll be fine, mate. We won’t take long.”

You smile big and turn to walk towards the playground.

“Y/n!” You face Tom. “Just.. you know? Be careful and stuff.”

You roll your eyes and walk away from both of them,
Tessa trotting next to you. “Your human is acting really weird, Tessa.”

She barks and you laugh at how cute and adorable she is. You start to play around with her, throwing sticks for her to catch and even letting her jump into the small dog pool.

You don’t realize that time has passed and the sky was now turning a soft blue. The children are long gone and less people were now running past. You’re sitting on the grass with Tessa’s head on your lap.

“They’re taking too long,” you tell Tessa. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got lost.”

You start to glance around, slightly worried, trying to see any hint of them. You spot a small concession stand on the other side and suddenly your throat goes dry.

“We should get them some waters for when they come back,” you speak out loud and stand up and make your way to the concession stand.

On your walk there, time seems to speed up as the sky becomes darker and darker and the people become fewer and fewer. You’re not someone who gets scared easily but you still notice the small creepy feeling from behind you as if somebody’s watching you.

There’s a line when you arrive and so you wait patiently. Tessa begins to growl next to you. “Tessa? Not another squirrel, please.”

You face forward again and it’s then that you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel someone watching you but you choose to ignore, convincing yourself that it was just your mind playing tricks.

“Damn, I’ve never seen such a perfect ass.”

Your heart accelerates and not in a good way. You keep facing forward, not giving it any attention.

“Hey babe! You with the tight ass! I’d like you to face me when I’m talking to you!”

You cringe at his words and step forward just a tiny bit.

“That’s not the proper way to say thank you when a guy is complimenting you.”

Fuck. It’s dark now. Tom and Harrison are nowhere to be seen and you had no idea what to do once you got what you needed from the concession stand.

It’s time to go.

“Come on, Tessa,” you whisper to her and pulled on her leash as you fast walk the path back to the car.

You can’t hear if he’s following you but you take no chance in glancing over your shoulder to check.

Almost there.


Your heart jumped up to your throat. A thick and strong arm wrapped around your shoulder. Only one person did that to you but this was not someone familiar. Tessa remained calm, apparently thinking this was someone close to you.

“Where you goin’? I wanted to talk. How about I give you and your… dog? A ride back home?”

You look straight ahead and shake your head. “No, thank you. I came here in my car and I’d really appreciate it if you took your hands off me.”

He laughed the cruelest laugh you ever heard. “You’re funny, babe. You should appreciate that a guy like me would even be touching you. Hey,” his fingers find your chin and they force you, painfully, to finally look at him.

His features are rough, his eyes dark and frightening. His sneer made him look like a mad animal. “Let. Go. Of. Me.”

You push him away and dart towards the direction of the car when his fingers close around your arm and he pulls you towards him. You collide with his chest and you cry out in pain. His hand finds your jaw and he holds your face steady. His musty breath washes over your face and it makes bile rise up in your throat.

“No bitch is going to tell me what to do. Huh? Did you listen? No bitch!”

His sneer was back and he was inching closer. You knew what was going to happen but every time you try to pull away, his hand only tightens its grip on you. You feel like crying but did not dare show weakness. So instead, you shut your eyes and suck in your lips.

You’re surprised when he lets go of your arm and your face and his smell completely disappears. You open your eyes slowly, still wary.

Tom pushes the creep hard on his chest so that he ends up on his ass. “You keep your fucking hands off my girl!”

The asshole just laughs as he gradually stands up. He fixes his shirt and steps closer to Tom. Tom’s hands are balled up into fists but he stands tall and firm. Even from here you can see the clenching of his jaw.

“Y/n, let’s go to the car.” Harrison whispers next to you as he takes Tessa’s leash from your hand.

You shake your head and stay still as you watch the scene in front of you.

“Oh really?” The creep continues, “Your girl, huh? Why was she alone? Seems like the bitch was looking for some di-”

He doesn’t finish his sentence as Tom’s fist comes flying across the air and makes impact with his jaw. You gasp and immediately run forward.

“Shut your fucking mouth, you low-life son of a bitch! I swear I’ll knock off every fucking tooth so the only shit that comes out of you will be from your ass!”

He had knocked him straight down to the ground. The creep was holding his face, not even attempting to stand up again.

“Tom,” you whisper to him. You reach out and grab his arm to get his attention. His head turns to you and nothing but pure rage inflames his eyes but they soon turn soft once they wash over your eyes and he realizes you’re okay. “Please. He’s not worth it. I’m okay. Let’s just go home, please.”

“Did he hurt you?” His whole body is facing you now, the creep on the floor, bleeding, long forgotten. His hands find your face and he caresses it gently, nothing compared to how someone was holding it not even ten minutes ago.

You try to smile a convincing smile and nod, “I’m fine. Now that you’re here. So let’s go, okay?”

He nods and you take his hand and pull him with you towards the car. Harrison and Tessa walk ahead of you.

“Did you get lost?” You ask, trying to take his mind off of what had just happened.

“Um, yeah. We tried to take a new route and lost the trail. I should have been here-”

You shake your head. “It’s fine Tom. We’re okay now.”

“Hey,” his hand squeezes your fingers gently and stops you. You turn around to face him and he walks up to you. “I should have been here. I’m sorry that I wasn’t. I’m sorry that I haven’t been for the past several months. If something had happened to you… Shit, I don’t even want to think about what that fuck would have done if we hadn’t gotten here on time. I just-”

He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to his chest. You feel his lips softly press on your forehead before his arms completely wrap around you.

It’s amazing how one person’s touch makes you feel so safe and comforted. Everything that had happened in the past half hour comes flooding back and you completely let go in his arms. You don’t hold back your sobs as you cry into his chest. You think about what could have happened if he hadn’t gotten there in time. What the fucking asshole could have done to Tessa if she tried to do something.

Tom holds you tightly against him, the stars and the moon shining down on you, his hand cradling the back of your head as he ushers sweet words into your hair, “I promise you that I will never leave you alone again. Mark my words that I will give my life before letting anything happen to you.”