when someone farts

Exo in the plane

Suho : buys all the unnecessary overpriced plane merchendise bullshit and freaks out when he realises they dont accept credit cards

Chen : was tryna buy some fancy perfume and got accidentally sprayed in the eye by the sales lady

Lay: forgets to lock the toilet door and covers his dick in suprise when someone opens the door

Baekhyun: was listening to Lady Luck when someone tripped on his earphones, exposing the moaning parts on full blast to the public

Chanyeol : was pretending to vomit in one of those sick bags and actually threw up after seeing the passenger beside him vomiting.

Kyungsoo : was in the toilet during the turbulence….in the middle of a diarrhoea

Xiumin : saw lay’s dangling dick

Kai : sehun playfully blamed him when someone farted and now everyone is staring at him with disgust lmao

Sehun : is the one that farted 😏


• Your friend tells you “Don’t Panic” and you say “no not yet”

• You are lost with your friend and you say, “I don’t know where we are” before starting to sing Alone Together

• Your friend talks about something you don’t give twoshits about and you just grab their shoulders and yell: “I. DON’T. CARE. WHAT YOU THINK.”

• “Cocaine sounds cool,” your friend says.
You freeze and scream, “FILL IT UP DA NOVOCAINE AND NOW I’M JUST- *voice cracks from pitch*

• She’s beautiful- says a friend.

•"Stop being a burden.“


When someone farts and someone says: ‘don’t breathe’




Have you ever been placed in such an embarrassing moment because you farted? or have been in a gathering where you were involved in a group where someone among you farted?

Well, who haven’t right? That’s why I want to share this beautiful story on how we should react on such situations.


Asim Ibn Bahdalah narrated that once, a close friend of ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu mentioned the following:

'Umar Radiyallahu Anhu together with some companions when the prayer time began. One by one they started to smell an unpleasant odor, meaning someone farted, and so 'Umar said: “Whoever has broken his ablution should go and re-do it.”

Jarir Ibn Abdullah Radiyallahu Anhu then said,: “O Leader of the Believers, we should all go and perform wudhu, so as not to expose that individual.”

'Umar then accepted the advice of Jarir and they all went to re-do their wudhu’.


This is such a beautiful act by the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum because they all knew the embarrassment that it could cause the individual who did the farting. 

Nowadays, when someone farts, even if they are in their own homes the reaction we get from people around would that they would be all laughing their hearts out or like tell the person to go away because he brings out such bad odor and at the end we don’t realize how much embarrassment we have placed upon that person.

Once in my childhood years, my uncle who is a doctor, asked us why we were all laughing and we told him that one of us just farted and he told us that we shouldn’t laugh at it because chances are if one of us feels like we have to fart and we resist or refrain from doing it, it may cause harm to that person. 


Of course, I am not saying that one should just fart and fart everywhere, it is up to us, we can go on another corner and fart there to not cause distress or disturbance to others too, but this case was that the person couldn’t refrain anymore.

Here, both the person who does the action should know how they should do it, as to the people who gets to be involved on it we should try to realize what if we were the one who farted would we like such people to laugh at us?

Let us all be sensitive, we all have our responsibilities, but if we are indeed placed in such situation next time, then let us try to revive this action done by the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum. 


And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall enlightens our hearts to become more sensitive and cautious with our actions to not put people in such embarrassing situations and cause them distress. Amin 



Story was taken from Ibn Al Khattab, Al Mujahid, 1433/3139