when someone calls me ugly

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So you must be a model or something, then? You put down Eleanor's outfit so I can only assume you're always dressed beautifully. Yeah right. She's gorgeous, get the hell over it.

Oh no, you got me. I’m not dressed like a model 24/7 :’(

Good thing I don’t have to get papped or have to pretend to be a fashion blogger/model or else that would be pretty embarrassing huh


You can’t rebuild a friendship by ignoring what has destroyed it.

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What do you do when someone calls you ugly?

People don’t call me ugly to my face or anything but if they do it online then idk I just have to shrug it off! I’m glad in a way that my physical appearance is the only thing they don’t like about me/bad thing they have to say about me! I’d be much more offended if they didn’t like my personality 😘