when slow is the new fast

Sex With Quicksilver Would Include:

- His dirty Sokovian nicknames for you 
- The way you heard his accent when he moaned
- Just his accent in general
- Hair pulling
- Pietro just being a kinky bastard always bringing new things into the bedroom
- Really slow and passionate sex
- Really fast and rough sex
- ‘I want to hear my printessa scream my name’
- His hands almost ALWAYS down your pants
- Hickies
- Bite marks and scratch marks
- Your hands tied up
- His hands tied up
- Lets be real Pietro is a boob man
- ‘I need you P’
- Pietro’s moans
- You on top a lot of the time as Pietro loved to watch you
- Pietro on top using his stamina to make you see stars
- Offering blowjobs as favours
- Shower sex
- Bath sex
- Wall sex
- Him constantly making sure you were comfy
- The amount of times you would hear ‘No baby, tonight is all about you’
-Jealous Sex
- ANY FUCKING SURFACE SEX bc he is a horny bastard
- Pietro whispering dirty things in your ear many times a day
- Him buying underwear he wanted you to model
- ‘Y/n, you need to see this porn video we could totally do that!’
  ‘Pietro I cannot get my fucking legs behind my head’
- Watching porn together
- Any situation when you were alone would involve hands in each others pants
- ‘I want to show you how beautiful you are’

Spirit in the House - Chap 1/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1;499

Warnings: Car Accident, Coma, Drinking, Depression, Language (but I swear it’s basically fluff)

A/N: I am SO excited for this new series, you have no idea. This is a big thank you for 1k and Lord knows I’m grateful for all of you. I love you guys, don’t think I’ve taken you for granted. Hope you’ll like this one my lovelies ♥

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You were walking fast through the little park in front of your best friend’s house. It was pitch black and you were already an hour late. The park was exceptionally quiet, nobody was out. When your phone chimed, you slowed down a little as you fumbled through your purse to pull it out.

“Where are you?” Your best friend urged.

“Peggy, I’m so sorry. Work was crazy, but I’m in the park.”

You looked up and saw her standing at her kitchen window, her eyes roamed over the dimly lit street to find you. You waved and told her to look straight ahead. She waved back, although her lips turned into an upset pout.

“You could have called.”

“Thought I was going to bail on you, didn’t ya?”

“Well, yeah.” She admitted.

You watched as the corners of her lips curled upward. She kept her eyes on you as you crossed the street to her house.

“Just hurry up, everyone’s starving.”

You snorted, glancing furtively around to make sure there was no car. You opened your mouth to retort when the screech of tyres made your head snap up.

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Mars Signs


Mars in Aries is impulsive. Their anger flares quickly but doesn’t last too long. They don’t hold grudges or resentment. When they pay attention to their gut, they make good decisions and get things done quickly. They don’t usually pay attention to anyone else’s input. They are spontaneous.

Mars in Aries is often ahead of everyone else. They get restless if life gets predictable. They like new, fresh ideas. Challenges are their cup of tea. They can be exciting in a relationship, but they move so fast it can be difficult to keep up. The tricky part with Aries Mars is to keep their enthusiasm going.

Aries Mars is irritated when people beat about the bush and those who are slow to act. They can be rude and impatient. They may work best on their own so no one holds them back. They don’t like interference or opposition, despite their natural leadership qualities. They can be demanding emotionally. They are daring and courageous, and if there are obstacles in the way, they only become more resolved at reaching their goal.

On the negative side, Mars in Aries can lack discipline and patience. It may take them some hard knocks to learn self-control and humility. They can be openly aggressive, and may be accident prone. On the good side, you always know where you stand with Aries Mars. Bold and daring, they may leave you in the dust while you’re still trying to figure out what is going on.

They are passionate in their goals, their life, and in love. They are not particularly affectionate and may be a bit selfish, but they are very energetic and playful. They are very physical, but can be impatient with their partner. They like to get right to the action instead of building up to the moment. They can be very emotional. Compromise is not their strong suit, and they can be very demanding in a relationship.

Mars in Aries loves competition and will revel in a fight, but as soon as it is over, it is forgotten and they are ready to move on to the next exciting thing on the agenda. They seek to do great things, but often do not take the time to prepare. They may do well in the military if they can keep their focus. They will give their all until they have no more to give. Fearless and brave, Mars in Aries rushes in where others fear to tread.

Aries Mars has a strong libido. They enjoy the chase, but if their quarry gives in too easily, they can lose interest. They like to take risks in relationships, like choosing a place they could get caught for making love. They also enjoy games. They are exuberant and playful, which can make them a lot of fun, and they definitely have no trouble letting you know what their needs are. Mars in Aries may not be overly sensitive to their partner. They really aren’t into the sensuous; they prefer to get to the action. Long-term relationships may be a bit of a challenge.


Mars in Taurus is focused on their goals, no matter how long it takes. Easy going and calm, Taurus Mars can fly into a rage when they are provoked beyond their endurance. Usually, they are the picture of strength and stability. They like to feel secure financially and like to collect personal possessions. Taurus Mars is not afraid to work for what they want, and they have the focus and patience to get it.

Taurus Mars is good about not getting involved in more projects than they can handle. It is difficult to get them to change their mind once it is made up. Adaptability isn’t their strong suit. Likewise, if you’re in a rush, it won’t matter to them. They don’t feel the need to change their pace unless it is a true emergency.

Taurus Mars is very reliable and dependable. They are practical and have great endurance. They can be obstinate, which can be frustrating to everyone around them. This can be taken to a very immature level at times. They like to build things, cultivate an art or enjoy pleasures of the senses. They can get jealous, as they see their partner as belonging only to them. Possession is important to them.

Taurus Mars is passionate and grounded. They project an air of confidence. Their honesty gives them great integrity. They excel in anything that requires dedication and discipline.

In a relationship, Mars in Taurus is rather conventional and straightforward. They are emotionally stable and loyal to the end. They are into gratification, both their own and their partner’s. They like their creature comforts, and bring that into their relationships. Physical relations are very important to Taurus Mars. They don’t complicate things with fantasy, they just take their time. Foreplay was invented by Mars in Taurus. They can be very jealous if they imagine someone else is interested in their partner. They have a very difficult time if denied sex for any length of time… they see it as necessary as breathing or eating, which they also enjoy to the utmost. They need a partner who is willing to relax and enjoy.

Mars in Taurus prefers to go with the flow rather than fight the current. They are naturals at crafting high quality things, and they may make a good living from such endeavors.


Mars in Gemini can be unfocused. They easily get bored, so they need a frequent change of pace. When they are bored, they feel exhausted. If they are interested, on the other hand, there is no stopping them! They have a passion for words, and are quite adept at using them as a weapon. They are good debaters, and love to argue. They thrive in busy, energetic environments where everything is in a constant state of flux.

Mars in Gemini can be restless due to their overabundance of energy. They are adaptable, and love change. They may take on a great many projects at the same time. They are good with their hands, and may play a musical instrument, play video games or make things. If they can focus, they can accomplish many things. Mars in Gemini has a satirical wit, and sarcasm is a talent. They are a bit erratic, and are not known for their practicality.

They may make good journalists, critics, teachers, or writers. They have a critical, active mind, and they are inclined to go in many directions at once. They like intellectual competitions. Mars in Gemini is a great talker. They are always looking for new adventures and new forms of mental stimulation. They are very social, and prefer a lot of acquaintances to a deeper friendship. They are always open to new experiences, so they can add one more thing to their “been there, done that” list.

Mars in Gemini is imaginative and creative. They are never boring in a relationship. They consider their mind an erogenous zone, and one of the best ways to attract them is to mentally stimulate them. They like to try new things and be experimental. They may not always be faithful… it is too tempting to try something new. One night stands come easy to Gemini Mars. Sex is not full of meaning to them; it is just another fun activity. They are enthusiastic and curious about everything, so they’ll try anything once, no matter how bizarre. Romantic relationships may be superficial, and they love to flirt. Because they get bored so easily, if one wants to keep Gemini Mars interested, you must be willing to be inventive and exciting. They get just as much pleasure out of mental stimulation as physical contact. Erotic literature and pillow talk is sure to get them interested. They may be a bit high strung and require a lot of attention.


Mars in Cancer can be passive-aggressive. They don’t care for change or direct confrontations. They prefer to feel secure before they act on something. They would rather be well prepared. They are tenacious, and strong despite their appearance.

Indifference hurts them more than anything else. Mars in Cancer can be manipulative and argumentative. Emotional displays will occur if they feel threatened. They can be over-sensitive, but when they are confident, they are helpful, dependable and protective of those they love. They prefer peaceful solutions. They are not very assertive or demanding, and prefer to work on their own where they are in control. Cancer Mars may change direction or even their goals in order to pursue security. They are loyal and devoted.

Mars in Cancer is passionate and creative. They are in tune with their own wants and desires, and they are sensitive to the needs of those around them. They have a good memory, and they are dedicated enough to see things through to the end. They have a great imagination that serves them well when it is not imagining terrible scenarios that hurt their feelings of security.

They may be moody, but this is because their emotions are so intense. This intensity may affect their digestion or cause anger deep within them. They try to suppress it, only to suffer physically because of it. It can be difficult for Cancer Mars to be objective, and they tend to make decisions based on their mood at that moment, which they may regret later.

Mars in Cancer is very sensual. They want to find a partner they truly love. Sex and love must go hand in hand. They need a lot of romance and affection or they will feel neglected. They can be so overwhelmed with the emotions of the moment that they may actually cry… it is part of their release. They make every effort to please their partners, even though they are not very adventurous in this area. They are not very demanding lovers. Mars in Cancer is very traditional, although there are a few who need to sleep with many people in order to feel wanted and attractive.

They are not very vocal about their wants or needs, and expect their partner to figure out what they like. They are exceptionally loyal to their partner, and expect the same in return.


Mars in Leo wants to be significant and create a lasting impression. They are passionate and strong-willed. They are willing to take risks and have ambitions to “be someone.” They have a strong sense of authority and personal magnetism.

Mars in Leo is impatient with those who are disloyal or narrow minded. They are idealistic, and if they get humiliated, they are quick to defend their principles. They follow their heart. They take pride in everything they do because their ego gets involved with every situation.

Mars in Leo has a lot of physical energy, but they do fine intellectually and they are fairly practical. They are confident and self-sufficient. Their vitality is noticeable. They can be very dramatic, and they can be very successful performers. They are determined to succeed at whatever they strive for, and they make excellent leaders.

They may be overbearing with their own opinions. They can be domineering and stubborn. Pride can be their downfall. On the other hand, they are playful, have a good sense of humor, and are full of warmth. They want to leave a legacy through their actions. They are generous and romantic. Leo Mars is friendly and exuberant, if a bit impulsive.

In relationships, they are affectionate and demonstrative. They love the excitement of a new love affair. They like to be the center of attention in the bedroom as much as they like it in the other areas of their life. Mars in Leo is very dramatic, and they enjoy opulent surroundings. They are passionate and charming. They don’t like competition in the bedroom or with past lovers. They are faithful, and expect to be treated the same way. While they do pay attention to their partner, their primary concern is their own enjoyment. They may be possessive or jealous, but they may try to hide this. Leo Mars is not above testing their partner. They may try to pull the wool over your eyes from time to time. They may come across too strong at times or get impatient, but they are open and direct.

Mars in Leo brings a lot of fun and romance to a relationship, and they appreciate a partner who reciprocates in kind. Their enthusiasm may be a bit overwhelming for some people. When their ego becomes involved in the relationship, it can disrupt an otherwise happy situation. They want to be happy and settled with someone they can have a fun, romantic relationship with.


Mars in Virgo has their eye on the goal. They are practical, if a bit scattered at times. This is only because they are doing so many things at once. Even so, they manage to get everything done. They may take on more than they can handle sometimes. They are usually logical and disciplined.

Mars in Virgo can be a bit critical and stubborn at times, but they are not usually aggressive. Be wary of pushing them too far, however, as they can be very difficult when annoyed. They can get nervous easily. They like to do things their way. They are usually very organized and they are not afraid to work hard. They have a nervous kind of energy, and they get restless easily. They don’t like to stick to one project for too long.

They make successful careers in the health fields, mostly because they like to help others. They need to feel wanted and useful. Sometimes they can be intolerant and they don’t like to get emotional.

Virgo Mars takes their energy from everything they do, whether that is their work, their hobbies or other things. They don’t handle idleness well. They are born perfectionists, though they will deny it. They are somewhat shy and humble, but they want to learn and experience new things, so this often helps them overcome any shyness.

When it comes to relationships, Mars in Virgo is subtle. They only shine with their partner in private. They may find it difficult to relax and stop being critical. They need someone who is sensitive to their needs and fits their idea of cleanliness. They don’t like one night stands or casual sex. They are often happy to remain chaste until they meet the right person.

While they have a healthy attitude towards sex, they can be a bit insecure. They generally like people who mostly go through life unnoticed. Virgo Mars will do lots of little things for their partner to make them feel appreciated and loved. They are respectful and attentive. Devoted, they will do all they can to please. They are very curious, though they may not do anything about it unless they are with the right partner. They are not as picky or selective as they are often portrayed. They may even prefer a partner who has imperfections so they can care and nurture them. All in all, Mars in Virgo can be a great partner for anyone who doesn’t need high drama or emotional release in their relationship.


Mars in Libra can be indecisive, but they do eventually get things done. They procrastinate usually because they are weighing all their options before coming to a decision. They tend to end up defending themselves and others who they feel are downtrodden. Instead of creating harmony, which is their goal, they may end up disrupting everyone in their efforts to attain balance.

Libra Mars is charming, and it is important to them to always appear that way. Because of this tendency, they may act passive-aggressive. Instead of being openly upset or mean, they may sneak about or rely on subterfuge to make their point. They can also take all that energy from Mars and turn it into action at times. They are gracious and entertaining, and will attract many people.

Libra Mars are very good at knowing when problems will occur. They are experts at compromise and conflict management. They follow the rules of social etiquette and have a desire to gain approval. They prefer intellectual pursuits. They are objective and somewhat unemotional. They don’t like confrontations or battles. They can be manipulative to get what they want.

Mars in Libra needs motivation. They do best when paired with someone they adore. They are affectionate and romantic, but they have a rather low sex drive. While they can unlock the passions in others, they are fairly conservative themselves. Role-playing may intrigue them. They dislike rudeness and vulgarity, and will stay far away from potential partners that display such behavior. They are very subtle in their approach to sex. Romance is very important, as is lots of sensual contact. The environment is very important to set the mood. They can be very skilled at pleasing their partner.

Mars in Libra has a reputation for being unfaithful, but it stems from a difficulty saying no rather than a straying eye. They tend to expect their partner to read their minds about what they like. If they have an unspoken need not being met, they will hold their anger in and let it seethe while they wonder why their partner doesn’t have a clue about what they want. They prefer to be showered with praise and affection and love being the center of attention.

They may be even choosier than Virgo. They may allow themselves to be pushed around for a time, but it will inevitably make them unhappy unless the relationship equals out.


Mars in Scorpio loves a good challenge. Whatever they decide to do is done with every ounce of gusto they can muster. They have the ability to focus and have a strong willpower to accomplish anything.

They make formidable opponents, though they are quiet and subtle, not loud and brash. On the surface they are calm and collected. Below the surface they may be a seething pool of emotion. They don’t let others see this side of them very often. Mars in Scorpio has the ability to exploit those around them because of their talents of seeing through the facade to what lies beneath.

Scorpio Mars likes to test themselves. You will find them creating all sorts of rules and goals so they can have the satisfaction of achieving them one by one. They can be provocative in a subtle, controlled manner. Those who have low self-esteem can become rather loathsome. They turn their self-hatred outward and manipulate others to feel better. Scorpio Mars knows that life isn’t fair and accept it for what it is.

Mars in Scorpio harbors powerful desires and emotions. They have a very high energy level. They are strong, efficient, self-reliant and self-disciplined. They have a strong sense of purpose. They are slow to anger, but when they do, watch out. They get even in a calm, rather frightening manner. They are proud, strong-willed, and dignified. They are known for a long memory and they don’t forgive when hurt. They may be fascinated with the occult, death and dangers.

They are very passionate and sensual. They are attractive to the opposite sex no matter what they look like physically. Their personal magnetism is powerful. Scorpio Mars is intense, and this can be too much for some people. Sex is an all-encompassing experience; it is intensely physical, emotional and erotic. They can be a bit obsessive, and may be attracted to the darker side of sex.

Mars in Scorpio equates sex with power. They are faithful to their partner. They can be very complex, and they need their partner to want to share the depth and intensity of the experience. They don’t kiss and tell; they believe sex to be an intimate and personal issue. They give great emotional depth to their partners. They may focus on breaking sexual taboos, if their partner is up to it. Mars in Scorpio is a bit possessive of their partners. While they probably won’t admit it, they don’t like to share their partners with anyone, not even for social engagements or family obligations.


Mars in Sagittarius isn’t known for patience. They are restless and adventurous. Physical activity is the best way for them to deal with anger. They always like to be busy, so they are constantly working on many projects all at once. They aren’t known for their finished product, however. They get much more excited to begin something new rather than finish something old.

Mars in Sagittarius is lots of fun. They love to take part in friendly debates, though they can get carried away. They don’t think their points through very thoroughly, but they may be upset if you don’t agree with them. They consider themselves warm and caring, but they can often trample all over someone else’s feelings when they get passionate about something.

It can be a bit difficult to keep up with Mars in Sagittarius. One moment they are easy going, joking and having fun; and the next they are intensely passionate about some topic or other. They like the wide open spaces, both figuratively and literally. They don’t like to feel hemmed in. If things get serious or dull, they disappear. While they can get carried away on a moralistic point that will drive everyone around them crazy, they soon back off and just concentrate on having fun.

Sagittarius Mars is used to getting their own way, because they can be very persuasive. When they meet up with those who can make holes in their grandiose plans, they get frustrated. They take it very personally when others don’t believe the same way they do. They are very enthusiastic, but not very practical. They rather like philosophy; it goes well with their idealism. They are confident and optimistic and take risks without thinking of the consequences. They have a short attention span, but they are friendly and outgoing.

Mars in Sagittarius is fun, but unfaithful. They are restless and want variety. They like the chase, but once the conquest is made, they lose interest. They also don’t want to feel restrained by commitment. Sagittarius Mars will hang around for someone who can amuse them both intellectually and sexually. Until they find someone like that, they are likely to keep hopping from one bed to another. They are curious, and enjoy hearing about or watching the exploits of others. They may be a bit crude… they think it is fun. They also enjoy having their liaisons in unusual places. Like most things in their life, their love life is mere sport. Playing hard to get is a good way to lose their interest. Games are fine, as long as they aren’t too cerebral.


Mars in Capricorn is orderly and subdued. They like to be in control of their life. They are determined, but they keep everything low-key. They like to be on top of things in their life. They like to set their goals and focus on achieving them. They are not flamboyant, but they can be ambitious. They want to be secure, and they will do whatever it takes to succeed.

When Capricorn Mars is angry, it is a level-headed, cool type of anger. They have a strong sense of self-control that encompasses all areas of their life. They don’t like to see anything go to waste. They are afraid of letting loose and getting out of control.

They are materialistic. If it can be seen or held, it is part of their world. Mars in Capricorn is very disciplined. They plan for the future. They set realistic goals. They are productive workers who like to see tangible results.

Capricorn Mars is responsible and reliable. They work hard and they keep their nose to the grindstone. They have a tendency to become workaholics. They want to attain status and recognition for their work. They are very practical and can turn a profit from almost anything they put their minds to. They do tend towards caution, which can be detrimental in some cases. They are also skeptical of new ideas. It is difficult for them to break old habits. They can be pessimistic and may come across as too serious.

Mars in Capricorn has a strong libido and appreciates sensual experiences. This is hidden behind their conservative face. It is hard to let this side show. Once they reveal the real person inside, you won’t be disappointed. They don’t rush, but take their time, enjoying the moment. Conventional and straightforward, they give quite a bit to their partner, although they expect quite a bit in return. They are not into experimenting with new techniques. They appreciate discretion. They want the security of a long-term relationship. If they are focused on their career, they have the capability of suppressing their sexual urges completely if needed so they are not distracted. They have a lot of endurance.


Mars in Aquarius is a bit difficult to figure out. And they like it that way because they like to surprise others. They find conventional methods boring and look for new, innovational ways to accomplish their goals. They are original and unique.

Aquarius Mars is proud of their own independence. They wouldn’t have it any other way. They can stand up for themselves quite well. While open-minded and progressive, they can be surprisingly stubborn. They don’t like to feel trapped… it will make them rebellious. If they know you’ve found a pattern in their behavior, they are sure to change it!

Aquarius Mars has lots of ambition and energy, especially for mental and intellectual projects. They are a bit scattered, but pull it together to finish a project. At times, they appear utterly mad, but somewhere in there it all makes sense. They are good at getting what they want. They have a strong will that they are not afraid to show. Combined with their innate cleverness, they are very creative in getting their own way. They can be the dominant force in a relationship without their partner even realizing it!

Mars in Aquarius is willing to let others be themselves. They value freedom and individuality, both yours and theirs. They like to feel they have plenty of space and freedom. They are not very sentimental. They come across as detached, even in an intimate relationship. They like to run the show. They are well organized and can make a good leader. Mars in Aquarius is often the reformer; the one against the establishment. They are non-conformists, and demand compliance from those that follow you.

Mars in Aquarius is into anything new and unusual in their sex lives, too. What is exciting one day is totally boring the next. They like to experiment and have a creative imagination. They will try anything at least once… in fantasy if not in real life. Stimulating their mind works very well. They are in it more for the fun than for any real passion or affection. They may seem detached to their partners. They will be faithful unless they get bored. Aquarius Mars can drive their partner mad with their “don’t care” attitude. Sex over the phone or computer is intriguing for them because it is all imagination. They crave variety and excitement.


Mars in Pisces is gentle and mild. They get to the point in a round-about fashion. They tend to go with the flow. They prefer to let life just happen to them. They need a way to express themselves creatively, or they can create quite a mess through indirect aggression.

Pisces Mars may play games to get what they want, even though they may not know what it is they really want. Their emotions are unpredictable and intense. They run on emotions, in fact. They do well intellectually, but they may have problems dealing with physical and practical challenges.

Mars in Pisces is attracted to the arts, and may be very talented. They have the introspection necessary to create, as well as a sensitivity to color, rhythm and tone. They are often restless inside, while appearing calm on the surface. They may appear to be shy or withdrawn. They are very sensitive to their environment.

Mars in Pisces is romantic, though their needs are more emotional than physical. They are very idealistic about love. Sex is more like a fantasy. Their sensitivity helps them be very responsive to their partner. They need a lot of affection. Without it, they feel sex is cold and emotionless. They need an emotional connection to their partner to be fulfilled. Even better, they are ecstatic when they also have a spiritual connection with their partner.

They are very sensuous, and without the intimacy of lots of touching and romance, they are left feeling unloved. Their imagination is terrific, and they can indulge in a lot of romantic fantasies before they even go out with someone. They are willing to please, but they are not aggressive. They always play it passively. They can appear to be detached or spaced out. They like lots of details when they fantasize, creating intricate storylines and sidelines. They are attracted to those who need their care and compassion.

ladykarmastrikeblog  asked:

Give all the brushes pls~ ((psst I love your work))

@ladykarmastrikeblog thank you for the request <333

Before anything! If you don’t know how to create a new brush, right click one of the empty squares (it doesn’t work when i use my pen and tablet, so with your mouse or touchpad) and you’ll get a drop down so just click the one you’d like, or if you’d like just Duplicate one of your old brushes by right clicking on it instead:

Before you start!!!! Make sure you test out your stabilizer at the top of the canvas!!!!!! This tool allows you to control how fast or how slow you will work! I have mine set at S-3, but you should test out which one you feel most comfortable with!! 

Here are the brushes I use! ❤

Toggle with sizes and shapes!!! Also, if you don’t know “Min Size” regulates the bluntness of a brush, for example (you can feel it more than see it omg):

Some of these tools allow you to change the brush’s modes (the little drop down arrow where it says “Normal”)! Using pure black wont do much, but grays and all the colors will give you results. I use Multiply the most for sketching, but here is what you’d get with the same colors with each mode:

I think that’s about it, but if you have any questions or any other requests, feel free to ask! I hope you enjoy!

You're welcome

A fuck coworkers story. I worked at the fast food place with the cowboy hat for a couple of months. The GM was decent, but very short tempered. Employees got yelled at a lot, both from her and customers if things were slow. I have ADHD and some problems with anxiety so I made mistakes and got slower when I was stressed (my hands would shake so I couldn’t count change quickly, and I couldn’t always process written words immediately). Despite being a decent drive through worker overall I was a little scared of her.
This new cashier that I’d barely spoken to asked me to drive her to work a couple hours after my shift ended. Sure thing, I know it’s tough not to have a car. Picked her up from her house and drove her about a mile, got there 10 minutes before her shift as per her request. Near the end of the trip she mentioned she was afraid of the GM and I agreed.
This was apparently a MISTAKE, because this girl proceeded to refuse to get out of my car. She asked me if I could see the GM inside (nope) and if her car was still there (yep), because her shift was ending at the same time the cashier’s started. She wanted to wait for the GM to leave before she went in, and she wanted to do it in my car.
By the time I was finally able to kick her out, she was almost late for her shift. Wouldn’t listen when I said I had things to do and needed to leave, didn’t offer to chip in for gas (it was a short drive there but I did go out of my way to pick her up), didn’t even say thank you. She just kept talking about how she was scared of the GM. Seriously, don’t you think I have better things to do? We’re all a little afraid of her, but not enough to hide in someone else’s car!
Apparently she wasn’t afraid of stealing from the registers, because she got fired for that after a couple weeks.

Drunk Trespassing (Gender Neutral)

Honestly, this is my third time writing this because my computer hates me. 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 1659
Prompt: “It was 1am, you were in my backyard drunk and petting my dog, when I tried to ask you why you are here you threw up, 15 minutes later you were passed out on my couch. Now, what’s your name and why the hell was you in a stranger’s backyard at 1am?”
Warnings: N/A

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EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Calling Them Daddy During Sex

Lay: At first, Lay would halt in his motions due to sheer shock at hearing such a dirty term escape your lips, but a shadow would pass over his eyes and he would thrust back into you particularly harshly, waiting to hear the name fall from you again. Your sweet Lay would become entirely new, wanting you to please him before he would even lay a finger on you.

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Xiumin: He wouldn’t even stop once the word reached his ears. Xiumin would take on the role quite seriously, biting your neck and leaving bruises for tomorrow, which was about when he’d be done with you. He’d be more for punishing, going agonizingly slow with his thrusts until you couldn’t take it anymore, which was when his pace would shift to bruisingly fast, forcing you to your long-awaited climax.

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Chen: Oh, he’d give you hell for it tomorrow. But tonight, his teasing would go a different direction, constantly leaving you on the edge of your climax, and waiting until you got used to his domineering mood. That would be when he’d pound into you, so he could hear you scream “daddy” at full volume. 

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol might stop in surprise, maybe even giggle nervously, before he’d ask you if you were sure. He would be unnaturally solemn, and you would stutter out a yes, and he would show you an entire other side of him, dirty talking until you were dripping just from his words. His usual puppy-like nature would fade, and you would be left with a wolf, whose sole purpose was to show you who was boss.

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Suho: Suho doesn’t get half the respect he needs in this band, so in the bedroom, he would use the opportunity of you calling him daddy to finally use his authority. He would order you around, loving how obedient you became. This would become a regular occurrence, but his favorite part was watching as you came multiple times, but still came through for him in the end, making him a whole lot more tolerant to his band members in the day.

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Baekhyun: He might giggle at first, kinda confused at your outburst. He’d ask you to repeat that for him, so he could be sure of what you said, but he’d fall into the role quickly. Baek, since he usually was never dominant in the bedroom, would take this chance and let out his frustrations on you. Suddenly, he’d be demanding, and once you got him started, he wouldn’t stop until one of you couldn’t handle it anymore.

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Sehun: Being the youngest, he doesn’t really have much control in his life, so if he heard you call him daddy, well, were you in for it. He’d be really into hair pulling and having you give him a blowjob, but ultimately you’d be more than satisfied at the end of the night. Sehun would make you cum multiple times before he even entered you, saving the best for last. You won’t be going to work the next day, and you’ll have to cover your neck for a while.

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Tao: Another young one, he’d use your slip of the tongue to get everything he wanted from you, commanding you do do exactly what he needed and when. Most likely, he’d take you from behind, pulling on your hair  and being unrestrained in his actions, leaving bruises and hickeys everywhere, but since you’d be in so much bliss, you wouldn’t notice til the next morning, and by then he’d be back to cuddling.

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Kris: You’d start out saying it almost teasingly, just to see what his reaction would be. Once you saw the look in his eyes, you would test it out again, noting how his jaw clenched. He would pin your wrists above your head, murmuring about what a bad girl you’ve been. Kris would assume his cooler persona, almost apathetically watching your movements of pleasure, and making sure he got what he wanted first.

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Luhan: This boy would put you in for a hell of a night, being more calm and gentle, but he would be very clear in his expectations: if you don’t listen to him, there would be hell to pay. He’d be more than willing to pleasure you, wanting to see you vulnerable because of his actions, but he wouldn’t let you release until he was buried inside of you.

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Kai: Hello, daddy. Once you let the name escape your mouth, a smirk would replace his soft smile and he’d have you on your knees immediately. Probably would be less gentle to you than usual, so expect no kisses. He’d want you to ride him for a change of pace, and would use this time to enact some of his fantasies, especially while you were being so good for daddy.

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D.O.: D.O. would be another to stop his ministrations, almost blushing, then mumbling an “are you sure?” This would be when he’d let it all out, releasing the strength he usually kept in check, pulling on your hair, leaving hickeys everywhere his lips could touch. He’d be more interested in pleasing you, like Luhan, to see what his touches could do to you. Sure he’d be sweet afterwards, but for now, he was your master.

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All I’m going to say is that I’ve put too much thought into this. 

-Admin tr(A)sh

This is a fuck coworkers thing, but yesterday the person who was supposed to close with me got sick and had to leave, so another person came to help. Since it is just a slow, small sandwich shop, there are usually only two people covering any given shift, so it was just the two of us closing. They are a hard worker, but they were about as new as me when it came to making sandwiches. And they just move too fast and do too much. They even started closing everything and mopping before we were supposed to close. The worst thing they did though was lock the door at 5 minutes before close while a customer was still inside. The door has a push bar, so the customer was still able to leave, but because of that, the door didn’t close fully. Now both of us got written up because of it.

punkpoemprose  asked:

Anna has always disliked "Princess" things. She's too fiery to properly speak with foreign diplomats, too strong to allow herself to be led by a man when she dances, too energetic to play slow-sad songs on the piano, and far too impatient to be any good at sewing. So when Kristoff lets her lead, listens to her play fast-happy songs, and doesn't ever ask her to change, she finds herself wanting to be a Princess, his Princess. She works politically to help the harvesters and even sews him a hat.



Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number nine 

“Coming back to New Zealand, it’s interesting because I’ve had this amazing journey since the whole thing started. And some of you were here when we were 10 years younger, 14 years younger. And the thing that’s always struck me was just the spirit of New Zealand, the people, all of you guys. It’s sort of something that I’m so grateful to have been able to come back and experience again. And I hope it’ll stand me through for the next 15, 20 years or hopefully more because the genuine truth and reality of all of you people is just something that the rest of the world only gets to experience mostly through watching “Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit”. And that’s great. Thank to you, Pete. I love you all. Thank you so much.” - Orlando Bloom

Review and first impression of:

Beauty and the Beast is a live-action version of the animated Disney classic from 1991, starring Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as the villain Gaston.
The movie follows the plot of its animated counterpart very closely, with the same music numbers as well as four new original songs made for the movie. There’s also a few other changes from the animated version, but I think they worked with the movie and also expanded on the character development for both Belle and the Beast. The movie moves along very quickly with fast paced music numbers but also slow, more quiet scenes that move the story along in a very natural way.

I’ve been anticipating this movie ever since 2015 when I heard Emma Watson was cast as Belle, and I got even more excited when the whole cast was announced and so many great actors were in the supporting roles. Two of them I especially think stood out was Josh Gad as the henchmen
Le Fou, and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, like in the animated version his number “Be our guest” was the highlight of the movie. Even though most of the actors in the majority of the movie is CGI characters, they all do a good job and they are incorporated very well into the live-actions elements. The production design of the movie is beautiful, both in sets and costumes, and the original composer Alan Menken came back to do the iconic score of the movie.

The animated Beauty and the Beast is one of all time favorite Disney movies and I rewatched it for the first time in years in preparation for the new version, and it stills holds up. The animation, the music, the characters and I think I resonated even more with the movie now that older.The Beast is my favorite character, he so well animated, has some great facial expression and there’s a real depth to his character. And when I heard Dan Stevens was cast as the Beast I thought that was a great choice and I really hoped he would be able to express himself through all that motion capture CGI. And I think he did good, I like the sense of humor he brought to the character and makes him sympathetic without pitying him. Emma Watson is also great as Belle and the
relationship between their characters is bit different but still believable.

Also regarding the music, Celine Dion who sang the original “Beauty and the Beast” from 1991, comes back to sing one of the new songs during the end credits. Ariana Grande and John Legend does a new version of “Beauty and the Beast” and it’s fine too (not as great as Celine’s version but still good).

If you like the animated Beauty and the Beast, I would recommend you give the live-action version a chance. It stays true to the story and feel to the original movie, but adds just enough changes to be its own story.

It’s Almost Halloween!

Halloween Journal 2015

Halloween is  approaching way too fast! How I love Halloween but I wish that it is still a month until October 31st arrives instead of just four more days.  This is the time of the year where I allow myself to slow down after the frantic energy of summer and before the busyness of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Halloween brings the promise of  all things cozy.  It is during fall and winter when our house is most cheerful, homely and nicely warm with the lit fireplace, candles and the smell of pumpkin spice. Coming home is like getting a warm big hug. It feels safe to be snug under the fluffy blankets while the witchies are flying, the creepy crawlies crawling, the ghosties boo-ing and the vampies are looking for neckies to suck. Not mine! Of course, these are all in my imagination, right? Right?!

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anonymous asked:

I love reading what you have to say it allows me to hold back my frustration level and keep my patience with this show so thanks for your perspective and thoughts. I was simply curious if ONCE gets picked up for a 7th season will your time line, predictions change or extend to fit the new time allotment? I saw where you talked of parallels between 6.01, 6.11 and 6.22 so it made me wonder if you'd switch anything up. R u basing your predictions on this being a final season? Thanks again

Yeah, for the most part, I am basing my predictions on this being the final season of the show, but I’m leaving my options open. It’s, by and large, what the writers do when they’re planning out their seasons and how fast or slow they want to unravel the storylines.

So, basically, the biggest aspect of the show would be Emma’s pregnancy, her popping out the kid, and that kid being their saving grace (saving them all, ending the Dark Curse and everything). That’s largely what the show has been building up to from the beginning. And I’ve been told that the way they planned it, it would take six seasons to do just that. I had originally thought Adam and Eddy said their plan was a five-year plan (and that might have actually been the case until they were able to extend it an additional year), but it turns out six years was a good estimate. So what they did was they slowly churned out aspects essential to the storyline—Henry being the Author, magical books that cross realms, Killian doing the Jesus Savior death-and-resurrection thing, living together, foreshadowing all throughout—until they could get to this point in the storyline, where Emma gets pregnant, they have a way to hide the baby (via Henry and storybooks), etc., etc.

But see here’s the thing—unless they find a way to believably cram everything left (all the Sorcerer/god stuff) into this pregnancy storyline, I don’t see them as having the time to resolve all the open storylines I got for them. You know what I mean? Because the way I see things, they’ve got two big storylines left—this pregnancy Dark-Curse-ending storyline and the Killian-is-the-Sorcerer-versus-Rumple’s-Dark-One/gods storyline. 6B is almost definitely going to be the pregnancy storyline. Everything is just about pointing to that being the case (including the annoying aspect of the baby being a fully-grown Savior adult by the end of the season), and if the writers are going on the assumption that this season might be the last season of the show, then they’re definitely going to finish their biggest story thread this season. The Sorcerer stuff will be left unresolved if this is the case. If, by some miracle, this show does get renewed for a S7, then the Sorcerer storyline for Killian (and his children) will take over S7. Does that make sense?

So not much will change in my predictions if this show is picked up for a S7. My timeline will still be the same because they will have resolved the whole pregnancy aspect of things (and the strict timeline of the show was only important until the baby was born and the Dark Curse was broken), but my Sorcerer predictions will all still carry over and come to the forefront for S7. That’s kind of what I meant when I said I am thinking of this as the final season, by I’m leaving my options open. I would LOVE for the Sorcerer storyline to be played out for sure, because I’ve been waiting for it since 4A, but then I’ve also been waiting for this pregnancy since 4B, so I’m torn. I would be disappointed because I wouldn’t get to see my Sorcerer stuff played out, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed because I’d get my pregnancy stuff, so… You know, just for shits, I hope they do get picked up for a S7, if only to see the look on Rumple’s face when Killian pulls out the Sorcerer magic. By then, all my predictions would’ve been exhausted for this couple, and I think the writers would end the show themselves after S7, unless something drastic happens to make them change their minds.

Thanks so much for the question, and I’m sorry for the late reply (I’m playing catch-up in my inbox).

Enjoy the episode tonight! :-)

The queue is going to slow down a bit now because I messed up the order of pictures and need to fix that. Will let you know when we’re back on schedule.

I will probably slow down the queue in the future to 4-12 posts a day, if not less, it depends a bit on how fast it’s going to take to take new photos et cetera, plus how fast the story’s pace goes, and of course, real life stuff and all that crap.

That being said, I’m happy to be back.

I have been gone for so long: Life Update

 But I guess I’m checking back because I got a beautiful new laptop that doesn’t overheat when I open more than one tab in a browser, so I just wanna see how everything looks on this sweet sleek machine. 

Life update, I’m almost done with my sophomore year in college, which is pretty fekkin wild, man. It’s going by so fucking fast I just wanna latch onto all my friends and slow it all down.

Mentally, I’m the best I’ve been in a really, really long time, maybe even ever, which is thanks to the improv group I joined last February, and to my ex, who I love with all my heart and owe the world to. I’m working with happy, I want to be happy, my goal is happy. I haven’t had a breakdown in seven months, and I’m working on making that number as big as I can get it.

Things are happening for this bean, I just gotta put in the work to making it all happen. 


This is a 1.5 hour speedpaint I did to show some of the shortcut techniques I used when it comes to painting cityscapes, reflections, fieheye effect and bright lights :)

Thanks to everyone’s suggestions, I slowed down the captions as much as I could. I realize it’s still a bit fast in the beginning, but there was a lot of captions I needed to fit into there. I’m still new to video editing and I’ll try slowing down parts of the video next time!

As usual, any feedback is appreciated! Please let me know how I can improve in the next video!

Worth the Wait

things get a little heated between you and your boyfriend for the first time aka nathan stops and gets embarrassed

request that took me 5ever (sorry anon)

word count: 1,890

Taking things slow was a typical thing for you. Often you wouldn’t jump into anything too quickly; you liked taking your time, getting comfortable and adjusting as needed. You never wanted things to be too fast. That was until you met Nathan.

The two of you had been dating for about two months, the first part of your relationship being the normal “we’re not together, just going on dates” phase. It wasn’t maybe until week three when he finally asked you to be his girlfriend. For someone who took things very slow, the wait for the relationship to be actually official felt agonizing. It was a new strange sensation for you, but even after the first date you were wondering when he’d ask.

Nathan was different than anything else you’d ever experienced in your life, you wanted to jump in right away, to keep developing your partnership. However, if you had to be honest you did have some doubts about Nathan. Not any in regards to how you felt about him, but it seemed as though maybe he didn’t feel the same way. Sure, the two of you spent an abnormally large amount of time together, which you didn’t mind, but things hadn’t really picked up between you two physically yet. You of course didn’t need physical affirmation from Nathan to know he cared about you, but it sure wouldn’t be terrible. The problem was you felt so invested and ready to quickly jump in that Nathan’s small step back made you harbor skepticism.

All of your friends constantly asked if you and him had “sealed the deal” yet and as annoying as it was, you kept wondering when it would be time. You had only had sex with one person before, and it took you forever to get comfortable enough to them to really be intimate on that level. With Nathan you knew right away that you deeply trusted him to let him see you so vulnerable. In any other case, when you were your normal take things slow kind of girl two months would be too soon to you. People had always teased you about it, but some of the worst decisions someone can make are when they’re rash, unsure and hasty.

Here you were however, thinking about the best way to get things between you and Nathan started physically. He had been over to your apartment plenty of times in the past two months, but tonight was the first time you finally got to go to his. You found this once again a bit annoying with how slow this was all going. You wanted Nathan and you wanted him tonight. Going through your closet for what had to be the hundredth time you still were unable to pick anything worthy enough to wear. You and Nathan would be watching a movie; you figured it would be a little suspicious if you showed up in some sort of skintight dress. Sighing, you decided to opt for the usual top and jeans. You guessed that you would just have to do more with less.

Taking a final glance of yourself in the mirror of your bedroom, you deem yourself appropriate for the occasion and go to the kitchen to grab the keys of the counter.

“Tonight’s the night.” You say to your roommate sitting at kitchen bar.

She looks at you for a moment, “Really? For you and Nathan?” You nod your head and she laughs a bit, “Sure, okay.” You take a step back, offended at her words.


She sighs, “Nothing. I just feel like if it was going to happen, it would have happened already.” You roll your eyes at her. What could she possibly know about your relationship with Nathan that gives her the right to say that?

“Well you’re wrong, because it is going to happen. Tonight!” You take one last look at her, annoyed and head for the door, keys in hand.

If there was one thing that bothered you more than anything, it was how people were constantly trying to control your life and the order things happened in it. All of your friends had a say about your new relationship with Nathan, but tonight it was time for you to fully be in control.

“Do you want any more popcorn babe?” Nathan asks shaking the bowl in his hand. “I’m fine,” you reply, eyes straightforward.

You had been at Nathan’s place for over an hour and there was absolutely no progress towards your main goal of the night. Every time you’d remotely try anything Nathan’s face would grow panicked and make some sort of excuse that he had to check on something in the kitchen, his room, or wherever. Your doubts were only beginning to grow. How could he not want you as much as you wanted him?

“Is everything okay? You’ve been kind of quiet tonight. Do I still smell too much like chlorine? I know it bothers you sometimes.” Any other day you would have laughed at the comment. When you went on your first date with Nathan all you had said was ‘is that chlorine?’ Any other day you would think how cute he was for worrying about something he couldn’t stop. No matter how many showers he took, he would always smell like chlorine.

“No it’s not that.” You look down at your lap and begin fiddling with your hands, a habit you had picked up for when your nerves kicked in. “Then what is it?” Nathan counters.

You didn’t want to be that girl, but it was bothering you so much you knew there was no way you couldn’t be. “Are your all for this relationship?” It was clear he was stunned by your words considering the initial look on his face. His eyes widened, “Of course I am!” You watched his face change from shock to hurt in seconds, suddenly wanting to take back even remotely saying anything.

Nevertheless you continue, “It just doesn’t seem like it. Everything is moving slowly and it just feels like your holding back.”

“I’m not holding back!” Nathan says raising his voice a bit causing you to immediately roll your eyes. “Oh reall-”

Before you can finish, Nathan interrupts your words by placing his lips on yours. Although there’s a bit of a surprise on your part on how forward he was being you soon copy his actions of movement. Both of your mouths move together as you desperately try to convey your thankfulness for this moment, for being there with him. His lips are addictive and you both find yourself connecting and reconnecting ever so often for a bit of air.

Your hands move to his hair, tugging at it a bit. He lets out a groan against your lips and you feel yourself heat up at the noise. The atmosphere felt electric, this was what you had been wanting. To feel the closest to Nathan that two people can be. Moving your hands to his shoulder you pull him down on the couch so you can lay on your back with Nathan hovering above of you. He follows your move, never disconnecting your lips, but leaves a huge gap between your bodies. The space separating the two of you was a little awkward, but as you felt Nathan begin to kiss your neck and leave dark marks behind, you decided to let it go.

The way he was sucking and nipping at every inch of your neck had you letting out a quiet moan, not being able to hold back. You placed your hands on his forearms and began to rub them, soon becoming confident enough to move your hands to the top of Nathan’s jeans, wanting to feel him.

Just as your hand found the button and zipper, you felt Nathan disconnect from your lips, quickly jumping up from the couch and walking around the room with a pained look on his face.

You felt like you were about to break into tears. Was it that bad? Did he really not want you? Flashbacks begin to play in your mind of your last boyfriend cheating on you for not giving him what he wanted. For not being good enough.

The thought of Nathan not wanting you was enough to break your heart completely. When you were with him, you couldn’t imagine your life without him by your side. It was impossible.

Figures, you thought, this is what I get for jumping in too fast. Stupid, stupid little girl.

You feel as though you have to say something. You needed to know what was going on in his head.

“Did I do something wrong?” You ask quietly, afraid of the response.

He stops his self-thought and turns to you with a panicked look on his face, “No it wasn’t you, it was me. I don’t know why I did that.” It was clear he was trying to make you feel better, but the comment only made you feel worse.

“Am I really that horrible?” You ask, still on the brim of tears spilling everywhere.

“No, you’re not! I actually have really strong feelings for you, in fact I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this way about anyone ever.”

“Then what is it?”

He looks away for a moment as if he’s embarrassed, “I don’t want to hurt you?” You blink at him twice as if to communicate that you’re not following. “What do you mean?”

He turns at least four different shade of red and bites his lip, “I’m just huge and you’re so small, I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you or something.”  

You can’t help but feel all your worry wash away. Your doubts of him not being as engaged as you were suddenly become a thing of the past. “Nathan… You’re not going to do anything to me. I’m not a china doll.”

He sits on the couch beside you, “You are to me and I’d never forgive myself if something happened because of me. I’m nearly 230 pounds, if I would have laid down directly on top of you I probably would have broken your pelvis.” You bite your tongue having to stop yourself from making an inappropriate comment and place your hand on the back of his head, “Please just trust me that everything will be okay.”

He sighs and looks down at his hands before looking up to give you a heartfelt smile, “I really care about you.” You feel yourself break out a smile and connect to your lips to his quickly. “I really care about you too Adrian.”

“I’m sorry for taking this whole thing too slow, I just need a little time before I’m ready to trust myself with you, because you really have no idea how much I want to-“ he cuts himself off and blushes, “sorry.”

Smiling at him, you grab onto his hand and stroke his thumb with yours.

You had been complaining about how often in your life people would try to control you with the pace you took things, and here you were doing the exact same thing to Nathan. All you had wanted was someone to be patient with you and the way you did things. Nathan deserved that and more.

“No need to say sorry. You’re worth the wait.”

The Houses as Things Done When Home Alone

Gryffindor: Walking around in just underclothes or pajamas, blanket & pillow nests, trying new looks - clothes/makeup/hair/ect.

Hufflepuff: Playing music loudly and singing while doing activities, spontaneous baking or pinterest projects, homemade spa day.

Ravenclaw: Dancing semi-gracefully to some slow songs and some fast ones, going through old storage boxes in hopes of finding something interesting, reading obscure books.

Slytherin: Trying on fancy clothes and wearing them while doing chores, listening to podcasts while cooking, watching TV somewhere other than where they usually do.


I FELT LIKE I WAS TRAPPED IN ONE OF THOSE TERRIFYING nightmares, the one where you have to run, run till your lungs burst, but you can’t make your body move fast enough. My legs seemed to move slower and slower as I fought my way through the callous crowd, but the hands on the huge clock tower didn’t slow. With relentless, uncaring force, they turned inexorably toward the end—the end of everything.

Saving (Part 4)

Pietro x reader || Request || I just can’t even || Actually…I can || Part 4!

As the weeks went by, Pietro had gotten better and better at staying within the limits and knowing when to slow down. Now, he needed to know when he should push himself. His conditions were getting better and his heart was in pretty good condition. And although Pietro hadn’t broken the sound barrier yet, he was fast. He could run again, multiple laps without stop until his legs would finally give out and he would come and watch you work. 

Considering Pietro had been living with you for about a month or two now, you two were close. Not exactly best friends, but close. You had begun to think Pietro had actually started trusting you, even after all that had happened.

“New record, Maximoff!” you shouted in excitement as you stepped out onto the track. Pietro jogged towards you, holding out his hands for high fives. You swiftly gave him what he wanted and rested your hands on your hips, 

“I’m beginning to see a trail of blue behind you whenever you push yourself.”

Pietro grinned and you handed him the water bottle, “It will not be long before I am able to see Wanda, yeah?” he said, taking a swig of water.

You subconsciously shuffled your feet and turned around, heading for the training room, “I’d guess so. You only have a few more months before your heart and body is back in perfect condition.” you said, your voice quieter.

Pietro let out a content sigh and followed you in, “I can not wait to see Wanda. I never thought I would be able to see her again in the condition I was in before. I have thought of so many different ways to greet her when I–”

“You can’t tell Wanda about me.” You suddenly blurted, cutting him off.

Pietro paused shortly, “Then how will I explain that I am alive?”

“It’s simple. All you saw is I don’t remember or I don’t know. Fury will handle the rest.” You said cooly, picking up a punching bag with ease.

“…But, (Y/n). I can not just…lie to her. And I can’t not tell her about you. You are the reason I am alive and I am incredibly grateful for that. You have been helping me so much, why must I keep you a secret?”

“It’s like I said, if people knew I was bringing people back to life, word would spread and eventually either HYDRA or the government would-”

“Fire you? Send you to jail? Come on, (Y/n) what is the worse that co-”

“Let’s just drop it, Pietro.” You barked, turning around sharply to face him.

Pietro stiffened, standing taller as he looked at you uneasy eyes. You let out a deep breath and turned back around, grabbing hold of some white wrapping. You quickly wrapped your hands tightly and glanced at Pietro, tossing it towards him. “When you go back to the Tower, Fury expects you to be an Avenger. So I’m going to be training you from now on, alright?”

“You?” Pietro asked, a smile curving on his lips, “Training me?”

“You better watch your mouth, sunshine. I’ll knock you out.” You said in a low voice, playfully glaring at him as you smirked.

Pietro’s body relaxed and he wrapped his own hands before tossing away the white cloth and looking back at you as he got into a ready position.                   “Do not worry, printsessa! I promise I will go easy on you.” he taunted.

You cocked your head and barely clenched your fists before advancing towards Pietro. Pietro let out a scoff and smugly threw a punch, but you managed to duck under and sock him right in the nose. Stunned, Pietro stumbled back and finally gravity pulled him towards the ground. You carefully placed each leg one either side of Pietro as you straddled his chest. You leaned forward, your breath mingling with his as he groaned.

“You didn’t see that coming.” You said, smirking deviously at him.

                                                     Lights out.

Pietro swiftly dodged a kick you had sent his way and grabbed your leg, about to pull you forward when you bent over and set your hands on the ground, twisting your body so Pietro was yanked down with you. Your other leg swiftly flew forward and you kicked Pietro back. Pietro tumbled back but quickly recovered, panting as he stood straight again. “That is new.” he commented.

You gave a small shrug and brought your fists back up to your chest, readying for the next move. “Where did you learn this?” Pietro asked suddenly.

“Fury taught me. I didn’t work for Fury I felt like science was closer to my heart then kicking ass was.” You told him simply, dropping your arms.

While Pietro caught his breath, you reached up and stretched your arms overhead, popping your aching joints. Your progress with Pietro was getting better and better as the days past. He was a quick learner, and he had finally reached the highest speed so far. Once again, Pietro would run– leaving a blue blur. Of course, not all of his speed had come back yet and that is why when he tried to advance on you during training, you could see him.

“Lets take a break,” Pietro finally said.

You cocked an eyebrow, “A break? I don’t think so.”

Pietro’s eyebrows knit together as you readied your stance once more. “We have been at it for hours, I am tried. Lets take a break.” Pietro repeated.

“You do know that the more I work you, and the more adrenaline that pumps through your veins, the faster you move and think?” You stated.

“I understand, yes, but can we not just have one single break? I can barely breathe and I know you can only handle so much-”

Before he could protest anymore, you had shot forward and punched him in the stomach. Pietro quickly bounced back, and threw punches, but you merely blocked multiple times before sliding your foot forward and taking Pietro’s feet out from underneath him. Frustrated, Pietro let out a growl and stood up again, punching as fast as he could. Your eyes widened as Pietro’s speed quickened, and you found his punches harder to block.                                                 Pietro’s fist suddenly slammed into your abdomen and you stumbled back.

“Wait, Pie-” “No break!” Pietro cried, rushing forward excitedly.

You managed to kick Pietro in the leg causing him to fumble, but he rebounded faster than you had expected and he threw another punch which managed to hit your lower chest. You let out a cry of pain and swung your arm forward, as if trying to punch back, but Pietro dodged too quickly, spun around, and landed a kick on your face. Still standing, and taken aback by Pietro’s sudden extreme strength and speed, you felt pain flood your senses.  

But You couldn’t call out to him.

“Hahah!” Pietro exclaimed,  “You are too slow!” Pietro laughed in victory as he prepared for his final blow. You managed to take a step back and block your face with your arms right as Pietro delivered a final kick that sent you flying.

Pietro rushed around the room faster than usual, laughing enthusiastically as he punched the punching bag, his fists only seen as a blur. He punched a single hole in the punching bag before spinning around and grinning at you from where you laid on the ground, “I feel like I can-” 

Pietro trailed off as he stopped in front of you. He stood just a few feet away from where you laid. Your chest heaved with every breath you took, your body unmoving as you laid among the broken remains of a wooden bench that had once stood sturdy. Realizing the situation, Pietro hurried to your side and knelt down on one knee, looking down at you. He took in the sight of your bloody lip and tired eyes. Your eyes met his, “…I’ll t-take the break n-now.”