when skies are greyyyy

You Make It Easy

you make me happyyy when skies are greyyyy you’ll never know deeeear how much i love youuu (i also couldn’t come up with a better title by the end of the dayyyy)

Genre: fluff, coming out, fake relationship, pretending to date

Warnings: vvvvv slight homophobia-ish stuff (by that i mean the word ‘phase’ is used and stuff like that) but it gets resolved pretty quick

Word Count: 16.4k

Summary: prompted by the iconic @jilliancares because i couldn’t for the life of me come up with anything (ur a kool kat ty)

Dan comes out to his parents, but they want to make sure that this isn’t all just one big phase. In the heat of the moment Dan mentions that he’s serious and has a boyfriend (he doesn’t) to prove it, resulting in an unplanned trip to the Howell household for Phil. The two then fake a relationship in hopes Dan’s parents will take the orientation seriously.

(that came out in a very melodramatic way)

 A/N: i’m just a small aromantic trying to write romance in this world and i don’t quite know what i did but i’ve been told by non-aromantic friends that it makes sense 

thanks to jillian (ahhh!) for the prompt and isobel for the cookie idea (spoilers) you’re both rad and im sorry that this took an entire month to write

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