when sherlockians get into other fandoms

I need this!

Why isn’t there a fandom school somewhere where you get sorted into classes depending on the fandom you’re in? 

With subjects just as drawing fanart, writing fanfiction, creating gifs and so on.
Also a Supernatural fandom would learn about religion and mythology, Potterheads would learn about chemics to create own potions and stuff and play quidditch, 

Sherlockians would learn how to deduce something and play the violin. 

And when we’re done with school we become artists, authors, priests, archeologists, chemists, detectives, police officers, musicians…

Wouldn’t that be great?

And the Hannibal fandom would learn how to cook great meals and invite other classes over for lunch and that’s what we’d call a crossover.
Also you can chose other crossover subjects where the classes are mixed up and you learn normal useful stuff like languages.

And imagine a Sherlockian dating a Supernatural fan and the whole class freaking out because SuperLock! 

And the greatest thing’s that the teachers are nerds too and understand you!
No judging, no one making fun of you and no axiety just a big, fluffy fandom family…