when she's talking with naruto

“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 

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They shy characters do nothing for me except serve to annoy me. The manga and anime made me dislike her not to mention her stans. They try to claim that she "supported" him from day one but she never actually talked to him I don't care if she's shy she could have mustered up some confidence to actually TALK to Naruto when he was younger even if she stuttered when talking to him it's the effort that counts but no she gets credit for just standing from behind a tree & that automatically = support

[Long post ahead]

I feel like this issue in particular needs a longer answer than just a simple statement of agreement. Because yes, I agree with that. The reason being, that people like Sakura get bashed and thrown under the bus for supposedly not supporting Naruto even though she’s in the top three of his most loyal supporters. In terms of support being shown on panel, I would even go as far as saying Sakura did the most. And I do not appreciate the fact that characters like Sakura, Tsunade, Iruka and Gaara get ignored or even bashed while Hinata gets praised to all heavens by the fandom. The Naruto fandom is extremely selective and biased.

Kishi has stated in an interview that Hinata has been supporting Naruto from the shadows since the start. Notice how he says ‘from the shadows’. It confirms what we critical thinkers have been saying for years. 
Hinata may have been supportive of Naruto in her mind since the beginning, but it did nothing for Naruto, it did not help him at all during his early childhood. It’s no different from people ignoring him or being mean to him because in his mind she was just one of those who ignored him. I would even say that by admiring Naruto from afar for his strength and optimism, all while not being confident/strong enough to voice those beliefs to him to sooth his pain and give him back what she got from him through watching him, she was supporting herself more than Naruto. 
Support is not support when the person who needs to be supported isn’t actually aware of it and doesn’t gain anything positive from it.

So up until the moment Hinata tries to make Naruto copy from her test in the chunin exams, she hasn’t supported him on panel at all.

And this gets confirmed by the many instances Naruto remembers his past in flashbacks and the reader gets to see how he got from being alone and sad to being with Iruka and then with team 7. All the others AND Hinata come after that. Not before.
Most famous example being this page:

This is also proven by Hinata’s first appearance in the manga, when Naruto calls her weird. He has no recollection of her supporting him or being nice to him in a significant way.
And that’s despite the fact that Hinata knew how Naruto had been treated by the villagers, as shown during Naruto’s fight with Kiba when it’s shown in a flashback from Hinata’s POV. Once again she doesn’t voice those thoughts though. After the fight she gives him some ointment for his wounds.

The first time Hinata actually supports Naruto openly that could have or had a positive effect on him was during her ‘Proud failure’ speech. She helps Naruto believe in himself. And he thanks her for that.

We won’t see her support him again for a while. In fact, not until her confession during the Pain invasion. And even there, she calls herself selfish and does not actually voice support for him, she just confesses and gets hurt by Pain. 

Later on, she tries supporting him through giving it her all in the war and helping him snap out of depression after Neji’s death.
If I missed something, feel free to correct me.

Now, moving on to Sakura. When Sakura gets first introduced in chapter 3, she’s rude to Naruto who seems to like her very much. She even goes as far as to say he has it great with no parents scolding him and that this is why he does childish stuff a lot. However, she changes her mind in the very same chapter and vows to be kinder to Naruto from now on, with Sasuke being the catalyst for that change.

A few chapters later we see her share her meal with him.

Ah. You know what, let me try to find every moment she has helped him and/or supported him and his dream. Without me talking in between.

Part 1 finished. Part 2 under the cut.

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The Talk 2 (Naruhina Version)
  • Hinata: Naruto-Kun I think you should be the one giving Bolt the talk. When she gets older, I'll take Himawari.
  • Naruto: The Talk?
  • Hinata: About Sex and-
  • Naruto: *covering his ears* LALALALALLALLAA CAN'T HEAR YOU
  • Hinata: *wtf*
  • Naruto: Sorry Hinata I can't help there. I have no idea how any of that works.
  • Hinata: Naruto-Kun we have two children.
  • Naruto: I know- but what does that have to do with sex?
  • Hinata: what
  • Naruto: what?
  • Hinata: I-I can't- what?
  • -----
  • Hinata: ...and that's how babies are born.
  • Bolt: cool now can I go? I'm bored.
  • Hinata: And Naruto-Kun? Learned anything today?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Naruto: I... I need a minute.

“Please concentrate. I need you to be as precise as possible.”

Sakura tried to neaten her posture, but it was already perfect.

“I didn’t know she was following me until she spoke.” Sasuke was perfectly professional. His hands probably weren’t clammy at all. “I couldn’t visually follow the movement she made.”

“With Sharingan?”

The Sandaime might have been the slightest bit incredulous.

Sasuke’s jaw was a little tenser. “Yes, Sandaime-sama. With the Sharingan.” He adjusted his footing every so slightly. “The suspect collided with Gaara-san, and then as far as I could tell, both disappeared.”

“Indeed.” He tapped his fingers on the desk just once. “Please repeat once more her words, with tone and body language as you remember them.”

Sasuke dutifully repeated the conversation for the second time, though this time he neglected to mention that she had mussed his hair afterwards. That was a shame, because it was the best part, as far as she was concerned. Was his hair cute that way?

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SasuHina Month 2017 #16


She was giving him that look again.  

He bristled, crushing the cold tea bottle in his palm, his fatigue and uncomfortable sweat forgotten after a long training session. What was her problem? Why was she here with her teammates and the rest of their friends anyway? It was supposed to be him and Naruto sparring alone.

Though it was hard to avoid both civilians and shinobi’s blatant gawking at the Hero of Konohagakure and the former missing nin/last Uchiha sparring in an open field.  He hadn’t noticed when they all had wandered by.  There were too many explosions and uprooted trees.

Ever since they were children.  As genin.  When he returned to Konoha. She’d always given him that same exact expression. He couldn’t quite pinpoint just exactly what look it was.

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welcome to tumblr admin v! can i request either headcanons or scenarios about hinata, temari, tsunade, and sakura (future) s/o realizing that she likes girls? possibly a bit angst and/or fluff? i know someone who's going through this and also to everyone celebrating pride month. if that's okay with you. thank you admin v ❤️❤️

Omg I love this prompt to much! I would be happy to write this and HAPPY PRDIE MONTH TO EVERYONE! Never be ashamed of who you or who you love. Love is love is love is love. I hope these headcanons are okay!

Hinata, Temari, Tsunade, and Sakura’s Future S/o Realizing They Like Girls:

Hinata Hyuga:

  • This precious human being, I feel like she’s in the closet as well. Hinata is in a family where everyone is constantly judging her and they’re traditionalists, she tries really hard to suppress the feelings. She’s also very shy and doesn’t like making the first move when it comes to social interactions. So Hinata is not going to have the guts to confess to her crush, especially if she does not know if they like girls. 
  • When she does hear that her crush likes girls, she is so relieved. Hinata has had literal panic attacks when thinking about confessing to her crush, she just doesn’t want to be rejected by someone so close to her and feared being laughed at by them for liking girls. I can imagine her falling to her knees with her hand on her chest when she hears her s/o likes girls, the relief is just that great.
  • Despite this, she’s still not gonna ask her crush out. That’s just not Hinata to be that forward with someone. However, Hinata will make more of an effort to spend time with her future girlfriend in hopes that they will ask her out. 
  • PLOT TWIST: Her future s/o does not know that Hinata likes girls, she hides it really well, especially when she talks about Naruto. And because these feelings are new, she (the s/o) is mortified to even act of them. 
  • Both of them, BOTH OF THEM, spend hours talking in the mirror on how they’re going to confess, but then never do it. They both chicken out and with these new found feelings, there hang-out sessions become awkward as hell.
  • It’s going to take someone like Shino, Kiba, or Neji to get them together. 
    • This is going to be the only time these three men bond, they’re waiting for their ship to set sail. Shino and Neji are the most vocal about it. Whenever they see them chicken out, they’re like “OH COME ON!”
  • Neji is the one who snaps in the end. He grabs Hinata and he grabs her love interest and is like, “Hinata likes you. You like Hinata. Now do something about it.” And just leaves.
  • Both Hinata and her love interest would be a stuttering mess and at a loss for words. 
    • Hinata’s future girlfriend’s thought process, ‘Hinata likes me? She really likes me? But she’s so much prettier than I am and so much more regal. AND SHE LIKES GIRLS?! When did that happen…’
  • Both are just awkwardly standing there, until Shino’s bugs push them together and into a semi-awkward first kiss. But Hinata’s lips are hella soft and she’s always wearing cherry lip-balm so she taste’s great.
  • After that, the two date in secret. It’ll be a solid two months before they tell all there friends…but their friends, low-key, already knew. And their friends are happy for the two girls. Hinata doesn’t tell her family until years of dating. Telling them caused her to pass out from anxiety, and half of her family supports her…the other half not so much. Hiashi and Hanabi are chill so that’s all that matters.
  • If anyone says anything rude to them, be ready for the roast of a lifetime from Shino, Kiba, and Neji. No one will be safe~


  • I would date Temari too lmao
  • Temari has been out of the closet for years, she’s the most open out of all these people in all honesty. And her brothers are super supportive about it, and similar to Shino, Neji, and Kiba, they’ll hurt anyone who gives her a hard time. Not roast them, kill them. Even though Temari says she’s not bothered, her brothers still protect her as much as possible.
  • I could see Temari having a crush on a girl she has known for years.
  • Temari’s crush…when she realizes that she likes girls, it’s something that’s not sudden. She has realized for a while that she never liked boys the same way she liked girls. All she knows, is that when Temari and her brothers walk into the room, she thinks that Temari is the best looking out of all of them and always feels her heart being tugged towards her. But, this girl is still very apprehensive about acting on these feelings just because she’s hid these feelings for so long. You could literally not tell that Temari’s future s/o likes girls.
    • Temari has had her suspicion but never really asked because she would feel humiliated if she was wrong. Temari HATES humiliation
    • Kankuro would know, . 
  • In the end, I think her future s/o would have to make the first move and confess to Temari.
    • S/o’s legs felt heavy, like anchors pulling her down as she tried to swim through the ocean of emotions; her hands were shaking like maraca’s, the shake getting more violent as she proceeded forward; sweat pooled on the inside of her palms, and no matter how hard she wiped them against her clothes, it would always come back. ‘It’s now or never,’ she thought as she approached Temari. The kunoichi was sitting on the couch in the lounge room in the Kazakage building, she was just reading. But even though she was just reading, her aura screamed confidence and oozed intimidation, something that was making this confession harder than it needed to be. S/o knew Temari liked girls, but she feared that her crush would reject her in the event that she asked her out. “H-Hey Temari,” they said with a slight stutter. Temari looked up from her book and smirked, she took one look at her crush and knew exactly where this was going. “Yes?” she replied innocently, she was the one always asking girls out, it was nice to have someone ask her out for a change. Her crush avoided her gaze and ran her sweaty, maraca hands through their hair. “U-um. I…I,” s/o was fumbling, she couldn’t get it out. What’s worse is that she felt her ears getting hot. “What is it? Spit it out,” Temari demanded. Even though she saw her crush stumbling, she was still has straight forward as ever. “I like girls!” Her crush would squeak and then avoided Temari’s gaze. Temari put the book aside and stood up. ‘Here it comes’ s/o thought. Temari placed a finger under the girls chin and brought her face up, and said one word, “Good.”  
    • Temari would then pull her crush in for one hell of a kiss. The kiss is firm, but it’s the kind you melt into and gets softer as it progresses. Temari definitely tastes like soda pop lip balm, fight me on that.
  • Her brothers would be very supportive and immediately see Temari’s s/o as another sister.
  • And despite her confidence, Temari knows that the relationship aspect is new to her s/o so she takes it slow. And she severely hurts anyone who gives her s/o a hard time.


  • I can definitely see Tsunade being bisexual, she has done A LOT of experimenting in her time.   
  • When it comes to her future s/o realizing she likes girls, here is what I imagine happening:
    • Her s/o is going to witness Tsunade use her brute strength to punch a crater into the ground and she’s just gonna be like, ‘Damn. I want her to snap me in half, I’ll thank her while she does it too.’ And from that point on, Tsunade’s crush will be in questioning her sexuality. Her crush knows that if she sees a guy with that strength it doesn’t do anything for her, so she’ll eventually come to the conclusion that she prefers women over men.
  • I don’t imagine Tsunade’s crush being nervous or shy like Hinata and Temari’s crush, mostly because I don’t think Tsunade would go for that kind of person. 
  • But spending time with Tsunade and trying to confess is really hard because she’s always busy with Hokage work and Shizune is a fucking killjoy when it comes to her crushes advances. 
  • Tsuande has actually yelled at Shizune for kicking her crush out of the office. She really enjoys her crushes presence in the office because it just brightens her day and takes the stress off of her. 
  • And when her crush is present, the two women flirt back and forth constantly. Both women know exactly what they want and they have this unspoken thing between them, it’s super obvious, but no one has had the guts to ask the other out. 
  • Push would come to shove and the two would get drunk off their asses and exchange drunken kisses and a drunken confession. The two would also end up hooking up, that’s just how Tsunade rolls
  • In the morning, both would have a heart to heart conversation about what they want, and make sure that both are on the same page that yes, they like girls and yes they’ll date. 
  • Shizune ships it. So does all of Konoha.
  • Tsunade’s female crush will have the easiest time out of the four. Fact.

Sakura Haruno:

  • Surprise! Sakura does not know she’s gay and neither does her female crush. Sakura felt something different when she first met her future girlfriend, but she just thought it was the initial shock of seeing how beautiful they are and never put much thought into it. 
  • Her crush on the other hand, is completely caught off guard by Sakura’s fabulous pink hair and her intelligence. She two just dismisses the knot in her stomach because she’s new to the feeling. 
  • The two girls would form a nice friendship, but would always do more couplely things then friend things. They would hold hands in public, they would take naps together, use their bodies as furniture, stand closer to each other. All the while they’re in a nice oblivious bliss.
  • It would take someone to point out to them or ask, “hey, are you guys a couple?” Both would answer “no.” But then the two would start thinking, what if we DID date.
  • At this point the two would recognize what they were feeling inside is actually love and not just friendship. Both would be really content with what they’re feeling; everything is mutual. 
  • However when it came to down to the confession, both girls were fumbling over words and how to properly communicate. So instead, Sakura got a piece of paper and wrote down everything she felt and passed the paper over to her soon-to-be girlfriend. She would then read it, respond, and Sakura would read it. 
    • If the two ever get married, you can bet your sweet ass that that piece of paper is framed inside their home.
  • Both then take the relationship sort of slow, they’re new to the whole dating aspect and new to dating the same gender. 
  • This relationship is actually really sweet when it starts out.
  • And you can bet that Sakura will destroy anyone who fucks with her girl. 
Orihime > Hinata

My favorite ship is IchiRuki and my favorite female character is Rukia. But I have great respect towards Orihime as a character. In my opinion, she is not just pretty face, she’s one of the most important characters in the series, while Ichigo and Rukia is definitely the main. Despite of the fact that Orihime has so much haters, Kubo never stop to make her play important roles and don’t give a damn to the haters who wanted him to lessen Orihime’s part in the series. 

In Naruto, Kishi actually lessen Sakura’s story and even decided to not include her family background just because she wasn’t well accepted when she was first introduced. Eventhough he really wanted to, he followed the editor’s order instead of convincing them that Sakura worth some more spotlight as heroine. 

Kubo simply made her female characters have amazing roles, both Rukia and Orihime. I didn’t like Orihime at first, I was one of those fans who wanted Kubo to show more of Rukia than Orihime. But because Kubo continued to include Orihime in every arc, I grew to like her little by little and it didn’t surprised me as much as NH, when IH became canon, although I was a bit disappointed of course, because IchiRuki will always be my favorite (The Black Sun and The White Moon poetry will forever remain in my heart!!). 

Orihime was always there in every arc, while Hinata only appeared in 15 chapters out of 700. And all she did when she appeared is admiring Naruto and unable to talk to him properly. 

It’s really different with Orihime who even hung out with Ichigo when they don’t have to fight hollows, and this is in the canon manga, not fillers anime episodes. And moreover, Orihime has something else to think other than “Kurosaki-kun”, unlike Hinata whose life and story are basically only revolves around Naruto. 

Orihime awakened her power to protect Tatsuki, while Hinata only wanted to be noticed by Naruto. She lacks the willpower to win too and once she was lost, she didn’t push herself to limit to fight, unlike Sakura and Rukia and even Orihime when they have to fight and protect their loved ones. 

Orihime understands Ichigo’s will not to interfere his fight even when she’s willing to help, she knows her own capability and decided to believe in Ichigo, while Hinata selfishly jump into the scene, knowing that she had no chance to win, without even thinking about Naruto’s feeling if he witnessed a possible death of his comrade.

I don’t understand when people compared Orihime to Hinata when they are completely different in personalities. The only common thing about them is their big breasts. Orihime becomes one of Ichigo’s important friends and she could be herself around him while all Hinata did is fainted or run away when Naruto appeared. She still do that even in The Last. 

Orihime didn’t and even insisted to go home by herself when Ichigo offered to walk him home, while Hinata disappointed and depressed when Naruto said she could go home by herself because she’s strong. I get it, she wanted Naruto to accompany her a little bit, but what did she expect? At that point, Naruto hasn’t fell in love with her and he’s basically dumb, he doesn’t understand how to treat woman. She should have understand that side about Naruto instead of being depressed. 

They are completely different and in so many aspects, and in my opinion, Orihime is much better than Hinata. Hinata’s one and only goal is to be noticed by Naruto while Orihime has real and many dreams, one of them is having her own cake shop and being able to do many things, but Ichigo is one of her precious dreams, which she decided to let go for the sake of other people’s safety.

I had hard time to accept NH and I probably will never be able to see NH as couple even when they become canon, they just felt so awkward because Kishi’s lack of interest in writing more of them, and Hinata’s obsession towards Naruto is really too much, she couldn’t think of anything else except Naruto, even in the war, she was willing to fight so she can be closer with Naruto. While with IH, I don’t really have to look for reasons to accept them because the development is there, in the canon materials, not filler episodes.

I believe that Ichigo and Rukia are soulmates, they have their own poems and Kubo stated that he can’t draw one without the other. But Orihime and Renji played important roles in their lives, not just as someone who admired them, but do something real to protect them and have real friendship with them, it is easier to accept them together. 

I just wish Kishi would at least give Hinata proper development as a character instead of making her all “Naruto-kun”. I like Hinata in pre-shipuden, I even shipped them a little and posted some of NH arts in pre-shippuden. But Kishi really downgraded her character by making him all Naruto-kun even in the critical moments like The 4th Ninja war. If Kishi really did plan NH to happen since the middle of series, he should have put Hinata more around Naruto and develop their friendship, therefore it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Maybe that way, I could have liked her a little bit more.

these are kakashi’s kids bc they were all hired at the same time and he trained them all together. sakura is a cashier, naruto stocks shelves, and sasuke goes back and forth between stocking and checking. theyre pretty good workers, especially sakura who went from being very shy when she was hired to being fairly open and talkative. no one thought naruto would be any good at stocking and organizing but apparently he can do it if he really tries. sasuke seems like he would be promoted quickly to a higher position but everyone knows hes not going to stay for much longer at the store

Why NH and SS won't win

NH and SS fans love to say Hinata and Sakura are truly in love with Naruto and Sasuke respectively. But Naruto’s feelings for Sakura aren’t love or are gone. Sorry, but why are they gone? Cause Naruto decides that he doesn’t want to spend every moment of every day, repeating Sakura’s name. That he has more important things to do besides being obsessed. Sorry but like my friend Inferno180 likes to point out, we never had a scene that Naruto questions his feelings. And if you think that means Naruto doesn’t love Sakura, sorry but you’re reading the wrong series(I guessed already). In Naruto, if something isn’t talked about, but isn’t countered it means it’s still true. People questioned if Naruto wanted to be Hokage because he stopped talking about it for about an arc. Well he told Obito, being Hokage is still his dream. People thought Ino didn’t like Sasuke anymore because she didn’t think about him. Well she cried when she heard the order for his death. The dream proved she still likes him. We didn’t hear about her crush on Sai either after the Kakuzu and Hidan arc. But the dream proved, she likes him still too. So why are Naruto’s feelings different. Why when Kishi kept these feelings consistent, that he would screw up Naruto’s feelings. 

Also why are Naruto’s feelings, a crush? A crush means they like the person. They want them to be happy and they want to together with them. But what makes love so different, so beautiful is the idea you would do ANYTHING to make them happy or safe. And Naruto DID that. When he heard how much Sakura liked Sasuke, he was heartbroken. 

If that was all, it be just a crush. But he made a promise that he would bring Sasuke back, smiling. Naruto would give up his chance with Sakura, so she’ll be happy. He was willing to crush his happiness for hers. If you can’t understand how important that is, you don’t know love. I’ve never fallen in love, but even I can understand that, why can’t you? Stop using the promise of a lifetime to attack Sakura or say how NS is dead. The Promise of a Lifetime is one of the biggest developments for NaruSaku. It showed when Naruto’s feelings moved to love. It doesn’t mean Naruto gave up. he still asked for dates. That alone means he didn’t give up. Also if Sakura was so horrible, why did she cry harder and thank Naruto.

Yes, she begged for his help. But at that point what could she do. Shikamaru forbid her from coming, Kakashi was away. Naruto was their teammate and he was on the team. Do you want her to ignore her feelings? Sounds harsh for a “girl in true love”. She liked Sasuke, he was in danger and he left, she was 13. What do you expect. She’s not perfect. NO ONE is, so stop expecting her to be.

In fact, in my opinion Hinata’s feelings and Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke are crushes. They care and want them to be happy. But its obvious they think more of themselves then the object of affection themselves. Never once has Hinata thought of Naruto over herself. Each time she helped him, it never hurt her. She would never get hurt for being cheated on. She had multiple healing creams when she gave one to him, she never stood up for him, she doubted him. In 573, she heard Naruto was fighting the mastermind how did she react?

That was all. She didn’t think of helping Naruto, she didn’t even worry about him. Instead it was just about HER. Its always about her. And that’s why I hate her. For anyone saying “but she was willing to die for him”. So? It was obvious that during her confession, she was only doing it for herself. She didn’t call for help, she didn’t try to break the blades, she ran for a suicide attack. She had all of Katsuyu’s info, she saw the fight, she KNOWS her approach was STUPID. Sacrificing your life is not the epitome of being in love. What matters is your motives, and Hinata’s was pure selfishness.

Same for Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke. It was just a schoolgirl crush at first. It did mature, but at the end it was still a crush. During her confession, she obviously couldn’t actually do everything for Sasuke otherwise, why did she scream this

“If you take one more step, I’ll start screaming”, she never planned of letting him leave or even leaving her home. Sorry actions speak louder than words. Her confession was saying without him, even with her family, friends and rest of Team 7 she’ll be lonely. Not the best thing to say to an orphan. 

So if Naruto’s feelings are love and Hinata’s feelings and Sakura’s for Sasuke are a crush. Why do I support NaruSaku? Because I only support Naruto. NO. Because I saw NaruSaku has a chance. And I was right. Because I can say with 100% certainty Sakura loves Naruto more than Hinata does and ever will. Like Naruto, Sakura has been willing to sacrifice for him. 

She was willing to put her life on the line and willing to lose her friendship with Naruto so he would be safe. She hated lying to him, but she did it to keep him safe. The idea of Naruto being in pain cause her to cry

She trusted him, she supported him, she knows him. 

Why should we support NaruHina or SasuSaku anyway? Because Hinata would be sad, because Sakura is still a Sasuke fangirl. Well so 1, Hinata is a side character, plenty of side characters get their hearts broken. In fact see Air Gear, Ikki(main character) chose Ringo(female lead). Kururu(side character) lost and she was the favorite choice in the fandom. 2, That isn’t Sakura. That hasn’t been Sakura since the early parts of the Chunin exams. Accept her character development.

If 615 was NaruHina big canon moment. Why couldn’t Hinata reach Naruto 

But Sakura could speak for him 

When Sakura interacts with Sasuke, she looks like this 

But when Naruto looks talks to her. She does this 

Why should I support NH when Hinata doesn’t understand Naruto? Why should I support SS when Sasuke turns Sakura into Hinata? I support NS because Sakura understand Naruto and because around Naruto, Sakura is herself and Naruto is happy for it. I don’t care if you call me bias. Because I am bias. EVERYONE IS BIASED. If I wasn’t, I’d be a computer. But I try to be objective and that’s why I ship NS. It makes sense, unlike the horribly done NH or the disgusting SS. If you ship NH or SS good for you. But stop twisting facts. 

Funny how Sakura's feelings haven't changed as much as NS like to say.

It’s FUNNY how every NaruSaku fan, with all their “we are Sakura fans, that’s why we want the best for her”, is throwing shit to her character for still being in love with Sasuke LOL.

They claim that “all her development”, “all her change” and “all her maturation” have gone to hell with this chapter. And it’s funny because she NEVER changed her feelings for Sasuke. That’s only in their heads. She (or should I say Kishimoto?) has spent 693 chapters remembering us that 




Let’s have a brief look on how her feelings have changed this whole manga:

  • Chapter 3: she shows us that her dream is related to being with Sasuke. She is still a fangirl.
  • Chapter 31: Sakura is forced to face Sasuke’s death. This is a terrible shock for her. Her feelings are starting to grow to a more mature love. Also, this chapter shows us how Sakura doesn’t obey all shinobi sayings. Shinobi saying number 25 will be her obstacle the whole series.
  • Chapter 53: Sakura wants to demonstrate his love for Sasuke with acts instead of words. Her feelings has changed: from hate to friendship with Naruto, from disgust to respect with Rock Lee, and from silly crush to a deeper love/like with Sasuke. This is her maturity process. Remember that she sacrificed her long hair (which she thought it was her tool to attact Sasuke) in order to save them. That’s not fangirl stuff.
  • Chapter 54: we see Sakura didn’t start to like Sasuke because of his looks or his popularity. She was different from other girls. She didn’t know Sasuke was so popular.
  • Chapter 55: Sakura risks herself in order to stop Sasuke.
  • Chapter 66: Sakura begs Sasuke not fighting in this exam. She is really worried about him. This is also the name of the chapter.
  • Chapter 68: we see both Sakura’s and Ino’s reaction towards Sasuke’s victory. They are very different. Hint: one is a fangirl reaction, the other one is from a person who really cares about him.
  • Chapter 93: Sakura wishes Sasuke a quick recovery and buys him a daffodil, instead of giving him a love flower like Ino. That’s not fangirl stuff.
  • Chapter 129: Sakura risks herself against Gaara in order to save Sasuke.
  • Chapter 172: Sakura cries in joy for Sasuke being awaken. Even Naruto sees this.
  • Chapter 181: Sakura confess her feelings to Sasuke. She was able to sense Sasuke’s intentions of leaving the village. This shows she knows Sasuke very well.
  • Chapter 183: Sakura begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back home. Naruto witnesses Sakura’s feelings again.
  • Chapter 236: Sakura breaks after learning that Sasuke has gone. Sakura then decides to become a medical ninja. Again, Sasuke is Sakura’s motivation to improve. Even if she wants to help Naruto in the search, it all comes from Sasuke’s leaving.
  • Chapter 267: two years have gone by, and Sasuke is still the source of her power. Her fight against Sasori is a good proof of this.
  • Chapter 286: Sakura hits Sai for talking shit about Sasuke.
  • Chapter 306: Sakura is shocked after seeing Sasuke again. These are not the eyes of a fangirl or a person who doesn’t feel anything for him.
  • Chapter 319: Sakura cries over Sasuke. The key is the moon.
  • Chapter 453: Sakura cries after seeing how Sasuke had gone too far. Again, Naruto sees Sakura’s painful love for Sasuke.
  • Chapter 474: Naruto and Sai talk about how much Sakura loves Sasuke, and how many things she is willing to do as long as not seeing him sinking more and more into the darkness. That’s why the fake confession didn’t work with Naruto.
  • Chapter 484: Karin notices Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke at first sight. Sakura has the opportunity of killing Sasuke from behind, but in the last second she realizes that she’s not able to do it, because of her feelings and the memories of the old Sasuke.
  • Chapter 540: a random guy confesses to Sakura, but she rejects him because she is in love with someone else. When the shinobi says how such a wonderful person that guy must be, Sakura only thinks about Sasuke. She is sad because she loves a person who is not that wonderful anymore. Sakura is not confused about her feelings at all.
  • Chapter 631: Sakura is shocked with Sasuke’s arrival. Again, those are not the eyes of someone who doesn’t feel anything for him, but this is arguable, I guess.
  • Chapter 632: Sakura is saved by both Naruto and Sasuke, but she blushes and focuses only in Sasuke.
  • Chapter 675: Kakashi compares his team before and after. He says Sakura’s love for Sasuke is now on a totally different level, yet is love.
  • Chapter 685: Sakura gives her all in order to rescue Sasuke, almost fainting in the process. Let’s ignore the eye-smex and the physical contact.
  • Chapter 687: Sakura blushes as she rides a white horse with Sasuke.
  • Chapter 690: Sakura calls Sasuke’s name with excitement, almost forgetting Naruto is not with him. Again, when she is with Sasuke, the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Also, she looks at Sasuke when Naruto talks about living happily ever after.
  • Chapter 691: Sakura is staring at Sasuke while Rikudou’s talking.
  • Chapter 693: Sakura confesses her feelings to Sasuke again. She tries to stop him, as she did in chapter 181. She still loves him. Kakashi also explains her feelings to Sasuke. And AGAIN, Naruto witnesses this all.

But yes, her feelings for Sasuke now are totally nonsense, because she NEVER showed love for him during these 3 years. LOL. 

I agree that her feelings for Naruto have changed a lot (from hate to true friendship), but they are only friends. And it’s not like if Naruto were worried about that in this chapter. In fact, he seems to not giving a shit about Sakura not loving him.

So, NS should stop saying that Sakura’s development has gone to hell, because her character development has nothing to do with her love for Sasuke. Please, tell me why loving a person makes you weak and with no self-steem. She is strong and a great woman. Tell me, please, why is she a worse character only for not being in love with Naruto.

The problem here is not Sakura “suddenly” loving Sasuke, but is people not reading properly the whole manga and not understanding the messages of the series.

Sakura’s dream has been always being with Sasuke, while Naruto’s dream has never included being with Sakura. So, why would Sakura be the only one in the team in not achieving her goals?


Title: Incoming!

Pairing(s): NaruHina, mentioned SasuSaku

Summary: It’s a beautiful day in Konoha. The sun is shining, the birds are singing- and Hinata’s water just broke!? The baby’s coming!

Comments: I thought it was about time to make my contribution to my beloved OTP! Originally a One-Shot, but it’s quickly turning into a one-shot series… I’ve already written a second chapter, so this is the first! If you want it in chronological order, read chap 2 first. 

Chap 1 (here) , Chap 2

Warnings: Super cheesy ending is super cheesy                 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Link to FF: Incoming!

It was a beautiful day in Konoha. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and-


Any semblance of peace shattered as unfortunate citizens that had been walking down the street were coated in a billowing trail of dust when a blur of orange whizzed by them so quickly that most of them were left to wonder if it had just been their imaginations.

Said pink headed girl paused in mid trek, eye brow twitching. Sasuke stopped beside her, Sarada moving slightly in his arms as she cheerfully waved her little hands around at something unseen.

“Did you hear something?” Sakura asked hesitantly. Sasuke arched a brow in confusion.


Sakura turned back, waving it off and shaking her head, “Nothing. For a second, I thought I just heard-”


Without missing a beat, Naruto came out of nowhere, skidding around a corner and racing straight at the couple.

“Naruto!?” Sakura said, startled. In his mad sprint, Naruto failed to notice a stray stone that had appeared in his path. Foot catching, he let out a strangled, garbled noise before crashing down and eating dirt, sliding across the ground before coming to a stop at their feet.

Sakura sighed, resting her face in her palm. To think he’s supposed to succeed Kakashi soon…

She squealed loudly in surprise when Naruto threw his arms out, wrapping them around one of her legs.

“What do you think you’re doing? What’s wrong with you?” Sakura cried out in annoyance, trying to shake him off her leg. However, when she looked down, she was slightly stunned to register a pale face and an expression of what she could only describe as absolute terror.

He started speaking rapidly, stuttering and pointing a trembling finger in no particular direction behind him.


Sasuke sighed, stepping back to Sakura’s side, as he had moved out of the way as soon as he’d seen Naruto coming, mostly for the sake of the three month old infant still obliviously resting in his arms.

“Dobe, calm down. We can’t understand you. What’s wrong?” He said.

However, Naruto looked far from calm, but he did manage to calm down just enough to regain his voice and in a burst, the problem tumbled out in a horrified tone.

“Hinata and I were just at the park and then, then there was water, and, and- it’s coming!

Sakura had just enough time to blink before it really sunk in what the panic was all about. She grasped him by the collar, yanking him up to face her.

“Get a hold of yourself Naruto! Where is Hinata now?” Sakura tried to ask patiently, but if Hinata’s water had really just broken, then there was only so much patience she could muster.

He blinked before throwing his hands to his face in horror, “ACK! I didn’t even think! As soon as it happened, I went to get help! She’s still at the park-”

“YOU JUST LEFT YOUR PREGNANT WIFE ALONE?!” Sakura snarled, slamming her fist over his head. She couldn’t believe her ears! This moron! Sasuke took a few steps back again, recognizing the signs of when not to be near his wife. Sarada giggled happily, bouncing in his arms.

Naruto held his head in pain, but just looked back at Sakura, desperation laced in his voice, “Help.

Sakura shook her head briefly, “Jeez, of all the moronic things you’ve done… Well, don’t just stand there! Let’s go!”

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Dance Class (SasuHina Dance Partners Canon/AU)

((AN: Just a little something I’ve thought of out of excitement for SasuHina month. A little corny especially towards the end, but whatevs. Always wanted to try writing them Pre-Shippuden :D))







“NO! ME!”

“Damn, Sasuke’s really popular, isn’t he?” Shikamaru yawned, resting his head on the table beside a bitter Naruto and a hungry Chouji, who was as usual munching on a bag of potato chips.

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SPOILERS! If you are one of those few people that doesn't know what happens do NOT read.

Saw Naruto the Last today and absolutely loved it! I need to talk about it cause I’m always like this after movies that I loved. Would’ve seen it again if it was on for more than one day. Loved those NaruHina scenes, especially that ending scene ;)

The whole cinema was cheering when the kiss scene came on with a few yelling “FINALLY!!!” They were really building up to it.

Each time Sakura would speak to Hinata and Naruto a scene of Sasuke would show. The first of him walking through the desert??? The other scene he was in that related to Sakura was when she was talking to Naruto and it cut to a scene where he was walking during the night. (I can’t really remember properly but I think it was the time he was heading back to Konoha and came upon Hiashi.)

We were all laughing at how dense Naruto was, and cheering Hinata on when she was trying to confess. When the confession came everyone was squealing.

I thought it was pretty cool of Hinata acting like the inside man, trying to find the weapon.

The fight scenes were pretty epic, with Naruto calling for Kurama to fight this beast creature thing while Naruto fought Toneri. I cannot put into words how well the fight was done.

Other than that everyone waited for that end scene with Boruto and Himawari and there were a lot of ‘awwws’ going around.

I really don’t want Naruto to end so luckily the Boruto movie will be out to satisfy me.

I will end this post here and might post other things about the movie later on if I remember

Naruto decides to, one day, dared Sakura not to call Sasuke “Sasuke-kun” for a day. She was a little suspicious about this, but did it nonetheless when he said he would pay for ramen for two weeks each and every time they went out.

So she did just that.

Sasuke began to, during the day, get a little worried because she was not calling him by the “kun”. Although he had not responded to her confession, he had done little things here and there to let her know that he cared.

Eventually, by the evening, Sasuke grabbed Sakura and took her with him, dragging her down the street. She tried to pull away, only for him to tell her to be quiet. She did, pursing her lips and closing her mouth.

Sasuke led her to the bench on the way out of Konoha. 

Sakura asked what this was about, but Sasuke blurted out why she was no longer calling him by the name she would normally call him. She was confused somewhat by his behaviour, and did not answer because she was slightly shocked by his question.

He demanded that she tell him what was going on.

Sakura said that Naruto had dared her to stop calling him by the “kun”. She did not think that Sasuke would get so affected by it.

She then swore she heard Sasuke to not stop calling him like that.

But of course, she was kind of interrupted when Naruto came sprinting in, talking about ramen and other things.

… Naruto left with a few bruises that day.

Karin depended on assumptions about Sasuke

That’s the difference between Sakura and Karin. Karin would have encouraged Sasuke to kill because she thought it was what Sasuke wanted. She was the type of girl who would do anything for Sasuke, and that the only thing she depended for knowledge was Sasuke’s current actions and charm. She didn’t look beyond it. Sakura never did that. Sakura may have first took a liking of Sasuke because of his looks, but even at beginning episodes of Naruto, she took a great concern when Sasuke talked about “killing a certain man”. We could have mistaken Sakura’s confession to Sasuke before as a simple puppy love, but this is proven later on in Shippuden that it may have begun with attraction, but sooner bloomed into unselfish love.

Long story that was originally a short headcanon

@enlai-equalist Said: 

Bolt being the sweetheart that he his, albeit mischievous in some of his actions, was simply doing his best to impress his mother on his growing ability to conceal his chakra. To him nothing else would do until he could give his mother a surprise hug from behind, in previous attempts she would turn around at the last second and catch him with a hug of her own. Bolt had learned that his best chance was when she and Naruto were talking and not paying attention, which was almost never. However luck favored him this day as he slowly made his way towards his parents room, which was just so slightly cracked opened that he could hear their voices. Putting his ear near the crack his eyes shot opened wide at what he was hearing, taking a deep breath he slowly moved away from the door and ran once he felt safe. One thing he knew for certain was that he needed to find and tell his sister fast!

The next morning soft patting of feet filled the Uzumaki household in early morning hours. a normality for the parents of two energy filled children. Soft whispers could be heard outside before several soft knocks followed by its opening. Naruto always the heavy sleeper, was awoken by his wife shaking him and softly calling his name. Rubbing his eyes he sees his wife looking at him, eyes brimming with tears as she looks back at the open door. “Naruto-kun…look.” Listing to his wife, he was shocked, right there before their very eyes were their children, smiling at them. Bolt holding a tray with two plates filled with food and empty glasses, Himawari standing next to him holding a large pitcher of juice.

Moving forward Bolt and Himawari took their time getting to their parents bed, as not to drop the tray. Naruto and Hinata looking on with happy but surprised faces, before either one could ask the question they both were thinking, Bolt spoke. He explained that how had heard his parents talking that today was going to be special, it being their anniversary and all. Bolt continued on as he placed the tray on the bed that Hima was the only reason why this was as yummy as it looked. (Bolt unfortunately had not inherited the skill of a cook like his sister had, something he would hope to learn from his mother). Himawari had been nodding silently as she poured the liquid into their glasses, adding playfully once Bolt paused that if he hadn’t been their to taste it there would be more. Flushing with embarrassment at his sisters comment he continued to explain that how he wasn’t sure what he and his sister could get their parents, after a long back and forth, they had decided to make them breakfast…well for Hima to make it and Bolt to help with getting what she needed.

Once he finished the story, both Bolt and Himawari wished the worlds two most wonderful parents a happy anniversary.


To @enIai-equalist: 

Once again, this was super brilliant! And so friggin’ cute Omg! 

I’m SO tempted to do a fanart of these headcanons you send me :) Maybe at some point I would like to if that’s okay with you? Also, your writing skills are beautiful! ^____^

anonymous asked:

I don't mean any disrespect I just wanna know your thinking maybe you could even convince me but could you explain why you love Sakura so much (I ain't got nothing against her it used to annoy me when she used to obsess over susake and take naruto for granted, and I think she shoulda dropped him after he stabbed her tho) but yeahh I wanna know what you think P.S what are your opinions on how she has been with him after he returned do you think she forgave him to easily??

I love Sakura because she’s the most human of all the characters in Naruto. She wasn’t born into some elite clan, she doesn’t have any special eyes, she’s just normal. She makes mistakes and she learns from them. It’s so easy for people (well, I guess most females) to relate to Sakura because we’ve all had our annoying 12 year old stage and we’ve all made bad decisions, thinking at the time, they were great decisions. 


I don’t think Sakura is perfect by any means however, so I really hope you don’t think I’m one of those people who worship the ground Sakura walks on and thinks that she can do no wrong. I think the way she went about telling Naruto about Sasuke needing to be killed wasn’t the greatest and I did feel bad for Naruto. But what she learned from that experience is that Naruto wasn’t trying to save Sasuke just for her, but for himself as well. Sakura learns more about people from her fuck-ups. Even in episode 3 when she was talking crap about Naruto and Sasuke had to kinda put her in her place, she learned that how she looked at Naruto was wrong and that he was just another human being going through a hard time. 


Sasuke didn’t stab her btw. But regardless, I don’t think she should have dropped Sasuke because a lot of people forget that she was the one with the intention of killing Sasuke first. Both times. She expected he would try to defend himself and she knew that if she failed, he would have taken her life. Sakura’s not stupid. She knew the risks she was taking when attempting to take Sasuke’s life. 


Although I believe Sakura has put aside what happened between them during the Kage SUmmit arc, she has not forgotten. She knows that although Sasuke is doing good at the moment, he is still unstable. But at the current moment, she has to forget about the past and worry about the present; stopping Madara/Kaguya. She trusts him, but she is still caution. But that doesn’t mean she stopped loving him. She still believes that the real Sasuke is deep down in there, but with all that’s going on right now, it’s very difficult to pull that side of him out.