when she's hurt it's time for some face holding

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Ok so I got your later post but I just wanted to say that when you sent this I got so excited because I LOVE Uraraka and I didn’t care that you didn’t ask for specifics because IVE BEEN WANTING TO WRITE STUFF FOR HER FOR SO LONG SO ILL GIVE YOU BOTH, LAZY DAYS AND EVERYTHING ELSE I GOT

Lazy days HCs:

  • Doesn’t matter if its cold or hot, she’ll have ice cream no matter what the weather, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her
  • Cold lazy days involves snuggling under covers with hot cocoa and the tv playing in the background
  • If she has an s/o then it involves cuddling under blankets together, sharing a giant mug of hot cocoa
  • Hot lazy days involves lots of ice cream/Popsicles and laying in front of a fan trying to stay cool
  • Probably has those fans that spray water that kids tend to use cause they’re great for cooling down
  • If with friends or s/o she might just use a bubble gun to blow bubbles and watch them lazily drift down 
  • Likes to spend her lazy days with friends or s/o, even if its just laying around, she enjoys the company

Now for my own HCs (๑و•̀Δ•́)و

  • She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, like she could do the littlest thing for you and you’d probably remember her forever
  • She wants to believe the best of people, and she will no matter what until proven otherwise 
  • If you betray her trust good luck getting it back, its not so much that she holds grudges but the fact that she trusted you and you decided to betray that is enough for her to never trust you again
  • She tries to be nice to everyone but she has her limits
  • Super protective of her friends, she hates seeing them hurt 
  • She’s the ray of sunshine everyone looks forward to seeing, its hard to hate her and why would you??? 
  • Super loving and affectionate when it comes to her s/o, enjoys some PDA (hand holding, cheek/nose/forehead kisses, hugs) while some embarrasses her completely (kisses on the lips, no matter how short, makeout sessions and the like)
  • S/o might take advantage of that sometimes because her flustered face is just the cutest, and she doesn’t mind so much if her s/o enjoys it (as long as it is not at a bad time)

Basically, protect this little cinnamon roll 

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Sooooo I was thinkin last night about how much Waverly love love loves her books and she probably takes such good care of them and dusts them everyday and if someone tries to interrupt her while she's reading ancient Sumerian or some shit she just ignores them. Enter one adorable puppy faced Nicole Haught sneakin up underneath her arms while she's reading in bed and just giving her eyes until Waverly finally gives up and puts her book away (carefully!!) so she can kiss Nicole goodnight

omg this is so cute im squealing!!! thank you for the prompt c:

Waverly was in her bed reading, and re-reading, The 12th Planet. It was her favourite book so far out of her collection. The book had even gotten its own notebook for cliff notes and important highlights of the Sumerian era. This, like most of Waverly’s books, was looking almost untouched. No dog ears, no post-its, just notebooks upon notebooks of the “useful” information it contained. Waverly couldn’t put it down. 

This, of course, created some problem for Nicole. Reaching out to her girlfriend when she was “in the zone” was next to impossible. Nicole tried everything; holding her cat in front of Wave’s face; pretending that she hurt herself; wearing nothing but Wave’s favourite shirt; wearing nothing at all. Nicole gave up when Waverly accidentally walked into a wall while going to get tea and reading at the same time. 

This time, Nicole was going to get Waverly to crack.

“Hey, babe, how many times have you read that book?” Nicole asked while getting into bed. She got no answer. “I guess it’s pretty boring by now…” she tried.

“The 12th Planet is not boring! It’s anything but…” Waverly stopped talking when she saw the grin on Nicole’s face. “Nice try.” Waverly scoffed and went back to reading. 

“Oh yeah? Well, how’s this?” Nicole sneaked her arm around Waverly and began slowly kissing her neck and tugging her earlobe. Waverly groaned a little and tried her best to focus on the book but it wasn’t getting easier. Nicole gently kissed Wave’s jaw, wrapping her arms around the shorter woman until she laid her head on Waverly’s chest. Waverly sighed.

“Fine…” she muttered and kissed the top of Nicole’s head whilst putting the book away neatly on her bedside table. Nicole let out a small squeal in victory as Waverly leaned in for a moment of passion before turning the lights off.