when she whips this thing out i cry

it’s not a big deal but my entire life when i was funny i was sassy. i think about that a lot. about how sometimes my brother would tell the same stories, same inflections, same characters - but he was clever, he was funny. i was just… sassy. my sarcasm and sharp tongue and wit were always whittled down into kind of a bitch. when he was the class clown or a riot or a great guy, i was a problem student who couldn’t shut up, a disruption, an attention whore. i talked less than him. kept the ice to a minimum. pulled the bow of my arrow voice a little shorter than he did. he could step over lines and dance between them with entire rooms laughing. but when i did that, i was kind of full of myself. i was seen as loud, overly dramatic; my humor too dark or too quick or too feminine.

there’s power in making people laugh. it draws you into them. it’s a good thing to feel you’re making someone happy. i watch boys at parties who are so funny and everyone loves him and how they cackle and howl and never worry they’re taking up too much of their audience’s attention. how when i chime in, when i’m just as funny - if not funnier than them - all hell breaks loose. how fast they get vicious to me. how fast they turn their comments onto my personality. how fast they scramble to be the center of attention again: in an instant, the funny stories become snide comments. and i’m quiet again. 

sassy girl gets told to sit down. she gets called up to the front of the class because oh, if you’re so smart, why don’t you teach the lesson. sassy girl gets cast as villain in all her musicals, because princesses don’t use the bitterness in their souls. sassy is ugly ursula, is wicked witch, is snide sidekick. sassy girl makes you laugh when you’ve been crying so much you feel sick. sassy girl listens to you while you spill your secrets, knows when to make a joke and when to take thing serious. tell the cuban girl she’s sassy, watch her eyes roll, watch her heat up, use that latin anger that whips in octopus tentacles out of her. she takes everything so seriously. she needs to calm down, practice ladylike, less swears and less blasphemy and less sassy.

my brother easily relates to “funny.” my brother and most boys i know pride themselves on their humor. they know they can throw a comment into the air and have it stick to the wall of their peers, they know even if it doesn’t land, everyone will just cover their ears. it’s not a big deal. it’s just if you have two people in equal situations, like a brother and a sister both with the same shared timing and humor and stories - some even stolen from each other word for word and with exact phrasing - and if one of those people is treated differently, usually something strange is happening. it’s not a big deal. it’s just i don’t really ever hear girls called funny. 

Royalties Part 1/

Genre - Fluff/Angst 

Word count - 1733 words 

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader

Summary - Jungkook was a prince, you were not, he was royalty, you weren’t even close. But somehow you two were in a relationship. But will it be able to withstand all the rules and boundaries with his Position as a royalty, soon to be king?

Authors note - I didn’t proof read anything yet, so there may be mistakes. You may send in requests for anything you want, inbox is always open x 

Part 1/ 

Admin - Admin Jungkook

’Father! You can’t do this! I thought you supported whatever and who ever I choose to love!’’ Jungkook screamed mad.

‘’I do son, but there are standards, and she, she is not in those standards.’’ The king said. I stopped struggling a while ago, seeing that it made no sense.

‘’Please father, I will marry whoever you want me to, but please, I can’t go on with my life If I can’t see her’’ Jungkook said. He was on his knees in front of the king. Jungkook has never bowed to his father on his knees, but now he did.

The king was shocked to say at last, he didn’t expect his son to bow down for a girl like her.

‘’You really love her don’t you son’’ the king asked his son. Jungkook didn’t dare to look up and stayed on his knees and nodded his head. ‘’Well-


1 Year prior

It all started from secret meetings in the castle library to you sneaking into his room and vice versa. You didn’t know that a small friendship started in the library could turn into something more, nonetheless with the heir of the country.

‘’Psshhh Y/N! Y/N!’’ Jungkook whispered next to me. I was trying to stay concentrated on my book that I was reading, but with Jungkook whispering in my ear.

‘’I would appreciate it if you didn’t distract me your highness’’ I whispered back. We were currently seated in the castle library.

‘Ya! Y/N I told you not to call me that, just say Jungkook’’ he said.

 ‘I’m sorry your high, I mean Jungkook’’ I said bowing slightly with my head.

‘’Aishh stop being so formal, we’ve spent how many months here together, I would’ve thought the formalities are gone now’’ he said.

‘’I’m sorry Jungkook, I’m just scared that someone finds out about these secrets meetings, and that I’ll have a punishment to go through’’ I said.

‘’Fine, then let’s not meet anymore’’ Jungkook said. My eyes widened hearing that because that was not how it was supposed to go, I loved hanging out with Jungkook, I was just scared of the consequences, seeing my status and his.

Truth is, Jungkook is the prince of the country and I was just a daughter of a maiden of the castle and knight. There was a big difference in status, and Jungkook and I meeting wasn’t the smartest thing to do. If someone ever found out, I could be whipped or be removed from the castles and forbidden from ever meeting with Jungkook again.

The first time I met Jungkook was when I was 6 years old. I was roaming the halls of the castle when I wasn’t supposed to leave the room. I got lost when the queen found me crying in the halls. She asked me who I was and introduced me to a young Jungkook. She returned me to my mom’s room who was crying when she saw me, she thought I had run away. After that I hadn’t seen him until I was 17 years old, reading a book in the library.

He asked me if I could help him find a book for his studies and that I had to help him with his homework. So the secret meetings started from there on out. If I have to be honest, Jungkook was a very handsome, kind and has the sweetest most down to earth personality a prince can haven. You could say I’ve developed a tiny crush on him, but I knew it couldn’t be returned, because he’s a prince and I’m nowhere near the royal status.

‘’Jungkook, you know that’s not what I meant’’ I said now turning to him and pouting. But Jungkook wasn’t giving in and was just looking straight forward with a stern look, not once breaking his demeanour. He was ignoring me.

‘’Jungkook! Kookie, please forgive me, you know I didn’t mean it like that’’ I said clinging to his arm. I could see the right side of his lips curling up a little and knew I was breaking his stern demeanour. ‘’Please, please, please for me’’ I said pouting. His eyes shifted to mine.

‘’Fine’’ He said and I started to grin widely. ‘’But! I want a kiss in return’’ he said smirking. His comment made my mouth fall open and my cheeks heat up.

‘’Wh- What’’ I said shocked. Surely he didn’t mean that, right?

‘’I’ll forgive you, in return of a kiss’’ he said. My cheeks started blushing crimson red. I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and returned in my seat quickly, looking down on my lap, playing with my fingers.

‘’What was that?’’ Jungkook asked shocked.

‘’A, a kiss your, Jungkook’’ I said not looking up. I knew my cheeks were flaming red right now. ‘’You didn’t tell me where you wanted that kiss’’

‘’I meant on my lips Y/N’’ Jungkook said. I looked up so quickly, I thought my neck was gonna break.

‘’This might have not been the best timing to announce it but’’ Jungkook said and took a deep breath and turned to face you better. He grabbed your hands in his and made you look at him.

‘’Y/N, I’ve met you once when we were little and I couldn’t get you out of my head since then. I was only 8 years old then, but I couldn’t. I met you again 1 year ago, at exactly this place, and I fell for you right that moment. I didn’t necessarily need help on my study then and I still don’t now, but Y/N I like you, and I’m okay if you can’t replicate these feelings, I just wanted you to know’’ he said and released a big breath.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, that the prince Jeon Jungkook returned my feelings for him. I didn’t know what to say and just sat there with my eyes wide open and mouth wide open.

‘’Y/N please say something, I’m dying here’’ Jungkook said with a nervous chuckle.

‘’Jungkook I like you too’’ I said without even processing the information. I swear Jungkook’s smile went so big and bright, I never want to see anything else in my life again.

‘’You do?!’’ he asked shocked and I nodded with a shy smile.

‘’yeah’’ I said and looked back down on my lap and continued playing with my fingers. When suddenly my head was lifted and Jungkook was much closer than I expected. His nose barely grazing mine and his eyes staring into mine.

‘’Then it must be okay to do this now’’ he said and before I know it I felt his lips on mine. To say this was my first kiss would be a lie, but to say that his lips were the softest I’ve ever felt. His lips tasted like vanilla and they were so soft. Jungkook nibbled on my lower lip to ask for access and I happily granted it. His hand on my waist and my hands in his hair. I never expected something like this to happen to be honest. Once we broke the kiss to catch a breath his head was still leaning on mine.

‘’Wow’’ he said out of breath 

‘’Wow indeed’’ I said equally out of breath.

‘’I never thought you would have returned my feeling Y/N’’ he said leaning back but pulling you with him so you sat on his lap.

‘’and why would you think that?’’ I asked playing with the back of his hair. My book that I was reading long forgotten.

‘’Because you are so beautiful, kind and way out of my standards.’’ He said which made my mouth fall open, again.

‘’Are you kidding me’’ I asked and slapped his chest and he just grinned.

‘’Ya! I’m still the prince you know, and that hurt Y/N’’ he said rubbing the spot on his chest I just hit him. Shit, I forgot for a moment who we are.

‘’Eh, eh, I’m sorry your high-, I mean Jungkook’’ I said quickly scrambling off to sit back on my chair. Jungkook pouted at me when I moved from place, but who knows who could come in any moment. We were still in the castle and Jungkook is still a prince.

‘’Ah I didn’t mean it like that jagi, please come back’’ he said pouting and holding his arms out to me.

‘’No I know, but I don’t want anyone catching us’’ I said.

‘’Then, lets meet elsewhere’’ he said.

‘’Like where’’ I said looking at him.

 ‘’My bedroom’’ he said which made my eyes grow big. ‘’or the garden, or both’’

‘’Your bedroom? but Jungkook, we, I,’’ I was at loss of words. His bedroom was his room, his private place, his safe place. And going there would be breaking the law, even if I’m already doing that, this would make matters worse.

‘’We’d have more privacy there Y/n, and the guards won’t say anything, I’ll even tell them to let you in whenever you come without questioning, I would rather be with you all the time but I know how scared you are of the king and breaking the law, but I’ll find a way for us to be together, but please, for now?’’ he asked. He was holding my hands to his lips and staring at me with his big puppy eyes, which he knows I can’t resist.

‘’Fine’’ I said letting out my breath and his smile grew again. ‘’but when? And what did you say about the garden?’’ I asked.

‘’every evening if possible? And the same time as the library? Or I can send for you, and If I pass you in the halls myself, I could give you a sign like rubbing my ear if I wanted to meet?’’ he said. He had it all planned. I can’t believe we were going to do this.

‘’Fine, but what about the gardens? You said gardens?’’ I said.

‘’No one ever comes in the gardens, only the garden maid, but she’s very nice and is like a grandma, she won’t tell, so we can also meet there if we want to’’ he said.

‘’Fine, but’’ I said.

‘’But what jagi?’’ he asked.

‘’what am I to you now than?’’ I asked.

‘’You’re my girlfriend of course’’ he said grinning and kissed me again.


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Hey mun? I rlly liked the head canons for the rfa members accidentally making MC cry can you write like a full scenario with jumin and zen's? Pls and thank you ilysm



When Zen came home and saw you passed out on the couch, two things crossed his mind. One, she’s so adorable when she sleeps, and two, this is the perfect set up for a prank. Quietly, he set down his bag full of scripts and fan mail, and made his way to the kitchen.

I knew this whipped cream would come in handy!

With a tiny smirk he pulled out the can of deliciousness and uncapped it.  However, as soon as went into the room you were still sound asleep in, he let a tiny laugh slip. When you began to toss and turned he held his breath.

Crap, please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up… Oh thank goodness.

Carefully his squirted a pile of whipped cream in your hand, and then stepped back to admire his work.

Now for the moment of truth!

He brushed the hair out of your face, and planed a tiny kiss on your nose.

“Zen, that tickle-“

Before you could finish your sentence, your mouth and face were COVERED in the a thick layer cream.

“HAHAHA, that’s sooo cute MC! You should let me take a picture of you!”


“Yeah, babe?”

“Is this whipped cream?”

“Yeah, babe!”

“Did you forget that I’m LACTOSE INTOLEREANT???”

“Yeah… babe.”

“You idiot.”

Zen moved at the speed of light. He grabbed a bottle of water and a towel to wipe off your face.

“Here, drink this. I am so so so sorry MC, it just completely slipped my mind!!”

He quickly washed the excess cream from your face, and gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Well, your lips taste good!”

You smacked him with a pillow


An hour later, when you were hunched over the toilet, he was still apologizing.

“I’m so sorry I made you sick MC. I’ll swear off all dairy now, I promise!”

“No, Zen, you don’t have to do that. Could you just hold my hair back?”

“Anything for you.”

You two spent the night in bathroom, you emptying the contents of your stomach, and him holding back your hair, apologizing like his life depended on it. which it did


He had finished his work earlier when he came up with the idea.

I’m sure MC wouldn’t mind if I played a little joke on her to pass the time…

Jumin whipped out his phone.

“Dear MC, I’m afraid our relationship has caused too much of a strain on my professional life.  I would like to break up to ensure my career. Best wishes, your now ex-boyfriend.”

He chuckled, proud of himself. I understand why Seven enjoys these childish games so much.

He leaned back in his chair and awaited your response. Nothing. He stared at his phone for minute, tapping his pen. Nothing. He put his head down and tried to imagine your face. Five more minutes passed. Still nothing.

Perhaps the text didn’t send… maybe I should call her.


Had you been crying?

“Why’d y-you call?”

You had most definitely been crying.

“I’m coming over.”

“But you’re at work?”

Like I could stay here with the thought of you alone and crying on my mind.

“I’ll see you soon.”

He hung up and grabbed his coat. As he passed by his faithful assistant’s desk, he gave her a wave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jaehee.”




When he entered his house, he followed the sound of your quiet cries. He opened the door to your shared bed room and saw you sitting on the bed, staring at your phone.

She doesn’t know it was a joke.

He took a seat next to MC and put an arm around her, pulling her toward him. He placed his chin on top of her head and sighed.

“MC, I didn’t mean what I said. I was simply pulling a ‘prank’. I love you, and I always will. You should never doubt that.”


The next day he canceled his plans and stayed home with you. He didn’t even leave the house to get food.

“Oh, and Jaehee? MC simply adores sweet dumplings, so could you pick up some of those on your way over? Thanks.”

You were worried Joker x Reader

A/N: Part 3 of Worried! Joker x Hurt Reader

Y/N stood on the edge, looking at the chemical containers  below them.

Would you die for me?

She thinks she would. Isn’t that how she messed up her face? Almost dying for him. Still counts.

Would you live for me?

Hmm. Tough one. Would she live through the pain and humiliation, all because she had him? Absolutely.

She decided that before he even asked. She figured when she nearly choked on the ring he’d hidden in her glass of grape soda. He proved to her he thought she was beautiful that night. With that memory in her head spurring her on, she fell off the ledge, plunging into the container below.

As soon as she landed into the container, her skin started stinging, the worst was her flesh around her eye. The liquid seeped into the hole, burning it’s way inside her brain. The pain was excruciating. She opened her mouth to scream and soon the chemicals made their way inside her. Thrashing, she fought to get out. Hands wrapped around her, causing her stinging flesh to feel as though it’s melting off her body. Suddenly she knows nothing but pain, all her memories washed away, leaving her to do nothing but scream and thrash.

J’s POV:

He pulls her up from the chemicals, noticing immediately something was wrong. She was screaming and clutching at her face, more specifically, her missing eye. He immediately pulled her out of the container, their clothes already disintegrating. This is not how he expected the night to end. He held her hands down as she tried to claw him. Not long after, she passed out. Hoping the chemicals didn’t do any permanent damage, he got into their car and ordered a nervous looking Frost to take them home. He studied her as they were speeding home. Her hair was now bleached white, matching her skin. Her eye somehow looked worse, the skin was stretched making it look like it tried to close itself up. There was still the hole, and the bone was still exposed but you could barely notice it because it was the same color as her skin. By this point it looked more like a very bad knife wound than a gunshot. All your fault. He growled. Everything was his fault.

As soon as they got home, she woke up. He had just placed her on the bed when her eyes opened, a gasp escaping her lips. He leaned down to kiss her, glad to see she wasn’t hurting as much as she was.

Y/N’s POV:

The first thing she noticed was her skin tingling and peeling.  That and a strange green haired man pulling away from her, a smile on his face.

“How’re you feeling, doll?” She didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer. What did that even mean?

“Do you remember me?” Nada. She looked away from him, her child-like attention span getting bored with him and his nonsense. A strong grip on her chin yanked her head back to him. She whined and pouted.

“Do you know who you are? You’re Y/N L/N. You…” blah blah blah blah. She was about to look away again when her eye caught something shiny. It was in his mouth, begging for her to touch it. That’s not supposed to be there. While he was still rambling, she slapped him. His head whipped to the side, but the stubborn shiny thing stayed. She was about to slap him again when she felt a stinging sensation on her own cheek. Tears welled up in her eyes and she started sobbing.

“Pumpkin, no hitting. And no crying. Stop crying.” She didn’t. Couldn’t. She then found her voice for the first time.

“I-I was trying to help you. You have something in your mouth.”She managed to get the whole thing out in between sobs. Her voice was broken and hoarse. He then lifted his hands to her cheek, causing her to flinch. Wiping away the tears, he grabbed her chin again.

“It’s a grill. It’s suppose to be there.” She shook her head stubbornly.

“I don’t like it.” She whimpered.

“Too bad. Now I’m not gonna ask you again, baby. Do you remember anything?” Shaking her head, she started sobbing again.

“It hurts.” She pointed to the cut on her face from his ring. Fuck.

“I’m sorry, baby. Just don’t hit daddy. Now we need to get you cleaned up.” He stood up and clenched his jaw when she stared at the floor.

“I don’t like you.” She muttered. Me neither. He let out a growl and picked her up, taking her to the bathroom. He set her down on the side of the tub and turned on the shower. When the water shot out, she screamed and ran to him. Clutching on to his shirt, she then wrapped her legs around him.

“I don’t wanna get in that.”

“I’ll be here with you. It won’t hurt you.” She shook her head. She tried to escape his grip when he started walking towards the shower.

“It won’t hurt you, but I will. You don’t want Daddy to hit you again, do ya?” It was an empty threat. Probably.

“No” She sobbed, burying her face in his chest.

“Then come on.” He growled, taking her into the shower. She pouted through the whole thing. He washed the dead skin and chemicals off of her. She made everything difficult, stomping like an angry toddler when he told her to turn around. He lost his patience a few times, smacking her on the butt. All he wanted was to just see her smile. When he got her out,  he walked her over to the bath tub. She wasn’t thrilled about that either, so he put some bubbles in it to make her interested. He washed her hair while she played with the loofah, it bringing her great amusement. She winced as the water poured over her cut, causing tears to swell in her eyes. He felt guilt stab at him. Shouldn’t have done that. He growled and slapped her hand away when she tried to touch it.

“Don’t touch it.” She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I hate you.” She stated sadly. He immediately grabbed her face and turned her towards him.

“Don’t say that. Ever. Daddy loves his princess very much. You don’t want to upset Daddy, do you?” She sobbed again.

“You’re so mean. I don’t want to be here.” He furrowed his brow and pulled her to his chest. She didn’t hug him back, just sobbed into his shoulder. All your fault. When she calmed down, he picked up some bubbles in his hand and placed them on her head, causing her to giggle. He splashed her, making her laugh even more. The sight of her laughing brought his own smile to his face.

“That’s my girl.” He got her a fluffy towel and wrapped her up in it. Sitting her on the bed, he went to go get a brush before she stopped him.

“Can I touch you?” His head snapped to her and he raised his brow. She pointed at his face. Oh.

“Sure can, princess.” She ran her fingers over his smooth skin, lingering on the tattoos. Then she felt his hair, her mouth making an ‘o’ shape as she felt how soft it was. Then she looked at her own.

“I want a color. And a drawing.”

“Sure, princess. Anything for you.” She bit her lip, and then tried to feel her own face. She frowned when she got to the unsmooth scar.

“What is this?” Her eyes filled with tears once again.

“Pumpkin, that’s a scar. It shows how strong you are.” Frowning, she gave him a sad look.

“Did you give it to me?”

“No! Pumpkin I would nev-” He stopped as his eyes rested on the mark on her cheek. He sighed.

“Come with Daddy, we’ll get you something to eat.” He grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen. They stopped a few times when something shiny caught her eye in the hallway. He let her lead him to it and stood by patiently while she inspected it. She found a gold watch and put it up to her ear. A worried look was written on her face.

“It’s talking.” He smirked, amused.

“It’s just ticking, sweetheart. Do you want it?” She shook her head and grabbed his hand, putting the watch on his wrist. She found several other items she wanted though, and they collected on her wrists and arms. When she noticed Frost, her eye widened. She clutched onto J tighter.

“Who is he?”

“That’s Frost.”

“Like the snowman?” She stepped towards Frost and offered her hand. He was hesitant to take it until he saw J glare at him. As they shook hands, Y/N whispered,

“Be careful when you go outside, the sun’s out.” She walked back to J and grabbed his hand. He started walking towards the kitchen  when he heard a bang and Y/N stopped, causing him to stumble back.

“Sorry.” She apologized to the corner. The fucking corner. He pulled her to his other side so she will be able to see where the hell she’s going. She doesn’t even know she’s missing an eye. When they got to the kitchen, he helped her get up on a tall stool. He got her some ice cream and grabbed her a bowl. She watched him intently, like everything he did was the most interesting thing. Placing the bowl of ice cream in front of her, he turned around to get a spoon. When he turned back around she had already picked up the ice cream with her hands, shoving it in her mouth. It leaked down her chin and onto the table.

“Y/N sweetheart, you’re supposed to use a spoon.” Irritated, he sighed and gave her the spoon.  

“Can I take your grill out?” She asked shyly.

“No.” She kept staring at him, her food forgotten. A panicked look flashed across her face.

“Do I have one?” She started feeling her teeth.

“No, doll. Now, finish your ice cream. If you’re a good girl for the rest of the day, Daddy will tell you a bedtime story later.” This seemed to make her happy.

Before bed he made her brush her teeth. She apparently forgot how to do that too so he had to show her. She pouted and stubbornly kept her mouth closed as he tried to put the toothbrush in her mouth.

“Open up, Y/N”

“No. It looks disgusti-” She choked and squealed as he shoved the toothbrush in her mouth. He growled as she tried to get away. She learned pretty quickly that he was not to be messed with when he did that.

“Do you want to hear that story? Be a good girl or I won’t tell you.”  Still pouting, she opened her mouth. When they were both  in bed she looked at him expectantly.


“You’re supposed to tell me that story!”

“I don’t know. Have you been good?” She nodded enthusiastically, causing him to chuckle. He pulled her to his chest and started running his fingers through her hair. He told her how they met, changing a couple parts to make himself sound good and to add spice to the story.Every night he changed it, but she was excited to hear it every time he told it. Once he even said she was a fallen cyclops that came to earth to find him and attempt to make him a good person, but then he found her and turned her into her true self. She liked that one the best. She also attempted a second time to remove his grill. He was asleep, but her plan still failed. He yelled at her, causing her to cry. To cheer her up, he told her his grill was to keep him from falling for the cyclops’s charm. He said it didn’t work, but he liked it and it made him sad she didn’t. She promised she would learn to live with it. Despite her not liking him at first, it only took her a day to fall in love with him again. By the end of the week she worshiped the ground he walked on. He had to admit, he missed her attitude. One day he was angry about a heist that went wrong. She asked for a puppy, when he yelled at her she muttered “faggot ass bitch”. He was shocked at first. When she stared angrily at the floor, he grabbed her face.

“Don’t ever call Daddy that again. Where did you hear that?” Apparently TV, so he hid her laptop and got rid of all the television. She threw tantrums, but apparently his pride was so hurt he didn’t acknowledge her for a couple of days.She still knew how to get under his skin, whenever he upset her she always managed to make him feel bad.  Like now.

“You don’t love me, Mr. J.”

“Yes I do, pumpkin. You should have seen me when you got hurt. I never left your side.” His sweet talk still worked too. Even if it was true. Suddenly her face lit up into a smile.

“So you were worried.” His eyes darkened and he was silent for a few seconds.

“You remember. So you were pretending? I-” Noticing he was getting upset, she tried to calm him.

“I wasn’t. Not the whole time. There’s still some things that are fuzzy, but I remember most of it. But that’s not the point.” That smile again.

“You were worried.”

“I was telling you that to make you feel better.”

“Sure. It’s ok. I suspected you did for a while. Even asked one of your guys to make sure.” He wanted to rip that smug smile right off of her.

“Which guy?”

“Nope. Not telling.”

“Do you know how wor- concerned I was? I thought I messed up your head. I thought you’d be stuck a little nuisance forever.”

“Oh? Worried again?” He got up and left the room, probably going to take his anger out on poor civilians. She knew she would be stuck with this smile for awhile. Frost came into the bedroom hesitantly.

“You didn’t tell him, did you?”

“Nope. Thank you, Frosty.” He gave a small smile before leaving.

You were worried.

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I wish you would write a fic where Cloud is working at a bar. Zack and Genesis both try flirting with him and getting his number but somehow he leaves with Angeal or Sephiroth instead. Your choice.

Zack was transfixed on the bartender’s biceps as he poured a rather grease-smudged man his second shot of whiskey. It didn’t help that the bartender’s tight looking shirt was sleeveless either. 

Genesis on the other hand was caught in his face. It looked cute…but oh so sly as he smirked at the comment the grease monkey made. He wished he would come over here soon, so he could hear his voice over the growing swell of the bar’s crowd. 

“He’s hot,” Zack said. 

“That’s an understatement,” Genesis agreed. He and Zack looked at each other. 

They had come here to just drink and shoot the shit, but didn’t expect the cute bartender to be in this sort of place. They knew about Tifa and how she ruled over Seventh Heaven with an iron fist, but that’s what they knew. Tifa and her cute face and really hard punches. Not…mystery man. 

Keep reading

RWBY3 Episode 8

● First off, this episode should’ve been called “Tears” instead of “Destiny”. Cause that’s what we, the viewers, AND the characters got!

● Team RWBY is disqualified from the tournament. We could all see that coming. Still sucks, though.

● Weiss finally using her Bitch-Fu to defend someone instead of just for being a bitch. Freezerburn got some love.

● Turns out Blake is still in the Yang Protection Squad along with Ruby and Weiss. She was just worried because of her past with Adam. But have no doubts, she’s got Yang’s back. Yay Bumblebee! ^u^

● JNPR looking out for their buddies in RWBY. Yay dorm neighbors!

● Pyrrha suffering in silence and her fake smile! No, my baby! ;~;

● Monochrome going for tea. Also some cute shit.

● Workout Montage Nora. I did not expect this, but it was amazing and hilarious and SO her character.

● Chef Lie Ren. It would not surprise me at all if RT started selling a “Please Do Nothing To The Cook” apron in their store.

● Ren is a full-blown Herbal Hippie. I wonder how much of that sticky-icky he smokes to stay calm and balanced amongst this cast of characters.

● Okay, at first I was a little salty at Qrow because his “You’re either lying or you’re crazy” comment WAS attributed to Yang’s plea of innocence. HOWEVER, he makes up for that because he doesn’t care. He may think she did it, but what’s important is that he doesn’t BLAME her. He still loves and supports her even if he believes she did blow Merc’s knee out. Suck it, haters! Qrow is still Best Badass Uncle!

● Why do I think I’m gonna see a shitstorm of people saying “Qrow is the worst cause he doesn’t believe Yang!” THAT’S NOT THE FUCKING POINT, PEOPLE!

● Qrow DOES totally believe her when it comes to Raven, because apparently he’s been KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH HER! *MIND-FUCKING-BLOWN*

● I mean, he probably doesn’t go get coffee with her, but he has spoken to her on some few occasions.

● Qrow and Yang tracking down Raven! Uncle/Niece duo searching for Niece’s mom please!

● Another thing I want thrown out the window, the “Oblivious Jaune” excuse. Yeah, trash that shit. Cause Jaune knows something is the fuck up. Love my boy, Jaune!


● Also, let it be known that it was Jaune who engaged the first true step on the path to Arkos. That hand-holding surprised me for real. “Jaune, you sly devil you!”

● Jaune telling Pyrrha she’s gotta do the thing and her crying. I felt so sad cause I bet Pyrrha was happy that Jaune thought so much of her, but sad because she knew that meant pushing Jaune away to do so. It’s sad cause Jaune doesn’t know that when he says, “No matter what” that means him. He IS the “No matter what” and he doesn’t know it quite yet.

● Of course they couldn’t give us a step towards Arkos without taking two steps back! But now I’m even more sure that Jaune is the kind of guy who could get the piss whipped out of him but still get back up if it meant he could help or save Pyrrha.

● VELVET’S WEAPON IS…..PHOTOGRAPHY! I can’t wait for the countless comics or memes to come out with Photographer Velvet. Like she takes her camera into the first round of the tournament in order to document Team CFVY’s victory. ily Velvet ♡

● Don’t worry, Yang! Coco’s coming to the rescue, and she’s bringing her testimony and killer fashion with her!

● Emerald and Mercury were said to have gone back to Mistral after the fight. But Ruby finds Emerald in the stands and Mercury walking out of the control room or something.

● For a master thief and a trained assassin, they are the WORST at stealth like damn. Em, you couldn’t have worn a fucking hoodie or something?

● Pyrrha v. Penny!? NOOOOOO!!


anonymous asked:

Hi I've got something for you :) Holly just got pregnant when Gail is called on mission (undercover) and the Gail is shot and she don't remember her wife now very pregnant Holly :D

Love love love the prompt, thank you for it!! Ao3

Wife and Child

She hurt. She hurt bad. It didn’t have a start or end, not in it’s origins and definitely not in it’s length. It was burning and throbbing, everything ached, god everything ached, and there was a worry that she couldn’t quite place. She could feel it, beating as hard as the headache that just made an appearance, it was boiling in her gut, and squeezing her heart. Worry. Worry for what, she didn’t know.

“Gail, you’re up” a smooth voice gasped from her side. Relief.

She peeked open one eye, only to be met with a brown eyed beauty, making her open both to better see the woman by her side. Gail could not only feel the fast pace of her heart, feel the quickened race of her pulse, but the speedy beeps of a machine confirmed how she felt.

The woman looked her over, every feature untouched, her eyes filled with relief and worry and, adoration. Adoration? What

“Do you need anything? How do you feel? What the hell am I talking about, you’ve been shot and in a coma-” the brunette rushed.

“Water.” Gail croaked. “

Yeah, yeah. No problem” the woman turned to the bedside table and went to pour what Gail guessed as water into one of the styrofoam cups, but it was empty.

“Damn, it’s empty. I’m sorry, I must have finished it off, I’ve been drinking twice as much as I did before and you know how much that was.” She laughed at her own words.

Gail’s face scrunched up. As I know? How would I know?

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You Can See Forever

For MLfandomweek, Day 2: AU/Friends (on AO3)

Marinette and Adrien on a Ferris wheel, meeting for the first time. Or is it?

Based on the prompt: “I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there has to be two people to a cart come on random person let’s go oh wait are we stuck at the top? Fuck” from this post.

Adrienette - AU First Meeting + Reveal, 1,721 words.

Marinette looks around for Alya—she can’t see her anywhere, and she’s not answering her texts. She said she was just going to play one game, one! And then she’d get in line for the Ferris wheel with Marinette.

Well, now Marinette is two people from the front and she’s all alone. Her lips pucker with frustration and she blows out a breath. Alya knows this is Marinette’s favorite ride… or she would if she were in line to talk about it!

“Next,” the ride operator drawls, and now she’s at the front of the line. Marinette growls low in her throat. Alya needs to get back here, preferably five minutes ago. The operator pulls the lever, the wheel spins and then he’s looking at her with a bored expression. “Next.”

She whines low under her breath and then takes a step forward, getting into the seat, hoping…

“Two to a car.” No such luck. “Get someone to ride with you or go find someone first.”

She sighs and starts to stand. Alya is in so much trouble…

“I’ll ride with her,” a voice says.

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