when she started crying i also started crying :(


Seeing these two amazing leaders together makes me so sad. Kahi started crying because she saw Nu’est and Jonghyun said he almost cried because of Kahi. The moment I saw Kahi crying I started bawling as well. Kahi was the one who first introduced Nu’est back when they debuted and I think she feels like a mother to them. I just checked instagram and saw that former After School member/leader Jungha also posted about Nu’est saying that she supports them. Lizzy commented on Jungha’s post about how sad it was to see them. I’m just glad that Pledis Artists are supporting them even if Pledis itself isn’t doing a good job.

Also hearing Baekho saying that he wishes Nu’est was as popular as Seventeen or IOI just breaks my heart. These boys are so talented and I just hope that after this they can finally get the recognition they deserve. As always I want to wish all the contestants luck throughout this really tiring and emotional process. © ©

reddie as parents

ok i love the idea of reddie as parents. part two here!

  • in my head they are in their late twenties and married and they’ve always joked about kids
  • like eddie lowkey wanted kids but richie was always apprehensive and eddie could tell so he never pushed
  • but then one day richie was like “we should adopt” AND EDDIE WAS OVER THE MOON.
  • when trying to decide on all the shit for adoption richie wanted an infant boy but eddie wanted a toddler girl
  • but they went with an adorable infant baby girl and it was probably a lot of money but seeing eddie so happy made it worth it for richie
  • (and also richie lowkey loved the shit out of their daughter when he first saw her)
  • when it came to naming her richie wanted to name her stupid stuff like ‘dolphin’ or ‘freak’ or ‘banjo’ and eddie was like “…..so what abt alice?” so they nAMED HER ALICE 
  • like whenever she starts crying like really hard/is inconsolable eddie probs starts crying too and richie is just like all exasperated like ‘i can’t take care of two babies at the same time!!’
  • and then also when alice wakes up in the middle of the night they both usually groan and argue over whose turn it is and lbr eddie just ends up doing it all the time
  • but one time eddie was so delusional and tired that he just mumbled ‘alice is lost in wonderland and she needs her super dad to save her’ and richie thought it was so adorable, so he got up and handled it
  • and alice is probably such a button like i imagine the other losers being so shook over her
  • they probably are over all the time to see the fam and they give her all the gifts even when it’s not her birthday (they spoil her even tho eddie begs them not to so she loves her godparents)
  • people probably give them weird stares when they’re out with their angel and probs assumes the worst about the situation bc they’re not used to seeing two dads which makes eddie really sad
  • whenever richie sees eddie get sad over it he just gets annoyed/angry and shouts insults/warnings towards the people giving them looks
  • eddie would scold him for being vulgar in front of alice but is lowkey thankful that he has richie by his side to keep them strong in the face of criticism
  • eventually i imagine they would adopt another kid a few years down the line to give alice some company, and they would probs decide on a toddler boy they named elliot (cause having an infant rocked their shit too much)
  • lbr tho richie is probs just a meme with the kids 
  • like there’s a vine where this dad is like ‘it’s gonna eat you’ to his kid talking about a convertible car she’s in and richie would do smth like that
  • just be like ‘it’s eating you! oh my god alice. oh my god oh my god oh my god alice” and just laughing when she starts crying (and then wincing when eddie pushes him and scolds him for terrifying their daughter)
  • eddie is def an overprotective dad, not as bad as his mother of course, but he’s obviously the nurturer when it comes down to it. the kids probs come to him first something important

please add onto this omg there’s so many i had in my but i stopped myself

Pieck is just stoned on weed
Like all the time 24/7

ALSO oh my God one of the funniest parts of set today was when Colin and Jared were walking by the fans to go get some food and Colin saw this little girl so he bent down next to her and said hi but when she turned around I guess him being there scared her and she started crying AND HE FELT SO BAD OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE THO so he took a photo with her and was like “I’m sorry if I scared you!”

And when she first started crying Jared said something like “way to go Colin” all jokingly and it was so funny LMAO.

If I’m being entirely honest, not only is the FS scene from Tuesday’s episode my favorite FS scene ever, at least to me it’s probably the most beautiful moment in television history.

Just look at it. Every member of the team looks in at Fitz, and each one passes him by, unable to reconcile what they saw in the framework to who he really is.

But Simmons stops. She’s believed in him the whole time. She believed when he killed Agnes and Mace, she believed when he shot her, she believed when he told her she meant nothing to him, she believed when everyone else told her not to.

And when Fitz looks at Jemma, he thinks he sees someone who will never look at him the same way ever again. He can’t bear to look at her, see her disappointment. But when Jemma looks at Fitz, she knows she’s seeing the real Fitz- her Fitz- for the first time.

She comes in, she doesn’t say anything- what do you say to someone who’s lost so much?

Fitz starts to cry almost as soon as Jemma puts her hand on his shoulder, and it’s not like anytime he’s cried before. In the past, when Fitz has cried, it’s been mostly silent, a few tears running down his face, but in this moment when he cries he sobs. ( Note: this is the moment I also begin to cry.)
When she puts her hand on his shoulder, it’s become their little code- it means “I’m here for you”. Fitz is crying out of guilt and shame- after everything he’s done, she still believes in him? Simmons starts crying too, but not only out relief- the look on her face is of pain- she’s crying because she can’t bear to see him this way. (Another note: This is the moment where I have gone through an entire box of tissues)

Fitz is at his lowest point. He believes he’s lost everything that’s mattered to him- his genius has been used against him, he’s lost his friends, his goodness, Jemma- everything.

Then Simmons walks in. She puts her hand on his shoulder and holds him close to her, as if to whisper-“Not everything.

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Hello to my new favorite blog!!❤ can you do a how would the rfa+v+saeran would react to a drunk mc? I'm a totally goof ball and get emotional when I'm drunk and made me wonder how they would react. Thank you and have a great day beautiful writer!!!!!!

hello to the anon who just made me really happy!!❤ i’ve honestly never been drunk before (or seen anyone properly drunk, i don’t party or anything even though i’m 18 in a few weeks whoops) so i’m not sure how accurate this is, but i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • He initially wanted to stay sober so he could take care of you, but you convinced him to drink a bit
  • Bad idea
  • We all know he is an emotional drunk as well as a lightweight
  • ?? The two of you cried so much ??
  • Honestly the last time anyone let the two of you drink together (at least that much)


  • Would watch over you like a hawk to make sure no one bothered you
  • Willing to give you a shoulder to cry on, but also pull you away from fights
  • Took you outside to get some fresh air and made you drink lots of water, as he didn’t want you to be hungover
  • Lowkey thought it was hillarious to just imagine that you were acting


  • Acting like your baby sitter the entire night tbh
  • “MC, no, I don’t think you need any more drinks”
  • “Do you hate me? You want to break up with me, right? I fucking knew it!”
  • “No I just want you to stop drinki- c’mon, don’t yell at me”
  • “I-I’m sorry! I love you don’t leave me I can’t live without you”
  • Smh MC stop crying on her shoulder


  • He’s able to hold his alcohol well, so he’s used to being the sober one having to deal with drunk people
  • But not his overly emotional girlfriend who clings to his shoulder
  • Awkwardly pats your back if you start crying over random things
  • “E-Elizabeth is so cute! I love her so much!” 
  • “Yes kitten, she is indeed very pretty”
  • He had no idea what to do tbh


  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, so he would be sober and just mess with you
  • Recorded you crying over stupid things for blackmailing you later
  • Followed you everywhere not only to get footage though, but also to take care of you
  • Saved you from falling down the stairs at least twice


  • Tried his best to comfort you and calm you down
  • “Shh angel. Drink some water, okay? Here you go”
  • Started feeling panicky when you cried more because of that
  • Did he say something wrong?
  • When he realized you were crying because “he was so sweet and caring” he just laughed and decided that it was probably time to put you in bed


  • At first he tried to glare at you to make you stop crying, but it didn’t work so he just got annoyed
  • Like Jumin, awkward pats on the back
  • Seriously he’s so uncomfortable with seeing you cry
  • If you started yelling at him, he would probably get mad/upset and just leave someone else to deal with you


so my friend met kimi and seb and this happened:

- she was crying af and when kimi got to here he was looking at her (smiling :)) and waiting for her to give him the cap to sign

- he smiled at her and told her to stop crying (to which she started to cry even more cannot blame her tbh)

- kimi’s pr manager (i always forget her name) gave her some water

- when seb got to here they told him that she was crying because of kimi and this idiot i love him so much started laughing

- he looked her straight into her eyes and smiled

i was like crying tears of joy when she told me this like i am so happy for her but i am also happy to hear what drivers are like from her both of them are just amazing

I realized the Mario AU works brilliantly the other way round… as a Miraculous AU

I Miss You

 Request: “39 and 49?? thank you :)”

39. “Please come home, I miss you.”

49. “I’m too sober for this.”

I ran quickly into my dressing room after my show. Tonight was boys night, although it is like that almost every night of this tour. The only difference was is that I’m not going home to y/n like I did 2 months ago. Speaking of which, I should probably call y/n since I promised her a FaceTime call home tonight. I pick up my phone and dial y/n’s number and put it on speaker before propping it up on a pillow. Waiting for y/n to answer, I unbutton my shirt and try to find a different shirt in my suitcase. 

“Hey babe!”

I pop up from my suitcase so y/n could see my face from over the couch. “Hey! Why do you get prettier and prettier everyday?”

“You’re funny because this morning sickness is kicking my butt. Thankfully it should be ending soon, since I’m already 4 months.”

“Well my wife looks gorgeous.” She blushes and pushes her hair out of her face, showing me her wedding rings. “God, I’m so in love with you.”

“How was tonight’s show?”

“Amazing, as always. The crowd was so alive tonight and so loud! Also, someone asked if we’ve started to think about names and what I’m hoping for.”

“And what did you say?”

“At first I said a girl, then I said a boy, then I said as long as they’re healthy I’m happy.” Y/n starts to cry a little bit. “Darling, why are you crying?”

“It’s these stupid hormones. I started crying when I dropped an orange on the floor the other day. Like what the heck, it’s just an orange hitting the floor.” She wipes away her tears. “Okay, I’m good now.”

“I mean I would cry too if my food dropped on the ground.”

A knock sounded at my door. “Hey dude! Hurry up we’re leaving soon!”

“Okay! Let me finish getting ready!” I shout back to Matt.

“Going out tonight?” Y/n asks.

“Yeah,” I hold up two shirts that I’m trying to chose between. “Is it okay if I go out?”

“Yeah, of course. I don’t know you’re asking me it’s not like I’m your mom. Go out and have fun.” She lets out a little laugh. “By the way, wear the red shirt because it looks hot on you.”

“Okay, sounds good.” I slip off my other shirt that was already unbuttoned and put on the red shirt. “Well hun, I have to go.”

Y/n’s smile slowly fades, “Alright, I love you!”

“I love you too! I miss you..”

“Only one month to go. We can do it. This isn’t the first tour you’ve had in this relationship. Go out and have fun.”


Y/n yawns. “Well, I’m gonna go to bed. Goodnight, love you.”

“Goodnight, love you too.” Y/n smiles and shortly hangs up after. I put my phone in my pocket then walk over to where my hair stuff is. I fix my hair a little bit, put on more deodorant and cologne, then headed to the door.

“Woah, dude. Some warning next time would be nice.”

“Well I didn’t know you’d be leaning against the door.”

“Eh whatever. Let’s go! Bro night tonight! WOO!” I laugh and run with Matt to the car.

After getting off the phone with Shawn, I pack the last few things I needed in my suitcase before the flight to where Shawn is. Matt talked to me a few days ago asking if I want to come and surprise him at one of his shows. Obviously I accepted; I wouldn’t turn down the chance to surprise him.  My plane takes off at 11:00pm and right now it is about 8:30pm. I need to quickly pack and leave so I get there by at least 10pm.

An hour later.

I just finished packing because I accidentally fell asleep on the couch. I call an uber to take me to the airport. On the entire way there, I kept thinking about how I’m gonna be seeing Shawn for the first time in 3 months. I’m so happy to see him again. It’ll shock him so much because he’s not even expecting my visit. He’ll also get to see my tiny baby bump that is starting to show. We finally get to the airport and the driver helps me get my luggage out of the trunk. I give him a tip for being so nice and kind, then go in and check in. Thankfully, the line for the check- in wasn’t as long as I expected it to be. Once I finished checking in, I headed to security for my bag check. I slipped off my shoes, took off my sweater and my jewelry, and place all of my items on the conveyor belt. I walk through the metal detector, then wait for my stuff after they’re done looking at them. The security guard helped me carry my luggage to a bench so I can put all of my stuff back on. 

“Whoever got to put that ring on your hand is a lucky man.”

“Thank you, I’m very lucky to have him in my life.”

“You’re welcome and have a safe flight.” He says before walking away. I find gate 11, which was the gate for my flight. The flight doesn’t depart until 11, and it is already 10:45. Thankfully I woke up from my nap when I did otherwise I would’ve missed my flight. After passing the flight attendant, I found my seat and waited for the announcements they say before take off. Although they were saying information I should’ve paid attention to, I was zoning out the window picturing seeing the love of my life in 8 hours.

“Another shot of tequila, please.”

“Coming right up.” says the bartender

It’s been an hour of drinking and I’m starting to feel a bit tipsy, but not enough.

“Hey man. How’s it going?” Matt says as he sits down in the bar stool next to me.

“It’s going okay.” I say as I stir around the whisky in my glass.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just missing y/n. I wish I could be there to help her through all the rough parts, but I had to leave for this tour.”

“She knows that you love her and you’d be there for her if you could. She also knows that your career is important and that you need to go on tours sometimes.”

“I’m too sober for this, man.” I say before downing the shot that was placed in front of me. The bartender fills another shot glass, but I hold up two fingers so he fills up another.

“Dude, slow down though.” Matt laughs.

“What’s stopping you?” I say as I offer him a shot.

“You’re gonna regret this tomorrow…”

“No I won’t.” Matt and I then down a shot.

An hour later

I’m gonna admit that I’m pretty drunk right now. But I haven’t had this much fun since my 19th birthday, even though that was 8 years ago. Mind you, y/n and I’s honeymoon was pretty fun for many reasons. Right now I’m on the dance floor with Matt, Brian, and Ian. A young lady, who looks about 21, comes walking our way and starts dancing with us. Dancing was actually fun until she tries to start grinding with me. 

“I’m sorry I can’t do this.” I shout to her over the music.

“Come on! It’ll be fun! Plus she doesn’t have to know.” She must’ve noticed the ring on my hand.

“Listen, you’re very pretty and I’m sure you can get any guy in this club. I love my wife very much and I can’t do that to her.” 

“Whatever.” She says before walking to Matt then Ian, but both reject her.

“Come on, let’s go, before more like her come over.” Ian says before looping one of my arms over his shoulders and I put my other arm around Matt.

When we get to the car, I sit in the passenger, Matt gets in the drivers side, and Ian and Brian sit in the backseat. We were only 15 minutes away from the hotel, but it felt like it was forever.

“Dude! This is my jam!” I quickly turn up the volume so that it could be heard through the businesses outside on the street. “I WANNA FOLLOW WHERE SHE GOES! I THINK ABOUT HER AND SHE KNOWS IT!” screaming out the words.

“Shawn, this is your song..” said Brian.

“I know! It’s amazing. Such a classic.”

“No, man. I mean you made this song.”

“Okay, but it’s still the best song out there.”

“Cocky much?” Not listening to what Brian was saying, I still belted out the words. 2017 was the best year by far, but my albums after Illuminate are still great because I explored different types of sound. My fans have supported me throughout the years and I honestly wouldn’t be here without them.

After arriving to the hotel, my best friends helped me into the elevator. By now, everything in my vision was swimming and very disoriented. 

“I don’t feel so good.”

“Whatever you do, don’t throw up on my shoes.” said Brian.

“I told you that you’d regret this.” remarked Matt.

“Don’t tell y/n about this, please.” I say looking at Matt.

“Good luck with that, she’s seeing you tomorrow.” laughed Ian.

“She’s what?”

“Ian, shut up.” Matt slapped Ian on the arm. “He said nothing.”

“Okay, I don’t really care just get me to my room.” The elevator bell rang, telling us we got to the floor that our rooms were on. As soon as the doors opened up, the boys rushed me to my room?”

“Where’s your room key?” questioned Matt as Ian and Brian headed to their rooms.

“I think it’s in my jacket.. no wait it’s in my back pocket. Left cheek.”

“Are you fucking seri-” Matt sighs. “Fine. You’re lucky you’re my best friend.” He reaches into my pocket. “It isn’t there.”

“Right cheek.”

He checks that pocket and took out the card. “Just for future reference, I’m not doing that again because it was fucking awkward.” He says as he swipes the card and opens the door.

Immediately I rush to the toilet and empty my stomach of what it contained. I rinsed my mouth out with water and brushed my teeth. I hated vomiting, although I don’t think anyone thoroughly enjoys it. I make my way to my bed and I see that Matt set out some water bottles I had in my fridge and set some Advil next to it. 

“I put some Advil that you can take when you wake up. You’re going to have a terrible headache in the morning. Anyways, if you need anything text me and I’ll come over.” he walks over to the door.

“Thanks, Matt.”

“Yup, goodnight.” He left and closed the door quietly behind him. I take off my shirt and my pants so all I’m in is my boxers. All that sounds good right now is sleep, so I pull back the sheets and fall down on the pillows. I passed out as soon as I fell onto the bed.

Hours later. 7 am.

My plane landed a while ago and I had just arrived to Shawn’s room. I lightly knock on the door, only to get the response of: “Go away.” So I knocked again and finally he came to answer the door. 

“What do you want? Y/N! YOU’RE HERE!” He shouts and the holds a hand up to his head in pain. Shawn takes me into a hug, but he notices that my belly had gotten a little bigger because of the baby. His eyes lit up in joy and pulled me inside his room and closed the door behind me. “Has it honestly been that long?”

“It’s only been a few months, but yeah.” 

Shawn gets down on his knees so that his face is in front of my stomach. “I’m so sorry I left you and mommy all alone back home. I promise I will come home soon.” He kisses my stomach then stands back up to give me a kiss. The taste on his lips was mint mixed with a little bit of alcohol from the night before. He deepens the kiss a little by pulling me as close as he can and adds tongue. I put my hands on the back of his head and tug his hair a little, completely forgetting that he had a headache. “Ow.” he says in reply to my action.

“I’m sorry.” I say as I pull back. “I forgot.”

“It’s okay.” He walks over to the nightstand next to the bed and takes the medicine that was already set out for him.

“Had a little too much fun last night?” I laugh and lay down on the best next to him. 

“Yeah, but I hardly remember it. All I remember is screaming out the lyrics to ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’.” He says as he lays down next to me and pulls me close.

I lay my head down on his shoulder, “they still play that song?”

“I guess they do.” He laughs, but holds his head again.

“If you drink like this again in five months..” I look up at him. “It’ll be like I’m taking care of two babies at home.”

“Oh shut up.” He says and we both smile.

Great Comet

Oh my goodness so this is totally a rant post that no one will probably care about??

But anyway so today I went to see Great Comet. We got rush tickets and got to sit in the box which were really good seats. We entered lotteries as backups and actually won DEH but ended up leaving them since we got Comet tickets.

The show was incredible. I’m sure if you’re in the fandom you already know this but I didn’t know the show too well before this.

Dust and Ashes had me tearing up mostly because I realized that Oak was actually on stage?? In front of me??

And the ending. Oh my god. When Pierre starts to tell Natasha that she has her whole life ahead of her tears started streaming. Because he sees himself in her?? And he’s trying to help her not end up feeling like him?? And then that one spoken line of dialogue. And then when Pierre sees the Comet… Oak wiped at his eyes a couple of times and idk if he was actually crying but it sure made me cry… I just… through curtain calls I couldn’t stop sobbing dear lord.

Also Lucas Steele is so insanely talented and I got his signature at the stage door so yayyyyy

So anyway this is a psa that I have officially joined TGC fandom thanks very much

EDIT: Fixed all the typos I made in my huge passion for the show lmao

for those who weren’t at houston, i want to try and describe to you the energy in this tiny venue when taylor sat down at the piano and was like”…so…at my last show yall were chanting for this song over and over….”

everyone in this crowd who had been to that show or at least known about it started SCREAMING like i thought we might all simultaneously combust

but then there were also a lot of casual fans who just ended up at this concert idk how, and they’re all confused like “???? why is everyone so excited what is she talking about ???”

and then there’s people like me who are screaming and crying “YAS QUEEN” “FUCK ME UP” “IM DYING”

so when she started playing and at least 50% of the GA crowd started crying and collapsing, I’m pretty sure the other 50% was like “is this a slow ballad? why is everyone sobbing? what did i get myself into?”

but yeah i wanted to launch myself on top of that piano during all too well.

Even as a person who has completely made up her mind about not having kids in the future, Alex’s confession of absolutely needing to have kids in her life, even if that meant not marrying the woman she loves, tore my heart into pieces.

Sometimes I think about how one of my favourite things about the director’s commentary for volume 2 is that Monty said Yang doesn’t really need to talk about her family issues, but if she’s going to talk to anyone it would obviously be Blake and I just want to lie down and cry because they made Yang talk to Blake about that just so it would hurt so much more when Blake ran.

I also think about how Yang has zero context for what happened with Adam. Adam’s just some guy she can assume was with the White Fang who hurt Blake.

She doesn’t know he’s the partner that turned into a monster that Blake talked about. She doesn’t know he’s out to ruin Blake’s life for her “betrayal.” She doesn’t know the main reason he attacked her was to punish Blake. She doesn’t know anything and that’s why it makes sense that she would be so angry at Blake for leaving.

I’ve seen people being like “Yang is so stupid/selfish for being angry at Blake. She obviously left to stop Adam/the White Fang/whatever.” And it’s like, no. It’s not obvious at all. When Yang woke up someone had to tell her that her partner just left without any explanation to why. The partner that she just lost an arm trying to protect. The partner that knows she already has one abandonment she needs answers to. So of course she’s going to be angry.

Also, sometimes Burning the Candle really fucks me up because you can see the moment it hits Blake like a ton of bricks that her kind, bubbly partner, who up to this point she probably assumed never had a single hardship in her life because she’s a human and confident and strong and beautiful and every other good thing that’s supposed to make life easy, has her own demons that haunt her.

Monsta X reaction to when they miss the birth of your child because they were on a tour

requested by anon~


Originally posted by shouwnu

Shownu; Shownu didn’t expect you to give birth earlier from the expected date. To be honest, he had a flight booked all ready for the next week (which was your due date) and was going to surprise you, however, your baby decided to surprise the two of you. Shownu would feel bad for not being there for you and your baby but he’s happy that your son is healthy and has been delivered safely to the world. Even if he’s in the middle of their concert and when a staff comes running towards him with a video call from you, he wouldn’t think twice and just answer the call, and he would even show to the boys and the fans and would have this big fatherly smile plastered on his face as he stares at your newborn son’s face. 

*running towards shownu with his phone* Hyunwooo, you have a call from your wide!! *hands shownu his phone and smiles widely when he sees your face*”

“You did great, baby. *smiles at you; smile gets bigger and bigger when you focused the camera on your son* Guys, guys, here’s [y/s/n]! He looks like he doesn’t he? *proud smile; showing the phone to the boys; Changkyun: He looks like [y/n] tho… Minhyuk: wait… he looks like shownu… Kihyun: He looks like the both of them.. Wonho: *tearing up; voice cracking* A SMOL SHOWNU!!*”

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Wonho; Wonho would actually be bummed out at the thought of him missing the birth of your daughter, and for not being there to give you support. But when you told him that it’s alright and his mom was there to help you out, he’d be relieved at some point. During the part when they were thanking the fans and voicing out how they felt, Wonho would actually let out how he felt of having his beautiful daughter finally out and how healthy she is (from the picture you sent him) and he’d also somewhat tear up just by talking about you and your daughter since he feels bad for not being there but when the fans cheered him not to cry, he’d chuckle and would even show the picture of you holding your daughter with a smile, only to pout at the boys for saying that she looks more like you than him. 

*tearing up* So, uh… today, my wife just gave birth to our daughter *choking up* I’m really happy that she’s finally here… and I also feel really proud of [y/n] for being able to deliver our child even though I wasn’t there… *starts crying* But… I also feel bad for not being there for them. *fans: do not cry! do not cry!; chuckles* [y/d/n] is really pretty too! Here, let me show you guys a picture of here *pulls out his phone and shows the picture to the boys first then to the camera*”

“She looks more like [y/n]… than a Wonho to me.. -Hyungwon; You’re right! -others (they’re just teasing wonho hehe) *wonho pouts at them, only make everyone burst out laughing*”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would be on the edge when his mother called him, telling him that you were already starting to push (like you know give birth). He just finished changing and was about to go to the stage when suddenly felt really nervous and he couldn’t think straight, which he decided to miss one performance since he felt bad for not being there with you. Waiting for you was like to compensate for not being there with you and when you finally answered the call, he’d actually shower you with a lot of compliments here and there and would promise to go back the next day. But when you show him your daughter, he’d be dashing towards the stage, jumping here and there, only to surprise everyone and he’d be showing everyone your daughter and that he’d literally stop the whole performance to announce it to everyone.

Baby, you did great! I’m so proud of you, you’re such an amazing wife and mother to our [y/d/n]. *insert a lot of compliments here yes; bg: show minhyukkie [y/d/n]; sees his daughter on the screen; smiling very big, jumping towards the stage while calling everyone’s attention* Guys, [y/d/n] is finally here! My daughter has been delivered safely to this world and oh glob, I want to share this moment with you all. *shows phone to the boys and lets them say hi to you and [y/d/n]*”

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Kihyun; Kihyun wouldn’t be himself during the concert, to be honest like he just got a call from his mother that you were currently in labor and would deliver the baby already soon, before their world tour concert started. His mind would be filled with worry and concern, that he’d have to slap himself to make himself focus. But just after their first performance, he gets another call, a video call to be exact and it was from you. Good thing it was Changkyun and Jooheon’s performance, which made him stop everything and answer the call, only to see you and his son on the screen, which would make him smile. Kihyun would actually apologize to you the minute he opens his mouth and he’d also thank you for being strong despite not having him beside you. And he’d also show the boys his son.

Baby, I feel so bad for not being there with you… I really am sorry… to make it up for you, I’ll flight back there after the concert and–”

“Aigoo, don’t worry baby, your mom is here to help me out so just enjoy the tour first okay? [y/s/n] and I will wait here for you and we’ll also be supporting you! We love you so so much, okay?”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be really down to be honest. He thought that your due date wasn’t till next week but when he found that you were currently in labor already, he would feel bad that he’s going to miss the birth of your son that it’d get to the point where he’d make mistakes during the performances. But when you called him after successfully giving birth and reassured him that it was alright, and that you actually had your birth on cam so that he could say that he ‘didn’t’ miss the birth, which would actually cheer him up a bit but when you showed your son peacefully sleeping in your arms, all the thoughts of him feeling bad would be gone and he’d be really happy that he’d have this googly eyes, and he wouldn’t be able to wait to get back home and shower the two of you with love and affection.

Hyungwon, it’s okay… don’t be sad. At least [y/s/n] and I are safe and healthy and since I know that you are going to be like this, I had my birth on tape so that you could say that you ‘didn’t miss the birth of our son. *hyungwon still pouting at you* Aigoo, look, [y/s/n] has really taken after you baby. *shows him [y/s/n] sleeping in your arms and finally sees a big smile plastered on his face*”

“He looks like me *giggly giggly*”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was really sulky and sad when he got a call from his mother, telling him that you were already in the operating room. But somehow, Jooheon is actually thankful that they’ve actually just finished their concert and they’re back at the hotel. And to be honest, Jooheon would actually beg his mother to like stay on the phone until you’re finally out of the OR. And when the phone was handed to you, he’d quickly turn the call into a video call and would be apologizing on not being there for you and your daughter but then he’d be really bubble when you showed him [y/d/n] that he would actually…. use his cute voice, only to be scolded by his mom… 

[y/n], honey, I’m so sorry for not being there with you.. I’m such a bad husband— Omo.. is that [y/d/n]?”

“Yes, honey. *smiles at his sudden change of attitude*”

“Oh my… is she really our daughter? Look at her cheeks… Awwee, my baby girl’s finally out… she’s cute.. and fluffly and beautiful just like her mother, my beautiful wife *googly eyes, cute voice, dimples out, big smile*”

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I.M; Changkyun would actually be cool about it tho… since he actually saw it coming. He’d feel bad, yes, but he would be thankful and happy that you are surrounded by the people that you both love. But when he got a call from your mother, about the baby being out already, Changkyun would go blank to be honest like the boys were asking him about something when he just let a ‘uh…’ and go silent for a couple of minutes since the thought of his daughter finally being out in the world was too hard for him to comprehend. But when that thought finally sinks in, he’d be all smiles like he’d call you right away and tell you how strong and amazing you are, and that he can’t wait to go home. But when you showed him [y/d/n], he’d immediately melt like literally like he wouldn’t be able to let out any word.

I can’t wait for you to come home, babe. Look, even [y/d/n] can’t wait to see his daddy! *shows Changkyun [y/d/n], who was currently being breastfeed by you*”

“*melting; cooing; so fluffy; big smile; fatherly smile; proud smile; let’s out an inaudible sound*”

“Changkyun, baby, use words please *laughs* we couldn’t understand what *imitates the sound that Changkyun just made* means.”

Great Comet 8/18

My Great Comet Experience - 8/18/17 - Onstage Seating, First Row Banquettes, Aisle, Stage Right

-First of all, the stage is gorgeous. If Mimi Lien didn’t win Best Set Design I would’ve died

-Lulu Fall gave our section pierogis, and she was so sweet, and they were delicious

-Amber Gray did or section for the pre-show announcements. Okay, so, I met her the day before I saw the show, and she remembered my name? Y'all can brag about Amber smiling at you, but wait until I tell you what happened at the stage door. Not everyone gets to be friends with one of their idols

-I almost started crying when the show started

-The scene where Andrey leaves for war is honestly heartbreaking, as is the expression on Scott’s face

-Within the first minute I was slapped by about five costumes, which I liked a lot. I also got a ton of eye contact from everyone, I swear. Everyone

-In the perfect position to hear everyone, including being able to pick out all of the harmonies through all of the songs

-When Lucas said ‘he spends his money on women and wine,’ he winked at my mom

-Scott is actually a m a z i n g, and he was consistent through all of the show

-Amber conducts the women during Pierre, I was the only one who really got it, I think

-Marya and Natasha are very dismissive of Sonya in Moscow, it sort of surprised me. However, Grace McLean’s expressions are absolutely amazing, as well as her voice

-Courtney Bassett was very good as Mary, just very different than Gelsey. Her Mary has a much tighter leash on her emotions

-When Paul was doing his thing as the servant, when he went up to Bolkonsky, Nicholas Belton said ‘I’ve told you not to sneak up on me like that’

-When Denée sang in The Private and Intimate Life of The House she sang to me a bit

-I nearly had a panic attack during the ‘where are my glasses’ sequence

-When Denée said hello in Natasha and Bolkonskys I almost started laughing, just because I was expecting it to be quiet and shy, but nope!

-Denée and Courtney came and sat right in front of us while they were singing ‘constrained, and strained,’ and it was awesome

-T h e m e a n o l d m a n i n h i s u n d e r t h i n g s

-When Bolkonsky said 'not in my house’ I nearly died, because I didn’t expect it

-No One Else was stunning. Denée’s voice is gorgeous, and the blue lighting is beautiful

-The snow fell right next to me in No One Else

-All of The Opera

-Honestly Nick and Amber were so amazing in the Opera. They came and sat right in front of us, and Amber whispered, 'Don’t worry, it’s only for a little,’ and she and Nick smiled at me

-The Opera itself makes a lot more sense when you see Andrey being shot

-Lucas’ entrance? Was amazing? He is one of my idols, honestly. He manages to be super talented and live his life as a person. Natasha, I get you girl

-Natasha and Anatole was great. Lucas made eye contact with me a bit, one of my life long goals came true

-Nick came through the audience in The Duel, which made me smile for some reason

-The strobe lights in The Duel made me really happy

-Lauren Zakrin sat in front of us in The Duel with another ensemble member (who I didn’t have time to recognize) to snort the fake crack. Before she did, she picked up my pierogi, and said 'You haven’t eaten this yet?’ I said, 'I’m saving it.’ She said 'You have to eat it while it’s still warm!’

-For 'Never mind about that now/It doesn’t matter/I don’t give a damn,’ and when Dolokhov is singing about Anatole before, Nick sang to us and made eye contact with me a bit, and Lucas and Amber were in front of us

-'OH, this is horribly stupid!’ Killed me. Lucas’ expressions throughout the song were great

-I didn’t know Dolokhov and Pierre went to the stairs on the side of the stage to start their paces for the duel

-Amber’s scream d e s t r o y e d me. Hélène does have feelings


-All of Dust and Ashes was stunning. Scott is such an amazing Pierre. Also the choral parts? Amazing


-Charming was amazing. Amber Gray is such a talented woman. Honestly one of the best songs in the show

-The dancing in The Ball was phenomenal

-When Lucas runs up the stairs to kiss Natasha during 'blocking her path, I bring her face close to mine,’ he ran right by me

-T h e k i s s

-All of Letters

-In the beginning I got sang to for “Once it’s on the paper we feel better, we feel better/It’s like some kind of clarity when the letter’s done and signed”

-Cathryn Wake gave me her letter (shoulder bops get you places), and it said 'Hold fast to what you love, xo, Cathryn’

-When Hélène is passing the letter along the front row


-Lucas held that note forever

-That look Anatole gives Sonya at the end of letters

-Denée’s face during 'I do not grasp the question’ is me constantly

-Sonya Alone made me cry

-Okay so you know how y'all say ’___ could step on me and I would be grateful,’ right? Well, Nick Choksi actually stepped on my foot, so.

-Dolokhov and Anatole in Preparations are fabulous. When Nick tries to interrupt Anatole during 'Isn’t that so, now, don’t you know’

-I started getting super pumped during Balaga. Paul was great, and I saw the Dolokhov and Anatole kiss! Short but sweet

-The. Abduction

-I talked about this one, but during 'Everyone raise a glass/WHOOOooooooooooOoAH’ (which Lucas held forever), he grabbed a nearby man’s water bottle and shoved it into his hand, so I ended up raising my invisible glass

-The Gypsy Lovers segment made me cry

-The number is wild. There’s so much to watch, the fist fight, the make out session, etc. I got a bit flustered. The dancing was fabulous, I found myself watching Alex Gibson a lot. He has such an energy

-'WOOOOOOOAH/Here’s to happiness, freedom and life/Hey!’ Was one of the best Broadway moments of the season. The portrait smashing was great

-'Shut the door! First we have to sit down/That’s the way/It’s a Russian custom,’ Lucas sat right behind us, just having a staring contest with the girl he pushed over. So, you know, up close view of Lucas Steele

-Shoba plucking the violin made me super happy (?)

-'Hey Balaga ho Balaga hey hey hey Balaga/Hey HEY Balaga’

-Marya’s facial expressions during 'You will not enter my house scoundrel!’

-And Anatole’s expressions

-Grace was about eleven feet away from me while singing the first minute of In My House and I was trembling

-S o n y a w h y

-And then Denée went there for 'And she threw herself down on the sofa’

-Grace McLean during all of A Call To Pierre, she stuns me

-For some reason, whenever Pierre left his study it felt really symbolic to me

-'NatAsha/NatAsha/It is essential that I see Natasha/How can I see her?’

-When Pierre met Hélène and Anatole in the drawing room, the three were super close to us

-During 'You are more repulsive to me than ever,’ Amber whispered 'Go,’ to Lucas, then ran and leaned right on my banquette section, right next to me

-Scott was actually terrifying in A Call To Pierre, Lucas, I get you

-'Amuse yourself with women like my wife/With them your within your rights,’ Amber’s gasp hurt my heart

-Lucas’ expressions for the rest of the song were flawless, my eyes welled a little

-I think I was the only one who understood Natasha was poisoning herself

-Denée’s s c r e a m when she poisons herself, and when Grace comes onstage made me cry

-I’m sure everyone says this, but- 'Next day Anatole left/For PETERSBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURG!’

-Brittain made me cry- again- during Natasha Very Ill, but I think I was also crying because of Nick accompanying her onstage

-Nicholas Belton was fabulous in Pierre and Andrey. He was so crushed

-Scott’s face during 'If you wish to be my friend/Never speak of that again,’ made me cry. His Pierre is so excellent

-I love the piano in Pierre and Natasha. It breaks my heart.

-I was actually watching Amber for portions of the song, and she made me cry

-I started crying when Denée started crying

-I cried even harder during the proposal

-All of The Great Comet Of 1812 made me cry. All of it. I watched Lucas for a little, and it broke my heart

-I sobbed during bows

-At the stage door (this includes people who snuck out the alternate door and smiled at me for a few seconds) I met many ensemble members, including Josh, Alex, Shoba, Lauren, Cathryn, Mary Page, and a few others. I also met Denée, Grace, Nicholas B, and Lucas (who did not go down the line, but smiled at me). Brittain, Courtney, Nick C, and Paul Pinto went down the line

-Amber snuck out, but then came back. We hugged, talked a bit, and she only took a picture with me, then left with Brittain

-I cried a lot that night

-Tears of gratitude

Queen for Seven Days | Seven Day Queen | 7일의 왕비

Does Yeok Truly Love Chae Gyung, or is He Just Using Her to Gain the Crown?

Is it bothering you as much as it is bothering me? I want to trust and believe Yeok, I want to believe in love, I want him to be the hero. And yet,  something is bugging me. How much do I believe in him and how much is it just me ‘wanting’ to believe in him? I can’t seem to shake this strange feeling that … I don’t totally trust him. 

But why?

EP10 starts with me already reaching for the tissues. Yeok tries to charm Chae Gyung, but she’s not having it. We can see a slight hint of longing in her eyes, but mostly she doesn’t trust him because of all his recent lies and behavior. And then there’s also that prophesy thing.

It would be a whole lot easier all around, and better for everyone if she just rejects him and moves on with her life. She tells him that after today she will never see him again.

But …

Chae Gyung breaks into tears and Yeok has tears in his eyes as well. She says nothing but turns and goes back into the gate of her home, leaving him behind.

We all know from glimpses of his struggle over the past few years and that he is speaking from his heart. It truly was the thought of her that kept him going. She doesn’t know that fact for certain yet, but we do, and she wants to believe it. She has a lot of reflecting to do.

Later at the pawn shop, Yeok and the gang discuss their ongoing plans of royal sabotage and eventual coup of the throne. Yeok also mentions that his brother the King has given consent for him to marry Chae Gyung.

The guys are WAY more excited about this news than any talk of politics!

I love the twist here … the guys react like typical girlfriends at the news of marriage, but Myung Hye steps in as the level headed voice of reason.

A lot, if not most, female viewers seem to really dislike Myung Hye. But I like her and I’ll tell you why. First of all, she’s badass. She’s fearless and determined and willing to take anything on as much as the men. She fights like the men, too. She’s also very focused and always looking at the big picture. I suspect women don’t like her because they think she is jealous and possessive of Yeok. I’ve seen a lot of comments from people saying that “She doesn’t own him.”  I don’t believe she feels that way at all. She’s just trying to keep him on track and not get distracted by his own feelings.

She was there for Yeok and helped him when he needed it. She fell in love along the way. Who can blame her? But she can see beyond that. She is focused on what they have all been planning all these years - revolution and making Yeok their king. I see her strength as she has to watch Yeok not only expressing his love for Chae Gyung, but having to stand beside him and watch him marry another woman. She can’t just leave because she believes in and has a role in the new government. So she has to just bear it. She is also clearly very intelligent.

This is why I like her. In truth, I have been in her shoes a lot more often than I have been in Chae Gyung’s shoes. I can relate to her as a woman. I wish more viewers would see her as the strong character she is.

In response to Myung Hye’s concern, Yeok counters …

Here marks the beginning of my doubt about him. What’s this? Is he just courting her as part of the whole plan? Is it all just an act?

Major buzzkill. The guys’ reaction is … well look at them. Serious bummer.

But Seo No has a different reaction. He just looks at Yeok like, “Dude.” Remember this picture. I’ll come back to it later. This scene right here is the whole enchilada to resolving my inner conflict about Yeok.

After a wonderful day of merriment and laughter that is beyond rewarding after all these painful episodes, Yeok walks Chae Gyung home. They exchange some adorable words of, “You go in first”…..”No you leave first” … much like when they were kids. They share a laugh and Yeok looks at her like this …

And like this …

Dude, you’re killing me. He moves in closer and gently takes the ring from around her neck and puts it on his finger once again.

And now a pause to admire these beautiful hands. 

He’s already confident in her love. He knows it and he reminds her. Yes, love is established, but is it enough? After everything they’ve been through, all her doubts, can she believe him?

What she’s asking him is, “Can I trust you?” … “Are you truly a man of your word?”   He whispers …

So from now on, as she decides to trust him, if he betrays her trust, it’s all on him. And then there’s that other thing …

With tears in her eyes, she says to him, “I will ask you one last time…are you not afraid of my prophesy, my destiny, or me?”  It’s the “or me” that really gets to me. She’s not just asking him if he’s worried about the prophesy, but is he sure about her. Is she really the woman that he, a Prince who can marry anyone he wants, the one that he wants to spend his life with?

She is on the verge of tears. He sees her anguish, but he has none. He is calm and resigned. With all his confidence he can calm her fears.

Oh Yeok, you romantic!

He gives her a lot of long, loving, confident looks throughout this entire conversation. He doesn’t flinch or take his eyes off her once. He’s not afraid. When he says this, he almost has a hint of a smile. He recognizes the irony, or the futility of any fear or doubt. If they are doomed one way or the other, he’d rather be doomed with her than without her. Also, he clearly doesn’t believe in this prophesy stuff at all and there’s almost this tone of, “You silly girl - don’t worry - I’ll take care of you” in a most loving way.

She starts crying. I start crying. It’s ok. Yeok will wipe away all those tears.

Chae Gyung lets go of all her doubts, all her fears and puts her faith in him. And then he gazes at her like this and I’m on my third tissue …

Then she finds a twig and hands it to him. She puts up her hair and he helps her hold it with the twig - the hairstyle and symbol of a married woman. The gesture and the stick are a sign and token of his commitment to her.

After it’s set, she turns around and looks at him in the sweetest and most loving way. I swear to you, if I were a guy I’d be completely in love with her in this moment. Even as a woman, I’m a little bit in love with her right here. She couldn’t be more beautiful and genuinely happy. She is relieved, beaming with love and pride in him, deciding to leave all the fears, the pain and the waiting behind. This dream is really happening and she’s all in now.

And we get more lovey-dovey looks from them, both welling with tears, and I’m destroyed.

Ok. That’s it. I’m convinced. He truly loves her. There is no doubt.

But then …

Later that evening, the Prince and the King have a little chat over some friendly recreational archery time. I’m going to just skip right over how damn sexy this scene is with the these two hot guys and the bows and arrows and the fire…

So the King asks Yeok why he “really” wants to marry Chae Gyung. Now this strikes me oddly right off the bat. Why does he suspect anything but love? He knows they were childhood sweethearts. Yeok tells him his reason is Chae Gyung herself - he loves her. His brother isn’t buying it.

Yeok then starts telling his brother little details about her. He begins, “Chae Gyung is a very violent woman …”

Yeok goes on telling his brother about his various recent encounters with her, how she was flirting with him in a variety of ways when she had no idea who he really was.

At this point I am not very happy at all with Yeok. Why is he talking about her this way? Of course, conversations between two men about women can often go like this, but not our Yeok!  Doesn’t he have more respect for her than this?

What IS this?? Why does he go on about her like this? I thought he was honorable!

Then it occurs to me that he’s baiting the King. I don’t like that he’s doing it this way, but I get it. He knows the King has affection for her. But what is his goal here? To gloat over winning her love instead of him? To make him jealous because he’s going to have a wildcat in his bed?

Or is there another reason?

This SERIOUSLY pisses off the King and he responds by shifting his focus like a laser and shooting his arrow right into the one Yeok just shot, splitting it in two.

Yeok has to know his brother enough that his words would enrage him. But still, I wonder … why? I don’t think it’s just to gloat. That doesn’t sound like our Yeok to me. He’s up to something. The King leaves and they each reflect on their own thoughts. The King says, “Tonight I shot your target…next time it will be your heart.”  Ooo! Seething with hate is he.

This is all rather dark and enhanced by the rather symbolic flickering of fire all about them.

Whatever Yeok is up to, I don’t like it one bit that he spoke about Chae Gyung this way. And now I really begin to wonder … is THIS who he really is? Is he always scheming and plotting? Was all that charm and romance just part of his plan to win Chae Gyung over so that he can use her to get her father’s support in his plan to take the throne? 

Or … is he just putting on an act with the King? Does he really love Chae Gyung and at the same time trying to play his strategies, like a game of chess, moving closer until he is finally the King? Could his objective here be to enrage his brother so much that he starts acting crazy again and his people doubt him? These are all possibilities.

After this scene I found myself with some serious doubts about Yeok. This is an entirely different side of him. I started to think about a lot of things. Like what happened to his anger at her when he found out she was close to the King? All of a sudden, he reclaims his title as Prince and he’s sweet as a lamb to her? Is he over it so easily?

He seems to have more than a few sides to him. One is the side that he shows Chae Gyung. Another is the side he shows his friends in secret. Still another is the side he shows to his brother. A far more guarded and calculated side. So who is he? Is he really the hero that I think he is? Or is that me just hoping? Is it all part of a con just so he can become King?

In my heart of hearts, I believe in Yeok. I believe that he truly loves her and that he wants her to be his queen and the rest is just circumstantial. I don’t believe he would put her through all of that merely for personal gain. But there’s still that little 3% of me that has my doubts.

While wrestling with all of this, I am brought back to this scene.

Look at Seo No. The expression on his face. This was right after Yeok said that he would get Chae Gyung on his side. That is a look of concern, of skepticism. Upon hearing this, Seo No is looking at him like, “I can’t believe you just said that. Dude, I KNOW you. I know you don’t mean that the way it sounds.”  Nobody knows Yeok better than Seo No.

Seo No knows whether Yeok truly loves Chae Gyung or not. His look says, “I know you love her and if you hurt her I will kick your ass!”

Yup. This is why I am convinced that Yeok’s love is true.

Scorpio Moon/Moon in the 8th house

I have moon in 8th, and I was extremely attached to my mother when I was young, particularly around the age of 7 and before, so attached that I would get so scared and cry at any moment that she left my side. She worked as a history teacher in the school I attended, and whenever she dropped me off at class, and I see her walk off, I would start to cry my daily river, and she sometimes would even have to sit by me and miss teaching her class because I wouldn’t stop. This also happened in grocery stores or crowds, whenever she let go of my hand and I lost her, my whole world would stop, like everything was spinning and I start tearing up, and frantically looking for her, and then tightly hug her when we reunite. I also notice this a lot with people with Scorpio/Pluto energy on the moon. I babysit this kid who has a Scorpio moon, and whenever his mom leaves him, he would cry and yell for hours on end until he sleeps or sees her again. I then grew older and much more detached from my mom, she started to use my intense love for her to her advantage, and I’ve become aware of it everyday and I keep distancing myself from her.

hazardtomyhealth  asked:

hi! can i ask what happened to rikyako in day 2?

When they performed “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare”, Rikyako was playing the piano while the others are performing in front (same thing that happened on the anime) But then the music suddenly stopped and Rikyako started crying (she also stop playing the piano). Then Anchan and Ainya went to her and comforted her.

after that, Rikyako said that she missed or pressed a wrong key that’s why she panicked (due to nervousness) and started to cry.

foxy-alien  asked:

When Justin was like “now Irene? She’s the best” I almost started crying and when he said her godsona was very big I actually started crying

like irene is the best of both worlds because she’s small and chub and i can lift her but then she can also life me too