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A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 77

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Title and image: Milk Should be Served at Body Temperature

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 77:

I seriously thought that was Gintoki’s baby when I first saw him. I was shocked.

Now that I think about it, who has he been sleeping with that he would think he could have a baby with???

Kagura is so adorable.

Random Okita cameo is always a good thing.

This is just too adorable.

Ships Tally:

GinKagu (she wanted to be the mommy to Gintoki’s “baby”. That has to mean something, right?)

GinTae (well, poor Sa-chan thought so)

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


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Robert really should've thought of Aaron's safety and protection before sleeping with Rebecca. When she first turned him down, he should've had the decency to realize "fuck, if Aaron finds out, he'd be devastated" and stopped, drunk or not. But he didn't, he kept on trying to sleep with Rebecca. He wanted to hurt Aaron, and in the aftermath, he suddenly wants to protect him? That's just mad lol He dug his grave, now he can bury in it.

You know what? You’re right. When I’m drunk and heartbroken and hell bent on self destruction the first thing I do is think about the future outcome of my rash whiskey based decisions. This is true. He’s such an asshole for not having those coherent thoughts. He should be the one in prison.

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my bff and i were sleeping with each other nearly 6 months and since the beginning she'd known i have a crush on her. Weve tried to end things million times but it really ended right now. I fell in love with her and she told to me that shes straight so she just cant love me back. I try to move on but its really hard when we're still bffs and she just doesn't want to remember all of that. Should I end any type of relationship i have with her to move on or bleed my heart out and stay friends

Just distance yourself from. Don’t do it completely just enough to be able to move on. You can stay friends with her just limit what you do with her. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.

Shu Headcanon (Baby Edition)

(Because I’ve just been putting my little princess to sleep and it got me thinking…)

‘Ah.. look she’s grown so much already!’ You grin down at the little baby in your arms. You rock her gentle, hoping to get her to sleep.
Shu pushed himself up and leaned close to you, looking down at his baby girl.
'She has…her cheeks are so big. She looks so cute.’
'She’s been awake for too long now, but she’s really fighting to stay awake.’ You yawn and return to rocking her. Hoping her sleepy eyes would fully close soon.
'You are tired right? Should I hold her?’ Shu offered, watching you yawn again and close your eyes longer than a normal blink.
'I’m ok..’
'You know I can tell when you lie to me..so pass her here.’
You give up and slowly pass your daughter over to her father.
Instantly she relaxed more in his arms and yawned.
'Look at you little girl..’ He whispers, 'You are too tired, so sleep now..’
You smile, your heart swells with love and pride at seeing him being such a loving, wonderful father.
'Ah! Her eyes are closed!’ He smiles triumphantly.
'Must be the sleepy vibes coming from you…’ You joke, leaning your head on his shoulder. 'I still can’t believe she’s ours. We had a baby…’
'I was scared at first but..’ he sighs, 'now she’s here I can’t help but love her intensely. That’s what scares me now.’
'You love her too much?’ You agree. 'But you love me too right?’
He smirked and nodded, 'I do, aren’t you a lucky woman?’
'Lucky and..’ you lower your voice, 'Lewd.’

10 things I hate about you.

1)   The way you rolled your eyes whenever I pointed out your flawed grammar. And then snaked one arm around my waist as you pulled me close and whispered, “are you still thinking about grammar?”

2)   The way you allowed your mom to coddle you. And then looked at me and smiled. “Isn’t she beautiful, mom?”

3)   The music you listened to. It was sad and talked of heartbreak at a time when my heart didn’t understand what it meant. Maybe I should’ve listened closer to what it could have meant.

4)   How your priorities were never established. But you always told me, “but you’re #1 right now.”

5)   The way you never picked up the phone when I couldn’t sleep. Just when I put my own phone away, it would buzz and you’d sleepily drawl, “thanks for waking me up.”

6)   The way you’d laugh at me for squealing over babies (just because you couldn’t trust yourself not to drop one).

7)   The way you’d tease me with dogs around us even though you knew I was terrified. And when one would actually come our way, you’d slowly pull me behind you so it never came near me.

8)   How you’d be your charming self and everyone around you would be enchanted. And I’d just roll my eyes every single time till you’d reach over, pull me closer and kiss my hair.

9)   Your perfume. Goddamn thing made me swoon, every single time. Every time I was supposed to be angry at you.

10)  You promised me the world, and left before you could make it happen. Because we loved too hard, too fast. We made the future our own, and I was forced to see how fast things could change.

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Name: Jessica
Gender: gurl
Star sign: Leo
Height: 5'6"
Sexual orientation: pan
Favorite color: all of them, but pink gold and green hold a special place in my mind right now
Favorite color to paint the walls: yellow! its a happy color!
Favorite color of lipstick: a mauve like pink
Favorite animal: coyotes 
Time right now: 12:54pm
Cat or dog person: dogs duh
Favorite fictional character: so many!!!!! but inuyasha rn 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or none
Favorite singer/band: 2 many, but right now Angel Olsen  
Dream Trip: back to japan or Italy 
Dream Job: actress, lawyer, or fashion editor   
When was this blog created: my junior or sophomore year of highschool so like…..6 or 7 years ago?
What made you decide to make a tumblr: Emile Brandon had one and i thought she was super cool so i felt like i should have one also 
Why did you pick your url: i liked it a lot, i adore flowers especially roses
Last song you listened to: Cigarette daydream by cage the elephant 

Last book you read: all the way through?? the art of seduction by Robert Greene 

Last thing you ate: tomato noodles with kale, onion, and vegan cheese
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: tokyo japan to be with my family! or New York grabbing a coffee with friends 
What time would you travel to: 1933 to meet my abuela….she was the same age as i am rn in 1933 or like 6 years from now to see what i’ve accomplished 

tagging: @albertodominic @novacanemp4 @kyleraynxr @sapphic-jean-grey @irinalovsyou @ anyone who wants to do this i would love to see your answers (no pressure guys)

Good Morning.

Its amazing how this girl just slept through the noise while I did my laundry and cleaned my whole apartment. My bedroom door makes this annoying creaking that even I jolts from my slumber when someone dares to open it.

But not this girl. She’s still tucked in and sleeping like a baby. I could take a picture of her right now but that would be creepy. 👀 Haha

I should not make this long as I need to make us breakfast (been wondering what to cook for her because I’ve been on a diet for weeks and we barely have proper things to cook here!), and wow nang angkin ako ulit ng blog. Hahaha.

Hello. I’m back in beb’s blog. #Lurker

Don’t be shy to say hi! 👋🏼

in other news, i should not be awake right now, and i am in fact distressed by my inability to get to sleep

the new med seems to be causing a general worsening of my insomnia when it occurs, while also failing to make any difference in my energy level

last time i had insomnia i was up for 50 hours but unable to do much of anything but stare dully at a TV set while saving up the energy to go pee, so wish me enough luck to avoid that happening again, i guess

if i vanish it’s because either i’ve managed to get to sleep or i’ve become functionally inoperable

also guess who is already behind on their homework for the second week of term :D

Show!headcanon that when Jon is named KitN, Sansa INSISTS he has to take the Lord’s chamber now, because she understands the importance of appearances and they can’t have the KING not sleeping in the best bedroom, right? Jon of course argues at first, but when Sansa won’t relent (and also because he’s Jon, aka A Pro At Talking To The Ladies) he blurts without thinking, “We should share it, then!” They freeze and stare at each other in SUPREME AWKWARDNESS for a minute, as what he said slowly sinks in, and then they both mumble an embarrassed goodnight to each other, scuttle off, and never speak of it again.

Sweet Mornings

So, it’s Sunshine Siblings Week! I’m kind of cheating because I wrote this 5ever ago and commentboxed it to Gabzy, but I brushed it up a little and actually titled it, so it counts, right? Totally. It’s also just pure fluff, tbh. What is plot.

Prompt: Baby sister/big brother

Himawari woke to the familiar sound of her mother’s hand mixer whirring in the kitchen. As she blinked away the sleep in her eyes, she found herself confused. Daddy should be at work right now, and Mama told her last night after her bedtime story that she had to meet with Grandpa Hiashi in the morning. Kura-chan was grumbling in his sleep at the foot of her bed; also, he probably didn’t know how to bake. Probably. Maybe she’d ask him when he woke up. But still, then who’s in the kitchen? 

Himawari shot up with a grin. “Boru-niichan’s here!” Kurama cracked an eye open as she bounced off the bed and tore off her pajamas, huffing out a small chuckle as she went about. She dressed quickly, stumbling a couple times in her haste.

“Your shirt’s inside out, child,” Kurama mumbled. Himawari jumped up and flushed slightly.

“Oops! Thanks, Kura-chan!” Properly dressed, she sped quietly down the hall, hoping to surprise her brother.

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

“Is she awake?”

“No, for the millionth time.”She can hear voices all aroundher but can only clearly make out two male voices. She groans at the pain in her forehead and everyone falls silent.

“Clarke?” This voice is higher than the previous two and much, much softer. When she opens her eyes, she is overwhelmed by the sunlight, turning the faces around her into nothing more than shadows. The girl to her right helps her slowly sit up.

“Alright,” one of the male voices from earlier booms. “Back to work! Now!” Slowly her eyes adjust to the light and she sees four faces peering down at her. Two girls, both with long dark hair and two boys, both with shaggy dark hair.

“Clarke?” The younger of the two girls asks. “How’s your head?”

“My head?” She touches her forehead and winces.

“She should probably get some sleep,” the shorter boy suggests.

“Yeah,” the tall one snaps hotly. “If she has a concussion leaving her to sleep alone is a great idea.”

“Obviously we’d watch her. Despite what you may think, I’m not an idiot, Blake.”

“Guys! Can we not?”

“What is going on?” Clarke’s voice is shaky even to her own ears. All sets of eyes turn slowly back to her.

“Well, Murphy’s brilliant self knocked you in the head with a piece of wood.” Clarke stares blankly at the younger girl as she speaks. “Wait, Clarke? Do you know where we are?”

“Er, in the woods?” The girl blinks and straightens up, casting a concerned glance at the boy called Blake.

“Do you know who we are?” He kneels in front of her.

“Your name is… Blake?” Clarke glances at the other three people who now look completely shell shocked.

“Do you know your name?”

“Of course I do!” She says indignantly. “It’s Clarke!” There’s a brief pause and when no one answers her, she begins to worry that maybe that’s not the name the first girl had called her. “Right?”

“GREAT!” Roars the Blake boy. “WHERE’S MURPHY!?”

“What are you going to do? It was an accident, Bellamy.”

“I’m going to hit him so hard it gives him amnesia!” Bellamy storms off.

“Okay, now that that’s over with… Clarke, I’m Raven.” The older of the two girls smiles down at her and offers her a hand. Hesitantly, Clarke takes it and stands slowly. “This is Octavia.” The other girl waves awkwardly, still looking extremely concerned. “And that,” she points at the last boy. “Is Finn.”

“Um, it’s nice to meet you all,” this warrants a couple of uncomfortable chuckles from the others.

“Let’s get you into the drop ship and checked out, shall we?” Octavia points at the large metal thing behind them and leads the way through the tarp acting as a door.

“What is this thing?”

“It’s… this whole big thing. We used to live in space and we were sent down here as a sort of punishment in this thing… it’s not much, but its home. Here, sit.” The next half hour is spent with Octavia asking Clarke silly questions. Some of the questions work their way into her brain and spring loose a memory. Finally, Octavia leaves Clarke to rest and meets Bellamy outside the drop ship.


“I think she definitely has memory loss… just a slight concussion, she should be fine on that front. She remembers some things, like her mom, and life on the Ark. But after that? All of us? Earth? She has no memory of any of it. I don’t know if it will ever come back. When I was asking her stuff she seemed to recall certain things when I brought them up, but she said they were hazy, unclear. I think maybe if we give her a while she might remember some things, but who knows?”

“That’s not good enough. She needs to remember this. We need her to remember.” Bellamy reaches forward and begins to pull the tarp back.

“Hey,” Octavia reaches out and stops her brother with a hand on his arm. “I don’t think so, she’s sleeping. And since I’m the only other one with medical training I say no one is to bother her or question her until I release her. Got it?” Bellamy glares down at his sister for just a moment, but never being one to argue with her, he releases the tarp and heads towards the gates.

Life in the camp continues on as normal and when Clarke is finally released by Octavia it’s with caution that she leaves the drop ship. She moves through the camp with an air of amazement.

“You guys built all of this?” She asks Octavia as she leads her through the camp.

We built this. You helped. You and Bell are kind of the leaders around this place.”

“Hey, princess,” Bellamy’s voice makes her jump. She screws her face up at the apparent pet name.


“Can’t remember my damned name but she can remember that she hates being called princess.” He grins at her and lifts an eyebrow as she flushes red.

“Are we…” She leans closer to Octavia and lowers her voice. “Are we together?”

“What?!” Bellamy’s face flushes in turn. “No, absolutely not. If anything, you’re with Spacewalker.”


“That’d be me.” The other boy, Finn, comes trotting towards them, a smile on his face. “It’s nice to see you out, Clarke.” He has a kind face and warm eyes. And when he looks at her, she can tell that he definitely feels something for her. She wishes she could remember him.

“Yeah, it’s nice to be out.” The air becomes heavy with the awkward silence that stretches between them.

“Would you like to go out and relearn the area?” Finn asks, his eyes shining brightly and his eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“Yeah, sure… why not?” Clarke glances uneasily at the other two but follows Finn anyways. The whole way out of the camp he chatters on, telling her about their time since they landed, how she first met him and how they’ve been in love ever since. As he prattles on and on she finds it hard to believe that she’d fallen so madly in love with someone in such a short amount of time. “But we hardly know each other.” She blurts out after a while.

“What?” Finn stops short. They’ve just barely made it into the surrounding woods when she spoke up. Now, she can hear the sound of what she believes is a stream to her right and what could only be birds high up in the trees.

“I mean, you seem so sure of it. That we’re meant to be and all… but you hardly know me.”

“It’s not like that, you know?” Finn takes a step towards her a gentle smile on his face. “When it’s right, you just know.”

“At this point in my life I don’t know much of anything.” She means it as a joke, but his face falls and she gets the tiniest feeling that she should feel guilty for saying that, but to be honest, she doesn’t. Instead of apologizing, she follows the sounds of water and pushes her way through some very thick underbrush to find the water moving slowly over the earth. They spend the rest of the time wandering aimlessly, and silently, through the trees. “Shouldn’t we be getting back?” Clarke asks as her stomach grumbles. “It’s getting kind of late.”

“Yeah, let’s head back.” Without really thinking about it, Finn reaches out and grabs her hand only to have her yank out of his grasp. “Sorry!” He raises his hands. “Habit… camp’s this way.” He leads the way back looking rather dejected. They once again fall into silence. On the way back she does start to recognize a few different landmarks, though whether that’s due to her memory coming back or the fact that they passed these exact places just hours before she’s not sure.

“Perfect timing, guys.” Raven greets them at the camp entrance. “Here’s some food.”

Clarke accepts a plate of food and settles onto the ground a little ways off from the rest of the kids. She’s staring down at the plate of strange looking, supposedly edible stuff when a shadow falls across her.

“It’s better than it looks,” Bellamy says as he lowers himself to sit next to her. “It’s just boar.”

“Boar?” She wrinkles her nose at the food. “Do I like boar?”

“I don’t know. The only way to know that is if you try it.” He takes a big bite out of his charred piece of meat and smiles encouragingly at her.

“It’s all just so frustrating,” she mutters around a piece of the boar, which, she is pleased to find, she does happen to like.

“What’s that, princess?”

“Not knowing anything. I don’t even know who I am.” She places the makeshift plate on the dirt in front of her, suddenly she isn’t hungry anymore.

“Well, you’re a pain in the ass if that helps any.” She shoots him a look of disbelief. “Seriously, you are. You’re too… good. Always doing the right thing, keeping a level head. You know, boring stuff.” He smiles at her and she is startled to realize that she actually likes that crooked smile very much.

“Thanks. But that doesn’t help any. You and Octavia are related?”

“Mhm,” he nods his head and swallows the food in his mouth. “She’s my baby sister. I actually named her,” he says proudly.

“But no one else here is related.” It’s not really a question but he nods in confirmation. “Why were you locked up and sent down here?”

“I came down here to protect Octavia.” Clarke doesn’t miss the way he seems to shut her out at the question. So instead of digging deeper she just nods.

“She’s lucky to have you then. This place is weird. I saw a bird with two heads today.” Bellamy nods again as if this is normal.

“Wait until you see the giant man eating snakes in the water.” Clarke’s eyes widen in horror and he laughs. After a moment he adds, “No but seriously, don’t get in the water unless someone tells you it’s a safe area.”

“This is terrible,” she groans resting her head in her hands.

“It’ll get easier,” Bellamy says as he stands. “And if you have any questions, I’m here to help. Well, so are the others, but they might soften it up for you. If you’re looking for the truth, I’m your guy.” He turns to leave.

“Bellamy wait! If you’ll tell me the truth, I do have one question for you… me and Finn… are we really together?”

“Uh, kinda. I’m not really sure what’s going on there. You’ll have to talk to Raven about that one.”


“Yeah, they were sort of still together when you and Finn got together. It’s kind of a mess.” Despite himself, Bellamy can’t help but smile just a little.

“Huh, he just doesn’t seem my type.” Bellamy full on smirks at that.

“Tell me about it, princess.”

  • Juvia: Gajeel-kun, hold this sign for Juvia.
  • Gajeel: -takes sign- M'kay. What is it?
  • Juvia: Don't mind that right now.
  • Gajeel: -looks-
  • Gajeel: WHAT IS THIS?!
  • Juvia: Juvia is shaming Gajeel-kun for when he tried to arrest Juvia.
  • Juvia: Yes, and Levy showed Juvia a video of people pet-shaming cats and dogs, so Juvia thought she should do this with Gajeel-kun!
  • Juvia: You're pretty bold with Levy-san in the hot springs, so Juvia thinks so.
  • Gajeel: Fucking -! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!
The mind of a Swiftie

“Taylor Swift”

“I need to check tumblr”

“Why is Taylor never on tumblr when I am on tumblr?”

“Why isn’t the radio playing Taylor Swift?”

“Which Taylor Swift shirt should I wear?”

“I can’t wait another two years to see Taylor again”

“Is there even a ten minute version of All Too Well or was that all a lie?”

“I just need to hug Taylor right now”

“How does Taylor have time to sleep?”

“Why does Taylor wear heels when she is already tall?”

“How does she walk in those heels”

“Can I work for Taylor Nation?”

“I wonder what Taylor is doing right now”

“Taylor’s squad is flawless”

“How do people get so many notes on their posts?”

“Why do people hate Taylor Swift?”


Summary: Set in the six weeks of peace following Rumple’s banishment, Emma is still constantly worrying about Killian’s safety, and that (along with screaming baby Neal) is interfering with her and Henry’s ability to sleep. 

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,800

A/N: I heart Captain Cobra Swan. And I heart deleted scenes. So here’s a deleted scene where Emma & Henry go make sure Killian is all right when he’s not answering his phone a week after his heart was returned.

Emma rolled over for the thirteenth time that hour, desperate to find a position comfortable enough to ease her ridiculous brain into submission.

Yes, Killian had almost left her. Almost, she kept telling herself. It wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t her fault and everyone was fine now and she should just go to sleep because she’d see him in the morning for breakfast at Granny’s and everything was going to be fine. There were no more villains in town (well, only reformed ones, anyway), and most of her day-to-day stress revolved around nothing more serious than misbehaving dwarves. But still, a week after returning his heart, her thoughts were still plagued by images of him in pain, of the emptiness in his eyes, the way a lightning bolt cracked through her torso at the realization that he was in danger (and that she hadn’t done anything to save him).

And her dreams (well, nightmares) – they were even worse. In those she’d watch Rumple crush his heart, watch him fall out of the clock tower or get sucked into the hat. Even worse, she’d see visions of future terror, of Killian and Emma and Henry having a quiet afternoon picnic when suddenly Rumple shows up again to steal his heart and turn it to dust right in front of them.

Killian was safe, probably asleep in his bed at Granny’s. So why the hell couldn’t she just sleep?

“Mom, I can practically hear you thinking,” Henry grumbled from his bed on the other side of the room.

(Reason Number 336 why Emma needed her own place – so her son could have his own damn room and not be bothered by his mother’s worried tossing and turning.)

“Sorry, kid. I’ll try to stay still.”

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Forget Me Not  - Steve x Reader [ Ch.4 ]

Summary : In hindsight, Steve probably should’ve known about this. What was it Bucky said the other day? Oh yeah,

“Like owner, like dog.”

Character : Steve Rogers X OC ( Reader )   |  Warning : CUTE DOG, Cursing? Idek what to put in here.

Author’s Note : HEYYYY Guess who’s back writing this fic? ME! I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! <3

and thank you for proofreading this, Victoria :D

Originally posted by fantastic-chris-evans

Chapter 4

Steve stared at the ceiling of his room, trying to go back to sleep. Peanut had been whining for the past two days now and he blamed her for this. I should not have gone to her and asked her to babysit Peanut, he grumbled as he rolled out of the bed and walked out of his bedroom. He stopped right in front of Peanut who was too busy whining and making noise to notice him and picked her up when she let out a bark.

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What did Priyanka say about race in America? I think she should be the last one to talk about race, given that she endorses fairness creams and the lowest point of her 'Fashion' character was sleeping with a black guy :/

That’s all valid criticism but a bit beside the point here. I’m not sure if you’re American, but diversity in media is a huge topic right now. Quantico came at a time when diversity on television was a hot button issue, and with the lead being South Asian, she was bound to be asked about race and diversity. What’s more, she was signed onto ABC as part of a diversity outreach program, so her race was never just an incidental factor in her career in America.

To counteract the controversy around the Oscars not having any people of color nominated in any major category, ABC, which airs the ceremony, basically invited all its various POC stars to present at the show, Priyanka included. I’m including all these details to show that her being asked about race and diversity was inevitable, and it’s something she should have been well prepared for. But she basically gave soundbites about how ~the best person for the job~ should get the part, and even though she kept saying that she’d experienced racism in the past and that she was proud to represent “the new girl next door”, she really downplayed the importance of diversity and more or less lied about how she came to be cast on Quantico in the first place. Not only is the whole “best person for the job” line actually used to maintain institutionalized racism, but rewriting history to insist that her race and the demographic of fans she brought with her has nothing to do with how she landed Quantico does a huge disservice to other minorities (racial, sexual, etc) struggling for visibility.

And now, of course, she says she “doesn’t like the term woman of color.” Everything she says has a very “All Lives Matter” vibe to it, and it’s soooo not what’s needed in American media right now. And the thing is, I know her intentions are good, but just spending a couple of years here doesn’t mean you understand race dynamics here. That’s like me going to India and trying to talk about the caste system. And fortunately for her, she’s never had to actually struggle for roles in America. Her role was handed to her on a silver platter, which is great, but she doesn’t understand the reality of auditions that only take white people or casting calls for black/Asian/Latina women that white women still go to and end up getting picked. So if she’s going to keep speaking about what it’s like being an Indian actress working in the US, a little humility would go a long way in helping her admit that she may not be the best person to ask about the realities of the diversity struggle.

lead me home

for: sara @1dable

by: brianne @abejas-fic

summary: if she keeps thinking about it, this isn’t so out of the ordinary, is it? harry just does little things like this, all the time. helps fix things, make sure everything is right and orderly. he’s been doing so for ages, and honestly, if she’d thought about it at all before leaving for the conference, mariska would’ve known then that he’d be around 24/7 during her absence.

for whatever reason, now is just when it’s all consciously coming together for her. and her overall intelligence is perfectly in tact, so, yes. she knows what this means. she also knows how she should probably feel about it, but. she’s calm. it feels…right. it feels like something she’s known for a long time but just waited for the right moment to realize.

word count: 5,223

warnings: n/a

main pairing: harry/ofc

it’s her daughter’s first day of school, and mariska sleeps through her alarm.

when she wakes up and sees the clock blaring 7:30, she flings herself up in a panic. of all the day to oversleep, today just had to be one of Those Days.  she’d gotten in late last night, coming home from her trip, but she didn’t think it’d be a problem.

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