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Not So Innocent Now

Word count: 1,460

Warning: smut, teasing, rough sex

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @study-me-misha for my first request!

The reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister and Cas has had feelings for her for a long time. She starts to tease him round the bunker which leads to him snapping.

Tags: @badwolfy08 @jensen-gal

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Cas watched as Y/N, the middle Winchester child, hugged her brothers after a particularly long and gruelling case. The look of triumph and her relaxed smile made Cas smile to himself. He always thought she looked so beautiful in these moments of complete satisfaction, being held in the arms of her family. A wave of sorrow also crashed through Cas as he wished for this love from his own family, but sadly he was an outcast from them. Abruptly, Cas was broken from his thoughts as Y/N ran over and embraced him tightly.

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Monsta X Reaction: Their girlfriend moaning their name in her sleep

||| Anon asked: Can you please do a monsta X reaction to when their gf is moaning while asleep and moaning their name |||

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

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“Jagi, I need you to wake up and take responsibility for your actions. Now.”

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

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he looks so done, I’m dying, it wasn’t supposed to be like this 😂

“That girl… What is she dreaming about this time?”

Lee Minhyuk

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“I should go turn that dream into reality.”

Yoo Kihyun

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“How am I supposed to get back to work when she calls for me even in her sleep?”

Chae Hyungwon

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“Wake up Jagi, you and I have some things to take care of.”

I.M/Lim Changkyun

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“I’m not imagining right? I should probably go help her out if she wants me that badly.”

Lee Jooheon

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“If this keeps up, I’m not sure I will be able to control myself.” 

What if He Freaks? (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

A/N: I didn’t read this over, please point out any mistakes.

Steve had ushered you, Natasha and Wanda up to your room, telling you to “bond” and “relax” he was literally like the scolding parent. You all agreed that it would be nice to have a girls night and as most sleepovers go, you ended up drunk talking about your love lives and your impossible crushes.

Wanda was going on about Vis and how certain things would work, while you and Natasha were talking about Steve and Bucky, the dynamic duo.

“So, Natasha, if could sleep with either Steve or Bucky, who would you pick?” Natasha had to think, but she ended up picking Steve as you thought she would. Both your heads turned to Wanda, who blushed profusely.

“I’m spoken for.” She said, her light accent slipping towards the end of her sentence. Natasha wasn’t fazed, but you were momentarily shocked.

“I knew you and Vision had suppressed feelings, but you’re together now?!” She laughed and nodded and you smacked her arm.

“Tell me sooner next time, yeah?”

“What about you Y/N?” You had to think.

“Steve.” You answered after much thought.
“I feel like he’d be better. Bucky has been through… too much, he’d be … nervous.” You finished.

There was a pause and then Nat spoke up.
“I feel like Bucky has a Daddy kink.”

You nearly spit out your drink at the thought.

“Now, I really wanna call him Daddy, but what if he freaks out.” You said, recovering.

Both Wanda and Nat were laughing at the idea of the Winter Soldier freaking out over a silly nickname, but it was a serious concern. What if you called him Daddy as a joke and he got mad.

Why should you care? You decided you would do it.

“Alright alright, Y/N, truth or dare?” Wanda asked. You smirked, feeling brave.

“Dare.” The two girl exchanged looks and you knew you’d made a bad decision

“I dare you to ask Steve out.” You sighed in relief.

“Oh that’s not so bad.”

“With Bucky there, and you have to be flirty about it.”

“Well that’s a little bit worse, but I’ll do it.” They both watched you expectantly.
“N-not right now! Guys it’s two am!” You scolded. It was time to sleep, you’d all be nursing light hangovers in the morning, or afternoon, depending on when you woke.

None of you had hangovers as bad as you’d expected, except Wanda, who woke suddenly and rushed to the bathroom. After Wanda cleaned up and took some Advil she looked at you with pleading eyes.

“You should ask Steve out to dinner tonight, it’s Saturday and neither of you have any plans.” You agreed seeing as it was the only way to get the girls to leave you alone.

Your little trio took the lift down to the kitchen and you immediately spotted Steve and Bucky talking. You plastered a flirtatious smile on your face and walked over to the two soldiers.

“Hey Steve, can I talk to you for a moment?”
Both boys glanced at you for a moment before Steve answered.

“Of course Y/N. What’s up?”

“Are you free tonight, I was hoping you’d accompany me to dinner?” The intimidating super soldier was momentarily flustered.

“Y-you mean like a date?” Your smile brightened.

“Yeah, like a date.” He nodded.

“I’d love to. Uhm, I’ll come pick you up at 6?”

“That’s perfect.” You turned to the girls who were pretending not to listen. You sat at the table and they both pryed you for details. You answered all of their questions until eventually, they left you alone. You took the stairs this time, taking your time going back to your room. It was almost six and you needed at LEAST 15 minutes to get ready for your date. You didn’t bother showering, you had done that this morning, but you did put on makeup. You threw on the dress Nat had laid out for you and admired the finished product. You looked stunning.

Steve was on time, as you’d expected. What you didn’t expect was for him to be the perfect gentleman, he even brought you flowers. He held the door to your car after insisting that he drive because he already picked a restaurant.

When you arrived, Steve ran around the car to let you out, against your protests. He even linked your arm with his.

“For someone with no experience with girls, you’re surprisingly good at this.” His face flushed red and he thanked you, obviously pleased that you approved.

The date went smoothly, since you were already friends you discussed missions (wow what a great date topic) and your lives. You honestly had a great time and you were pretty sure Steve did too.
Since you didn’t have an apartment for him to drop you at, he walked you to the door to your room. You both stopped and turned to look at each other.
“I had a great time tonight Y/N, thank you for taking me out.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, I had fun too.”
He looked down at you and stepped forward, taking your hip and pulling youa bit closer, he leaned down and captured your lips in a soft kiss. You kissed back a bit harder, telling him it was okay. When you realized what was happening, you pushed him away.
“I’m sorry Steve, I-I can’t. I have to go.” You hung your head and retreated into your room. You stripped from your dress and put on shorts and a sweater.
You couldn’t sleep, you were tossing and turning, but you felt really bad. You tossed your blankets off and walked to your desk, taking parchment and a pen. You couldn’t just leave Steve hanging, so you wrote him a note.
Hey Steve, I had a great time last night and that kiss was great, but I don’t like you as anything more than a friend. I’m sorry that I lead you on like that and I hope we can stay friends.
From Y/N

You walked the hall, following the familiar path to Steve’s room. You slipped the paper under his door and made your way downstairs, maybe some tea would help you sleep.

You were relieved that no one was in the kitchen, otherwise you’d have to explain what had happened on your date. You grabbed a tea bag out of the box on the counter and put some water in the kettle. As high tech as Tony’s kitchen was, you preferred to do things the old fashioned way.
You were fiddling with the tea bag and almost jumped out of your skin when you looked up. Bucky was standing in the door frame. You cocked your eyebrow at him.

“What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said quietly. You moved out of his way so he could grab an apple from the fruit bowl behind you.

“How was your date?” He questioned, eyeing you out of the corner of his eye.

“I don’t know, I had a great time, but I don’t think I like Steve like that. I think I have feelings for someone else” Bucky halted his actions.

“But you kissed him?” Your face flushed red.

“You saw?” His jaw clenched.

“Yeah. You don’t like Steve because you have feelings for someone else, who would that be?” Your eyes widened a fraction and you flushed red, stuttering to find an answer. You couldn’t outright say it was him, that’d be too embarrassing. So instead you stuttered to find and answer.

Bucky smirked and you flushed even harder because it was evident that he knew.

“Oh c'mon, it’s just me, doll, nothing to be nervous about.” He took a step closer and your heart stopped.

“You can tell me.” He said, stepping closer and placing a hand on your waist. You back into the counter, your face was the color of flame and you couldn’t find the words to speak.

The kettle broke into a whistle and the air rushed back to you, you ducked out of Bucky’s constricting grasp and spun to grab your cup. You had your back turned to him, pouring the boiling water over the tea bag, you couldn’t believe how much you were shaking and you nearly dropped the cup when Bucky’s hand was placed over yours to help steady you. You placed the pot back on the stove and leaned on the counter, facing the man with the metal arm.

The smirk he gave you spoke volumes and you tried to smile back.

“I’ll just be going then, back to bed.” He said, turning on his heel. You debated whether or not to call after him, you wanted company, especially if it was his.
“Wait.” You called at his retreating figure.
“Stay.” You said, barely suppressing a whimper.

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear.” He said, his voice deep and gravely. He turned back around and walked towards you, he took the mug gently from your hand, placing it on the table a few feet away.

“Hey! I was drinking that!” I scolded.

“You’re not anymore.” He stated with finality. The dominance in his voice had the heat pooling between your legs and you knew you were done for.

He positioned himself between your legs and brought his hand to your waist, pulling you flush against him. You gasped at the sudden contact, almost loosing your footing. He brought his other hand up to steady you and slowly leaned down. He stopped when his lips brushed yours, asking for permission. You leaned up into him, giving him all the permission he needed. The second your lips touched he trailed his hands down your back until they were resting on the backs of your legs. A sign for you to jump. You did as he asked and he hoisted you up, hooking your legs around his hips. A soft moan escaped your lips when he attached his lips to the sensitive spot on your neck.

“We can’t do this here, sugar, let’s take this to my room.” He suggested. Words failed you, so you nodded, detatching yourself from him and taking his hand instead.

You abandoned your tea and walked hand in hand with Bucky down the corridor in complete silence, you didn’t need words. He was rubbing comforting circles over your knuckles.

He opened his door gently, making sure not to wake the whole tower. You smirked to yourself and slamed the door behind you, pushing him up against the door and capturing his lips with his own.

He gasped at your sudden dominance, grabbing your hips and pulling you flush against him.

He slid his hand up under your sweater and you raised your arms for him. He threw it across the room and then followed it with his own shirt.

He only let you marvel at his body for a moment before he brought himself back to you, picking you up. He carried you to the bed and dropped you, taking a step back to admire you.

“You look so good laying there for me, doll. Take your shorts off.”

You did as you were told, stripping yourself of the constricting garment. He watched your every movement with lust-filled eyes. He dropped his pants in one fluid movement, stepping out of them.
Your eyes dropped to the massive bulge in his pants and you heard him laugh. He straddled your hips, trailing kisses from your neck down.  You tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled his face back you yours, kissing him passionately.

One hand dropped from his hair to his boxers as you palmed him through the fabric, he groaned and you could feel him twitching beneath your touch.

“Fuck doll, you gotta stop” you did as you were told, instead, pulling down his boxers and wrapping your small hand around his cock. He inhaled sharply, tensing under your touch. He pulled your hand away and for a moment you were discouraged.

He laid a chaste kiss on your cheek and whispered in your ear.

“You first.” The bed shifted as he got off, kneeling next to the end. He adjusted you so that your legs were around his neck.

“I like this view.” He added and you blushed at the comment, choosing not to answer. He placed a kiss on your clothed core, causing you to buck your hips upwards. He laughed and removed your panties, placing another kiss, but this time he held your hips in place. He licked his way from your entrance to your clit, nibbling on the bundle of nerves.

His eyes never once left your face, when you moaned his name he stopped, you groaned at the loss of contact and opened your eyes. Bucky had a stern look on his face.
“What’d wrong Buck?’ You questioned.

“That’s not my name tonight. You call me ‘Daddy’, understand?” The combination of his deep voice and the dominance had you shell shocked.

“Y-yes Daddy.” You ignored the embarrassment of him obviously overhearing you and instead enjoyed his praise. He went to work on your chest, massaging your hardened nipples with both hands.

“Do you like that doll?”

“Yes, Daddy, please, more.” You begged.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not done yet.”

He lined himself up with your entrance and slid himself into you. You gasped, adjusting to his size. He paused a moment, letting you adjust before he pulled out, slamming back into you not a second later. He transitioned between soft and hard, looking for your g spot, when he hit it you moaned his name, loudly.

“Tell Daddy how much you love to feel him slamming into you”

“I love it Daddy, please, harder."  He groaned and slammed into you at an alarming rate, both of you were chasing your high. The sound of your moans and the slapping of skin resonated through the empty room. The bubble that had been building in your stomach popped and you bucked your hips upward, screaming Bucky’s name. Not long after you felt the warmth if his seed on your stomach and his body collapsing next to you. You both sat, catching your breath.

Bucky spoke up in the silence.

"Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”




Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Who are you dating?” Scott asked as the two of you joined the group.

“You’re dating someone?” Isaac asked curiously and you locked eyes for a moment.

“Maybe I am, not your business though.” You hummed and Scott jogged to keep up with you.

“Yes, it is, I’m your brother!” He sighed and Stiles caught up with you both.

“Stating the obvious… he on about mystery boy again?” Stiles teased and you sighed.

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Talking Body

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a extremely heated situation with Klaus and your younger daughter bursts in, so you have to explain to her what’s happening and the older one, who understands what you were doing, keeps making disgusted sounds. After it is all done, you go back to what you were doing.

Warnings: dirty, dirty smut. oral sex (female receiving). sex, ofc. a bit fluff. roughness. swearing. and i guess that’s it.

Word Count: 3105

Being Klaus Mikaelson’s partner was definitely not an easy task; aside the fact he was a very complicated and troubled man, the blond had many enemies who craved to see him defeated, which means you were always their first target when they wanted to draw his attention. A bunch of fools, if you were to be honest, for you were no damsel in distress. Matter fact, you had been taught to fight ever since you could remember. Born in a werewolf family, it was kind of obvious that your parents guaranteed to never leave their beloved child unprepared to the supernatural life.

“Mum!” Cami, your younger daughter, yelled, getting you out of your inner thoughts. You closed the book you were reading and offered her a happy smile. “Dad won’t let me have cookies!”

“That’s because you just had dinner!” A masculine voice replied, trying to sound angry. A soft laugh left your lips. “Agree with me on this, darling.”

“Your father is right, baby.” You stroke her red cheek, placing one blonde curl behind her ear. “Also, you need to go to bed. It’s late.”

“Urgh.” She whined, pouting, making both you and Klaus giggle. “This isn’t fair!”

Whilst the girl escaped, running out of the room, you stood up from the cushioned armchair you were sitting on and went straight to your husband's​ arms, enjoying, afterwards, the warm hug he gave you. It was adorable how he never stopped doing these little things like hugging, kissing, holding your hand, grabbing your ass whenever you were not paying attention… All of it; Klaus simply could never stop reassuring his love for you. As for yourself, well, the feelings were wildly mutual.

“I’ll tuck her in.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine. “Wait for me in our room wearing that. I’ve been wanting to tear that dress out of you all day long.”

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On My Own (Harry Hook)Part Six

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

Chad Charming thought himself a man of the people, another reason he should have been crowned King instead of Ben. He hoped that if he proved it, the people of Auradon would realize their mistake. Which was why he found himself trying to find that pirate kid that Jay hated.

As a very fit, athletic, muscular man himself, he had a feeling he would easily find him. SO, when he followed the sounds of anger to the weight room, he wasn’t surprised when the pirate kid was beating ruthlessly at a punching bag. “Hey there, Harry,” Chad greeted, strolling over to the angry boy.

“What do ye want, Charmin’?” Harry grumbled, less than happy to have his alone time interrupted. Chad shook his head, holding the punching bag steady. “Just checking on a friend. I know if that fight had happened between me and Audrey I would be very sa- I mean angry.”

“That brown-haired lass you have hangin’ off yer arm?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow as he recalled the princess inviting him to “study” with her on a Saturday night with a few flirtations glances and a hand toying with the buttons on his jacket. He of course declined.

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend,” The blond stated proudly, frowning at the laugh he received. “What’s so funny?”

“Ye need to keep a better grip on yer lass, Charmin’. She seemed to have taken a liken to some men in me crew,” Harry remarked with a snicker.

“I’ve noticed. Which is another reason I came here. To offer a… mutual exchange of advice. I’ll tell you have to be the prince Y/N wants, if you tell me how to be a…delinquent like you,” Chad offered, a smug smirk on his face.

“That’s one reason I don’t like you Auradon brats,” Harry remarked, zoning in on the young Prince. “Someone wants ye to be someone ye aren’t, ya change yer clothes, your hair, the way ye talk, the way you act, you change yer entire personality just to be what they want. But on the Isle? Well, if someone dares to tell ye to change yerself, you feed’em to the dogs. We don’t change for anyone but ourselves. You. Are. Pathetic. Changin’ yerself for a lass.” Harry scoffed.

“What are ye starin’ at?” He snapped at the boy when he noticed him staring at him in something akin to awe.

“You just… You don’t care. I’ve never met someone as uncaring as you,” The boy replied. “Teach me your ways. Please!”

“I told ye, Chad-” Harry started before pausing, remembering Uma’s plan.

They’ve had it too good here for too long. It’s time for Auradon to meet chaos. We need to tear this school apart from the inside. Prove who really has control here.

“Fine. I’ll help ye.”

At lunch that following Monday, Chad sat with the pirates, eager to be taught Harry’s ways. He was in the middle of telling Chad how to snap back at someone giving him a hard time when he was interrupted.

“Excuse me, uh Harry?”

The pirate turned around, staring at the brunette girl holding his hook and hat in her hands. “Why do ye have my things?” He asked, standing up to stare down intimidatingly at the girl. It worked, seeing as she started fidgeting.

“Y/N told me to give them to you. you left them on the tourney field Saturday,” The girl explained. Harry gave a scoff. “Lass couldn’t even give them to me herself,” He sneered, snatching the hoot and hat from the girl.

“A-actually, she’s not here today, so she asked me to do it,” the girl explained before quickly scurrying back to her group of princesses.

“Really? Chad was with them?” You asked in awe from where you sat curled up in your bed amidst a sea of tissues.

“Yep,” Lonnie replied. “Jane said it sounded like Harry was coaching him on something.”

“Oh no,” You groaned. “And I can’t go find out what it is because of this stupid cold!” Lonnie laughed.

“Don’t worry, Sniffles. I’ll get Jay on it. You just focus on getting better. I have no one to help me bully the Coach into making a girl’s tourney team,” Lonnie replied. “Oh! I just remembered my mom gave me a book of recipes my grandma used to make for her when she was a kid. I think there’s some food for colds in there, I could make you some if you want,” She offered.



“Please marry me.”

“Y/N!” Audrey called, awakening you from your sick-sleep. You groaned, pulling the covers over your eyes. “How do you people keep getting in my room?” You whined. You heard her scoff.

“Maybe you should try a better hiding spot that on top of the door frame. But that isn’t important right now! Your pirate boyfriend has brainwashed Chad!” She complained, stomping her foot on the ground. “He’s walking around in those ripped clothes flirting with every girl he sees! And he won’t do what I say!”

“Or maybe he’s finally figuring out who he is,” You mumbled, rolling away from the girl. Audrey growled.

“Did I mention he slid a stink bomb into your locker?”

“He’s dead. I’ll fix it later. Get out of my room and let me sleep you evil little fairy,” You grumbled, burying your face in a pillow. You were only able to lay in bed for ten minutes before you tore yourself out of bed to go confront Harry.

You didn’t know why you had five outfits laid out on your bed. You were just going to tell Harry to leave Chad alone, but for some reason you wanted to look nice. You carefully chose an outfit that was nice enough for Auradon, but reminded you of your clothes in Auradon. To be completely honest, you had been feeling homesick ever since you came back from your impromptu “Save the King” mission.

And now, being around the pirates made you want to retreat to your old self. But, you couldn’t let that happen.

You anxiously shifted from foot to foot as you stood outside of Harry’s dorm room, waiting for him to answer the door. You knocked again, in case he didn’t hear you. “Who the hell is it!? Ye better have a good reason for wakin’ me up or ye’r dead!” His voiced called out as the door was flung open seconds later.

“Y/N?” He asked, looking both surprised an confused, before recovering his expression to a blank face. “Come in, I guess.” You walked in, keeping a safe distance between you and the pirate.

“What do ye want, Lass?” He asked, leaning against the door with crossed arms. It took all of your self control to not stare, seeing as he didn’t think answering the door was important enough to put on a shirt. 

“Harry, what did you do to Chad?” You asked, figuring there was no use beating around the bush. He chuckled, eying you.

“I didn’t do anything to’em. He asked me for a favor and I happily complied for me dear friend,” He answered, a sly smirk on his face. “It’s not nice of ya to keep accusin’ me of things, Lass. Makes ya seem a bit biased against me. And that’s not possible, is it?”

You clenched your teeth as Harry slowly walked forward, resulting in you pressing yourself against the wall in order to get farther from the pirate.

“Admit it, Lass. Admit why ye’r accusin’ me every five seconds,” He egged, leaning down so he was eye level with you. “Admit you hate me. Or, maybe you still love me. And that’s why you keep tryin’ to distance yerself from me.”

You clenched your fists at the pirate’s taunting. If this were the Isle, you would punch him and be done with it. But, unfortunately this was Auradon. And punching him could possibly get you sent back to the Isle for good.

“You know what, Harry?” You asked, glaring up at the brunet. “Hmm?” He asked, sliding a piece of hair behind your ear. “You’re right,” You stated.

A small smirk started on his face. “About what, Lass?”

“I do hate you.”

Harry could hear his world crashing down and his heart shattering in a single second. He cleared his throat, standing up straight. “Is that so?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.

“You cheated on me, Harry. With your Captain! When I tried to confront you about it you tried to accuse me of cheating on you with Gil instead of owning up to it! How can I not hate you!?” You cried out, astonished that he could have the audacity to even think he had the right to be hurt.

“You swore you’d never hurt me!”

“And you swore you’d never leave me on my own!” He shot back, angry tears welling in his eyes. “Ye know I’m not good at expressin’ how I feel or admittin’ when I’m wrong! But ye didn’t even give me a chance! You ran away from me, Y/N!”

“You’re the one that ran away, Harry! I waited for a week for you to come back! But you never did! You ran off to Uma like you always have! You always put her above me! You treated her like some sort of goddess! Like you were just settling for me! Do you know how that felt!?”

“Why do ye think I kept tryin’ to get yer attention when I got here!? I wanted to make up, Y/N! But it seems you’ve finally revealed yer true colors! You want some perfect prince, not a mangy pirate! And I’m not a perfect prince, Y/N! I never will be! I’m me! And if ye don’t like that then I guess we’re done here!” Harry yelled. He felt weak with tears leaking from his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to make them stop.

“I don’t want some perfect prince, Harry! I want you! But all you do is hurt me! You fight with me over every little thing, and god forbid I say something bad about Uma all hell breaks loose! Is she that much better than me!?” You shot back, glad to finally get everything off of your chest.

“Because she’s always been there for me, Y/N! Ever since I became part of her crew she’s treated me like I’m not worthless! You’re the one that always starts fights with me, she’s the one that calms me down! So yeah, I guess she is better!”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat, wishing he could yank the words back into his mouth. “Y/N,” He whispered, noticing the tears that now flowed down your cheeks. You looked utterly crushed. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” He whispered, reaching out for you.

You shook your head, pushing the pirate away from you and furiously wiping your eyes. “I knew it,” You whispered. If Harry could choose the animal that most resembled you at the moment, it would be a kicked puppy. No, you resembled a puppy left alone to watch their owner drive away, leaving them in a strange place with strange people. Completely broken, in the most unrepairable way.

And as you walked out of his door, he could only imagine he looked the same.

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God Fuck

Anonymous said:

Smut where Ashton finds you touching yourself and he gets mad. Daddy kink pls. Make it fairly long. Thx 

I gotchu and don’t mind the title, its a thing w me and Maddi


Ashton’s POV:

“Mmm,” I hear, dropping my bag.  I check my watch and it’s about nine thirty. My little girl is usually asleep by eight thirty. “Daddy!” I hear her moan. I’m a little confused as to why I hear the moans coming from my office and not upstairs where her room is.

“Mmh, Daddy,” I hear. I finally reach my office door. “Daddy, please,” she squeaks. I walk in and see my little girl sat in the big brown chair behind my desk. Her knees were pushed up as she held a vibrator in her panties against her pussy.

“Please, Daddy,” she moans again, her head thrown back as she pushes the toy against her pussy, applying more pressure. “Please what, baby?” I ask. I could have just watched her get off, but joining in would be much more fun. Y/N gasps, the vibrator falling to the floor as her eyes dart up to me.

“Daddy-” “It seems like I have a naughty little girl.” I cut her off. She knew very well she wasn’t allowed in my office when I wasn’t there, she especially wasn’t allowed to go in there to get her toy.

She was supposed to be punished for a week. No vibrator or touching herself was her punishment for teasing me at a pool party we had attended Friday.

It’s now Wednesday and it looks like she couldn’t resist. This is the second time this week she’s been caught playing with herself. “You’ve been a horny little girl this week, haven’t you?” I say as and walk closer to her.

“Here, you dropped your toy, princess.” I bend down to pick up the vibrator. “Put it back baby.” She gives me a questioning look. “Go ahead baby, it feels good for your little pussy?” I ask and she nods in response.

“Then go ahead.” I say softly. She reluctantly pushes the vibrator back into her underwear. I begin to pepper kisses all over her thighs, as I did I moved her hand from the handle of the vibrator replacing it with mine.

“Daddy doesn’t like bad girls.” I mumble as I pushed the vibrator against her pussy. “ ’M sorry, Daddy.” Y/N more so moans. “You’re sorry?” I remove the vibrator to where it’s not against her but still in her little underwear.

She nods.

“But honey, this is the second time in a matter of three days.” I push it back. “You’re a very, very bad girl and I know exactly what I’m going to do to you.” I spoke, rubbing her thigh as I watched her face scrunch up with pleasure from the vibrator being against her for so long.

“Daddy,” she moans quietly. “Mmh, you love that, don’t you? Daddy putting a vibrator against that lil’ cunt? Against your cute little clit, baby? That’s what you like?” “Mhmm,” she moans, her body starting to squirm.

“Like that princess? Hm?” I put the vibrator against her for a second, only to move it away the next. “Yeah, baby? Are you a good girl, hm?” “Yes,” she moans. “Don’t lie to me.” I say sternly, pulling the vibrator out of Y/N’s underwear.

“Take these off.” I pull at the top of her underwear.  “On the desk, now.” She sits on his desk, her legs crossed. “Baby,” I move my lips to her ear. “I haven’t got time for you to act like I’m not going to play with your cunt until you cry. Now uncross these legs so Daddy can punish his dirty little girl.”

She lets out a small sigh, opening her legs and scooting a little further on the cold desk. “Daddy, it’s cold.” She says quietly. “Ohh, really?” I pout in mocking her sadness as I bring my thumb to her clit to rub small circles.

“I was going to sit in my chair,” i say as I reach for the vibrator again, holding it against her clit. “Daddy,” she squeaks as her whole body jerks. “I don’t wanna hear anything out of that mouth.”

“Like I was saying.” I say, watching her pussy casually as I spoke. Watching the way she kept clenching, watching how swollen her little pussy got, how wet she was. “Fuck, you’re drenched. Too bad you won’t be able to cum.” I say sadly.

Barely paying attention to what I’m saying as I was so absorbed in watching the way her pussy moved under the vibrator. “But I have the real prize right here.” I applied more pressure. “Daddy!” She screams.

In one swift movement I removed the vibrator and slaped her pussy, hard. The slap was heard and so was her little squeak before her legs tried to close. “What did I say about that mouth?” “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she moans, only to receive another slap. She whines as she closes her legs, I let her.

“What’s wrong, baby?” “Daddy, please,” she whines as he opened her legs back up. “Please, what?” I ask as I unbuckled my belt, letting it fall to the floor as I pulled my pants and underwear down.

“Let me cum. Please Daddy, it hurts.” “Shhhh,” I hold her legs open as I rub my cock against her pussy. “F-” she stops herself from swearing. “Daddy! Daddy, please! No! Daddy, I can’t, please let me cum.” She says, knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle being fucked without cumming. She moans after, not being able to hold it in.

“Dadddyy,” she moans in pleasure, tears pricking at her eyes. “Mmh, you like Daddy’s cock, baby? Hm? You like when I rub your pussy with it?” “Mhmmm,” she moans, her hips thrashing around as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red, tears falling from her eyes. Tears of pleasure. Too much pleasure.

“I want you to bend over now princess.” She does as she’s told, turning around and bending over the desk. “Why aren’t your legs open?” I ask and in less than a second her legs are spread as far as they could go. “Good girl.” I kiss her head.

I thrust into her, not giving any sort of warning. “You thought you wouldn’t be caught? Moaning so loud while in Daddy’s office,” I spank her ass. “You’re such a bad girl.” I spread her ass cheeks as I slowed my fast thrusts, “Y/N, honey, I want to hear you say it. What are you, hm?”

“A-a bad girl.” She cries. “Daddy,” she nearly whispers. “I’m going to cum.” I slap her ass, “I said no.” “Mh,” she cries. “Please, Daddy.” Finally I pull out. “Honey, I know you love being teased.” She shakes her head no.

“But you’re pussy is dripping. All over Daddy’s floor, too.” She grips the desk, trying to rub her legs together to make some sort of friction. Only resulting in another slap to her ass. “Stop that!”

“Now, you’re going to stop being a bad girl. Do you understand?” “Y-yes.” Another spank. “Daddy! Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry.” She moans. “You’re such a difficult little girl. You could have just been good, and waited for Daddy. Surely I would of helped you.”

“I know.” She says sadly. “Why’d you do it?” I peck the bottom of her ass, close to her pussy. “Hm?” “I-I just, I couldn’t wait.” “Oh, so you were being greedy.”
“I’m sorry,” she says and he can hear the tears in her voice.

“Don’t cry, princess. I know it feels funny, but this is what bad girls get.” I say, bending over her and wiping her tears. “Are you ready?” I ask softly. She reluctantly nods. I slowly enter her again, this time making sure he gets off. My thrusts were slow, and my grip was tight.  “You’re so tight, princess. Fuck,” I moan.

“So wet too. Fuck, Daddy’s cock slips right in.” I thrust for a while more. “Daddy,” Y/N moans quietly.  “Fuck,” I squeeze her ass as I cum inside of her, riding out my orgasm.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan as I pull out slowly, watching my cum leak from her pussy. “Good girl.” I breath.  “Turn around for me, let me see that precious face.”
She turns around, still sitting on the desk.

“Why were you crying?” I ask softly, kissing her temple. “Because my pussy hurts Daddy, I need to cum.” “I know you need to, princess, but you can’t.” I says sympathetically, my hand holding her jaw softly. “You know what being a bad girl gets you.” I rub her cheek with my thumb.

“I know.” Y/N looks down sadly. “C'mon baby, let’s go sleep now, yeah?” She nods her head. “Wait, my panties, Daddy.” She says as I pick her up and begins walking out of the room.

“You are going to have a shower, those ones are all messed up.” I say, picking her up. “Alright Daddy.” She says. “Let’s wash you up.” I says as my soapy hand comes in contact with her hip, making her jerk away.

I furrow my brows in confusion. “I don’t think you should touch me, Daddy.” She says. “I’m very sensitive right now.” “Oh baby girl, are you sure you don’t want Daddy to wash you?”

She nods. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I love you.” She kisses my cheek. “I love you too, princess. I’ll wait for you in the room.” When Y/N was finished she went into the room, and I helped her change into her pajamas. “Go to sleep, baby.” I kiss her lips before we cuddle.

“Daddy,” she asks after a while. “Yes?” “Am I really a bad girl?” “No, sweetie. You’re a good girl, you just misbehave sometimes.” “Can I be your good little girl again?” She turns around to face me. “Of course you can, baby. You’ll always be my good little girl.” I kiss her sweet lips once more before we both drift off into a deep sleep.

underused fcs y’all are still ignoring in 2017

it’s the year 2017 and y’all still use the same old fcs so show the fcs below some love and idk.. start making resources for them/use them instead of the same 10 everyone uses

*before anyone wants to send hate, i ain’t hating on any fc. i’m just letting people know that alts and other fcs are available and if you do wanna send hate, i’ll block your ass faster than the speed of light so think about it.*

  • elliot fletcher - i know trans people are barely used in the first place but he’s got so many resources? what’s the excuse? oh that’s right there are none.
  • dylan sprayberry - he’s 19 now and teen wolf 6b was shot when he was 18 so start whipping out the icons, gif icons and gif packs out now. i’ve started but… i’m so busy #rip
  • hailee steinfeld - scream favouritism all you want at me but she’s not used much despite her numerous resources????? she’s gorgeous, fits the 18-25 age bracket the rpc loves, can act and sing (genuinely)
  • chis pine - he’s being appreciated more but he’s still the most underappreciated chris. he’s got plenty of resources and quite honestly he’s probably the best chris ever. so let’s all appreciate and use him more
  • paris berelc - she’s being ignored in 2017???? sad. she’s gonna be the star of a netflix show coming out in 2018 so rpc i expect gif icons upon gif icons and packs upon packs when it releases. and in the mean time, a quick look in her gif icons and gif hunt tag will tell you she has plenty of resources
  • any k-pop/c-pop/j-pop fc that isn’t bts, blackpink etc - there are directories dedicated to them and a lot of helpers/gif packs as well… so what’s y’all excuses here?
  • scott eastwood - … … … i don’t understand why he’s underused… he’s white, good looking, cis male and has plenty of resources. he’s pretty much rpc clickbait???????????? and before y’all cry “but aGE1!!!!!111!!!11″ yes that’s true but rpc fave matt daddario is a year and a half younger than him. don’t believe me? look it up.
  • kelli berglund - she’s so pretty. and i’ve made 1,025 gifs of her. no that’s not an exaggeration and that’s not counting others in her tag. so once again, start using her.
  • luca hostelle - she’s a beautiful redhead with a decent amount of resources who should be appreciated as much as kat and madelaine. and if you’re tired of the token redheads then luca is a brilliant option
  • olivia holt - my wife and actual queen lenora aka @oliviaholtz has made so, so many gifs of olivia holt and yet… y’all are fixated on using nicola peltz, gigi hadid and dove cameron as your blonde fcs????? sad. anywho, she’s gonna be in cloak and dagger so….. you know the drill
  • vajen van den bosch - not only has lenora spent hours upon hours giffing olivia, she and alexis over on @alexcsofrp having spent hours upon hours iconning, gif iconning and gif making stuff for her. so like………… 
  • the descendants cast minus dove - y’all ate up dove so quickly but the rest of the cast??? like i see sofia used sure but the others. zilch. and china anne mcclain is gonna be black lightning and the others have plenty of gif packs you can use.
  • mateus ward - peel your eyes away from co/le sp/ro/use and look at him. he’s got a few independent movie projects coming out so like if his disney gifs aren’t doing it for you then look somewhere else. look his filmography up and see what you can download and start making resources
  • keke palmer - rpc, zendaya isn’t your only black fc option. keke (and china) are beautiful alternatives that should be used more often. she was huge when scream queens came out but now… zilch.
  • alberto rosende - somehow him and harry aren’t used in rps??? which is shock considering the popularity of their shadowhunters’ cast mates???? that should change asap honestly
  • harry shum jr - another fc y’all are sleeping on!!!! everyone calls m/al/ec amazing and all that (which they are) but when it comes to playing him *crickets chirp* 
  • cody christian - any native needs to be played more but he’s someone i can think off right now. he’s really good looking and he’s been in a whole bunch of things too and is a cinnamon roll

there’s probably more but this is all my tired brain can think off right now. 

Days with bae pt.1

1. When you surprise him by coming to see him perform in a different country.

2. Always taking care of some business on his phone but tries not to when he is with you.

3. When he takes the lead for your date. He always takes you to cool places.

4. When you make him listen to cute romantic songs that remind you of him.

5. The kind of snapchats he sends you when he is away.

6. Late night food shopping, late night car rides and unplanned late night cinema or arcade dates.

7. When he takes you out to studio sessions and to show you off to his squad.

8. “are you serious right now babe? you are angry to me because I ate a slice of your pizza? you still have 3 more but its cool, i will buy another one. This time i wont eat because somebody will start crying again, so lets go back to the pizza store”

9. “stop taking pictures of me babe, i am trying to sleep”

10. Him copying what you do to your face to get you annoyed. 

11. “Baby listen, its you that i will always want, not her. I should have listened to you when you told me that she like me more than a friend even though she knows I have you. so lets go and talk to her about the situation tomorrow but right now, lets enjoy the rest of our date babe. what ride should we go on next? Oh babe, by the way, I love you and only you

12. Lazy days and cosy nights together . 

13. Attending parties but only to end up not talking to people because you are both in awe with how good each other looked. You both just staring at each other and slow dancing with each other throughout the party. 😻😻

Days with bae - Part 2

Days with bae - part 3

(EDIT: I will make part 4 if part 2 and 3 gets 150+ notes x)

All pictures are by DEAN (on his insta) except for the snapchat. It is made by me! 💕

(the couple in number 6 and couple number 11 is not him idk the ppl)

PastelPastry 🍰

Thoughts // Fred Weasley

A/N: a random story that popped into my head! For all I know, it could be incredibly cringe worthy. I hope you all enjoy it, nonetheless! I have also made the reader a Gryffindor, because it just flowed nicely with the plot. Also, my requests are now open! Feel free to shoot me an ask or a message if there is something you want!

She has her nose pressed up against the window pane of the Gryffindor common room. Her fingers slowly trace the lines of frost dancing across the frosty glass.

It’s the middle of the night, and the world outside is covered with a thick blanket of fluffy white snow. The world is peaceful and quiet, and yet, she feels lost somehow.

Her mind is completely lost and her thoughts are as scattered as the fluttering snowflakes just outside her window. She shakes her head and pulls her icy fingertips away from the window. She really should have gone to bed by now, but she just can’t seem to sleep. Her mind is too scattered and she’s too confused to make heads or tails or her thoughts right now. Normally she has her act together. Normally she knows exactly what she should, would and could do.

But not when it comes to Fred Weasley.

He was a wild card, and she never expected herself to become friends with him, let alone fall madly in love with him.

She had always seen her Prince Charming as a tall, rugged, blond-haired, blue-eyed classic beauty. She never in a million years expected him to have red hair, or that playful smattering of freckles on his face, or those beautiful eyes that almost always had a mischievous twinkle in them.

They didn’t become friends until her third year, and she was surprised to see how much they actually had in common. They soon began to hand out more and more, and what used to be “Fred and George Weasley” slowly grew into “(Y/n) and Fred and George Weasley”.

Their friendship was wild, fun and filled with endless days of laughter. There were countless copies of silly photographs scattered around their dorms of their wild adventures, capturing some of their finest moments. Endless trips to Hogsmeade, days spent lounging out by the lake, days filled with Quidditch and laughs and smiles and all the best things in life.

The day that Fred asked Angelina to the Yule Ball instead of her broke her heart just a little bit. That was the day that she began to suspect that her feelings for Fred were something more than just pure platonic friendship. Those consuming feelings were swallowing her whole and she couldn’t get rid of them. So, naturally, she shoved them deep down inside her and forced herself to put on a smile instead. She would be happy, and she would continue acting like everything was perfectly alright in her seemingly picture perfect life.

She wants so desperately to scream out to the world her love for Fred, but she won’t let herself do it. He is her friend, and probably thinks of her as nothing more than that.

She shakes her head, jarring herself back to reality. She traces a tiny heart in the corner of the glass with her index finger, smiling at the simplicity of it. She slowly peels herself up and off of the bench, making her way over to the staircase leading up to her dorm. She would just have to deal with all of this in the morning.

The next day dawned as beautiful as ever, and (Y/n) woke up and peeled herself out of bed. She got ready for her day, following the same thoughtless routine. She was making her way into the common room when she was tapped on the shoulder by none other than Fred Weasley himself.
“So. (Y/n). You’re still on for Hogsmeade today, right?”
She raised her eyebrow.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
Fred sighed.
“You’ve just been sort of off lately. You haven’t been your normal self.”
She let out a single, melodic laugh.
“You have no idea, Fred. No idea.”
With that, she bid him farewell and rushed out the door.
Fred turned to George with a look of utter bewilderment on his face. George simply shrugged and shook his head.

She continued to sit at that same window, every night, hoping to reach some sort of conclusion to her problems. It was one fateful night when Fred happened to get up in the middle of the night, for some unknown reason. He didn’t notice (Y/n) at first, but when he did, he noticed the utterly confused look on her face. He paused for a moment, sighing.

“(Y/n), what are you doing up this late? You should be sleeping!”

She jumped, only registering Fred’s presence when he spoke. She looked up at him, blinked slowly and threw her hands into her face. Fred rushed over to her. He sat down on the bench next to her and gently asked what was wrong. She mumble that absolutely nothing was wrong into her hands.
“Now, we both now that isn’t true. Please, tell me what is wrong so I can try and help you.”

It was at that moment in time when she reached a conclusion and shattered into a million tiny pieces.
She said, all in a big rush “You’re not supposed to fall in love with your best friend!”
Fred’s face was unreadable. (Y/n) couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He turned his face to the window. She gently nudged him.
“Fred, what is it?”
“It’s George, isn’t it? You fell in love with George.”
She shook her head slowly, beginning to understand. Fred thought she was in love with his brother this entire time.
“Fred” she shook her head. “It’s always been you.”
He turned to look at her, doubt clouding his eyes.
“You’re not in love with George?”
She smiled.
“No. If anything, I love him as a brother.”
She smiled awkwardly.
“I understand if you don’t feel the same way… it’s just I’ve been thinking about it for so long, and I didn’t know what to do and I’m just honestly a mess right now so I really hope you’ll forgive me.”

Fred smiled and laughed a bit.
“You’re adorable when you ramble, you know that, right?”

“Are you sure? Because sometimes I just ramble when I’m nervous to fill up space and…”
He cut her off with a simple kiss, tangling his hands in her hair.

They break apart, hundreds of unspoken promises filling the air around them in that moment. He holds his arms out and pulls her into them. He waves his wand and summons a blanket over to the two of them, wrapping it around them. She leans her head on his shoulder, and everything is right in her perfect little world again.

Half Life (Damian Wayne x Reader)

A/N: Sorry, more angst! I promise something fluffy will be next! (I might break this promise if I finish Joyride part 5 fast enough, actually lolololol) Damian is 16, so is the reader!I really like writing angst whoops. Also I’m really mean to Damian

Request: “Damian sister angst? Where she’s also a hero please!!”

Warnings: Aaaaaaaaaangst, angst angst angst

Tagging: @solis200213 @pinkwitch21 @tigeragathe @gokusanfan @just-a-girl-maybe @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @holywinchesterness @hyp-oh-critical @batty4dc @battybe-my-writing @neverlandprincessjaz

“Everything will be okay.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This mission was supposed to have been easy. Simple recon. That was supposed to be it, but of course, in true Gotham style, things got complicated.

It was you, Damian, and Bruce on patrol that night. Snow coated the streets, falling from the inky-black sky in white flecks and whirling in the wind. And Damian Wayne was about to lose his mind.

“Everything will be okay,” you repeated in an attempt to assure your brother, although you knew it wasn’t true. You were trapped inside, completely surrounded by solid concrete, and as it stood, you were due to be blown to bits in mere minutes.

“We will get you out!” he insisted over the comms, trying to think of something, anything that could save you. He felt like a complete imbecile. How had he not seen such a simple trap coming? For god’s sake, a false panel in the floor should have been obvious to him. But he’d been careless. Inobservant. And this was the cost. You were the cost. He was searching desperately for some way to get the floor to open up again so he could pull you out, but he found nothing.

“Father!” he called out to Bruce, tears welling up in his eyes despite his attempts to stay calm. The clock was running down. One minute.

“Robin, we have to get out of here now,” Bruce insisted, though he was still working at a way to deactivate the lock on the floor panel.

“No!” he protested loudly, tears beginning to fall. “We can still save her!”

Forty-Five seconds.

“Robin…” Bruce warned hesitantly, not allowing the panic to set in. God, he wanted to save you, but he’d be damned before he let both of his children die.

“Father, please,” Damian begged, his voice breaking as he looked to his father for help. His heart was beating faster than he knew was possible.

Thirty seconds.

Bruce looked down for a short moment before looking back up at Damian, sorrowful resolve evident, even behind the cowl. He’d regret this for the rest of his life, but he’d chosen this life. He’d chosen every hard decision he’d ever had to make. “We have to go.”

“No!” Damian screamed, his voice breaking into a higher pitch once again.

“Damian, please,” Bruce begged, their roles suddenly reversed.

Twenty seconds.

There wasn’t time for begging anymore, and Bruce had made his choice. He grabbed Damian, rushing forward and out of the building and out into the snow.

“No!” Damian screamed yet again, struggling in Bruce’s arms as he fought to get away.

Fifteen seconds.

Bruce dropped Damian in the snow, and the boy could only watch in horror as he saw something move from inside the building.

The floor panel had opened.

Ten seconds.

(Y/N)!” Damian cried as he saw you grapple out of the small chamber and turn to face him.

Five seconds.

He scrambled up as you reached your hand out, stumbling forward towards the wide doorway. Towards your brother.

He ran as fast as his shaking legs could carry him, ignoring Bruce, who was yelling for him to stop. He was so close. He just needed a few more seconds to reach you. He could hear you speaking, he was so close.


There was a deafening roar as Damian was thrown violently back, his surroundings suddenly transforming into a series of rapidly shifting blurs. He was winded as he hit the ground and rolled through the snow, the sky and the ground cycling across his vision as he tumbled.

The moment he came to a stop he was back on his feet and staggering towards the fiery remains of the building, his vision spinning in a tangled mess of black and white and fiery orange.

Ash rained down, mixing with the snow and staining it a dingy grey.

His vision cleared, though it was still tunneling, as he ran into the remnants of the blast, not caring about the leftover tongues of flame that licked at his skin, or the boiling heat that seemed to burn every inch of his skin.

Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he threw pieces of debris aside to try to find her. She had to be alive. She had to be. His ears were ringing as he tossed a charred beam to the side, freezing at the sight of what was under it.

His sister. His twin. Bloodied and barely recognizable.

Damian dropped to his knees with a strangled cry of disbelief, sending a cloud of ash into the air around him. “(Y/N)…” he whispered, barely able to hear himself over the crackling flames and the howling wind and the ringing in his ears.

“(Y/N)!” he repeated, yelling this time, tears obscuring his vision. He pulled her body into his arms, staring down at her burnt and disfigured face.  “(Y/N), please.”

He felt a presence behind him, but didn’t bother to look and see who it was. He knew it was Bruce.

His father slowly knelt beside him, and for a moment Damian thought that he was calm. Then he saw the way that his jaw was shaking, and the way his trembling hands betrayed the grief he truly felt.

“No,” Bruce murmured, reaching a shaking hand to touch the side of her face. “No.”

“Father,” Damian choked out, looking to Bruce as the tears began to fall from behind the mask. “If we had stayed…” She might still be alive right now.

Bruce didn’t respond as he stared down at his daughter’s body, the sight burning into his mind. He knew that from now on this would be what he saw behind his eyelids. This would be what plagued him when he closed his eyes to sleep. “We should get back,” he whispered, barely able to keep his voice even. “Dick will be waiting for us.”

Damian swallowed hard, giving a small nod and standing, her body still in his arms.

They set off for the manor, travelling back in heavy silence, Damian letting out stifled sobs every few minutes as they moved through the snow.

From that moment on, everything felt like a blurred fever dream to Damian. The shock and sorrow on Dick’s face as they entered the cave barely registered to him. He couldn’t seem to look away from her body as Dick rushed over, saying something he couldn’t bother to listen to. It was so strangely hazy, and the outside world seemed to play in front of him like a silent film as his thoughts consumed him. He could have saved her. If he’d just stayed for five more seconds, then everything could have been okay. She’d be standing with him and everything would be okay. And he’d pull her into a hug and he’d tell her he was sorry. He’d tell her to be more careful. He’d tell her that next time he’d be more cautious.

Damian snapped back to reality as he realized she was being taken from him. Dick was trying to pull her body away from him. “No!” he cried out, recoiling, holding her closer to him and standing defensively, tears still streaking down his face.

“Damian, please,” Dick pleaded gently, reaching his hand out towards his younger brother.

“You can’t take her!” Damian yelled at him, misdirected rage mixing in with the flurry of emotions that coursed through him.

“She’s gone, Dami,” Dick chided, fighting back his own emotions in order to stay calm in front of Damian. “Please set her down so we can at least clean-” he had to stop to draw in a deep breath, on the verge of tears. “So we can clean her up for a funeral.”

Damian shook his head, eyes wide as he backed away from Dick. “No… She’s not! We can save her! I can take her to the Lazarus Pit! I can-”

“Damian,” Bruce cut him off sternly. “Do you really want that? Do you really want to bring her back just for her to suffer?”

“I- No, but-”

“It’s not an option,” Bruce asserted, though suddenly he sounded more weary, more broken than angry or stern.

Damian’s shoulders slumped as he looked down at her in bitter defeat. He allowed Dick to approach him and take her body from his arms. Once she’d been lifted, he stumbled backwards, collapsing down onto the floor.

This marked the beginning of a season of sorrow.

The following days passed in a blurred haze, and Damian wasn’t sure he’d really processed what had happened. He still felt like he’d turn to see her at his side at any given moment. But deep down he knew. The house felt empty to him, and he’d pass by her room, hoping to hear her playing her music from the other side of the door.

It was the morning of the funeral, and Damian was wearing a black suit and a blank expression. He stood in her room for the first time since before she had been ripped away from him. Since before she had died.

It looked exactly as she had left it. There were books on her nightstand that were opened to the pages she’d left them on, just waiting to be finished.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at the posters on her walls and the objects on her furniture, all of which reminded him of his precious sister. For a moment it felt like she was still there. Like nothing had changed. Standing there, in her untouched room, felt like living in a snapshot of her life where things were still okay.

“Damian,” he heard Dick call him softly from the doorway.

He wiped at his eyes, brushing away the tears and turning to face Dick, his expression once again becoming dull and lifeless.

“It’s time to go,” his brother told him, gesturing for him to come. His face was seemingly blank, though his eyes shone with despair.

Damian nodded, walking towards Dick, eyes glued to the floor as he followed his brother out to the car.

The funeral was held in a church, and Damian was supposed to be giving her eulogy. He was supposed to have something prepared, though he had found he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Writing her eulogy would be admitting that she was truly gone. And he refused to do it.

So there he stood by her casket, facing rows of people he didn’t know who were waiting for a speech he hadn’t written.

He felt anger rise to his chest as he took in their pitying looks. How long had he even been standing there? His eyes were wide and he felt like a deer in the headlights. He looked over to Dick, who was giving him a concerned stare. What was he supposed to say? What was he supposed to say to these people? That he’d just lost the only person who’d been with him his whole life? That there was a chunk that had been ripped out of his soul? That every second he felt like he was bleeding? He knew he had to say something.

Nothing. There were no words. There was nothing he could say. He looked over to Dick again, who nodded encouragingly. He looked back out into the pews, where he only found more pity.

“She was my sister. And she was the most amazing person I knew.” He looked down at the stone floor, unable to muster up the energy to say anything more. He stepped down from the podium, tears welling up in his eyes and beginning to fall freely as he returned to his seat.

He didn’t pay attention to the rest of the funeral. Soon the memorial service was over and guests were free to mull around and spread their synthetic compassion.

He ignored them all. He ignored every person who approached him offering condolences that he knew were insincere. None of it mattered anymore now that she was gone. Nothing mattered.

He sat before her gravestone which was by Bruce’s parents’, staring blankly at her name, which was engraved into the stone along with her epitaph. Rest peacefully, dear sister.

Forgive Me [Draco x Reader, Five]

A/N: THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE ENDINGS!!! Yes, this is the last fic before the end! One ending will be where the reader gets back together with Draco, the other will be where they split ways. Also, heads up, this one sucks lol

also can we just appreciate this gif of Tom Felton he’s so hot i can’t

Word Count: 2,036

Warnings: Cursing I think?? awkwardness!!! really poorly written draco not gonna lie on this one

Tags: @friceaurelia07 @fandomlover03 @tiny-strawberry- @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @1amorales1 @missidontknowwhatimdoing @weasleyswizardwheezs @canadianbirdie @all-theesee-fandoms @jellyunicornsworld

Part One/Two/Three/Four/Five(you’re here!)


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Draco pulled away from (Name) gently, eyes half lidded and hands shaking. (Name) looked at him with dazed eyes and rosy cheeks. 

The silence was almost comfortable. It wasn’t tense, nor awkward, but simply just silence. 

Draco could feel his stomach doing flips. He didn’t know what to say or think, he just knew that whatever he felt couldn’t be ignored. 

“I… Don’t really know what to say,” (Name) mumbled. Her eyes were cast downwards and her hair fell in her face. Draco lifted her chin up and gazed into her eyes that held the constellations he loved. 

“You don’t have to say anything.” He pulled her into another kiss, in which she complied to. 

The two parted ways, promising to meet up the next day at the same place. There was definitely something that needed to be resolved. 

(Name) went to sleep that night not feeling regret, but anxiousness. Was this what she had wanted all along? Could she just forgive him like that? Was it even okay to forgive him for what he did? 

Draco went to sleep that night knowing that she was what he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. He had learned from his mistakes, and his decision was final. 

Draco Malfoy was in love with (Name) (Last Name), and he wasn’t ashamed for what he felt.

However, Draco also understood that (Name) was not naive, so he was nervous as to how should react when she came back to her senses. Would she yell at him? Be frustrated with what happened? Or would she cherish him? Tell herself that the kiss they shared was a new start?

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Roman Godfrey x Reader

Word count: 1467

Roman opens up to Y/N

Originally posted by eyesofwolf94

“ Ah,ah, ah “ Y/N took the cigarette from Roman’s lips and shut it off in his drink. Roman sighed. “You know the rules, no smoking when Nadia is around, she’s a baby Roman, your baby.” He rolled his eyes, but he knew she was right. Every time he wanted to smoke  and Nadia was around he would go to another room or outside, but sometimes he just forgot the “not smoking in front of Nadia rule”, and this was one of those times.

“She’s an upir baby…and it was really necessarily to shut it off in my drink? ” He looked down at his drink, he would take the cigarette out of there and keep drinking, but he knew it would disgust Y/N more than it would disgust himself  .Y/N moved around the kitchen with Nadia in her arms, looking for her food, she found it, it was on the top place, where she could not reach it. She let Nadia on her chair and stood on her tip toes trying to get the baby’s food.

“Yes, well she’s still a baby. Upir or  not we have to take care of her. Umm…Roman, could you please take the baby’s food, I cannot reach it.”  It annoyed Y/N every time that Roman put the things out of her reach knowing that she would struggle with it and he would be the only one that could get them. She was not a short person, Roman was just a giant.

“What would you do without me?” He smirked getting up from the couch and going to help Y/N.

“I think the question is what would Roman Godfrey do without me? Like seriously, I help you with Nadia, I love her like she was my own.” She looked down at the smiling baby in the chair. 

In a short time Roman was beside her, towering over her with Nadia’s food in his hand. His eyes were on her, without taking his green eyes of her he let the food on the kitchen counter.His body moved closer to hers and his arms went around her waist, making the space between the two of them practically non existent.

“ You are right, I’d be lost without you and Nadia too. I want you to know that I’m really grateful, not just for helping me out, but for being in my life.” His voice came out a whisper. She just stood there, between his arms, feeling home, with a smile on her features.

Roman gave her a quick kiss on the lips, knowing that every time he and Y/N kissed in front of Nadia she would start making noise for them to get away from each other and pay attention to her. Even though it was a short kiss, Nadia started mumbling, making the two of them look at her.

“Ok,ok, I’ll get away from her, she’s all yours Nadia.” Y/N laughed at his words. Roman went to his daughter and picked her up. “At least till you go to sleep.” He winked at Y/N, making her soft cheeks redden.

“ Wich by the way should have been fifteen minutes ago.”She took the little girl from her comfortable dad’s arms and the baby whined “Alright Naida, I’ll let you with your father, he’s the one that’s going to take care of you tonight…” she started walking backwards slowly” and I’m going to take a very relaxing bath.”And she ran up stairs before  Roman could complain.

“It looks that is just you and me tonight.” Roman kissed his daughters cheek earning a smile from the little one.

He gave one last smoke to the cigarette at the hearing of the bathroom door opening,after a few seconds she was in their room, wearing just one of his t-shirts as pajama. She always said that his clothes were the best as pajamas for her. His beautiful green eyes were on her every move.

Roman loved everything about her, from the way she titled her head to the right when she was confused to the beautiful and awkward sound of her laugh.

“How was your very relaxing bath?” Y/N opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of black socks, her feet were always so cold.

“Mhm…how could I say it?…Very relaxing.” The bed sunk down a little by the weight of her body, Roman´s head turned to her, she was giving him the back.”How was it with Nadia?” quickly she put the socks on and before she could lay down on the bed, Roman had already his arms wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder.

“Good, she fell asleep really quick, I should spend more time with her.” Y/N looked over her shoulder, encountering the boy’s beautiful features.

“Yes you should, you are her dad after all.” Her lips went to his nose and kissed the top of it. “Now, would you please let go of me for a little bit, so I can get in bed properly?” Roman unwrapped his arms from Y/N’s body, moving to his side of the bed.Even tough the right side was his side of the bed, when it came to sleeping he would always sleep as close as possible to her, always wanting to have her between his arms. Even when they argued and went to bed giving the backs to each other, he would eventually get close to her and hug her or wake up having her between his arms. It was just impossible for him to get away from her, he needed her so much, in much more than one way.

“C’me here.” Y/N listened to Roman and sat on his lap. Automatically his hands went to her figure, making sure to feel her every curve. “ You know I really meant it, what I said before. I’m really grateful for you…God you and Nadia are the best things in my life, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you two.”the tears started falling from her eyes, they were not of sadness,they were of joy, happiness.She just kept quiet listening to his words. “You have been by my side from the beginning, trough everything, every damn thing I’ve done, good or bad, you’ve been there. And I know I’m a fucking pain in the ass most of the time…” a little smile formed on her face, Roman’s eyes were focused on her. “And I know it’s not easy to deal with me, with my life, with Nadia, especially since you are not her mother, but I’m telling you, when she grows up she will call you mom.”

“Roman no-” But her words were cut off by him.

“We both know you are not her biological mother, but you are the mother that she knows, the one that’s raising her, the one that loves and cares for her.” He hold Y/N face between his hands, taking some of the tears off with his thumb.”I’m so fucking grateful and happy for having you in my life. I’m gonna tell you something, this…treatment thing I’m doing to be human again it’s not just because I hate being this thing, being like Olivia,” his voice always filled with anger when it came to his mother, if he could even call her that “it’s also because I could not bear my life without you, not now, not tomorrow, not ever.” Her eyes met with his, unable to say a word, not knowing how to express herself. Y/N took Roman’s hand in hers and guided it to her chest, were her heart was.

“This, this is yours Roman, it will always be, it always has and I promise I will never leave you or Nadia, never. You mean too much to me to do such a thing.” Her forehead rested on his.

“Have I ever told you I love you?” Roman left a trail of kisses from her cheek to her neck.

“A few times.” She answered.

“Well…it’s true, I love you.” His lips now on hers.

“I love you too, Roman.” The kiss started being a more passionate one. Just when Roman started getting his hands under her shirt, caressing the skin under it, Nadia’s cries stopped them.

“I swear she sometimes somehow knows what we are doing and does this on propose.” Roman  groaned, earning a laugh from the girl, that got off him to let him go to his daughter’s room. A few minutes after Roman entered the room wit a red faced Nadia in his arms.

“Hey baby!” Nadia put her arms out for Y/N to pick her, Roman carefully let the little girl in her arms. “I think she should sleep with us tonight.” Nadia rested her head in Y/N’s chest, her eyes closed and soon after she was asleep, laying between Y/N’s arms, while Roman hugged them both, in a protecting way, in a loving way.

Just him and his two favorite girls, he could not ask for something better. 


I Could Spot Her From Miles Away

A/N: I had this cute dream a few nights ago and just had to write it down~

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 404

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“Where the heck were you last night?” she shouted at me. “I was waiting for you for hours. I even put on that dress because you said that it looks good on me and you stood me up!?”

Oh I was there. Right behind her no less. I watched her come up to the bar, the fabric of the dress falling neatly down her body. As expected it did look good on her. She shifted her head to the side revealing her neck. And I was mesmerized. I should have gone to her. I invited her to this party and despite her protests she came after all. For me. I didn’t think she will. I’m glad that she did. But I was stuck. I couldn’t move my legs to go greet her. I wanted to just keep watching her forever. She turned and looked around though. I have no idea how she didn’t see me. I was right there. Or maybe it just seemed to me that way. I could spot her from miles away.

“Yoongi, are you even listening to me?” she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

“Umm wha?” I asked, coming back from my thoughts.

“I’m talking about some very important stuff and you dare to ignore me?” she teased, pretending to look angry. “What’s up with you lately? You’re completely spaced out when we’re together.”

I just continued to stare at her. Her eyes were shinning. She suddenly put her hand on my forehead.

“Are you not feeling okay? You’re awfully red. Were you sick yesterday?” she asked worried. “You should have at least called me.”

I have no idea what came over me but I couldn’t control my blushing. I looked up at her and she had her lips pressed close together, trying to keep in her laughter. Of course she noticed.

“Since when does the great genius Min Yoongi gets shy?” she chuckled. And there it was. My weakness. That bright smile of hers. This is not good.

“You know what, you’re right. I don’t feel well. I think I will go home, get some sleep or something,” I explained, quickly standing up.

“Now?? Should I come with you?”

“No thanks,” I replied. “I will be fine by myself.”

As I promptly walked away I started wondering if I will. How the heck do I tell her that she’s the one making me feel this way?

Request from the one line prompts:
‘Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.’

It finally arrived.
It was one week overdue and Y/N and Harry were both sick of sleeping on a air mattress.
Now their new bed stood perfectly in the middle of the room.
They just moved in together. After two years of dating and happily being in love they moved in together in a nice apartment in London.
They furnished everything together, from the kitchen table to the pillows on their couch. But Y/N wanted to do the bedroom alone. She loved bedrooms. She always loved to decorate her bedrooms with fairy lights and fluffy blankets but she knew she couldn’t do that to Harry now, he would feel deprived of his masculinity.
So she ordered a simple white bed with a headboard that maybe was a bit girly with roses but the metal and vintage look made it unisex. The carpets on each side of the bed were a dusty shade of pink because Y/N knew Harry loved the color, even his phone case was pink.
The drawer was simply white as well and fitted with the bed perfectly. The desk underneath the window would be perfect for her to apply makeup and for him to write songs on while having the best lighting and opportunity to look outside.
Her favorite part though was the wall across from the bed. She put a map of the world as a cork board on it. Every city they visited was pinned with a picture of them and it looked absolutely amazing. All the other pictures she loved of them that had nothing to do with traveling hing over the headboard of the bed, filters on the pictures to create a ombre look, from pink to black and white.
The silky sheets she put on the bed were the same color as the carpets and when she stood back to admire her work she couldn’t help but beam proudly.
Just as Harry came home she placed pinkish rose petals all over the floor and bed, the last touch to her surprise.
“Darling?” she heard him call for her from downstairs.
“Bedroom.” she shouted back and waited sheepishly for him to open the door.
When he did his smile fell a bit when he saw what happened to the bedroom. His eyes wandered over the pictures on the wall, the bed, the map and then finally landed on Y/N.
“What do you think?” she pressed. He hesitated for a moment before he once again studied his surroundings.
“I mean… At least we don’t have to sleep on that air mattress anymore.”
Y/N’s smile fell immediately, her mouth open in shock. A part of her hoped he would start laughing in a second and tell her that he was joking and absolutely loved it but he never did.
She scoffed and turned away to leave the room, hitting his shoulder on her way.
“Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.” she mumbled bitterly.
“What? Baby…” he sighed and grabbed her hand.
“I’m not trying to upset you, darling. It’s just… very girly.”
“Well, you live with a girl now. Should have thought about that earlier.”
“And I did.” he chuckled softly.
“You know I want nothing more than to share a home with you.”
“Then maybe you shouldn’t be such an ass when I do something nice for our home.” she bit back.
“You’re right. And I’m sorry for how I reacted I was just a bit surprised. I mean I love pink, you know I do.” he smiled and pulled his phone out to shore her his pink case.
“Really, it looks very beautiful. It’s very you and I love that. I love you. Thank you, angel.” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug.
She hesitated for a moment before she sighed in defeat and hugged him back.
“I thought you’d like it.” she whispered.
“And I do, baby. Really, I love it.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” he nodded.
“You’re not just saying that because you don’t want to sleep in the car?”
He laughed and shook his head.
“No. I’m saying it because you put a lot of effort into it and you did absolutely amazing.”

A while later they were laying in bed together, tangled up in each other and covered by the pink sheets. Y/N pressed a kiss to the top of Harry’s head which was resting on her chest.
“Love?” he asked.
“Hmm?” she hummed.
“Would you have actually made me sleep in the car?” he questioned looked up at her.
“Like… You wouldn’t even have let me sleep on that damn air mattress or the couch? Even the floor?”
“No.” she giggled and stroked through Harry’s hair lovingly.
“Assholes don’t get to sleep in the house.”
“Have to remember that.”

rivendell101  asked:

"sorry were you sleeping" and "is that my shirt" for nalu! pls maci

Oblivious Doesn’t Mean Stupid

Pairing; Nalu

Word Count; 701

A/N;  Love me some good old fashioned nalu! And what’s nalu without bed sharing on a mission? And bickering? And blushing?

Anon asked:  “Is that my shirt?” With Nalu?

@celestial–aphrodite (celestialaphrodite) asked: “Is that my shirt?” Nalu! ❤

“Sorry, were you sleeping?”

“Is that my shirt?”

Natsu blinked up at Lucy, both having spoken over the other. Natsu had started when he felt the bed dip behind him, and now he was faced with the sight of Lucy bathed in moonlight from the open inn’s window, one knee on the bed. In his shirt. 

He swallows thickly around his suddenly dry mouth and fat tongue, mind processing Lucy in his shirt. Her chest stretched it out when the fabric sat tight across it, but it swam around the rest of her body and hung loose of her shoulders in ways that tempted Natsu’s eyes to move in ways that went from ‘friend’ to ‘creep any normal girl would rather sleep on the floor than be within five feet of’. He finally drew his attention away from things he was not supposed to be focused on, watching her blush and fidget above him in embarrassed agitation.

“W-well, if someone hadn’t of burned my bag I’d have more clothes to wear to bed, wouldn’t I?” Lucy spat. Her cheeks puffed out in the way they did when she was anger with him, but not angry enough to throw a book. 

“Well if someone hadn’t thought it would be a good idea to play with baby farres then I wouldn’t have needed to use my magic at all!” he defended, smiling widely when he watched her pout further. She knew he was winning, and Natsu could imagine her stamping her foot in irritation. He’d seen her do it once too. She was adorable when she was angry with him. 

“Just shut up and quit hogging the bed.” Lucy grumbled. Natsu smirked as he scooted over, lifting the thin blanket for her to slide under.

“Not my fault they were so fluffy.” Lucy mumbled under her breath. Oh, she was so silly, forgetting about Natsu’s sensitive hearing.

“And was the mommy farre fluffy?” he asked, innocently. He snickered when she stiffened, back turned to him. 

“Shut up,” Lucy repeated sourly. She yanked the blanket tighter around her, Natsu rolling his eyes. As if he needed a blanket to keep warm. long minutes of silence passed then, Natsu narrowing his eyes when he watched a soft shiver trail through Lucy’s body, curled in the blanket as she was. Realization dawned on him that it was the cold that had spurred Lucy’s blanket stealing, rather than pettiness. Okay, maybe 75% cold, 25% petty. But still, too high of discomfort for Natsu to allow when he had an easy solution. 

Natsu wrapped his arm around Lucy’s middle, pulling her body flush to his. He ignored her soft yelp as he focused his magic to his skin, warming her and the air around them. Natsu smiled when she relaxed against him, even pressing back into his hold as her body chased the heat that he offered.And to think, Lucy had nearly chocked when Natsu had accepted the single bed room from the innkeeper!

“Better?” he asked, voice lower than he meant to be. He cleared his throat awkwardly, focusing on the honey and lavender scent that surrounded him, his nose pressing into Lucy’s hair as he took a deep inhale. Lucy shivered in his arms again, and Natsu furrowed his brow. She should be nice and toasty in his embrace, so why was the cold still bothering her?

“Yeah,” Lucy rasps, and Natsu has to repress his own shiver at what he voice does to him. Now was not the time for unwanted advances, and Natsu would rather be well rested without a fucked up neck from sleeping on wooden floorboards for their mission tomorrow. “Thank you, Natsu.”

Natsu swallowed thickly again, grunting in acknowledgment, not trusting his voice to be the right pitch. He squeezed her hand when he felt her fingers tangle with him. Natsu ducked his head further into her crook of her neck, grinning against her silky hair when he heard her gentle snores and felt her breathing even out, back expanding steadily into his chest. Natsu too found his way to sleep, curled tight against Lucy and sharing his fire with her. He knew the one bed would come in handy. 


The boys and Y/N, with Jody’s help, deal with the aftermath of a hunt gone wrong.

Originally posted by canonspngifs

A/N: Major thank you to @impala-dreamer who is beyond incredible and was my biggest cheerleader even though I’m sure I tested her patience 900 times with this. It’s in Dean’s POV so that’s pretty different for me. I’d love to know what you think about it!

Just a heads up, I tagged both my Sam & Dean lists. There is no romantic pairing in this fic. 

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Jody

Words: 5,217 (I’m so sorry please love me)

Warnings: Angst, Canon Typical Violence & Injuries


“No! Please…p-please don’t hurt me.”

The look on her face was one of pure terror. I’d never seen her that scared in all our years together, and it was directed at me. Me and Sam. The two people she should always be able to count on.

“Y/N/N I’m not. I swear I won’t hurt you. It’s over.” I tried to soothe her, tried to get through to her. She needed to get stitched up, and there wasn’t anyone around but me and Sam. “Sam!”

She flinched when I called to Sam. I know I’ll see her body jerk away from me in my sleep.

“I’m sorry Dean…I know it’s, I know you di-I just..I’m sorry.” Y/N whispered. Her voice was meek. I never thought I’d ever hear her voice so defeated; she was the one who held us together. She was the strongest out of all of us, and now she was broken and it was my fault.

“Hey, don’t apologize. You have nothing to be sorry for, got it?”

“Dean.” Sam announced before he walked back in the room, like he didn’t want to spook Y/N by coming out of nowhere. “Jody said she could be here in an hour. I’m gonna go get some ice for your f-for you, Y/N/N.”

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Miraculous Fluff Day 24: Wrong number

Purely Adrinette… for @miraculousfluffmonth

So, I read this post somewhere about Marinette accidentally calling Adrien about a nightmare, and I got to thinking: what about the other way around? I feel like Adrien would be more likely to get nightmares about Ladybug getting hurt, his mom disappearing, his friends (that means Marinette too, you fangirls/boys) getting hurt, etc. Without further ado, I give you… cinnamon roll call! 

Adrien’s eyes burst open, his body unconsciously shooting up, his stomach heaving up and down from excessive panting. He’d had nightmares before, but this had taken his worse memories and jumbled it up into one miserable night of horror. Ladybug was falling from Rogercop’s car only to land right in a dinosaur’s mouth. His mom was standing right there, just out of reach, only to disappear once he had caught her in a warm embrace. Nino, Alya, and Marinette being attacked by an Akuma while Chat was just standing there, completely useless.

Yeah, he needed a friend.

Adrien reached for his phone and swiped through his contacts, eyes blurred from swarming tears. Nino would be able to help. He always knew how to cheer up his best friend. He blinked out a couple tears and pressed the dial button.

“Hello?” The voice sounded too feminine to be Nino’s, but Adrien was too shaken to realize.

“I’m really sorry to bother you Nino, but I really needed someone to talk to. I knew you’d be able to help. So I had this-”

“A-Adrien?” Yeah, it was definitely too feminine. He pulled his phone to the front of his face to see the familiar name through clearer eyes. Marinette.

“Marinette?” Adrien sat up straighter. “Oh, damn, I’m so sorry! I meant to call Nino!” He continued to apologize during Marinette’s odd silence.

“It’s okay, Adrien!” she assured him. “I was awake designing anyway! What’s wrong?” Her voice sounded kinder and softer, relaxing the blond slightly.

“I had a nightmare.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Adrien was slightly taken aback by the offer but obliged nonetheless. 

He began to explain his dream in full detail, which lifted a depressing weight off his shoulders. Marinette was definitely a good listener.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I suppose! Thanks, Marinette, you really helped!”

“No problem! You can call me anytime you want.”

This made Adrien smiled widely. He had always assumed Marinette didn’t like him, due to her shy and evasive behavior around him. But this, this really cleared things up. She was an amazing friend.

“Thank you so much!”

“Adrien? I should probably head to sleep now. Wouldn’t want to be late for school!”

Said boy nodded. “Of course!” Adrien thought about his mom and his voice got the better of him. “Okay, bye, love you!”

“Love you too, see you!”

It was only when the call was disconnected that he realized what he said and what she said back. 

“Who was that?” Plagg asked groggily, obviously bothered by being woken up.

“Wrong number.”

Dragon Age Inquisition Headcanons:
Nightwears - Companions & Advisors

(some parts can be considered nsfw-ish, I guess?)

: she sleeps with an old pair of cotton trousers and a linen shirt one or two sizes bigger than hers. Her nightwears have to be practical, allowing her to bolt out from her bedroll in case of need or sudden attack. However, one of her best - kept secrets is a silken nightgown, very short and with a very low neckline that she saw once in Orlais. The shop was full of delicate garments and she was tempted to buy one, but she thought they were unsuitable and too frivolous for a warrior. The next day, she found the silken nightgown in her closet with a witty note from Leliana.
Romanced: she uses that garment to seduce the Inquisitor once their intimate relationship started. She lets him look at her, barking that she’s getting cold and she’s surely ridiculous, but she wants his opinion. His enthusiastic reaction makes her wear that nightgown more often.

The Iron Bull: he sleeps naked both in a tent and in Skyhold, point. He has no concern to have to jump out of the bed. He can face enemies fully undressed without flinching. To fight, he just needs his weapon, that always lays next to his bedroll. He makes sure to have an extra couple of blankets if he’s in a very cold place, and even if he shares a tent he’s not embarrassed to sleep without clothes, as long as the other person is fine with that.
Romanced: the Inquisitor always jokes about giving him a sleepwear, sooner or later, but Bull chuckles, knowing that they appreciate his lack of modesty. When the Inquisitor jokingly asks what type of sleepwear could tempt him, Bull winks and describes something made with more leather and chains than actual cloth.

Blackwall: he sleeps shirtless, but with an old pair of soft trousers on, plus a couple of socks he uses just for bed. He would hardly admit that, but he’s very fond of those socks he bought a long time ago. Despite being washed regularly, they have been mend many times by him. Every once in a while, he swears to buy a new pair, but he can’t find anything as soft as they are - or with the same shade of mustard yellow. He doesn’t like sleeping naked since someone could walk in.
Romanced: the Inquisitor finds actually amusing and a bit cute Blackwall’s affection towards an old pair of socks. She reassures him it’s a good thing he sleeps in that way since those fluffy things are perfect to warm up her cold feet.

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Little Warrior

The League watches over a baby Annabella.

Word Count: 1,257

Tagging: @speedypan @coffee-randomness @insideoflit @cupidjayne @teachingpanda

“So why are we here again?” Questioned Hal.

“Bruce hasn’t checked in at the Watchtower lately and I’m getting worried.” Said Diana.

“Okay but why do we all need to be here?” Asked Hal, Diana shot him a glare and he shut up.

Clark knocked and always Alfred opened the door. Diana noticed that the butler seemed very tired.

“Hello Alfred, is Bruce here?”

“Yes Mr. Kent, if you would follow me.” Said Alfred.

He escorted the league to the living room where they saw a very tired looking Bruce watching over a baby girl. The girl was walking around in a purple walker. When she spotted the league she squeaked in delight.

“So you have a daughter.” Said Shayera. Bruce’s head snapped in the direction of the league and groaned.

“Are we sure it’s spooky’s she seems too cheery to be his.” Said Hal and Bruce glared at him.

“How old is she?” Asked J'onn.

“Going to be a year in a month.” Bruce answers as he rubs his eyes.

“You managed to keep her hidden for almost a year?”

“Mr. Wayne didn’t want the media to find out Mr. Kent. And he also believed her could watch over her along with doing his duties as the Batman.” Said Alfred as he went to pick up the baby girl.

“What’s your name little warrior?” Diana asks as she tickles the girl tummy who squealed in delight.

“Annabella Wayne.” Said Bruce as he smiled at his daughter. “Come on sweetie it’s time to eat.”

“Bruce when was the last time you got any sleep.” Asked Jon.

“Two days ago.” Said Alfred. “Miss Wayne has been a bit difficult with going to sleep as of late.”

“Bats why don’t you let us watch over her a couple of days while you catch some zzz’s” said Barry.

“No she’s my responsibility.”

“Bruce you don’t have to do this alone. Let us help you.” Said Diana.

Bruce looked over at Annabella who was munching on Alfred’s tie. After a few moments he sighed.

“alright fine. Let me just gather some things.” Said Bruce.

“Would you like to hold her Miss Prince?” Asked Alfred.

“Of course.” Alfred passed Annabella to Diana. “Hello little warrior.”

The baby cooed and reached up to take Diana’s tiara.

“No no no.” Diana light scolded and the baby laughed. Annabella pressed her hand to her lips and extended it out as if she was blowing kisses.

“I wonder where she learned that from.” Clark chuckled and Annabella made grabby hands towards him.

Clark held her and she repeated the same action except this time she pressed her hand to his mouth. Clark smiled when suddenly she reached up and ripped his glasses from his face. Barry caught them before they hit the ground and placed them back on Clark’s head. Annabella squealed in delight and tried to take the glasses away again.

“See Clark even my kid thinks your disguise is stupid.” Said Bruce as he came back into the living room.

“Where are you going?” Asked J'onn as he noticed the small bag in Bruce’s hand.

“Decide to go to a hotel for the day if I hear her cry you’ll just wake up me not be able to sleep.” Bruce took Annabella from Clark. “I’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning. I love you.”

Annabella babbled and smiled when Bruce kissed her cheek, Barry held his hands out and Bruce hesitantly handed her over.

“Here is her schedule for the rest of the day. She should be eating right now so go do that first. Here are the different ways to contact me is anything goes wrong. And if something goes wrong you’ll be suspended from the league. Her room is at the top of the stairs to the left third door from the right. You’ll notice it there’s a sign with her name on it. And I think that’s it. Alfred shall we?” Bruce handed to folder to Diana.

“Of course Mr. Wayne, have fun Miss Wayne.” The butler kissed Annabella’s forehead.

Bruce gave his daughter one last kiss before leaving.

“Alright baby bat let’s get you some food.” Said Barry as he grabbed the folder and walked to the kitchen.

Annabella babble as Barry put her in her high chair and look around for her food.

“Alright baby bat here you go.” Said Barry as he sat down with a jar of baby food, he scooped some up and held it in front of her. Annabella made a face and pulled her head back. “Come on.”

Barry tried to bring the food closer to her but she pulled further away.

“Yeah I don’t blame you kid this stuff looks nasty.” Barry looked at the papers in the folder. “Says here your dad is trying to ease you into some solids.”

Barry sped around the kitchen and came back with a banana and some peanut butter.

“Alright let’s try this.” Barry scooped up some of the peanut butter and gave it to her.

She looked at it curiously before eating it. Barry noticed that she seemed to like it and continued to feed it to her occasionally giving her some mashed up banana.

“Barry you can’t feed a baby peanut butter.” Said Hal as he walked in.

“Why not look she loves it.” Barry gestured to Annabella who’s mouth was covered in peanut butter. “Alright baby bat let’s get you cleaned up.”

Barry picked her up and went to wet a paper towel. Once her face was clean Hal went up to them and tried to reach out for her but she held her hands close to her chest and leaned away.

“Oh come on you’ve been through half of the league’s arms it’s my turn.” Hal reached out for her again but she let out a cry of protest.

“Hal what are you doing?” Asked Jon as he walked in with the rest of the leaguers.

“Trying to hold her. Oh wait I got it.” Hal made a little green bunny appear in front of her and Annabella cooed in delight.

But when she reached out for it the bunny disappeared and Hal grabbed her. She began to cry and reach out for someone else. Jon quickly grabbed her and chuckled.

“Smart kid.”

“Well I think that proves she really is bats kid.” Said Barry.

“I will get you to like me.” Said Hal and the girl hid herself between her hands and Jon’s neck.

The rest of the day was spent entertaining the girl. She would be passed on from person to person everyone of them telling her stories. A the end of the day she was surrounded by her toys and babbling to a stuffed bear.

“Okay little warrior time for bed.” Said Diana as she came unto the living room with a freshly made bottle.

Diana picked up the girl and carefully place Cher in her crib and gave her the bottle. As the baby drank Diana noticed a book on the rocking chair next to the crib. She picked it up and inspected it.

“Alice in Wonderland, your father reads this to you!” Diana asked as she looked into the crib, the baby stared back at her curiously.

Diana. Rocked the spine of the book looked very worn out, where she opened it on the first page was in nice handwriting was written

For Bruce,
Love mom.

“So that’s why he reads it to you.” Diana smiled. “Okay then, shall we?”

Diana sat down and began to read.