when she says wow

minerva mcgonagall is sitting and watching the first triwizard task when fred nudges her

“hey professor,” he says. “these events sure do drag on, huh?”

“weasley,” she says. “you’re banned from the next two events.”

at the next one, she is waiting in the stands when george walks past.

“hey professor,” he says. “i wish i could sea what’s going on.”

“you are also banned” she says

at the last one, she finds herself sitting alone when she hears a voice from beneath her

“wow,” it says. “this sure is a-maze-ing”

she looks down. ginny weasley is grinning up at her.


★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 3 favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment: Karamel break up

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okay J, now that the writers queerbaited the fuck outta us, it's time for you to work your magic and give us a longer version of the "belated valentine's day prom". PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE

A continuation of this – http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/157525909609/man-i-would-fucking-love-to-get-a-scene-where-kara

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a trauma.

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a need.

It’s a need because she was fourteen and high school was amazing because Eliza held her hand and Eliza snuck her dad’s cigarettes down from the house and they crawled into the bathroom of the basement and giggled, their lips so close – Eliza’s lips looking so soft – as they blew the smoke out of the small vent so Eliza’s parents wouldn’t catch them.

But it wasn’t the smoke that Eliza’s parents caught.

It was the card.

The card, the card, the card.

The fucking valentine’s day card.

The betrayal that ended everything.

Because her father called her downstairs with the phone still in his hand and her father smacked her across the face with the back of that hand and her father gave her ten minutes to pack her things and to get out of his house and to never come back because she is filthy and she is ungrateful and she is selfish and she is wrong, and her mother cried but her mother didn’t stop him, and her face stung and her heart stung worse and her hands trembled but her face stayed dry because she would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break for being who she is.

She calls it a pet peeve. Needing to be heard.

Because Eliza didn’t hear her. Her father didn’t hear her. None of her exes had ever heard her.

She calls it a pet peeve because no one has ever loved her enough to let her call it trauma.

Until Alex Danvers, that is.

Because she leaves Alex a card: she leaves Alex a card, and Alex will not give it to her parents. She gives Alex a card, and Alex will do nothing but love her back.

Or she hopes.

She’s probably stupid for hoping. But she hopes anyway.

James and J’onn help her with the set-up, and Winn whips together the dress at the last minute before running off on his own valentine’s excursion. James kisses her cheek before he leaves, as 8 o’clock approaches, and J’onn puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Alex cares for you, Maggie. Just as you are. Let her hold you up when you need it. You deserve that. You do. I promise.”

She gulps and she nods and J’onn squeezes her shoulder.

“He’s right, Maggie,” James tells her before giving the room one last glance. “It looks beautiful. And so do you.”

Maggie grimaces a smile at them, and they understand that she’s too nervous to speak, that she’s too terrified to move. They smile at her before they leave, and she hangs onto the hope that these people, these beautiful people, will still love her after tonight.

She doesn’t know how long she waits for Alex, because she can’t think. She can’t do anything but try to swallow her panic, surrounded by red helium balloons and candlelight and all the things that reminded her of the bruise her father left on her face and the welts he left on her heart.

She can’t do anything but try to focus on Alex, Alex, Alex. On hoping that Alex will be different.

This is a relationship, Alex had insisted. And it’s that statement, Alex fighting for her, for them, that is keeping Maggie holding on.

“Wow, you’re breathtaking,” she says when Alex walks in, because god, god, god, she is.

“Maggie, what is all this?”

Alex’s voice trembles slightly as she asks, and somehow, that warms the protective steel around Maggie’s heart. She smiles slightly, her voice softer now.

“It’s your belated Valentine’s Day prom.” She reaches for the corsage and sends James a silent thank you for running to the florist and picking up exactly what Maggie had described.

“May I?” she asks, and her body tingles with relief as her fingertips touch Alex’s wrist.

Alex exhales hard, exhales shakily, and steps around Maggie, and the back of the dress – god, thank you, Winn Schott – takes Maggie’s breath away. Again.

“I’m sorry. So sorry. I was too busy nursing my own wounds, and I forgot to look at the gorgeous woman in front of me and consider her feelings. You deserved all of this, as a girl. The pomp and the fuss. And you deserve an amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you.”

She tilts her head and she stares up at Alex, because Alex is perfection, and Alex’s hands are warm in hers, and Alex makes the color red on Valentine’s Day a little less terrible, a little less traumatic.

But Alex is shaking her head and Alex is reaching her fingers up to run them through Maggie’s hair, to stroke her cheeks, to fuss with her blazer’s collar.

Maggie’s heart sinks and she starts panicking, she starts hyperventilating, but then Alex is talking, and Maggie wants to cry for an entirely different reason.

“Maggie, I… you deserve this. The pomp and the fuss. An amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. And that… that means… Maggie, that means you don’t have to make it all about me, all the time. I love that you… I love that you thought about me, I love that you did all this, but Maggie, you…”

She stops and she stares down at Maggie’s wet eyes for a long moment, and there’s nothing but unguarded love in her eyes, and no one has ever existed but the two of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maggie, I… I heard you. I heard everything you said. And because I heard you, I… I don’t want you to just shove all that back down to make everything about me. Again. You did it while I was coming out, and I get it, and you’re so sweet, Maggie, but I don’t… I don’t want you putting yourself second for me, not anymore. I don’t want you burying your pain, your… trauma, Maggie, you were a child, that was traumatic, I… I want you, Maggie.”

She brings her fingers to a lips and kisses them, one by one, slowly, deliberately, all while keeping her eyes locked in Maggie’s, before she continues.

“All of you. And this is beautiful, this is amazing, but Maggie, I want you to feel able to just… to vent, and to scream, and to lose your cool, to cry. With me. Because I want you, Maggie, I care about you, not… not just what you can do for me. You letting me in, you letting me care for you, letting me comfort you? That’s the greatest gift you could ever give me, Maggie. You… you letting me love you.”

Alex stumbles to a halt and Maggie’s breath hitches as they both realize what Alex said, as they both lose themselves in each other’s eyes, in each other’s hands, in each other’s hearts.

“Danvers, you – Alex, I – “

Alex shakes her head with closed eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I just… I want you to know that you’re cared for. That you’re safe. That you’re allowed to put yourself first, that I want you to put yourself first. That you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That you’re perfect. That I l…”

She stares down at Maggie’s wide eyes and she licks her lips and she is Alex Danvers, dammit, so she dives.

“That I love you. Maggie Sawyer. All of you. And I just want you to let me love you, let me care for you, let me be here for you. Let me love you.”

Maggie takes one breath, and then another, and then one word escapes her lips.

The only word that matters in the entire multiverse.


And her hands are on the small of Alex’s bare back and Alex’s hands are tangling in her hair, cupping her face, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, and Alex’s lips are soft and Alex’s lips are healing and Alex’s lips are heaven, and she’s never cried while she kissed anyone, she’s never cried in front of anyone without running out the door before the first tear could fall, but she’s crying now, and Alex is catching her tears with her thumbs and kissing them away with her lips, but Maggie doesn’t want Alex’s lips on her cheeks, her eyes – she does, she does, but later, later, because there will be a later, because Alex went to the dance with her, Alex didn’t give her note to her parents, Alex came to the dance with her and Alex is kissing her and Alex is holding her and Alex, Alex, Alex  – Maggie just wants, right now, Alex’s lips on her own, and she shifts, and Alex knows, because Alex knows her, and Maggie’s lips are parting and Alex is slipping her tongue in her mouth gently, gently, lovingly, and Maggie sighs into their kiss and Alex echoes it and their breathe, their heartbeats, their bodies, are indistinguishable as their bodies sway to music and to swaying lights and to the rhythm of their perfect kiss.

“I love you back, Alex Danvers,” Maggie’s whispering into her lips, and the tears dripping salt onto her lips are suddenly not only her own, and she pulls back, because Alex Danvers crying is heartbreaking, and Alex Danvers crying is beautiful.

Their chests are both heaving slightly and their lips are swollen and their bodies are flush against each other and their bodies are intertwined and their eyes refuse to leave each others.

“May I have this dance?” Alex asks her breathlessly, and Maggie smiles helplessly, because she knows her life will never be the same.

Because she knows that Alex means it when she says she loves her, and god, god, god does it feel good to be loved – and to love – like this.

No Strings (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 4,956

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

Originally posted by mayfifolle

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things that will literally never win a girl over, ever:

-telling her she doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful/she’s wearing too much makeup
-pressuring her to send you a picture even after she says no I don’t look great right now and you respond with the previous bullet point
-asking her if she wants to see your dick and then sending her an unflattering creepy ass picture anyway even after she says no with a caption like “oops ;)” and acting confused when she tells you to fuck off
-saying “wow I’ve never met a GIRL who likes [insert activity fuckboys think is strictly for males only]! Most girls would rather go shopping and do makeovers lolol” (as if you can’t like all of those things?)
-patronizing her when she shares an opinion or idea
-acting like you always know more or better about the politics of the world (literally shut the fuck up)
-comparing her to other women on a better or worse scale (honestly wtf don’t do it)
-shaming other women and praising her for “not being like those bitches/sluts/whores/[insert uncreative ‘insult’ here]”
-asking if she’s a virgin and then getting mad if she doesn’t give the answer you wanted due to some masculine fragility complex you can’t get over that’s telling you it somehow matters
-asking if she’s on her period whenever she shows even the slightest bit of displeasure in anything

(Feel free to add more)

ACOWAR discourse (no spoilers)

All I’m going to say is this: SJM tried/is trying, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Obviously she tried, but that doesn’t make it perfect. No one is expecting her to be perfect, but don’t act like people can’t recognize the problems. 

You can always ignore the anti-tags, you can always ignore the anti-blogs and vice versa. But don’t act like what anti-blogs saying is just mindless hate is what I’m trying to say, if that makes any sense. And I’m not calling anyone out. I’ve decided to stay pretty neutral about acowar, but all I’m saying is don’t call anyone out and try…not to engage in fights?

First of all, Congrats! I usually don’t repost other artist’s work but I gotta give it atomicmangos and her work. She’s incredibly talented and her style is overall clean and so beautiful.
When you see the artwork you know it’s hers. The distinct art style of atmango is simply gorgeous.
I was able to join a livestream of her when she drew this for me. Let me just say that wow, thank you! You’re very thoughtful of drawing my Au of MonStar, I actually looked up to you because of your incredible work on svtfoe and my gosh you are the QUEEN of Starco! Bless your fan children and AU’s. Keep drawing and I hope you graduate and get the art career that you desire!

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Hi! Could I request a reaction of Jungkook, V, Jhope, and Suga when their crush is an idol and is as good as singing/dancing/rapping as them? Thank you!

Jungkook : *gets quiet everytime he sees her perform and is very shook by her talent*

V/Taehyung : *gets hyped af whenever he sees her and can’t stop saying ‘wow’ when she performs*

J-Hope/Hoseok : *cannot contains the feels and becomes a fanboy every time he sees her*

Suga/Yoongi : *tries to hide the fact that he has a crush on her, but in reality is so obvious (at least for the other members)*

Admin K

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I find the magical plants, tattoos, and paints in Mystic Coffee so cool. I can just imagine Clarke drawing with the charmed paint on Lexa’s back and all the magical effects it would have.

This is such a lovely visual I wrote a thing.

“Is it done?”

“Stop moving.”

Lexa gives an incoherent grumble and rests her chin on her arms, trying to remain still once again.

“You’ve been painting for an hour.” The words come out muffled against the bare skin of her forearms, pressed against her lips.

“Art takes time,” Clarke says distractedly after a pause, eyes crinkled in concentration as she moves her paintbrush in careful strokes along the curve of Lexa’s spine. Clarke lets out the barest of grins when Lexa shivers at the sensation.

The words Lexa says next are incoherent but Clarke just keeps working. Two more details aaaand 


Lexa’s head picks up quickly with excitement. She starts wiggling and Clarke has to move from her position sitting on the back of Lexa’s legs before the other girl tosses her off in her rush to get to a mirror.

Lexa stands and twists her head this way and that to try to see it before quickly giving up and moving to the floor length mirror hanging on the back of the door.

“Oh wow,” she says, when she finally gets a good look.

“Like it?”

“How permanent is this?”

“Not very,” Clarke says, wiping paint from her fingers on a towel and watching Lexa admire herself with a smile. “It’ll set within the next fifteen minutes probably and then disappear.”

“That’s too bad. It’s incredible.”

Clarke hums and steps behind her, watching Lexa take it in over her shoulder.

Clarke reaches out runs her finger gently over the paint, following the streaks of orange and gold over the small of Lexa’s back and tracing up into the dark blues that appear at the base of her neck.

It’s a setting sun, happening in real time. Each passing second changes the shades of colours that fade and shift beneath Clarke’s fingers. It’s ephemeral, the orange already beginning to shift to pink, but the look of awe on Lexa’s face makes it worth it.

This wind is literally the most ridiculous thing in the world.” One hand on her dress keeping it down, one in her hair trying to stop a mass casualty, “god damn it.” She huffed, moving behind a building, wind breaking at it’s finest, struggle evident in every part of her. “I am so full of regret right now I could cry.” 

My favorite parts from the Wonder Woman movie (spoilers ahead)

-when Diana is a teenager and is training and Antiope says she doubts herself and she tries to steel herself when she says No I do not.
-her braid??? Like wow??
-when Steve wraps the lasso around his wrist to prove he’s telling the truth
-“that’s something that only someone with no stomach would say”
-their entire conversation in different languages, ending with Diana winning
-“Oh you’re done now? Great.”
-“I’m both frightened and aroused”.
- when Diana crosses No Mans Land and looks to her right and there’s Steve and the gang, having joined her.
- when she just CASUALLY knocked bombs to the side with her shield
-“what is it like?” “I have no idea”.
-the fact that the morning after, no one makes any quips about Diana and Steve
-Sameer BEGGING to keep the car lmao
- when Diana stands beside the woman in the blue dress trying to determine her size.
-“I’m the wrong color”
-“his people”
-remus lupin LMAO
- Oh Chris pine you’re too good at playing characters that die
-like come on his eyes his face
-the little smile where he must be thinking he finally got what he was searching for. Love.
-the fact that in every fight Diana never tried to kill anyone, because she believed in the good in man so much
-until the end, when she screams and is so enraged and then she doesn’t care.
-her museum outfit, especially the red shirt
-and of course her theme song like come on

you wanna know what my best quality is? thinking my ex-friends and friends of those friends are constantly plotting to hurt me in some way even though we haven’t talked in 5yrs

hmu ;)

Their Little Stars

“You betrayed me.” Draco said as he sat in front of her, slouching.

“What, when?” Hermione asked as she sipped from her ‘Mummy <3’ cup.

“Last night.”

'Mmkay’ Hermione thought.

“In my dreams.” Draco slightly pouted.

“Oh, what did you dream about this time?”

Silence was met in the kitchen as Hermione raised her brows. Before she asked once again, a happy shriek came bouncing from the hall to the stairs.

“Mummy!” A voice giggled out.

“In the kitchen.” She called out.

“Look, look, my hair is pink.”

They look towards their daughter to see her once blonde curls turn into a bright pink and a large smile on her face.

“Cassie, my love bug, look at your beautiful hair.” Draco playfully weeped.

“Draco, Cassie just did accidental magic you know that right and all you care about is her hair? She’s 5 and that’s an age where Lyra and Scorpius didn’t reach until they were 7.”

“But Hermione, her hair.” Draco frowned and ignored what his wife had said to played with his youngest daughter curly pink hair.



“Mum, Dad, morning.”

“Scorp, Lyra did you both sleep well?” Hermione had asked as she got three cups out of the cupboard.


Hermione poured three cups of orange juice in glasses that had a Scorpius constellation, 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ and 'L.M’

Now a few months ago, Cassiopeia had the idea to start drawing her art on the white walls. From small scribbles to large lines from her room to Scorpius finding large blue swirly mess in his room. It wasn’t until he shouted “Cassie” out loud and Draco came running in, shoving the door with his wand in hand.

“What happened? Why were you shouting?”

“Dad! Look at what Cassie did to my room.”

“Scorp, we can get rid of her art easily. Just a bit of lil scrub here and there and we-”

“Scrubbing?! Dad that’s muggle work.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with scrubbing like a muggle.”

“We’re magic dad. You’re magic. Can’t you just get rid of it.”

“Scorpius, I’ve did some bad things in my younger years of life and it gave me a huge regret.”

“What did you do?”

“I made bad choices and I was very lucky for everyone forgiving me. But it wasn’t easy.”

“Is this some kind of a lesson?”

“Well aren’t you becoming cocky.”

“Daaaad.” Scorpius winged.

“All I’m saying is that you should forgive Cassie. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She was just expressing her art.”

“You call this art? They’re just squiggly lines. Have you seen the living room? The kitchen? What will mum say when she comes home and sees her "art”?“

"Wow. You’re right. Okay don’t tell your mother that I cleaned with magic. She’ll have my head.”

“Why are you so scared of her anyways?”

“Son, you have not seen her in her angry moments and I swear I’m sure you don’t want to see it.”

Before Draco can clean the mess, Hermione came home to find the walls coloured, she sighed and dropped her things on the couch before going up to her daughters’ room.

“Cassie? Sweetheart? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Mummy? Why doesn’t anyone like my art?”

Cassie heard the conversation with her Daddy and brother, she frowned. Hermione could see her tears before Cassie can do a tantrum, Hermione stopped it.

“Cass, not everyone will like what you’ll do in the future. But don’t let that stop you for doing what you love. for now, you can keep your art work in secret, so that one day you can show it to others.”

“What can I do?”

“How about tomorrow I’ll get you a book that you can place your art in.”

“Won’t that finish easily?”

“I’ll charm the pages so that it’ll be endless.”

“Hmm, okay”

“Well tonight how about we do some crafts?”

“Is it my turn already?”

“Of course. Last week it was scorp and now it’s yours. What do you want to make this time?”

“Cups. With daddy, Scorp , you and Lyra’s name.”

“And yours as well?”


“Let’s get to it then.”


“Crafts again? Why can’t we do something else.” He said as the family started to gather around a small table in the living room.

“Scorpius, we each have our own things we like. Lyra and her books, you and Quidditch and Cassie with art.”

“Yeah Scorp. Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you can put your hate on cassies hobbies.” Lyra also included.

“I can so draw.” He stated.

“Yeah little sticks.”

“Now we have 10 cups. Two for each of us. Here is how it’ll go. One cup you can make for yourself and the other we’ll pick names from a hat and whoever has one name does a cup for that person.”

“What if Scorp gets mine?”

“Hey!” Scorpius somehow felt offended.

“Lyra, I’m sure Scorp has some fantastic ideas for your cup. Okay, now we’ll take turns on getting a name out of the hat, Cass can go first.”

Cassie placed her hands in and took out a small piece of paper.

“What does it say?” Lyra eagerly asked.

“Who have you got sweetheart?” Draco leaned over and questioned.


Next was Lyra’s turn. She opened the folded paper and it read 'Daddy’

The hat was passed in a circle, Draco got Scorpius, Hermione had Lyra and finally Scorpius ended with Cassie.

“Now we get to keep these cups forever. So don’t do anything mean, be nice.”


The family got into their work. Hermione finished Lyra’s cup and sat back to watch everyone’s face so focused into their cups. She smiled at her youngest, Cassiopeia Jean Malfoy had the likes for art, everyone had thought since she was a daddy’s girl, she would live for quidditch, it was a surprise when she was into art.

No one from the both side of the family had artistic tastes. But since Cassie started to smile as she used one of Hermione’s lipstick to scribble on the bathroom floor, Hermione took the chance to change her room from a pale green to white with the walls charmed.

The charm was simply put as whenever Cassie would draw in the walls, a few days at most, her art would all transfer to a medium sized drawing book. She had told Cassie this after she came in crying that she walked in on the house elves cleaning her room and her art was gone.

She was taken back to the real world when someone stated “done”. It was Lyra.

“You can give it to daddy when you finish your other cup Lyra.”



In the end, it took the family four hours to finish their crafts weekend. Everyone gave the cups to each other.

Hermiones cup said 'Mummy <3’, Scorpius’s cup had a drawing of his constellation, curtesy from Draco. Lyra had 'Lyra Narcissa Malfoy’ with books drawn stacked under her name, Draco had “My #1 Dad’ and Cassie’s cup had 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ with paint brushes on the bottom of her name.

Then they all showed their other cups. Draco’ written on his cup was 'Daddy Malfoy’, Lyra had written her initials 'L.M’

Scorpius had drawn a large golden snitch and in the middle had his name 'Scorpius Malfoy’, Cassie wrote her name 'CASSIE’ in capital letters and used different colours and Hermione had 'Hermione. M’

"These cups look lovely.”

“Number one dad huh?” Scorpius asked as he saw his dad’s cup being proudly held by a proud Draco.


“Daddy’s girl.”

Before Lyra could retaliate, Hermione looked up at the time and gasped.

“Oh my. Look at the time.”

On the wall, the clock displayed the numbers 10:45pm.

“Let’s clean up and get ready for bed.”

“Can you read a story again tonight?”

“Well alright. What’ll it be tonight?”

“A Hogwarts one.” Lyra and Scorpius said.

“And you my little love bug?” Draco asked Cassie.

Silence was met and he asked again.

“Love bug? Cassie?”

“Looks like she’s exhausted.” Hermione giggled seeing her youngest sleep on her daddy’s shoulder.

“I’ll set her in. You go with the twins.”

As the three left the living room, Draco carefully climbed the stairs to Cassie’s room. On the door there’s a Cassiopeia sign and underneath another sign that was written, CasSIe. It was from when she started learning how to write, he was so proud of it he wanted to put it on the fridge to show it off. He smiled as he opened her door, looking at the large flower on the wall next to the bed she had drawn disappear.

He laid her down and covered her with the blanket. Before leaving, he bent down to kiss her hair.

“My little star, I love you. ”

Draco looked back to the little Malfoy sleeping peacefully on her big bed, also seeing her pink hair magically disappear to the identical blonde on his own head.


It took only 15 minutes to get each twin soundly asleep before Hermione went to her own bed.

“What story did you tell them this time?”

“One about how Harry made Dumbledore’s Army and how we practised making patronuses.”



“The twins will go to Hogwarts next year.”

“I know.”

“It’s too fast.”

“I’ll miss them too. But they’re excited to go and we’ll make sure that they both write to us.”

“Lyra will be in Gryffindor and Scorpius in Slytherin.” Draco stated, yet his face is etched in worry.

“What are you worried about?”

“Scorp’s going to go straight to Slytherin for sure. But it’s Lyra I’m worried about. She has your brains and nothing of me, she practically looks like you, except for her eyes.”

“You’re worried she’s going to Gryffindor? I was in Gryffindor.”

“If she gets into Gryffindor, I’m positive she’s going to befriend one of Weasley or Potter’s pawns.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

The Are you kidding me right now? Your Hogwarts years has been nothing but dangerous from start to finish.”

“Draco. He’s gone. There’s no danger and Lyra will be fine.”

“I trust you, Hermione. I really do. But if she does go into Gryffindor, one of their pawns is going to steal our daughter and fly into the sunset with her.”

“Well aren’t you thinking that far into the future…Listen to me Draco, She’s only ten. Plus from eleven to thirteen years old, girls don’t think about boys at that age. Now please stop this constant worrying and let’s go to sleep.”

“I love you.” He sighed.

“I love you too.” She leaned down to kiss him.



wow another rubiam high school au i'm so creative

i guess we’re kinda upgrading to college now??? idk

•the first time ruby does poorly on an assignment in college she cries for 4 hours about how she’s gonna be a stripper for the rest of her life

•liam tries to calm her down to no avail like “this is the first time ever in your life you’ve done bad on something it’ll be okay soon you’ll learn to do poorly and take it in stride like the rest of us” and she cries harder bc that indicates she’s gonna do terribly again

•when he asks what she got he has to physically hold himself back from laughing when she looks up at him with tears running down her face and says “B minus”

•she’s been crying for the last hour and a half over a B minus. she thinks her fate is stripping because of a B minus. this bitch.

•chubs ends up being the one who calms her down because in typical chubs fashion he just gives it to her straight and slaps the sense back into her

•"well if you don’t want another B minus, why are you wasting time crying over the one you can’t change? go spend the time you’re wasting right now on the rest if your work and make sure it doesn’t happen again.“

•she stops crying, nods and gets up to go do her work

•liam just stares in shock at the fact that chubs just did in 3 sentences what he’d been trying to do for 3 hours

•"sometimes you make me feel like a really shitty boyfriend, chubs”

•one night they set up a study date and liam’s like “what are we gonna study” and she goes “i don’t know…i need to work on biology” and he thinks he’s about to get lucky but that hope quickly dies when she actually brings her giant binder of notes and her textbook and falls asleep next to him at 10:30

•all his friends make fun of him for being whipped and he’s just like “wow i love and respect my girlfriend you really got me good what a burn 🙄🙄🙄”

•when she was on her period in high school she used to be able to kinda avoid him if she wanted to be left alone but now they live a floor apart and spend a good 70% of their time together so he kinda has to learn to handle her when she’s hormonal, cramping, and angry at him because he’s a man and has never had to go trough this

•he learns pretty quickly but the one thing he never quite figured out is if she actually wants him to touch her or not

•like sometimes when she’s laying in bed cramping he’ll try to cuddle and she nearly bites his head off but half an hour later she’s crying because he doesn’t want to touch her

•he’s mortified the first time she sends him on a tampon run

•not because “ew gross tampons periods disgusting” just because there’s SO MANY and he doesn’t know which one to get

•he calls his mom, naturally

•when she doesn’t know what kind ruby uses he calls ruby’s mom

•"Liam! how are you sweetie?“
“um hi mrs daly i’m good. but um, this is a weird question but i was wondering if you know what kind of tampons ruby uses. she sent me to the store and i don’t know what i’m doing.”
*queue ruby’s mom laughing for 12 minutes*
“the black box with the pink swirls honey”
“thanks mrs daly”

•they move in together after liam’s 3rd and ruby’s 2nd year

•they invite chubs to move in with them but he moves out after six months because “i’m tired of third wheeling in my OWN HOME”

•it was one thing to be sexiled from a dorm room he could just go to vidas and spend the night but to come home to your roommates having sex on the kitchen counter, where you eat off of,, no.

•they agree to wait until after they’re both done with college (which ends up being the same time since ruby took so many ap’s in high school) to get married bc that’s a lot of added stress and marriage is really just a title they live together and do all the things married couples do anyways by the end of college

•but by second semester senior year liam starts getting //really// impatient he knows what they said but he bought a ring last year and has carried it around with him all the time since then

•as soon as they’re out of the building where graduation was held he’s down one one knee and ruby rolls her eyes because wow impatient much but when he asks she says yes

those people who act like katara’s decision to not kill in the southern raiders was only cuz of aang telling her she shouldn’t as opposed to katara herself, who has shown time and time again that she has a working moral compass and doesn’t need input from anyone to make the right choice, are probably the same people who thought it was katara’s choice to be reduced to nothing in the comics and lok