when she pulled back all you can see on her face is surprise because oh my god allison i finally know what you mean now

Believe It or Not. Part 12.

Summary: after being injured by the alpha, y/n can’t help her friends. So follow their wild ride to save her.

///I guess y/n isn’t really in this herself a lot but she’s talked about a lot///

(Based off 1x12 “Code-Breaker”)

“Perfect,” Peter said. Then continuing to throw y/n’s body on the ground, still unconscious.

“You’re coming with me.” Peter took a few steps forward but Stiles hadn’t moved at all.

“No,” the boy groaned, causing an annoyed Peter to turn around and look at him, “i’m not just letting you leave her here.”

“You don’t have a choice. Stiles, you’re coming with me.” Peter made his way back until he was standing right over y/n, claws extended.

Stiles squirmed, he moved so he was on his hands and knees, hovering over her body, “Just kill me. Look, I don’t care, anymore.” Stiles’ tears fell freely from his eyes, he knew time was ticking. He needed to get her and Lydia out of here quickly.

“Call your friend,” Peter offered, “Tell Jackson where they are. That’s all you get.”

Stiles immediately started to fumble his hand around in his pocket for his phone. He realized this was the only way he would be able to get y/n the help she needs.


Once Stiles told Jackson that Lydia was in trouble he hung up and full on sprinted to the lacrosse field.

As he got closer and closer, he was able to see the two girls lying on the ground side by side. The first person he made contact with was Lydia. He held her head in one hand, as his other reached for his phone.

“Come on Lydia, stay with me.” He whispered as he held her head in his hands.

As gently as he could, Jackson placed both of his arms underneath Lydia’s body. One underneath her knees, and the other right near her shoulder blades. He easily lifted her into his arms and ran her all the way to his car placing her in the backseat and then heading back her y/n.

He shifted to his other knee on the ground, reaching his hand down to check y/n’s pulse. A sigh of relief when he realized she was breathing. He then repeated his actions with her, y/n slightly groaned as he lifted her up.

“Wha- Jackson?” Her eyes started to flutter open.

“You’re going to be fine y/n, just shut up okay.”

Confused but tired, y/n let her eyes shut again already being consumed with more pain.


Stiles nervously drove his jeep, speeding as necessary with Peter in the seat right next to him.

“Don’t feel bad,” Peter broke the silence, “she’ll probably live.”

A sudden feeling of anger flooded Stiles’ mind and body, “she better live.” He whispered more to himself than to Peter, not wanting to talk to him at all.

“But the redhead, Lydia is it? If she lives, she might become a werewolf. She’ll be incredibly powerful.”

Stiles’ face twisted in confusion, “did you bite her?” He turned to look at the alpha.

“Scratched.” He clarified.

“That’s just great,” Stiles sighed, “once a month Lydia will go out of her mind and try to tear everyone apart.” He shook his head, things were already difficult with Scott being a werewolf.

Although he did worry about Lydia a lot. He had known her forever, of course he cared about her, she’s his friend. At least he was able to clarify his feelings for her now, and his feelings for y/n… Which were incredibly strong.

“Well actually, considering she’s a woman- twice a month.” Peter’s twisted humor just made Stiles angier, causing him to press on the accelerator a little harder.


“I’m not sure how long you’ll be. You want me to pick out anything specific, sweetheart?”
Allison’s mother Victoria asked her daughter, helping her prepare for leaving town with Kate.

“I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf.” Was all Allison could say, ignoring her mother and replaying the images of the last thing she saw on a loop in her head.

“All right,” her mother sighed, “I’ll pick out some things myself.”

“Who was that? Was that Scott?” Allison asked.

“No. Somebody named Jackson.” Victoria answered.

“What are you gonna do to him?” The girl asked, concerned for her friend.

“That depends. We have a sort of moral code we follow. Especially when they’re that young.” Her mother said, not once turning around from her position in front of the closet.

“Scott didn’t kill anybody, he couldn’t-” Allison rushed to the defense of Scott, until her mother calmly cut her off.

“This is all part of a longer conversation.”


Stiles and Peter ended up on a random level of a parking garage. Peter pulling out a laptop.

“Good luck getting a signal down here. Oh MiFi. And you’re a Mac guy. Does that go for all werewolves or just a personal preference?” Stiles sarcastic demeanor beginning to return.

“Turn it on. Get connected.” Peter ignored the boy.

“You know, you’re killing the whole werewolf mystique thing here. Look, you still need Scott’s username and password, and I’m sorry, but I don’t know them.”

Peter glared at him, “you know both of them.”

“No I don’t.” Stiles stayed persistent, but Peter’s abilities were too strong.

“Even if I couldn’t hear your heartbeat, I would still be able to tell that you’re lying.”

“Dude, I swear to god-”

“I can be very persuasive, Stiles. Don’t make me persuade you… Especially when it comes to that pretty little girl in the white and gold dress. Where is she again? Let’s hope the hospital, for her sake.”


Jackson was running through the hospital, turning corners and running past rooms until he ran into the sheriff.

“Where is she?” He shouted, desperately looking for Lydia.

“Hey. Hey! What the hell happened to those girls?” The sheriff asked when he was finally able to calm the boy down.

“I-I don’t know,” the boy answered nervously, “I went out looking for her.” He pointed at Lydia.

“What, you just happened to wander into the middle of that field and you just found her there like that? Don’t lie to me, son.” The sheriff begged. He needed to know what happened to both Lydia and Y/n. He was extremely worried about y/n. He’d known this girl for so long, she was family, just like Scott.

Jackson didn’t answer so the sheriff rushed forwards and grabbed the sides of his shirt.

“What happened to her?” He yelled, forceful.

“This isn’t my fault!” The boy defended himself.

“She’s your girlfriend! And y/n your classmate they’re your responsibility!”

“She didn’t go to the formal with me.” Jackson corrected, taking the sheriff by surprise.

“Stiles took her.”

“Somebody better find my son.” The sheriff whispered, turning around and leaving the teenage boy in the hospital hallway.


“You’re going to kill people, aren’t you?” Stiles asked, his nervous fingers typing on the computer.

“Only the responsible ones.”
He answered. Which immediately turned Stiles’ mind to Scott, “Look, if I do this, you have to promise to leave Scott out of this.” He tried to bargain the safety of his friend.

“Do you want to know why wolves hunt in packs,” Peter started, “it’s because their favorite prey are too large to be brought down by one wolf alone. I need Derek and Scott. I need both of them.”

Stiles had stopped typing and was now facing Peter. He really wasn’t scared of him anymore, if he was going to kill him he would’ve already been dead. So Stiles used the brave part of him to speak.

“He’s not going to help you.” He said with a straight face, looking Peter dead in the eye.

But Peter just laughed, “oh, he will. Because it’ll save Allison, and his sister. And you will because it’ll save her too, and Scott. Your best friend whom you know so well, even his username and password.”

With a sigh, Stiles turned back around to type in the needed information. Peter watched intently as Stiles placed both the username and password into place.

“His username is Allison, and his password, is Allison?” He stated unimpressed.

“Still want him in your pack?”


After Peter had taken his keys and drove off to the hale house, since that’s where Derek was being kept (well underneath it), Stiles ran to the only place he thought he could find her.

He ran down the halls until he turned a corner and saw his dad, slowing down. The sheriff immediately noticed his son’s presence.

“You know it’s a good thing we’re in a hospital because I’m going to kill you.” He said while angrily striding towards his son.

“I’m- I’m sorry,” the boy struggled to explain himself, “I lost the keys to my jeep, I had to run all the way here.”

“I don’t care!” His dad was now yelling.

Stiles ran his hands over his head in frustration. He turned around and saw into one of the hospitals rooms through the window. It was Y/n’s room.

He watched with wide eyes as she lied there on her back in the hospital bed. Her chest shallowly rising and falling. He could hear the faint noise of beeping from the multiple machines she’s hooked up to.

So much guilt flooded his body all at once. This was his fault, he and Scott should’ve told her sooner. Maybe if they had, she wouldn’t be here right now. The image of her body falling to the ground made him shiver. Her head in his lap, wanting more than anything for her to open her eyes, eyes that he loved so much. A tear involuntarily slid down his face.

“Is she gonna be okay?” He whispered loud enough for his father to here.

“They don’t know, partially because they don’t know what happened. She lost a lot of blood.”

Stiles stood, his hand against the window. He wanted to go inside, to see her but they weren’t letting anyone in. So he turned around to face his dad, the sight of y/n making his heart ache.

“What about Lydia?” Concern laced his voice for his friend, who he also got stuck in this mess.

“I don’t know, but there’s something else going on with her.”

Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“The doctors say it’s like Lydia’s having an allergic reaction. Her body keeps going into shock,” the sheriff elaborated, “Did you see anything? I mean, do you have any idea who or what attacked her?”

Stiles shook his head, now fully aware of how easy it’s become for him to lie to the people he cares about.

“No. No, I have no idea.”

“What about Scott?” His dad asked.

“What do you mean? What about him?”

“Did he see anything?”

Stiles started racing with anxiety, “What do you- is he not here?”

“What are you talking about?” His dad asked now on the verge of yelling,
“I’ve been calling him on his cell phone. I’ve gotten no response.”

Stiles sighed, “yeah and you’re not going to get one.”


As Scott and Derek approached the entrance of the Hale house when Derek sensed something, something wrong. He stopped in his tracks.

“Hey, hold on,” he called out to Scott, “Hold on. Something doesn’t feel right.”

He said finally catching the beta’s attention. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” Derek shifted uncomfortably, “It’s- it’s kind of like it’s-”

He would’ve finished but Scott cut him off,
“No, don’t say ‘too easy.’ People say ‘too easy.’ And bad things happen. What, do you think finding you was easy? Getting away from Allison’s dad? None of this has been easy.”

At the boy’s childish outburst, he gave in.

“Fine. You’re right.” They continued inside the house. After only a few steps they heard the voice of a woman, more importantly, the voice of Kate.

“Now the leg. Flash bolt!”

Derek recognizing the terminology called out to Scott, “Scott, your eyes!”

Except it wasn’t Kate that attacked Scott. Kate was guiding Allison on how to take him down.

“Get up!” Derek shouted, but Scott was too weak.

“Allison, I can explain.” Scott pleaded to the girl he claimed love for not more than a few hours ago.

“Stop lying.” She snapped, “For once, stop lying.” Scott could practically feel her anger.

“I Was going to tell you the truth at the formal. I was gonna tell you everything. Because everything that I said, everything that I did-”

“Was to protect me.” She finished mockingly.

“Yes.” Scott sighed in defeat.

“I don’t believe you.” Allison whispered to suppress her tears.

“Thank god,” Kate interrupted, “now shoot him before I have to shoot myself.”

Allison turned to face her, caught off guard. “You- you said we were just gonna catch them?” She questioned her aunt’s motives.

And just when Allison, Scott, Derek and everyone thought nothing could get worse. That’s exactly what happened.


It all happened so quick in front of Scott. Allison being threatened, Kate’s throat being slashed, and derek killing Peter and becoming the alpha. Taking away any chance Scott had at curing himself.

After the longest night of his life, he finally found himself wandering through the halls of the hospital, looking for his sister’s room.

He turned a few more corners before he reached his destination. Once Scott approached the window, he hesitantly looked inside. His heart dropped seeing her there, eyes shut. He couldn’t help but blame himself. Stiles was right, he should’ve told her everything from the beginning- when he needed her the most. But at least she wasn’t alone, he glanced down to see that Stiles had moved a chair to the edge of her bed so he could hold her hand while she slept. Stiles’ head laying down next to their intertwined hands as he slept as well.

Scott smiled to himself, entering the room finally. He walked up to his best friend and let his hand fall lightly on his shoulder. Stiles softly opened his eyes and looked up at him.

“Morning sunshine,” Scott chuckled, “can I have a second?” He motioned to y/n with his eyes and Stiles understood what he meant.

“Yeah, yeah of course.” He got up and grabbed his jacket, walking towards the door. But before he left, he looked back at y/n one more time and smiled. He could feel it, she was going to be fine.

Scott took the chair that Stiles had recently occupied, and placed his hand in hers. Almost instantly y/n’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” He breathed, relief flooding through him.

She smiled widely, “Hey.”

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Well you know,” she gently positioned herself so she was sitting up against the bed, “it’s not everyday you get clawed by an alpha werewolf just because he’s trying to kill your beta werewolf twin brother for some sort of twisted second family fettish.”

Well at least she didn’t lose her humor. Scott thought to himself.

“Yeah about all that-” he began to apologize.

“Don’t. You don’t have to. It’s all over, and im not mad.” She squeezed his hand for comfort, “just, just tell me now.”

He looked up at her with big brown eyes, “but I thought Derek-”

“He did,” she cut me off, “But I want to hear the story from you.”

So taking a deep breathe, he told her everything.

How all this, destruction, started just because he and his best friend snuck out to go find a dead body. They laughed together about all the mistakes Stiles made along the way, they both smiled when Scott told the story of how he and Allison fell in love and finally admitted it, they cried together when Scott told her that any chance of him being cured was taken away from him. Scott and y/n talked for hours, reaching a new level of closeness than they already had. By the end of the story, Scott ended up on the hospital bed right by his sister’s side, where he vowed her would never leave her side again.

Even with as much as an emotional roller-coaster as that story is. The twins both felt oddly at peace. Finally, they were back to how things used to be. And there were no more secrets between them.

But, believe it or not, their story had just begun.

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The bar had been dark, smoky and hot, viciously so. Stiles had been that uninhibited drunk that meant he was tipsy, and willing to throw himself all over the place as he danced with Erica, but not stupid. He’d noticed the guy, noticing him. He’d smirked across the dancefloor at him, bitten his lip until it was raw and red and demanding the guy’s attention, draped his arms over the guy’s shoulders when he’d slunk out onto the floor finally, and pulled Stiles up against him. 

They hadn’t so much danced as ground into one another until Stiles had needed to pause for breath. There’d been big, hot hands tugging up his shirt, clutching at his bare hips, pressing into him with an intensity Stiles is sure will have left bruises. The guy had been rubbing his cheek along Stiles’, making him shiver and arch into him, beard burn be damned it had felt too good to make him stop. 

He’d pulled back, and the guy’s eyes had gone wide, almost panicked, before Stiles had mimed he needed a drink, tugged on his hand and led him through the crowd. 

He twists back to lean against the bar, grins when the guy falls into him, their bodies melting into one another. 

“What are you drinking?”

“Water,” the guy shrugs, “Big day tomorrow.”

“Aw, me too!”

“So, you’re out drinking?”

“Is that judgement I detect?”

“No,” the guy smirks, drifts forward until his mouth is almost brushing with Stiles’, “I’m happy to be a distraction.”

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The Bachelor

Hello! This is the first story I’m uploading to Tumblr ever! It’s called The Bachelor, based off of The Bachelor TV series, in which Harry is the bachelor and Charlotte is the insufferable contestant ~ Story Page. Check out the full chapter below :) Here’s a little sneak peak:

As soon as I walk back to the kitchen I hear the living room go quiet for a second time. Harry must be in there again. I assume the rose ceremony will be starting soon, and I know one of the producers will come and get me if it’s time. Plus, I can still see some girls sitting outside through the window. I know I’m not late or anything.

The chatter starts back up again in the living room. I laugh to myself at their behaviour. It’s as if they’re back in high school or something, and a fair number of them are older than me. I’m about to take another grape from the buffet table when a hand snakes around my waist.

I jump a bit and turn quickly. I’m face to face with Harry.

“Oh, it’s you.” I laugh. Now, that sparked just a little bit of embarrassment.

“That was cute.” He chuckles. I doubt he means that, but there’s a camera about 3 feet away.

“Well, hello, it’s nice to see you again.” I say, grabbing his hand with mine discreetly as he takes half a step away. I notice that his other hand is hidden behind his back.

“I just wanted to give you this.” He says before revealing a rose clutched between his now visible fingers. I have to admit I’m a little- no, very- surprised. “I thought I’d pay you back for that note from earlier.” He smiles at me. I gladly take it and pull him into a hug. I’m careful not to kiss him again. The general public might think i’m ‘taking advantage’ of him, or something. His grin is wide as he finally pulls away and the camera lowers.

********CHAPTER 1***********

My feet bounce up and down on the bright red carpet of the limo floor. Everyone in the car is shaking with nerves it seems, except for me. I push my hair over to rest on one of my shoulders and try to look out the window. It’s too tinted to really be of good use, so instead, I look around the vehicle.

There are 5 girls with me. They introduced themselves half an hour ago, but I can’t remember their names now. There’s a blonde named Karen, I’m sure that’s her name. She sports bright makeup that makes her hard to miss, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s in a good way-

-Damn it. I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I’m not going to start judging the other girls. It’s not fair to them, and I don’t want to be that person.

I keep looking around.

I gaze upon a brunette. I scan her face quickly and remember her name is Ashley, or maybe Allison? Her face isn’t why I remember her name, though. The red dress she wears is ill-fitting, too long down towards the bottom and too loose around the top-


I shake my head discreetly and instead decide to stare down at my feet, hoping to avoid the risk of thinking something negative about another girl. At least I can try to convince myself that I’m not a bad person.

My toes are perfectly manicured thanks to the kind woman who’s beauty parlour, sandwiched between a deli and a pharmacy, resides half a block from my apartment. My toes peak out from under black stilettos that are tall enough to give me the illusion of long legs, and to disguise my real, embarrassingly short height. Our bachelor is supposedly 6 feet tall. Oh god- the bachelor. My mind drifts back to him again.

Harry is his name, I think. Harry… Styles! That’s it, Harry Styles. I know that he’s in a band, I looked it up, a group called White Eskimo, and that he’s from England. I’ve never heard of him before, but apparently he’s pretty successful. I wonder how he wound up on the Bachelor. I guess now I have a conversation topic for tonight.

I take another deep breath. When I looked him up, his band wasn’t the first thing I noticed. I saw a picture of him, and my breath was nearly taken away. In that moment all I could think about was how lucky I was. Although, probably not in the expected way.

When signing up to be on ‘The Bachelor’, it’s not really clear exactly who’s love you’re going to be competing for. To find out the guy is attractive, and I mean extremely attractive, is nice. I think to myself: who in their right mind would actually sign up for a show like that? Well, the answer is me. Ok, maybe the answer isn’t me, it’s drunk me. I guess it’s fair to say the pedicurist down the street knows my name because my friends and I got drunk and just happened to see a link to sign up.

Dares are always fun.

Apparently my friends and I aren’t complete boneheads when we’re intoxicated. We filled out the application form well enough that I got an acceptance email before I could even get over my hangover.

That doesn’t paint me in the best light, does it? Well, I’m just trying to be honest with myself. The honest ones on the show always make it the furthest- at least that’s what I’ve heard.

That doesn’t make me sound good either. Oh well. I swear to myself I’m a good person, I really am, but I’m not stupid enough to think that this show actually works. No, I don’t believe in that sort of stuff. However, if there’s a guy as good-looking as Harry- um, wait, I’ve got this… Aha! -Styles… I sure as hell am not going to say no.

Ah, The Bachelor. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve watched it in my spare time. 25 women competing for one (occasionally) absurdly handsome man’s ‘love’, and the chances for all their dreams to come true. There’s date cards, and group dates. Elimination ceremonies and house ‘drama’. I can’t wait!

In all honesty, because honesty is apparently such an important quality,  I know get paid if I make it past ‘rose ceremony’ 3. So, if I can make it 3 weeks, I start to make the big bucks. Wouldn’t hurt for a girl like me who, like the beauty parlour, resides sandwiched in between two shops. Except for me, it’s a sex toy shop and a ‘movie’ dealer-

-‘movie’ being another name for ‘drug’.

I doubt this ‘love’ stuff really works, but if there’s a hot guy and money involved, I’m all for it. Of course, nobody has to know what I’m thinking right now. I want to be honest with myself, it’s not top priority to be honest with anybody else. After all, I do want to make it past 3 weeks. The nasty ones never make it past 4 or 5. I want to be one of the last contenders. Just imagining the numbers totting up in my bank account turns me on… wait- Harry’s the one that’s supposed to be turning me on.

Suddenly, I find myself starting to sound a tad bit bitchy. I desperately try to convince myself I’m not. After all, I’ve been trying to think positively about every girl here, even if I slip up sometimes. I really do want to be nice to everyone, I’m not going to be the one that everyone hates. I’m going to be the one that everyones loves.

I sigh and look back up. I tune into the conversation the other girls are holding.

“I can’t believe we’re, like, going to meet him! Like, we only have, like, 5 minutes left!” One of the nameless girls squeals from their seat across from me. I smile and nod while everyone else joins in her excitement.

“Do you know how excited I was when I heard it was Harry? I mean, Harry Edward Styles!”

-Good to know, his middle name is Edward, and now I’m sure his last name is Styles. For a minute there I debated between ‘Styles’ and ‘Stine’-

“How lucky does a girl have to be? I swear to god I’ve got a poster of him up on my wall at home right now.” A girl named Amber- I think- says. She’s wearing long earrings and I wonder how they don’t get caught in her greasy -no… slicked back hair. I laugh and smile again.

Really? A poster? I thought you had to be 21 or over to sign up for the show. Ok, ok, don’t judge. Everyone has their own tastes… it’s not nice to judge teenagers.

Dammit. This is going to be harder than I thought.

The rest of the girls nod in agreement. I look at each of their faces again. Ashley’s the one with the dark brown hair and small lips. When she smiles, I see her gums. There’s the girl with bleach blond hair named Karen, and then Amber, with light brown hair and impressively long neon pink nails. I applaud her effort. I’ll learn the rest of their names later tonight. I don’t know how I’m going to remember all 25 girls. Maybe I won’t have to, I think with a small expression of amusement consuming my face. I might just be sent home.

“I’ve been a fan for such a long time. Have any of you listened to White Eskimo’s stuff?” A girl with large watery eyes and a thin nose asks. She turns to me. “Charlotte, have you?”

I panic for a second, but regain my composure quickly.

“No, I haven’t, but after tonight we both have to listen together.” I fake a laugh, shooting her a warm smile and touching her hand with mine briefly. She grins.

“Yes, oh my god, that sounds perfect!” She shrieks. “You know, I love your hair so much! Your colour is absolutely amazing, it’s, like, gold or something!” She exclaims, reaching out to examine my hair. I smile politely and resist the urge to remove her boney fingers from around my carefully curled strands. She scoots closer to me. “And, oh my god, your eyes! They’re beautiful! I never knew blue and grey could look so good together.” She laughs. I join her and chuckle.

“Oh, stop, you’re so nice!” I say. “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight, by the way.” I tell her. She beams and sits back down properly in her seat. I really can’t tell if she’s being genuine when she says things like that about me or not. I mean, it’s not like I told a total lie when I complimented her.

The truth is, everyone here is pretty. There’s no way they could get on the show and not be. That’s why it was such a shock to be accepted in the first place. I don’t think I’m beautiful, not by a long shot, especially not compared to some of these girls. Maybe that’s why I’m being so judgemental, because I’m intimidated. No, enough about that, I’ll think about something like that with a therapist, not before meeting an impossibly hot guy.

Suddenly, the limo jerks to a stop. The door opens and a skinny woman adorned with a headset and dark bags under her eyes pokes her head inside the vehicle.

“Alright ladies, it’s almost time to go. You will each get out one at a time as the limo pulls around, don’t make any noise when the door is opened. Smile as soon as you step out. Got it?” She asks. The girls around me look a little shocked. What? Are they surprised by her harsh tone? She really sounds like she wants to just get everything done, and I’m totally on board with that. I guess these girls might think everything that happens on the show is real. I nod politely and smile while the rest of them gape up at her. Eventually, they move their heads in agreement to resemble something vaguely nod-like.

“Ok, get ready.” She says. The door shuts hastily and we start moving again. No one else talks after that.

I arrived to the limo first initially, and so I sat at the very back. I knew I’d be last out of the vehicle when we reached the mansion, but there are 5 different limos. I thought I’d be sent out about halfway through the stream of girls, but I’m not. Instead, I watch as all the girls leave the limo, one by one, until it’s just me left.  In fact, I’m the very last contestant to get out of the limo’s overall. The girls all seem so nervous. I’m not nervous, not really at all. The only semblance of nerves I feel is at the fact that the guy just outside the limo is incredibly attractive, but even when it comes to that stuff usually I’m not intimidated much.

I also know from watching the show that you’re supposed to have a gimmick when you first step out of the limo. You walk up to the guy all excited, and you do something to make sure people remember you. I think one of the girls in my car had a bottle of champagne in her hand, another carried an oversized stuffed heart with her that took up nearly a whole seat to itself. All I have is a small piece of folded note paper with a tiny bow stuck on top. It seems like I’m unprepared, but I thought my idea was cute when I came up with it. Inside the note there’s writing that reads “1 free hug”. I know it’s stupid, but if he doesn’t think it’s funny then maybe he’s not the kind of guy I want to… well… be nice to so he’ll give me a rose every week.

Maybe I’m not nervous because, unlike most of the other girls, I really, really doubt this guy is going to be my fiancé in 3 months. I guess you don’t get nervous if you find it severely unlikely that a guy as hot as him will even look at you twice.

Finally, the limo pulls back around to the front of the large mansion and It’s my turn to get out. I pull the handle and exit swiftly. I smile widely, just like the lady told me to, and find Harry standing in front of me, a couple feet away at the entrance of the doorway. God, he’s hot, and somehow he looks even better in real life.

His curly brown hair reaches down to just above his shoulders, and he’s wearing a suit that fits him impeccably. I guess he’s not afraid to accentuate his, from what I can imagine, perfectly sculpted, toned body.

I’m getting carried away.

I start to walk, and try to twirl the note I’m supposed to give to him in my hand daintily, but it’s not there. I panic for a second and realize I left it in the car.

I probably should be embarrassed, but I’m not. He’s smiling brightly at me when I freeze.

“Oh no, wait!” I laugh before holding up my hand. Quickly, but gracefully, I walk back over to the limo, open the door, grab the note, close the door, and turn back around. He’s still smiling- that’s good. I hold the note up in my hand so he can see, and walk back over confidently. I really should be embarrassed, shouldn’t I?

As I get closer and continue to beam at Harry, I notice the cameraman standing just behind him. I didn’t realize before. I avert my eyes. Another strict lady that talked to us before we boarded the limos specifically told us to ‘Never. Look. At. The. Camera’. So, taking her advice, I focus on Harry instead.

I finally reach him, and he takes my hands in his. I smile wider. I do have the tiniest hint of butterflies in my stomach, but honestly, I’m not nervous. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I probably should be nervous, or at least embarrassed, right?

“Wow, you look amazing.” He says. I laugh a bit. “What’s your name?” He asks.

“Charlotte, what’s yours?” I joke. I hope he gets it- every other girl here probably knows his name, as well as the rest of his extended family’s. He laughs, thank god. I grin as wide as I can to let him know it really is a joke, and I’m not a dumb-ass.

“I’m Harry. It is extremely nice to meet you.” He says. He looks happy, so I mirror his expression. I forgot he was British, his accent is distracting in a very, very good way. He speaks slowly, as if savouring each word before letting it out.

“It’s nice to meet you, too.” I say a little quieter. We’re supposed to be ‘dating’ on the show, right? I’ll try my hand at the ‘art of seduction’.

God, I’m lame.

I pull the hand clutching my note from his, and then hold it up. “This.” I say, pulling my other hand away, taking his palm beneath mine, and holding it face up, “Is for you.” I place the note in his open hand, and use my fingers to push his own inwards, causing him to clutch the piece of paper. His hands are much larger than mine. I wonder what else might be large…

I smile wider and look up at him. He seems impressed. Why am I coming across as so confident? I give props to myself. I’d pat myself on the back if there weren’t about 5 camera’s all focused on me.

“Take care of it, you can open it later tonight if you want, alright?” I ask him, reaching my hand out and caressing his forearm gently.

“I can’t wait.” He grins down at me. I nod and step away. I see the path I’m supposed to walk down and try to turn and make my way towards the house while looking elegant- it’s hard. I think I do, and I step inside the door. The mansion is much bigger than it seems on TV. I look to find a high ceiling above me with an intricate chandelier hanging from it. The interior is decorated nicely, the golden hues really standing out.

I walk down the hall and find the living room. It looks familiar, however, I am not used to seeing the cameras in every corner of the room. I smile at the girl who complimented my hair in the limo and she motions for me to come and sit with her. I oblige, having nothing better to do, and once I sit down she continues to babble about something I missed.

I’m content to sit quietly and observe. I’m not too adamant about making friends here, but I’ll be nice. I’ll make sure no one has a problem with me. After a couple minutes Harry walks in the room, and every single girl goes quiet. I watch him intently.

“Hello, everyone. Thank you all, so, so much for coming, it’s such a pleasure to have you here. I’m grateful for every single one of you taking time out of your lives to come and help me find the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He starts his speech. The girls begin clapping, and I realize I’m supposed to as well. I remember there are cameras on me. If I don’t clap, I’ll look like a bitch.

“I’m excited to start the night and get to know all of you, so lets not wait any longer!” He exclaims excitedly. I catch his eye for a second and smile. The only way I know how to flirt is by smiling. I notice that immediately a girl walks up to him and grabs his arm. I don’t hear what she says but they start to walk away together. The girl is unfamiliar, but she is tall, blond, and hotter than me. I should be frowning, but I just turn away and sit back down on the couch. I know all I have to do tonight is get him to like me enough to keep me around. He’s hot, but I’m not in love with him like all these other girls claim to be. When I think of other girls ‘stealing’ him away and getting ‘1-on-1’ time it doesn’t upset me, surprisingly. I’m accustomed to getting jealous easily, but I find I’ve been able to subdue that part of myself, and I intend to continue subduing it for the remainder of the show. I must be the worst Bachelor contestant in the history of the show.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she, like, just took him. It’s only been, like, 30 seconds.” The girl from the limo with the large eyes says to me. I notice from the corner of my eye a camera man take a few steps towards us. Might as well put on a good show, I’m going to be on national TV.

“I know, I cannot believe her. I mean, let him breathe for a second, jeez.” I agree with her, scooting closer and nodding intently. I don’t mean anything I just said. I don’t care if she took him, I don’t care if Harry has time to ‘breathe’. I just need a couple minutes with him at some point tonight. “What’s her name again?” I ask the girl.

“Astrid.” She sneers, looking in the direction Harry and the tall woman, who I now know as Astrid, walked off. I shake my head in fake disapproval and stare in the same direction she went. The camera is even closer now. I smirk a little and turn back to the large-eyed girl. I should really figure out what her name is. At this point, it’s too rude to ask her. I mean, we’ve, like, already, like, gossiped and everything!

“I’m gonna go find them, get some time alone with Harry.” She tells me, making a move to stand up. I restrain myself from making a comment about how she’s prettier than Astrid. I don’t want to be labeled a bitch by the viewers of America. She’s not prettier than Astrid, but I thought the camera man would have appreciated it.

I nod and smile at her as she walks away. The camera man leaves and follows her.

“What’s that girls name?” I ask another woman sitting next to me. She has a square face and small eyes.

“Tanya.” She tells me, smiling. “I’m Danielle.” She says, reaching her hand out for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you, Danielle.” I say, taking her hand. “I’m Charlotte.” I tell her.

“I love your name.” She says enthusiastically.

“Thank you so much!” I laugh in surprise. I’ve never been complimented so many times in one night. I wonder again if she really means it or not.

After that I say goodbye and wander off to find drinks. I heard they were free, and if that’s something else I get for every week I stay, then I’m a little more motivated. I walk around a corridor and find the kitchen. There’s a bartender with every type of alcohol I could imagine. This is going to be a good night.

I order a glass of wine and take a couple grapes from the buffet of food displayed on a long table. I’m afraid if I eat anything I’ll pop my dress open, it’s already tight enough as it is. I decide I’ll just walk around and gather my bearings.

I start in the kitchen and note it’s massive size. This house really is capable of fitting way over 25 people comfortably. I walk through a door leading outside and find a sitting area with 3 girls huddled, talking about something quietly. I was going to keep walking, but one of them see’s me.

“Hey, come and join us!” One of them shouts. I sigh inaudibly and grin as I walk over, taking a seat on the soft patio furniture.

We introduce ourselves, and I meet Christie, Kiana, and Taylor. I don’t get along great with Christie or Taylor, but it’s easy enough to strike up a conversation with Kiana. She has tan skin and long curly brown hair that reminds me a little of Harry’s. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

We talk for a while about their occupations. I don’t really care, but with the cameras passing by every couple of minutes, I act as if Christie’s up and coming ‘picture framing’ business is the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Kiana doesn’t speak much once Christie and Taylor start. I like her, she’s not loud. Or annoying.

With the free wine and grapes I’m having a pretty good time, and I kind of forget about Harry all together. I see the hot blond girl pass us once, but I don’t spare her a second glance.

Eventually, I decide I should go and talk with some other people. I make my way back inside the house and to the main living room I started the night in. There’s still a fair amount of people here. I take a seat on the couch and reach for my phone, but remember I don’t have it. The only bad thing about this place is that I don’t have any connection to the internet.

Instead, I sit next to Tanya, because she’s really the only girl I recognize, and occasionally take sips of wine. I don’t contribute to the conversation but pretend to be listening. I’m looking up at the delicately painted ceiling when the girls all stop talking at once. I don’t notice much, I wasn’t paying attention to them anyways, and the ceiling is honestly more fun to look at. There’s detailed illustrations of little cherubs sitting amongst large oak trees, mixed with the light blue background, the painting makes for a great view.

Suddenly, Tanya nudges me in the ribs and I turn to look at her. The rest of the girls are talking again, but their chatter sounds much different from a couple seconds ago. It’s forced, and half hearted. I give her a questioning look, and she nods discreetly towards the other side of the room. I’m extremely confused until I lock eyes with Harry. He’s standing with his hands held behind his back, watching me. How long has he been staring?

I regain my composure and smile politely at him. I guess he takes that as a cue to walk over, and he approaches me with something small held in his hand. I barely notice the camera following him.

“Hello. What were you looking at?” He asks nicely as soon as he’s stood in front of me. I quickly realize that I should stand up. I try to gracefully pick myself up from the couch.

“Just the ceiling, the art is amazing.” I tell him, not even a little embarrassed. Why am I not getting embarrassed over anything? I should be, shouldn’t I?

“I noticed this morning, it’s quite beautiful, isn’t it?” He asks me. I nod nicely and am grateful he doesn’t think I’m weird yet. The weirdo’s always become the joke.

“It’s good to see you again.” I laugh. I haven’t seen him in at least 2 hours.

“You, too.” He responds, smirking slyly at me. “I was hoping to redeem this somewhere in private?” He says, waving my small note in his hand. I grin and nod.

“Of course.” I laugh. He starts walking away and I assume I’m meant to follow him. As soon as we’re out of the living room we walk side by side. What was it that I wanted to try again? The art of seduction? I’ll give it another go. I snake my hand down into his, so our fingers are intertwined. He looks amused.

Harry leads me to a secluded part of the back garden I hadn’t noticed before. We sit on a lavish bench covered with soft pillows and blankets. I try to ignore the camera situated directly in front of us.

“It’s so nice to get some alone time with you, I haven’t seen you the entire night.” I smile, tracing circles on the back of his hand with my finger. You know, no one ever told me I was bad at flirting, although usually all I can muster are smiles.

“I know.” He chuckles. “So, tell me a little bit about yourself.” He asks, looking me directly in the eyes and scooting closer.

“Um, ok, well, I’m from Canada.” I start.

“Wow, really?” He asks me.

“Yeah, but I live in New York. I would have brought some maple syrup otherwise.” I joke. He laughs. Why does he pretend that I’m funny when I’m not?

“Too bad, I would have enjoyed it.” He says. He’s very kind, I’ll give him that.

“I’m 23, and I work at a restaurant, cooking and stuff.” I tell him, glamorizing my place of employment a tad, as well as leaving out my side job.

“That sounds amazing, you’ll have to make me something sometime.” He says, placing his other hand on my thigh and grazing his fingers over my skin. Again, I have to resist the urge to remove them. I barely know this dude, you’d think he could tone it down a bit. I remember there’s a camera on me, so instead, I smile.

“Sounds great, I’ll try not to burn it.” I laugh. He joins me, yet again.

“It’s a date.” He announces. Well, that went better than expected.

“I’m holding you to that.” I smirk up at him, placing my hand over his. I guess him touching me isn’t so bad. I have goosebumps, but I don’t think that’s because of him. It’s because it’s cold outside. Definitely just the breeze.

“So, how come you decided to do this?” He asks me. I freeze for a split second, but I’ve already planned out my answer for this question perfectly.

“I just feel like I’m ready to settle down, you know? I want to find that one person I can spend the rest of my life with, I don’t need to waste anymore time. I think it’ll make me happy to find that person.” I tell him sweetly. That answer is complete bullshit. I banged 2 guys last week.

“That’s good, that’s exactly how I feel.” He tells me. “You’re so young?” He says, more of a question than anything.

“We’re the same age.” I laugh. I remember when I skimmed through his wikipedia page it said he was 23.

“Fair point.” He chuckles. “Mind if I cash this in?” He asks, pulling my note back out of his pocket. I lean forward and embrace him. He smells so good, like a mix of peppermint and fresh parchment. I start to pull away, but he only allows me to move back slightly. Our faces are centimetres from each other and without warning he leans in to kiss me. Well, I’d be lying if I said I was expecting that. I remember the camera’s focused on us, and I kiss him back.

To be honest, there are some things I’d rather be doing than kissing him right now, I mean, I barely know him. In fact, I’ve spoken about 200 words to him in total. However, he is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen, and I want to make it past week 3, so I reciprocate as he brings his hands up to caress my face gently. Wow, the goosebumps are back again.

Just the wind.

My hand gently rubs his thigh, before he pulls away and grins at me. I grin back. I wonder what could have possibly urged him to do that. Maybe a producer told him to?

As soon as he pulls away I see something out of the corner of my eye. It’s Christie, but thank god she’s just walking up now. I doubt she saw Harry and I’s kiss. He’s staring at me and doesn’t see her coming from behind.

“Hi, can I steal him for a second?” She asks. Harry turns around, startled.

“Of course. I’ll see you later, Harry.” I smirk at him, trailing one hand, which isn’t visible to the camera, up his thigh, before getting up and walking away. I see him looking at me in surprise, but hopefully not in a bad way. I mean, he did just kiss me.

As I walk away I have to say I’m a little relieved. The camera man watching us from about 5 feet away was making me uncomfortable. Doesn’t matter now, I’m on my way back to get some more free booze. The rose ceremony must be coming soon, and I’m pretty sure Harry’ll keep me around. Or maybe he won’t, maybe he’s kissed every girl here. I couldn’t care less, but that money really would be great.

I wander back over to the main living room and take a seat on the couch once again. I notice something on the table that wasn’t there when I left. A beautiful, long stemmed rose. I wonder why it’s there. I listen into the conversation of the girl, Amber, from my limo.

“It’s the first impression rose. He hasn’t given it out yet. The rose ceremony must be coming up soon.” She says. I tune out again. Huh, I wonder who he’ll give it to. Maybe that hot blond girl who pulled him away at the start. I look away from it and get up again. Tanya and her new friend started bitching about someone, and I know if I stay I’ll be expected to join. That’ll ruin the ‘sweet and funny’ image I’m gunning for.

As soon as I walk back to the kitchen I hear the living room go quiet for a second time. Harry must  be in there again. I assume the rose ceremony will be starting soon. One of the producers will come and get me if it’s time. Plus, I can still see some girls sitting outside through the window. I know I’m not late or anything.

The chatter starts back up again in the living room. I laugh to myself at their behaviour. It’s as if they’re back in high school or something, and a fair number of them are older than me. I’m about to take another grape from the buffet table when a hand snakes around my waist.

I jump a bit and turn quickly. I’m face to face with Harry.

“Oh, it’s you.” I laugh. Now, that sparked just a little bit of embarrassment.

“That was cute.” He chuckles. I doubt he means that, but there’s a camera about 3 feet away.

“Well, hello, it’s nice to see you again.” I say, grabbing his hand with mine discreetly as he takes half a step away. I notice that his other hand is hidden behind his back.

“I just wanted to give you this.” He says before revealing a rose clutched between his now visible fingers. I have to admit I’m a little- no, very- surprised. “I thought I’d pay you back for that note from earlier.” He smiles at me. I gladly take it and pull him into a hug. I’m careful not to kiss him again. The general public might think i’m ‘taking advantage’ of him, or something. His grin is wide as he finally pulls away and the camera lowers.

“Thank you for this.” I say, holding up the rose.

“It’s my pleasure.” He tells me. Odd, I’d thought he’d be less charming with the camera’s gone, but he seems about the same.

“I think they’re going to tell you to go back to the living room. The rose ceremony starts soon.” He tells me. I nod and thank him politely for letting me know, and walk back to the living room.

All of the sudden I feel like I’ve stepped into a spotlight. There are at least 20 pairs of eyes on me right now, or more specifically, on the flower clutched between my fingers. I’ll be surprised if I don’t get murdered tonight. Christ, this is uncomfortable.

I ignore their blatantly rude stares and take a seat next to Kiana.

“Congratulations.” She says, affording me a half genuine smile. I guess that’s the best I can hope for right now.

“Thank you.” I respond quietly, electing to look down at the floor instead of risking meeting another girl’s glare. Harry reappears at the front of the room, joined by Chris Harrison. Honestly, Chris Harrison was one of the things I was most excited for when I found out I was on the show.

“Ladies, thank you for spending your evening with us. However, now it’s time for Harry to decide who will be staying, and who will be going… We’ll see you at the rose ceremony.” He says before him and Harry walk out of the room.

There’s nervous jitters among the women as they talk about who they think is going home. I’m not worried. Even if I didn’t have the first impression rose, I probably wouldn’t be nervous. I’d just be a little disappointed if I was sent home. No more free stuff, and no pay check.

The producers all usher us to the infamous rose ceremony room, and we’re made to stand on raised benches, like we’re in choir. I get to stand on my very own bench due to the rose that’s already in my hand. It doesn’t make me any more popular among the other women.

We stand for about 10 minutes before the cameras are back on us and Harry is standing before us beside the daunting table full of roses. I don’t have to worry about anything that happens now, do I? I just hope that Kiana sticks around for a while. I like her.

Harry says a few opening sentiments but I don’t pay much attention. Instead, I focus on the table and count the number of roses. Only 19. I assume my first impression rose counts towards the final number. I didn’t know 5 girls were going home. He starts.

“Astrid.” -The hot blond comes up, hugs him, and accepts her rose.

“Amber, Christie, Tanya, Jessica, Vanessa.” He says. They all follow Astrid’s lead by walking up, hugging him, and accepting their rose.

“Olivia, Georgia, Danielle, Karen, Ashley.” 5 more girls are called. I’m getting seriously worried about Kiana. Really? He calls up the girl with no lips and the girl with hair that looks like a do-it-yourself dye kit gone wrong? -Man, that’s the meanest thing I’ve thought all night. Tone it down, I think to myself. I’m just surprised, that’s all. Kiana’s got a killer jawline and stunning green eyes.

“Kiana.” He calls. I sigh discreetly in relief. I wouldn’t mind being her friend. Tanya isn’t that bad, either.

There’s only 3 roses left. The names are called off quickly.

“Carly, Jade, Perrie.” He says, before listing off another 5 girls- “Tiffany, Rachel, Terry, Phoebe.”

I watch in amusement as the 5 girls not called go and hug him before leaving. I only recognize one of them, Taylor, I met her on the patio a couple hours ago with Christie and Kiana.

We all assemble with glasses of champagne around Harry, who gives a toast I tune out from, and then the crew calls a wrap. I’m looking forward to unpacking and going to bed. Before I can leave and find my room, and my pajama’s, a producer approaches me.

“Hey, Charlotte, right?” A woman asks me. I nod. She seems much nicer than the woman who poked her head into our limo.

“I want to give you a quick heads up, and a couple pointers.” She says. I’m confused but let her continue.

“I’ve heard from higher up they’re making you the sweet heart. You’re lucky.” She tells me. I raise my eyebrow in amusement. Wow, my plan worked better than expected.  “So, just keep doing exactly what you’re doing.” She tells me. I nod again. “And that bit, leaving your note in the car? Brilliant.” She tells me.

“-Oh, I didn’t do that on purpose.” I tell her shyly.

“Doesn’t matter, sets you up perfectly. Anyways, have a good night.” She says before walking away

This may go better than expected. In 3 months time I’ll be 50,000 dollars richer.


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I look like everyone.

eeeek so hi aloha it is i. so i was in class and i was thinking of what to write and then i remember back to this book i started reading on good ol’ wattpad. but it was one of those cool stories that only gets two chapters then deletes. but here it is (if you know of the book please let me know so I can credit the author) and of course if you haven’t figured it out im stiles af so have some stiles fluff :-)) (and maybe possibly a part two??) anyways go ahead and request

summary: y/n has an unusual almost curse which results in her appearing as someone else. no one ever seems to see her, that is until she met stiles…

word count: 1721

stiles x reader

Originally posted by tylerboechlin

(not my gif) 

You were used to the stares. 

Of course you were. They followed you everywhere. It was just, how it was. Dying your hair, glasses, braces; it didn’t seem to matter. Nobody ever seemed to see what you actually looked like. No one would actually seem to see you. 

It made making friends hard, especially when you were constantly moving around, your family forever on the move. It seemed they couldn’t stay in one place for more than a couple of months. 

You didn’t understand it. You saw the plain old you in the mirror and so did you family. But to everyone else, you suddenly became the person they wanted to see the most. Whoever it they saw you as, there was one catch; only female people. It made some sort of sense, as you were female. 

Far too many times had you experienced the same situation; some frantic person comes rushing up, grabbing your arms as if you weren’t real, staring at you in utter disbelief. Then after some complicated explaining that you weren’t whoever they thought you were, they would always say the same thing,

You look just like her. 

By now, you had a generic response for hearing the same 5 words too often. 

I look like everyone.

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

“It’ll take their time until we clean up the mess with the walkers, but imagine all the stuff I-we get.” You say and stroke over Negan’s bare chest.
“Ok ok, but when you fucking try something…”
“I’ll not.” You interrupt him and kiss him passionate to distract him.
It works.
It always works…

“Wait, I help you.” Dwight says as you load a huge box in one of the trucks.
“Thank you.” You say, his pleasent scent tingles in your nose and you smile slightly.
“Are you ok?” Dwight asks and confused you look to him. “I’m just asking, because, you know, what happened inside. I never saw you like this.”
With a sigh you sit down on the loading ramp and look to your old home. To saw it for the first time after several months made you emotional and you killed the walkers inside nearly on your own. Like possessed.
You tried to let out all your frustration.
“Coping with stress.” You say.
“I thought you’ve Negan for that.” Shocked about his own words he closes his mouth and you raise an eyebrow.
Instead of an answer you take a knife out of your pocket.
It’s pretty old with a leather handle where a bike is engraved in it, but it’s really sharp and the silver tip shines in the sun.
It belonged to someone from your old group.
“For you.” You give it to him and his eyes widen surprised.
“Leia, I can’t… Listen, I’m sorry.” Dwight stutters.
“It’s ok.”
Suddenly he bends down to you, his lips hover over your mouth and you close your eyes.
‘Finally.’ You think, but then he decided otherwise and kisses you on the cheek.
You don’t have time to be disappointed as Damien calls for you. Dwight and you pull out your guns as you see another group of survivors, standing there with their arms raised.
“Oh my god.” You whisper as you recognize one of them before you shout. “Everyone lower their guns.”

Laughing and talking you stand on one of the balconies.
“I can’t believe he survived.” Chris says and you nod in agreement.
“Nothing can kill the old man. I just hope…”
You stop speaking as Negan arrives at the Sanctuary with a big satisfied grin.
Chris narrows his eyes, both of you trying to hear what he says.
A cold shudder goes up your spine as Negan mentions a group they found and that Lucille has to do some work tonight.
“Do you think..?” Damien asks.
“I think so. You’ll warn them and I’ll distract Negan in the meantime.”
Chris and Damien agree as you go inside. Negan is already coming toward you, twirling Lucille in his hands around before he puts her carefully on the wall.
“Sir.” They boys nod unison, but Negan ignores you, grabbing you by the hips.
Negan wipes your hair away and presses his mouth on your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin there.
“Seems like you’re in a good mood.” You whisper, trying to suppress the damn desire which builds between your legs.
“Oh yea I fucking am. My wife brought me some good shit and I’ve some new employees who will work for me. Even when they don’t fucking know it yet.” He chuckles and you gasp as you feel a cold blade on your arm. “And I’ve a new knife.”
“That’s Dwight’s. I gave it to him.” With cold eyes you look from the knife to Negan.
“Yea and I fucking took it from him. Like I did with everything.”
Anger rushes through you and you snort in disbelief. That doesn’t seem to bother Negan as he puts his lips on yours and kisses you rough.
“I’ll be back in a few days and then we fucking celebrate.” Negan says smirking and taking Lucille before he leaves you alone.
Now you notice your fast beating heart as you slowly follow Negan and watch how he disappears with Simon and a huge bunch of his other men in the motor yard.

Tired you fall in your bed, far away from the penthouse and Amber.
After Negan was gone Chris told you that he warned Roy and his group through the radio station and you were relieved. You’re optimistic that they could make it with the guns you gave them.
As the door opens you expect Dwight for a moment, but it’s just Allison who brings you something to eat.
“Thought you could need it.” Allison sits down on your bed and grateful you start eating.
“What is it?” You ask as she bites her lower lip insecure.
“Damien mentioned that, uhm, that it doesn’t bother you to sleep with Negan.” She responds quietly and you almost spit the soup in her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”
“No it’s alright and Damien is right. Let’s say it could be worse. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t kill him if I had the chance.”
She nods understanding and you’ve the feeling that she wanted to ask something else. But a little bit too harsh you send her away.
Now you aren’t that hungry anymore and put the plate on the night table before you lie down with your arms crossed behind your head.
Even when your eyes burned from insomnia you can’t sleep.
Do you and your friends have to life like that for the rest of your time?
Or do you have maybe the chance with other survivors to kill Negan?
…and is this really what you want? Killing him?

After two days the ‘relaxing time’ is over and nervous you look to the cars. Depending on Negan’s mood you’d know what happened.
“Where’s Dwight?” Simon shouts toward you.
“In his room. You want me to get him?” You ask and he shakes his head.
“No, you’ll take care of the boss.”
As Negan get out of the car your eyes widen, blood is streaming down his face and the good and brave you are, you run to him.
“Out! Everyone!” Negan yells and you look around, seeing that some of the men are hurted.
As you wanted to press a handkerchief on his wound Negan pushes your hand away and turns you around. Impatient he bends you over a bonnet and pulls down your pants and panties.
“Negan…condom.” You say and try to stop him, but he holds you in position with a rough grip on your waist.
“No fucking time for that.” Negan growls and rams his hard cock in your almost dry pussy.
“Goddamnit woman.” He curses and spit on his hand to rub your clit.
You close your eyes, seeing for a moment Dwight’s smiling face in front of you.
Slowly you’re getting wet and moan quietly.
“That’s it.” He groans behind you, thrusting in an inhuman pace in you and smacks your ass.
As he finally releases himself in you, your whole body is shaking and you’ve tears in your eyes. He never treated you like a cheap whore.
“I hate you.” You mumble.
“Fine. I never fucking asked you to love me.” Negan hisses and presses a short kiss on your lips before he goes.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You say to your friends while you smoke the first cigarette since months.
Amelie offers you her hand, but you just stare at it.
Instead you look at Dwight who leans against a wall. “When you know something what could help us, it’d be the right time to say it now.”
Hurted by your harsh words he is silent and even the others seem surprised. But you don’t care.
You can’t play anymore the nice and lovely Leila.
“Maybe Rick and the Hilltop people.” Dwight says and you nod. “But they’ll not listen to me.”
“No, but maybe to me. I’ll ask Negan to take me there.”
“He’ll never allow that.” Dwight says dubiously.
“When I suck his dick often enough he will.” You shrug and Dwight winces at your words.
“Come, we leave them alone.” Chris mumbles as Dwight and you stare at each other.
Dwight still hurted and you coldly.
As soon as you’re alone, you jump from your chair and Dwight comes to you. Deeply he kisses you, his hands buried in your hair and you sigh quietly.
“What about Sherry?” You ask, your eyes still closed.
“She is important to me.” He admits and your heart grows heavy. “But I don’t love…not anymore.”

*several months later*
“You sure you want to do this?” Rick asks. “I could stay.”
“No, it’s fine.” Grateful you smile at him and squeeze gentle his arm before you go in the room.
A smirk appears on Negan’s face and that’s probably the first time you don’t want to vomit.
“Look who found finally the motherfucking way.” Negan says and something dangerous flickers in his eyes.
His hair and beard is longer, but you still can see the two scars.
One is from you.
“I brought you some food.” You say after a few minutes of silence.
“Fucking nice. What the fuck do you really want here? Missing my dick?”
You snort in disbelief and shake your head.
If you should be honest you don’t know why you wanted to see him.
‘Maybe because he is your biggest nightmare.’ You think.
About the other things you don’t want to think about.
“I hope you fucking know that one day I get fucking out of here and guess on which door I’ll knock first.” Negan says in a low voice and you smile.
“I can’t wait.” You answer cocky and turn around.
“And Leia?” Negan chuckles and you look to him. “How’s my son?”

Teen Wolf - Stydia

Summary: Lydia goes over to Stiles house two weeks after 3x24 leaves off after receiving a worried text from Scott and finds a lot she wasn’t expecting

It’s a little angsty because any time Allison Argent’s death is present I’m a wreck. Also it’s all over the place. My muse couldn’t seem to decide what it wanted to do so it just did everything smashed into one fic. Sorry about that! I promise it has a happy ending :)

I’m really new at writing Stydia/Teen Wolf so it definitely won’t be able to compete with some of the other masterpieces I’ve read but I’m working on it! Let me know your thoughts if you can :)! Thanks for reading!

Have you been talking to Stiles? He hasn’t responded to my calls or texts and I’m starting to get really worried.

Lydia read the text from Scott with a sigh. It had been two weeks since things had finally cooled off, eleven days since her best friend’s funeral, ten days since Ethan left into a world where he was on his own, and she had yet to go over to the Stilinski house. She wasn’t intentionally avoiding Stiles—she just had been swallowed up by her own grief, and then, catching up on all the life that happened while she was grieving, namely homework and extra credit assignments. Burying herself in work was the best way for her to not focus on the crushing hollowness in her chest that she knew was there to stay.

Truth be told, she really hadn’t spent time with anyone. Between grieving both Allison and Aiden’s deaths, she hadn’t been able to think of much else. She was, on the very minimum, functioning, but she had definitely been having a hard time even doing that. She knew the others were hurting too, but she knew that she couldn’t be what they needed until she patched herself up some.

Now, seeing that Stiles was avoiding even his best friend, his brother really, Lydia knew it was time to put the whole ‘emotional tether’ thing to use. She knew, out of everyone, Stiles could arguably be having the hardest time right now. It wasn’t fair that she had taken so long to seek him out, but it was what it was.

So she showered, actually styled her hair and put on make-up for the first time since the funeral, and headed to the Stilinski residence with a reassuring text to Scott.

She noticed the Sherriff’s car was gone, but Stiles’ jeep was still in the driveway. After five knocks, she wondered if maybe he was in the shower or otherwise occupied. Or maybe he just didn’t want to see her or anyone.

Lydia was too stubborn for that. She tried the door and found it to be unlocked—surprising, considering his father was head of the police department—and she tentatively entered the home she had grown rather comfortable in over the last few months. At one time, she couldn’t point out on what side of the city Stiles lived on. Now she knew his house and its inner corners almost as well as her own.

“Stiles?” Lydia called out hopefully, ears waiting for a response.

Nothing. Pure silence. Maybe he had gone out for a walk? Or joined his dad at the station for lunch or to help with something?

The strawberry-blonde headed cautiously upstairs, listening for the smallest of sounds to alert her to his presence. He must be there. It sounded as though Stiles had done pretty much what the rest of them had—holed themselves up in their houses and shut out the world to deal with all that had happened. Although a likely answer, Lydia wasn’t sure what to expect.

No matter what broad spectrum of options she had mulled over, the one she came across was not it.

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Happy Birthday, Love (Stiles Stilinski)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character(s): Lydia x Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1728

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: none

Summary: based on this Imagine.

You are Lydia’s younger sister and have a crush on Stiles but he only has eyes for Lydia.

Requested by anon

You entered the school building, already wanting to go back home and fall into your warm and cozy bed again. That feeling grew even bigger when you saw Stiles flirting with your older sister, Lydia. You’ve been having a crush on him for probably just as long as he’s had on Lydia. She had always been the prettier Martin sibling. You didn’t really mind all of the guys drooling over her, but with Stiles it was something different. Every time he was around you felt happy. You laughed about all of his jokes. You just loved his sarcasm, his voice, his looks, his dorkiness, his everything. But he didn’t notice, no less than Lydia at least. To you, it couldn’t be more obvious. But as hard as you tried, you knew he would never like you back. For him, or for the whole pack actually, you were the baby of the pack, who needed to be protected. But the thing is, you were only one year and a half younger than Lydia, but still everybody treated you like a child.

As you passed them you glanced at Stiles, he smiled at you and suddenly grabbed your arm, pulling you to them, almost making you bump into his chest.

“So… because of your birthday next week. Lydia, the pack, you, a lot of other people from school and I are going to celebrate your 17th birthday on Saturday with you. Are you excited?” He cheerfully told you. You couldn’t help but blush and looked at Lydia. She was smiling at you almost jumping of excitement. She’s been talking about the party for, you think, 3 months now. And it wasn’t even her own birthday. You can tell how much she loves organizing parties.

“My little sis is growing up so fast. I am so excited for this party. Aaaand mum isn’t going to be home.” She basically yells at you, making everybody turn their heads to look at you. You start getting nervous. You’ve never been the loudest person and also didn’t like a lot of attention.

“Um… yeah! I’m excited! But I really have to go to class now.” You rushed to your class, not really feeling good about all of this. Stiles said a lot of people are coming and if Lydia invited them, then there ARE going to be a lot of people. People you didn’t know, probably. And they are all going to be there for your birthday. As you said, you didn’t like that much attention and especially not from people you didn’t know. This was going to turn out… great.

It was Saturday afternoon and you were getting ready for your birthday party. Of course Lydia insisted on doing your makeup, your hair and decided what you were going to wear. But you had to admit, you looked hot.

9:00pm. The doorbell rang. “Can you get that?!” Lydia shouted at you from the other room. So you made your way downstairs. Your heart melted as you opened the door. “Happy Birthday!!” Stiles was standing there, cute as always. A goofy smile on his face and a huge surprise in his arms. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened slightly. “Is- Is this for me?” You asked him. “Of course it is! Or do you know anyone else whose birthday it is today?” He pushed himself through the door handing you the surprise and giving you a kiss on the cheek. By this point you were as red as a tomato, but luckily you could hide behind the present. He really did care about you, you thought.

“So… where’s Lydia?” Nevermind. “Uhhh, she’s still upstairs getting ready.” Then the doorbell rang again. Stiles opened the door while you put the present in a small room near the living room. As you left the room again, there were like 20 more people here than before. And Isaac, Scott and Allison were the only ones you knew of them. You walked to Lydia, who was already downstairs talking to Allison. “Lydia, who the fuck are all these people?” you asked her. “Oh, you know them. They go to our school.” “That doesn’t mean I know them.” “Well… you’re gonna enjoy it anyway. Maybe meet new people.” She winked at you.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Stiles shouted over the music. Everyone was kind of drunk by now and really outgoing. Even you. “Seriously, Stiles?” Isaac said with a questioning look on his face. “I think it’s a good idea.” You shouted with a grin on my face. What the birthday kid says, counts. So a circle of about 12 people formed. All of you sitting on the ground. “So… Scott, truth or dare?” Scott was caught off guard at first, not knowing what to say. “Um… dare?” He finally answered. “I dare you to lick whipped cream of off Allison’s stomach.” Everyone laughed at the face expressions of both, Scott and Allison.

The game carried on. Stupid dares like running around naked and ringing at the neighbours’ house were accomplished. And you had fun, until a stupid boy, you didn’t even know, thought it was a good idea to dare Stiles to kiss Lydia. At first everything got quiet and Stiles’ cheeks turned a deep red. But you could see the small smile playing on his lips and the happiness in his eyes. He slowly got up making his way over to Lydia, who was sitting next to you. She got up as well. He gently brushed her hair behind her ear, looking deep in her eyes. As he leaned in closer to her you just couldn’t take it anymore. You jumped up from your spot in the circle of people and ran to your room. Was it the alcohol that made you act like that, were you jealous? Or both? Probably the latter.

It knocked on the door and a soft voice whispered your name. You immediately recognized it as Stiles’. To be honest you really didn’t want to see him right now, but you also couldn’t tell him to leave. As you didn’t answer him, he opened the door and came in with caring look on his beautiful face. “Y/N….” “Don’t. I know it was childish to just run away. But I… God I’m so stupid.” “No, you aren’t, Y/N. I totally understand how you reacted.” “So, you knew?” you asked him shyly while looking at your hands. He came closer, so he could lift up your chin to look you in the eyes. “Yeah… I noticed. And I know how hard it is to love a person, who doesn’t love you back. It almost killed me every day to see Lydia with Jackson, mostly because he’s such a jerk….” You giggled and he sent you a soft smile, making your heart melt. How did he do this to you?

His face suddenly changed and he looked like he was deep in thoughts. “Wait a second.” He rushed out the room, only to come back two minutes later with the present he got you. “You didn’t open it yet.” He told you as he put it on your bed. “Come on! Open it now.” Stiles sounded really excited which made you curious about what was inside of it. You obey and rip it open. It was a big box. As you opened it you almost couldn’t believe your eyes. You pulled out a photo album, there were different photos of you, the pack, your family, friends. The first one was a selfie of you and Stiles, you couldn’t help but smile like an idiot at it. He carefully watched you as you looked at the pictures, smiling to himself. The next item was a CD of all your favourite songs. You couldn’t believe he remembered them all. You almost screamed as you held two concert cards of your favourite band in your hand. “Who’s gonna come with me?” you asked him with excitement clearly in your voice. “That’s up to you.” He chuckled. In the box were even flowers with a card on them, which read: “I want you to stop smiling when the last rose dies.” You looked confused at first but Stiles took the roses and pulled one out. “This one is plastic. I know it’s really cliche and cheesy but I just couldn’t help it.” And that’s everything it took for you to fall into Stiles arms and hugging him so hard, you were sure he couldn’t breathe anymore. Tears were building in your eyes but you held them back not wanting to ruin the perfect Make Up, Lydia did. “Thank you so much, Stiles. This means a lot.” “Wait.” He said as he let go of you and searched for something in his pocket. “I’ve still got one more thing.”

As he pulled out a small box, which looked like there could be a ring in there, and opened it, you gasped. You just couldn’t believe your eyes. It was the necklace you probably looked at, at least 50 times while walking by the jewelry store. But you never bought it because you thought it was so expensive. “OH MY GOD STILES! This necklace alone costs like 80 dollars! How much money did you spend on me?” “Does it matter?” He chuckled again as he held the necklace in his hands ready to put it around your neck. It was kind of simple but with a beautiful, purple stone. You never understood why it was so expensive, but it still had something… magical about it. At least that’s what you thought. By now you were crying on his shoulder as he was hugging you tight, brushing through your hair. “No one ever gave me such an amazing present. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so very much, Stiles. Really, this was more than I’d expected.” “It’s no problem, really. Are you still mad at me?” You take one step back looking at him as if he was a ghost or something. “Are you kidding me? How could I ever be mad at you again after this.” He smiled at you, taking you in his arms again and placing a kiss on your forehead, whispering a soft “Happy Birthday, love.”

I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading a lot, but ya know… school. Enjoy!

[Based on this post: Btw I have come to the conclusion that we really need to do it in a bed. Like at least once.]


“So – that was something.” Stiles sighs happily. He cannot be blamed by the things he’s saying now, he’s come dumb; his brain is dead and his body is exhausted. It’s official, he’s had the best orgasm of his life.

Derek snorts, stretches his arms and plasters himself over Stiles’ chest like a damn cat. “A good something?”

“An awesome something.” Stiles smirks, runs his fingers over Derek’s tattoo, the skin under his palm hot and sweaty. Hmn, sweaty. Derek all sweaty after moving tables around all morning, hmmn, Derek’s muscles. “The best something.”

“Cool.” Derek mutters against Stiles’ shoulder, starts dropping small kisses all the way to his neck. “Wanna do it again?”

Stiles’ cock starts to get hard again, and Derek smirks when he feels it rub on his leg. “Shut your face, this is all your fault.” Derek leans in to kiss him, a hand sneaking between their bodies to grab at Stiles’ cock. “Shit.”

“Are you complaining?” Derek moves against him, bites at his lower lip.

“Shut up and fuck me again.”


“You like it.”


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Are You Saying What I Think Your Saying, Because If Your Saying What I Think Your Saying. I'm Definitely Dreaming.

Submitted by: mystic-biscuit

Description: There’s silence for a while. But not an uncomfortable silence. One time her a Stiles were having a Quentin Tarantino marathon and a quote from Pulp Fiction stood out to her. She thought it perfectly described their friendship ‘That’s when you know you’ve found somebody really special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence.’ It was a rare occasion that Stiles was ever quite, so it was nice that they could share this.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

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Please Stay

Staring mindlessly at a TV in a waiting room of the hospital was not how I expected to spend my Friday night. I had been with the pack earlier tonight, fighting against Deucalion and his Alpha Pack. I’m not a supernatural creature, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try to fight back. Allison and I became friends when she first moved to Beacon Hills; since then, Allison and her father have been training me on how to defend myself. I’m not nearly as skilled as Allison or as strong as the wolves, but I’m quick on my feet. Usually I calculate moves during my fights well like each fight is a chess game.

I think it’s important to emphasize the word “usually.”

Tonight I wasn’t as quick or prepared. An elbow to the face has left my right eye very bruised and swollen. The werewolf I was trying to fight was too quick and too experienced for me. One of his claws also scratched beneath my right eye. The moment I was struck I knew I’d need stitches. As I fought this wolf, I was thrown a few feet in the air and several feet away. I landed awkwardly on my back, knocking the wind out of me. Once the fight was over, I could hardly sit up on my own because of how sore and pain stricken my upper body was. On top of this, I have three broken fingers on my right hand caused by the foot of the werewolf.

When Chris came to pick me up, it was all it took to convince Scott that he and the pack needed to regroup—even if only for a few minutes. Chris agreed; he urged Scott and the others to take the brief breather to collect themselves and develop a momentary plan of action before we are confronted by the Alpha Pack again. I smiled weakly at them and waved as Chris drove away. Allison and Lydia both smiled and said goodbye. Isaac and Stiles made goofy faces at me in hopes that I would feel a little bit better. (I did.) Scott waved back, smiled, and said “the force is strong with that one.” I laughed loudly at the comment. Knowing that Scott still hasn’t watched Star Wars made it even funnier to watch Stiles shove his shoulder playfully; as I watched in the mirror, I knew Stiles was complaining that Scott couldn’t use that as a reference if he hasn’t watched the films.

Groaning, I try to shift without causing myself too much pain. I whimper and silently wish that my dad was in town rather than away for work this weekend. The hospital is rather busy tonight for whatever reason so time seems to be dragging by as I wait to be taken back to see a doctor. My breaths are sharp and jagged because of how much my torso hurts. “It could be your ribs,” Melissa guessed before she left to start filing paper work. She had smiled at me just before she turned on her heel; for her sake, I tried to smile back, but I knew my smile didn’t quite reach my eyes. I’ve only been sitting here for a few moments, but I’m already restless from waiting and drained from fighting.


A familiar voice breaks me out of my daydream. I look towards the sliding front doors of the hospital and see Scott walking quickly towards me. Scott smiles at me as he sits down on my left.

“Hi,” I murmur, smiling at him. “How is everyone? What happened after I—”

“You’re in the hospital,” Scott interrupts me, “but you’re worried about the others?”

“Well yeah… They’re my best friends.”

With a bigger grin on his face, Scott throws an arm around my shoulders and says, “You did great tonight—”

“Great?” I ask sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I’m the one interrupting him this time because I’m confused by his choice of words. “We’re no closer to getting rid of Deucalion than we were before tonight. And look at me, Scott! I’m in the hospital! My fingers are broken and my eye is busted and my ribs—oh god, my ribs! I can’t breath properly because it hurts so much. Dammit, it hurts so fuckin’ much!”

Scott watches me silently with a sad smile and somber eyes. The tears are stinging my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall because I just can’t bare the thought of breaking own. I have to be tough. I have to be brave. I look away from Scott because if I look at him—the boy that I’m hopelessly and irrevocably in love with—then I won’t be able to keep it together. I cringe at the thought of how much I love him. I’ve always loved him of course, but it took me awhile to realize I’m in love with him. Scott has been there for me since we were toddlers. He’s been there for me over the last two years as I’ve dealt with my mother’s passing; I’ve been there for him through the supernatural, his breakup with Allison, and more.

The two of us have helped each other through everything. For the last two weeks, I’ve been wondering if Scott feels the same way. I know Allison will always have a special place in his heart, but so does everyone’s first love; I understand that more than anyone else because so does mine. Lydia thinks Scott is in love with me too, but I can’t tell if his glances at me, the blush on his cheeks when I catch him, and his eagerness to keep me close during fights means Scott likes me. Do the winks, occasional hand holdings, and subtle flirting mean what I really think they mean?

Suddenly, a warm hand encompasses my left one. I open my eyes and watch as Scott intertwines his fingers with mine, keeping his right arm wrapped around my shoulders. The pain starts to subside; although my breathing is still jagged, the pain does dull somewhat. I watch Scott’s veins turn a sickeningly black color. I’m grateful that he’s making it hurt less, but I hate that he has to bear some of the pain to help me.

“It’s going to be okay, ya know,” Scott says softly. “We’re going to be okay. I know it never seems to fail that we have to fight something or someone. It seems like the supernatural and all the bad stuff will never end sometimes. But I promise, Y/N. We’ll make it through this. You and me—we’ll be alright. And so will the others.”

“I’m scared…” I whisper. “And I don’t want to be alone… Please stay, Scott.”

Tugging me closer into his side, Scott mumbles, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I rest our intertwined hands in his lap, admiring how they fit perfectly together despite how much larger his are compared to mine. Scott presses his lips to my temple and kisses me softly. It’s a brief kiss, but it still surprises me; the heat rises in my cheeks so I rest my head on Scott’s shoulder. He chuckles quietly probably because he can hear my fluttering heart. My hair falls in front of my flushed face, and I hope he doesn’t notice that too. Scott takes some of my pain away again, but neither of us speaks.

“Hey, Y/N, a doctor is ready—”

Melissa stops speaking and comes to a halt when she sees Scott and I. Perhaps to bystanders we might appear as a couple. Is Melissa thinking that too? She stares at us for a moment. A small grin starts to appear on her face, but I hear Scott sigh next to me.

“Mom, please,” Scott pleads.

“I didn’t say anything,” Melissa says, throwing her hands up in defense.

My cheeks are tinted a light shade of pink I’m sure of it. Melissa says I should come back now because a doctor will be ready to see me in a few minutes. Scott and I both stand up. I gasp at the sharp pain that rockets through my upper body because of my sudden movements. When the pain starts to subside, that’s when I remember Scott and I are still holding hands. I whisper thank you and squeeze his hand to show him my appreciation.

“You’ll come back there with me, right?” I ask quietly, raising a brow in hopes that he’ll say yes.

“Of course,” Scott sighs. He squeezes my hand.

Melissa’s grin widens as she gestures for us to follow her.

“So … are you guys—ya know?” Melissa asks. “Are you a couple now?”

Scott stumbles over his words, unsure of what to say.

“I mean, I hadn’t really found the right way to ask her yet, Mom,” Scott finally manages to say.

I look up at him with a wide smile. Yet? I repeat the word in my head.

“Yet?” I ask surprised. “You were planning on asking me?”

“Well, yeah,” Scott says. A blush covers his cheeks. “I hadn’t planned on asking you in the hospital of course. I had hoped it’d be sweeter and more romantic… But Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”

I nod excitedly and stand on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek, which makes Scott’s cheeks turn a deeper shade of pink. Melissa stops in front of door, directing us to go inside. I thank her as we file inside. Melissa says that she’ll be back in a few minutes along with a doctor; she winks at us before she leaves. I sit on the medical bench in the middle of the room. Scott pulls up a chair directly beside it, and he immediately takes my uninjured hand back in his.

While we wait for the doctor, Scott tries to distract me from the pain. He takes some of my pain literally of course, but Scott also distracts me with stories and jokes. I laugh loudly at the lecture Scott said he got earlier from Stiles about Star Wars. The laughter causes a warm feeling to fill my body. I’m still recovering emotionally from tonight’s events; constantly fighting the supernatural has taken a toll on me over the years. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t frightened or on edge, but right now things seem okay—not perfect obviously. Things definitely aren’t perfect, but recalling childhood stories and telling jokes does make me feel better.

Right now as we laugh and flirt like young lovers do, little do I know I’ll look back on this day and realize that this was the moment that I truly fell in love with my best friend. Little do either of us know that our love and friendship will be one of the few constant things in our life. That’s all that really matters because without each other and without our friends or family, there’s not much else that truly matters.